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What's Your Miracle? Part 1

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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May 1, 2022 4:00 pm

What's Your Miracle? Part 1

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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May 1, 2022 4:00 pm

Welcome to Man Talk, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr. For the next two weeks the discussion turns to miracles. Do miracles still exist, or are they a thing of the past? Does God still perform miracles? Have you experienced a miracle in your own life?

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body

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This is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast. We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds. Sit back and enjoy it, share it the most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network welcome to man talk to my DAW CM and talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they are devoted down the walls of race and denomination and challenging men to take their God assigned role as our host will hardly Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white guy welcome. Sorry about that folks with his other way. Yes indeed we just glad for you all to be with the song tonight this afternoon or morning. Where are you listening to man talk radio from wages, welcome you and glad that you can be part of our conversation today yes will thank you so much fun to talk about miracles. That's our topic for today.

Do miracles still exist is that is a thing of the past as God turned his back on provide miracles to the corporate level to the church that the corporate level to communities, counties about individuals. Do we still have miracles in today's time will talk a little bit about that talk about some of the miracles from from the Bible and the opportunity, challenge your thought processes will and ask yourself where you at later to see miracles hey man, you know, I think there's probably to prospective Roy won't talk about belief in miracles and I think certainly in today's time.

There has been a lot of validation with respect to miracles saw. I think if we say miracles don't exist today being we're sort of like putting God in a box and out to say that these things stopped you know with the institution of the church, but I think there are countless miracles that have been documented of reputable people were talking about doctors were talking about people in specialized fields who have had incidents in their life take place and all of a sudden this miraculous thing occur and they get completely turned around and of course you know you remember when we had we had Lee Strobel you on the line a few months back.

You know he was. We were talking about that that there was this one young lady named Barbara and and we talk about her later on in the show.

I mean, it was just such a fantastic thing that the Lord did in her life. They did a good job there will say that we come up with God in the box if we don't look for miracles. Don't expect to see is providing miracles everyday. I think some of the question. I have some that you not talk about the passes because you special US were turned her back on God is a country that we forgotten that was the foundation of our forefathers. That was the Bible, just say the country speaks specifically to laws to the policies that we just walked away so you have to wonder are you really worried about the country like he used to be because we turned her back on.

That's what this question asked myself special look at how this continues to pare down this road, but on an individual basis. You and I talked about miracles that just happened in our own life and some very similar to each other and I think that's a good be a great opportunity for us to share some of that on to today's programs well yeah because miracles I think again it depends on the view and a course the worldview I think is what you referring to of the country has changed from what it used to be.

So when we talk about a miracle. Roy, I like using the definition of course I have different definition until I started reading Lee Strobel's book on the case for miracles, but there was a great definition of miracles in the book that he talked about and what he said was that when actually he was taking this quote from someone else. But in the book. He said that a miracle is when God intervenes in the natural process of the laws that he has established for the earth, so, and any use example where if you you take a ball or an object in your hand and you hold it up and then you let that object go gravity is going to take that down to the floor, but as you drop that object again. And all of a sudden you put your hand out and you catch the ball. Now your enter hearing or intervening with the gravitational process in stopping the ball from hitting the floor great absolute great definition. So when God because God established the natural order of things God can intervene in the natural exactly and and I think that's where where we as God's children. We put our faith and not in man, but we put our faith that God is able to do whatever he does, either through man or not using man at all.

Yeah that's that's a great analogy is a good interruption the physical. The physics behind the ball dropping his hand catching what I was listing to that.

Will you have talked about this in several months back about my particular miracle to share with you is the interruption of physics. You know when not when I'm was headed for oncoming traffic.

Five lanes wide in God pushed me back onto the inside of that could only have which by physics and laws of physics it with the wrong directions.

What a great illustration. Folks there's I'm sure you're thinking through this process. Right now your thinking will women that I experience a miracle or winded. I witness a miracle.

I'm sure if you live long enough, you can look back over your lifetime and something happened that interrupted the natural forces or expectation of what was about to happen, whether it be in a car accident is likely to spoken about potential drowning, which share with you will but going through child just inexplicably good night fall off the bed gets pushed back up on the bed had a friend seen that happen in his own home, so we know that God is out there watch after us with his angels, and that he's got a cover over us. That's what supports them fellowship right will with him every day and not not get to point of complacency or comfort that we've arrived exactly because I'm just thinking about individuals who who might be skeptical and NC speaking from us diptych standpoint, a skeptic, they want to see something that's verified so and and I think other skeptics even if they see something that's verified for America question whether or not what you are presenting to them was incorrect. From that from the beginning so so and in I don't I don't have a problem with someone wanting some type of verification. I really don't because this is the thing to thing is this is that you have it will listless use example of one of the one of the miracles that occurred as Lee talked about in the bookcase for miracles. What it was this young lady named Barbara and Barbara had a degenerative type of scoliosis or it it it just kept flaking her internally. Her she didn't have control over her bowels.

Her muscles in her legs and arms were at the actual PC could not eat or swallow certain things because those muscles were all interrupted and sold.

Basically, Roy.

The doctors had written her off and they said there is absolutely nothing we can do well. The family of Barbara never quit and so what they did is they said okay we're going to get a group together and were going to pray and in the prayer requests just went out. You know, not only to the group, but they did even got on the radio and I talked about praying for Barbara salty's request for going out and don't get confused. Now listener.

It's not the amount of people who are praying that God is going to listen to. Just because you have 20 or 2000 people praying that that has nothing to do with it. It really doesn't. Roy like the amount of people praying. It is the faith that those people have in God that he is able to do what they're requesting him to do it is just like we talked about before. In our first John chapter 5 he he said over there that this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us and if we know he hears us then so whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we require or ask of him. So as we make our petitions up to God. God hears these petitions and we wait until the answer comes down sometimes the answer is no sometimes the answer is slow or wait sometimes the answer is go so so God has their stages, and God knows why you if you make a requests why you may not receive that quick requests at the time you asked. That's a hard thing for believers will absolutely be patient and in all but I think it's other son that is discernment of the answer no to really ask God to reveal his answer to point may be weighted may be slow and it may be no as we talked about in the past but maybe no.

So that's something folks is discernment when it seems like you're not getting an answer. This time really come to the foot say father please help me understand what you're trying to get across to me here what it what is your answer in this in this matter and the often times were were to were too impatient and sometimes part of the answer is letting time pass in order to get to the place we need to be here for things to come. The fall in line and God's alignment to line up with his answer force and we try to help God long sometimes to try to help got along as we live is like God you not moving fast enough for me so maybe I need to go out here and do something in order to initiate and stimulate the private requests that are making and to you right now and and I think we find ourselves get into more trouble. We do that God does not need our help in noting that will start some about the miracles was the most common miracle it comes to your mind from the Bible. Think about the miracles that I think about the miracles I think about miracles of healing.

I think healing is perhaps a lot of what I see in particular in the Old Testament, and it reminds me of reminds me of Matthew chapter 12 when Jesus of he. They brought up man who was demon possessed to him and God cast out the God cast out the demonic spirit that was in him, and as a result of casting the demonic spirit that was in him.

When the when the religious leaders saw it. What they said was oh so something happen here but he's doing this by Beelzebub, which is the chief demons and intercourse.

Jesus came back and said look if if Satan cast out his own.

We gotta take a quick break will will be right back.

I will hold onto that thought DAW CM and would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first, third and fifth Friday of every month, Bible discussions and fellowship best breakfast in town meeting location is in their gracious host Church First Christian Church encouragement 1130 N. Main St. in Kernersville. It all starts at 630 and they have a hard stop at 8 o'clock.

First time visitors eat for free. Join your host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white and talk and you know what we were talking about before. How Jesus was casting out the demon of the demonic possessed man and how we see miracles of healing again.

I'm reminded of the man who sat by the pool of Siloam. The woman who had the issue of blood you know and raising up of Lazarus from the dead, so I think this the miracles of healing is probably what we what I see most in the Scripture, but what was amazing is that when Jesus knew the hearts of the Jewish leaders when they challenged him in a and said you doing this by Satan and Jesus came back with look. If Satan start casting out himself and his whole kingdom is going to fall so it's but if I do it by the spirit and hand of God, then you will know God is involved, and I've come as the son of God in God's name to do his will man the paralytic comes to mind. You know the and that was the faith is a good start is the faith of the people praying when this case was the faith of the men of care in the paralytic tore the hole in the roof and putting down Jesus was there faith that Jesus on children plus the feeding of the thousands multitude two times many many many people 5000 think one of the 4000 was only other time in quite amazing and see what makes this amazing Roy is that Jesus did none of the miracles in private so there will always witnesses EE including the blind man or that the man who was lame and so the Jewish leader said who did this and he said I don't know who did it, but I do know this man Jesus you know and him and and so they went and got his parents we we not going to believe you we going to do so then I turned to his pants and they said will here is man in the prayers came back and said look he's old enough to speak for himself. Ask him. So I think I think all of the times Roy when the Jewish leaders challenge what Jesus did, they really didn't have anything to fall back on because what they were simply doing was trying to discredit him because if they discredit him. Then the people will continue to follow them right essay was all about them and not about Jesus course turned water to wine, certain first miracle right so the other thing comes to mind is that the funeral procession, Jesus came upon in Luke a word widow had lost her only son in the course ready to bury the child erase the child amazing the things we think about in Scripture how God showed himself and honored people continued on if we would honor him today. I think we would see more of those things that's right in and I think Roy we see we see most miracles happening today. I think in places where they need to happen so we square cinnamon Third World countries were cinnamon places where our people have perhaps worship idol gods to worship their ancestors and other things like this. And God is making himself known. You know with in those countries, so he is allowing things to happen over there because there's just great influx of people who want to know more about who Jesus is and what he's capable of doing so. I think that that I think is enough for us to see and understand why. Perhaps we don't see as many miracles happening in the United States as perhaps we sing happen in the past or again as you so eloquently alluded to that we as a country off just falling away that we cannot stress enough that we need to come back to the father, especially as a country right now we are. I would say were probably more needed miracles today in this country than we probably ever have been. If you look at the condition of the family's condition of the children.

The exposure that's been put in front of her children.

Exposures been put in front of adults. Just the violence that we experience right now is a country it seems like every day there's some sort of killing, shooting it with him more more about in that would use to not hear the skull things and I miracle piece think to sit down and contemplate folks about your father's heavenly father and what is done in your life, but I don't think we do enough reflection in the enough time of Thanksgiving were always in need of something, but I think it's a great opportunity say let's thank him for everything that he has given us and what is done for you and you know we all have troubled lives. We all deal with issues in our marriages and issues in with children. It's just part of life in the got Adam and Eve think they broke the fellowship originally but if we just take time to reflect and be thankful for what we do. Someone's always got it better. Someone's always got worse. God still miracle business.

Absolutely Roy and again to get back to just a little bit Barber situation that we were talking about earlier is that she had verifiable medical evidence of her condition from an oncologist from a neurologists from a internist and from a general practitioner and so there were like four different types of doctors, along with some of their colleagues who was attending after Barbara and so Barbara was laying there in the bed and course she knew all the people I was praying for her. She was laying there in the bed and then all of a sudden she said I heard a voice that said, get up and walk. Same thing that Jesus said to some of the people by like the man was at the pool us alone. Well he was he was making up excuses. Well, Jesus. Every time I attempt to get up and get into the pool. Somebody get into the pool in front of me. Jesus didn't even address that he just said if you want to be made whole. Believe take up your mat get up, go and go and that's exactly what the mandated but all of these doctors. All of these x-rays.

All of that was verifiable it was. It was without any dispute, even from the biggest skeptic that this woman was healed by some type of remission of her illness, know all of the doctors had written her off every single one of an when the prayer was made and when she heard the voice all of a sudden she said it didn't come right away. It came in like stages so so her. Her hands were bent to the point to where her fingers could almost touch her wrists and and seat began to get strength back into her fingers. She began her muscles begin to be able to move because she was in the bed for so long, she couldn't even stand up well and so she got up, slid over to the side a big got up and started walking and then she called for like her father, and no other people to come into the missing when it came in the mess they saw and they just begin to praise God and what makes it really, really exciting. Roy and again all of this was from medical doctors written off. She went to the church I think was a Methodist Church where her parents went and all of a sudden she she went down the aisle when when the pastor asked if anyone just need to come down the aisle and get prayed for and she said I have basically a miracle that happened in my life and so here's a person couldn't swallow. Couldn't have control of their bowels, scoliosis, degenerative diseases, you know, eyes closing up. No use of muscles because she was in the bed for so long and walking down the aisle and all of the people who were in the church you know it because churches like that you have church family.

So everybody know everybody and so all of them knew that she was in the bayonet for all these many years, and then to see her walking. It was just a tremendous thing in a course you know when we talk to Lee about her. He had basically said after we did the show with him that she had finally passed away. But see, here's the key. Roy she was supposed to have passed away. 30 years earlier.

And God gave her 30 years. You didn't use 30 years he gave her that she wasn't supposed to have. According to the doctors, miracles, miracles, they do exist listener and God has shown you each and every one of you were listening that there something that happen in your life. That's right that you know you can explain it and the only way you can explain it is that God was the one who intervened in your behalf.

The hand of the father was intervening interest in the physics absolutely is amazing. Real good stuff folks. Good stuff. What is your miracle today what are you asking God for you believe that God can give that miracle will he will he deliver that miracle to his loved one sick is it the job situation.

Is it a lost child. That's not following God. What is your miracle you need to be thinking about that folks who just want to encourage you to be thinking about it and pray for as we reference the session up and will continue next showroom on miracles and ask of God, and we just are trusted joints next week. But what is your miracle, and we would like for you if you want to share your marriage yes email us go to the website, email us your your miracle and and share with us how God had intervene in your life do something so extraordinary that you simply could not explain it any other way except God is the one who did it and see him and when Lee was talking to Craig Shermer, Dr. Shermer, coming not Shermer Turner for Cantor about the miracles that he wrote down in his book on get that look that way you have some excerpts of my book and so I'm going to talk more about some of the miracles that Dr. Cantor wrote as Lee recorded them in his book, we had conversation with him so many years ago to thank you for joining us. We love you and we look forward next week with a great week God is able. Jesus is Lord and we are not as we wrap up today show. Be assured that TA W CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events and regularly scheduled meetings is a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on man talk today. Visit us at men walking the talk. This is the Truth Network

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