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Developing Others

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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November 22, 2020 4:00 pm

Developing Others

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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November 22, 2020 4:00 pm

Welcome to Man Talk, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr. This week's show focuses on how to disciple other men. Roy and Will continue sharing what they learned during a training session called No Regrets.

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body.



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This is the Truth Network welcome to man talk brought to you by T8 W CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they're devoted to breaking down the walls of race, age, challenging men to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white man talk radio.

It is meant. What is that old man you know I don't know I'm just a man and I'm talking before you started the topic of the ninth and so last year man talk radio to something like an appropriate diet for show right in and then you with a black guy would like exactly offer you one of the white ones which you confuse a college or one of the other. But that's an old story but you know and for for that I apologize standpoint of our toddling when we when you go to search man talk and if you tell someone to go search man talk, go man talk radio podcast if you just go man talk a lot of things within share with you and teach you until you stay away from comes up when you just type in man talk for podcast source. Make sure you pass on man talk radio podcast as the search yeah you get a lot of garbage basically otherwise so Roy last week we were talking about the sleep soundman in the mice conference.

You know that that he had and so there was another topic that he had in that particular study and it was called making disciples see and not I don't think people really understand what it means to disciple someone so when you when you hear the word disciple what is it that a person should be doing to disciple someone well obviously the first thing is that that modeling the life of Christ right that's truly what starts in the first piece that would be getting grounded in the word choose solid foundation word will write and order to do that. You gotta be in a Bible believing Bible teaching Fellowship right so that would be the first thing second thing is is to walk in and out not just be in the word walking out so that you are living a life of example as Jesus did and it didn't really matter how much knowledge you have in reference to the Bible are you doing is you living out what you know right and and you sharing your testimony and then the other pieces of see what we talked about glasses investing another you got to be willing to invest and find time to invest in others. That's what it's about and growing together.

You know that's we've all heard the need. Paul Barnum seen Barnabas and Timothy in your life right and you know when you when you invest in other people what you're doing is you are planting seeds in their life is what you're doing. So when you and when you do your 10101 on 2103 discipleship you are planting seeds what the person needs to see is they need to see how true born-again believer models out the life of Christ.

So if they see you doing something on Sunday and and their fellow shipping with you in church and then all of a sudden they see you out there in the world doing something completely different than a course. Your life is not modeling what you're saying you believe that's the whole thing. We talked about is the face.

The Monday through Saturday face, a person looks totally different than the Sunday face, that's not what you want to be doing.

The other piece that will with the discipling pieces that you're getting people man off the sidelines, or people off the sidelines, as this should not be for those others go sit on the sidelines. This is for those who going out and work to build the kingdom because the whole point is to share the gospel to show the love of Jesus Christ to teach others what it means to be a follower of Christ and share the story about Christ on force a man and you know some of the key principles that Steve was talking about when when you're investing in people is that you have to spend a lot of time with fewer people, rather than a little time with a great amount of people because you have a tendency to get more done in a smaller group. This is why I love the small group and you probably heard me. If you been listening to the podcast always say I'm a believer in the small group I love the small group. I've been doing this small group for 33 years now often on and it has really impacted my life because you really don't know what people are going through. But they have a tendency to say start to open up to you when they're in a smaller group if I if I don't have to stand up and 3040 50 people looking at me right you know I can be more relaxed yet and back to then just reinforce that will since before please be extremely confidential when the small group environments and I can't stress that enough. You, Steve Solomon will says this in one of the sexes.

What is disciple, which is just the things you just talked about.

He says a learner which is what we just talked about hidden in the word listening to God. Follower been a Christ follower and then reproduce or get your multiplier and that means you need to multiply those it will go out to the same thing that you're doing with them not sitting on the sidelines, but going out and multiplying to be active followers of Christ. But if they don't see you doing anything, you know what we heard here always hear that old saying. Talk is cheap and it is you know you can talk something, but if you're not walking out, then you really don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to your diss you discipling someone else because your life is really not going to demonstrate exactly what a true follower of Christ should be doing and the things that we should be modeling in front of them. So one of these what one of his other principles for building relationships is demonstration. I believe that's it.

You you have to demonstrate they have to see you living out this walk in Jesus.

They have to see. Don't let the whole premise of our ministry right men walking the talk right this that you talking walking Christian's misuse earth.

It's one thing to say it.

It's a whole another to walk it out and if you're not walking out and should ask yourself why and this is point number three that he had under the head particular one. People are looking for demonstration.


Oh I love that so so well the reason why I couldn't get out there with you is because the reason why I couldn't go here is because every time you call it's because it's because now we're not saying that there are not true reasons why people can't get together and you know do things and make accomplishments like that but it's like every single time I call you every single time there.

Someone yeah and folks not fully but exactly exactly what was God who called you 55 times you've been busy or there's been an excuse and your mother's had the same birthday five times what I said same as version 5 in the first six months Windows problem or are you been to the dentist 16 times and he only got 32 teeth now when I could so and and and would not. We're not making light of the situation. What we doing is were saying these are real life excuses that people use is really good and so we want to hit to the heart of the matter. To say if you are constantly saying I cannot because I want so-and-so to do it or they do it up a lot better than I do, then how are you truly going to understand your purpose in the body well and I will ask this will what if God treated you the same way that you're treating all my Roy Aquinas. I think he really got punch somebody with that statement to me, that is your speaking that will God's heart. What if I acted the same way that you act as if the father unit is too busy with everybody else. To answer prayers was too busy with about spending time with think about is in essence what you're saying.

That's exactly right and and see you have to be.

You have to build when you building relationships you have to spend time with the people that you are attempting to disciple we know we talked about this before and just had this conversation recently in a personal invitation personal relationship will go 10 times further than the text than an email than a blast. This is a computer parts of the but if you pick up the phone call. It will these invested in the baby feel like a really matter if member talk about belonging in the fact that we often times don't feel it and see that that's a keyword that you stated there Roy matter that you matter because this is this is the second point under time spending with the people we are discipling. Steve Solomon says talk about what matters. So you so you you you hit it right on the head and see what went, what matters to the person who you are discipling that you have to be a good listener, as well as to be able to communicate effectively, the need that that person might be seeking in reference to what it is that I need to do in order to follow Jesus and out so and we have to we have to effectively's communicate this thing. This is why what you're getting in your Bible study man. This is when when you are getting the worship and the message is what are you doing with these things. Are you going well while you know Pastor, he would it really preached a good message, and then you go home and you do nothing within you don't talk about it with the wife you don't talk about it with the children. You just go off into your day and so that's wasted opportunity is and see all of this again is sewing see Roy. It is an old associate to get them stand with the with the packet. Looks like if you're sitting in service on Sunday morning.

This will challenge everyone's listing. If you're sitting in certain something or not taking notes you're done. There's a few people out of the can listen to every word and could just about move back everywhere they've heard most of us with today's distractions.

Can't remember two hours later with passion reciting for without going back to its refresher so we need to be taking notes so that you can take that refresher mind that God process that in your heart and in your spirit, and then build deliver the seeds that you talk about okay now that I'm gonna come in here. Roy and I throw a wrench in there I'm getting at front ranch, the riches this when you take notes or if you're taking notes. What are you doing with them because you can take notes and you can look at those notes and you can say you know what exactly was the pastor saying I just wrote a shorthand down here, but I really can't understand the notes that I'm reading here where you got. I assume that when you're taking blitzes about things other things you need to be legible and obscene. Be clear in your thoughts and what you're listening to just jotting down a word here or there is obscene not impartial, but most people only take notes that writing pretty complete thoughts so that when they go back and look at should be to go back and look at is, indeed, they understand what they're listening to. And it refreshes and renews back to the renewal that we talked about quite often right that will oversee what they make. What what you need to be doing when you taking notes as you need to go home and organize them right away. The right way right. Hey folks, we were so glad you joined us as were the regular 50 right here about one of the sponsors Dr. freaking phenomenal chiropractor been in business for a long time.

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At the same time earlier digital news that made you consuming, but what we were talking about when we left was we were talking about investing in men and principles for building relationships with men taken from Steve's on the men's conference that we had with him up a few weeks ago and so when you when you minister to a man. It's not the same as ministering to a woman.

I think we understand that you know women are more receptive where men are more standoffish. You know when it comes to trying to build a relationship with me in a most men are not huggy huggy fairly fairly touchy touchy you know in that respect. So they that makes them feel a bit uncomfortable. You know when it comes to Hagar how you doing, you know, in and out and well in this age of covert were not embracing it but but you know you embrace a man in and then people might look and see what's going on here. If they don't really don't understand the relationship right because it in that person may feel uncomfortable if you just hug them in a restaurant. Well you know me I'm on the hugger so that it didn't didn't didn't bother me and that I would. I'm always hug my brothers would come up to and deal with, even through covert lower where masculine doing appropriate precautionary measures us to reach a bump shoulders or rather hand Vista sold by your exactly right will most men are just a little bit cautious in this because the way we've been raised right. You men don't cry men don't show emotion. Men are supposed to fix everything is broken and the evidence of these are components we talked about you. There's not a lot of faith putting in these days, listening from societies injection. So one of the things it did I think is we can't speak about enough about is the is the need to fellowship one on one if nothing else you need a brother that you can sit on talk is not a man out there is not carrying some sort of load in most return wounds from childhood that needs to be dealt with in and talked about just opened up with another brother about how to help work through and this is this is a mixed actually goes right into the next point here that Steve had on his his with the conference is that when you start talking with a man and he starts sharing his journey. You meet him where he's at, you know, because if if you advanced in Scripture and you know this Bible and you know you've been walking with the Lord for long time and this brother have not. You might want to fire off 1015 25 Scriptures right away and and just bombard them with that, but you have to listen to this man because his journey is moot. Trying to move forward so he can talk out some of the things that he may have experienced as a young man, or even as an adult that have carried over into his life now in problems that he might be experiencing with the children and his wife in things like this if if he's married so we have to meet that man where he's at. Listen man when when you are are discipling a man listen to that man listen to what he is saying because through the words that he's speaking to you. He might be crying out right and you are that listening ear and support to be an active listener through that process will and then imparted that B insisted what the person saying his mirror back so that you make sure he understood the message correctly from what that person was was honest and transparent enough to share with mirror back what you just heard from to that person and that will build confidence in that person that you actually truly listening and not just not this recent receptive of what their the noise if you will.

That's right. And and stay on task man when when you are when you are discipling a man stay on task don't waiver and wander from the subject matter. Right complete a thought. After you have listened to the brother let him complete that thought. And then you enter man.

Don't try to over talk him or say you doing this wrong and offering all these solutions without really him telling his whole story, because I don't know a judge out there who will make a decision based on one argument he's going to listen to both arguments before he comes to a conclusion or sheet right comes to a conclusion on a decision.

You know how to settle it right then 10 times it got.

You need to go away walk away and let God work on you with what it is you need to speak back into this person's life right. But see, that's part of a man's innate nature to see they want to fix it broke with acid. Now let's fix it.

Now let's this. Don't wait, you don't, you may not see tomorrow on me with come up with all kinds of reasons on why you need to do this thing, but Steve had another point as a key component is.

He said there can be a variety of reasons why you want to meet the person to disciple them.

So when you coming together. The meeting might start out is hey let's talk about what I want to talk about but yet it should be. Let's talk about what you want to talk about.

So you let the did the person who was being discipled rather than the disciple command with the conversation and start opening up an Internet goes back to that first point, meet him where he is and not you take him to where you may want him to go exactly, and that could be hard for most people because they thought I could get for you but it goes back to an independent relationship with Christ.

Each person has unique relationship with Christ. So you're just trying to get that person closer to Christ in your time teaching the fundamentals. It may look different in your relationship you not talk about that in the past and we seen that happen you can handle certain things that I can't handle that.

I would not be properly equipped to deal with, and God knows that. So therefore you can take you up on path and I may be coming up with the sibling path from across the street but I think the bottom line is, as a body we work stronger together. Yes, we always say many hands make little workday we we build in building that relationship it comes to the point to say hey you got something offer you got something officer. Let's take all of the things that each one of us have to offer and we put them in this big cattle and we say okay here's the resources but without be the different parts of the body all and would be the different parts of the body that I can't say to the to the hand. I don't have no need of you say you will get me off in Scripture not only course but the other side of that I think is is when a man and I think again Steve has it in his his his handout that he gave us develop an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement. Notice there's no word of judgment exactly acceptance and encouragement. Nancy sometimes Roy, the human nature wants to do that they hear something negative about an individual. Now it's like, okay, now I gotta watch him all the time because he might slip back and then I can't really do.

I don't really hang out with the blues struggling but Jesus didn't do that law he went right to people struggle and he went right to the people who need a physician. He said for those who are well. You don't need one is right at the people who are sick, you need one and so we all need a physician and course he was looking at speaking from the spiritual sense, you know, we are all sick spiritually and we needed curing. We needed to be well and only Jesus Christ has the cure for the disease call sin. I tell you Roy it it just it just makes me just makes me want to just drive on and continue to do the work because you know was listening to that song on the Christian fellowship group that last song downloaded you know it without arousing it now not rise again on the oh yeah, and in what that song.

It was all him I can remember the name of that him right now. It slip my mind right, but what it does is the him basically says what type of legacy are you going to leave with those who are coming after you.

That was the theme of that him what what are you leaving for others to when they start coming behind you. What will they say about you. Like we were talking about in the previous show, the legacy those things that you remember they remember you by. That had an impact on your life.

See, these are the things people are going to report. Remember that they can remember. You know, there was this brother he sold a seed in my life and I am where I am today because God used him to so that one seed and Owen and I hear often of Chip Ingram talks about pastor on California talks about how this bricklayer that he work with was used by God to actually so into his life and he became the man he is today.

As a result of that one.

See working with a guy who lay bricks so it can happen in any form any time with anyone because we don't know who that person is that's out there that's ready to so that nixie you will think is important policy for this moment just encourage people. It truly is love relationship it is. It really is a love relationship and its know we talk a lot about fundamentals blocking and tackling the fuel which is is a key part of this walk, but it just won't pause from just think about how great the love was that God had for us how great that love was the he would become man and come down and then down the cross for us and that that's phenomenal and I don't think we really think about that it's it's like as much.

We probably should. We should pause to reflect on more than we do in this really the enormity of that whole process it's been growing and what a blessing. All while ending if it one for Jesus. I mean, we wouldn't be sitting here talking about issues that are affecting man hints and and and having man to understand what his role needs to be in his family and you're not a dictator you know you a comforter. Your leader is a servant servant your teacher.

These are things that God called you to do and and your family relationships in your frame relationships in your church environment in your work environment you you have to be a complete command all the time and not half the man for three quarters of a man or quarterly man. You have to be a whole man in a whole man follows Jesus is not afraid to cry when he needs to. He's not afraid to say Lord I don't know the answer to that. If you don't know the answer Remember he loves you. That is, that is what you need to question today show no greater love than what he showed for us has done for us.

All you need do is accept. If you haven't done that despite have a wonderful rest of the day that you so much for joining the show will be back with you next week and will it's always a pleasure to have time with you my brother and likewise with you my brother and so when we get together again. We got more man issues as we wrap up today show. Be assured that TA W CMM talking walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events of regularly scheduled meetings drop is a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future.

Thank you for joining us on man talk today. Visit us at men walking the talk. This is the Truth Network

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