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How to stop grieving the Holy Spirit Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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August 9, 2020 4:00 pm

How to stop grieving the Holy Spirit Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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August 9, 2020 4:00 pm

Welcome to Man Talk, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr. The discussion this week is part 2 about how to stop grieving the Holy Spirit. Man Talk welcomes back Pastor Kendall McBroom from Turner Chapel AME Church to the show.

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body



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This is Jim Graham from the masculine jury podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week their chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network welcome to man's on rocky ride T a W CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry were there devoted to breaking down the walls of race, challenging cohost, and I will Hardy where welcoming back Pastor McBroom from Turner Chapel AME church and how point Pastor so good to have you back week number two were were part two discussion about how to stop grieving the Holy Spirit and most people probably don't think about grieving the Holy Spirit, but just a real quick opening here. Once you accept Christ, the Holy Spirit comes to reside in you. So everything that you're doing this going against the will of God.

You're doing right in the presence of the Holy Spirit and hence your are grieving the Holy Spirit as you are doing this in May, but hopefully you're not recognizing it and where to help you understand why you are grieving Holy Spirit and to get you aware of that a man is so when we left off on last time Roy.

We were talking about. Let him who stole steal no more, but rather let him labor, working with his hands.

What is good that he may have something to give in need and we were saying on last time that when and as pastor was saying that if when we become productive for the body of Christ, and we are not going out doing things in a lawless fashion. When we come into the knowledge of the truth in God gives us what we need and a person who I mean at a total stranger who we may not even know may come and all of a sudden start fulfilling the need that we have asked God for, and the person who's presenting that don't even know the reason why that they're doing so we and and see this distilling doesn't necessarily says that I still material things you could see the deal you could still an individual's ideal yeah yeah you can steal ID ideologies and when you do that that is a form of theft. So pastor you you talked a little bit about this verse but elaborate some more on the, the meaning behind let him who stole steal no more. But let him labor with his hand.

Yes, yet think you have any idea about building and work under really understanding it. It isn't for one bell for the community because if I building up billing from the community and not billing for my brother about all. Rather than being a part of the community to build the community and build up the community and build up the bank. All I like that the early about.that is not different. I did ideology. It all. If the number of of immaterial thing you could possibly feel someone now if they allow you right man, and in doing that. Do it by doing behavior that really what you can do that all but that is not heartfelt understanding that I think in and what all this time to get at is that you know you all and be and he includes himself in that as well that we are in community together as the body of Christ and whatever whatever gift, whatever grace is God has given you octave for yourself so that for the body of Christ not of you admit you, but therefore the body of Christ, edify and encourage and uplift and but for the body until you return all the understanding that I think I think we've kind of gotten away from that in that we've gotten, we become so individualistic in our behaviors and our practices that we have forgotten that if my brother is not doing well and I'm only looking out for myself.

That means that the whole is not doing well. If the hold is not doing what that mean I went to get it directly or indirectly good.

I think I so so Roy read that 29 first because I think that sort of goes into the working piece yet. Let no word let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, building up that it may impart grace to the hearers. While so see, when I when I see that corrupt corrupt word going out of your mouth is something when I when I think of something that's corrupt. I think of it in the natural. I think of like acid yeah so so sorrowful damage yes and and it's it it's corrodes whatever it touches, and so so words can corrode. It can corrode a person's character. You know if it could start to be break them down literally just like that acid breaks down metal so when I think of something that's corrupt it's it's corrosive. It's toxic and it's you know in in that sense and so God's blessing to the apostle Paul to say, don't. Don't let these toxic these corrosive things come out of your mouth but build people up and see when inside the church. When we start tearing people down, which is done mostly by the mouth. Exactly so will we start tearing people down and that means we're not building them up were not edifying and that word edify could also mean to educate so so what we need to do is if if we understand a portion of Scripture, we educate them in their portion of Scripture on what the Scriptures saying and in turn the Scripture itself will begin to lift them up, but I think of edify your great explanation. On the other thing that speaks to my heart.

So I think that if I is positive reinforcement. This uplifting and is just that that's what what I think of edify, so we used it years ago was work environment was responsible for hundred plus people in and I came up with what was called the youth principal AUP. If it's not edifying uplifting of positively reinforcing, don't say and if we ask if we as believers in Christ followers of Christ would use that rule. We would mix so much of the gossip. So much of the that you will so much of the damages been done within the body of Christ.

How does Everest believe pastor absolutely needed not only with with with word or with an end and I know you like the earth that I don't know what though they are not that I don't love Bill. You know with crossword word word thing than it I don't think it did not, though, any words in any language that does not benefit the uplift of the believer is not that the believer outside of the body right right right.

A man does not uplift them in it. The worry that it tearing them down. We get all anything, though, that the people that we need to be speaking words of encouragement over all knowing that they are outside the realm of of the body of Christ and edit their need. Right think that it that it according to their need all that believed were dark, but it is scripted at the having a word in and out of the and I think I'll have another look. People people all have of this life, you know, will they people of faith certain things that are completely out of context of knowing the needs of the people that were aching to get is very deep and in uplifting the thing got a couple Scripture look to talking. Proverbs 15 forces the soothing tongue is a tree of life, but the perverse tongue crosses the spirit so you can goes hand-in-hand, and what we talking about here. You know about the communication and then it leads into our central verse, verse 30 do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God. So, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. So if I if I do any other things from the previous verse. If lying there from letting the sun go down on my anger. If I'm which gives place to the devil as a speaks here if I'm stealing so if you know if I'm not working with my hands to do what is good. If I am leading corrupt communicational word proceed out of my mouth so if I'm doing any of those things leading up to verse number 30 it says do not grieve the Holy Spirit.

So this is this is how we grieve him so we have to come to a realization that we are doing some the things that verses 25 through 29 talks about and once we realize we're doing those things, then we need we need to submit ourselves to the Holy Spirit so that these things can be removed because they they can't be removed as fast for everyone as they do for this personal here this person for some people it takes a little time. Some people dock every movie just like that right right so pass what you think about that verse yeah and and and and you don't begin outline any and all it very very because right after that right after you go get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger crawling and land, along with every form of mallet though we talk about and do not read the holy great with you would feel on the day everything and I think that's really up are a significant part duct don't blackbean the holy don't lie on the home saying that that God it all that you know God did not tell you exactly.

So I've heard that a number of times got so majestically my wife okay yeah that's in the headlines of Scripture so understanding that all week. Read all week. By the following think by not and not speaking truthfully to our neighbor and remember that relate all by by not allow compromise the level of the level of understanding between a and those are the things that were angry with and then by by all by dealing wheat we greet all things only thing about it and contact where we are today.

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A man anger that you're caring or something is not right with somebody that you know that God would not be happy about it. Just ask him to reveal it to you could be that you've got such a numbness towards it that you made out. He recommends I just want you to pray for you listing that God would reveal that person or that situation to you so that you can deal with a man be truthful to yourself. Amen. Don't don't don't you know, slug it off. Just be truthful and let the Holy Spirit deal with you in this area because all of us get angry all of us may have some clamor. We over talk people we louts talk them so pastor these things that it says let these things just be put away from us. How would you speak to those things. Yeah, I think that get rid of all bitterness rate, anger, brawling land along with every form of mallet.

I think that it not talking is not talking about what all is what I don't think all what God would have, but you is to cover up the feeling that I think we get rid of them. It is simply thing deal with that right noted them in your spell recognize them in your spell and realize the root of where they're coming from and go and address the actual problem. But yet you all could be the all are all symptoms of something deeper.

As I exact though it understanding that I think Paul is not saying don't feel any of the failed one really understand where it's coming from and then go address it. Love that you go back up 35 all go from here you go back to the bobbin and then practice practical thing a man and not in again see it. It's in verse 26 a talking talks about specifically anger. Don't let anger go down on you, but I believe also we can incorporate. Don't let bitterness. Don't let wrath. Don't let clamor. Don't let loud talking.

Don't let evil speaking go down the sun go down on all of those things that will so as pastor stated, you know it is a deeper thing that's happening and we have to get to the root of what's causing us to be anger. What's causing us to have this raft what's causing us to have this clamor and and malice one toward another. Because what Satan would love for the church to do is implode on itself you know here just just sit back and say you know let let them fight amongst themselves and and then we'll just come in here with our demonic activity and will just clean them up. You know we we will just continue to let that bitterness let that malice.

Let that clamor just faster and faster and let it spread like the root of bitterness. So if we have a desire for to allow these things to be put away from us. That in and of itself is the first step and when you recognize and realize that some of these things are existing in your life and you want to put them away because that's the key word. What you said stated earlier Roy. That's the key you want to put them away. This, then that means that you are a stronger man and recognizing that something is dwelling with me that I need to put off and I'm not going to throw this off on anybody else.

I'm going to deal with whatever it is.

This bothering me and I'm going to look for the root and I'm not going to say well it's it's all Roy's fault right what you do quite. You got just you just I you know what this is okay, fan base will become see will sail you what you doing I'll tell you was for okay so verse 32 and we will wrap this thing up here pastor but it says and be kind.

So after we recognize we realize that we have bitterness we have wrath and we are trying to look for the root of why this is happening to me, then I think, and only then can we be kind one to another. We can be tenderhearted one to another. We can forgive one another, even as God in Christ after gave us. So what is was SAB pastor. I think that that compassionate though having empathy having that love having that that that will go above and beyond, or your brother or your third is quite Christ gave it project quite gay but I think that's really that's really in that in that think that be kind and crying is not that the download level of I think it's more though a level of level of love for my brother that's what I think I'll have a man you know it and see if we really never recognize that we have any of the things that verse 31 says then we can never go to verse 32 we can never be kind.

We can never be tenderhearted and we can never be forgiven because we will simply be holding on to the things that this brother or this sister may have said to me three months ago four months ago and and I'm letting that those things continually entertain my mind and permeate through my heart will is think he's coming back to months were going to. This is just the forgiveness piece got to be there still somebody else but the other pieces is forgetting I was listening to pastor there with Adrian Rogers you listen his podcast regularly and PV brought that up about the forgetting think the forgiving one another. What Paul doesn't say here/forget it. Let it go and I think that's where Satan is set to jump back in here and impede this relationship causes a roadblock to the Holy Spirit and get your full blessings are. I just want to add that him you guess what go to the forgiving piece that we really need to forget is will say again, it's the human nature part of us that don't want to forget right you know the human nature, a part of us want to hold on because you know the human nature it it wants revenge.

He wants to lash out. It wants to feel like it's been vindicated in some form or fashion so by us not yielding to those things then I think we can just not let it in the entertaining. To my Vienna air because because that's what we do when we entertain these thoughts. I think that's when the enemy we give the enemy that foot hole as we talked about last week giving him their foothold and were giving place to him so then he can come in and course create more chaos and confusion so pastor we got a few minutes left of what what you want to say in reference to closing out all these verses and in summary, with David being, being convicted being found no whenever moment and I live in our life even though I live when we are grieving. Though to be prayerful about that.

The listed prayerful being in with the holy. No whenever those moments are happening and then asked for forgiveness and learn about faith is going. The directing of of our Lord saved a man's praise God we certainly thank you for being on the show pastor and you are wise beyond your years. As far as how God is blessing you and I know that your ministry by the grace of God is going to flourish.

You know you. You have demonstrated your love for God in you know your your understanding of the truth and wanting to know the truth and impart that truth. You know to to the young audience out there that's listening because young people. You are the future you are the ones who will be taking up the banner for truth in the word of God, and there there people who are not going to like you as a result of this, but if you say that I am standing for the truth and I'm standing on God's word regardless of what happened.

Regardless of what people say because the things that they did to Jesus. Roy they going to do that us and they have been doing to have been if he can forgive them. We have to build for you. Absolutely. And I'll give absolutely, absolutely.

So praise God and we appreciate again you being here and so Roy tell you and thank you so much for joining us in the classroom. If you want to tell him how quickly a church that customize and help when there is another church home is like to try to line, and an online clay man will thank you so much faster. Remember, folks, never enclose sure Jesse to come home not accepted Christ as your personal savior to submit be in the center, recognizing God for you since the blood covered you he rose on the third day, listen again get into a body of fellowship become a believer so will see on the other side man. We thank you for joining us and come back as we wrap up today show. Be assured that TA W CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments.

Check out our website for upcoming events of regularly scheduled meetings drop is a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on man talk today.

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