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Father Interviews His Son Part 1

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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January 9, 2022 4:00 pm

Father Interviews His Son Part 1

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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January 9, 2022 4:00 pm

Welcome to Man Talk, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.  This week, Roy interviews his youngest son Joshua about his life as a Christian in college, the Army reserves, as well as his experience being a mentor for young men.

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body.


This is Jim Rodham from the masculine jury podcast where we explore relationship and start a religion every week your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds to enjoy it.

Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network welcome to man talk brought to you by T8 W CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry were there devoted to breaking down the walls of race, age as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior a black eye white back to man talk radio. This invoice shows the white guy will Hardy vacation that enjoins time often but we just were welcome to the show we've got an amazing afternoon plan for you. This can be a very special show one. The dove had in the back of my mind for doing for quite some time.

This is where I can opportunity to interview my my youngest son Joshua said, welcome to the show Joshua but he got her having with Joshua's is the is our youngest son and also our youngest child just been very blessed with all of her children. As I'm sure many of you have and what I'd like to do is just I can let just a little about himself that he is before we get started out display lobe of the groundwork for and he is an Army reservist as a college student is an engineer program at school and nobody comes at schools and his intentions are to go active for a few years and this gives a little bit different than flavor with the military's like that level. So what that that Josh welcome to show why don't you just tell the forecastle a bit about yourself way, hip at the noun ahead. Yes, it is your basically I guess that overviewing points in my life.

But yes, I am in college for electric engineering and you know, I think, passion that I have is is to mentor young man and I guess just the people around me. I mean, obviously it's easier as a man to mentor men here. There's a certain gap that gets bridge between the genders. As far as how far you can take certain recommendations and conversations, but you have certain have passion for for for men around me and I'd like to be able to disciple everybody around in some some form or fashion so so that leads into my first question with you which I was to be on the show we get people generally assume that their Christ followers talk with but are you a Christian and more portly follower of Christ will be the question first. So yeah, yeah, I guess you know both in you. I consider myself a disciple of Christ. I guess you would say well it's even better is always in learning mode right trying to go which it proceeds is much better.

I learned today about what that's for sure. So is learning a lot greater as an adult follower of Christ, which is great and not just a subtle messy question just enough tell you below to review some of the things we talk about how important is young man wasn't free to grow up in a Christ centered home. I think growing up and I didn't necessarily I didn't see the value in it quite as much until you branch out and see how other people are raised. So when you're when your life experiences so little and you don't see outside perspectives. Growing up, how you grow up. That's just how it is that is the truth in that moment yeah and then when you branch out and you see how other other people your age behavior how you know children of other parents behave and then and then you start to, as you mature you can kind of value.

The lessons that have been taught and you can kinda retroactively see okay these are my habits and this is how I behave and you can look back and say will the foundation of my raising contributed to that, since I growing up. You know you don't value it, and it's not until you see the impact it has in your life at a moment that you can appreciate it that it really impact a sugar say to be honest it it it didn't matter to me growing up because how life was that just that's the end announce and then I I'm here why Matt and I can say wow it's absolutely instrumental in who I am is a man and how it has affected my ministry, and I appreciate it because now I'm in a position where you know I mentor men and even note women from time to time, and they you know give insight to how they were raised in the things they struggled with, and you know Michael I don't have the issue because of how I was raised or things happen in my household right so that was with my next question.

How is this impacted you as a young man in college and kinda nice job leading into the endless talk about their college life.

You are she came to high school and what age were you Joshua when you got saved. I want to say, you know, probably sometime like in early elementary school in a obviously being raised in the church that was in the expectation sitting area and I got baptized and accepted Christ in my heart a very young age and then you know I didn't have an issue believing you know the stories in the history of the Bible tells and then you as you mature is it more as a person you know and mean it talks about anyone. I became a man I put childish things away and as a child. What the things you value or like toys and whatnot playtime. But you as I matured you know I started to value the lessons I was being taught and started to value my faith. I guess it would would be an answer that, if ritual that for just a moment to junior high and high school years, the foundation that was laid in your household. How does that help you deal with the temptations even though you want is appreciative of the way you are being raised with the way that you haven't been taught at the time was that instrumental in keeping you somewhat out of trouble and needs high school doing the wrong things make the right decisions that sort of thing. Yes, certainly. So I think you know the very start.

I was had started my real faith is like middle school right because when I stepped in the youth group and then you branch on the public school and start having to put this into practice so you that's when I started trying to put those those values in action, whether it be basically stranded to maintain my character represent Christ you know and then as again this maturing process and you think it to the extent you never really stopped changing as a person, but there from the transition from middle school to the high school.

It became less about you know being a Christian and letting people know that, as opposed to actually having to put Christian concepts and Christian habits, I guess. Or or Christ following lifestyles in the play so certain have a transition to high school in a I guess the ability to the opportunity to get the trouble certainly doubled, but here I think that would be where my raising was more instrumental in saying hey, like I have my whole life ahead of me so therefore let me surround myself with people who are going to jeopardize my future scene. I stayed around you.

Not everybody I hung out with was was Christian certain Majorie my friends in out in the public school system work, but they also unit must've had a pretty good head on and even then you know I was talking a right is right wrong is wrong and I had the Bible to back that up. Growing up, so those those values and those morals were what I would apply to. I guess my habits and keep myself out of trouble.

I say okay I can see what you're doing like I want no part of right this is see say that about the non-Christian friends from nonclass follows is because you had the opportunity and joy and blessing to lead several those young men to the Lord is of watched you through the years and some in high school some outside of high school and I think because you were you were and you stood on your standards that that gave you an opportunity to speak to those men young man in a way that had you been running off course and run wild out. You wouldn't have that opportunity this to share with them. They were looking up to you. I think before you realize that you must definitely.

I heard her saying it's here share the gospel always needs words when necessary, and that's kinda last I try to live to where you people can see Christ in my life before I ever have to say a word about it. And yet sometimes a lot easier said than done, but so long as that's the goal in mind and that's what you're striving for interest not only it's always doable. You know slip up and you maybe a letter word loose here are say something bad or you know you know I act out a character and here they are. But you know what the end goal is always you know let my actions reflect Christ right. Let me lead people to the gospel for lead them to Christ for how to talk to you is interesting. Joshua one of the things that we say quite often so you remember uncle Bill were things he would always say is in the actions you speaking so loud, looking her word you're saying that says we say often on the show that can be a really positive thing that can be really bad thing and if it's a positive thing.

It's just that people see in the life that you're living as a follower of Christ and in the sold person through your actions and same holds true right if you're if you're going the other direction. If you say one thing and doing something else. That certainly creates challenges in your witness and being able to share your story yet. Definitely I think I am.

I think I think your actions are definitely the standard to which your your words are our set. You know I get the gold standard backs up our money or use to your actions back upwards right so people value your words or value your currency based on was backing up. That's good WW network of young men, Joshua and within college know what we refer to as accountability groups are far teams that sort of thing that you're part of within college and how important is that to you. Yes I do so in out. The model was laid out for me in a biblically that and as a man you want a Paul to speak into your life for Barnabas to walk beside you and Timothy to mentor and you maybe not. Or was ready for Timothy but a Barnabas and Paul are always you know attainable. So I certainly have all three of those in right now you and I guess you're asking that my my Barnabas is in my Timothy's so you know Monday nights. I lead a group of about, you know, I think, to right now or at six of us total to six, including me, so I mentor five men on a month on a weekly basis and you know on Sunday nights. I have three other three other men who come under me for for guidance and leadership on scene I mentor them on a weekly basis and yet the accountability part comes where there my Barnabas is in walking through life with me so he I teach them about Biblical manhood and try and prepare them for life, and you know, kind and returning as they watch my back accountability, wising a hold me to the standards that I set you know they expect my actions to line up with my words and that's been absolutely instrumental in my walk with Christ through college. Certainly there's something to be said about having people who are willing to push you on a weekly basis and pushing to be better than yourself like that's one aspect of it, but then you come to the aspect of I'm a leader now independent you I I I want to be the best leader that I can possibly being I want to be the greatest influence on the men I can possibly be glad I do that so being part of leader being a leader now and having that goal in mind hasn't have asked my question is how to how I do that she knew what the Bible when you look to Jesus Christ and he basically surf the Internet, so hopefully come back to take a break in just a second split one of things I thought was interesting to talk to Paul once spoke about Barnabas's life. You may not have the right side of the like that. They take a break from the trip. Rebecca Paul TA WC MM would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month and Bible discussions and fellowship at the best breakfast in town meeting location is at their voracious poster First Christian Church and Connors will 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock on a hard stop at 8 o'clock.

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This voyage owns the white guy and it's enough of had the blessed opportunity to bring my son youngest son Joshua into the program and just were doing a father's interview with the sun and asking some questions that we have really talked about before this, washed in the in the background on the sidelines and some which we have talked about Josh was left for break one of the things that came up was the accountability groups in small groups you mentioned that in the Paul Barnabas and Timothy which every man should have those three in his life, and in those those roles may change over time through the seasons and typically Paul may not change because he may be with you for quite some time. Barnabas is will come and go, and certainly the Timothy to feed into those guys will change to over time. You mentioned that.

And I a distances for my I guess an overview is that Paul in your life you had to go by name. Do you have a man there in Charlotte in that area or to the group several guys to lean on. Yes, I mean, I guess.

Excluding you write as a father figure and the one who raised me like outside of that, he certainly laid the foundation foundation for it was.

I'm looking for but you have had. I've had about you know three or four people throughout my college experience on your certainly my youth pastor was a big influence in high school. In the year I've had in their two or three Paul's in my life. You all serve a different purpose as a mentor right in a one of them showed me in a I guess the guide to mentor ship.

What is it look like to be a mentor how to mentor you know what is it look like to be a healthy man as far as like you know the different aspects of the soul. It's not just spiritually know there's financial health. There's mental health, physical health and spiritual health and even a couple more than just having this is a well-rounded man and I had another mentor who who taught me what it looked like to know given be selfless and I have a man who who, from the perspective would have everything you could ever want in a very very wealthy and you know that as humble as can be and neocon. It showed what it looks like to to have everything and to not let money spoil who you are and how and how to use money and you know understand that it's not your money. It's God's money and they know my my latest mentor is who I meet with pretty regularly. I'm showing showing what looks like to search you are very similar to my second mentor. Here he he's financially, helps me out with projects and stuff but he's just like it takes whatever time I want to help me build things to do things. I mean, at no cost to myself any air unit is texting me what he's learning about what God is teaching himself and the three that have been able to take that mentor ship and the lessons I learned from them and pass them on to my groups. Let's really good to us will appreciate you sharing the component it in your college life hell has.

How has your walk with Christ impacted your learning at school and what is the school downloading into you from a spiritual perspective or trying to deter you from a spiritual perspective well so you as electrical engineer is not in a lot of time for for lollygagging when it comes to curriculum. Once you get your major. So for me, the school hasn't downloaded too much other than what it is I need to know, but I certainly had a class here or there on the certainly wanted to get very focused into the race or gender politics near very one-sided, very polarizing and in you know, didn't open up you know very good of the conversation to have Lucius this is the way it is X, Y, and Z. People are responsible for and you need to tell me write a paper.

Why is that you know so that that's not very much the case for logical engineering or engineering and stem in general I don't think, but it certainly is an issue out Sandy University systems today so is faith encouraged to walk with Christ encouraged from the campus perspective is readily available for sale. A nonbeliever who searching this is how you would like to dive into what looks like a Christ follower is that something that is readily available and visible, or is it something that's basically out of sight out of mind that you really a person has to know someone that I find those resources so I guess there two sites that you hear from my experience, which is in a very limited as far as someone who deals with university politics I certainly haven't found an issue in getting involved in air because they basically trip treat religious organizations like any other club so you know you just got a go threat steps a chance to become a club and you're allowed to advertise just like anybody else's, but certainly you know universities tend to lean one way politically. And sometimes that gets in the way of which religions they want to push or not push so I would say you have at least my school does a very good job of allowing your Christian organizations to function like any other organization but it's good so for so the new college student arriving on campus those resources or should be readily available or clubs or activities of the look of things are a group of Christ followers. Christians do, they just couldn't basically seek that out through the administration through the club organizations, etc. yeah, you just gotta know where to look as far as my understanding that Christian resources are heavy resources but rather clubs right now. Certainly, the University does provide like university resources and as to which way you what kind of resources as are not sure because I don't seek those out right so everything that you're currently doing is basically on your own with a group of guys was known sponsorship from the school level. In my case, yes. But, and I do have friends who lead Christian organizations that are official school organizations and they get the same support and funding they could get minor sponsorship what he thinks the most challenging part of being a Christ follower and be in the student in college and I think most challenging part is how serious you take your faith right now.

It can be as challenging as it can be very challenging if you take your faith very seriously or it can be not challenging all if your faith is on Sundays right.

The Bible tells us car/commitment with us to go and make disciples of all nations. And, you know. Also, whether you eat or drink and or whatever you do do to the glory of Christ, so you take that seriously. I got on campus and share your faith. You know you can make disciples of other students. Are you let your study habits reflect Christ as your mouth and your actions and reflect Christ when you're in class and around everybody is not or in as your faith can be on Sundays. Do everybody else that week. So in my case I found to be challenging at times to do what God has asked me to do to be obedient and I think I haven't found it challenging to be a Christian on campus rather just the obedience part to step out of your comfort zone to talk to strangers about about the faith say that that can be the most challenging thing which will talk about part to the suits, but there's some things won't talk to about temptations about challenges related to specifically and that sort of things. What it what you view is your greatest spiritual challenge since you been in college, so I would say I'm a little more unique than most college students.

At least with what I struggle with because now I lead a group of men and I don't only I don't just do a Bible study and my men don't just come to hear about the Bible and I push my men in my men chase after God in I said not to pat myself on the back because really nice at 90% of the footwork is done by the flock that I shepherd but when you have a group of men that take the fight that seriously, there's just a lot of spiritual warfare that gets involved so you thought the thoughts and and and temptations of absolutely everything you can imagine come into play. At that point for me safety if you if there was a temptation mentioned in the Bible are thought the Bible like at some point Saints, but that in my head so that's what I struggle with the most I guess. But even then it is like I don't struggle with too much because I have I have 87 guys any given moment who you are willing to pick up the sword you know and back me up, but certainly I guess for for anybody else you know you get drinking and partying and that's big struggle for some men on campus seen a have your purity, whether be pornography or just having sex at parties and that's a big one in their certainly the two biggest ones that I have seen to be the biggest struggle for for men on campus. We know that is in the we talked about the previous shows will not have in another temptation and another distraction seems to be gaming on the way I hear a lot of young men and we've even talked about this, you and I jostle about how much time spent on the Handheld Cir., Xbox is that sort of thing so is that still a major player in college a month amongst the young man gaming and also the pornography which adjustment to this a big thing drinking parting sexual promiscuity.

Although saying so is the gaming as big as this seems to be, it must be because the Xbox demand for Christmas was incredibly high across the country you I don't know. I there certainly is a been a big statement about video gaming impact it has on in the generation there habits in their thoughts and actions, but I don't think it's that as much of a temptation email as as drugs and alcohol right because gaming is it's a cheap hobby you know everybody to have a need way to spend their time to enjoy themselves in college) have the Xbox video might be a one-time purchase of the that's the Skywest of the high demand will you want to think we speak about that as distraction is that it takes 12 specifically keeps them off without loosing a saga game is not only possible out of their not so that's the concern we've had development distant, more more people sit and play games of time of the day the rights of good point, though it could be the very thing that they need to relax and to get some downtime so folks were having a father-son conversation with my son Jocelyn for so much for joining us.

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