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S04 Ep33 Justifying your actions with Scriptures. Your will or GOD's

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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August 14, 2022 4:00 pm

S04 Ep33 Justifying your actions with Scriptures. Your will or GOD's

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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August 14, 2022 4:00 pm

Aug. 14

Welcome to the Man Talk Radio Podcast, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.  This week Will and Roy discuss interpretation versus description. How some will justify their actions by descriptive verses in the Bible instead of instructive commands.

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body.

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Ministry sponsored by WC talking and walking Christian men's ministry where we're devoted to bringing down the walls of voice mission to point me to their God assigned now here she holds will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior God's day listeners. Welcome back to man talk radio, this is Roy Jones am sitting here with will Hardy will it's great to see you today yeah Roy is good to see you as well. Will we been talking of lesser week since our last podcast I just got something on your heart is like that been witnessing with some people marketplace and some fellow believers another using Scripture was talking about that today. Well, what you have, Roy, as you have individuals, I think, who I have not understood the basic premise of Scripture, nor have understood the basic premise of how to interpret Scripture so what when they read it. They read and they take everything literal because within the word of God. There is symbolisms there's a anthropomorphism's and there's a lot of things that in there that describe certain things and people take those things literally as though the Bible purports them or support them in such a way as a person should do it. For example, the Bible talks about polygamy, but that doesn't mean the Bible condones polygamy acts right there is people in the Bible who lied, but that doesn't mean that God supports liars there people who committed adultery, but that doesn't mean God supports adultery so that the list goes on and on. So when you have an individual like that and they say they may come to you and I say well how can you Roy. How can you believe will follow a book that supports polygamy or supports adultery or fornication or or something like that right just because the Bible, speaking about it is not indicated God supporting this is creating the narrative right to understand what were going to encounter in society.

In modern times. This will involve applicable throughout time spoke to to the problems of basically men correct challenges the sinful behaviors and if it doesn't speak to it and help you where Windows it's the wrong and the fact that folks are trying to interpret it. To support their position on participating polygamy or adultery or any other sin to pull out the bottom line or any other social things, thievery. We understand right is not exactly what well you know in a course when you talk about polygamy and of course the first recording of polygamy is Genesis chapter 28 in verse nine. Actually 6 to 9 will cover the whole concept of polygamy. But you had Esau. He went and he married a individual by the name of the bailiff and this woman was actually the daughter of Ishmael. So you had a situation in there where he not only had this woman as wife but he also had many other wives and so the Bible speaks about that as well.

So how can the Bible condones something on one hand, and yet condemn it. On the other hand, that would be a contradiction. So it in in Deuteronomy 1717 he talks about the differences between when a individual start to marry that they are not to take multiple wives and again in Leviticus 1818 speaks the same thing that a man is not to uncover the nakedness of a woman if that woman is close to her and of course the Scripture outlines you know all of that in great detail when you when you look at the verses and particularly when you start at verse number seven. He says the mechanism of your father or the mechanism of your mother.

You shall not uncover. She is your mother. You shall not uncover her nakedness. The mechanism of your father's wife. You shall not uncover because it's your father's neck weakness.

The mechanism of your sister here, the daughter of your father, the daughter of your mother, whether born at home or elsewhere there's neck weakness.

You should not uncover the course, he goes all the way down through here until you get to verse number 18 and he says nor shall you take a woman as arrival to her sister to uncover her nakedness while the other is alive so that tells me that right there you are not to have more than one wife. That's interesting.

Will you when you look at it that I wonder what people are trying to interpret those sorts of scriptures to fit their life. If you think about follower of Christ is the conviction of the Holy Spirit in their life right. The truly accepted Christ as your personal savior. Then the question becomes how does a person of the overriding the consciousness that the Holy Spirit provide in order to rationalize behavior and interpret Scripture visually well and I think that's the case Roy because you know we know that there are certain there certain encoded things within us that we know is wrong right so we have to ask where those things come from where their God given for you to be able to determine what's good and what's evil, not even based on what God has said, but simply those things that you know you don't do in life you don't all of a sudden get up and say well you know it's sunny outside today is a great day to go out and rob a bank stick somebody up so it's funny bring that up as just think about that. That's an order that made any different. Doing one was the effects on what we think we engage ourselves in.

We understand that we don't go and we don't start putting screwdrivers in electrical sockets, you know, because we even get shot here. You don't go and put your hand in fire and someone to move these coals around not expected run and not expect to give her way. I think it's as followers of Christ gonna be mindful that Satan is in their in the mix right absolutely try to get you confused distracted off off-center and you cure your mind, the human mind can rationalize just about anything well and I think that's focus on and that's the enemies that's the enemy's objective know so it has with I think that the statement that we say is if I can do it and not hurt anybody and must be okay.

It's okay for me to do and that's of course is not that that's rationale of the world but you can't say just because it's not hurting anybody. Eventually it will depending on what it is is going to have a rollover effect or spillover effect know either either with yourself or with someone else that's in the household on your job. You know within the Christian community or social convention rights can be shown. Convention lights can be shown on sin right especially when you try to rationalize the sin, it will eventually be shown on it when it illuminates the collateral damage all the stuff is can come with that wolf come flow towards that that particular activity. That's the thing we got always be mindful of you.

Maybe you rationalize it. Maybe over.

Get yourself in place of acceptance, and so could do this but knowing the consequences will come eventually not be today may not be tomorrow but vicious consequences will come from those actions so I want to go back though and look at that when God made the statement through Moses. He actually started with the King in Deuteronomy 17 when he said that he shall not take for himself.

Basically any other than one wife. Why, because he will be turned away. Now when I look at that said okay now. If you have 10 wives each one of them will want attention, and I'll just let you go with that. You know good enough just to let one of the godless list nonelderly surface so and I think that's what God meant when he said that if you King then and you have all these wives, all of these wives will want attention. So now you won't be focused to do your kingly duties and of course we's see that happening in government. When men go out and who are no government officials, governors, mayors, congressmen, whatever the case may be, and they have extramarital affairs, and now these things spillover.

Not only does it tarnish whatever platform that they had exactly want to convey to the people. Now all that's been tarnish quiet because now we can't trust you. If you can't even trust yourself in the home. Yes, the first inclusive you lack integrity they absolutely broken the ultimate well wife.

Most likely the most holy second to her commitment to God, that's interesting. Will and I do believe that the we as husbands have have a great charge right really good tour problems. Topic of infidelities that we need to be faithful to our spouses, we need to be men of purity and we talk about the quite often show never hurts to remind each other we know the statistically speaking therapeutic problems in the church. Problems outside the church, but men if you listen to the wind. If you're listening today with this encourager. If that's part of your life that you turn it over to God and confess your sentence and walk away from that marriage can be holy folks. When you take a quick break here will be right back to just moments after while taking a break will just tell you about your upcoming events got breakfast this coming Friday morning prescription from John start time 630. We got in our prayers will be coming up in October.

October 17 Saturday, October 17 in High Point that's open all folks, men, women, children get our prayer like a very large thing in your face, and God communities try to join us if you cannot fill in the family, not your first post like August 27 Saturday movie night children refreshment that sort of thing sort of a community overnight Saturdays, 630 7 o'clock okay Roy you were talking about before.

When we were saying in reference to the things that will happen as a result of someone attempting to justify why they should do certain things that the Bible is clearly calls for us not doing those things. If you come to an understanding on number one. What you have to do as a man within the family and what your responsibilities are and you following after God the way that God intended you to follow after him that I think everything is going to fall into place because when the disciples came to Jesus and they asked the question, hey Lord, why do you speak to us in parables and Jesus told him it's for you to know the mysteries of the kingdom, but for those who outside of me or outside of the body of Christ. It's it's to them.

They have no understanding of so what he wanted to do is convey and illustrate a natural illustration to convey a spiritual meaning. And so, as they were being taught and as they were following Christ, he would give them. These parables so that they can understand and associate have an association with the meaning behind what he was saying in a course describes the Pharisees and Sadducees.

All those individuals they had no clue of what he was to he's talking about a book she's talking about a tree he's talking about C being sown. You know what what what is all this he's talking about. It makes no sense.

That's because they were looking for structured language and see that's the difference when we talk about in that article that I sent.

That's the difference between descriptive language and prescriptive language. The two differences and it's so easy to get the two computers. Descriptive language is like being book talked so it's like for example when I try to learn Spanish that and that was a chore. Let me tell you, you know that and I'm reading from the book and it's like okay this is the way Spanish should be spoken in the context in which Spanish originated, but everybody else makes plans that way you have different dialects. You have different areas of the country where people come from, and so if a person is speaking Spanish in Bolivia, for example, it may not be the same Spanish as you speak in Spain the country so that's the difference.

The prescriptive is how people understand the language or as descriptive is saying this is how it should be, but if it should be this way it's going to. It might be harder for me to understand it because it structured rather than conversational and see when you learn languages and I know you know this Roy, but when you learn languages.

That's what they the teacher expect you to get in the understanding of learning the conversational piece because you will be using that everyday you know where the restroom wears post office where the hospital you know where the restaurant saw all of these things is conversational and see an act that describes prescriptive language rather than descriptive goodwill will as you've meant toward counsel is hundreds of people use what has been your number one observation along this line with counsel. Have you had these rebuttals responses that way. The Scripture says this when you're trying to coach a couple or an individual to a sinful situation or behavioral change. Do you ever get that type of rebuttal with her trying to interpret Scripture differently absolutely and basically it is. It follows the sense of reasoning when it comes to people and that is what whatever and whenever I read the Bible. I read it and I take it literally for what it says which and we going to get into some of the other symbolisms that the Bible notes but again and I think this is where you have individuals who don't have an understanding because they are outside of Christ. So when they read something and I say wow there's polygamy or theirs lying going on in the Scripture. So if line is going on in the Scripture Dan. They must be tolerated. So maybe I can tell a little white lie in a get away with this or that so that's what I've seen, Roy is when people take things literally and in all cases in Scripture it's not speaking the literal, so we have to have the and understand the difference between when symbolism is used and how that symbolism is interpreted versus when Jesus speaks something and he is speaking something literal so you know when we go back and we look at the law. For example, in a look at the law. The Levitical law.

We look at the law as outlined in Deuteronomy all those things were little you know when when God said don't need this. You don't need it. And there's reasons behind why you donated. You know you know you had certain animals that have hooves or you know that they were not allowed to eat in the course. These were for like health reasons or things like that because they couldn't preserve certain type needs or if God simply says this particular animal was unclean and and so that's that's the difference, but that that's what I've seen rising people look at the Scripture take it literal when it might be speaking symbolic and they use that as a means of justify thinking sure that will folks we do, we do want to reiterate, we believe, what was the true word of God overcharged going to hear is how to interpret certain things jewelry so that you you're applying it properly not taken out of context but it fit your situation and circumstances. Sometimes we say will and will you know we've had this happened quite often is the Bible literally is the word of God really that's truly from somewhere. Yes, we believe all of that confusion. Parkchester dollars for I believe people have listen to our podcast thing. There is no understand what you this if I do that first time visitors incident these guys exactly so you know when you when you have somebody again. In the event something will probably talk about a little later to is a say. Well man wrote the Bible but see again if you don't have an understanding of what the Bible says God use man to write the Bible but it was God inspiring man to do so with the result of the inspiration comes in when God moved upon man and as he moved upon man man wrote what God is in a man intended in the right and there was nothing more nothing less. You know God, the whole word of God is everything that we need in order to journey through this life and to overcome any obstacle that you know Mike getting out what it we have a bunch of obstacles for so sure this in today's time. So there's always something that's coming out a couple or individual child never know which will encounter. That's what is before starting to show today John Prater petition for enforcement's just nice to remind ourselves that the blessings of God's goodness and talkative mother while here on this topic were quick to take a moment think father for everything is provided even in tough circumstances, you may be, it still is grooming you and shaping you for the next steps in this oftentimes will go through those journeys we don't recognize what the purposes but God unveiled that down the road. Maybe just to speak in someone else's life usually struggled to have God. We know have a personal relationship that you have that may be the very thing God uses to open door someone else take a moment to thank for it. You have for your family. If you're in the middle struggle, please let us know were more than happy to pray for you welcome per request got so line there is a form on the website TA W likes per request. Would love to hear from you. We do thank you, as listeners for all that you do all your support for ministry, a man we do respond to every single prayer requests that comes through and we will get back to you with an answer in reference to how we prayed.

I know I've sent a response back to a individual who put a prayer request through and was asking some more specifics and they said well you know at this point just going to have that unspoken which we honored you know that some some folks don't want to go into any details, and so we just ask God you know in our prayers that we know that it is you know you you you as an individual understand what God wants for you and so we are praying with the understanding that even though we don't know the specifics Yes we can cover that produces an intercessory actions have absolutely it will honor that have the details will we have a good topic of discussion this morning. I think it so today good Forster check through this folks will does an excellent job.

Scripture references recall was like his development at times.

His memory recall support blessing for me personally and be a part of this conversation with him each time together. We hope that you're getting something from this is all about maturing further down the road. Walk each day.

Remember your marathon not a sprint came walking out that way and for further understanding what we're going to pick this topic up for next time.

Ends talk a little bit more about this because we know that this is something that I think the general audience that's listener listening and some things that they can take back to people who might they might encounter in their family or friends or associates on the workplace. They can take back and you know challenge some the things that a person might say, in reference to why the word of God says this or why you should be following this sort why you should you know understand this this way is not that way, but you will.

That's a good leader for next program next week when we get back to you again. Thank you for being with us today. It's been a great honor of mine will still be with you.

We shall honor to be a show the gospel with just talk about God's walking so lost love you appreciate you please reach out to us. Let us know if you need anything per support. If you are financially support the ministry retracing what you know about that, as well as not donate on the website and keep the podcast. Hey man, thank God for everything that he's doing and everything that you're doing. We love you and God bless you as we conclude today show TA W CME talking and walking Christian men's ministry building a community of men to be servant leaders in their communities, churches, and work environment. Check us out our website for upcoming events and regular scheduled meetings.

Don't forget to send us an email or topics that you would like us to visit in the future. Thank you for joining us today on top.

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