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July 1, 2020 9:00 am

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July 1, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is the meaning of Ezekiel's crossing the river in Ezekiel 47---2- How do you reconcile predestination with apologetics- If God guarantees certain people will be saved, how can apologetics help them---3- Matt has a lengthy discussion with a full preterist--4- In what sense did the Lord buy those who deny Him-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The previously recorded that's like show mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a matter why Mike Monday for the pod casters used on 622 June 22 of June 22 and took what you may call all you do is dial 877-207-2276. Hope you're from you with five open lines around the city so hope your weekend was pretty good.

Mine was so… Little bit tumultuous.

I put out on a lot of stuff to do on the current site and have a lot of work to do, just a lots of stuff I have to work on. So now in the tell you, just you ministry is really an interesting thing you know people think that people ministry don't do that much sometime I'll tell you I've never worked so hard in my entire life. It's just amazing how much work there is to do. That's what it is.

This is what it is the be asking people for help this differently of doing things right for me to make it so that more people can help out anyway I we have 420 McCall 877-207-2276 and let us get on the phone. Again, from wake forest North Carolina James welcome you were on the year buddy are you doing there. Hello James okay I James, I don't run the okay I'm going from wake forest North Carolina and calling to see you think you'll chapter 47 you know talks about the river flowing from the throne throne is facing east. The rivers flowing from the right and then eventually talk to that you seek. You'll going into the river and walking through it and it gives a description first he's up to his ankles. But I guess his knees and thighs that just it is there spiritual meaning to that or it's just some kind of description of somebody crossing the river what exactly chapter is coming out with verse Ezekiel chapter 47 okay, I'm looking at it and get down further in the text first talks about the throne in the their water coming from the throne, becoming a river and then toward the end of the chapter describes you think you'll getting into the river and walking into it and that he's the waters. First up to his ankles than his knees in his chest, and I am just wondering if that's just a description of easy you'll getting whacked or is there something more to I think there's something more to it because looking at it measured a thousand cubits and a cubit roughly 18 inches so it's 1500 feet by her standard. It's interesting.

This is a thousand cubits and then the water was in his ankles.

A thousand cubits. It was at his knees and thousand measured again he measured a thousand, and it was a river that could not forward with what had risen the what makes the can of interesting about this is the word thousand because it is used figuratively all over the Bible and Revelation 20. In a thousand years. God owns the cattle on a thousand hills are days when a thousand years.

So, measured of thousands of makes me wonder what what it means here in this context I don't think it's necessary it could be a literal 1000 cubits.

They could also be that of the credits that seem to be well is eschatological is Ezekiel and a vision.

It looks like that you said in a thousand has significance and the way to find out what the significance is what you do is you just type in the word thousand with a space beforeafter the hundred and 93 times it occurs in the Bible and what I would do when literally is take all hundred 93. I export to Excel.

Go through each one. Each verse and I see what is it saying like the Genesis 2016 gold of given runner, a thousand pieces of ship of silver. I think that will be a literal 1000 and says, but then Genesis 24 and a bless Rebecca consider her my you are sister become thousands of 10,000s in the 600,000/not just 1002 can actually remove a lot of them thousands of hundreds so I would just be looking for when it just is a single unit of a thousand, and then find out a thousand from each tribe, so I have numbers so a new you know I done this before many many words and have discovered patterns that God uses and then it kind of influences how your to interpret things less, one of the things this is one of the things I'm just thinking out loud, but off the top my head. I'm not exactly sure what to tell you because your what is river represent and then I would have to go through and do a study on literally the word river and do the same kind of a thing so I don't studies like this on the word necklace CM which is were church. The word all a LL in the New Testament.

I've done studies on on various words and terms to know. Okay, NOW, in Greek and found some interesting patterns and so I would do in this I would do thousand and I would do river or whatever else comes in and how this may sound really answer your question, but I'm just saying there's a lot to do when you go to answer questions like that. Have you heard of what's called Chi Astec structure chiasmus yes good.

I would like got something to argue crossing and the point they cross the road.

I have writers of the kinds of cocci Astec structures for those who don't know what were talking about. For example, here's a step step. Chiasm says in Matthew seven. Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opens with a SK ask, seek and knock for he who asks for he who seeks for he knocked it was a SK so it's in my sleep. Multiple think what they're doing here is just going a scale from left to right, go a and down a little bit to the right ass down look to the right K you come back over and need the same thing with a SK again and you see this pattern you put your versus what it's saying behind and so we have different kinds of classic structure summer around like triangles, so there really interesting and the point it at a bringing out to you. That is, I would do an analysis like that as well.

In the text to see if there's a Chi Astec meaning in their seat because this is this kind of stuff and get in the symbology you have to really really dig you can just go on this one chapter means this were done is not how it works with symbolic words and phrases the stuff in the Bible… That while one why didn't God write some more simpler for your corrupt people that are that aren't as smart like you or the other think the theologian will my mom told me something was. But the Bible. He said it's written simply enough for the simple people and deeply enough people that you can find all kinds of things different levels and one of the things I would yet I could do is read it. The chapter very quickly as fast as possible to get that Justin really slowly.

I think God does this because he wants us to dig and when we dig it becomes very interesting and sometimes it becomes addictive and that no man I know that I'm a look at this moment if that and I can tell you that I bet roughly 30 years ago. I did this based on Romans 518. I happen to be reading the NASB and it says something very interesting and theirs has resulted in justification of life to all men justification interest saved to all men, that was universalism, but I knew the Bible to teach it so it forced me to go in and do a search for the word all and see how God uses it in certain contexts and lo and behold I found out that he uses the term all in relationship to the saved is a limited group and I can prove it from Scripture and because I found that no one had taught me that ever, which really bothered me, but I went found that and then I started doing studies and so I added on to word studies Chi Astec structures and then patterning and starting to find out if God is doing various things. Another word Fred I mentioned earlier, was working to know Cano WI found out looking in the New Testament God never says to the believer know you he is never says I know you and leave it at that never says it's a nonbeliever it's only to believers in the only time the phrases use of an unbeliever is qualified in Jesus as I know you your father the devil, so it never occurs by itself. I know you to an unbeliever.

Only believers and he said my sheep hear my voice. I know them and they follow me and his other verse that quote about this will then I started realizing that God says, and he knows you Maj. Sadie says don't know you mean you're not saved as a pattern. So what then I discovered that when it says those in before new he also predestined the foreign on literally the saved list of groups a single group, I started learning theology. From this, and I'm dumbstruck encourage you do the same thing with this and see what I can find out probably figure theology court. I need to learn by myself think they probably will you know logic is one thing that is nobody waiting on the phone to talk with us a little bit because logic is something that we have to use when we are are digging what I did. Once on a on a Bible study is I I taught people how to interpret the Bible with through basic principles. We didn't go super deep spent an hour going to principles and I told them what I was gonna do was give them to our Bible study. It's how we do it right. Teach we teach her a couple hours and on. So I said for the first hour.

What going to do, teach you principles will teach you teach and then I'm going to randomly assign you a verse of verse are couple versus two to look at what you get in groups and out like groups of 45 and then you spend 20 minutes just going through the versus and looking at what it and see what you find in when it's only 20 minutes and that was good to get everything right. This is an exercise and so I did that very thing and it was extremely fruitful because I was okay. Teach me and we had these groups find things in the Scriptures and then they had questions that maybe this relates to this maybe because it was beautiful and several of the groups top mystified never even heard of before.

You know without excellent point, and what I wanted them to see and understand what anybody can do this.

You just need to do it know it works better when you're in a group because you can play off one another. Once you get the pattern down and you just go to the word you can discover incredible things and that's the depth of God's word and I think is one of the reasons he writes like that so that we can do that very thing.

Discover Matt thank you very much welcome very much right James Coblentz all right if what you going to give McCall we have four open lines all you do is dial 877-207-2276. And that's when you know that the previous caller James. He mentioned the schools one mentioned in the quickly and have three online schools and school theology of school apologetics school of critical thinking, and they are designed to help you understand the theology that's what I'm hoping you will find theology that God will have the skeleton on anyway.

May folks be right back to the max Y call 770727 charismatic slave. Let's get to Ryan from Pennsylvania.

Ryan welcome you were on here for our gardener called Dr. article I was reading about the third chapter about growth from by decree of God for the manifestation of his glory submit an angel predestined under ever gotten like another for Danker Latin.these angry men got predestined and forwarding are particularly unshakably designed in a number so certain and definite that it cannot be either increased or diminished, wondering how you would reconcile that with your teaching that are apologetic for them to get back The key people out about middle because they're explicitly contradictory is explicitly country because of God is divided are going to have thought that apologetic that nothing good people smell dark cannot even attempt it will help you believe that God does predestinate like people well your theology in a short is asking out a mask. After reading Prescott I know your RFQ are you working to make his home from because you're no candidate should you not presented when you've not been the case where one can situation makes the other impossible records are of your club apologetic have an attempt to keep people from hell then obviously they are not deducted out by the literature. Is your blog and you know how God predestines and elects to know the methodology. Your theology has to rely God's outlook. If you can intercept sense. Why have a cop like call me up. I'm asking a question. You know how God doesn't deal in life but you invite people to call to let me just explain why I'm asking questions because everyone has reasons for what they're asking. How does God elect. We don't know how does God predestines. We don't know we do not know the criteria that God uses to accomplish what it is. He accomplishes and we don't know that if he sees things in us that he's ordained to be in us, we just don't know what God says to do in first Peter 315 is to give an answer to everyone who would ask the reason of the faith of the hope that lies within you channel's reference to the point is, if he were to assume or to believe the biblical doctrine of God elects and predestines then typed.

I agree with the cadets of the Bible says in Ephesians 145 assess folks you don't like it that's your problem. That's what it says in Ephesians 1 versus 45 would also says in first Peter 315 to give an answer. Do apologetics do to make defense of publicly what we try to do is give an answer because we wanted to do on the human level; what we want to do in the human level is key people out of hell we want them to come to the faith on the human level. That's what were trying to do on the divine level. It's a completely different thing because God is her day in which a person come to pass. So it's not contradictory, an attempt by by us to to get people to believe the gospel because in our limited understanding as we attempt to get done, save does not mean that God has not predestines people from the foundation of the world. We don't know what God has done, we can know how he's doing what he does and the fact is that if he or others were to affirm both the Scriptures is in Ephesians 1 versus four and five and first Peter 315 and even as Paul the apostle went out and evangelized heavily and deeply seeking to get people to be saved than what we have to do what I've already done over the years.

How do you reconcile these simple God has his means by which he lacks, which is already been settled for the foundation of the world lie. It's in him only, not based on anything in us and he predestines the elect and the salvation.

That's what he does and reprobation is the predestined new people into damnation. And if you don't like that then take Romans 990 2300 Bible sorry focus with says therapist.

Bible talks about the collective signals go to Proverbs 16, 414 six review makes all things, even the wicked for the day of evil.

This is what the Bible says this is why give the references though, since these are in there. We can know there's no contradiction, because the word of God doesn't contradict itself. So what God is telling us is simple. All you gotta do is do the best we can. Our attempt escape a lot of help, but we don't know how that works with how God's election predestination works.

We know that God is the one who decreased these things, not a contradiction, because it's not in good condition. If God's determination was best. Based on our effort then it would be a problem. So he said he failed as he often does when he calls Glover punishment I guess. All right, let's get on the phones with Michael from New York Michael welcome you on the air. Recommend how are you doing, but I just said if I talked you listed this conversation with my with a broader part about it on the yes what is your stand for printers and is a medical not biblical. Partial plagiarism is within orthodoxy, not a problem. I actually swayed towards old letters and am wondering maybe about getting it convert your family. I'm new to this so it's not like expert. What troubles me is the time statements.

That's one of things that led me to sort of crowded on. I think that about ¥300,000 and the satellite. There's something called the now and the not yet familiar with that answer very much okay so we would say that within partial plagiarism which I adhere to that. It's the it's the manifestation I found the not yet both of these things can't be fulfilled in different ways. Now you make a lot of noise and background are so okay so so the mask you do you affirm and to set you up on this effects were notably going to go to the Scriptures, or if you reminisced see if your firm okay to tell you in advance so the idea in full plagiarism is that Jesus returned, so to speak in the armies of Rome and destruction of Jerusalem that would you hold to get yes I guess you want to admit yeah I know there is but is refuted in acts 19 through 11 and after he had said these things, he was lifted up while they were looking on, and a cloud received him out of their sight. And as they were gazing intently into the sky while he was hoping going, behold, two men in white clothing stood before this item.

They also said men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into the sky. This Jesus was been taken up from you into heaven, will come in just the same way as you have watched him go into heaven. So what the Angels are prophesying is at the return of Christ is going to be the same way that it occurred here is that he went up into the sky, the clouds looking up into the heaven okay that the same way. This was gonna come back this in reverse order. Okay, that refutes the idea of 7085 okay hey folks, we write that break the mats like why call 77077 charismatic slave Schiller Bart of Québec and Michael from New York Michael Stoker no doubt that the utterance what I like take the circular picture. When I look at Matthew Mark 14 work telling I preached that he will see him on the cloud and looked at John, chapter 21 is basically telling Peter that what if I went on to remain before I return. And there's other scriptures that you know what he goes for the cities and returns and so yet the biblical text, but I would look at it in a context of how God would come down on the clouds in the Old Testament so I don't see Jesus as according to the flesh I think is a life-giving spirit. At this point. So what will know what we know now I will tackle you just said but you just since it is very serious to believe Jesus is a man right now. That's another discussion, but I know it's a critical critical doctrine of the easiness and I get on in the call your heretic know that just want to discuss it. Because this is an essential and so you know Jesus is a man right now.

If he's not a man right now. We can't be saved. We can't go to heaven.

I can explain you how I would respond to that. So what constitutes a human and I don't think that the flesh alone is what constitutes, you need to understand I am saying he's physically right now, man. He's in a physical body.

He prophesied his own physical resurrection and John 219 through 21 destroy this temple three days I will raise it up to speak in the temple of his body.

In Luke 2025 to 28 he said to Thomas after his resurrection, put your hand into my side and put your finger into my hand. So he retained the crucifixion wounds after his physical resurrection and the physical resurrection utterance sort of divergent that he had a resurrection body is assigned that God affirmed his message when he ascended the assumed a spiritual body that is harassing this damnable heresy.

Okay damnable damnable and the reason this because it's denying his humanity right now. Now his physical form. Not now let me ask you, can you be a priest, a high priest if you're not a man, and I don't get it ready to say in acute meaning of the essence we get into that I can talk about that the can you be a man cannot semi-be of a high priest if not a man you and John when Jesus says that yelp will will make our abode with you and so I I'm looking at John 14. He says you will seem after the Holy Spirit come so I thought when I know you see I don't really know. It's okay to be very polite, assisted ideas is politely but you're making all kinds of exegetical mistakes. You don't know that yet and you making a lot of mistakes and thoughtful precursor doing this a lot that I can see that your your your your into that and not to knock you. I'm not an insult you, but so he is a man right out of explain why if he's not a man right now were damned. Why is that because Jesus is a man, according first Timothy 25 is one mediator between man and God. The man Christ Jesus and he is after the order of Melchizedek. He's a high priest and he lives forever to make intercession for us is Hebrews 620 and he was 725 if he's not a man. Right now he cannot be a high priest is not a high preservative that litters what it is fair to say though that I would think it's slightly a straw man I met.

I actually believe he is a man, but how I understand all talks about eight basically a fleshly body and the spiritual body. So my understanding of what Jesus is. Right now it is not literally sort of on a throne. Next, the data God and love symbolism involvement virtual being and in a physical body. If I leave the splash I got to be with God at I don't necessarily have to remain in a physical, literal physical body to be a man between my consciousness, my spiritualized disconnect is the essence of humanity is not restricted solely to the physical, but we will be resurrected and where to be joined in with a resident body the spiritual body spoken of in first Corinthians 1535 to 45 is not a spirit form, but the spiritual body, which is the resurrected glorified body, which is what Jesus retained. He prophesied his own resurrection and when someone in this village of his witnesses say to the say he was resurrected to demonstrate his resurrection. But then the body was dissolved as he went into heaven as the Jehovah's Witnesses, teach this. Why would you said what you said is hardhearted what you might body out another seven. His kingdom is not about this sort of plain right. None of them don't save don't say the of this plane because it introduces New Age terminology and cause rather write it that Nicole got physical.

But he that's a whole other topic. God is not physical but Jesus is Jesus is both a man and is both God and man right now on the throne equation had sorted as and unless you think he doesn't have our physical body has some sort of number 90 see how you speak. This is a problem and have our physical body you are you I'm me I worked or is not our body between you and I you what you're trying to say is, does he have a human physical body. Yes he does because we are going to be resurrected physically. This is what the Bible teaches that we are currently on Quicken, divergent, different topic, yes. So when Paul talks about a resurrected body except the cumulative corporate body with no debt. Nonlimiting giant seen it yet so printer is when you hold of this is down the what you're doing and I think of informative here you are denying the fifth of physical nature of Christ.

Right now, which demonstrates the for sufficiency of the resurrection is what reality there is an argument fleshly that is not is being young and what you can understand God made us as human beings to be inhabited in human bodies. That's how he made us when we dioxide our articles yet that yes and it goes back to be with them. Now what we can hit was can happen here. The Bible says God gives it a body just as he wished the seat of the body of its own and we go down access was a resurrection of the dead is sown a perishable body, it is raised an imperishable body, the resurrection of the dead, a perishable body and imperishable body now it says here, it is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory. The sudden weakness and is raising powers on a natural body is raised a spiritual body seat which happening is the body that is being resurrected is a glorified body. It is no longer going to die. Jesus was the firstfruits of the resurrection, and he was in that glorified body that where to get. He's the first one for you to say what he is no longer a man that he's no longer in a physical body you by division of the nature and up and the essence. But if you don't want a physical body that he's no longer high priest is no longer high priest. He cannot claim 45. The first Adam became a living being with Christ.

Now I like to spirit.

Yes, surgery don't we no longer know Christ according to the flesh but according to spirit but you're ignoring what it says on this as a strong is sown a perishable body raise an imperishable body is shown perishable, as Randy imperishable.

What is the thing that is raised when something is ranged it's that the physical body about you so is talk about it. That's the yet it is sown a perishable body, it is raisin in perishable. It is sown in dishonor the physical body. It is raised in glory. The glorified body is sown in weakness of the boys I got.

Now you run it morning when a way seat goes in the ground it changes Mark Blodgett given that he's using an analysis and analogy what he's talking about here is the resurrected. We know this is legitimately real resurrection because Jesus is the one who exemplified it is resurrected body.

You would have to show you have to show that heat is body became nothing in his physical body dissolved. You can't find it in Scripture. If you see it's raised a spiritual body. The venues you quoted in first visiting 40 foot it will let me explain about body dissolved in getting to know them explained it in the extension right menu is not a physical or dismissed this as a spiritual body, which is what you quoted. That's what's real spiritual body but is raised as an imperishable body, and you said it was the physical body that is raised and Paul goes on to say that that body that's with the it is it's raised imperishable is the physical resurrection it is raised a spiritual body.

Dominical change, it's a gas in the glorified body, so when you said is a spiritual body as though it's not physical. You taken out of context and you're misusing it because that's exactly what it means in the fact that it is physical body see that with the way they want it refers to what is a spiritual body glorified body that's with the text is saying what I think I could feel that it was | you will mechanically affect the break all the books back of his mass like why call 770776 pairs nicely walk back to show everybody Michael you still there physical body is in it is necessary for the beaches and how it's cheated and asked that he can be a spiritual being and speak to us to live in Austin moving you. Why does he not very first of all to doctors of hypostatic union incommunicado in your marketing and hypostatic union says that in the one person of Christ are two distinct natures. The divine and the human the Cuban economy with an autumn says the attributes of both natures are ascribed to the single person for the attribute of divinities ascribed to the single person so therefore the attribute of omniscience and omnipotence on the presence is distributed to the person of Christ is called the communication of the properties so therefore John 1423 he can live in us and be everywhere. Always with us, even though he also was a physical body because we don't know how those two natures interactivity still retains him and this person okay so what you're saying it's just the divine nature that set us and not the dual nature is by definition a physical nature cannot be in the house of a human nature can't well and more one place at a time of the watch is not a man, Jesus human nature was dual fused with the wind. I don't know I'm not the state is no separation, no fumes. This modifies autism, which is a heresy, nephew okay what you want with the divine nature that was to be say one with that is nondescript, it doesn't mean why he was the human and divine, that, however, your hypostatic union. I would want well you did to begin these errors call you. Taken as a modifies autism in the story and is him the Kenosha steering the various errors with that he's one person with two distinct natures and arrive yes divine nature and human nature and the attributes of both natures are ascribed a single person, which is why the sacrifice on the cross was a divine value is only the human nature died.

How, then, is the sacrifice of the land value because the one person died on the cross and the person had divine attributes ascribed to him even though the person is was perceived was in human form and begin the issue. If we see the divine manifestation of the of the human athletic topic back to eyes the active first contents 1542. This is what he said in verse 42's was also the resurrection of the dead.

It is sown a perishable body that's a physical body we have, it is raised a parent imperishable body. That's the same physical body. You said yes that's what it is. If what you look at in that text, I would suggest you do, 42, 43, 44, you will say you'll see that there's two things. The perishable the imperishable dishonor rates in power natural body spiritual body what you've done it by going the spiritual body is to disassociate that with the rest of his context, the imperishable, resurrected, glorified body is the spiritual body. That's what Paul is saying what you've done is to the spiritual bodies in physical and you've missed the whole point because it says is sown a perishable body raise an imperishable body physical body. It is sown it is raised. It is sown in dishonor, it is raised in power.

It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body.

It's the same it so the that which is raised as a spiritual body raised in power is imperishable body, which is the glorified body that's what's going on.

The FYI that I don't know. I know that was not my particular view.

That's when it's your future. You know it's what it says nice things spiritual by II think it's it's using language should note that Mr. Tate if it necessitated a physical body or would not of said in several instances is not a physical being.

Now he's a life-giving spirit. What is a spirit seated cancerous doses if he's a life-giving spirit is a human I don't I don't split the natures with minute when language is I guess I got all the way is he a life-giving spirit. Does he have a human nature as a spirit is a divine human nature is in his human spirit if not in a physical glass and said goodbye. You quoted something is says he's a spirit alright so does Jesus have two natures right now if you don't know okay so then he has a human spirit are connected to spirit.

Yeah, I have a different view on the nature of I think that you can have a human spirit with your Jesus had a human spirit and God spare me the physical spirit is like a crystal clear is misleading you is to even more more heresy is that you are. It's just you deny what it as it says in first in 1542 through 45. Now you're you're messing with the hypostatic union and you're denying the full resurrection.

I know you so you don't with the resurrection glorified body isn't dissolved anyplace you don't find it, and what you do is you go to another place to go to spirit you take it out of its context, and you fly the meeting someplace else and trying to show you that I and in we go to let me answer your question. The last session you and ask when it refutes it refutes your your idea that he return in the armies because the Angels prophesied he's going to return the same. When he went up into the sky. That's what it says what he tells the high priest that he's going to see them as well. How do you reconcile that an resurrection version resurrection. Everything to see him. Every eye will see him, not a problem to different context. What you're doing is you making a huge exegetical mistake. You see, something is problematic in what you do if you abandon what it says and go someplace else in the quiz is over there and transfer the meeting over this difficult area to make a difficult area. I have a difficult time with the kind I have no question that he didn't come back in 70 A.D. of the others on Matthew 517.

How do you reconcile that that Intel have an earth passed away were still on the law you've addressed this essay we go.

This is an example of the mistake of making with respect. You said were still under the law, nor does it say were under the law and the verse says nothing of the law of the smallest of the greatest grassland 11 or I asked you where does it say were under the law and the text doesn't say that. Do not think I came to abolish the law, the prophets had not come to abolish but to fulfill it heaven if not pass without the smallest letter of the law is accomplished, it doesn't mean to be under the law the phrase to be under the law means that we have to keep the law.

The 613 Commandments in order to be right before God. But when we have died with Christ. Romans 6H ever crucify, but room 66 crucified with Christ. Romans 68 then we are free from the requirements of the law, for he was died is freaking a lot.

Romans 74. What is talking about here is what it meant heaven or let let's say you're interviewing Greg heaven and earth disappear at what what effect will this can be a new heavens and a new earth to go to second Peter 310 for that but she did not think when he says this didn't he said under the law, but you made a mistake. It's a big one so big when he can't see it, you read in the top part I agree. The apostles kept the law. I like a lot about the way do we have to keep the law to be saved, not correct. No sound but but they didn't have to keep the love you understand you understandable theology. Romans 320. We maintain and manage justified by faith apart from the works of the law.

So the Russian has nothing to law. Okay, we don't heaven and earth was symbolic for the temple system which Josephus and the Old Testament alerts. I think that that was the context for Jesus well with you on the phone you're not focusing on when trying to show you is that you made us as a very's fundamental error when trying point out you do that you continue with the same error is centered not on the law I said in the respect that used yet. You said it says were under the law. It doesn't say that you read into it with doesn't say. And then what you did the same thing with tax one you into other places citizens is here. Let's go right here and it means that here. In other words, when you find some that doesn't suit you your theological perspective, you find a way to justify taking the meaning from other places and putting it in the display submitted fit.

This called illegitimate totality transfers initiate medical error and you you doing this repeatedly. You need to go to ask, why not look at this for 40 years. Okay yeah I mean what I what I'm saying is probably heretical to most people I don't I don't have an issue with the prescribed document that you can buy say it's heretical okay you're denying with the Angels prophesied by taking other places in different context in transferring the meeting over there to ask one actual 9 to 11.

The angel said he will come back just as you see him go into the sky.

That's what they said you don't believe that. Which means you have to adopt a very symbolic transfer of meaningful other places methodology to make things work.

This is what you do and it takes time to work through that and I met up in the real long time and want people to understand the kind of problem that you're doing and we disrespect you got darker and darker your your your bro okay without your you're in serious trouble here. Okay, look at acts one.

Read it for what it says and don't make it fit something else you don't do that first you do it you do that last shown benefits for the speaking to their debt. In other words, for St. Louis and your guys go see David the family killed his family on back is more to the story is not so black and say that he made another mistake in the state you will see. He says he will come back in the same way that you have seen you did it again you miss read the title his audience relevance wasn't thinking.

It wasn't you, but do not hearing me. You made another mistake you make it say what it doesn't say those people. There will be the want to see him come back is not what it says you said that's what it says in the say that used it. He says this Jesus whose been taken for him will come in just the same way as you have watched going to have a dozen state you will watch him come back.

It says to come back the way you watched you to come back this way you did. Again, I actually got this several times already. Okay okay with you. Another caller hated him and when come back another time we have that text okay all right let's get to Sardis, to the Martin for Louisiana Martin welcome running or no right thing and there we got muddy so would be receptive to the first one we are not a master walked down having my dilemma. I shifted my problem is why would peters say they deny the method that clocked out as you pointed out that I think to call earlier that the work or no later there instrument covenants is basically triune God has chosen to stay with people before the foundation oral. Why would she. Why would peters say that Christ bought about bought in future time, but it but I can answer on the present time. No new product but we only have a minute.

So if you were when I would do hire you if you have a Bible that has the Old Testament quotes in capitals read through first and second Peter Jenner scanned through the sea like capitals.

The words a lot of Old Testament quotes go to Deuteronomy 32, six, and it talks about the Israelites were thought my God as they left Israel as an allusion to the bottom never regenerator saving the Old Testament same kind of concept is there to check it out for good. Only 3 to 6 okay last Lord bless you

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