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Harmony in the Home

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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February 18, 2022 7:00 am

Harmony in the Home

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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February 18, 2022 7:00 am

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Adrian Rogers said God made men and women, but he certainly did not make us aligned God make us so different but it might make is not just a saying in unity producing in harmony. That's the music of my God made them in the beginning, Mayo and female home is not really a new trio man in Jesus Christ. Welcome to find the insightful lessons, master teacher and author Adrian Rogers as we just heard in the music of marriage. Husbands and wives sing different parts of the same song justice harmony can turn a monotonous piece into a symphony. It can also bring fresh wife and excitement to the home. Scripture shows us how to use our differences to glorify God in our marriages.

If you have your Bible turn now to Genesis chapter 1 beginning verse 27 as Adrian Rogers shares how to have harmony in the home that order pair these messages. I've been thinking a lot about music.

I just decided it was time for me to sing a solo in church and so I went to brother Jim Whitmire and I said brother Jim Whitmire MAI saying in church.

He said yes you my pastor.

You're the pastor. So if you say so you may and I say will brother Jim what would you like for me to sing.

He said why don't you saying on a hill far away. Well, in all seriousness I don't know a whole lot about the music. I know something about music. I know that music is made up of three parts. There is no there is harmony and there is rhythm.

Now Melody is saying the same song and husband-and-wife need to do that but harmony using different parts.

That's what will you be talking about today.

Husband-and-wife may sing the same song but I don't sing the same parts and but in rhythm they sing it together so important that we sing the same song we sing in harmony and we sing it together now look, if you will hear in Genesis chapter 1 verse 27 so God created man in his own image in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them male and female God, thought up the idea of boys and girls.

We didn't think it up for unisex idea was not created by God. It was born in Hale God made man and women male and female God did that by divine design as we go to see in a moment, and you're going to see in this verse to both the man and the woman are in the image of God. Woman is absolutely as valuable as important as gifted and all of the other things as any man could possibly be. The Bible teaches that God does not value one sex above another. Galatians chapter 3 verse 38 makes that plane there is neither Jew or Greek bond or free. Neither is there male or female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus not enough talk about in societies not saying that there is to be a blurring of the distinction between the sexes, but he saying in Christ male and female bond and free, were all one mouth, but in spite of that God has made us different. God made us different that he might make us one and I thank God for the difference. I want us to celebrate the difference today because it's our differences not our likenesses that bring us together as husband and wife, and how important it is that we be brought together as husband and wife for Bible says in Ecclesiastes chapter 4 verse 92 are better than one that is so true, so I want to think about what I meant to call the divine design the divine design.

Now God made by design.

The difference in the sexes.

I and he did this for purpose, and he tells us what the purpose is going over to Genesis chapter 2, and likely will it verse 18 Genesis chapter 2 in verse 18 and the Lord God said it is not good that the man should be alone that he created all of these things and he says it's good it's good it's good it's good everything God created me would say that's God that's good that's good. And then God made man and he said that's not good. He said it is not good that man should be alone I will make him an help meet for him. And right there my dear friend in that verse you have the divine design you have. Why God created male and female. Let me give you three reasons very quickly. First of all, for companionship is not good that man should be alone. None of the animals could satisfy the hunger in Adam's heart and not even God himself and think about it is incredible. Adam had a face-to-face relationship with Almighty God in the Garden of Eden and yet that could not satisfy the deepest need that Adam had. It is, and so God created woman. First of all, for his companionship and I thank God for the precious companion that is given me. But not only for companionship but also full cooperation.

Notice what it says I will make an helper for him. I help meet are fitting for him. Now the word helper. There is a noun, it is not a verb.

He's not just say I'm only giving some help. God could've given Adam a friend helping pick fruit a buddy somebody know that's not the idea.

The idea is someone who is going to cooperate with him. Someone who will become a part of a team with him someone that will make him more than he could have been without that particular person. Someone to help Adam to reach his full potential. Adam could not have been what he ought to have been in my estimation at all that Eve any more than I could be one out to be without Joyce that God has given to me and that Joyce has been this this helper to me throughout my life. I married life in our ministry when we were dating in high school I was playing football and she was a cheerleader. One of the pictures that hangs on the wall of our home is a picture of her in her cheerleading outfit with these words inscribed on it to Adrienne. I will always cheer you on. So God made woman for companionship. God made woman for cooperation and God made woman for completion. You see, the Bible says in verse 18.

I will make a help meet for him.

That means a sitting helper someone to make up that part which is lacking and it is not just mere folklore that God took leave from Adam's side. It is that there's something missing until she is returned and it is not by mere happenstance that we speak of our husbands are wise as the other half and they are away. We are half a person without our mates and and that's the way God designed it now if we think about the music of marriage you think of Adam is a violin you think of Eve as the low and it is together that they make the music that they are supposed to be.

She is to complete Adam now lady you to be his complete or not his computer.

You are to completing but not the finishing off.

Now you are husband and wife together that this is God's divine design will move from there to talk about not only a divine design but a definite difference is because of that design that God made a difference in the sexes Genesis 1 verse 27 God made them male and female men and women are different with only the Bible that tell us that my dear friend HCN and the difference is more than the physiological differences there are deep emotional and spiritual and psychological differences and the psychologists tell us that for a long time. The radical feminist of been trying to tell us that all of the differences the emotional differences and the psychological differences are only cultural. They are not only cultural they are recreational and there is a difference. For example, in the way that the brains of men and women are wired little boys have a predominant proclivity in the right side of their brain and girls in the left side and that's the reason the boys tend to be a little more manually. Next area send an and women tend to be more verbal. Have you noticed that there are little girls will begin to talk quicker than little boys James Dobson and other psychologists of Thomas is the way their brains are wired to send a little boy off a birthday party want leader he'll rip and tear and pull girls hair and smear the cake and so for will girls want to play games like this post be played.

That's because the boys by nature are more aggressive. You give all girls a jigsaw puzzle and a try put together give it the boy he was swinging across the room little boy apartment may be a big boy.

I don't know but anyway you you give a little girl and all she wants to caress the doll she wants to cuddle at all.

It will avoid all him like a hammer out of it and he that's just the way he is a mean he thinks in those rounds out and there's nothing really that sometimes it feminist of today have tried to change those natural proclivities. But I want to show you that they are built-in of God. They are part of the way that God made us the high school was the way boys carry books and girls caribou next time you're in high school watched the boys put the books on the arm that can books like this. Now girls can books like this like is a baby. The girls will actually cradled her books in arms that's just the way that they built nothing with you away, but my dear friend.

There is a divine design and a definite difference. Why, because of what God made the man to do what God made woman to do. For example, God made the man to be the provider and God made the woman to be the helper I help meet for him now.

I'm certain today that we have some members of this congregation where the wife is the provider the husband because of physical illness are because of mere fact of the matter.

He does not have a job and she provides and that's God's provision and we're grateful for that. But whenever possible, the husband should be the breadwinner of the provider and if it is a two income family and the woman perhaps works out of the home has a side job she can still take care of her babies. The husband's income should be used for the food the shelter of the clothing the transportation and the woman's income if possible. Now should be that supplementary income but not the main support.

If not, they can be bitterness and division and she herself can become tough-minded in a way that God did not intend for it to become the man secondly is to be the protector. The woman is to be the nurturer that God made the man to protect the woman you know when Eve sinned, God blamed Adam.

Did you know that when Eve sin.

God blamed Adam in Genesis chapter 3 verse seven teen and on to Adam he said, because that has hearken of the voice of thy wife, and eaten of the tree which I commanded the saying, thou shall not eat of it, cursed is the ground for thy sake, not for her sake, for your sake Adam you're to blame Adam Crist is the ground for your sake in sorrow shalt thou eat of all the days of my life and Romans chapter 5 verse 12 when the Bible says the sin came in the world.

It doesn't blame my even Blaine's Adam Romans 512 wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin.

So death passed upon all men, for that all have sin.

The husband is meant to protect his wife and wife needs a husband who will protect her children need husbands who are protected. We need husbands who will set limits for children not drop out dad but dad she will say to boys and two daughters. That is a no you may not do that. I don't mean a Tarzan know, but just a know you can't do that God made the man to be the leader, and God made the woman to be the enhancer.

For example, in Genesis 3 verse 16 God said to the wife by desire should be to thy husband, and he shall rule over many as the leader but the woman is the enhancer she is to be the nurturer now I'm not talking about some things that are tendencies about hard and fast rules. What I want to give you now are tendencies between the male and the female, for example, as a tendency the man is stronger than a woman right that's that's just one of the tendencies. The man is physically strong and always I mean there's some women in here who can beat up some men in here and don't mess with him. I'm telling you, there are some who can do that. I'm just talking about tendencies I'm saying is a tendency but all the man one side room where Millie is identified and get into deep here but anyway, the Bible says in first Peter chapter 3 verse seven that the woman is a weaker vessel because of what God made man today, which was why Tim man has to be able to dig in the chopping the carrion and to protest and provide what did God make a woman to do. She's the mother of all living. She's to be gentle she's to be tender she is to nurture and to take care about the man tend to approach problems headfirst women approach problems, heart first questions the way they are all woman ate her emotions come more to the surface. When you get into the male and female battle. The battle of the sexes. It's generally not always, but logic versus emotion when I say this. Some women get angry and I think what he done think I know what's going on where you you do with the thing that always astounds me is that women know what's going on without knowing what's going on. I mean, that's a woman's intuition.

I'm a very frankly, my wife's a scholar. She made top grades in school. I would hate for you to see her report card. My report card. She's a better scholar than I was and and a very intelligent person but I'm telling you something. My different Amoco letter intelligent. I'm just talking about the way she comes the problem.

I come from him first.

She comes to problem heart first. She just thinks emotionally you see man are goal oriented. They say I this thing about who may get hurt by the women's anointment for you do that if you ever thought about so-and-so food drive whose raw meat is right or wrong is just simply the way that people come at the meal. I mean, they think about emotional problems and those are good. We we need that man tend to be more success oriented. Women tend to be more security oriented. For example, manual think of something is amenable to go for. I'm just going to try and I will take my nest egg. I'm investing something in a project where she wants to get everything right. You want everything in its place.

She wants the furniture just right. She wants the, the accouterments on the wall of the home just right because God gave her a nurturing instinct she wants to create beauty. She wants to create a whole Manas to see a man sees his work as an extension of himself in a man's work is not doing right. He's not happy, but a woman sees her whole as an extension of herself. These are generalizations now generalizations, but a woman sees the home is the extension of herself, and therefore if her home is cluttered. Her life is club.

She is interested not primarily in success, but insecurity man tend to look at the big picture. Women, on the other hand look at details being goal oriented Amana say well for five years. I'm going to do so and so and the woman will think of what's going to happen in between, and many men announce the big plans to woman without letting her know that he is thought about what's going happen in between. Matter fact I don't even think about what's been happening between advice you go I just say somehow I can do that by God's grace I can I will and I'll meet the problems when I get to but I will reach that goal. But woman sees it one step at a time. The fella comes home. He says gas she says why he said I found a product we can make the one dollar and sell for two dollars. I've sold everything remove the Cincinnati next month. She begins to cry patient was Melissa Elizabeth.

He will read he tells again and she tells him off. You no longer crying and I just don't understand you. Well when he talks about what he's going to do it why she thinks you realize the kids are in braces and our doctors right here and he realizes it's four weeks the graduation party realize this and you realize that she thinks about these things and think about those hearsay that she becomes an adversary rather than a companion rather than a complete or she becomes a computer because he is not taken time to recognize her instincts of security if he were to say to her now honey.

I realize this and this and this and this and therefore less talk about it and see if we can do this and at the same time meet your needs for security and first thing you know he has her now as a helper and is a companion but men just tend to be that way man tend to be insensitive and women tend to be sensitive. Why is that men are not really incest or they just take scan back to me.

I mean their workaday world forgot them. God put Adam out there and to earn the Brandon is a world of competition in a world of danger in a world of unpleasantries in a world of decisions and and he is the provider he is the protector and he is the leader. She's a natural she's sensitive in searching the right help you to allow her to be sensitive for you man and I'm almost finished now I'll finish this message tonight, but men tend to be more suspicious. Women tend to be more trusting. The reason that minimal suspicious is that the protector they don't know whether that person may be there to do damage so they say now woman lock the doors don't do this don't do that. I find myself just protecting my wife and my daughters and my grandchildren just having a protective nature, but sometimes women are more trusting. They trust their children.

They believe the little things are telling the truth always day they they they trust their husband when nobody else believes in them. They believe in him. They just are that way.

That's my dear friend, is the difference that God brought interest did God make us so different that he might make not just a saying in unity but to sing in harmony.

Not wanting something a girl named Joyce needs me and I sure need her and that's the music of marriage. God made them in the beginning, Mayo and female, may I say this dear friend that a home home is not really a duet.

It's a trio of man, a woman in Jesus Christ.

Less power hits in prayer. Heads about eyes are close father God I pray in the name of Jesus that you would give us godly Christian home.

Thank you Lord that you made us different that you might make us one in Jesus name, amen. What a wonderful truth to dwell on today that God made us different so that he could make us one your love worth finding.

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Find that, go to do you have harmony in the home and share loving duet with your spouse. Consider God's divine design in the definite differences between you and your partner and see how you can use your marriage to glorify God will join us again next time. For more timeless truths.

Maybe in my right arm where you I love this note we received recently from a longtime lister. I grew up listening to Adrienne in the car. I'm grateful his messages live on and I love how they are still relevant today. Truly timeless. We love to hear that these messages have taken root and help you grow in your faith. From an early age.

It's our goal to equip believers with tools to cultivate faith for the whole family.

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