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September 22, 2020 9:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 22, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is the third heaven- Which heaven did the war take place in---2- What is your opinion on the critical race theory and intersectionality in relation to the Bible---3- What do you think about the SBC and the influence of critical race theory---4- What are your views on cessationism---5- Can we, as Christians, join with people in peaceable protests---6- Why do you think that baptism is a work---7- What do you think about the impending split in the United Methodist denomination---8- Do you have to keep the Old Testament festivals to be saved-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine stirs a man why mesh would live what you recall, we have five lines 877-207-2276 last four digits will see him on the website currently works for you. Your we have some good calls yesterday.

Interesting. Interesting calls and hopefully will have some more interesting calls today to see how that goes. And if you're new to the show Christian talk show here Mr. Bible questions you left now is people over my house and we discussed some things and what was interesting discussion about three hours for those things. Well, if you do have a study so we started a certain time leave when you want to stay take off because usually conversations that kind of involved and we were there till 1034 hrs. and the just discussing nobody was upset, you know, it was great and people now. I'll go Alisa later one dresses believe it is eight calls wife stand so it was a lot of fun. We had a good time and so make hectic check the audio right now. Get that going to say give a call 877-207-2276 want to hear from you. Please give me a call five open lines. It is often the case to begin the show we don't have calling and at the end the show. We have too many people and that's is out work so if you want a zip line in right now you can do that. Alright, alright, let's see. We talk about talk about some issues that we talked about last night. One of them was an interesting discussion that came up regarding salvation.

One of the individuals was saying that he thought that you had to be in a continual state of repentance in order to to be saved and a lot of times people say that they don't understand what they're really intending to say they will have a chemically thought about and so we had a really interesting discussion for about an hour going through Scriptures and what was really interesting. I thought so pleased with is that some of them were jumping absolute people jumping on politely have a discussion about the Bible says this. The Bible says that I loved to hear that because I thought studies with some of the people in those studies and they were saying you think of thought and it's just it's nice to hear to hear that. That's why we do that we learn and teach and move forward.

That way, so will praise God praise God alright now. Oh, the calls, but before the lines which give a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Shirlene from Utah truly welcome your on here. I will yes Bible third sure on what know what it means is that the way the Jews talked the first, second and third heaven.

The first heaven is the earth and the atmosphere. Things like that so yes that the first heaven – a call that the first the second and the third in the first heaven was the area of the atmosphere in the clouds where the birds fly with the wind is that they refer to as the first heaven and the second heaven. It was outer space. It was for the planets and the stars are and in the third heaven and the Jewish understanding was a dwelling place of God's let's all that is talking about is not singers. Heaven is like Mormon sitters heavens terrestrial celestial celestial right and that's wrong you don't get that celestial, terrestrial celestial in the third heaven and Mormonism the highest level, the third heaven has three levels in it and the highest in that sculpture to the first one, but any rate that's always going on ever have an article written up on its on car.

What does the Bible refer to in such third heaven and that's it. The first one for the rain is in the clouds.

It says you will shut the heavens so that it will not rain so that obviously is talking over the heaven of the clouds, that's was talking okay and then another one is in the heavens he has pitched a tent for the sun see in the heavens. It rises at one end of the heavens and mixer circuit to the other. That's where planets in the germ I ate to they will be exposed to the sun and the moon and all the stars of the heavens.

Okay so that's the other one in first Kings 827 says but will God really dwell on earth, the heavens, even the highest heaven cannot contain you in Deuteronomy 1014 to the Lord your God along the heavens, even the highest heavens and earth and everything in it and the so that's talking to the highest heaven itself like that. But in the extensive first Kings 830 says then hear from heaven, your dwelling place, and that's what Psalms over this week to talk about Kings came here from heaven.

So the Lord will the war well is either we don't know because we know the spiritual realm dwelling place of God. We do not know the extent of that we do know that the angelic realm. According to Job, how to present themselves before God and he dwells in the third heaven.

So it looks like they had access to that level. God's area of indwelling and when there was a rebellion of angels. They were probably in the presence of God and were cast down and out of his presence will probably to the earth and/or into the celestial realm, so we don't know exactly the battle would be, but you know any war or difficulties.

We do know that that there are angels on earth that killed people and we can have angels in a president not even aware are angels so angels can be here and her bad angels. Then I could see them doing some conflict as a talks of Michael was hindered and stuff like that so that we think okay so we have Lord yes we have wars that's correct, but we don't all low miles. I wouldn't I wouldn't is a war in heaven.

I don't think think that's the phrase familiar with the study just to know for sure, but which will be discussed. There is just the when Satan rebelled in the third of the angels fell so we don't know exactly what happened. People like to say things that just aren't in the Bible. And so if I do a search for war in the yeah it's I don't see it anywhere in the entire Bible. There's a war in the camp and Exodus, nothing familiar with. This is more the heavens. So always check this. Even if the common things you've heard in church or in the Bible. A lot of what is taught in church is not in the Bible. Unfortunately, there hello hello guess we lost to Shirlene all right will just move along. Then okay let's get to Gerrit Marcus Jared, welcome you are on the air and are you doing okay. Hang in there. We got good. Hey, I'm a pastor down here locally in and I'm sure you're familiar with it, but critical right theory or air externality. Are you familiar with that yet little bit you want to see what your take it on. It is a biblical standpoint with the right try another racism that you not, supposedly going on here really hurts member a technical perspective on it, but I'm not really sure I'm just confused on it, the thing with what your thoughts were on.

So far, well, you know, social integration and how it supposed to be and issue social justice and things like that dog barking vector so actually started research on social justice. The before yesterday and could take the weeks to complete it because I'm in the process of converting comp from one format to another and it takes me hours everyday so well with social justices with intersection. Analogy stuff is is potentially quite dangerous as is often the case, the intention is good. So if we look at the dictionary online. For example, in her sexuality. The interconnected nature of social organization, rasp, race, class, gender is a reply to a given individual or group.

Okay, let's within her sexuality is so just the inter-blending of aspects of society will along with this social justice stuff is the idea of equity between people. Well, okay equity between people. That's what we want as Christians and butts.

Unfortunately, as Christians sometimes God ordains that were to be poor and as Paul the apostle had a lot of financial issues were Jesus didn't have the place to lay his head on what's intersection on what Joe social justices is a secularized movements that presupposes certain moral values which it cannot ground as being correct and then imposes that all on other areas so it's it's a godless system is creeping into some of the churches and denominations. Because the site quite honestly, because a lot of pastors and elders can think the weight of the wet paper bag and don't know the Bible says about certain things because you're too busy to try to get was true that humans are just trying to get numbers and letters that that's what's up blesses if God gets numbers and God's blessing of not nice but is anything so what, when, and critical race theory all the stuff of social justice, the BLM tobacco which BLM to me stands for burned loot and murder. It's a Marxist organization that is who seeks to destroy the nuclear family, and it doesn't say so what is ours the website and the founder where the founders is part of brief act, which is a Marxist document. So here's the thing Karl Marx who was into the Colts and Satanism to a mild degree. She would go around reciting poems that were daemonic in their inner there seems well.

He is the one who got the idea of the equality of all people, and it needs to be forced upon society and that the lower class these to rise up and make demands on the upper class will what this does is it causes dissension. It causes problems it causes depression and when they get in power, then the government then imposes values on others and if you don't have God established powers and rights by the government. Government gives takes away the government becomes God large settled on this break.

Please stay tuned folks be right back 877207 why call 77077 till there okay sagacity about critical race theory and so what little bit of research and growth more notes in my area on the website which I haven't released yet on click notes it's the view that there is inherent racism in all aspects of society and all the basically the legal and social institutions and the problem is that that the racism is basically due to whites being white and this is the problem. It's the whites are a racist for the Blacks really aren't that racist can be but not really. It's endemic in an whites nests and white problems and so with this all of this blends together for the reconstruction of society. But in order to reconstruct society is not done internally for the gospel and the changing of hearts, but is done through some through social check forced social change riots marching mayhem.

Things like this with the intent to force laws to change procedures to change federated distribution of wealth and opportunity and so what happens is that the people who were in power so to speak in power perceived to be about whoever they are the ones who can become an oligarchy, and then they divvy out what's right and wrong to the people below them and the pervasive group that's accused of being racist white in our country are the ones who then will have to pay and be essentially punished and so what this does is it destroys an economy destroys a society and it causes more racism it causes it and I know that even by himself that seeing all this stuff has an adverse effect on me when I see them to you on TV seeing people walk up behind her purse with a break in him over the head and laugh were black and whites with as BLM and T5 shot a guy who was wearing a mega hat I think it was killed in a people laughing and applauding and they want they want racist to be done away with. They want to cite equality for all and yet the murderers BLM black lives matter to me is burning loot murder yet. I'm saying it publicly because I know what BLM stands for and I'm against radiance and gets racism that daughters of the primary black guys. I don't care Chinese guys. I don't care the matter longer Christians the torture so does bother me, but the thing is that what they're doing is bringing about the opposite of what they want is like the law the lozenge along the gospel why people don't know this but the law is perfect. The law is good, but the law brings about the map assembly requires requires perfection and shows your imperfection will give you life. If you obey it, but don't kill you if you don't so the law is on because God from God, but in our ability hearts were not able to do it. So therefore we fail to the law becomes a difficult task master that's messed task master and it it kills us becomes oppressive and this is the same thing is happening here with the social justice movement is creeping in the church because the people in the church are uneducated, biblically, theologically, rationally, logically, historically, they don't know what to do and so they think that social justice is something that we ought to be working out as a primary Christian thing is that he preach the gospel is the gospel that changes the heart that then moves the hand, but in social justice. They want to have external laws to control the hand and they complain when you do what they accuse you of what they accuse you of is whatever they want to accuse you of some is really important like stupid Nancy Pelosi jerk woman thoughts makes me so mad she is. She actually has told people how to do with it amounts to Gestapo tactics in the end of false news reports and how to get people's right of photo Linsky's rules for radicals and she's following us and she she's in in the elitist group and she go so that salon doesn't wear a mask has all the privileges and then she went the bucket but then the lady who owned the salon was upset about this. Why she wearing a mask.

She requires everybody else what she would do it yourself and I know if she can come in and do this… Along owner said if she can come in without a mask. Why can others commit without a mask and why we have the business closed, but she can be right and so what is pillow close to do six or lawyers on them said that she set the that's the salon owner set her up. Now she's accusing it out that this is this is what happens when you have people in the so-called social justice. They become incredibly arrogant because they think they know what is right and arrogant and force of anybody else, and there hypocrisy is usually hidden in the shadows for the light shines on.

It is quite obvious in the news media is complaining of the news media is part and parcel to the deceased to the deception is occurring in the media, along with face guy great and cannot tell you it, it already. You know, one of the think about that when I first started to come to life at my church on Sunday, which I have a lot of young people and it you know that the key factor here to know the right of the medieval but the only way to combat right the gospel of Jesus Christ. Not not legislation, and it was the very next day that there was a snippet of one of my favorite preachers. Matt Chandler came out and said that anybody that that is a hypocrite because we don't do that with abortion you know and pretty much saying that I met a lot of people with the heat flow. You know, but I mean I don't want to be one of the guys and implying things but then again it's like to become strictly an election year on how to preach against the things then love the people that I'm called the shepherd and it it is so divisive right now to the other bad convention. It is dated cancerous and toxic right now that the over that crazy. I wish you would have me come in and speak answer and I would love that. I would because I would say it like it is and I would call the pastorates there to repentance and maybe smite gifting I have in the body of Christ because of my Asperger's. I don't care what you guys think I care what God says and you need to repent and get in line with what he says and if you don't want to do it. Lay down your pastor go outside and can wash cars but someone who cares what the word of God take care of it.

Do it right and the priest against the people free to please God preach the thin the church out and preach to the elect of God, called by God because a church pastor supposed to be able to preach and equip the Christians for the work of ministry not babysitting with diapering and theology that says hey it's all up to you and your wisdom and your and your unbelief to build pick and choose God in your wisdom and all this idiocy is so much heresy in the Christian church the people even know exists, and right that mean, seriously, there's heresies in the Christian church today and most Christian churches because their man centered humanistic philosophies are crept in, or not submitting themselves the word of God but go on about that I want social justice is is a real problem and we are not to participate in social justice stuff for the most part is a broad scope. The careful how we say that the first thing right there with Jeff saw a fox. Why call 77077 right back to the show now because this is also about critical race theory. John are you there John from okay falling out how to make that now my father what this looks good, yes you, I talk about is creeping a church in southern Baptist conference and get a critical race theory, you know, I can't remember his name below my friends tell me about using it right that currently it is a white privilege thing and it does make moderate like you because you see my guy, part (to Piedmont and Kenosha, but dictating technology was going to think about somebody you know not what I think it would hurt like hell. Just before they called and they are angry and they won't listen to E*TRADE talk to Benoit music, do something else stupid.

Yeah will know what you would do that when I say excuse me, what color could literally drink the reference to it.

We are in our countries and a is in dire straits and I don't talk to Natalie Logan Donald Trump know that like the abortion, not because I know you need a good man. I got my friend the Democrats are trying to limit like totally like you have a lesbian question, I would second Thessalonians. I don't see a Intel. The rebellion rebellion comes first thing I wanted and I believe we are in the last day.

Great jump in here. She says it's a good Thessalonians to three, no one to see you it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and yet the apostasy means that the Christian church has to fall away from the truth and it is occurring that this is something I've been a sign on the radio been written for 15 years, five days a week and I'll just tell you that I said countless times of the Christian church is moving towards apostasy because it has heresies and stitching in the Christian church, and maybe I will do is I'll compile a list of some of the heresies talk about the radio and is a lose a lot of listeners because they believe a lot of heresies know this thing is the word of God has everything we need and the Christians are to trust the word of God and if they don't submit it to their own ideology than you're doing what Eve did which you modify the word of God in Genesis 3 and submit to God. I pray for me. I hope the only prayer, but thanks okay okay gutless all right folks, we have four lines of you want to give me a call 87720722761 should give me a call let's get to Rob from Florida Rob welcome around here.

How are you I will write an inner you your views on cessation is my main continuation next. I believe all the cares little miracle. That cessation I may continuation test. I believe that all the charismatic gifts are for the church as a whole. Today doesn't mean, though, that I mean that I believe that somebody go to the church to start speaking in tongues and that it this is simply okay that every can do all the time to buy that I believe that God can other prophecies today through people and words of knowledge and wisdom in tongues. I believe all that can happen a little better on right so my question you believe he knows miracle then you been around this. You okay you believe about well you understand I can't tell you my experiences have been and I prophesied once the only time in my entire life where I just flat out prophesied and into the details if you want and it came true. Another time I had a Arnold to collect a word of knowledge about someone and my roommate who was there with me at the time said he saw physically moving between my mouth and the minor head of the face of the other person he saw Woodward look like waves of heat is a mirage on ground distance and wave think look like that really is what he told me so.

Okay you say and I to reboot my convex deck just now quit so it's not always about yet will. Here's the thing was the Scripture say and that's the issue so the Bible says, for example enforcement teams 17 it says that were not to lack any response any charismatic gift while were waiting for the return of Christ in us first.

Contains 17 okay.

Second, having a slight problem with my video also hold on, see if I can get it another talk here because the producer will be listening and and I can't get it to close all this that's the closest Tribeca this way going and will talk about executive villa hang up on people and can answer people and things like that, Mexico to see the will all be on the grill, one that you do, but I'm always suspicious when someone so easily trust the guy blasting slick and look at comic is working so here for a while. Okay, so that's good. But I've written a lot about this topic is very durable topic to me I would be glad to the base of the publicly already have this debate between myself and I forgot to Texas a few years ago on charismatic gifts isn't first printed limit 20 Romans 1129 this is the gifts that Teresa and the calling of God are your revocable that's really interesting. Better get your revocable process and also in Romans 623 says that the wages of his death, but the free gift of God is eternal life the gift. There is the work to respond and agree so you don't.

The spirit still works.

I don't believe the lack of stuff though. I still works right right now I'm with you and blah blah blah right you don't need speak in tongues. We savor get baptized to be saved or takes alchemist to be saved or anything to be saved under the believe the Lord Jesus Christ. For the Bible says rooms.

X asked 60 okay right right you are talking about an odd statement of the abortion clinic for tenure, so you really got wrong for you to try to talk about. Now go on. I know I need to talk more about social justice thing is have no callers waiting and we can talk about it. I'm not saying we shouldn't do stuff where we defend biblical things like defending babies being born, having killed in the womb. We should defend that we should stand and march in opposition to racism we should march with people against that this is all good stuff because it's likely based.

That's not a problem but when we think that the solution of our problems is marching in writing and complaining and whining. No dissolution statement the solution as Christians is the gospel preached.

The changing parts, but we can join with people doing what's right.

So I need to write about this a bit more clear about what I thought that's what you meant, but I I'm glad you did because sometimes I'll say something not very clear, that's good for you okay? You're awesome I love. I love coming out of an evangelism session and hearing you speak and got my brother what you must be desperate I'll tell you that that's gotta be it. Now the word of God never made it well. The Lord God makes an investment right next me just with my little time. I need him so much. She's meant remotely relevant. That's right, this old world. I tried to do that. Okay, rather Rob Florida voted for open minded you want to call 77207762577077 segment of the show that's good adjacent Arkansas. Welcome around here at eight to the baptism on all your point of view, but I'm not really sure why you go back to work whenever God commanded to do it work, but God of the obedient so you know how to work whenever God work for you whenever you come up or they know the spirit of the comparable is is not just on your RadioShack so Scott agreed to sign. Thank you.

Can you define what it means to do the work will work is if a man baptizes nobody the spirit… Manning does and 11 Lando Jaworski 10 you defined to be what he work is defined was mean to law, though I'm gone by, and I'm not going to work so you don't know what work is all work would be something that gives them into heaven. Okay you not listening to me. Okay I'm asking you to define your terms to say it's not a work defining work is as if you can define your terms.

You can't say what you're saying upon the law of God.

It is on the law whenever you use an excuse me, I don't want you to teach your heresy and I'm asking you?

And you're ignoring my question is the basics. What is a work usage activity is not a work fine work.

If you cannot define you cannot say baptism is not a don't work as you can see what baptism is or is not regarding work, define what it means to do it work. Don't is working okay but you can't say you don't know what work is not a work you can't do that if you don't know what work is you dominant don't know good work is something that we do through mental or physical effort to accomplish something. Okay so when you go to work you do a job when I clean my garage doing work work by definition takes time and effort to accomplish something does a baptism take time and effort to be accomplished by the bozo and it will then want and then that means that your defining baptism as a work, but upon adult are you won't look a lot you just love God is upon us, and not by plaintiff on Jason. We define user with the word work was you asked I told you what it was and not during though actually knew the law by God asked God the father of the city. Don't write a send is what is Jason user Jason, you need to stop trying to preach and we need to have a dialogue baptized in the strangest things for God to send it in her mind about what he don't think this out of the out of state is pretty God. I found out what it would take place. Body receives forgot that Jason is not a scene. Jason Taser.

If you are your third.

Please don't say what words can move along.

I was trying to be polite with him trying to work with them but if he's in the rude, condescending like that woman. We would have a conversation with but this is how it goes. Mark, I may not. Jason, you don't understand what baptism is about. You don't understand what works are you don't give me enough time to dialogue with you to actually get someplace because I want do is preach in your unteachable problem. Let's get to Mark from North Carolina, Mark welcome you on the know how you doing tonight I'm doing all right when you want very heavy on my heart and it's with the Methodist conference I've been baptized Methodist don't go Methodist church for years now and as the classic strike that got me United Methodist or what kind Methodist and yet United Methodist okay thanks. Go ahead. Sorry about them and the United Methodist branch or click save the world. United Methodist conference is to break off from you if you break off from the world.

What is your take on this with a declaration from the US. I don't know is I don't know what the issues are that they want to separate what I do know this, but United Methodist Church and not to be mean or anything, but I would never United Methodist Church. It's a liberal that's just that the true gospel serves the NL is what I want is a book about thing and I appreciate you saying it because it does seem like it had gone completely liberal and the problem that I have looked at it that if you go off of Scripture.

Marriage is between a man and a woman right and I know that is one of the things that they want to move past four the United Methodist conference of the US so with an entity related. It doesn't bode well be good, but I think they said they want to approve homosexual marriage or disapprove.

They don't want to.

Yes I get that wanted it yet they want through homosexual marriages, and likely think they do what that they want to prove that not disapprove okay yes correct they want to prove it and also would want to have that denomination is the one approve that would be apostate of Falls Church befalls okay and the reason is because the elders and pastors and elder by definition. First Timothy 517, 18, talks about this. Titus chapter 1 verses 5 to 7 Titus is Titus 12 Titus one and first Timothy three talks with requirements of an elder in the elders requirements. One of them is to teach doctrine, sound doctrine, refute error. Homosexuality is a sin and it was a consecrated order and if they can't tell the difference than the pastors and elders are apostate, not doing the job of the minister and so the denomination would be a false denomination of Falls Church and should be abandoned and condemned for the Falls Church that is preaching a false gospel simple. Look at and that would be one of I do know however okay well I just wanted to say do know that there are real Christian ministers in the United Methodist denomination and are staying down in portage tribe in witness that are very few young Methodist churches so liberal it is basically pagan in a lot of ways this you know, I'm just worried about going from one one point of that to then are they going to say that it's okay for abortions that happen, and they can go to the next route in the next breath sure where it just becomes a skeleton of what it once was. What happens historically in my research, 80% of the denominations that it women pastors and elders 80% within two generations adopt pro-homosexual positions and from there just a matter of stimulus this kill the life in the womb because it's up to the mom is her body, which is illogical national sense, but now it's just a form of apostasy. The United Apostolic is apostate United Methodist is apostate United Pentecostal is apostate and Presbyterian and United Presbyterian is apostate is lost denomination to submit nominations with the and it seems like that's way everything is going it. It's frustrating when you are I get them ultraconservative but I'm I'm deathly not a moderate conservative. Well, if that may listen to me you been listening for a while, then doing it because you hate my guts and I make you mad or you kind of agree with a lot which means you can conservative size.

The biblical side yes and I agree with a lot of what you know I don't need to get good appreciate that you know I enjoy it for the short time that I get the lesson yet.

I was that I just want to grab your opinion on that and what your thoughts were amended other underlying factors, I'm sure, but it's been held up for this year because the coded going into next year that they can be voting on yes go south apostate Satan is resurgence of the Holy Spirit and in them actually doing something new. I wish they would have become and speak and I would call them all to repentance, to believe the word of God that have bodyguards physically but I repentance and it's a living pastors and elders are out of place you to leave now, then you're not doing your job and calling women out not condemning their big women pastors and elders and you are disqualified and elders from eldership goes to the congregation of the good church and learn what it means to be a Christian. That would upset people say well you got them it would not I would appreciate that very much, and I would stand behind you and then you be sending from the wall are both running away by me turn around without the is okay but thank you so much. Goblins are ravens looks like a month or so but that have a good day to let's get to Rose. I would like a rose. Let's get to the swing person is leave Charlotte North Carolina. We welcome your hello I okay today no idea that the lab they believed God, and can be a note that no we don't keep any festivals be saved.

Don't do anything to be saved. We disbelieve and trust Leno handwriting a tribunal keep her salvation by her goodness or rituals or festivals or law keeping. That's a false doctrine taught by cults because they had been thinking right around the landing doing what you can do it even did all you want to that's fine if you're doing because you want to do it because you like to good if you're doing it to keep yourself saved, then it's that old buildings God will go down right you don't have to keep those you don't have to do thank my God, but could read Romans 14 okay read Romans 14 C with the Bible says about the stuff okay I can come by this good to Avoid saying which he was given and last one hears Tom a drop in my flies because it shows good but over the three Roman. I hope you enjoy the show and this is what we do what we do for the newbies so by God's grace will back on there tomorrow.

If you have a question if you have a comment you want to call up you please do that if you can think about calling in the first part of the show because this last part gets really busy with the Lord bless you and I is back on there tomorrow

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