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S04 Ep 32 Conformity Over Faith. Why Do We Compromise?

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
The Truth Network Radio
August 7, 2022 4:00 pm

S04 Ep 32 Conformity Over Faith. Why Do We Compromise?

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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August 7, 2022 4:00 pm

Aug. 7

Welcome to the Man Talk Radio Podcast, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.  This week Will and Roy continue to discuss why Christians are willing to compromise their faith to prevent uncomfortable conversations and possible confrontation.  

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body.

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Ministry sponsored by WC talking and walking Christian men's ministry where we're devoted to breaking down the walls voice to point me to their God assigned now here's your post will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior welcome to man talk again.

You know, Roy. We were talking about last week which was really really you are you passionate stuff like a little just a little bit but you know we were talking about compromise. I think it's something that, as a believer in Christ and man in particular that we as God's people. We have an obligation to hold true to the values in which you know we say we love God and we honor his word, and so as we do that we should hold to these values but there's a way in which you can communicate the values that you hold to others without sounding derogatory toward them or bringing any type of hurt now, if a person is hurt you know by some of the things that you say, in reference to the word of God, then I think they have to deal with that when it comes to the word of God and how that word is affecting that particular individual or group of individuals and of course we know when Jesus said were going to be hated people you know and you, you want to be hated because the world first aid him. So we are following one.

Who people who don't believe hate and so as a result were going to be hated guilty by association guilt by association and that's a good thing. It is a great thing will be persecuted. We know that but you know it's in our society will we talk often about. We can't disagree anymore and still love each of you. This is a prime example.

This is our heart. This is how we live our lives can follow God.

Try to be disciples as Jesus told Saul to do more disciples then being in this conversation is always challenging the matter what the topic is with other folks this would become such a society we don't want to offend anybody. We don't want to have difficult conversations.

We want everybody to feel good about everything they're doing irrespective of the consequences to me that's across the whole spectrum is not down to one particular sentence across the whole spectrum. That's why when the Mets went today.

We talk about this often.

There has to be some moral guidelines society has to function with moral guidelines and expectations and standards. Without those is nothing but anarchy and confusion in this discord, discord, graces, and what are we in the middle of right now, anarchy, confusion, discord, and if you bullet back down he goes back to 1962.

We took prayer out of schools in the escape so we don't want anything to do with God. Here in the US is as it public decision. You see all the statistics all the rapes all violent crimes everything to measure this on the books has skyrocketed since 1963 exactly Roy and you know when you talk about the morals you can waffle on your morals either not to compromise you that's that's the same word same word you can go back and forth and say okay today I'll accept this and then tomorrow will I accept that because when we were when we were talking about last last week and we were finishing up Revelation chapter 2 and that verse 17, you know, I want to definitely get to that because what Jesus Christ said to this particular church in Pergamum is. He said that if a person overcomes he would eat of the hidden manna, and then he said I will give him all white stone, and in that stone would be a new name written, that no man, no, except the person who receives that stone Mount Roy. I don't know about you but when I read that I think about Lord you know one day I'm going to have a name that no one else will know except me and in the beauty I think behind that is, but I have to overcome so this is why we talking to you today about compromising because we want you to be in overcome her. We want you to be in a position to where one day Jesus Christ will give you that white stone because this is Jesus speaking here. He's going to give you that white stone with a new name, so they won't know you by Roy anymore. They don't won't know me by will anymore. But there is a white stone that no man nobody will know that except the person who received Roy. It just brings chills to me to think about. I can see is is so beautiful you know to know that one day this is going to happen, you know, we ought as followers of Christ we we don't think about Longview very often do we know we don't. And this is one of those prime examples. When you stop and think about what's going to happen.

Folks compromise.

This will result in slow fade.

If you compromise you. You will slow fade into complacency slow fade into accepting things that God says on holy so we really really want you to listen but always come from a position of love as you stand on your standards and often times you don't have to say anything, just remove yourself from conversations or walking away from conflicts.

But remember you are a disciple of Christ. If you've accepted Jesus as your personal savior. You are a disciple in your accountability responsibility is to be accountable to the Lord to the Bible and responsibility is to make disciples of all nations, and in first and foremost is to love your neighbor which translate is everyone that you can see it. I think if you want to walk away with something through these programs is to strive to be a little bit better strive to work a little bit harder strive to share the message just a little bit more. Give your store to a few more people this week. You never knowing God, say hey will this person to get ready talk to use this in dire need in that one little conversation that one commenter that one did you know God loves you may be the very thing that saves that person, not just for eternity, but in that moment you know Roy in second Timothy chapter 2 verses three through five.

The apostle Paul speaking to young Timothy the pastor there. He says that you must endure hardship as a good soldier because no one who is engaged in warfare will entangle himself with the affairs of this life so when when you compromise yourself you number one. Allow yourself to be entangled with the affairs of this life. Number one and number two if we continue to allow ourselves to be entangled with the affairs of this life. What we end up doing is allowing ourselves to now engage in the very same things that the war God is telling us that we need to abhor so that I think in and of itself should give us some type of lantern to say when I walk forward because I was I was in the military and when you're in the military, you're not focusing on what you going to have for dinner later on if you engage with the enemy and you know the enemy is around you. Your focus is on the enemy. So God bless us to the apostle Paul to Timothy to give this illustration of a soldier, and he saying if you are enlisted as a soldier you have a responsibility to be alert will liberated from the NIV as well join with me in suffering like a good soldier of Christ Jesus. No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer and we know who our commanding officer is and as a result of knowing who our commanding officer is we should be willing ready and able to submit ourselves to exactly what he told us we need to do so that we can be over comers in this warfare, which is an unseen one because remember Ephesians 612. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and powers.

That's hard for believers, for whatever reason Roy to see that you're fighting against an unseen enemy, but that that unseen enemy is manifest itself through people, some of which say that they are born again. So when they allow themselves to be overcome by the end entangle with the affairs of this life. Now the enemy comes into their mind.

Introduce thoughts and if completely thrown off course will you bring up a good thought in my mind is a recent we were reading the book. This present darkness by Frank pretty it's a novel, but it's a perfect illustration of what's going on the society. So if you have read the book please read that book it talks about spiritual warfare and what's going on below the scenes of behind-the-scenes blowback that you may not realize through people's behavior people's narrative things that there be an influence to save dude just like God with Angels and for the donkey right. It's his move in the direction but the same holds true in the other side of the coin right if Scripture involved bad spirits to create activity Satan is using people's thought processes peoples conversations peoples commentary to us. There's a lot going on folks that it is truly all spiritual warfare in the day. That's what's going on Satan's battling us as followers of Christ to try to get people distracted. Try to continue people stay away from God. Give them lived out and always was the civilian affairs if you will. So remember that. Don't get focused on civilian first stay focused on one that matters. And you know Roy when he was talking about. He gave another bit illustration when it comes to athletics in verse five he said that if a person is competing, you know they're going up compete. According to the rules. I remember when I used to run track years and years ago and of course you get on the starting line. And if you cross that starting line before the gun goes off that's considered what a false start.

And so now everybody have to come back and start and reset so so you have to reset your thought pattern, because a lot of those folks when they get to the starting line. They are already seeing themselves run the race. Okay, we are coming up on a break right now, but when we come back we're going to continue talking and talking Christian men's ministry, men's breakfast, held every first and fifth Friday of each month. You enjoy fun, fellowship in the Word of God break bread together. The meetings are held at First Christian Church 1130 N. Main St. start promptly at 6:30 AM and have a hard stop at 8:00 AM.

Come join your host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior that we have to see ourselves running this walk as a believer as kingdom citizen as man of God, we have to see ourselves already at the finish line.

And so what were doing in this life right now we are running the race, but we have to see ourselves finishing the race because when you if you don't finish you get a DQ and we know what a DQ is disqualified so we have to ensure that as believers we adhere to the standards because the standards as the verse talked about. You can compete as an athlete unless you know the rules because no one wants to go out there and do their own thing that prevents you actually from going out and doing your own thing so the word of God has been laid out for us to read to understand and follow.

According to the way God said so we have to compete according to the rules we do and the standard has been laid out for each and every one of us something for God because you know as as a believer and as a kingdom citizen that I am assured that not only that, if I stay the course and what God told me to do that even though things will start to come and be a roadblock in my life that I know that I have already overcome the thing, whatever it is, whatever obstacles put in full front of me.

God said I'm in overcome her aunt but I have to have confidence that when I do pray and I asked God for direction for insight is going to give it to me. First John 514 to 15 this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us and if we know that he hears us, then we know that these are the petitions that we ask of him. So any petition, petitioner, something you send up. So when I send up the petition to God, then I know that God is going to hear me in his time. Not my time, but in his time and maybe on another broadcast where we can talk about the difference between God's timing and are trying to get the great next topic for spacing will house the believer know where what God's will is for their life. I think according to his will. I think you never know what God's will is if you never get into his word because his word is his will. So if we never get into the word of God will never know the will of God. If we never know the will of God, then we won't know what God wants to do for our life, statistically speaking, where we spoke about this before. 40% of the Christians today. Those are professed befalls Christ do not believe or indicate or do not believe the word of God is the absolute word so forgot 40% of those of us that say we are followers of Christ not believe that the Bible is real and that means 40% of us are chasing what God's will for life is well and if we again don't understand what the will of God is for our life then we're going to default into doing our own thing and this brings us to that last the last passages that were talking about.

Roy is when God spoke through the apostle Paul to young Timothy to say fully. Also useful last time I'm going to 22 for pursuing righteousness, faith, love, peace, and those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. Then he goes on to say, but avoid foolish and ignorant disputes don't get into any arguments with with nonbelievers on things that you're standing on because you know their true according to what the will. Word of God says and and I have seen that Roy occur so many times in ministry people will come to a conference there, come to a convention and you might have a speaker who was up there speaking and then you have someone in the audience who disagree with some of the things you speak or say and all of a sudden you have all this contention outside of the convention center. Once the talk is over. I seen it, so I seem to guys like nose to nose, you know, one disagreeing and want to green and so I think these things leads us to a point of separation and if we're not careful. If we have a week position and what I mean by week is not understanding what the word of God says and defending that word based on what he says then we can easily be overcome, will be overcome by what will be overcome, and now will we need to take a break here real quick. I would like to tell you about an event coming up its two months.

The next will be the end of September. We have a men's dinner that we do for the community. It's currently being held at first Christian as her host site. 6 o'clock on the fourth Thursday of the second month so the next second month will be September would like for you to join us if you can speaker to be announced and we thank you for your participation.

Hope to see their so what we were talking about Roy as we were talking about avoiding the list disputes and ignorant conversations because they generate strife. According to second Timothy two and 23 and any say the servant of the Lord must not quarrel but be gentle to all, able to teach patient in humility correcting those who are in opposition. Now that is what I think he you actually get into a opposition conversation when you're attempting to correct someone because what what you encountered there is you encounter someone who might have a certain take a certain stand on something that the Bible says in reference to like we talk about the gifts of the spirit. You know some some denominations believe that you have to speak in the tongues. Some believe that you have to be baptized in the water and course feet washing you know so you can go and get into all of these disputes.

If you will, but they are not pertinent Roy to the core values that salvation speaks they meant. That's the key will be NIV version says very and upon opponents must be gently instructed in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of truth. So really love that opponents must be gently instructed to think about the word opponent. That's just the person on the other side of the line right that's the person you competing yesterday have a conversation with and maybe you disagree right solution for two was a poem but they must be gently instructed. Think about that as many ram it down their throat, that must doesn't mean you get angry with them that you says you said earlier got to be kind. Scripture tells us, be kind to everyone in it and I guess that goes back to where we've gotten, we tend to get escalated when we disagree. Rather than decide it's okay for us to have different views because the Holy Spirit is within me. This is what is put on my heart this is what can or can't handle in terms of my life in the space of his word.

These are things I do.

But if we could get to those compositions where we can have an amicable conversation and rewrite ourselves as followers of Christ we had hold ourselves to a higher standard as it relates to this being kind is relates to gently instructing we don't need to behave like those in the world behave because if they're saying the same baby and people that don't believe in Christ or seen the same behavior out of us that they see with the nonbelievers.

What's different about us. What would attract them to become a part of the kingdom of God and see, and I think that's why the condition the conditional word there. If if God perhaps will grant them repentance so that they may know the truth so that would only come if the individual who was in opposition against God's word look and view what they are saying and God convicts them of what they're they're saying and their belief and then as a result of that conviction, then they repent of their statement and if they if they repent of their statement then God will grant them that repentant heart, but if they resist then God the weather. Absolutely then then God is going to resist them.

Folks, we just want to remind Israel nearing the end of the show.

God loves you wholeheartedly more than you could ever understand. If you have accepted Christ as your life with is encouraged to do that. This is a very simple prayer. Just ask God to just come in your heart as God cleanse your soul, repent of your sins and start falling. Jesus Christ given the word of God's temple and that we just occurs to do that have made a decision and will spend a great show.

Talk about compromise. Absolutely Roy and you. We know that as followers of Christ, that is part of the biggest issue in the word we didn't use today, which typically is a social compromise is hypocrisy because of the unbeliever. Here's your story hears you and then you compromise on the standards. The nursing that's a hypocritical approach you say one thing but doing another. Absolutely Roy and I think when you do that you have no no testimony because folks are saying. Well, if you do that, then why should I even engage myself in something that you can even hold instruments right where you are, gives quick prayer whale Lord, we thank you for this opportunity that you've given us to come on the air. We just thank you father for all of the listeners. We just ask God if there's anyone out there who have a compromising heart that you would just break down the barrier Lord and just have them, their eyes open so they can see the truth. We love you today and we thank you for everything that you're doing with the man talk podcast we thank you all and may God bless you and may have and smile upon you a man, a man who today show W CMM talking and walking Christian men's building a community of men to be servant leaders in their communities, churches, and work environment. Check us out our website for upcoming events and regular scheduled meetings. Don't forget to send us an email or topics that you would like us to visit in the future. Thank you for joining us today on man talk visit us WC

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