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MTRP S05 Ep24 Back from the Mountain and false prophets

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
The Truth Network Radio
February 25, 2024 4:00 pm

MTRP S05 Ep24 Back from the Mountain and false prophets

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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February 25, 2024 4:00 pm

Welcome to the Man Talk Radio Podcast, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.  

This week Roy and Will talk about The Mountain Top Experience, False Prophets, and the Sideline Dad.

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body.

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Welcome to Man Talk, a ministry sponsored by TAWCMM, Talking and Walking Christian Men's Ministry, where we're devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination and to point men to their God-assigned roles. Now here's your hosts, Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr. As Will knows, and for our listening audience, Will's known about this for quite a few years.

This was our 17th event, believe it or not, Will, 17 years we've been coming up here. We go to Valley Cruces, North Carolina each year, about February or so, and we take men up on the mountaintop, theory being we get them up on the mountaintop, they can be themselves, transparent, get comfortable with a group of men that they can open their hearts up with and deal with the baggage that, you know, they may have brought them to the mountaintop. And maybe it's just a recommitment of their life to Christ, to allow Jesus to be Lord of their life. And it could be they've got some things they need to tune up on in their walk.

You know, it could be dealing with pornography, it could be language, it could be alcohol, any number of things. We just never have a set script as it relates to what you come deal with. We're just going before Christ and allowing Him to work with all of our men. And it was an amazing weekend, Will. We started out Thursday night with just kind of a warm-up with a group of guys, and then the event actually started Friday night, so we all went to eat, which, you know, men love to do. We had the best food there that we've had since we've been doing the event, so we had a great new chef. She did a wonderful job. And then we had, I guess we had, let's see, we had 99 men.

That were there. It was quite incredible. We've been very blessed each year with the number of people that come. This was our highest attendance since we've been doing this event, Will. And what was really neat about it was we kicked it off from Friday night after dinner with everybody, and we had a young man by the name of Sawyer Valentine that opened it up out of western North Carolina and did just a great job.

He was 23, I guess, 24 years old, and kicked it off. And then we had several events on Saturday, a couple in the morning, afternoons in the evening, and then closed out on Sunday morning. But one of the things that was really, really the blessing, I guess, Will, was the number of people that responded. We had six or so Salvations that we were just thrilled to death about. And then we had 30-some men that claimed victory over their life in different areas and wanted to realize and recognize that victory again. And then we had probably, I don't know, 30 or 40-some that received the Father's blessing that night after, at the very end of the evening, which was really a great experience. It was something that you and I talked about before and talked to our men about, that General Boykin prayed over me, and I shared that quick story with them. And then we asked them if anyone in there would like to have a Father's blessing.

First we asked them if anybody had never had it done. There was just a room full of hands went up. And then they came forward, and we had six or seven of us pastors that prayed over top of each person as they came forward. We prayed for each individual man. And then Sunday morning, we prayed for healing. Pastor Pete led the message and then called anybody up that wanted healing. And gosh, we must have had another 30 or so guys that walked up needing healing in different areas.

So quite an amazing time. Hopefully some of our listeners would like to join us one year. They can reach out to us and have them ready for 2025. Well, you know, Roy, when you talk about things like this, it's really, really interesting because what it does, if a ministry is not making disciples, then it needs to be shut down. Because that's the whole purpose of ministry is to make disciples. So in what God has called you to do to lead this ministry, and I'm just blessed to be able to work alongside you, you know, in this way.

Because I see the results of how men's lives have been changed as a result of this. And I think that this is something that, you know, not only our listening audience, but everybody who we come in contact with, you know, because it's a opportunity for that person, you know, to make a commitment in front. It's just like we, when you get baptized, you know, you just making that commitment, you know, to all of those who are watching you get water baptized that you want to be obedient and following Jesus Christ. So I'm thankful to God for you and letting God lead you and bless you in that way. Well, I'm very thankful for you, Will. As you know, we've talked about our marriage story many times back, I guess, what, 2013. It's been 11 years now.

So February of 2013. It's been quite amazing how God brought us together then. And has kept us together. And I just want to say thank you to you for your obedience and all the inputs and builds you've made through the ministry and the outreach that you've been able to achieve through it. And just want to say thank you.

I love you, brother. It's very special, you know, and as you and I always talk about, I'm just the vessel that is willing to keep walking. God has to work through it. And he does.

And I guess that's why he continues to honor us. And we warned all the men coming off the mountaintop. I said, where do you go when you come off the mountain?

You're headed down into the valley. So shore up, man up, create some accountabilities with each other so that you don't have a solo journey. And I've already talked to three or four guys and they're getting hit, you know, on different areas with the devil of enemies coming after them and different things, whether it's their family or their job or depression, you know. And you know when you come off these type events, especially when you're the one organizing. Last year, I got hit extremely heavy the week or two for a week or two after the event.

This year's been better, but the first three days were a challenge just mentally, you know, to work through it. And you know, and that's what the enemy does. And I'm just thankful that we're able to talk about this, you know, before we go get into our topic for today, because I think it's pertinent for men everywhere who are listening. And you know, those who listen to the podcast suggest, let God bless you to be at a point to say, I want to hear God's voice like I never heard his voice before. But when you get blessed like that, the enemy is always ready and he is always willing to put those things in front of you that he knows you are weak, that there is a weakness for. So he put those things in front of you to see if you're going to succumb to them. So, and that's not, you know, to say that a man cannot overcome them because what the enemy is wanting and willing to do is to bring about a crushing defeat right after a blessing. Oh, man, you know, so so I'm thankful for that.

But tonight, Roy, we want to talk about a subject matter. And again, we're not pointing the fingers at anybody because this is a subject matter that I think will rub some folks the wrong way when we talk about false prophets and and judging false prophets. And, you know, a lot of the material that we're talking about, of course, came from Dr. Erwin Lutzer's book, you know, Who Are You to Judge?

And then right on the back of that book, he says, can I judge without being judgmental? And I think that's a marvelous way, I think, to put this because we have a tendency sometimes to say if we hear the individual talking about, you know, the gospel and preaching a message, we really want to listen to find out if that individual is truly coming from the word of God, from the heart, or if they're in it to see what they can gain and get from the people. And we see that, Roy, so so often, you know, in in today's times and the world is never going to be short of false prophets. We had them through from every century, and we're going to have them beyond until Jesus Christ come. Yeah, Will, and you know, they look at all the televangelists that we've seen and you hear some of the stuff that they they're putting out for their listeners and for the television audience.

It's it's really sad. And as you were speaking about judging or being judgmental, what came to mind judging is is Bible based judgmental is opinion based. That's real good, Roy.

Yeah, that is absolutely real good. You know, because, you know, like we talked about on previous shows that sometimes an individual, they run over there to Matthew, you know, chapter five, chapter seven. And they'll say, hey, you know, Jesus said, judge not and be not judge. You know, but see what that's referring to, it's referring to someone who is not living a godly life life because he goes on in that same chapter and he goes, what are you saying to your brother about removing the pebble out of his eye and you got a beam in your own eye? So see, that's referring to someone who is not walking. But if you see a brother who is not walking according to truth, I think as the body of Christ and we're an organism, not an organization. So if one part of that cell is is hurting, then it's going to affect the rest of that cell.

I'm going back to my biology days now, but there's there's a there's a part in the cell called a model mitochondria, which gives the cell its power. And I look at that mitochondria, Roy, as Jesus Christ and the word. He gives us power. He gives us the ability to overcome. And when we have things in perspective, then God will begin to show us those individuals who might be coming in and damaging the ministry as a result of being a false prophet. And that's an amazing thing when you think about it, if we would just wait for his discernment, you know, and seek his discernment through us as we're going through those journeys, oftentimes we race to back to your words being judgmental versus judging.

So judgmental creates an immediate reaction. Judging ponders, studies, meditates on his word to make sure we're clear in our message. You know, one of the things that comes to mind when you were talking about false prophets in today's time, and I'm sure as you mentioned, they're way back when and even from the beginning of sin that they started to appear.

But I think about the financials that comes to mind. You know, when you see some of these televangelists and some of these quote unquote prophets, I mean, some so as bold as to do nothing. But it's about the prosperity blessing when they're talking through their what's going to happen for them and they're being prophetic, quote unquote, in their prediction. If you'll use this water, you know, we'll send you a little like a flavor pouch size of water.

If you use this water and you send your thousand dollars in, you're going to be blessed. We know that we see this for you. We see it in the future. And I just sit there and say, oh, my goodness, the father's got to be getting the furnaces ready. You know, Roy, and on that same note, a person could have be in that environment and have the ability to to just be able to speak and talk so eloquently. And of course, we're going to talk about that.

Like you talk eloquently. In the second half of the show when, you know, Apostle Paul was confronting all these super apostles, you know. And at that time, what they were doing was saying, Paul, you don't have the speech. Paul, you don't have the eloquence that we have.

And they basically called him a fool. But see, a lot of people have a tendency if they hear something that you just mentioned in reference to the water and the thousand dollars. And they'll say, well, you know, that's just Bishop, you know, and he's a man of God. Everybody who says they're a man of God or everyone who who may say within themselves, I know a man of God, then they have to be tested. Where God tells us, try the Spirit by the Spirit, whether it be of God. So if that is a if you have that willingness to search that out and be that vessel who is wanting to know the truth and have the truth truly set you free, then when things like this come about, you'll know because the Spirit will quicken your spirit to say this is this is not right.

You need to go out. So in First Chronicles, chapter 16, verse 22, Roy, it says over there that that you shouldn't do a prophet any harm. See, that's what people use. You know, if they if you if they say something that is unbiblical or ungodly and then you call that out and they'll say, well, who are you to judge this prophet? And you know, the word of God says that you should not do a prophet any harm. Well, see, that's referring to over in First Chronicles 16, 22, that's referring to doing bodily harm, someone physically attacking you. And that's why a lot of of pastors in large churches, they have to have security. Sure.

And security for that reason, because there's people who do want to do them harm. Now, when you're calling out someone because they are not rightly dividing the word of truth as the word of God tells us to, then I think as an individual who know the truth that we're going to be held accountable for not calling that out. Oh, yeah.

Well, the scripture tells us, if you know the right thing to do and you don't do it, it's a sin. That's right. And that's the whole piece. Exactly. And I think what's gotten us in that position, Will, is that society doesn't want to be earmarked or tagged or flagged with social media because, you know, if you step out and it goes against what the popular grain is, you're going to get dinged. And that's the difference between walking in faith and the strength of Christ versus just having a shallow faith where you're worried about everybody but Christ.

Exactly, Roy. And everybody want to do their own thing. We see that all the time.

Yeah. If they want to do their own thing, then, you know, they're going to be rebellious and defensive and all of these things because it's going against them feeling comfortable in their sin. Well, that's funny you say that.

One of the things that came out of this weekend, we showed the sideline dad picture. And men are really bad about that, right? They want to manage one part of their life and let God have the other part. And we've often talked about that.

Is it crisis management or is it just a partial commitment being lukewarm? I'm sitting on the fence. Can't forget which way I want to go. Don't want to be all in or am I half in half out, which we know what scripture says about that.

You can't. You got to be all in. So we talked about that. And as we're trying to, from a ministry perspective, we're trying to get men off the sideline so they'll be anchored like you're talking about. They'll be in the Word. They'll be walking every day closer so that they can spot these things.

They can correct these items in someone's conversation when it comes up and we know that it's false information and false prophecy. And that's something where I think if you haven't shared, you probably need to share. Share that online. Share that on our website. So folks could get a look at that, because I think that that would probably speak more to some women who are in the position as the woman and the children were in the illustration that you have. You know, Will, I don't know. We haven't had a chance to show you, but I'll go ahead and show it to you now.

We had these made up for the for the mountaintop. Corey was kind enough to mat it for us and put the Sideline Dad and put that scripture on there from, I think it was 1st Timothy. Yeah, 1st Timothy 5-8. Yeah, it's unbelievable that it hits home with the picture. And, you know, as you look at that picture and for you listening audience, we'll just share the view of it.

But we'll put it up on our website so you can have access to it. And so God had put this vision on my heart a couple of months ago about we've been talking for years about the Sideline Dad. And when my wife and I were having a conversation around the ministry and God said, well, you need to create the image, this image.

And so he just spelled it out. We had this picture that God had put on my heart several months back. It was as I was talking with my wife about the ministry that we're in, about getting men off the sidelines. God just kind of impressed on my heart.

You need to create this image. So my my daughter is a photographer, extremely talented. So after my wife and I talked, I said, I really need to get this image put together for us so that it tells the story. So I sat down with my daughter and explained to her what God had put on my heart. And she said, I said, do we need to get some people together and just take some pictures? And she said, no, I might can create this, Dad. So she put it together and then she added in some the darkness, if you will, representing the principalities and stuff that we're fighting against.

And then we tweaked it a few times along the way. And so we ended up with this phenomenal picture. And this absolutely tells the story, brings tears to most men's eyes, especially if they've lived very long.

But the picture has the darkness off to the left side and then it's got the mother in front of the darkness reading her Bible. She's there to fight for the family and three children behind her. One's a teenage boy. He's got the shield and the sword. So he understands what being in battle means.

He's coming into manhood. The little girl's got a plunger and a cape. She just is going to go fight with whatever she can get her hands on because she doesn't understand it all. And then the little boy is a little bit younger than the little girl, who's the third child, has got a broom and a cape, but he's looking back at his father. And what came to heart this weekend on the mountaintop, and we left every man with one of these pictures on the mountaintop, but what came to heart and mind on the mountaintop was that little boy's having one or two conversations in his mind. He's looking straight at his dad and asking, Dad, why aren't you in the battle? Or the other piece of it, as is often the case, he's wanting to go sit with his dad and learn from his dad. Sitting on the sideline is okay and it's not. And so what the charge is for all of our men is to get off the sideline and get in the position where the mom is at and the wife is at, so many households, and start leading the family. And truly being the head of the household, the priest of his family, and the protector and the warrior and the battle buddy for his friends. And that's what we really want to see happen. We've had so many positive comments.

First Timothy 5-8, you need to read that listening audience and just envision the picture. And if you want to get a copy of the picture, we'll have it available online at soon. And people said, well, can they purchase the picture? No, but if you'd like to make a donation to the ministry, we always welcome that.

But you don't need to buy it. God's going to use this thing in big ways. And what's been really cool, Will, is just in the first couple weeks of having this out since we did the intensive, have had many people ask for copies of it. They used it here in our domicile church here in their service a couple weeks ago. We had a guy up in Asheville pass it on to his pastors. The pastor said, this is great. It's okay if I use it in our men's event. They've got a men's event coming up, so this tells the story we've been trying to tell. So it's going to be amazing where God takes this thing and hopefully it will change a lot of men's lives.

Amen, Roy. You know, that leads us up to what we were talking about earlier in reference to false prophets. And again, we're not sitting in condemnation, but we are called as men to ensure that those things, as we look at that photo, ensure that, number one, the man is in the game, and number two, he is the protector of his family because he is the protector, he is the priest, he is the prophet of his family. God has called him to those roles.

He's also called us as kings, and that's in Revelation 2. Would you ask Lisa to treat me like a king? I don't know. Well, Roy, I don't know about all that. I think you're going to have to fight that battle.

I won't have a conversation with her when I get home. But you know, when darkness comes and presents itself to the family, if the man is not there, we see what happens in the Garden of Eden. You know, when the man ventured off, you know, then all of a sudden that left the woman, and of course the serpent had his way. So Satan is very, very mindful of those things that we are susceptible toward. So when we're talking about false prophets, of course, being judgmental is not what we stand to do. But we do want to judge and call those things out that God has called us to call out. And so one of which in identifying a false prophet, if we look in Deuteronomy and we look in Numbers, both of those particular books, you know, have the account where you have a situation where God didn't call these prophets, and yet they went and said, everything's going to be fine, no worries, you know, you go out, fight the battle, you're going to get the victory, whereas it didn't happen. So you have two types according to those chapters and verses in Deuteronomy and Numbers. In Deuteronomy 18, God says, now you have an individual, if they prophesize something and it don't come to pass, then you'll know that that's not a prophet sent of God.

But here's the kicker, Roy. He also talks about in Numbers that there could be individuals who talk about something and it does come to pass, but they're not sent from God. Oh, I got your attention on that one. So see, so what happens is this is where the spirit of discernment comes in. And so when you're out here listening to individuals and they're proclaiming self-help, prosperity gospel, that should be an indication right there, number one. And number two, you could look at their lifestyle, because I've heard false prophets say within themselves, well, God wants me to have this. God wants me to have that new plane. And I mean, in history, all we have to do is go back and we look and we see that an individual got on national TV and said, if God doesn't bring forth a million dollars, he's going to die.

Now that happened in history. So when we look at things like this, that not only puts a stumbling block into the path of those who are seeking the truth, but what it also does is it should show the individuals who are maybe under this ministry to go seek out the word of God and fast and pray and find out if this is indeed what the Holy Spirit is calling them to take heed to and then go out and perform. Well, you know, our society is built around prestige and money and having more than enough, right? Especially in America, I think, with the richest nation in the globe, without a doubt, next to Switzerland, I guess.

Switzerland's got everybody's money and hiding all the other crooks' money they're hiding over there. So the one thing that comes to mind, Will, about this thing you were mentioning about the plane and the prophecy of if God doesn't do this, I'm going to die. That in itself should speak evil to everyone that hears that, that if they love the Lord, they know that's not the way our Father works.

Give me a million dollars or else he's going to take me out. So this doesn't work that way, and we know that, and I guess that's where we've lost the ability to critically think in this country, really, and maybe even across the globe, that we see somebody says two plus two makes five. Well, because somebody said it, they believe that that's indeed the sum rather than say, wait a minute, that's not logical.

Let me go back and get to the root of this equation, let me get to the root of this author of this equation, and understand why they're saying what they're saying, and then come back and challenge it. Same thing holds true for the word of God. And then from our first show, we need to reiterate, right, that judging or being judgmental. Judging is biblically based, judgmental is more of an opinion. So, folks, be judging from the word of God with fellow believers, not unbelievers, but don't be judgmental of non-believers or believers. Hey, Ben Roy, and if we, as believers, if we didn't get convicted because the word judged us, we wouldn't be sitting here today talking about the things that we're talking about. We would still be out there in the world doing our own thing. But the grace of God gives to man all of those things that he needs in order to combat the enemy and to be successful in his walk with Christ.

We have every single thing that we need. And we look at, for example, we look at the prophet Balaam, and we look at Balak. You know, we look at Balak.

Balak was the king, this Midianite, Moab king, and then you have Balaam. So he called him one day, and we all know the account. He called him one day and he said, okay, what I want you to do is this people over here, Israel, they're getting really, really large. They're expanding with respect to a number of people. And soon they may come over here and invade our space.

And if they invade our space, then they're going to overtake us. So what we want you to do is we want you to go and curse them. And when you do that, then we're going to honor you. Now wait a minute, Roy. I'm coming in with this now.

Here I come. See, that's where we get the term honorarium from. Because what this king said is we want to honor you.

That means pat my pockets, give me some coin, you know, let me go my way. But what Balaam did is he didn't reject it. He said that could be a good thing. But then all of a sudden he woke up and God said, look, don't go. But then later on, he said, go, because God wanted to show Balaam something that he need to see. So he went. And of course, as he went, you know, he was on his donkey and the angel of the Lord was there.

And so he's beating the poor donkey, you know, and the donkey stopping and of course he couldn't see anything. But the problem was is if Balaam didn't see this account, if he didn't see it, then the message that God wanted to deliver to Balaam, he would have never encountered it. So I think this is why God told him to go with him. And so he went. When we go, we have to be led.

That's a prerequisite, if you will. Led by the Spirit. The Spirit leads us into things, sometimes he leads us into situations to where he knows you can't get yourself out of unless you depend on God. Well, that leading will, like we've talked about in many times over. It's important to start walking so that he can lead you because he's not going to force you to get out of the chair. Right. We've talked about that. He's not going to force you because we have free will choice.

That's right. You've got to step, stand up, start walking towards him so he indeed can lead you and the Holy Spirit can lead you. But if you're sitting still like a nod on a log, as they used to say when we were growing up, then you're not moving and God's not going to move you out.

He's going to wait till you decide it's time to start moving. So we do have to be led by the Spirit, but we've got to start stepping before the Spirit will lead us. And of course, anything God blesses, man cannot curse.

And of course, again, Balaam found that out. So I think when a prophet is speaking the word of God, a minister, pastor, whoever they are, if they're speaking the word of God and that word is being benefited by the people because it's lining up with the truth, then everybody within that congregation, including the individuals speaking the message, is going to be blessed. So if God is blessing you, now you have this outside interference of individuals who may come in and want to simply divide the church. But because God has blessed and he sees that the blessing is upon this church, he knows that the pastor is giving over to prayer. He's allowing himself to be on that one-on-one with God. He's leading his family. He's leading the flock. He's speaking into their spirit. And so all of a sudden, the people are being blessed.

And so now when the enemy comes, it's like, I can't get into these people. I can't tarnish their mind because it's full of the word of God. And the word of God, of course, is that shield. It's that buckler that David talks about in Psalms.

So if he's my buckler, if he's my shield, then there's nothing that can penetrate when God put protection between me and the adversary. It's a blessing, Roy. I mean, that's enough to carry me for another year and a half. Well, we'll give you another year and a half, will we? Praise God. But aren't you planning on making some changes here later this year?

Absolutely. I'm going to be making a whole lot of changes, Lord. And the Lord knows, you know, it's just time to start letting the Spirit of God lead and bless and venture out and do some things.

Do you need my social security number so that you can... No, no, I don't need your social security number. But what we do want to talk about, Roy, coming to the end of this thing, is we want to speak about individuals who are prophets or apostles. And of course, in 2 Corinthians chapter 11, all these super apostles, they were just bomb-blasting, you know, the Apostle Paul. You're not eloquent, you're not speaking, you're not a good speaker, and all these things they were hitting him with. And he basically just said in so many words, if I can humble myself before God, then I'm basically stronger than you all. Because humbleness in the sight of God is not weakness, it's strength.

And if he gives me strength to overcome by being humble, then I'd rather be humble than being like you super apostles who are attacking me, you know, for being who I am and not going to the plush schools that you went to or having that eloquence of speech. And having eloquence of speech is not wrong in and of itself, it's just like not having money is wrong in and of itself. But what is wrong is when the money begins to control you rather than you controlling it, right? So if you're obedient to the Spirit of God, the Spirit of God is going to show you what to do, how to do it, and it's going to always come out right. Every time, I might add, and it won't be 60% of the time that it'll always come out right.

It'll be 100% of the time, absolutely. As long as you're in the Word and following the Spirit's lead. Absolutely, Roy, because the Word is what we need. I can't go to too many places and talk to too many people if I'm sharing anything, my story or anything, but the Word of God is going to come in there somewhere. And I just know that this is what an individual needs because someone who might be saved, they might want to look something up. And they say, well, where is this found in the Word of God?

Well, if you give them the scripture, then they can go and look at it. Amen. Well, we know you're a wall conscription encyclopedia, so you're like a Rolodex, it doesn't matter. Well, I thank God for it. Yeah, that's pretty amazing, quite amazing. Will, we're coming close to the end of the program. Last words? Well, for me, Roy, I think if we don't call out the things that we see as men of God or women of God, if we have women listening to the podcast, if we don't call it out, then I think we're as guilty or if not more so than the individual who is speaking a false word. Right.

And that goes beyond just the speaking, right? Absolutely. We need to call it out. And that goes back to we need to stand on our standards, be biblically based and not be afraid to stand strong in God and call things out that need to be called out. Because this is the life we've been called to. Yeah, it is. And our society is everything but that. Exactly.

In the whole. There are people that are out there speaking against the things that are going on as a whole. We've accepted the sinful ways of our society. And so we folks, you've got to make a difference.

You've got to be willing to step out and don't be afraid to share something in love and preface the conversation. Hey, I'm coming to you out of a position of love, but I need to share with you what God says about this. And if they as an individual listen to that and you're sharing the word of God, you're sharing it from their heart, then and they get offended over it. Then we say maybe that offense might lead you to the Lord.

Yeah, that's right. And which we saw some of that this weekend, you know, where I think men were convicted about the things that they were being offensive in their own life. And then also when people brought it to them, they may have been offended.

But this weekend, there was some change, some changed hearts, as we talked about. It's just like Jesus, Roy, when he was speaking about, you know, taking up my bread, eating, eating my flesh and drinking my blood, they took that literal. But of course, he was he was talking about that symbolically. So as a result, you know, they're thinking literally this man, how is he going to give his flesh to like everybody here to eat? You know, so this is how we in the world, a person in the world thinks that way. We thought the same way, you know, because we weren't always saved. But we know what certain people who are not saved has gone through. And as a result of them going through that, then we can identify with some of the things that they're experiencing. So we can share with them, hey, you know, I've been down that path before and in the end, it's not good.

You know, so God is able. Well, as we finish up that very statement that we always say together and tell our men about is a man with experience doesn't have to argue with a man with an opinion. So experience speaks for itself. Absolutely. It helps in this journey.

It does. Will, it's been great catching up with you. We'll look forward to speaking in next week.

Thanks for your insight. Thanks for your scripture memory. Thank you, God, for giving Will that scripture memory. And Lord, we're just blessed to be here with you. You know, and the whole side of it, Roy, is giving God thanks. So let's give God thanks right now, Roy. Father God, we just come to you this afternoon. Lord, we thank you for your love. We thank you for your forgiveness. We thank you for sending your son to die for us and all the conversations that we have. Let it be around you, through you and for you, Father, and just that people listening will be touched in some way, Father. And as we always say, if a show touches one person out of a listening audience, it's been worth it.

And the same thing for all of our events. We thank you, Father, for a great weekend on the mountaintop this past weekend. Lord, we love you.

We serve you. And we just thank you for all the men's lives that you changed and we pray that you protect them as they move forward in their walk. Watch over their families and keep the enemy off of them, Lord, as they start to grow and move forward for you. And let them not be sideline dads, Father.

Get them off the sidelines and just run the race for you. We thank you, Father. We love you. It's in your son's precious name. Amen.

Amen. As we conclude today's show, TAWCMM, Talking and Walking Christian Men's Ministry, are building a community of men to be servant leaders in their home, communities, churches, and work environment. Check us out on our website for upcoming events and regular scheduled meetings. Don't forget to send us an email for topics that you would like us to visit in the future. Thank you for joining us today on Man Talk. Visit us at
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