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September 4, 2020 5:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 4, 2020 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt mentions that he will be doing some videos with Living Waters, Ray Comfort's group. Information will be posted on the CARM site and can also be found on the Living Waters site.--2- Could you discuss the differences between the Protestant denominations---3- When God breathed life into Adam, does that mean he breathed His spirit into him---4- Why are the tribes' directions-organization different when they are camping around the tabernacle, versus when they are moving---5- What is the significance of the 12 stones of the gates in Revelation---6- Do you consider yourself a peaceful protester---7- A caller wanted to continue the conversation regarding Matthew 28-20 and the commandments that were to be taught.--8- Does the Bible teach that God speaks to us through dreams and visions---9- What is 1 Corinthians 11 mean regarding head coverings- Must we do that today---10- A caller wanted to dispute Matt's position on BLM.

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Matt Slick show. All you have to do is dial up this YouTube. And there's a chat room there so a lot of people get in there and there's 42 right now.

Actually, we've had more than a thousand before in just watching and things like that. It gets pretty busy. So if you're interested, you can do it. Let's see how do I sign up for the Saturday seminar? Oh, you mean for oh, that's right. I got to talk about that.

Thanks for reminding me Joanne. I'm going to be on with Ray Comfort's group Living Waters this coming Saturday And I'll probably put some information up on the CARM homepage about it. I got to talk to the main guy either today or tomorrow And I'll just be doing a short 15 minute thing on the inspiration of the Bible And then they want me to be on a Q&A panel question and answer panel And that's fine, and I've been out there to Living Waters a few times and done some video stuff with Ray Comfort and I've actually done open-air preaching with them as well. I've gone out to Huntington Beach down there Beach Boulevard and PCH and Done that and enjoy it. You know I enjoy being able to preach and teach so praise God for that So I'll give you more information on CARM when that is going to occur exactly the times And I don't know about the sign up stuff.

Just go to And you can find all the information that you need right there All right, we have three schools, a school on theology, one on apologetics and one on critical thinking The idea is to equip the Christians for the work of ministry according to what the the word of God says That the pastor elders supposed to do and a lot of parachurch ministries exist now And so what we want to do as Christians is to equip Christians and as ministers of the gospel We're going to promote Jesus Christ and him crucified. All right four open lines if you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven Two two seven six and if you go to You can put your favorite charity in hint hint so that when you get something a little bit of you know money comes into the charity It's worth doing All right, let's get on the phones with Mike from North Carolina Mike welcome. You're on the air Hey, Matt.

It's good to be back. I've talked to you a few times before and As you said a few minutes ago. I will gladly thank you for Doing the show doing the immense research. You've done throughout the years and I've gone to your website to calm and and research a few things In the past and I really I think it's a great asset that people can use One of the things I want to ask ask you just a good point for a lot of people out in the out in the world today is Perhaps sometimes you could you could talk about the differences between?

the many many denominations of the Protestant Church because a lot of people on the street have no clue what the difference is between Baptist Methodist Episcopal Lutheran you know you name it Church of the Nazarene you know Church of the Brethren all those things are Out of out of most people's realm so right. I'll just let you take it from there. I appreciate you brother Anyway, God bless. Thanks.

You're gonna hang or you can take off I'll go ahead and hang up. I appreciate it. All right.

Thank you. God bless All right, it's a great question, and I'm gonna answer it But I want to give time for people to call and we have five open lines eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six I went to a presbyterian seminary, and I went to a Lutheran College. I also that was the last two years Of my four-year degree, and I went to a secular college. I went to you to attend a Baptist Church also Calvary Chapel a presbyterian Church and Various non-denominational churches there are Christians everywhere now when we have denominational differences, which is unfortunate We have way too many denominations. We are allowed to have differences of opinion according to Romans 14 1 through 12 and We're not to differ on the essentials.

Well. What are the essentials of the Christian faith? The essentials of the Christian faith as described in the Bible Okay, is the deity of Christ is his physical resurrection is justification by faith in Christ monotheism these are essential doctrines also Jesus is the only way and That people are going to go to heaven and hell the trinity is true the virgin birth is true These are the basics the very basics of the Christian faith, and I've written a lot about that you go to and you can read up on the essentials just type in the essentials essential Christian doctrine and And you can do also the doctrine grid type in that and you'll see how I've got things arranged But doing a lot of research over this over the years, but what the essentials are okay? So where these denominational differences of stand well? For example some denominations might be a millennial where others might be pre-millennial millennialism is the position that We are in the millennial reign of Christ now, and there will not be a literal 1,000 year reign the Premillennial view is that there will be a future literal 1,000 year reign there are differences of opinions on that Then there are differences of opinion on for example the charismatic gifts And so some groups believe that are there for today and others don't then there's the issue of can you lose your salvation?

As some say you can some say you can't When's a rapture going to occur pre tribulation rapture or post tribulation rapture or pre wrath or mid tribulation rapture? Then there's post millennialism and in the preaching the teaching of the gospel the world will be converted to the truth There are denominational differences And some of the more serious than others so a mill or premillennialism It really doesn't make any difference cessationism or continuationism regarding the charismatic gifts It really doesn't make any difference it can depending on a few other variables, but for the most part it doesn't There are those who would reject the idea That God predestined people for for heaven And hell which is what the Bible does teach aromas 9 9 2 23 and Proverbs 16 4 8 I'm sorry, but it teaches that and our denominational groups. They will deny that clear teaching in Scripture That's a an example of a problematic issue. Then there are groups as I say who?

Who? Tell us that you can lose your salvation and that in order to keep it you have to be good now That would be cultic and there are groups that teach that kind of a thing then there are groups that teach that that they're that salvation is completely dependent upon the free will choice of the sinners who are enslaved to sin and and Or unrighteous and can't understand spiritual things and all they need is just a quick presentation and the wisdom of their own mind They'll build a judge and and become Christians That's a false teaching But it's taught in a lot of churches and churches divide over things like this and some people take some issues more seriously than they would other issues and So we will have people who will reject going to one church because of one thing So there's for example, what do you do if there's a woman pastor woman elder at a church? Well, I would never go and because women pastors and elders are unbiblical that just go to Titus chapter 1 5 through 7 go to 1st Timothy 3 3 through 6 I think it is right about there and you'll see that women aren't to be elders and pastors I mean, it's just what the Bible says what gets me is how many people who claim to be Christians don't really take the Bible Seriously in so many areas or they will submit it to their private interpretation their their whims their justice their Feelings and things like that and God wouldn't do that And then there's groups that will hold to the idea the erring idea the mistaken idea and God always wants you healthy and wealthy and that if you're in Some form of sickness or you're poor. It's because you don't have enough faith There's sin in your life and that of course is a false teaching as well But a lot of churches teach that and then we have false teachers who teach that, you know, Kenneth Copeland Joyce Meyer You know, I'm gonna take and things like that. And so there's a lot of denominational differences and There are some of the main I would say the main Denominational differences the main areas deal with the issue of how free are we free will issue?

Predestination is another one an election those go together. Can you lose your salvation or not? These are the main ones that I've seen within Christianity that bring division To the body of Christ. So unfortunately, that's the reality of of what it is So once you give me a call folks eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six, I want to hear from you and If I don't hear from you, what I'm gonna do is ramble incessantly and during the summer things often slow down So I want you to give me a call now along the lines what I was just saying saying I'm gonna go through Romans 14 and go verse by verse I want to talk about something because you know, you might as well but the denominational differences and what we're to To think about this is what Romans 14 says and I call this the forgotten chapter the forgotten chapter Now except the one who's weak in faith, but not for the purpose of passing judgment on his opinions One person has faith that he may eat all things But he was weak eats vegetables only The one who eats is not to regard with contempt the one who does not eat and the one who does not eat Is not to judge the one who eats for God has accepted him So Paul is telling us here not to pass judgment on people's opinions And these opinions are on the debatable issues He goes on who are you to judge the servant of another to his own master? He stands or falls and he will stand for the Lord is able to make him stand one person Regards one day above another another regards every day alike. Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind He who observes a day observes it for the Lord and he who eats does so for the Lord For he gives thanks to God and he who eats not for the Lord does not eat For the Lord he does not eat and gives thanks to God So what he's talking about here are worship days and eating habits and says don't pass judgment on these kind of things These are not the essentials. These are opinions.

This is the kind of thing that Paul is talking about Unfortunately what we see in the Christian church too often are Denominational differences that get in the way and that's not to say if you go to Calvary Chapel or a Baptist Church that they hate Each other nah, that's not how it works for the most part There's a lot of love between the denominations and the members of them but people do have preferences of things and they enjoy certain things about certain denominations and That's how it goes So there you go. There's the break. Give me a call. We have four open lines eight seven seven Two zero seven two two seven six be right back after these messages It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six.

Here's Matt slick All right, welcome back to the show. If you want to give me a call. We have three open lines eight seven seven two zero seven two Two-seven six.

Let's get to Frederick from North Carolina. You're on the air Yes, man, how you doing I'm doing okay So, what do you got? All right, I Had a question when When God breathed the breath of life in the head did he breathe his spirit in the head? Well, that's a good question Because we have to define terms the breath of life was was breathed into him and And when we you know, let me go here go to Genesis because it says the Spirit of God in verse 2 Was moving so we know that the Spirit of God was there. No, it says the Spirit of God most probably it's the Holy Spirit That makes perfect sense. So when Adam and Eve existed when he made Adam We don't know exactly how it works We don't know the Bible doesn't tell us but there was this aspect of life in the image of God that was breathed into Adam well breath Spirit they're kind of interchangeable in some areas So what we could say is that the breath of life was obviously an Adam, but was it the Holy Spirit? Well, I wouldn't say yes at least not in the sense that we receive the Holy Spirit because we are indwelt by the Lord God the Trinitarian nature of God and this is because of the The blood of Christ has been shed and cleanses us now in the Old Testament David said I think is Psalm 34 said do not take your Holy Spirit from me.

Now. What do you mean by that? Did he mean that the Holy Spirit was indwelling him or does he mean that the Holy Spirit was around him? Guiding him and anointing him so we don't have the answers to these kinds of things So we go back to the issue of Adam. We're not exactly sure how to answer that question It's a good question to say, you know, did he have the Holy Spirit in one sense? Yes in another sense. No In the sense of yeah, God is everywhere and he was sinless Adam was so there's probably some fellowship Very intimate maybe a type of indwelling that we don't know about there, but Not in a redemptive sense.

I don't believe personally Redemptive sense the same way we are because the blood of Christ had not yet been shed So it's a tough one to answer. It's a good question, but it's not really easy to answer. Yeah Good question. Okay. Thanks, Dan. And you have a great day. Okay, man. God bless.

All right Okay. Hey folks, if you want to give me a call, all you got to do is dial 877-207-2276 Let's get to Ron from Des Moines, Iowa. Ron, welcome. You're on the air. Me? Rod? Did you say? Yes.

Oh, it says Ron, but I guess you're Rod. You were on the air. Oh Yeah. Yeah.

I'm sorry about that. Mr. Slick, but I look at my notes a little and and my question is is that Why is the tribes different in how they surround the temple? When they're camping there at the temple, why is that different from when they are moving the temple?

Why are the tribes their organization different like on the east the north the south and the west? I don't know It might be because of the issue of movement and their sizes And and the relationship of how they had to go through topography as God would direct them but during the encampment they were specified as how they were to and to sit to stand or to To be around the tabernacle and what's interesting is that when you take the number of of groups I don't know if you want me to go through this but the number of people And you put them As it's counted in the four groups of three the three Three to the north three to the south three to the east and the west And when you you put them and you there and you count the number if you were to just draw You know a box or so to speak to the left right up down of the the tabernacle and this extended In relationship to how many people were there Of it it forms a cross And so Oh, really? Yeah, it does And so, um, it's really interesting. I've got a uh, some information on on carm and furthermore God says nexus 25 8 build a tabernacle so I can dwell among my people and so That's reflected in john 114 where jesus tabernacled Among us he indwelt by the flesh. He became one of us And so there's there now also the four tribes the four groups actually the 12 tribes had four groups And the four groups each had a banner or a flag And the four banners was the lion the ox the eagle and the man And in ezekiel, there's a four-faced creature a lion ox eagle and the man In revelation, there's a four-faced creature the lion the ox the eagle and the man And the book of matthew mark luke john the four gospels were known in code as the lion the ox eagle and the man And so interesting.

Oh, yeah, it's really interesting. The tabernacle is about christ. There's more written about it than any other topic in the entire bible by far chapters and chapters and chapters and chapters About it like for example the gold is embedded inside of wood Wood uh wood is overlaid over gold the pillars Well, why would that be want to have gold on the outside? Gold represents divinity wood represents humanity the divinity inside the humanity of christ In the incarnation, so this is what it's like But uh, can I ask you one more question, sir?

Sure go for it Okay, uh, what's the significance of the apostles being the foundation? Uh, they're of uh, new jerusalem. What's the significance of?

uh, the uh, uh, the What what is it? It's uh, uh, You know the the the stones like, uh, uh, yeah, jasper sapphire, uh, uh, chaladoni, uh, emerald Sardonyx, uh, uh, stardust, uh, you know on down there and then the the the actual order of the of the apostles uh uh of and uh Well, let me just tell you what's the significance of that? I don't know I don't know what the significance is of the order or the stones So I just i've never studied that and I don't know if I ever will because I don't know if it's solvable It's a good question. It has 12 gates. There's 12 angels 12 apostles. There's 12 tribes And so what does 12 represent?

Well, there are 12 apostles and so Uh, we don't you know, there's a numeric consistency And so what we have to do is look at uh, every instance of the word 12 Then i'd look at any time when there's 12 gates I'd look for any other time when there's 12 angels And then look for the representation of the uh, jasper of the gold clear glass You know, it's for example in one of the things it's uh, the throne is on a sea of glass In revelation, I don't know if you remember that or not like jasper, which is I think well if you go to exodus 24 Uh nine through 11, for example, it says moses and erin erin named em in abu And 70 of the elders of israel went up and they saw the god of israel and under his feet There appeared to be a pavement of sapphire as clear as the sky itself. So they relate you're like, oh, what's going on? It's just a huge study. So I don't have a great answer for you.

That makes sense. Okay, okay Okay. Well, thank you so much for the information that you've offered. I really appreciate it Uh, thanks again, uh, take care and god bless you too. Thanks a lot Hey folks, we have two open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 We'll be right back So It's matt slick live taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's matt slick All right. Welcome back everybody. Let's get to the next longest waiting person patrick from charlotte north carolina. Patrick. Welcome You're on the air Hi matt, uh, thanks for taking my call. Sure.

So what do you got? Um, I have a question about Can you hear me? Yes Um, I have a question about something you said on uh, I think it was monday night when you You had mentioned you went to the uh, black life matter protest And you said you were carrying a 8k 47 assault rifle My question is Would you consider yourself a peaceful protest? Yes But I mean, why would you carry an ak-47 to a peaceful protest why wouldn't I Because last tuesday night in wisconsin they had a gunfight at a protest two people got killed Well, that's what happened there That's not me and it wasn't loaded but it's just a display that we have the rights as americans Which the left is trying to remove and trying to strip us away from here in idaho, there's a lot of conservatives and the Let's just say that in idaho We don't want to put up with this black lives matter idiocy And that's what it is That's not to say that we are full.

Let me say let me finish That's not to say i'm certainly not saying that that uh, there haven't been problems. Uh with Injustices and things like that. We want people to be treated Fairly, that's all fine. But black lives matter is a marxist leftist organization And it is for the destruction of the nuclear family It's a horrible thing and i'm going to go out there and i'm going to exercise my freedom of Love of speech and expression and that's how I chose to do that along with hundreds of others who did the same thing Do you think that's wrong?

They had a hundred people with guns that night hundreds Hundreds hundreds hundreds Because absolutely, you know, they the police are telling the peaceful protesters not even to Get involved with the protest because it's the antifa. That's fine But uh, i'm just telling you harry how it is here in idaho and uh, we don't want this idiocy here Okay, we don't yeah, but i'm just saying that if uh If something were to happen, I mean people like yourself that really Aren't that prepared you could go crazy with an ak-47 Do you hear what you just said and wait wait a second wait a second wait a second What you're doing is accusing me of idiocy You're accusing me of i'm just going to go crazy now. Just hold on a sec I'm well trained and there is absolutely no way I would ever Ever want to have to use my weapon. The only time I ever would would be in self-defense the defense of my home Or the defense of somebody else. That's it Now do you have a problem with that?

I'm just curious. Let me ask you patrick. Do you have a problem with that? Leave the gun at home. I didn't want to patrick gave a problem with with what I just said though About um the right of self-defense Patrick patrick, do you have a problem with me having the right of self-defense? That's the first thing i'm going to ask Not carrying an ak-47.

Okay. Let me ask you. Do you have a Patrick patrick patrick Do you have a problem with me having the right of self-defense?

I just asked that question. The answer is yes or no Well, like the bible says hey patrick patrick patrick Patrick, I wouldn't be all right with you. Patrick. Patrick. I asked you a question.

Do you have a problem with me? Exercising my right of self of self-protection. That's my first question at that degree.

Yes At that degree. Yes with an ak-47 if you would have wait wait wait wait patrick patrick patrick patrick patrick patrick If you say yes that I have the right who are you to tell me how i'm to protect myself What gives you the right to say what I should and should not do? Because I think it's mostly patrick patrick patrick What gives you the right to tell me how i'm supposed to protect myself What level i'm supposed to go to what i'm supposed to carry or not carry? What gives you the right to come on the radio and tell me that? To do stuff patrick. Can you answer the question?

What gives you the right? Are you are you just curious? Are you a leftist? Patrick, are you a leftist? I don't know. I'm a Christian.

I go for love. I didn't ask if you're a Christian I said are you a leftist? I just when you told that on the patrick when you're on the radio saying that An ak-47 patrick.

Well, if you don't like it, don't get one don't carry one That's your your thing. You don't have the right to tell me what I can and can't do patrick You're like the left. No, but I'm asking you want to tell people what they can and can't do.

Is that it? Is that what you're trying to do? Say you shouldn't do it this way Are you you're gonna sit here and tell me what I can and can't carry.

Is that what you want to do? If you've seen the patrick, why don't you answer my questions? Patrick what's wrong with that?

What happens if I carry myself? So what what's wrong with that? Wait, what's wrong with it? Well, you people were out there. Hey guy guy people were out there and they're out there all over the the country Defending stores they have ar-15s.

Is that bad? Should they not have ar-15s? There's been people killed just patrick I asked you and I got a feeling that Patrick i'm asking you questions. You're not answering them Okay, what should why should why don't you listen for a second are you saying I already answered your question Patrick are you saying that the people who carry uh, ar-15s should not carry ar-15s when they are not protecting their property You are an open protest.

Okay. Okay, patrick patrick. So what should they carry or should they just go out there without anything? They're supposed to be peaceful, but it's They're supposed to be peaceful, but it's patrick. They're telling patrick people to go home to patrick During the guns patrick told himself patrick What are they supposed to to do to protect themselves? What do you what do you think protest other people? Hey patrick? But don't turn on buildings and carry Patrick i'm asking you what do the people carry or what should they do to protect themselves and their families? What do you want them to do? Well, you're not going to use harsh language.

You're just going to look good. Okay You know folks, um It's sad. Um He's a good example of someone not able to think through the issues clearly who's reactionary Um blm has been up in here in idaho.

It's been up in other areas. We know that antifa is here and um We know that bricks pallets of bricks were brought in And what they want to do is bring mayhem to this country They want to destroy this country for what it stands for and what it has stood for Now here's a question We go to the bible. Jesus said in luke 2236 Luke 2236. Jesus says to the disciples you do you have a sword? No, we have two cloaks He says sell a cloak and buy a sword And buy a sword. This is what jesus said to do now patrick here couldn't have a decent conversation he's not um He's not having a conversation.

He's like a a leftist reporter, you know with an agenda not not really thinking clearly but when jesus said to um To buy a sword jesus himself said this. Okay. Now this is for the right of self-defense not aggression But self-defense, let me tell you Folks if someone were to come into your house What would you do? Now there's a lot of people who say they just do nothing.

Well, they come in your house. You say it's okay Just go ahead and rob. It's all right What if they were assaulting one of your loved ones?

What would you do? Well, i'll tell you what i'll do I'll do whatever is necessary to stop them as fast as possible At whatever level is necessary and only necessary to protect my family now If we are as patrick says Just to not have any weapons if someone comes in do you think the bad guys are going to listen to that? I think the bad guys are going to say hey, there's no guns in this area So let's lay down our guns when we rob somebody think that's going to happen. Of course not They're going to be the ones who go in In and they're going to be the ones who destroy in fact the feds during the katrina hurricane time What happened was the government went in and confiscated weapons went door to door and the soldiers Were ordered to do this. They took away people's weapons And then the bad guys who had weapons and wouldn't give them up followed after the soldiers and then robbed the people And other things happened as well. Why because the good people were stripped of their weapons We have the freedom of speech And the second amendment says we have the freedom to bear arms And whether you like it or not, that's my position. I believe that we have that right because god has ordained this country And I believe that we have the right of self-defense as jesus advocated in luke 2236 1936 we are not to seek problems, but we are not to Let's just say lay down and do nothing while the wicked take over And the wicked are in this world the wicked are in blm The wicked are in antifa the wicked are in the political system. The wicked are all around us I'm gonna i'm just telling you folks That if we don't as christians stand up for our rights, we won't have any left.

They're already starting to destroy churches And blm is getting out there requiring people to give the one-headed salute in harmony With their cause or you get let's just say accosted Where's it going to end it'll only end well another time Another time give me a call be right back after these messages, please. Stay tuned It's matt slick live taking your calls at 877-207-2276 Here's matt slick All right, folks. Welcome back to the show.

Let's get to scott for winston-sano north carolina scott. Welcome Um, you're on the air. Yeah, thank you. I um This is something yesterday on your program and I didn't really explain my point of view, but uh Matthew 28 20 Yes What about it Um A lot of people call you illegal If you say you have to keep the commandment of god um and just verse 20 says teaching them to observe all things What so ever I have commanded you? in other words uh Rather than uh being excused for sinning Well, he's just saying it'll be going to hell that's another verse Here's the way that seems right to a man But the end of the ways of death Mm-hmm, and so i'm constantly double checking myself Mm-hmm Um, uh, is there a question you want me to address a question or To what I said do you have a question you wanted me to address? To answer I can't hear you sir. Did you want me to answer a question?

Did you have a question? That's what I was asking You know, uh, one of the people say we have to have to uh, We're not saved by works. And so you don't have to do them Why don't the people say that because we're not saved by works We don't have to do good works to be saved But we do have to do good works to demonstrate that we are christian. That's what james 2 14 through 26 is about So if we say we know him and we do not keep his commandments the truth is not innocent. We're a liar first john 2 4 So jesus commanded that we uh, do what he says This is what we do as disciples And what jesus commanded is, you know at different levels.

He wants us to repent to follow him to pick up the cross to uh to love your enemies to Not cast pearls before swines to come to him To be a servant to love god love your neighbor Uh, love one another and things like that So these are the commandments that jesus wants us to obey and That's what we're supposed to be doing but doing those doesn't get us saved and it does not keep us saved. Okay? He just identifies us the same I'm, sorry, I didn't hear what you said. Could you repeat that it?

Could you say that? It identifies Right us as saved right our works identify us And as what by what we do see people behave based on what they believe That's that's it. So you will know my faith by my actions. That's what james 2 is about So we're supposed to do things But it's those doing of those things is not what saves us because we're justified by faith without the works of the law roma 328 says Okay i'm just uh I also wonder uh How secure I am, you know in christ and like james. He says don't fool yourself well You're secure in christ if you trust in christ I mean, that's it If you trust in christ, it's because he's granted that you believe lippins 129 He's granted you believe second timothy 225 25 And you've been appointed to eternal life act 1348 So these are the things that rest in the mind work and heart of god And so we're secure in what god has done. We're never secure in salvation if it depends even a little bit in our ability But what jesus said is that he would lose none in john 6 37 through 40 So that's because all that the father gives to the son will come to him and he will never cast him out And jesus Yes, it is and jesus equates eternal life with never perishing And so that's how well I guess you probably got someone call us Yes, we do All right All right, all right scott god bless buddy All right, let's get to joanne from north carolina joanne And welcome you're on the air Hey, hello No disrespect to patrick from north carolina, but This north carolinian thinks that you ought to exercise your right Will exercise hours. I don't want to shoot anybody.

But if anybody comes at my family i'm going to get them Before they can get my family or my dog. That's right Now the reason I called is that mr. Linton howell. I don't know if he's outside the united states or what? Um, he's on facebook and asked that he cannot call would somebody please call in He says my question is many christians believe that god speaks to them in dreams and visions I think otherwise, I believe god speaks to us only through his word But they say these dreams and visions come into reality Does the bible teach that we are to expect god to speak us through these other channels? And how should we? He says how should we three it with dreams and visions? well um in acts 2 17 which may Sorry Go ahead which I was going to hang up and let you answer him.

It must be should we treat? I don't know What it is with dreams visions, which may seem to have some sort of meaning and he says, thank you Okay So i'll say thank you and let you go Okay. Well, thanks joanne. God bless Okay God say I'll talk to you later. Bye. Bye.

Okay Yeah, I know joanne. She's a sweetie Um, the bible says in acts 2 17 and 18 and it shall be in the last days God says i'll pour forth my spirit on all mankind and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy In verse 18, I'll pull in those days. I'll pour forth my spirit and they shall prophesy And oh, I forgot to give some parts. It says and your young men shall see visions and your old men will dream dreams So visions and dreams are part of the last days. The bible says we're in the last days. That's what it is So yeah, we can have those because the bible says so And we're to judge all such things with the word of god but the bible says They're going to have visions and dreams.

So then they're going to have visions and dreams and people are having visions and dreams We know in the middle east for example that muslims are having visions and dreams of jesus By the thousands and getting saved It's it's happening not that we make doctrine by experience, but it is happening quite a bit And people are having visions and they are having dreams and that's what the bible says will occur in acts 2 17 and 18 All right. Let's get the next longest waiting person, which is helga from winston-salem, north carolina helga. Welcome. You're on the air Hello matt, how are you? I have a teaching academy, but i've been listening to you for about a year now And you have a quick question.

You're going to hang up afterwards. Sure and i'm calling it in reference to headship Um, I was reading first committee chapter one has been three and four And the city jews pray with their heads covered do messianic jews have their head covered and i'm saying dishonoring god Some do and some don't and it's not an issue of honoring or dishonoring god It looks like what was happening in first corinthians 11 that the issue of head covering was a demonstration that they were under authority Because the woman Is by nature, uh Uh in the husband fed in a doctrine called federal headship and adam represented the world, uh, even though Eve sinned first sin entered the world through him Romans 5 12. So what we are seeing here is the issue of headship and um representation So that's why it says the man is the head of the woman and christ is ahead of christ and first cleanse 11 3 So when some messianics have their head women have their heads covered or some don't Uh, we're not under the law anymore because we've died in christ roman 6 6 and 6 8 and roman 7 4 says he who has died Is free from the law so they're not obligated to wear the head coverings.

They're not obligated to not wear them They're free to do either one and they should not be judged for whatever they do Okay, okay even the mail If the mail is the same thing, uh, we're free to do that and free not to Okay Thank you very much. God bless you and your wife. Oh, thank you so much. Thank you All right Okay Let's get to adam from north carolina.

Adam. Welcome. You're on the air Yes, i'm wondering if you could start by steel manning the position of black lives matter steel manning Yes, steel manning is in debate when one gets the most charitable position to their opponent side Oh, i'm not going to do that with blm Well, I i'll do it for you because I know you won't I support the lm. No, you won't No, you won't. Um, you need to ask me if you can do that. And then i'll give you permission to do it No Blm is a marxist anti-christian organization. I am not marxist It's a marxist anti-christian organization. I'm not anti-christian Are you a member of blm? Are you work with them or something? Yes, I am and you are strong man Enough really then why does it say on your website that uh, you want to destroy and disrupt the nuclear family? That's not what I want Wait a second. You don't want that but you joined the group and you're member of the group that wants to do that I support it And support you can't it says we disrupt.

Would you would you say all christians hold on? We disrupt the western prescribed nuclear family structure They want to disrupt it. We foster a queer affirming network.

I'm reading their very words. I am great with queer affirming Okay, and so you want to affirm homosexuality qia I know someone's going to freak out because I said a bunch of letters But i'm very pro equality Well, i'm i'm for equality too, but not the oppression of the heterosexuals. Do you support trans individuals? Do you support trans people? You don't support trans people.

Wait, wait, wait, please Please you have to not accuse you have to to wait. No, no, I asked I asked you have let me finish Do you support trans people? No, hold on.

It's not an issue of support trans people. What does it mean? Is it yes or no like you said to the caller? Can you hold on a please second?

Is it okay with you? When you ask well, no i'm asking you a question like you asked the caller. Okay. Okay.

I'll tell you what I tell you what What we'll do is Get rid of you. We only have a couple minutes in the show Now, um, he wasn't willing to have a decent conversation So when he says do you support trans people? What does that mean? You have to ask because support can be understood In different senses. It's not a yes and a no question two plus two is four is either yes or no Do you affirm or deny it? So he didn't understand the issue and he was not applying the logic properly And since he didn't want to obviously well, we'll just move ahead Folks, look, let me tell you what my stand is about blm black lives matter Do black lives matter? Of course, they matter do white lives matter. Of course, they matter do human lives matter Of course, they matter. I don't disagree with that what we disagree with Is the idea that they want to disrupt the nuclear family and in so doing they want to promote the homosexual agenda?

And queer affirming stuff. Let me tell you how it works folks They will destroy the family. They will destroy the network. They will come after the christians who speak against them They will come after the christians eventually when they get power and they are in power.

Do you think the left? Who gets in power is going to say to the christians? It's okay. If you don't believe that homosexuality is okay It's okay. If you don't believe that homosexuality is okay.

It's okay to teach your children. It's a sin It's okay to go to churches on sunday and say homosexuality is a sin because it is a sin It's a rebellion against god and it's judgment against god as well. Oh the god God himself will judge the homosexuals in their sin And they need to repent of it and need to come to christ Do you think they're going to tolerate that when they get in power?

No, they're not it's a good thing We have the first and second amendments folks. This is serious stuff folks. Our country is under threat christians Think clearly not like that guy who was just on the air Sorry, jamal lisa and tony. May the lord bless you and buy his great tobacco here tomorrow. We'll talk to you then See you buddy. God bless. Bye
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