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June 3, 2020 9:00 pm

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June 3, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Biblically, should Christians tithe to their local church or more broadly to global missions---2- I believe that I have participated in my salvation. Does that make me an unbeliever---3- Matt further discusses how we both receive and keep our salvation by grace alone through faith alone--4- Caller from a previous episode calls in to continue a discussion of Hill Song and Bethel worship music--5- Is there archaeological evidence that the Israelites used to believe in multiple Yahwehs---6- What is the judgment seat in 2 Corinthians 5---7- Caller challenges Matt on Colossians 2 and the certificate of debt.--8- What is a biblical view of hermaphrodites and what are they supposed to do-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
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Matt Slick Live!
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A previously recorded Netflix show why is it apologetic for you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why relic 772072276 we have five open lines over and I forgot to do this, which will opportunity here, but it was today. The schools have been on a discount for a while. It ended today so couple keep forgetting to get on the site and the put it back to normal so I'll be doing in the next couple hours so you have time. If you want to look at the schools, 75 to get over 50 you check it out yet know I got busy and forgot to get good excuses yes can call me a good excuse worked with 20 alien abduction thing a few times now after about four or five abductions.

Wait a minute. Something's up in the schools on the right-hand side of the karmic site see just let you know that some new site and hopefully be ready in 4 to 6 weeks-ish and we should see how it goes guys working on it and praise God for that is about time is about time also have a twitter account. If you're interested in Twitter and Karma org and also Facebook. We have, or did something to check it out all right hey we have for open lines which you may call 877-207-2276 skin today from Des Moines, Iowa. Dave welcome here.

Matt Matt, thanks so much like what about tithing guard to make an mobilization. I'm a mission mobilizer and have no financial goal to help others raise money for cross-cultural people group so as I encourage people to tie or to give offering mission. I want to be biblical so I'm asking about verses about tithing only for like a local church like pastors will, like, not you. That way you like a local church that I see the church being international. The Marriott is the earth like LaPlante or any of your opinions. Yeah, this was called tithes and offerings and center ties is generally 10% and what I do because I'm in a similar situation in that I live off the donations of somebody else and so what we do is let people know the issues okay. I recommend that they tie to their church. First, and then support other missionary work afterwards.

So the people silk I split it up in the what I will do is I'll tell them that that's up to them because I don't see anything in Scripture that says you must tithe 10% to the local body. Tithing was okay to that and so one thing my wife and I did as a woman whose husband left her had children, etc. and that she's just trying to make it very difficult for her. So we gave our ties to her because the ties.

You know, in the church supposed to be distributed for that kind of work and other kinds of things in the church as well as the seller, the pastor, the buildings and you don't stop and we decided to help out because we knew the church was doing fine it was to be hurt by us and were still tithing and it went direct to someone who really did need it.

We did that for a while until situation changed so you know it. I don't see nothing wrong with that. I don't see either church no.

I appreciate your opinion the reason I act and I don't want to hear people away. At the same time I was at a church and I love the people there clearly but their mission but it was only 1% and thought I wanted to give that have to give them $100 or I could give a dollar. The patient without doing the math here and like mission. They think they are India and Indonesia. The little bit more elite than my that been there and I've met the people I I'm struggling also met with with mortgages and pastor salaries of the West when so dollar goes so much farther overseas and from this kind of event you tell other the right way that is no overt Bible that tithing our local church back in the church of international law, exactly, is that in fact we have missionaries from current one in Turkey one in Brazil and one in Columbia and so contracts them, and we do are able to do that by donations, and so wanted to say instead of supporting their church to say support the that the guy in Columbia directly.

I don't see wrong with it night I was on the biblical and tithes goes to support the body of Christ. The work of Christ. It could be an ecclesiastical structure to local body but also in the book of acts of the that the ties were sent to different places to support other ministry bodies so 1% to missions. I think that's out of balance, I think should be more welfare. Your act together. They've been around 148 year elder great but some other yet of elder note that Pickler bodybuilder learning that like you booked on it and ending to give them great during a practice like altered brick date so I just wanted you be able to encourage people the right way without being on biblical. You know what mission the mission minded I could probably come up email filter. The other way too much. Thank you must be careful and balanced, but the little church is be supported and done. Missions need to be supported. We should be involved mission work absolutely very important. That's right, there are having problems. Dave Dave from Des Moines, Iowa.

We have foreign frontlines. Folks want to give me a call 877-207-2276 look at the Jonathan Selleck city John Rainier right-hand. We got the other day and according to what you and I am unregenerate person. Okay, I see all I feel that I have aided in my salvation is not and I knocked and I hope it you know I received it with my Savior totally palpated it 99% in the nation, but I think with my stop and Luke went on. We need to pay with God's plan for salvation, which is nothing, nothing that we can do only unregenerate party with church to go to.

I go to a Eastern Orthodox production here right that that explains it. So the nasty question. Are you justified by faith alone in Christ alone at okay let's not that you cannot not earn much I cannot earn my racket only respond to online.

I got you I got you. I asked the question I asked what I do when you teach Eastern Orthodox UK and consider Eastern Orthodox to be heretical right there's problems in it, such let you know that but I asked the question, no, are you saved by grace alone, faith alone to grace in Christ alone. No works involved whatsoever you are answered in the affirmative.

That's not what the doctor church teaches this so you know it will meet the credit to correct that in some places. Sometimes it says yes and other places.

It says no and that you must cooperate at least in the maintaining of your salvation out the mess.

Could you do affirm that you maintain your salvation with God, for your faithfulness and I you OKAY so then you have to be so it's up to you then to remain in the faith, and you can lose your salvation right to reject right okay I did nest that I asked if you believe that Wright is correct that you believe you can lose your salvation.

Is that correct answers that are not not, you know, I believe I could reject right okay.

My salvation is through faith alone. Okay let me ask you a question when you listen to the question okay. Do you believe it's possible for you to lose your salvation reject right so the answer is yes okay please check right now answer is what excuse me the answers yes you believe you can lose your salvation. Alright, so that's all I asked Dennis with conditions necessary. It's different topic different subject. So then when your teaching is that your salvation depends on your ability to be faithful to God right right I would ask you to skew since you said you know in the morning when I had the asked and answered something. But you said you as long as your faithful so your salvation depends on your faithfulness to God right.jerk okay so then your salvation depends on you. I don't myself, my salvation depends on work of Christ on the cross but you said if it's to the finished work of Christ and the cross you got a problem because Jesus finish the work on the cross. John 1930 and he canceled the sin debt on the cross join a Colossians 214 you cancel descendent and I can reject I reject anything he finished he canceled the sin that the cross, not when you believe did you know that +214 Colossians 214 Jesus talking about having canceled the certificate of debt have nailed to the cross. The certificate of debt.

The sin that is canceled at the cross that would ask that you look at that Colossians 214. Colossians 214 you look at it later, but he canceled the certificate of debt that the system at the cross know when you believe know when you're baptized, which is unrestricted asking of baptism so the thing is if you cancel descendent of the cross did cancel all of your sin. Most of your sin might look at what wait wait wait till all this past and so then you how you get your present and future. Since removed. How do I get my credit repent. Okay so your compliance with the law is what gets you saved false convert exercise, I would tell you why. Repentance is is to change from bad to good behavior so the Bible says don't line your line you repent, you stop yes it is, what is the group and holistic your mind that when I need and on and on, hold on is from the Greek myth. Noel, which has a change of ninth and attitude. That's what it is and can't just have a change in attitude. You have to actually manifest it.

If your line you to stop line. I have an attitude change about lying to continue so what you're telling me is that you you you must be wonderful to be so good to keep your faithfulness with God and furthermore, Colossians 214. This essay is you falsely said that it says up to that point. When you believe the president say that you all for the word of God change it to fit your false doctrine. Hold on let Kathy some more folks that live call 770727 charismatic okay hang up on them animal to do a little bit about examination when he said this is what happened. He said that your saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone and then recorded in a Colossians 214, which he destroyed, you changed what it really says to make it fit his theology which is false-negative pickle doodle time. Don't make the Scriptures changed which one he said that you're only forgiven up to that point. When you believe and then will than what you gotta do to get the rest of your sins forgiven Lenny have to have repentance. Okay now, he said, repentance was an attitude changed the list of this folks.

What he's saying is that he's not saved by faith alone in Christ alone, but by faith in Christ and his ability to repent so as not faith alone saves him, but in his ability to comply with the law to have it to have an attitudinal change because we said his change of attitude and by his own words. Then his ability to stay right with God depends on his faithfulness and his intention in his mind.

This is a problem because what about the since he doesn't know about the sins that he's committing a dozen purpose of the sins that he dozen purpose and then you ask forgiveness for later but as everybody does things like this alone.

So what he's doing is he's teaching it works righteousness system without knowing he's teaching works righteousness. Look folks, we are either saved by faith alone in Christ alone were not saved by faith alone in Christ alone.

For those of you who teach, you can lose your salvation. And I'd stand against is not a license to sin that people understand that regeneration comes with salvation.

The thing is what he had to do to keep yourself right with the infinitely holy God. That's a question I'm asking you if you can lose your salvation by what you do or don't do that you keep your salvation by what you do or don't do. How is it then. Faithfulness in Christ, then you say well I gotta remain faithful.

It's up to me were to say that the Bible to the thing is, God grants to be belief liquids 129 key grants that we belief liquids 129 will if he grants it to us is the faith that he grasped it was sufficient. You can even take credit for your own believing because God says he grants that we believe slippage 129 and John 620 29 when they said what must we do to work the works of God and Jesus is. This is the work of God, that you believe, on whom you sent.

This is what he said the difference in the theology that he espouses an eye espouses this and other spouse when a hold of you can lose your salvation you keep like being good and sincere.

The difference is this. I teach that salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone in the work that he's done alone and not in my ability to be faithful, not in my ability to do good night of my ability not to do bad. It does not depend on me and my faithfulness because then I can stand before the sort of got us a look, Lord, I stayed faithful. I was repentant. That's why I get to get into heaven. Yes, you saved me by faith up to the point when I believed that it was up to me to maintain myself with my own salvation by being good because the goodness requires the right attitude which what he said in this case was consistent with proper attitude of repentance, so another words you maintain your salvation by being good if you teach that you probably false convert if you teach that you keep your salvation by being good, but your ability to be good and faithful is your ability to not do bad and your salvation depends on your goodness before God that you can stand before the throne of God and you can boast that yeah he saved you initially but you maintain yourself for the infinitely holy God.

The level of perfection and you are able to do it.

How arrogant and foolish is such a teaching is rampant in the Christian church if you teach at any repent of it and come to faith in the true living God in Jesus Christ and be saved by grace alone and faith alone in Christ alone that is it not by anything you can do. In addition to what Christ is done, you are not faithful enough. Sorry folks, you are not God regenerated you got granted faith you God works faith in you. God is the one who will never leave us or forsake us. Hebrews 13 five.

He's the one who causes a born-again first Peter 13, he says, were born again, not around will.

John 113 this is what the Scriptures teach why is were appointed to eternal life. Acts 1348 and he is the one who called us and elected us and chose us for salvation. Sacrificial Nick 213 Ephesians 1, four and five. Don't take credit for your own maintenance of salvation before the infinitely holy God have no idea how incapable you really are until you face the glory and majesty of the omnipresent powerful Jesus Christ in the school that shines upon you and through you and exposes all of your sin and all you can do is just ask the same completely and totally and rest in him. That's what Christianity teaches, not the false doctrines are creeping in the Christian church left and right let's get to Scott from green wood Indiana Scott welcoming on the year.

A man item that it little radical preacher we got a lot I don't know that you remember me or not but I called you a couple months ago regarding work, music all thong back off now and you know, elevation, worship, and now I've contemplating laying in the band and so forth. I got to exactly in a giddy little update. Sure, I was able to speak with a couple of the elders in our church and I kinda gave them a little homework assignment as far as what I with the brew beat pastor even verdict the bill Johnson Brian Houston's and so forth, and how I found it very difficult to separate these musical man from the churches in which they originated from and went into the L PCI you know life and that we all which enabled us to play the music and of course were spending our money to the church is and I think you know that not not right and so it was encouraging. I probably thought the couple our work with our with our elder and they admitted to me that they didn't even think about you now staying where these musical groups originate from and that Eric heresies at his numbing from the pastors so they they actually thanked me. Or, you know, my concern on this and where I was coming from. And it did open up the door, which was encouraging and they you know encouraged me to speak to our worship minister concerning and that we did meet today as a matter fact is about an hour or so ago and we talked for couple hours and we basically ended up agreeing to disagree and I'm very very close with our worship minister.

We play golf together. We do a lot of things outside of church together and he basically said our friendship was more valuable. Thinking than what we are what we were discussing and you know we I had leaked out on you.

I know what he's discussing in the truths of God's word and cognitions more powerful is more important than his friendship with you.

Sorry put you before God. Right foot hold of his mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's way back to the show.

Scott, are you still there or I am all right.

Renting those going through so I apologize for rate your blood pressure. People like that. They like getting through: mass ransoms with the column anyway so so with her to do leave a straight that you're going to continue to play the music yeah and I will say that when I was speaking with the elders I was bringing up the fact that I did a quick Google start and I typed in what did even verdict delete and to your credit, your article on the car with Beckett Florida popped up and down, you know, I just wanted to get my point across and I used several verses like second Thessalonian report.

The Galatians 1629 second John 9 to 11. You know how we are not to associate with those that are bringing about gospel and just wanted to make my point known that note, that even verdict the bill Johnson Brian Houston's are false teachers is flat out. They do not believe the thing that that we profess our faith in, and I just felt very strongly that we cannot disassociate each band that are coming from these churches and and like I fit there, to their credit, they did admit that they knew absolutely nothing about the after until I brought it to their attention.

And so there really thinking about starting a committee to look into the snow. We I haven't I haven't quit the church yet. I have quit playing his but I have quit the church yet.

And with this Tobit thing going around without being a quote on quote.

Make it your Grover about members. We of course have not met that we have the capability of life is not my wife and I have been attending a nondenominational church that basically on a good Sunday will have 50 people there and it is nothing but him and so my wife and I both growing up in church like that it didn't going going my I guess my question is do I submit to the elders in the fact that if they're going to truly look into that. Do I have any glimmer of hope of going anywhere with this from my just treading water. I would do is continue to push forward with the issue of the truth and do some research and find more information presented to the elders to have a committee on it. That's a good sign is not a good sign. A committee often is how do we push this back and let it die slowly or really look into it so it was something to to be serious about now. I'm a little more confrontational on the kind of person. If I believe that the elders of the church are doing something really but bad and that they're using this kind of worship music not ask him what's the reason they're doing this was the reason this sounds good printer is that the reason is a good enough reason to examine the reasons I want to do this, but most of the kind person. If was heretical enough when I leave the church I will leave by passing out literature to everybody in the congregation and it causes issues causes problems because the stuff I want to cause a problem but you gone to the people first. Then you go to the body of Christ.

Second, this the idea so thick and participate in something that is ungodly. Let's say that when the elders or the elders were having a an unbeliever in the worship team. If you know how can an unbeliever lead the people of God and worship the true and living God.

It sacrilege you that my capsule more clear. All right. And so I made a pet pace that I'd write something up with the Scriptures and I would pass it on everybody until they asked me to leave. That's okay my part in the know Lord that they're not doing their job we do standup troublemaker and that my thing. Yeah, not my thing. II know that I'm probably going zero whatever of someone that looked at that LEII you know think that they have been at the end of every thought were were getting it.

I can see that it built on right be that the elevation or capital or whatever and right up right away for me the red flag goes up and like a just I get the drift of that me that I'm the only one, or the very few people being of Korean and digging into the in the notion that you like to put it out and if they are willing to look at you look at the can't know everything to get him to understand what is been pointed out to go 08. We should check this out as they should do this with her doing that good time along okay. Let me know.

Thank you so much appreciate everything you do for everybody. God bless God bless God bless you and Scott. Let's get to swing person is Oliver from Maine hey Oliver, welcome around here a man I don't mean like finding it the not of been acting this correctly, it can help it jarred in the thigh and I did basically the description there a bomb yeah Mary and one that Yahweh of mine man I don't hearing about it from OKAY can you submission information on the article to be something to the Jewish from the Marriott. The Jewish range and monitors right near there and basically the article I'm reading that I talked about that and they're trying to say how this shows how the Israelites believed something different back then they didn't actually believe in the one Yahweh basically one shot. Sometimes they didn't sometimes Israel would into apostasy.

That's why they had oppression come upon them. God punished him legibly.

The falls are God's. So yeah, you know the Bible anywhere talk about I believe happened in the eighth century rock 2000 years ago in the Bible did with their recorded time when the Israelites heard during that time, or are not sure if what I bake Israelites and Old Testament scholars, but I would do is just research the question Jewish Old Testament apostasy and just just to see we can find and see for example I just judged the book of Judges, but to look for the phrase they did what was right in their own eyes and this happened several times in different seminary which we are talking about this that he professor was talking about it.

She was also a professor, and the cycle and was really interesting. They did what was right in their own eyes and God punished them began with that phrase meant is that they were trusting in him. They're going to thrown God's way through their own morals do whatever they want to becoming apostates of God sent nations into oppressed and then they cried out to God to God, freedom, and the cycle starts over again so look at that phrase. Also, I did what was right in their own eyes and see about that. A launching point to find out information on okay thank you okay thank you God bless.

All right. This waiting is Patrick from North shore muscular Patrick welcome around here. You don't all right. Hang in there, you have a man mom got a question about the second and I and where it talked about the judgment seat okay what about it here. What what your take on that what it says is for this all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may be recompensed for his deeds in the body according to what is done, whether good or bad with that saying is the judge for works not for salvation. Okay, could we pass out of condemnation. That's was a one so there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

We been in our syndrome. Look at the cross. That's closer to 14 for this document judgment for works right so why would you have a good eight. It is the judgment for the gone to heaven. Since all must appear before the judgment seat of Christ don't do we. It looks like is talking about the Christians we and so the Christians are going to face Christ as a judgment in working to be judged for what we did on earth for whether we did good or bad. As Christians know why people don't know this. I think we just we just get saved and then we just go to heaven and that's it.

There's been a video of judgment, not for salvation. This scares people. This is not taught in most churches, but it's there.

In fact, there's a judgment of the believer sins as John 524. The judgment of the believer self first contains 11 talked about this and others hold the breaking okay we say to those who write back after these messages the mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic slave everybody Patrick are so there you later okay I have another about the Colossians 214 okay, whatever the certificate was nailed to the cross were all about but that certificate with a blank receipt and at the judgment seat is when he kicked it off across the look that all our being in debt and then the judge done when we go on front of a judgment a look at our record, that's not what I'm thinking, yeah, the biblical model is not what it's saying in verse eight notes not say why in verse 13 it says, having forgiven us all our transgressions. This is our sin. Having a certificate of debt to the certificate of debt relates to our sins, but it canceled I give, but as we live our life until we die. When literally bring the thing to have in the judgment seat yes but that's a different topic. The issue here is what is talking about Colossians 214 is the sin debt is canceled at the cross.

With this with you say that our futures then there already forgiven it doesn't make them canceled his does makes it all the hold on let me show you 2000 years ago did Jesus bear your sin in his body and across yet you have done then your sin for future you pay for them right.

So if your answer.

What what if we repent and hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. If you repent then is forgiven is the say that luckily can hold on to hold on Patrick. Patrick, the verse says he canceled our sin debt at the cross. It's not canceled when you repent. It's not canceled. When you believe it's not canceled when you get baptized, it's canceled at the cross were justified. We believe this is translated the judgment seat is not a personal Patrick. Patrick, the judgment seat is not for salvation want to get him to have for the Christians.

Patrick your your check.

Patrick, do you know that were saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. You know that just like the previous bollard of gold in the beginning. Hold on elaborate old Patrick.

I said you know this and you see my leisure is okay Patrick okay were done, Patrick. Look in a messy question what okay he is a heresy fest today you won't let me get in and asking the diagnostic questions he doesn't want to do that folks let me tell you this again is a false gospel to teach that you have to be good to maintain your salvation. Folks, it's a false gospel it's in the pit of hell. You cannot be good enough to maintain your position with God is not dependent upon your repentance is not dependent upon your faithfulness. Stop with the arrogance of believing that your faithfulness with God in your goodness before God's faithfulness is goodness that that is what keeps you write with a fully holy God salvation. The depends on you. That's a heresy that's a heresy that should be abandoned the field in the garbage heap. I'm trying to work with people and teach them this. They want to have their own works worked in and blended in with the blood of Christ is a false gospel there false converts in the church is due to start preaching the true gospel and understand the truth really is so much heresy, so little time was the kind of short North Carolina walking on their yearly. Yes, I can hear hello yes I did all right, no matter LOL there are earth is the everyday Arctic Arctic. I think I'm starting right now but I'm not on board. What I might do it the debate on what would you agree my Bible whenever anyone women are you a Christian, believe okay so you want to be me on what topic and attracted I'm doing right from this revelation from Janet Rev. and so you know you want me to debate you on any topic in the entire Bible where so come out so don't I want to jump part is okay so well. I choose to debate the topic that Jesus Christ is God in flesh. Would you take the opposite position won't debate with your own. It is in Scripture. What affect it.

The masterly facet you believe that Jesus is as you got another one God. Even audit hold on hold on and what your content is canceled. I'm trying to do something you see want to make any topic I pick a topic and you find out right away is not a prep topic.

This can work when you say in the dumpster.

I'm telling you to pick you up if you want to just ride live… Instead, okay, this is going out and I gave the son of God right now ask you, do you believe Jesus trounces our court. Yes, he's a synagogue view Jubilee on a job a lot.

Do you believe that Jesus Christ is God in flesh right now Tyler after he loved my God, that's what Isaiah right mighty God Casey are Jehovah's Witnesses that would notes, description, mighty God, everlasting father recipes is Almighty okay Kenneth you not making any sense when you see want to bait me you not picking a topic he said any I show you that the any doesn't work in your saying other things are kind of little bit off you good. Isaiah 1022 and it says there that that God is also called the mighty God. But in Isaiah 96 is with reference to Jesus thing called the Almighty God in the mighty God, the what about it are valid and what about an audit element when God will be your servant.

If I do not drink you off you from the Trinity doctrine the Trinity that there's one God in three distinct simultaneous persons not like you confirm it just now you so not finding that this it is because I just said what I said that what the question I said leave a positive right if around here they would like to know Kenneth, do you believe that that at the that God is a Trinity of the father-son Holy Spirit. Three distinct simultaneous persons. Do you affirm that are denied that are probably not how you can't affirm this lady. I just said that. So you don't work the same thing.

Care is not a part of an effort okay I figured you okay so you cut it yourself so many times over the last week. Lee's confusion to get other callers asked okay Scott from Winston-Salem North Carolina.

Scott you're on the air welcome it and Etienne Alcala, Dan and I might not you. It is a question of saliva for the call. You only gave no new live event. Okay what what was a question. Sorry about that, and focus. Okay it'd been the implantable variety of crop, so you never know though fragile will magnetically the apathy yell but in the New Testament if and if anybody wants to they might follow them as non-very immunity will follow you that yourself and vision. Jody cause daily and bother me in the tragic there likely is that we will give you live for me than to live on and I see and advise about on-the-job and as Scripture says, the right thing, your time and energy thinking and eternal life thinking give you what them will not how it all go into one more difficult not able to wander. I am unable to help you with issue finding a job. We live the skill set is don't know anything about and so what I would do for you is him.

Always talk to your elders at your church about this and hopefully they can help you in the right direction for various things and try stuff like that you can go to temporary agency and the assessor skill set in. Very often works. I worked in with temp agencies for years when I was younger with some good things got a master's degree in chemistry but they fail without giving this rule will bottom level of chemical, nuclear, I'm watching a video side of I have I can help get you cannot have a skill set. It's up to you budget even strata kind of work you have I can answer that for you don't know your situation right I would go to the elder non-time yet. In general, when you say that a man can retire early in it and I'm going to open this is his money to do with as he desires easy for God to care for yourself, whatever okay but if okay go is excellent. Scott on the skin over to Nancy from California Nancy welcome hi Rainier I know are you I'm okay today.

Thank you for all that you do please God. Welcome okay so that Jeremiah went by before I formed you in my new year. Before you were born that you are a plain unit and so my question is for hard to talk about that for now and I can guess what about Dan and what he can. Okay, more than we think they're more common than we doing research time. Let me jump you would guess, sorry, Cheshire. So hermaphrodites for those health don't know are people who have the sexual organs of both genders and when we do about that I'm not able to ascertain a universal principle that applies to all of them because of different degrees of half of hermaphrodite is him and so individuals deal with what they can to deal with an individual basis. The reason this occurs is because of the nature of sin in the world which affects our genetics as well. As we have these problems in the world and enters connected deal with these things, unfortunately, is what is this like a birth defect or whatever it was it discussing Casper from New Jersey shoe and also Jason from Idaho I met in the Lord bless you and my will

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