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June 17, 2020 12:25 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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June 17, 2020 12:25 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why does Peter say that -Baptism now saves you----2- What will happen when God makes -the New Heavens and New Earth----3- Discussion with a deist about the nature of God and morality.--4- Why does the William Tyndale translation say that John baptizes in water as a -token of repentance----5- Aren't Christians arguing -God of the gaps- when denying evolution---6- What is your view of the Apocrypha- Why did the Jews write the Apocrypha---7- How would you defend your views of purging one's house of occult items, anointing things with oil, etc.-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick's Top 6
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick's Top 6
Matt Slick

A previously recorded mats like shout mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found online or you have questions about Bible doctrine and take a look if all you're interested in a note: we have for lunch or go to do is go to the phone Detroit 877-207-2276 so you do Lord bless you greatly and would see his work a little bit of tech stuff.

There is a little better and so we hopefully set forth the lines and also if you're interested in some schools. We have three online school school theology apologetics, and critical thinking. So please consider checking them out because you can learn a lot of stuff and help support us as well. And speaking of which, we do stay on nearby your support. So if you're inclined for maybe five or $10 a month a little more. Whatever it is I just go to: Georg/donates appreciated. We lost a lot of support during the coronavirus to Lotta ministries health and we are holding on fairly well you know we will make her bills but it's pretty close and worried because God provides because God always has provided and will continue to do so people know and things work out to praise God for the all right and oh by the way to what the schools do sign up form. Please give 24 hours for the ring to go properly. Normally sign up works fine but every now and then there's a glitch and let people know my wife is when he goes into checks on these things on a regular basis, and others that will also remove the schools to a new server with a new look for new stuff but it will be later this year, but working on a lot of things were doing stuff so there you go.

I think that's about it looks good on the phones with Gerrish from Raleigh, North Carolina – welcome draw near, that you and while I theater 321 you. Conversely with diverse people use it to try and establish the idea that baptism is necessary for salvation is not duly address the context is after looking at another hello are you there Gerrish. I could hear you and you want me to address it in regards to water baptism and issues okay so what it says discourse on paganism background noise. There's no phone or something little bit wrong with what it says is corresponding to that, baptism now saves you, not the removal of dirt in the flesh that appeal to God for a good conscience, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Now what is it whispers me what people do often is this quote, baptism now saves you get "this before," which after ignore the context and that's always a bad thing. So I tell people to do is look at the context.

This is corresponding to that record since he took on and so what corresponding to what what came before and which of the verse before says all who once were disobedient, when the patience of God kept waiting in the days of know what during the construction of the ark, in which a few, that is, a person's reprocessing watercourse that that is now saves you will question is what saved Noah was at the articles of the water well was the ark that saved him off the water waters will destroy the wicked 24 Luke 17 which is two-minute taken, one is left once and that's the context of Noah's Ark wicked with once were taken once were destroyed here so this is corresponding that baptism now saves you would save Noah and his family was the ark, not the water.

That's why Peter says not removal of dirt in the flesh but in appeals an issue of faith, just as Noah entered the ark by faith and trusted God so we in our baptism are trusting God is not the baptism that saves us this dunking in water or water or darkness are sprinkled on us, saves us, it's the appeal to God and the issue of justification by faith alone in Christ alone. Okay, that makes sense, yet all right do you have any questions you have nobody waiting with you guys on call for open lines, but to okay the remnant will God bless. Talk you later. So folks, a lot of times people will say that baptism is a requirement for salvation. We tell you right now they are flat out wrong and what is necessary for salvation is faith in Christ.

Some people say repentance is necessary for salvation. Well yes and no depends and I are looking because what is necessary for salvation is our faith and trust in Jesus Christ. You have to repent of your sins in order to become a Christian. In one sense, yes another sense, no what I mean by that is is is not okay to to be a Christian and walk in and sin and to seek sin was necessary being a Christian that you abandon your sin. But the question is do we become a Christian by compliance with the law. So if someone is lying and stealing one become a Christian. Disbursements become a Christian. So we say you must stop your lying and stop your stealing in order to be saved. That's dangerous because Lexus is saying is you must comply with the law of God in order to be saved in your salvation depends on your actions of what you do and don't do. That's why that's dangerous if someone is stealing and lying. What I would say is that is sin, and as a Christian you can't do these things you have to give them up, but to become a Christian you trust in Christ and you do this by faith that will happen is he will change and you must stop these things, but these things are to be stopped because were Christian not to become one. It's a huge difference is very important. A lot of churches falsely teach that you have to repent of your sins and then you can become a Christian. All that's a mistake because we don't want to say that we comply with the law in order to be saved. Should we stop our sin.

Of course we should.

Can we continue in sin as being Christian. We can't, so it's not the cause of our salvation is not the preparatory work of our salvation, but it's the thing that we must abide by in our salvation. And that's the hope that makes sense with the Frank for not calling this gift of Frankie on there but we got man what's up about the morning you talked about the way no and it talked about you know the new heaven and the new art. Get your take on on you know what that look like for the future. Well worth it. Say yes right there sitting Peter 310 but the day the Lord will come like a thief in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements will be destroyed with intense heat and the earth and its works will be burned up and says since all these things are to be destroyed in this way, what sort of people ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness, looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God and and this was really interesting because it repeats it because of which the heavens will be destroyed by burning, and the elements will melt with intense heat. So it's it mentions it twice and goes on top of the new heavens and the new words what some commentators think is happening is that because sin has affected the fallen world, and it is in the creation that what God is going to do is remove people from the earth of the wicked will be destroyed in hell. But the Stabile life.

The Christians are to be with the Lord. And then he's going to remake the world it says on a new heavens and the new words what might be to re-create the entire universe might be there just in our galaxy or solar system the planet. I don't know what this is the implication and when he says with intense heat of the elements of what's interesting is that when you take elements, atoms, electrons, all that stuff and you separate the a lot of great energy comes out and intense heat.

Looks like it's on a molecular level atomic level here. It's been remade to God could certainly do this in the it'll be the greatest firework show and for no talk about like like your…… Coming down in the med unit now that I know that it measurable late. Not like you know whatever yes but see in Revelation, as measured is 1500 miles x 15 x 1500 and is like the word thousand and Revelation 20 will thousand is used in a lot of figures of contexts in the Bible and so is it to be taken literally. That's the question we have to ask, almost able to assume or take it literally. But if you look at the context very very figurative so with asked that question so it talks about the cube isn't really a city that the cube isn't really a cube is for 59 miles on each side 1500 miles inside cube me to have to be embedded in the service of the earth. And then it goes up 1500 miles into space doesn't write makes sense and I figured out that I could have no gravity of their inevitable forceful going out and so it it's gotta be symbolic.

Okay. And I'm not like my work allowed me to depend on when I get off work, but I really like go a lot and not get what you talk about. About your take on it, you know, I know the parts of the Bible. It got a lot challenging right because my opinion, but I may have found like symbolic and not totally get what you said about like you all are faked up in contact me right context is the love people right I get you a like what you're doing and I like you not like the your lot. I live in the Raleigh-Durham area, though. But I really appreciate your show a lot thanks and will appreciate that the real or what your other collar probably we didn't storm Until Yamada got messed up in the storm okay if you trying to get you model often because of that run things. Let me know and I just came out of them on all I love rain I wish I was never here in Idaho and I just love that they bring a couple nights ago and had the door open 11 clock at night just watching the beauty of the rain it's his wonderful life except I got to okay will one you have hollered ready. All you got there, there. Looking back in line. I think there is a great evening all right and God bless. All right, that was formerly through Mary and let's get to see this is Matteo from California to Okemos on Sunday night. How you doing I'm doing all right.

Melody got only a couple of things line for what you just said about the giant you if it anchored on the surface of the earth actually even 15 my hundred mile docket with Philip gravity you would lose about that you would lose about the guy go with 12% of the gravitational pull, but not all of it. Just love the way I because a successful force usually cataract is the point I would have been a little bit below the unit – an area that embraces every vote to be right back after these messages, please mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's leg. All right, back to the show with Québec, California back on your maverick. So with about a wanted to ask. We talked on discord, spirit, glamour and discord and I sent your mind to stop about observing the evolution of multi-cellularity in the lab and I sent you an email and I was wondering if you actually got the articles I'd like you to read a memo they want to make you got the article because I never got a reply either and I don't want that. You know, maybe check your example. There are some send them to intellect, then work okay and that I now try again and the other thing I wanted the other thing is that that make you think. I mean, you know your God supposed to be able to do everything. So I pretty sure they can do it. But no, it's actually not impossible know I got to do everything you Christian or not to sound or not, the okay so though the Bible does not say got to do anything he is.

You must operate with in his own nature. He cannot do the logically impossible and can't stop being God he can Live things like while there is nothing impossible about building a giant you okay if feasible. It yeah I met your God could do that if you want to do that but I just think it's symbolic of Revelation like you want to do any kind of zero gravity skydiving on top of it, though, you're going to be disappointed. It would have to be a lot taller got in the way they want skydive that's for sure. But your DS tongue so you believe God exists, but is not involved in the world right. I believe that God exists and is kind of the watching the universe through after making the universe. God is watching a ride to see what it does see what this so that your God is your view of God is that he learns of course it's one of the greatest joys and sent yes. Why would God deny himself. The pleasure of learning with Christian guy doesn't learn. He knows all things from eternity. That's better than God, is learning that he might learn that there's a God above him and so you trust that he is true because if he's learning my cluttered what he learns thought earlier if you don't learn if you don't grow your urine alive yeah yeah but there's different kinds of life, what you just did was assume the humanistic principles in a God himself must adhere to the logic that you use philosophically that that's a great joy to learn well and that God must've submitted it doesn't work, let me ask you what your morality from your Deist really code of ethics. You can look up at night, and you are sorry to look at your webpage, or just to tell us where you get your morals from just told you this till I when you go to some website where you get your morals to look at nature what you do, you may come up to vote we do.

I am an engineer and it's not a strict requirement.

You know there's no Hippocratic oath for engineers so those I think you asked where your morals from is a Deist there.

I'm not getting. I don't get my are outside of the I get my morals as an engineer. So what using the Pythagorean theorem some trigonometry you so you're making things right elsewhere that you integrate your example and Italian. My birth I am a Californian by the sweat of my brow because immigration was a pain, and the user morals role of the many Syrian asked you where to your morals from Jill. The sites I may come off. I just observe what I see around me. I go with the society it is to be simple. What were your morals from is a Deist not simple or we would have to talk about it for half an hour… The problem from God and is simple for you then I would have to find your God and ask him where you get them from getting from where he reveals about the submissions omnipotent on the sapient nature well since he cannot learn how to come up with them in the first place didn't come up with that implies that there was something that wasn't there than what you came up with them. It's a revelation of his character and she just expressed what he already is eternally. That's how we get her morals revealed in the Scriptures of the birthmark of Jesus Christ is different than the problem is one of the Duper anyone else, what is it do for anyone else. What it does is tell you what is right and wrong is what it does. But it really doesn't begin a.if you trust the God of yours that you know like Ronald Reagan probably buried by house later by that something that God so the Christian God is the one who will judge. He's the one who reveals what is right and wrong that his own character. If you were to believe that there is a universal right or wrong how you justify that if I don't want it will fit.

Doesn't matter. You want to get older you will, there's a Christian God, anything God when you can okay that he can judge me then we can shake hands and we have parkways. I hope we can be neighbors. I don't think we can hardly parkways what you can ago was flaming damnation. This we don't want for you all in the paper about this paper about the urine.

I love this so what is the paper but the thing is you and I could talk on discord sometime okay. Find the card sure talking and I what I something right now.

Cancel your van. I want to and I want to hear it.

We went have the technology to report how we can do it. So don't be afraid of how God is an engineering problem and install level there is that there's a statement from someone who respectfully doesn't know he's talking about is flippant about us very serious issues you need to you need to study: civil going to go is not even talk about showed one talk on discord.

Sometime it's a chat room place. Philip from Tennessee Philip welcome around here all are you familiar with the bill like a little from a long time ago. I'm checking out a long time line love writing to you know what would you 311 Park about water and poking token token of water and token of I don't know what he means by that limited the Greek here and so water I was there a limit look so it says buys its ruling weird okay just can we get a little bit okay sorry so I baptize with water, and I baptize you with water for or into repentance.

But that's it. Token is not there.

Okay okay I will okay okay I write back of his life. 707 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave Rebecca shall schedule running from Pennsylvania all about it while and I was wondering your response to a cluster out of luck. Got got about lies in a fallacy to believe that God is doing your grand buyer credit Glenda.therefore God got well when you have Salinas designs like the tongue of the woodpecker going back to the skull back behind the head. Scroll down for the top of the head between the eyes.

Don't that sound like something of the evolution or to you or something designed well watered around like your group you're going to render cuckoo complex regard move on to your client are not good enough you gotta go. Do you think that's an issue of design using the site's design or the you don't think this is all I got Becker committing about going to ask about the way I'm asking is it designed I always ask specific questions you have a tendency to not have known, but to go on different direction.

So let me ask so can you explain then how it aids survivability to have the tongue of a bird stuck in the back of its skull as it aids our ability. Gotta you don't know submit signs did not have signs of the gaps I see no no you're wrong.

Five revealed what is Robert think about the medical world and you're trying to point out. The gap between what part bill and what nature and send in your concluding from….I am concluding that God is the one who designed woodpecker because I believe in God's existence. I believe in his design. I don't believe in evolution. I did not evolution revolution that is and I don't have any problem saying that God is designed woodpecker with all the musculature of the eye socket patting the brain, patting the group in the skull.

All that with the tongue in the back of the head goes back overly the Eisenstein letter filled.

Gotta pick up your forgot that God submit is the best explanation it's not Mr. signs of the gaps fallacy what you're walking fallacy yourself. You keep saying it's okay for you. I have that standard for evolution, but is not for God. The double standard with you. No doubt there is a Christian. Finally got rid of the natural world and to cover more think about the natural world. Evolution train when I was growing up in when the bubble out the bumblebee plot okay talking and thinking that about that no woodpecker to stay focused. Stay focused. So you're telling me that science is good to come up with a mechanism to explain how it aids survivability to have a birds tongue be born not coming out of its beak out in front, but the born down to its jaw stuck near it's it's vertebra the back of its head in the instant I can see the sides going hey Bob, we figured it out. We forget why this is really better for this bird and instead of open or others head over thousands of generations and down by the high before start becoming functional.

So we had to move the mechanism to explain how it survived to pass on those mutant genes to millions of birds forgot about your blog, you are completely ignoring Parker and Walker file." Bob of quality in kangaroos between Turkey and Australia are talking woodpecker talking the woodpecker you give me a red herring. I know you are at that site specially when talking about and you said that science can come up with a model to explain how that works. I calling the science of the gaps model you double stick out your knowledge about a double better. We began with what we discover about the world that what 5.formulation on what we could cover Bob to Snyder. Megan is on what it is so wrong now. Yes it is. Science does not begin nice discovery what's in the world. It begins on philosophy.

It assumes that you have the will let me explain. It assumes the validity of the universality the laws of logic. It assumes uniformed surrealism. Yes it okay yes, it does not discriminate on folks look I've had this discussion with so many people this guy just doesn't always talk about when explain, science can't prove the laws of logic are true, it assumes their truth. Science cannot prove that all of the areas of nature organa behave consistently with what it sees but people see in restricted areas like hey we saw how the ball falls on the earth, so therefore it will fall the same way out there on Mars. Maybe it does maybe it doesn't.

It's called begging the question. It's called assumption they can't test it all. They make conclusions based on what they see and then extrapolate out into the world and this is what they do is based on the assumption of uniformity Arianism or that that nature behave in a certain way. It's assumed they have not made observations in all areas to verify that it is a philosophical assumption. Just like the idea of the laws of logic which is necessary inside of the evolution are sent to the scientific method and had to assume those they begin philosophically, this guy does not know what he's talking about let's get on the phones with Benjamin. Let's get the number up the next three callers with proven lines 877-207-2276 give a call if you would like spoke Benjamin from Charlotte on the air, but okay yes I can sound good. I thought about a month.

My good lap.

The last recall the been very spirited. It's no say just say that I can't say everything I would give people ideas to say that this ministry is under attack constantly. We had an attack like today. We have financial attacks we've had threats we've had stuff we have people call up we have people on the discord on PayPal pal talk excuse me, will have discussions they call a dog piling getting on their threats. We get stuff we fed varying threats. I was even swatted. You want to call the cops say snow. Someone called the minutes of what he met you and your hands up there walking backwards outside my house handcuffed back of a squad car. All that kind of stuff and I've been I've had my life threatened by Satanists had followed me out I go on and on and so this is just part and parcel of of what it is I do predate daily basis not just for the Baptists you know that Joe is still the yard yet okay bed height going to be arguably Bob all your thigh get off on till they make that a government I didn't type this I lowered the videos of people put up why I'm not a Christian. Seriously, it's two hours three hours five hours take things out of context of things up, putting things together all and that's not even having tall told you evenhandedly use my family against it follows Noto all know there's a real one as I can get the specifics, one instance was so bad that even the atheists got on all yeah it's that fact about to go over someone's house next week to talk theology which I met a woman at a store and we got talking very nice godly woman there inviting me over to dinner and talk about various aspects of theology and stuff and they have of you would agree with them is a friendly conversation my wife like someone with you.

I don't like yourself she know this she know this wised I does he still loves me. Though I should say goodbye yourself cursed.

You are in a strong marriage my wife luck my wife has medical problems that so she stuck with me and she keep me around open jars and carry heavy things so that's what this you know, and I look at her, sometimes with she's with women if she points at me and slapped her for head yes and then I see this let's yeah I know what's going on and then she had some heavy you carry this at the exit that I got her figured out you are in a biblical marriage guided equity color. We sat on. She's stuck on a problem that she is still awkward minutes.

Don't admit a microscope that she's got you got your bow. She's got stupid as husband is to show up, but it merely stayed at like they are deserving of another must have and would like will you I'm a Calvinist of the predestination. I know that God had to pretend to be married to me because no one else would've yeah and bikers were how you want to stop by for the she's hot as my question eventually right okay okay folks right back Benjamin three open line: 77727 mass Y call 77077 charismatic sling right management.

If you only get series Emily series units are good for got so big. The major goal know how much sponge I told you to go.

I'm blessed to be married with no children, not married, no children, so you can say God I get plenty time to break our so the Apocrypha which is you know the book that are not in Western Bible and I had a black you will in light know tell me about it. I don't truly believe in an obviously obvious reason, but I will lie. It's very intriguing are some of the context of everything regarding accountability regarding lie about who you not feel mighty standing United Methodist you use Orthodox use it in the open church youth.

Some of the book that so why did around what's around because the testaments of books written between Malachi and the first book of the New Testament. Your at your. So they have technical value but are not inspired and they have errors in them for month one thing and Nebuchadnezzar's and King just purchased errors their factual numbers if it's inspired he can't have any factual errors also. It approves of the use of magic forgiveness of sins by getting money and offered a handout residence of the dead others are. But until the second Maccabees plus her minute lot. People don't know about it. In Luke 1151 it says from the blood of Abel is what Jesus said, for the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah who was killed between the altar and house of God. Yes, I tell you what the law widely say blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah what he was doing was calling the first and last book of the Old Testament and the weight was arranged at that time. Chronicles was at the end of the we have Malachi but then it was Chronicles for them to same books is arranged differently. So what he was doing was sinking up from us like our saying from Genesis to Malachi, as was like thank and when you do that you're leaving out the Apocrypha.

So Jesus did not include the Apocrypha right. It also wears it so he said from his is from the law where is that verse 11 2412. It was first mixed law and the prophets. Yeah. And in Luke 1616. The law the profitable claim. Tell John the laws of first five books and the rest of the book of the Old Testament prophets excluded the Apocrypha for Jesus did not include the Apocrypha as anything authentic and the New Testament writers don't quote from so it is not Scripture. Ethiopia should not have it. The United Methodist churches but as liberal as you can get it so liberal basically difficult is not even Christian mighty Christians in the United Methodist Church United lately yes United Methodist are to United States. I have had to go out with literature and pass out literature in front of United Methodist Church in the Boise Idaho area because the woman pastor, which is a biblical was having a Muslim E mom come in a given message from the pulpit on Sunday is blasphemy and so I offered to have her my radio show.

She declined because I'm in Nazareth will questions it United Methodist Church. Basically you just assume people in it are not Christians or false converts doesn't mean that they all are. But a lot of the respect and the Eastern Orthodox trustees Orthodox. They have baptism requirements, you can lose your salvation by being good all kinds of false doctrines or false things I have five toll bridges where you get your measurement of your goodness and badness are kind of weighted influences salvation. One area but not another gets in some pretty whacked stuff so well that. I maybe spend every night and day you like a fellowship with about Methodist Church here locally in North Carolina. There you got what you should do so as is put your right hand in front of your face and look to your left, slap yourself until you get that idea in your head. Just keep going stop, or you go there and witnessed long okay that's what I would do if I were attending snack that it would be there to preach the true gospel. You understand United Methodist Church is very bad however I will say that there are some good United Methodist churches that are actually run by my real pastors men pastors in the teaching of his teaching of the whole gospel is that it does happen in the UNC for the most part it's just something to want to sue the cancer the radio Dr. okay let me ask you one left click relate you go in the Apocrypha from lucrative to confuse people how to come about why you by the Jews and just was never considered Scripture that's all just extra information.

What a right to buy. Did you write a drink keeping track of history itself is political history and their other books is over 20 other books mentioned in the Bible that are not in the Bible you go to got the book of Enoch, for example, discussed majestic stuff and got me to Scripture. Okay rocket know my Quicken ecological product greeted the true factual been subscribed to third-party verified its true and mostly, but like I said there's there some factual errors in it and some just as history writing that you can get things wrong, not in Scripture you're getting from is not wrong it's not Scripture. Think about if it is not Scripture from the Catholic Church edited 1546 they'll say that we took it out of 5046.

Know the Catholic Church attitudes Catholic Church so okay everybody out there… Like innkeeper. My reward in heaven is great that everything you got well by God's grace on what he gets all the glory arriving to get all right. Let's get on there with Ken. If you still there for 40 minutes that you on their hello hello how are you a basket you met.

I heard you talk about dealing with situations or people like that and there's something in her house the spiritual oppression and you talk about going through maybe trying to identify viable godless patients and and you also talk about anointing walls with oil and I decide to hear you give your your spiritual reasoning for that. Nothing on this or this agreement that is never the reasoning behind it.might like to know that it is not believable.

Look at that day that the other superstitious practice but will be your spot will start getting rid of doors and anointing issue. There are occult settings of people for criticizing who cares what to say.

The issue is so that there are cultic things like Ouija boards. You can do that Ouija boards are a doorway to the called tarot cards astrology.

These are things that people use to focus on and use to focus on are cultic things and thought cultic means hidden so they're trying to do is get influence and power that if will to power is good enough in the spiritual realm by using means and can't are in contradiction to the word of God.

So when people do that with her actually doing is participating in the dark things. The things where Satan resides where he wants people to be involved with. He wants them to do that while some to look away from God. Looking to crystal balls. The crystals here for head, take drugs for altered state of consciousness going to sweat lodges for altered states of consciousness Ouija boards, tarot cards, astrology, and various things. These are all all cultic things that week when we say they open the door is not. If you do want, it's automatically open, but these are the things that those in the Colts. The New Age movement and Eastern Mystic kinds of religions is American Indian religious will do in order to contact the spiritual realm.

And it's dangerous case of this is, as we say generically speaking to doors. Why anoint a place anointing is something that is done in the Bible in the Old Testament I talk about this talk about when I get more into Elsik at the instruments used in holy worship and the practices in the temple and the tabernacle wilderness. These instruments had to be anointed and so anointing is something that is done to something or someone else. So Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit came upon him. In first John 227. It actually says the anointing which you have received… Geez, what about us, namely the Holy Spirit. So the object is anointed by something else by person who applies water blood or oil. Generally, the things and then the object or the person is and sanctified set of portfolios.

There is no magic power in the anointing of the substance. It is a symbol.

What were doing to participate in that practice of what God is saying this thing and people or whatever is set apart for holy use. It is the method that was used in the Old Testament so I say to people is if you think something like this is going on in the home occult stuff that anoint the home and to get the elders of the church over and do this tonight I will almost always say it's not this oil that has any properties that if you do it. This is what can happen if you don't do it. Not your trouble is not like that don't enough safe for 1995 Sunday some slick anointing that idiocy so what it is is an act of faith, a movement of faith and the anointing is reflective of not only the Old Testament but the New Testament as well. As well, as we see, for example, Jesus was anointed and we are anoint for holy use.

So when we we do this it's it's for all you so I hope the woman much of his help the woman move into an apartment once after her husband and everything divorced level block and we went through and anointed the home and she just looked because it was a spiritual covering for her cheek and with them except yeah I was thinking that was probably related in some way to the church and another was somebody to you when they were really distraught over something in that unit was called out for you right now, I know they'll bill money situation. It was probably similar getting out with her about with the first part was with the object like a statue you pick up on vacation. You think are not. You're not actively pursuing the occult use. The little art object, but you don't know that I it seems to me that we can fall in line with the meat offered idle at the date of having power that what I was confused about they are right and I agree with you. So for example my library. I have lots of books written by occultists, Wiccans, even Satanists, deists, atheists so these are in my home, but it doesn't mean that because I have them on. You know I got was: doors open and I pray you will literally pray over these things and but as you think a little tricky little thing. I would never have a Buddha statue in my home leave it insulated bringing innocent you is when the leave whatever you want.

A thing. Sorry Nicole from Utah and Michael North Carolina tomorrow is my

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