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Super Glue Marriage | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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April 21, 2022 8:00 am

Super Glue Marriage | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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April 21, 2022 8:00 am

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We homes together through good. Listen closely to Adrian Rogers is not primarily a law that holds your marriage together. It is your marriage that holds your love is held by love your home is held together by is your commitment that sustains your marriage and sustains your love, not vice versa.

Welcome to love words featuring the profound messages and practical teaching of Adrian Rogers live in a tragic and dangerous day of disposable discard marriages. The enemy strives to break up homes to create a vicious cycle of broken people but marriage is the highest of all earthly relationships. The purpose of marriage is for a man and a woman to come together as one flesh sharing in the closest bond and communion possible permanently. If you have your Bible turn to Genesis chapter 2 will begin in verse 21 is Adrian Rogers shares instructions to maintain a superglue marriage that I am not here to make the horse people feel worse if you been divorced.

Thank God for the grace of God that cleanses, but I am here to lay out a warning that also not yet married Abba help those who are married I want I want to call today a superglue marriage. I want to show you today how to make up and not the breakup because dear friend if you do breakup I can tell you with all of the emphasis function and emotional my soul is going to be hard eight is going to be difficulty.

There are no whole eggs in a broken this. I thank God. God has given us a book that tells us how to stay married and to be what God wants us to be.

I'm reading here in Genesis chapter 2 and verse 21 and the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept and he took that is, God took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh instead thereof and the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman and brought her unto the man and Adam said, this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh, she shall be called woman.

She was taken out of man therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife, and they shall be one flesh.

And they were both naked man in his life and were not ashamed what happens is this to a friend that enemy the devil comes in and breaks up homes and what happens is that people who come from broken homes have broken lives and people with broken lives 10 to build broken homes, which tend to produce broken lives which tend to produce broken homes and there's a vicious cycle.

Psychologist Alice that girls tend to marry men like their fathers. Now you can see why mothers cry at weddings. Now somehow we got to get in and break that cycle can't do anything about your ancestors, but folks you can do something about your to send. Let me tell you verse that's been a lie first for me. You might want to make it a lie first for you. I claim this verse. Psalm 112 verses one into crazy Lord, bless his demand that fear the Lord, that delighted greatly in his commandments. I will be that man. Blessed is the man that fears the Lord, that delighted greatly in his commandments, his seed, his children, his grandchildren shall be mighty up on earth generation of the upright shall be blessed. Not a wonderful promise. While we cannot deal different with our ancestors, we can deal with our dependence now look, if you will, in verse 24. The Scripture therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother_the word leave, and shall cleave unto his wife_the word cleave and they shall be or become one flesh on the school board be become free action words, three verbs leave cleave and become and very God gives us.

In a nutshell what marriage is all about. You see when God says that a man shall leave his father and mother that speaks of the priority of marriage. Marriage is the highest of all earthly human relationships. When God says that man shall cleave to his wife that speaks of the permanence of marriage.

Actually, the word here.

Cleave means to weld Arctic glue as a reason not talking to me about a superglue marriage.

That's the permanence of marriage and they shall become one flesh. That's the Son of Man that a man and a woman come together and become the closest bond and communion.

One flesh now.

I want us to look at simply the cleaving the welding bombing.

How do we stay together because my dear friend, it is not easy. There must be such a total commitment to marriage.

If you want your marriage to last. Now thank God for love. It takes to build a whole. All have love don't get married but you listen your pastor this morning is not primarily your love that holds your marriage together. It is your marriage that holds your love together is your commitment that sustains your marriage and sustains your love, not vice versa. Now you see the Bible says that a husband is to love his wife as Christ loved the church, I will ask a question. Is Jesus Christ committed to the church when I failed us.

Jesus say well so long. Adrian I want a divorce from you Adrian. I want to be your Lord, your Savior, I'm finished with you know, my Lord stays with me and he has said I will never leave you nor forsake praise God you want me to tell you what a perfect husband is a husband is a man who does not demand a perfect wife.

They want a perfect life is vice versa. One who does not demand a perfect husband. There needs to be listened total commitment, a lifetime commitment.

For this reason, shall a man leave his father and his mother and others like me glued to her welded together to her. Not only must there be a lasting commitment but number two there must be loving communication. Now most marriages get in difficulty because the husband and the live bill learn how to communicate again must go back to the analogy of Christ and the church does Jesus Christ communicate with the church. Yes, even he's given us his word he speaks to us. He has sent his spirit into our hearts he whispers to our being that we belong to him. We have the most intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is that I don't call you servants and why call you friend.

The servant knows not what his master new that is Jesus that I have given my spirit to you to share my heart to share my life with you. Most husbands and most wives fail in the marriage because they not learn to communicate look at you will. At the last verse here of our text and they were both naked, the man in his life and were not ashamed about truly that deals with the physical part of marriage. There was no shame in the physical sense but you have to see different that what he's saying there is. There was no mental barrier there.

There was absolute oneness. They were absolutely one flesh on inhibited then to me that intimacy needs to be communication number one, there needs to be a lifetime commitment number two. There needs to be a loving communication number three. There needs to be a loyal confrontation, a loyal confrontation.

If you think that being in a home is just smiling and making out like everything is fine and no problems are wrong. Does our Lord have problems with his church, his bride certainly does. Does he confront his church in deed he does as many as I love, he says, I rebuke and chasten but notice he confront us in love as many as I love I rebuke and chasten. They got to be some conflicts in your marriage. I tried analyzing my marriage counseling and from study. I have done where all the major conflicts in marriage. Let me just give you some some conflicts are going to need a loyal confrontation number one selfishness. Did you know that most of the marriage problems that I deal with at their root is is nothing but selfishness. Selfishness is one of the major problems. It comes across in so many ways cannot take another area is financial money problem. You say that's right.

Not enough money will ruin a marriage know I'm talking about. Not enough money I'm talking about the mishandling of money already done.

Break up a home many times it brings you together. The problem in marriages is not so much a lack of money as it is a mismanagement of money for the Bible says that godliness with contentment is great gain content that's what people mean godliness with contentment. I believe that charge a counselor that was planned ruin marriages and most people need a little plastic surgery take those cards and just, and that you can do without anything except one another by limiting another problem closest is sexual all of the things a bitter fruit of the sexual revolution. We are reaping it. And indeed, that's one of the causes for divorce and and and sex is a gift of God. It is a form of communication. The Bible says one husband wife would have sexual relations that doesn't such a person move is one of the sexual union of a husband and wife is a form of communication. He knew her. It's a way of saying I love you, that cannot be put into words and when all of that is fine. Is it it seems like that's not such a big deal but when it's out of whack when it's when it's skewed. Somehow it takes all immense proportion how we need to learn what the Bible says about this matter will talk more about that in our series another problem. Believe it or not was a real problem was just a problem of nagging. Just nagging faultfinding over trivial things to put the top back on the toothpaste squeezed in the middle. Are you home your stockings again on the shower rail you never pick up your close general word mag and word and all are related. There anybody knowing you taste funny. The Bible says you can tell all Solomon new ice talk about Proverbs 21 verse 19 it is better to dwell in the wilderness with a contentious and an angry woman. Proverbs 27 verse 15 a continual dropping in a very rainy day and a contentious woman our life grip grip, but is not only the women mag men that you need to confess it, not as a weakness but as a Sandman break the habit and laws that another part of the problem and 9/10 complaints about and laws are women complaining about the mother-in-law.

Why is this alternate is the case of two women in love with the same man. The mother can't give her boy up and so she begins to find Paul with her daughter-in-law and vice versa, and laws need to be wise, let me just give you some rules of being good and laws they are they are they just so simple if if you want to be a good analog you just simply say hands off prayers own mouth closed and hearts open. God help you be good and laws meant. Of course, is substance abuse drugs, alcohol or other forms of viselike gambling. All these things now folks, you will face one or more of these things in your marriage and going to call for a loving confrontation, a loyal confrontation. I Lord says as many as I love I rebuke and chasten.

So let me give you some rules for having a goodbye okay let me tell you how to confront and all these things I can backup with Scripture.

I mean you're going to have to confront your mate, you are five principles here very quickly. I just won't name all and if you do this you learn how to make up an odd breakup and you will learn really to have that superglue marriage and you will not be able to do these unless you have the first two already, which is that lifetime commitment and that a loving communion communication and you can have that loyal confrontation. First of all isolate the problem pinpoint the problem know what is that you're truly arguing about, because many times were hurting in one place and where grunting and another example, your wife, she may be scolding you and fussing at you but maybe she's tired. Maybe she said maybe she's afraid maybe you hurt her feelings over here something else that your sedatives say you have no idea that you did. And so what you're really arguing about is not the point at all. Or maybe you you come home and and you find yourself in an argument with your wife and you you are really mad at her new matter what happened to you on the freeway coming home what your boss said the zig Ziglar is a great communicator tells a story about Mr. Sparks who was going to the health club one day and he was a business executive and was stopped for speeding mating so angry when he got back to the office. He chewed out the sales manager because the sales were down it would matter, the sales manager is matter. The highway patrolman sales manager, the sales manager took it could say anything back to talk to secretaries as well as my letters I gave you, not in yet those letters out secretary began to burn to a slow burn she went over to the switchboard operators all you said they are everyday just answer the telephone. You don't do anything else to help me want to do some help me get these letters out throughout the switchboard operator switchboard operator went home that day and a 12-year-old son was sitting there watching television had little Macon's blue jeans. She said you've torn your pants you go upstairs no more television for you and no more dinner for you. About that time the Process and the boys path was a mistake that I Come pass right then and he kicks the cat now. Zig asked this question would be a lot simpler. Mr. Sparks, the business executive had grown over the switchboard operator's house and kick the cat himself and not disturb so many people in the way some time with one place and running and happy is the couple that can save you. What is the problem pinpoint the problem pinpoint the problem number two dear friend learn to attack the problem and not one another, we can only do this, most arguments are in ego against ego right trying to rewrite rather than attacking the problem I've said before, I'll say it again no problems too big to solve just people too small to solve. If we would learn that the mate may have done something wrong and that is the problem with the mage is not the problem is what the main did is I can slice it, that they know yes you can listen if you have a child. For example, you need to confront your child your child comes in with bad grades or are stayed out too late say that child you know good or a bad child, you have no respect for you have no integrity talk to that child that way you attack the problem son grades important and here's why is how we going to fix it but you see different so many times is ego against ego and our rotten pride wants to be right out to you third thing that we need to do if we're going to have a successful argument. We need to deal with one problem at a time and deal with problems as they come up. Now the Bible says don't let the sun go down upon your wrath.

Many of us collect trading stamps you know you go the storm to give the stance he put a little book in one day you go down and redeem them for some lawn furniture. Wait a few months what you do, you just put a minimum LSO a lot marriages do you has been hurt you put in the book says some else late for dinner you put in the book. Forgot your anniversary put in the book, you'll be all those things as they come up, and then one of these days there's an explosion she comes into cash over stamps. One time he comes in and you wonder why this happened, how did all this happen. You have failed to do what the Bible says to do and that is to deal with these things as they come up when they're small when they can be dealt with one trading stamps is not so big it can be dealt with.

Don't let the sun go down on your stick to the subject and it is attack one another. Problem deal with these things as they come. Next of all, learn to negotiate. Don't get it all away and lose situation, rather than having a war where both husband and wife lose have a negotiation where both husband and wife when let both save face G-man Joss compromise being sent.

Jesus doesn't Jesus that I have many things to tell you not able to bear. He knows what we are able to do and not just a short point all the way down to the bitter in MN. Last of all know how important this is. Pray pray pray pray and pray so more's amazing how prayer will help you through these things. If you do these things so sample but somewhere you give me a marriage that will stay together as you have my commitment that communion.

That confrontation all sheltered over with his great love to pray for your home right now. The Lord help our home to be all that you have it to be.

Father give us better home make good homes better heal broken and broken in Jesus holy name.


What a powerful and timely message today, aren't you grateful for Adrian Rogers insight and how to cultivate a marriage that stands the test of worth finding.

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You can also purchase our new Bible studies, much like this message in our online store where information go to the website again is your marriage is super glued lasting commitment is it full of loving communication and loyal confrontation. Pray over your marriage today that God would give you a passion and fervor maintain your marriage.

Join us next time.

For more from online where you some encouragement we received recently from a donor. My husband and I have our alarm clock radio set each week data here love worth finding with Adrian Rogers might drift back to sleep after more often than not, profound but simple words of Pastor Rogers speak to our spirit.

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