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How to Cope with Criticism

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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May 13, 2020 8:00 am

How to Cope with Criticism

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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May 13, 2020 8:00 am

you are criticized for standing for the Lord Jesus Christ, the Bible says, “Rejoice and be exceeding glad.” This may seem easier said than done. In this message, Adrian Rogers explains how to cope with criticism and have peace in times of persecution.

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Rollover funding Studios in Memphis Tennessee on Byron Tyler here with Jerry Vaughn, CEO of liver fighting. Today were excited to join our friends with a new message from Adrian Rogers how to cope with criticism. You know our somebody say once, it doesn't take any size to criticize but exactly writing a most people say enough about me what you think about me right, but I think I'll can the side. We have to realize that it's really truly not about us and and Dr. Rogers used to say if we could take compliments and pass those on to Christ and we can take criticism and pass that on to Christ. Never ever becomes about us or our agenda which is like the early church were going to read in acts 23 today. I think we as Christians even in America are starting to see criticism for our faith. You know there was a time magazine article back in 2016 it said regular Christians are no longer welcomed in American culture right, right. It will not criticize what is that say about the life that were living right away. What is that say about how were pursuing the Christian life.

If were never ever persecuted or criticized. We have a listener from Michigan says my husband and I just want to let you know how much we are blessed by this ministry were so grateful that these materials are still available to us because it has helped us so much in our walk with the Lord and you know Carrie were so thankful not only to provide this radio ministry, but the wealth of resources that you can find Byron, that's great information. So I will encourage everybody to go to many resources many materials that are there for your choosing and also free shipping.

You know how it's free, so take advantage of it. But also, if you get a opportunity LWF ministries is a wonderful app that will encourage everybody to utilize in their life, and I think as we look at how to cope with criticism. We need to be zealous for Christ. In a way that causes criticism towards us. I think it's so true and and be prepared, and don't be ashamed. You know, the apostle Paul said, I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. You know, there are times when we step out in faith and make a stand for Christ. You know not everybody is going to pat us on the back when Dr. Roger said, if you please, God, it didn't really matter who you displays and so we need to live a life that is really pointing to him will take your Bibles and turn to acts 23 as Adrian Rogers presents how to cope with criticism. I will tell you, folks. If you practice the old time religion you're going to get some old-time persecution.

Did you know that you don't know what you better learn. I want to talk to you today about how to cope with criticism. Not just any criticism but criticism that you will receive. If you stand for the Lord Jesus Christ. I wonder if you are indeed enduring criticism for Christ if not all, pat yourself on the back for the Bible says yeah and all that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. There is no way no way in this world of once born man can you be a twice born man, woman, and survived without being criticized you cannot live godly in this kind of a world without being criticized the Lord Jesus said the a Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, not if, but when men shall revile you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my namesake. Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in heaven. Now it must be false, and it must be for his sake.

Some of us get criticize the things we really deserve to be criticized about a man, but if you are criticized for standing for the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you are persecuted.

Praise God, that's exactly the way it ought to be, and the Bible says great is your reward in heaven. Sometimes what we did is not persecution is punishment.

Now you know the difference between persecution and punishment. Persecution comes when bad men persecuted for doing good. Punishment comes when good men punish us for doing bad however to learn the difference. Some of us the criticism we gather the persecution are the punishment we get we desire what I'm talking about those who suffer for righteousness sake. Those who because of their stand for the Lord Jesus Christ are misunderstood and maligned, persecuted, sometimes physically accosted Jesus and rejoice and be exceeding glad now the apostle Paul knew what it was to be criticized and condemned as a matter fact the Scripture that were about to read to you out of this 23rd chapter of book of acts has the apostle Paul who is standing before a high court. Now the High Court is the Sanhedrin. Now these were not just a normal group of people. They were extremely powerful. This was the same group that had caused Jesus to be put to death. It was the same group that had caused Stephen to be stone. I will remind you of something else. Paul used to be a member of this group. Paul was one of the few people who was a member of the Sanhedrin and now he's no longer a member of the Sanhedrin. They look upon him as a traitor as a turncoat and that he standing before this council, so let's pick up our reading here and look if we will in verse 23 and Paul earnestly beholding the Council blessed, just don't go any further than that.

Right now, and Paul earnestly beholding the Council that is he's looking them straight in the he standing there with confidence. He standing there with poise. He standing there with conviction and said, men and brethren, I have lived in all good conscience before God. Until this day, and the high priest Ananias commanded them that stood by him to slide them on the mouth that is slap his face and Paul set under him. God shall smite thee thou whited wall for service thou to judge me after the law on command is immediately smitten, contrary to the law and David stood by said revile is thou God's high priest and said Paul I was not brethren, that he was the high priest, for it is written, thou shall not speak evil of the ruler of thy people. Evidently, Paul did not even know the man was speaking to him at this particular time was the high priest he certainly was not acting like a high priest, the apostle Paul was criticized he was persecuted physically abuse for a stand for the Lord Jesus Christ and yet he went through this criticism triumphantly. Now you are going to be criticized. If you live for Jesus, specially in the last days, you're going to be persecuted.

If you live for the Lord Jesus.

So I think it would behoove you today to pay a lot of attention to the message because I'm there to show you how to cope with criticism and have peace and persecution. You gonna be able to do it exactly the same way that Paul did I let me mention the three things that come out in our passage of Scripture that really show me what Paul had in his life that enabled him to cope with criticism. Number one is what I want to call a righteous life.

Look in verse one Paul speaks of his conscience.

He says I have lived in all good conscience before God on to this day no one is conscience conscience is that inner voice that judge that God is put within our breast that accuses us our excuses us for our actions. Now conscience can't make you be good. It can't make you be bad is just the alarm that goes off when you are bad or is that peace that affirms you when you do right now we hear people say let conscience be your guide. Well, you can let conscience be your guide sometimes but not all of the time. You can only let conscience be your guide to the degree that God guides your conscience.

You see, the Bible mentions all kinds of contents Paul here said I have a good conscience, will you have a good conscience. Look, if you will, over here just turn the page and look in chapter 24 in verse 16 with me. Paul mentions it again, he says, and herein.

Do I exercise myself to have always a conscience void are free of offense toward God and toward men know what is a good conscience a good conscience is a conscience that is free of offense toward God and toward men not friend if you don't have that kind of a conscience, you will never be able to stand criticism and will never be able to endure persecution, a conscience free of offense toward God and toward men is that in your heart right now. Any any unconfessed sin in if so, you will have a good conscience your sins on a fence onto a holy God, and you will not be able to stand criticism. If you are not as pure as the driven snow alabaster?

Is there any problem between you and a brother or sister that you not made right. I'm not talking about what they have done to you and find out what you have done to them. Have you offended somebody is there anybody who can point a finger accusation at you and say something about you that you have not endeavored to make right that you not confess that you not repented of that you not made restitution about if so, you will have a good conscience. You have a good conscience is a clear conscience. It is a good conscience that enables you when people criticize you are persecute you to say that's all right. I know there's nothing between my God and I I know there's nothing between my brother and I file okay you see Paul sent I'm standing here with a good conscience and that gives you a tremendous liberty.

It gives you tremendous freedom when you know that your life is void of offense toward God and void of offense toward man. Then you can cope with criticism and you can have peace and persecution Ali P. You can have joy. So step number one step number one if you will learn how to cope with criticism. If you would learn how to stand in these days you must have a righteous life. Number two. The second thing that enabled Paul to stand as he did that day was not only a righteous life but are resurrected Lord. Look, if you will hear in verse six when Paul perceived that the one part were Sadducees and the other Pharisees, he cried out in the Council, men and brethren, I am a Pharisee, the son of a Pharisee the whole, and resurrection of the dead I am called in question now. Call me something he knew that it wasn't really Paul. They were upset with it was and he himself that they were aiming the Barb that it was his Lord. He said I know why I'm here. I am suffering this criticism I made during this persecution because all the hope of the resurrection of the dead. I have been preaching the burial and resurrection of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with a something about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. That is a disturbing proof. It is a truth that disturbs I mean you think about it, just like a bad if that is true, and it is. I'm not saying if with a doubt in my mind. If that is true that a man walked out of his great rose from the dead, you got to deal with that right. I mean if that is true that Jesus Christ literally came out of the drain. If that is true, and it is been that's a disturbing truth meters can be neutral about that. I have to agree with the person said that it Jesus Christ is still in that grave. Nothing really matters. But if Jesus Christ came out of vibrating nothing but that really matters you think about. I mean, that is a disturbing truth, you can just say well maybe he did. Maybe that makes no difference to me.

I mean if you're thinking person, you're going to have to face the fact of the resurrection.

He that is true art is not true.

It is a disturbing proof.

Not only is it a disturbing truth is a divisive proof. Look, if you will, in verse seven and when he is so sad. There are rose and ascension between the Pharisees and the Sadducees, and the multitude was divided for the Sadducees say there is no resurrection. Neither angel or spirit of the Pharisees confess both so you have here. Classic confrontation. You have the Sadducees who didn't believe in demons on Angels didn't believe in, and resurrection. Then you had the Pharisees who believe in demons and angels and the resurrection. So what you have is the fundamentalist and the liberal and this case, neither one of the new Jesus.

The only thing that got them together. They all got together in the Stockholm movement never the same politics make strange bedfellows. I hear some strange bedfellows.

Now the Sadducees and the Pharisees would give one another, time of day and have gotten together now to stop call and so Paul just kind of throws a bombshell in the lab. He says I'm here because of the hope of the resurrection. That moment, there arose a great division because there were some who didn't believe in the resurrection, though they didn't believe in Jesus, they didn't believe he was in the sock others who didn't believe in the resurrection at all. And the idea of the resurrection caused division.

I try to tell you this post that when you break the resurrection of Jesus Christ really preaches it's a disturbing truth. It is a dividing true truth that disturbs our proof that divides there was a dissension they may see two things that oppose each other, can both be right eatery came out like bravery that I was side. He will be a standard ball it all out and say them really make any difference questions all put our arms around everybody and say it's all hunky-dory. We all believe the same thing though when you take a stand for truth you don't have a head on collision with an arrow always okay that's why you get criticism, but I wait a minute. It is a truth also that delivers see it was a truth that disturbed him. It was a truth that divided them, but was also truth that delivered the apostle Paul. You see, he said, look for the hope of the resurrection of the dead. I stand here now. Paul knew the same thing that was causing him persecution was the same thing was giving him pain.

Paul said, you know, you do what you want. Matter-of-factly later that in this chapter.

There were some people made a vow they were not going to eat or drink or sleep until they kill Paul posits okay is a hope of the resurrection is see when a man gets persecuted when a man gets criticized. If he can see through that empty grave to being one with the Lord Jesus Christ, that Christ is conquered the grave than that helped him to stand. If you don't have accountable.

Hope you're going to cave in.

It's a truth that delivers you are not ready to live until you're ready to die when a man is no longer afraid to die. Strangely, for the first time in his life. He's ready to enter the apostle Paul's essay okay you folks coming against Maple Dante, who I got I got a resurrected Lord for the hope of the resurrection of the dead.

I stand here. Have you got that you got do you have that bed rock assurance. You see, Paul was morally clean and theologically clear. He had a righteous life and he had a resurrected Lord and because of this they were coming, adding they were coming at them, but they did move him they didn't blow him away Easter. They look them right in the face. He had something that enable him to stand against criticism and peace and persecution after your third thing he had not only a righteous life not only a resurrected Lord. But God gave him a reassuring lift. I want you to look if you will, in verse 11 of the same chapter here and the night following the Lord stood by him and said, be of good cheer. Paul for as thou has testified of me in Jerusalem, so must thou bear witness also in room wiry like that. I really like that the Lord did this man who was being persecuted. This man is being criticized, castigated and condemned Lord just came put his arm around the shoulder.

Paul I wear this was a literal appearance of the Lord our vision or just the Lord came to him just in his interpersonal but the point is that Jesus is never more real to you. When you stand for him. When you suffer for him.

You say he's not near to me. Will Fran stand for stand flooring and you know what the Bible calls the fellowship of his suffering that client is suffering says you suffer for me to come near to you. When Shadrach me shack and Abednego got fired first. Jesus jump right in there with and the largest on the low side of his servant hateful when Jesus is the I mean what is really there. When you cope with criticism and he will be there if you got these other two things I mean if you morally clean and theologically clear. You go to be spiritually close. I mean here's here's the Lord, the Lord is just there by him speaking to him idle where's other friends were proposed by the self-care, but not by himself because Jesus is that just when I need Jesus is and what is Jesus do. First of all, Jesus gives them a word of courage, he says, be of good cheer.

The word share means actually encourage Paul. Don't be afraid, and our Lord gave them stamina. Our Lord gave them strength our Lord gave them my in the inner man. It's not that Paul was so great is that Jesus was a great Jesus and set up all I'll never leave you nor forsake you.

And the Lord was there with him and the Lord will be there with you healing tell you what to say. He says in his word the world what you going to say to be giving and that our what to say God give you the tongue of the learned. He spoke a word of courage and a word of commendation, he says. Volume testified of me in Jerusalem. Thank you, Paul. The Lord knew what call it done. Paul was in trouble. I'm so glad that God is the judge and not men management the judge that that's it. What's wrong with that preacher anyway. Why can he stay out of trouble everywhere Paul went there was either revival or riot. Sometimes both. And some people would've criticized him for getting into trouble like say you know evidently he's never read Dale Carnegie. Why can't this guy stay out of trouble.

I'll pull the committee come to me what time is it you know we need a pastor of our church. Can you help as I said I know just the guy you need. He is a tasking preacher just tremendous bubble. I had their attention and I said a theologian, man, this guy he is.

And I suppose the world's greatest theologian has a great missionary zeal evangelistic spirit boy that I really had their attention is getting at the pins to write his name, address down but I cities got health problems often sickness condo when eyebrows went up a little bit.

I said another problem with him he's he's been in jail several times begin to shake the head. He'd been in some street demonstrations and some riots live really shaking is now the only nano bison. They said well I we don't know what he's he's the man we want and not as a little more you could getting he's already in heaven's name is called the apostle a man generally average for the committee would not want Paul the apostle is the pastor he would be suave enough, he wouldn't be well, Matt hail fella type a guy backslapping type of guy hey folks, you show me the guy who can rub shoulders with the people of this world and not rubbing salt in a wound. No offense, no effect. Paul you've testified of me in Jerusalem. Thank you, Paul Senior was aware of courage. Be of good cheer.

There was a word of commendation and frame.

There was a word of confidence and you must bear witness also had a role what's God saying all they can stop you know criticism can stop you and you go to Rome. Philippians 1 verse six he went got a good work in you will perform until the day of Jesus Christ bolded know this song but I think of the moment he'd been able to sling through many dangers, toils and snares I have already come disgrace had led me safe thus far and grace will lead me home. I folks listen just as surely as you hear my voice, just as surely as there is a God in heaven.

In this day and in this age. If you live in modern society are godly in Christ honoring spirit filled life, persecution and criticisms going to come your way.

All will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution and may God help you.

At that time that I have a conscience boy of offense toward God and man.

A good concert. May God help you.

At that time to have a bulldog grip on the truth that Jesus Christ is the Lord who walked out of the grave resurrected and may God give you a sense of the presence of the Lord Jesus will come alongside you and say thank you and put his arm around so I appreciate your faithfulness to me that hens you will not only be able to cope with criticism and you will rejoice in. Not that you go around debating people of the Messiah complex, you just live right it'll come, God will help you and you will be victorious all the way. Jesus is never more real to stand for wonderful thing to remember today and if you have questions about Jesus who he is what he means to you what he's done for you good or discover Jesus to find resources and materials that can answer questions you might have. You can reach out to us right there again and click Discover Jesus, if you been facing criticism for following Christ use the example of Paul in acts 23 facing so glad you joined us for this lesson and we hope will tune in next time for more profound truth. Simply stated on love word

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