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July 16, 2020 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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July 16, 2020 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- A caller wanted to challenge a conversation on a previous show, regarding Romans 1 and the BLM beliefs.--2- Did Paul invent the concept of justification by faith---3- Are their different types of atheists---4- Which view of the end times is correct---5- What do make of the variants in the beast's number in Revelation---6- Can you be a presuppositionalist but not Calvinistic---7- How are we all one race when the Israelites were told not to marry -other races-- Is Shepherd's Chapel right about this---8- Did those who believed in the Old Testament have the Holy Spirit-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research management found online at the car and got more you have questions about Bible doctrine is a map why rent is called responding to your questions at 877 Matt slick Matt slick life and protect problem so I'm doing two things while waiting here and go to a cubicle all your to do is delete 772072276. Hope you're from you and should be good with that. Alright so I'll tell you what a day.

Got callers coming in. That's good though for newbie to the show. Well, we enter Bible questions.

I love Bible questions that last night was on for couple of hours discussing theology with some Roman Catholics and an atheist tell you, you have the truth on your side.

It makes things a lot easier. So anyway it was fun for me. I enjoy having this kind of discussions we will hear from some of them a call when you write you a call to challenge that great anyway you go. You may call 877-207-2276 Patrick from Raleigh, North Carolina Iran air and I hope that your will welcome okay will one yes will owe you did not my right will will will will I now rate hold on hold driving in cars with her moms and dads okay so be pre-and but that's not what's the issue was.

It was some black lives matter. It's on what they believe. I yes I agree: Patrick, this is what it says I'm reading it right now from their website and says I but it okay one please hold on hold.

Okay, just reacting to what their own website says I wish you and I'm going to read this I'm good hold on, I'm going to read what it says on their website and this is why I'm going to read it.

So people who don't know can hear it. Why were saying bad because it is hold on okay okay please hold okay it says okay since we are self reflexive and do the work required to dismantle system gender privilege system change writings know I was born with male genitalia on the man and female female that's just your born that way and that is to want to dismantle system gender privilege. What does that mean it is ridiculous and left uplift black trans folks especially back trans Reitman who continue to disproportionately impacted microblog trans antagonist of violence is what.

Anyway, let me hold on I want to read this okay all right it says so. We make our spaces family-friendly in the book Pete parents to fully participate with their children. We dismantle the patriarchal practice that requires mothers to work double shifts so that they can mother in private. Even as a participant. Okay, we disrupt we look at this, we disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family. That's the biblical family mom dad.

They want to disrupt let me finish, Patrick. Okay, we disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting other as extended families and villages that collectively care for one another, especially our children, not just take that and you flush the toilet falls on concern that is anti-Christian anti-family. It's very it is it's dangerous, and it also going on on on its as we foster a queer affirming network when we gather we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking. They want to rewrite morality in our country and they want to break up the family. This is antichrist so this is the kind of she brought this up and it's in light of this that we say got Romans one is appropriate here because they're being given over to prep your own mind is perfectly rational. One country, Patrick Patrick Patrick when I when I read black lives matter what they believe. It reminds me of Romans one. I'm not talking Catholicism on thought talking about atheism at the time when I talk with atheists. It reminds me of Romans one so sure can happen with her as well different things at different times will remind her of different areas of Scripture just because she didn't include everything else you want her to include doesn't mean that the criticism and the observation is invalid, so black lives matter is they had okay now I'm not a racist. And I all right got on that racist and you know I don't have any animosity.

Is anybody.

Whatever I don't care what color you are all I care about is your good person you can work hard are you honest that that's what I care about her and hopefully Christian on his founders of this group were Marxist right to do some research and matter as a phrase phrase you are free to start an organization of said white lives matter with you before that. Note that this is racist letter but black lives matter is not racist. There's inconsistencies. Problems right person. Everyone I know that my nobody's been used as a political ax to put the neck of varying people who disagree with them. This is the problem and right. This is why I oppose anything that is racist at its basis like you have to hire my black people in your organization because we need more black people. We have to have more Asians because many more Asian people. This makes sense as I think we more white people in a black owned business like is a white, it's the same thing. We don't need any of this stuff, but when people to just be good people and be judged on what they are in your character, and of course there's races all around, and we need to work against it in the answer to that is Jesus Christ the right to know and pray for that's right will you know what. You go you excited in your voice is high and were on a different, different ports and audio problems you so try to get that's going to okay so I appreciate you calling okay I appreciated it with anybody on this or tell the truth.

The truth does offend so that's it right away. I even read God bless. Keep listen the keep calling okay around all right. Was Patrick and let's see list on the phone with Andrew from Ohio Andrew welcome your on the year. I want to talk about all the talking about how all invented by faith. I was just looking that you know like Jean.

How would you, what are the best person to four of the just shall live by faith and also in 227, 26, you have to keep the law perfectly so ask this Rabbi is he keeping the law perfectly because that's a standard and if he is not, then he has a problem.

Also, Genesis chapter 3 when Adam and Eve sinned, they covered themselves with fig leaves to cover themselves with their own efforts their own works.

The pre-incarnate Christ when in there and removed their fig leaves got rid of their own works.

Got rid of it altogether and then shed blood of an animal and covered them so this is where I would begin and you're right, much as a 56 which is a and Abraham believed God, and was credited to him as righteousness and also Paul did not invent justification by faith. Jesus is the one who taught it and he taught it in Luke 18 nine through 14. We said the Pharisee, the tax gather went up to the to the hill into the temple to pray, the fat Pharisee said I think I do not like other people, swindlers, unjust, adults were treated like this tax collector.

I fast twice a week I pay tithes of all that I get the tax collector sending some distance away, was even unwilling to lift up his eyes to heaven, but was beating his breast, saying God be merciful to me, the sinner. Jesus is here.

Verse 14 I tell you, this man would help down his house justified rather than the other two. Jesus is what he taught justification by faith because no works.

Reply at all this what Jesus taught. Hope all is simply learning it from what Jesus taught that so okay 23 believe God is yes okay buddy got bless you right back after this message is to open lines 877207 mass like why call 77077 back to the show's scripts on your with Charlie from North Carolina drug looking on their one that is yeah there are strong atheists and weak atheists. For example, strong. A few says that there is no God. We gave the assist of militarist God week. Atheists are often said to be agnostic with the say they don't really know if God exists or not.

Then there is no claim to say that they lack belief in God and would call them but the really kind of an agnostic. They like to hide behind. I lack belief which is easily refutable and then there's atheists who are materialists and atheists who also affirm the continuation of the human soul after death for their variations within the community of atheists like they say about that will be like like you help but will some say that some atheists do hold. Haven't talked to many who do hold with, but they say the soul continues after death. And that's problematic for their atheistic view sweetly. The other different kinds and so when I talk to atheists. I will often ask what kind of an atheist. AR Nozick just defused that told me they don't know too much. So I took discern what they are asked questions and then tackle them from the perspective and strongly almost not materialistic.

That's different than materialist without materialist atheist or naturalist atheist materialism is the view that the material universe is all there is such a materialist atheist, and that can be refuted very easily self refuting sows naturalist and naturals the materials and basically synonymous. So I love talking atheist I did last night.

He thought he had me with was called a youthful dilemma and talk to someone in our power so to get my thoughts together. I don't want to say you know right okay will do with the is they can't justify anything of any importance they can't do that they cannot justify any objective standards of right and wrong, by which they can complain. Susan atheist says something is morally right or wrong. He has just shot himself in the foot because he singers a standard outside of himself, which must apply to others, but how does he justify that an atheistic worldview with. There is no transcendental being in that world and you can't justify the idea of a moral obligation between individuals is just his materialistic brain working his idea of what is right and wrong. His opinion, it doesn't mean it is right or wrong for the atheists morals come from themselves and or combination of society and with him call out loud wish and intuition which is subjectivism or common sense which is subjective and so atheists.

They have varying ways of trying to say that something is objectively necessarily true in an objective moral sense because they recognize so many atheists recognize the difficulty of their atheism it comes to morality so they trying to develop ways to make justify absolute, universal moral requirements without God and if you had special glasses on when you're watching them do this, you see them twisting and turning, trying to make things fit just doesn't work to rectify knuckles and where you think we are on right Yemen on the students mean as far as sequence where we had no millennium. The way I would say towards the end that the moon is a figurative thing is spoken about the contents of Revelation 20 figurative and not literal will. Some say it's literally literal 1000 years, and some say the thousands figurative. That's how the word thousand is used for the Bible so every know in my opinion, no view, eschatological view has all the answers. So I'm on the lineal because of a few verses I see in the Bible that don't fit in premillennialism. So in my opinion just makes it impossible. It is my opinion but you know I just me and if people disagree that's okay.

It's no big deal you felt you awake God.

The thousand years are the hours would be different way gave you value something like that.

We know we view thousand years is literally a thousand years with Bible uses. It got bouncing for thousand years.

But in the context it's an angel with the key chain laid hold of the Dragon and got in for thousand years.

This is all figurative. Most of this and I condos to the cattle in the thousand Hills days for thousand years. So you see how the term just thousand by itself is figuratively contextualized so the pattern as has wickedness with God has plus we see in Matthew 1242 through 32 that Satan is bound according what Jesus said is our event so as to some weird things in their plus what got it for me was reading about when the return of Christ is coming when the rapture occurs. That's when you come back because back like a thief in the night while X first Thessalonians 416 through chapter 5, verse two, repast a chapter break. This is one continuous thing in the Greek and so you know that the rapture occurs when the day of the Lord come like a thief in the night, we find the same phrase almost exact same phrase in second Peter 310 when it says the date of the world, to thief, in which the heavens and the earth will be melted elements of the intense heat. What happens at the end of the millennium in the premillennialist you will wait a minute. How can they both be described in the same day.

So to me that just wipes out the Primo position.

This is me and I don't want to dine is how much is my position and that's why I have reasons for it and the people disagree. Okay, maybe the right will find out later. Thank you. Right.

This can the phone with Oliver from Maine Oliver welcome amenorrhea. I'm doing alright hanging in. We got my question. Revelation 12 and kind kind on Galatians 13, verse 18 is a variation or agrarian tactic that thick thick thick yellow 1616 just that have these messages we why 77077 to get back on the lines with tuxedos all over the Oliver welcome back on here? Or is it just you mentioned it was a variance 616 versus 666 okay here in a written older one big one. What is one early man you guys, but the majority of them don't and I rename us a disciple of Polycarp was a disciple of John the apostle said 666.

The makes it different so there's some discussion on it but the 666 makes more sense and I can tell you why you're interested so he said with what we talk about here what people don't know 666 what that means in the Greek and in Hebrew New Testament was written in Greek, the Old Testament was in the Hebrew when in English. For example we have ABC 123.

We have separate characters or letters and numbers in both Hebrew and Greek. They have the same characters that they use for both.

So similarly, our oh and is zero or the same well they would write letters, but the letters are also numbers. So in Greek Alpha Beta Gamma Delta is equal to 1234 in different letters later on have a different mathematical value. So whenever you write a word you will your writing. Also writing numbers so as for the for example worth fish in Greek is it things and it adds up to 1224 okay and Jesus Christ which is Jesus creased us and update 888 so six is the number of man. That's because we say that man was created on the sixth day and eight people went into Noah's Ark Jesus was raised on the first day the week of the eighth day babies were circumcised on the eighth day and so eight has been understood to mean new beginnings or something. Starting new six is number of man and then they go to different things. Five. Number of Grayson and 39 is mercy in various things so when we understand that God is a Trinity father-son Holy Spirit and we understand that the antichrist is a man, it makes sense to say 666 is number of man in a Trinitarian sense, which is a mockery and a false Trinity here. That's the kind of idea that comes behind it except you will really marry Col. Daniel low the scar you hear about it meant scriptural evidence like that improving the accuracy of the Bible. It he like got her how one morning you wake up you expect or another going to wake up.

I picked one thick he can't really settle on which one drinks it really matter if this can they both mean kind of like the thing thing matters matters because if we decided 616 Say, hypothetically, in the future that some individual comes around and says look you have to have a number that begins with 666 will then be better course what he said is not sick sick sick at 616. Will that would matter to with net so because of the variant so you know someone who's that deceptive might not require sick sick sick might require 616.I don't know. Maybe could be potentially important in that area, but we do know that them but the earliest that the earliest but in early manuscripts at 616. We tend to say that early manuscripts outweigh later manuscripts tend to not always this incident. The earliest manuscript for Revelation chapter 100-2525 80 okay then if that's the case what it would add weight to it being the correct rendition but then we have to ask what why did six ones are sick sick sick commit because my going website to have it listed the letters which are good match for you to do that fast and I have a list of the numbers with AR cord and the letters okay so six is there. I have all of him and six is missing. Excellent is going to be a different thing here so but the one is just a letter is the alpha so the six letter, it would be what happened glitch.

There he is 60 and a cow is 300 and see you 700 anyway so you be interesting to see what letters were used in the variant you would be interested in research. Why don't the six is not in my list of course I did before, but he rates there right click click click symbolism or do you like your thing is a kind of a family should be calculated will it says that the number of his name, and that the number of the beast so his name letter sent Catherine a number the number of his base for the number is that of a man and his number is so most people say that it's his name that was translated into tickler from Greek and Greek letters will be specifically 666, but it could also be symbolism because the book of Revelation is very symbolic and it could be that 666 is just simply saying a Trinitarian mockery of God based on on humanism on man could symbolize so I could answer Leslie all right, let's get on the phones with Jared Kia from Texas, a very kind. How are you doing that. We got buddy every yes I can take your you think you for your ministry know that you are doing a really forward to doing. I really appreciate it. Thank you very much and praise God praise God and not just now have a quick question written at all on you let your question on so basically I transitioned out of evidential, apologetic integrate suppositional of them, and the question though. Can you be presupposition a live but yet not be Calvinistic cardiology that my question yes you can you can be presupposition will not be reforming your theology in an area some easy ask of the Christian stuff. Of course that just tends to be that reformed individuals or more per suppositional and I could positive theory Y that is the case I would just say that you presupposition was what I think is better than evidential as him is is an easier thing to learn but don't forget Jesus did say to Thomas John 2025 to 28 says put your hand into my side now believe he presented the evidence and I think evidence is going to be used on the day of judgment against the unbelievers because the evidence of the truth of Christ and Christianity is the physical resurrection that's that's the proof that's the evidence that is that verifies only two apologetics we do those without with people who don't have any commonality presupposition was and is by far is the most powerful and the easiest at the same time, the solar still there. So anyway that's what I say and presupposition was in photo explain what it is because it a break coming up presupposition was is if you presuppose the truth of God's word and the Trinitarian God then everything makes sense and it may not make sense to you but what we mean is only in the. The issue of trust of of assuming the Trinitarian God and the truth of God's word and revelation of it when you work from that perspective.

You can then justify the universal laws of logic you can justify objective morality. You can make sense of how it is that we are coming into existence. Those are the three primary categories and of course courses or categories to filter down into subcategories and so when I'm talking with people, particularly atheists. And they'll say to me. For example, what God did in the Old Testament was wrong there making a value statement about God and what morals are and when asked can you justify from your worldview. Why such a statement you made is true that God was morally wrong. I'm going to go act is presupposition she's made a statement. He presupposes that he has a moral standing by which he can then make a judgment. I'm now going to attack that presupposition and just do the questioning can justify so therefore one of the mats like why call 77077 Joe from Greensboro, North Carolina.

Joe, you are on the air. Talk about race for couple weeks and were all one race in not understand that one it said. The Scripture verse in Deuteronomy that says do not mix with other races you have the verse know I tried looking it up for call but I couldn't find it under shepherds Chapel to listen and Chapel was average Chapel look right along with my model tell you they are in Deuteronomy look. Let me tell you something shepherds Chapel. I offered to debate them publicly.

They won't accept any debate they teach false doctrines a lot of areas in the research on I would never recommend anybody listen that false group.

You should not be listening to the meter needle confused.

They teach that the K-9 theory.

The key nights, which is refuted by Scripture, and I thought about that.

Yeah, it stands to deity which says that Satan had relations with Steve to produce cane and if I hear in its let's get back to this land, while not going back on a show the other day quoted a letter from this Catholic priest resident from whatever Catholic was saying all this unrest is because of the cannot. Okay look, you are obviously deceived going to do is prove something to you ready all right. You believe the word of God.

Okay, the key nights theory the stupid key nights there. In the say what it is, says that Kane is the result of relations between Satan and Eve that's with the Kenai serious this is what Brianna's is chapter 4 verse one says now the man had relations with his wife Eve, and she conceived and gave birth to Cain now is the key nights theory right or is it wrong way you describe it. I just read about a God to you. I just read the word. This is what shepherds Chapel duty will mess you up and you won't able to believe the word got affiliate tended to stay away from the shepherds Chapel. They plan what you're saying about shepherds Chapel, but I have seen that verse in Deuteronomy with my own okay James Bible came ashore something with other races.

Plural what okay what races are they talking about black, white, Asian, Indian, same right. I did you know that the Bible calls that the little mammal that calls it a bird that you know that not only on this a trick question here. I could ask you, is that correct or is it incorrect and needs, it was wrong answer. No it's not wrong, because what you're doing is imposing a modern idea of what a bird is upon an old view because to exam the classification of bird was anything that had those two wings and slapped around by that definition of that belongs in that category when you say race.

What race are you talking about in Deuteronomy 28. What is it because I'm looking look at James right now for the word race. I don't see it now. Did you know okay you noise. I cannot yet hold on. Did you know that the Ethiopians are black people right right you are a Cushite is an Ethiopian Cushite. That's another word for people from Ethiopia all right with me right. All right, go to numbers chapter 12 and Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Cushite woman whom he had married. He married a black woman. So when a minute now using don't mix the races will race the Jewish race with a non-Jewish race with the other race. How do you know that they're not talking with the idea of race being different cultures. This is what shepherds Chapel slide his somewhat stinking damage because they do know how to think their way into the wet paper bag. They don't tell you the truth or not logical and a mess people out who I got a sadist who don't know enough to know what to ask and how to look through these issues.

I just showed you from Genesis 41 that the verse that refuted this Kenai theory that Satan had relations with Eve to produce cane and yet it says specifically that Adam had relations with his wife and conceiving a prick the cane.

This the arguments over at this point it just done so they say about shepherds Chapel.

They say that when the Bible lift Adam genealogy cane is not in their yellow anyone. Here's another example of their incredible ignorance.

You know this this because it makes me my hot because they're so stupid in their ignorance they hurt other people like deceive other people and it just infuriates me because it harms the people of God. You want to know why Kane isn't in their because Genesis 5 is a genealogy that has been selected because the names in their bring out a sentence. The names are brought there to bring out something we take the name Adam and Seth and E. Nash, etc. and you put them in English you get a sentence it's appointed mortal men, sorrow, blessed God will come down when he dies it will come, bring the despairing hope to the writer of of Genesis 5, Moses knew what he was doing under the inspiration of God and wrote this as a reference to the coming Messiah in the word cane didn't fit in the genealogy for that reason I'm telling you shepherds Chapel is dangerous and deceptive doesn't give you the whole truth. They don't want okay okay now just one more thing. I got there I have hundreds of their newsletters and I went through hundreds of their error newsletters and what I concluded by reading their material. They deny the Trinity that the father-son Holy Spirit are thought they see the really three offices held by one God, that's a heresy denies the existence of eternal hell denies a doctor the rapture, which is clearly taught in first Thessalonians 416 to 10 survivors to denies the physical resurrection of believers said we would be raised spiritually teaches an isolationism which is false teaches at certain Old Testament kosher laws regarding meat should be followed today we are going over the serpent. See doctrine. It's it is telling you is wrong and interracial marriages wrongly say that and why did Moses Merritt Mary Cushite woman if it has to do with skin color that you bring that up I Moses would Mary Cushite woman whose Ethiopian black look.

I'm just telling you do yourself a favor, just when you see separate Chapel on just take a straw with a spitball lodge and just at the guy and in turn the channel okay.

I've I gotta-research on him and I know what the Bible says I've been a challenge out to them. They've never accepted my challenge for public debate on these issues and others a challenge. They would accept why because it's a cult okay all right great all right about okay God bless cult Alex Van Nuys hey were you been buddy golfer left my little guy didn't my pity that I can't be like Matt sweetie about yeah so the question them and at the little bit of it and how to date. Okay will people of faith, a note please The Trinity and the Old Testament.

Some people say we can.

I'm one of the people who say that their more Trinitarian at different Old Testament than there are in a new nevertheless my question is that you believe that the Bible Margaret correct question that the Old Testament believers had the holy. And though no why I didn't question two. I believe that the Old Testament people had the spirit that well with the hope in the hope that the debate I gotcha okay there's a debate about that because they indwelt or was a Holy Spirit upon and the we don't know the reason is because if there indwelt and were called the temple of God.

The temple had to be sanctified by the blood before the spirit of God was coming and have the temple, so some argue from the perspective that just about of Christ not been offered hadn't happened yet that those in the Old Testament didn't have the Holy Spirit indwelling them. The way the spirit of God would indwell the temple so that's where the arguments on this exclusive David say don't take your Holy Spirit from me. I forgot where he says in the Psalms, so some people brought out. I want to say no say will does that mean it was indwelt by the Holy Spirit and was gone will does that mean then he lose the salvation.

That's a whole other issue in which we can't. Okay, we can lose your salvation. Jesus is so so you know it is not an easy question to answer.

I would say that the Holy Spirit was upon them and undoubtedly because of the quality and nature of God's omnipotent omnipresence. Excuse me. He was within them. But in the indwelling sense as he is with us.

I don't know I just can't going forward as don't know.

I wanted every letter no matter. I want to know that I respect you so much for acting work.

I don't know that the times throughout the year column itself. You're very accurate and very on what they can show the fact that you don't know you're not afraid. I don't know you mean to me and every believer a great big deal because you're acting selling them on it and integrity ally. Thank you, thank you for that. I really wanted to know that I acting me personally for the past year.

I like what debating I thought it might debating hat on top. I retired for short period of time because I wanted the trainee.

I like that thought much of my human brain that you now try to match at hospital but thank you for that matter. I bet that you just don't know.

I don't know I said I'd let her practice with that because I married so there you go.

Okay, okay around one you have a blessed, all right. And by the way, I saw 5111 Jeff revision call back tomorrow with Joe from

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