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Rumors, Gossip, Words Untrue

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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August 25, 2019 4:00 pm

Rumors, Gossip, Words Untrue

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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August 25, 2019 4:00 pm

Roy and Will discuss how gossip affects all of us.

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This is good Truth Network welcome to mannitol and brought you by TA W. CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry were there devoted to breaking down the walls of race, age, and challenging them to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior a black eye and a white guy. Welcome back to me and talk and the white guy and I will Hardy and I'm the black guy ship were so glad you enjoyed this. The topic today is one that every person has either experience been a part of her been the victim of their life at some point time will growing up in the church body or in the workplace is one of gossip go talk to not about gossiping what the Bible has to say about gossiping also slandered and also is it really gossip when you're talking sometimes and sometimes it's okay to have a conversation about the subject. This not gossip what you think will and you know gossip is something it sort of sneaks up on you because it's a fine line between whether or not I'm gossiping or whether or not I am passing along information so it's like if I'm passing along information. Then I have to make a determination whether not as gossip but gossip has definition it.

It has a meaning. And so when we're one such meaning or I guess within the framework gossip is slander and and so slander is basically when you're spreading rumors are you spreading lies about a person to cause damage purposely to their character.

You know that I mean I kicked back in go into the area of being liable as well. Exactly the action or crime of making false spoken statement damaging to persons reputation. She did a good job summarizing them. That's what pulled it off of Google in preparation for show and then that was the definition slandered was talk about what gossip definitions gossip is casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true to the keyword there's about other people. So if you get yourself talk about other people. You just need to stop because a person is not there to defend themselves. They are not there to give the other side of the story and you what you may have heard, if especially come from 1/3 party most likely is not true because we know they'll game back to the biplane school and even do it sometimes, and training classes start first person room and then that person whispers a statement by the time he gets to the other in the room. It's totally different lost its meaning from what Rizzo started out that's what happens with gossip yeah exactly because you know gossip and spreading rumors you know when when you spread rumors and you hear something, and whatever you hear. It's it it's not good and you can't confirm whether or not it's true, but you tell it anyway, especially in states will of if I read it on the Internet. It must be true. If I heard it on the Internet. It must be true or if someone said it must be true. You folks, we forgot with enemies. After doing all the right inside the church outside the church doesn't matter if he gets on the shoulder and put something in your mind to be thinking about you heard something and you turn around repeated, even though you may not think it's hard for damaging if you repeat it then your dear basically the tool that Satan can use you now become part of that mix to damage that person, or to create havoc or chaos within your organization at work, at home, even within the church. That's right because you know when two individuals are talking in the course. I think a lot of gossip happens, actually before church starts and after it's over, will so so here we are now. You know we're we're gathered around and were supposed to be bringing our minds and hearts at a place of worship and now all of a sudden we are taking something that someone else told to us that we really don't know if it's true or not, and removing the thing forward to trying get information because you know once you once you get something: quote juicy you know you want to pass along well thing and sometimes of it comes from insecurity within the person now has the "knowledge at least what they heard.

Hey, I will feel important, or some I think I'm in the know important. If I come and say this to them and plus if I don't like the person I'm saying about how much more powerful is not got something to say about a person that I don't really care for.

The conflict was so that I do repeated that it just adds fuel to other people's perception that individual when it may indeed most likely is false. So then accountability falls in the person repeating it as well as person initiated exactly so and I think nothing will ever talk about you and are talking forgot started is the point that it's okay to talk about the subject. Folks will not talk about something that's on your heart or something's not right or something doesn't feel right if it didn't feel right and you are concerned about those things are okay to talk to your friends about okay to talk to your your community about your work colleagues. If it's a subject. But if it involves the person that's when you got this back away from the subject that's related to something is on your mind of that street you're struggling with, that's perfectly okay to talk to your brothers and sisters about exactly because seek when you when you break this down and you talking about a subject in relation to the community or you talking about something personal, it's the content to write so so it's the content of what you are spreading or what you're slandering Nancy Proverbs 20 and verse 19 tells it best when it says that I gossip betrays a confidence, so avoid a man who talks too much. I mean is that that's putting the arrow on right on the bull's-eye because if it if a person is saying something to you in confidence and if you have a person because back in the day. We should just call a motor mouse right you know someone who just can't stop talking because they have to know like Lucy was saying earlier what's in the know right so they have to be the center of attention is like if I know something I can pass that thing along one of things want to talk about and show today will was that very thing was the impact of gossip and how it impacts people around us and the one thing we didn't open up with was the number of times just to Proverbs, I was looking back at her notes in the Scriptures reprinted office for its 123456 Scripture is I've got on the pool. I got about gossip Masterson Proverbs.

I'm sure there's probably a few more within the book, but that's the six I pulled off right off the top for us to talk about tonight you you Pro quoted the was a Proverbs 2019 2019. Proverbs 1113. The gossip betrays a confidence… Folks, but a trustworthy person keeps a secret so we talk about relationships in the body. Oftentimes somebody to talk to his brother or sister in Christ is important what they share with you stays confident with them because it it's okay that they got a need or concern. And when you take it outside that that confidence you brought that confidence. Trustworthiness is gone but you no longer trustworthy person is the holder of that secret Scripture says hold that to the best as we terminals we use today.

Hold it to the best and unless they give you a okay to pass this along to someone or NetWare that you can use, because see James five and nine says don't grumble against one another brothers or you will be judge.

The judge Jesus Christ is standing at the door. A man so I can have a desire to share something and that that desire as overwhelming as it might be if it's held in confidence by me. Then again, I'm keeping the trustworthiness of the person who told me about right and what it we also do we also strengthen the kingdom and it was your help and that individual that needs to share their heart and soul by holding that helping them stay strong in their walk and whatever else that's going on in their life to try to help him work through right. But if you break the confidence in you is representative of the kingdom have done what you broke the representation of the kingdom.

I try and see James chapter 1 in verse five says if any of you lack wisdom. If you are lacking wisdom on the subject of gossip, let him ask of God, and God to show you what is and what you should be doing and what you shouldn't be doing what says landmass about that, given to all men freely. So God gives to you freely. The wisdom that you need in order to come to a realization of whether or not I should share thing is something just came to my Willie said that if in doubt, never shout, praise God. If in doubt, never shout what would tell you there is if there is a doubt that this may or may not be you should never repeated in the that that's wonderful.

That is wonderful and see there's countless other verses you know that we went over when in an reference to gossip.

James chapter 3 and verse five says the tongue. No payments on that the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts.

Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. Folks were talking to ourselves were talking you right now think about that. I want to just reflect the moment you listen to is there someone in the last 24 hours the last day. The last week last month unless you do have negative thing to say about little challenge you go make that right. To make it right with God to make that person because that spark you never know. The Oslo chamber says the River knows not what source touches the same thing could be held true for this. That's right you say this you don't know how far it goes out space in today's time of Facebook twitter all these different vehicles that are out there. One thing that splendor semi-makes one negative comment and then it just spreads like wildfire, like being in sales and satisfy customer may tell seven people think last statistics are refiled, the seven people think and that dissatisfied customers 2025 people so you equate that to the negative comment will the negative comments constrained the same level MMXXV people from you out as a positive comment might go to five, seven people so's easy equation to parallel with and on. And that's probably a conservative number on that dissatisfied customer but but you know it it because I did it depends on what you not to forget that you had to save his leg support is because of that myself just to hear, but don't do that, the better.

But it's that was prior to social media. I bet that number is exponential. I bet it is 510,000 Google reviews and all the sorts of things on your folks. You have a good good conversation here. Our whole goal here is to help us all step to the next level II in a walk truly become Disciples of Christ and fallen him is not to make anyone feel guilty other than itself is going on in the show speaks to the heart go make it right. First make it right with God. The make it right with an individual if you need to do that because see you and I were not designed to hold on and carry all of these burdens on our shoulders. We are to cast them on the Lord, and if you have an issue in this is what you should be doing exactly, but you have to first recognize you have one such right, recognition is the key. All of the folks we all have a problem with this is not applicable without a safe clearing take a quick break will be right back with you. Just a few moments to hate Lewis will say thank you for listening to the show and we are coming back in a minute.


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I think most people would respond positively to you now to a comment like that, especially if it's if it's brought forward, kind and loving way right right and that's a good point because I think often times men we don't stand up for the things that we know are right or wrong, and I think the clear discernment there should be a five God speaking on the hearts about this goes back to definition gossip. So we'll reread this for those it just join to split casual or unconstrained conversation or reports of about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true, so what's important about that. They were to speak about earlier course, you heard us was that conversation about the subject that's unsettling to you or to a group of people or to even your spouse or whatever is okay to talk about this when you get into talking about the person that it becomes part a person becomes problematic.

So talk about social issues in today since I revolved and told your me talk with the politically correct and that we we know what that means but it's okay folks to have a conversation. I think Morphy would sit down and talk at times with the loving heart of care with an open mind whole lot of issues we deal with today as result of spontaneous reactions would not be there.

The only watch out that I would say about that is you. We have to be alert as to when the conversation regarding the subject matter starts entering into that rim right of of gossip or or slander you know another one. Roy is backbiting and and backbiting has to do with speaking spiteful words about another person who isn't present to defend themselves know how many times have we done that, you know, so when we look and we start looking at ourselves and we say hey you know so-and-so is is is not here. So let's just beat on him for a while, you know, or but we don't know. Again, if the things that we are saying is even true right about about the individual who we talk about and I want as as man who are in touch with with God. I think that we will feel and an uncomfortable feeling when it does slip like you were talking about from just conversation and observations into gossip. You know will will have a feeling like okay this is uncomfortable in a way and if were in tune. We can pick up on it and then address it right then exactly right when you can't let it fester because it will become a root of bitterness and and it'll just a trend throughout the church and throughout her family and start dividing them our office in Berman yeah you know it, it just brings people to this point of just simply saying I'm just going to keep all my thoughts and all of my deals in reference to this to myself. You know how you can tell when when I know how I picture myself. This is, I know that I have been participating in gossip when somebody else feels comfortable enough to come up to me and start gossiping because they they see me as somebody who will receive that gossip and so you know that's no time knows that you know I've been up in participating in gossip because of the people are coming up to me sharing gossip with million so that's good point and the other brings to my was sure brother the other night were doing a study together and he commented on his work environment that is is what was one individual would always have a joke jokes typically were of a sexual nature, and he had discounted just let it go. Not it wouldn't wasn't a part of Job is right and speak up in dissent reported to three people work with the group incident probably decide this is not rights of got started and just want one conversation I had at this point Judgment Day.

We stop and salute roasted. I'm sure it's a funny one for you, but I'm okay since I can spot them on the back and then walked away so which was which is what we should be doing same here right again I go back to in the near think of that conference will the peace we read about the confidence of the very I can. Proverbs 1113 if you've created a confident environment a confidential environment that's their within your group and you have subject matter needs to be talked about and you bring it up and that should be.

That should even if it's in social class or you working but whatever if you got a group of people that are your people that your order confidants that you've agreed to share with and I said okay well okay to share this a safe place to share initiative do that is all this about subjects not about people and when they both like the confidence then all of a sudden you lose the you lose that confidentiality lose that trust with the group focuses gossip betrays a confidence but a trustworthy person keeps the secrets of trustworthy person could also be a trustworthy group and see Annette that individual who is viewed or who was taking the matters that are told to him in a confident way then Psalms 1 starts out by saying, Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly, or the wicked or stand in the way of sinners, sinners, or seat in the seat of the score so so that man is exercising truth and as a result he's bless right because he's following the standard in which we all should be following the standard that Jesus Christ laid out for us and then the apostles and in the letters of you know, in the New Testament so all of us. I charged so if you listening right now you charge by the word of God. If you born again and in if you can accept the word if you can accept these Scripture references that were giving you, then you should take that examine your self and say where my falling right you know where. Where have I failed because seat you don't have to be a failure.

Your to just fail at something right right you know so I can fail at something, but that doesn't make me a failure because of failure say is that I everything that I do.

Just simply don't come out right. And we know that's not true. Well, you think about the body but David right and fallen short several times right in God's eyes. Bathsheba killed but she was husband pursuant to the front lines but yet still he was a failure. He just fail to your words so and that means it is possible to fail still not be a failure. But you got us. Gotta recover and move forward and walk away if you know and I'm looking at Danny now you know he he he uses David eggs example that I want to use Henry Ford as an example because Henry Ford came up with the model ABC DEF G and he went all the way until he got to model T and model T was a success like and and that's one of the reasons why we have the model T back. Because a through S didn't work very good secular success began well.

Our yard pass the word about secular success that we got talking That the church is where you never given up right know that's a great most most people are stream success with society would tell you that they fill a whole lot of times as they grew through the career in the kit, back, and that's not Bill's resilience. It builds character and on. And that's the message that's the message is that you don't have to continue to stay in this state.

Once you hear the truth about how to get out of it right because once you hear the truth to get how to get out of it. Now you charge with that.

Let your responsibility. They first were about to wrap it up with us will say thank you so much for joining us again a mantle greater than anything for Dolly to appreciate the concern. I remember your Lord is calling you have accepted them into your heart as committee heart and your sins start walking with Jesus a man a man because the Lord is ready and willing with arms stretched out, open wide, ready to receive you by Cass that gossip cast that slender test that backbiting on him, don't hold onto it and don't carry it because you are not meant to do it Jesus Christ can take away a man have a great week. We wrap up today show. Be assured that TA W CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments.

Check out our website for upcoming events of regularly scheduled meeting opposite note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on man talk today. Visit us at men walking the talk. This is the Truth Network

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