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S04 Ep 31 Conformity Over Faith. Why Do We Compromise?

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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July 31, 2022 4:00 pm

S04 Ep 31 Conformity Over Faith. Why Do We Compromise?

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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July 31, 2022 4:00 pm

July 31. Welcome to the Man Talk Radio Podcast, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.  This week Will and Roy discuss why Christians are willing to compromise their faith to prevent uncomfortable conversations and possible confrontation.  

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body.

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Ministry sponsored by WC talking and walking Christian men's ministry where we're devoted to breaking down the walls voice mission to point me to their God assigned now here she holds will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior good morning, good morning.

Welcome, but man talk regular folks like you so much for joining us. We just would like to thank you once all of our listeners would been so blessed it's going worldwide quite a few countries and just will say thank you so much and please continue past the link to the podcast your friends. Feel free to share any information or questions you like for us to try to address our podcast is very important. We have feedback from folks again. As always, thank you so very very much for being a part of will.

What's on the topic today.

Well today Roy. We talk about compromise and I think when we look at compromising there's number of aspects, we can look at but what we want to look at is will we compromise our faith for the acceptance of someone who wants us to compromise.

That's a nonbeliever, or even believers right we would have compromise expectations from some levers because we know what's going on in the church these days. We talked about that other churches are moving into the world rather than world moving into the church rather than church moving yes and is a bigger picture to that because you know there's reasons behind why you have this influx of one and the other you know so it's it's sorta like a reaction. A chemical reaction that you can drive it one way and then you put something else on the mixer and you drive it another way, so that's what's happening you getting this driving effect from the world aspect of the church and in the church aspect into the world.

That's a good way of putting it. We could almost say it's a toxic effect.

At times, right chemical analysis will absolutely and so when we look we look at compromise. Though we look at there's one good example in revelations chapter 2 and when Jesus Christ is speaking here is talking to the church at Pergamum and he says that I know your works.

This is revelations to beginning and 13.

I know your works and where thou dwellest, even where Satan's seat is an thou hold us fast my name, and hast not denied my faith even in the days of Oedipus, my faithful martyr who was slain among you, where Satan seeks well now he talks about Satan's seat three times in a particular verse and anytime you're talking about a seat that represents power, authority, or even a capital so we talk about like the seat of Rome. Generally you talking about the Pope so here he saying that here you are in the midst of a place in Pergamum where Satan's seat dwells and you kept my faith. So you you been faithful to me. But there is an exception and I don't know if you have the rest of that verse up Roy on verse number 14, but he goes further and he talks about that. There are some things that he has against them, yes. Will got that set in the NIV version.

Nevertheless I have a few things against there are some among you who hold to the teaching of Balaam, who taught Baylor to entice the Israelites to sin so that they are food sacrificed of a food sacrificed to idols and committed sexual immorality, and I think Roy it's that sexual immorality piece that we want to prop concentrate on the most because what happen is recently I was reading a story that was actually on the religious news network or service and they were talking about 100 Methodist branches of the United Methodist Church that was branching off from the main body is because there were certain practices that the main body was accepting and these 100 branches did not want to accept and a course mainly that was looking into gay marriages and putting people who were gay into leadership positions within the church and see that's it's that's a very fine line because what you have is you have a situation where you say if you are not going to accept the people within your congregation then your discriminating against them. On the one hand, but if you accept, you know their views and values. Without question or contention, then what happens is you're saying now you're compromising your faith so that's a very good question to the listening audience and to just us in the room is what would you do if you were pastor of a church. Roy and all of a sudden you have a group of of you know gay people come in and you had a person who sat there and then all of a sudden there holding hands or they show affection if they should start showing affection with each other in the church. How would you address that as the pastor. What would you say to them, because on the one hand you want to show love. But on the other hand, you don't want to discriminate but then on the other hand, don't want to compromise your values right that's a great question will and I guess that applies to anybody that we know that would be sinning against the word of God like Withers that trigger other things.

But within this particular area.

Great question many, many pastors are facing the challenge today for me personally I would have first of the Father in prayer about that because we know that were supposed love all people, but was also supposed to stand on our standards as it relates to what we believe in right in the Bible so that something have to be addressed by the pastor of the church because it's a public show affection and same sex is against what the Bible says right yes it is. It is sure it is but with you I think there's there's that the side when you come to people who want to accept that particular mind right now. I think when you come into a situation like that, then it has to be made unequivocally and perfectly clear that there are certain things that as part of this congregation. If you hold to this standard. When you come into our Miss that there are certain things that you basically should not do right, and if the person cannot accept those things, then maybe this is not the place for them. So also I think that's as a pastor. That's how would we would take it on a one-to-one basis because in today's times Roy what you have is you have individuals work actually coming into a local church and they're saying if we find ourselves hated or discriminated against. Then we were going to you know take you to the government and saying that you're talking hate speech which is happening is happening around the United States. There's pastor up in Canada dear our blackbird about four or five years ago who was basically jailed because he was preaching. Romans one.

And so you know that's that's that fine line will will you make a very very good observation and a very good direction here forces the body of Christ.

I think the key is it with God's love people and stand on our standards and that's where people most Christians have a difficult time. Newly they think they can't love people and stand on the standards biblical standards by the enemy because God is very clear in his direction about this very clear how he feels about this, amongst other sins as well. So we have to be diligent and walking this thing out properly. I love the way you put you just these are our expectations as part of the body of Christ, no different than any other group to Spain again and this case we have biblical standards that were falling and if those can't be followed than it does require some conversation and maybe they need to find another place of worship exactly because I think the tendency is, and I want to bring up this another article that I read and 2015. The I think it was the Trinity broadcasting network. They feature a story on their where down in South Carolina. The Southern Baptists.

They also had on their website that they're not going to no longer discriminate in a course you have to basically dive into that word to say.

What do you mean when you say discriminate on their website they they said that they are open their doors to basically everyone, regardless of sex, gender, or their their knowledge in reference to what the Bible says about this or that and if they go against acting we going to accept them for who they are. So ultimately what you're going to have here is you going to have a conflict of interests, you will have conflict in views somewhere along the line, because the if a person hold to a particular view and then all of a sudden you know that you are holding the word of God standard and that standard is against their view is, ultimately clashes, ultimately conflict and you you ultimately might have a divide within the church. Some people say I'm going to hold and say we should continue to love these people and do what we do because we are children of God and on the other hand were saying how can we love someone and we are trying to uphold that standard and ultimately were going to disagree. Somewhere along the way, how can we have a united body as a mystery. Three says how can two walk together except they be in agreement where like we talked about the dinner yet to be in want of course you have to be reading off the same page standards in our cases reading of the Bible and adhering to what God's direction is for life and if you don't want to compromise to your word compromise distanced you're going to have conflict you're going to have disagreements. You're going to have a parting of the ways so I think that's what makes it so unique is a society is that we try to make everything fit for everybody just doesn't work that way. If you follow Christ. You just need to say these are the things I believe in. This is the well of my life. If you choose to live differently. That's okay because that's your choice. You have to be held accountable just like I have to be held accountable for my choices and my actions so you is another individual will be held accountable for your actions and your decisions no matter what it is you.

This is also a hot topic right now because of society but especially given the current decision as of late with Roe versus Wade dinner also nailed other conversations are coming around that they're concerned about.

This can be rules change that sort of thing. So we got take a quick break will be right back to your Christian men's ministry, men's breakfast, held every first Friday of each month.

You enjoy fun, fellowship in the word of God break bread together.

Meetings are held at First Christian Church 1130 N. Main St. start promptly at 6:30 AM and have a hard stop at 8:00 AM. Come join your host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior back mental directives you talk about many times with all worldly issues Bible tells biblical view you're not doing those things is first as a follower of Christ. Now we know the unbelievers.

They don't hold to those guidelines.

I don't hold to God's direction because they chose not to do or don't believe in God, whatever it may be what I'm and I'm glad you brought that up Roy because you know as Bishop Jackson was talking about during the meeting on week we had on Thursday. He he he really brought home, something that really appealed to me in a course that was when he said I don't care if you're Republican, Democrat in the pan. I'm neither one of those archer and seed, and that's always been my position yes always that I never look at groups or organizations because you know why Roy because I just read where 47 Congressman who were Republicans for Democrat. I mean, excuse me for the senator and house representative are now in favor of voting with the same-sex marriage rights and this one of the senators is Tom Tillis from Carolina so see this is why you can do that you have to look at say I'm not associating a filling myself within a group, because I know everybody with in that group does not hold the same values because they're compromising NC and in an election year and am passionate about this folks, but in an election year you hear individuals who are doing this in the course were coming up into an election year and they're doing it because of the votes and then they may switch back or they may have another mindset, but their motives. The key is their motives is not pure when they do things like this, it's because they're not standing on a solid foundation which is the word government with the wind absolutely will get the most votes with the most popular thing is to put back an officer to keep him in office. Absolutely flexible with the message will really make clear is that you got to love each other and part of being a loving person to another person is be willing to speak truth into them and speak truth to them. And sometimes it's difficult because you know you want don't want to say things that you think that might hurt their feelings, or that may offend them but let's be honest, if you're thinking about their eternal well-being, then the moment in this earthly disruption if you will. If you've said something that may upset somebody or that they may hurt your feelings but you're doing it out of love in your struggle with their eternal salvation secure, then it's it's okay. I must say go out and you lambaste people and do all that kind of thing you come from a position of love. Sure your heart and before you do that pretty head of the conversation right will absolutely just got to got to be bold in our witness bold in our position but be loving and tender. Your Jesus was loving and tender, but he was bold and he was a warrior and had no problem doing both. That's what we as followers of Christ need to be until he drove out the money changers said I can see there was another side of Jesus and so we want to understand that the word of God is going to offend you, and I'm glad it offended me in my sin me as well because what happens is if it don't do that, then you have a tendency to do exactly on the topic that we talked about compromising what you're doing to maintain whatever standards you're maintaining and not wanting to let go of it and of course you have to let go of whatever it is you're holding onto. That's not getting you biblical biblically sound and putting you in a position so you can represent Jesus Christ in the absolute best way possible. When you when we look at that verse.

Roy would talk about the way of bailment. Bailey C bailment point he did is he compromise the gifts that God gave him as a prophet is what he did. He sold himself out for money and so Bailey said this is what I want you to do. I want to shower you with all kinds of gifts and of course you can find this in Numbers chapter 22 through versus coming through chapters 25 is we can find this, but what what Bailey did as he said I want you to go and curse the children of Israel. And what happened is when he did that we have to take a quick break. The folks we will let you know about an upcoming event here real soon. We've got the bold meeting the second Saturday of each month held at the crossing at the Recon Ln. in Cartersville. Second, would like to tell you that if you join a website very T a W and hit the link for Christian you can make your purchases for the Christian on our website and it gives a little bit of money back to the ministry get a small fee for you accessing it through our website and help support our ministry so please Just jump out there and make an order of Christian and so Roy, what we were talking about. As we were saying how Baylor and malic. You know, got into that situation where Bailey wanted to pay off Bailey home and use the gifts that God had given him to curse Israel and of course we know the account when he was on his way and the donkey that he was riding a mule that he was riding saw the angel of the Lord and the mule went around the other way and when the meal went around the other way Baylor instructor mule and then danger the Lord moved into the way of the the writer again.

So all of a sudden the mule went around the other way now. What's interesting about this is when we talk about and read that story in Numbers 22 through 25 of chapters, what we miss out is the eyes of bailment was not open, but the eyes of the mule or donkey was open and later later, God opened up the eyes of bailment so he could see the angel of the Lord with the fire resort. My point here is this Roy is that we are blind to the things that the Lord put in front of us because we are allowing ourselves to compromise where we stand with our Christian values. We and so we are blinded to that, but others who are around us who are holding to those values. Their true and so God is showing them things whereas the individual who wants to continue hold to his own values or position that is contrary against the will of God. We are blinded well in that individuals holding their personal views and can guess connection with their Christian views the run of the parallel run right will the got things paralleled, hold onto these things. But overhear him think about things. What God wants me think about and will walk about in this post, but overhear him hold onto these things because that's what I personally believe we know that's wrong because you can't be double standard can be double-edged after you die to self and follow Christ or choose to walk away from Christ. Running the middle-of-the-road window how God feels about being lukewarm rights, crisp yourself, you got either be in or out, will you make the point earlier about this whole crossing of the thought processes and with the churches. I guess you start to kowtow them to some of these issues. What would happen to Sodom and Gomorrah for listeners maybe don't know the stored what happened. Sodom and Gomorrah. Well, you know there were that was a city of immorality and a course God brought judgment upon the city because of where they stood.

Now, what's interesting though about what God said in the in the 15th verse here in revelations as he said repent. That's what the people of Sodom and Gomorrah didn't do. They then repent and as a result, he said I'm going to come quickly and I'm going to fight against them with the sword of my mouth. I noticed them is those who are holding on to their own values rather than looking at what God said and turning away from compromising yourself with the world and he says I'm going to come quickly and I'm going to judge them with the sword out of his mouth, which is the word of God, but on the on the other token Roy.

He said he said that if you overcome he's going to give that person to eat the hidden manna. So he's going to give them the hidden manna. He's going to give them and allow them to see things that other people cannot see because they holding onto those values will it's a lot process assist a lot of processing folks on the road becomes pretty heavy. You know it it's good challenge. The most of it whereby stands as a follower of Christ.

You really gotta be all in or all out. It's that simple. All in or all out so don't compromise with us on this topic or any other topic where there's drunkenness or thievery your lying all those things you need to be solid in your world ultimately mistakes God forgives us over this repent and continue moving the journey. So we thank you for joining us today.

We've got just about a few more sex willing parting words. Well, I just want to thank God for the listening audience and we certainly want to continue this because we do have other verses Roy that we want to talk about as a leader, absolutely, and we want we want to make sure that we don't allow anything to get away from us that we want to bring to the broadcast.

Because I think there's something for everyone. When you listen to the world today show W CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry building a community of men to be servant leaders in their communities, churches, and work environment. Check us out our website for upcoming events and regular schedule meetings. Don't forget to send us an email or topics that you would like us to visit in the future. Thank you for joining us today on man talk visit us WC

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