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Living Supernaturally or Superficially | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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January 25, 2022 7:00 am

Living Supernaturally or Superficially | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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January 25, 2022 7:00 am

In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals God’s grave warning about superficial religion.

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Your devotion to the Lord Jesus sincere.

Listen to Adrian Rogers love Jesus will say Lord help if you can't give all to the Lord Jesus Christ and having given all the Lord Jesus said, Lord, I want to help while is in your power at your own just don't pretend to devotion that you do not welcome to the real truth of the gospel never changes around the messages Adrian Rogers part one of today's message. We learned about Ananias and Sophia were seeing another church member received praise for selling his property, giving everything to the church.

This couple lied about their own to receive the same praise and suffered a grave price.

Our devotion to the Lord is meant to be sincere. We can pretend in our commitment to if you have your Bible turn acts chapter 5 is Adrian Rogers shares part two of living supernaturally or superficially that I want to lift up a red flag warning hijinks super special religion.

I want to give you two things to be aware of and things to be sure okay number one being aware of the pretend devotion of superficial religion ballast begin to read, but a certain man named Ananias was safari his wife sold a possession and kept back part of the price. His wife also being privy to it, and brought a certain card and laid it at the apostles feet.

But Peter said Ananias why Satan filled I'm hard to lie to the Holy Ghost and keep back part of the price of the land while it remained was it not by no and after it was sold was not in thine own power. Why has thou conceived this thing in mine heart, that is not lied and demand, but God. Let me know the background of this passage of Scripture was a man named Barnabas old Barney did good body had made a gift to the church. He was a very generous man Craig hearted soul word Barnabas means encourager was also wealthy Property Be Sold Because It Was Persecution, There Was a Great Financial Need, to the Church That Ananias and Sapphire Were There. They Said You Would like to Bask in Some That Sunlight to Finally Have a Piece of Property. Why Don't We Sell This Piece of Property in and I Will Take the Money and Bring to the Church Well Is a Will to Give All What I Don't How Much We Sold It for. Tell Them That's All We Got for the Property. We Can Keep Part of It, but Will Get Credit for Giving Everything.

Nobody Knows How Much We Sold It for so to Say the Money We Got from the Property. It's All We Giving Everything to the Lord Was Alive. It Was Alive. It Was a Pretend Devotion. It Was a Devotion. They Did Not Have What Made Them Do That.

What Is behind All Superficial, Hypocritical Religion PRI the Prime Prime Malice Really Care There Saying Was Not That They Failed to Give Everything They Didn't Have To Give Everything There Was No Command That They Should Give Everything.

Their Problem Was They Pretended a Devotion. They Did Not Have Second Beware of the Premeditated Deception of Superficial Religion about the Keyword Is Premeditated Versus Three and Four but Peter Said, Ananias, Why Has Satan Filled My Heart Cool to the Holy Ghost and Keep Back Part of the Price of the Land While It Remained Was Not Thine Own and after Was Sold, Was Not Dino.

Why Has Thou Conceived This Thing and by Heart.

That Is Not Lied on Demand, but to God That He Had Lied to the Holy Ghost Is Not Casual. Satan Put the Line in Their Heart but They Made Room for the Long Satan Said Hey Ananias Samira, Tell Me Again Everything Satan Put That in Their Heart You Ever Lie Originates with Satan Lie Originates with Satan Lives at 10 but Is Worse Than John Chapter 8 and Verse 44 Jesus Speaking to the Pharisees That Superficial Religions That You Are of Your Father the Devil, the Lust of Your Father Ye Will Do. He Was a Murderer from the Beginning, and Abode Not in the Truth Because There Is No Truth in Him. When He Speaketh a Lie, He Speaketh of His Own, for He Is a Liar and the Father of Is the Smaller of All Eyes He Satan Is a Liar and He's the Father of Whatever You Tell a Lie Illicitly Teenagers Listen to Me Business Menacingly Whenever You Tell a Lie You Acting like the Devil Proof. John 844. He Is a Liar and He Is the Father of Not Only Had They Don't Go See My Friend.

It Was a Conspiracy. It Was Pretty Meditated Later Own Pederast Safari Did You Bring to This, She Said Yes. What This Was. Listen. It Was a Die Rack Challenge to God. A Direct Challenge to the Holy Ghost.

That's the Reason That They Do Not Lied on Demand but on the God I Would Not Advise You to Try This Pretended Devotion, Premeditated Deception Is the Third Thing Two Things to Be Aware of Your Two Things to Be Sure. Be Sure of the Penetrating Detection of Superficial Religion, God, the Holy Spirit Told Peter That Ananias and Sapphire Will Line up. It Was Different Than We Peter Was an Apostle and God Spoke to Peter and Peter Declared the Word of God the Word of God Was in the Mouths of These Apostles Male Bible Says in Hebrews 412 the Word of God Is Quick, and Powerful, Sharper Than a Two-Edged Sword, Dividing Asunder between Soul and Spirit, Penetrating, Penetrating to the Thoughts and Intents of the Heart. Old Is the Penetrating Power of the Word of God. If My Heart Won't Display If You Could See I'm, My Spiritual Heart.

There Is Ever Secret in His Heart.

Things That Nobody Else Knows about Their Right.

Would You Want Your Heart a Plan for Everybody to See.

No Secrets. Now the Bible Teaches One These Days Is Going to Happen.

The Bible Says One of These Days Are Hard to Get to Be Put on Display.

There Is Nothing Hidden That Will Not Be Revealed. Things That Are Spoken in Secret Will Be Shouted from the Housetop, and One of These Days. Those Things Are Going to Be Made Known Now Listen, Peter with Penetrating Insights All That Sin Is Only a Matter of Time.

Listen, It Is Only a Matter of Time until Hypocritical Halfhearted Religion and Pretended Devotion Will Be Made Manifest. Paul Said When Our Lord Comes, Is Going to Make Known the Hidden Councils of Man's Are Perhaps the Things in Your Heart Doing No Other One of These Days God's X-Ray Vision Is Going to Look into Your Heart and My Heart and the Things Perhaps We Don't Even Know That Are There.

But I'm Telling You There Is a Penetrating Insight That God Is Are You Willing Are You Willing to Ask God the Holy Spirit to Put the Searchlight into Your Heart Right Now. Sergio Got to Know My Heart Try Me and See If There Be Some Wicked Way in Me That I Do Not Want in My Heart and My Life. I Don't Hypothesis. I Do Not Want to Preach Something I Don't Practice.

I Don't Want to Say Something. I Don't Believe in Casa Lansing. I Want to Make Sure I Put Myself in God's X-Ray Sergio Got to Know My Heart Try Me and See If There Be Some Wicked Way in Me Is Different in the Penetrating Detection If Not Now, Later, All That Is the Fourth and Final Thing I Want You to Be Sure to Things to Beware Two Things. Be Sure You Can Be Sure of Purifying Discipline of Superficial Religion. What Happened They Told A Lot Fatal, Premeditated Line. It Was Detected and Notice What Happened. Beginning in Verse Five, and Analyze Hearing These Words Fell down and Gave up the Ghost Means He Died in Great Fear Came on All Them That Heard These Things, and the Young Men Arose Wound Them up and Carry Them out and Buried It Was about the Space of Three Hours after One's Wife Not Knowing What Was Done Came in and Peter Answered and Tell Me Whether You Sold the Land for so Much and She Said Was so Much Three Hours Later.

Don't You Ever Complain about Long-Term Service. Okay She Just Getting Answers Been Going for Three Hours. Then Peter Said under How Is It That You Have Agreed Together to Attempt the Spirit of the Lord Is See This Was a Conspiracy Is Not Offhanded Things to Tim. That Means to Test the Spirit of God. It Was a Challenge to God You Agree You Conspired to Attempt the Spirit of All Behold the Them, Which Have Been Buried by Husband Are at the Door and Shall Carry the out. She Fell down Straightway at His Feet and You Would up the Ghost and the Young Men Came in and Found Her Dead and Carry Her Forth, Buried Her by Her Husband, and Great Fear Came upon All the Church and As Many As Are These Things Also. Two Things about This so Discipline This Judgment Number One, It Was a Severe Judgment.

They Both Is Almost Humorous Is Almost like They Had in the Church Universe, Committees May Have a Blanket Committee to Bury the Dead Is a Well Analyzed and Wrap Them up Guy Mount Barium Pay Committee.

We Gotta Get This One Wrap Her up, Carry out Grandma Buried in the Backyard. No One Had Some Terry Suppose Those Churches in Those Days They Die. It Was Very Silly Now? When I Sense a Farmer Saying I Believe They Were God Judges Own Children Certain.

I Believe I Meet Ananias and Safari in Heaven. I Told You before There Are Three Kinds of Judgment. There Is Our Judgment As a Center Is Our Judgment As a Servant and There's a Judgment As a Son Hi Judgment As a Sinner Takes Place Account When Jesus Christ Died He Took the Judgment of Our Sins, That Is, the Judicial Judgment and Will Never Face That Again. Romans 81 There Is Therefore Now No Condemnation, No Judgment to Those in Christ Jesus, by God, We Settled Out Of Court Admits, but Is Also Our Judgment As a Server. That's the Judgment Seat of Christ. Were We Going to Receive the Rewards for the Things That We've Done and He's Going to Say Well Done Good and Faithful Servant. If You Been a Good Faithful Servant. That's Our Judgment As Servant Now That Takes Place at the Judgment Seat of Christ after the Rapture, but As 1/3 Judgment and That's Our Judgment As Sons and That Takes Place, Day by Day.

Do You Think That If You Get Say That You Can Send Away with It Know If You Get Say That Means If You Sin You Won't Get Away with an Unsafe Center. God Is Not Being with Him in This Life, like He Does. One of His Own Children.

The Bible Says, Whom the Lord Love He Chastens God Love Ananias and Sapphire Put That Hebrews Chapter 12 Verses Five through Seven.

Have You Forgotten the Exhortation Which Become Views on the Children, My Son.

I Listen This Is Sons Despise Not Thou the Chastening of the Lord Will Faint When Thou Art Rebuked Him for Whom the Lord Loveth the Chastening and Scourges Every Son Whom He Received If He Endure Chastening, God Deals with You As with Sons for What Son Is a Whom the Father Chased You Say but but They Die. Yes, This Judgment Is a Severe Judgment, Especially When You Challenge God When It Is Premeditated When It Is a Conspiracy When It Is a Confrontation between That Satan Is Put in Your Heart and That Which the Holy Spirit of God Is Want Your Games. Paul Warned the Church at Corinth about the Way They Were Taking the Lord's Supper for Sprint's Chapter 11 Verses 29 and 34 He That Either Them Break It Unworthily. Edith and Brink of Damnation to Himself or Damnation Means Judgment, Not Discerning the Lord's Body.

For This Cause Many Are Weak and Sickly among You, and Some Sleep. Some Have Died like Ananias and Safari in the Corinthian Church Because of the Judgment of God upon Them. They Were Children of God, and They Died Prematurely Again. The Bible Says in Verse John Chapter 5 Verse 16.

They May See His Brother Sent a Sin Which Is Not Hunted at Each Glass and and He Shall Give Him Life for Them to Sin Not under Their What Is a Sin Not of the Benefit Is Not Premeditated.

It Is Not Tempting God. It Is Not Challenging God. And Then He Goes on to Say That He Is a Sin of the Back Idealization) There Comes a Time When You As a Child of God Did so Challenge God That You Sign Your Own Death Warrant. It Doesn't Mean You're Not Going to Have a Major Going to Happen Sooner Than You Should, That It Was a Severe Judgment. I Believe I've Seen This in My Years of Ministry.

I Believe I've Seen People Challenge God Living Hypocritical. Superficially, yet with a Name in the Lamb's Book of Life. Check out and Go to Heaven Too Soon, like Ananias and Started Which, Incidentally, like Moses Did. When Moses Died As I Was. Not Demo Strength Abated. Moses Died Prematurely Because He Challenged God That Listen Not Only Was It a Severe Judgment, but It Was a Saving Judgment. You Say God Is Cruel God Is Vindictive Know God Is Loving and Got His Kind, Number One, It Was to Save Ananias and Sophia Ira from Further Sin. God Did This. I Believe in My Safe There Was a Man in the Church at Corinth Was Living in Open Sandal Brother for Sprint Is 55. This Man Was Living in Sexual Immorality. He Had Been Warned He Would Not Repent.

Paul Said Deliver Such a One This Is for Sprint 55 Deliver Such a One to Satan for the Destruction of the Flesh, That the Spirit May Be Saved in the Day the Lord Jesus Is a God Is Far More Interested in Your Spirit Than He Is in Your Body Deliver Such a One to Satan for the Destruction of the Flesh, That the Spirit May Be Saved in the Day of the Lord Jesus Christ Now Be the God of Mercy Brought Ananias Inspire Home to Keep Them from Further Sin Now Not I Was a Saving down Lessons of Ira.

It Was to Save the Early Church from Pollution. God Doesn't Want Hypocrites in the Church. So God Took Them out Because There Was Such a Holiness. There Such a Fire. Such Revival, God Would Not Let Them Spoil It and the Bible Says in the Same Chapter and Verse 11 and Great Fear Came upon All the Church and upon As Many As Were These Things. Therefore, This Was a Blessing to the Church.

Number Three. It Was Say a Blessing Because a Saving Lost People from Hell Course Think It Happened to the Church Would Be for the Church to Be so Filled with Hypocrites and Superficiality That Unsafe People Can See No Difference Is Good When God Brings Judgment like This upon a Church. The Bible Says in Acts Chapter 5 Verse 14 and Believers Were More Added to the Church Multitudes of Both Men and Women.

The Home-Going of Ananias and Safari Brought Fear to the Church and about Salvation to Many People and Where Satan Ruled God Overrule Another Reason God Made to Say Succeeding Generations from Hypothesis That Is a Big Question Right Here. If God Took Ananias and Safari to Heaven Early. Why Does God Do That Today. I Mean Why Doesn't God Go to the Congregation so You One of You out Here.

You Want Your out Here. You Want You out Here. One Preacher Said If God Would Kill People Did That.

Where Would I Be They All Laughed and Said I Be Preaching to an Empty House. Why Doesn't God Do That Today Will Find Is a Principal in Bible, God Will Do Certain Things. As an Example in the Physical World about How He Feels in the Spiritual World. For Example, Solving Tomorrow God Destroyed Sodom and Tomorrow with Fire and Brimstone. But Why Doesn't God Destroy Cities Today That a Given over to Sodomy with Fire and Brimstone Answer Jude 1 Verse Seven Even As Sodom and Gomorrah and the Cities about Them in like Manner, Giving Themselves over to Fornication, and Going after Strange Flesh, Are Set Forth. An Example for an Example, Suffering the Vengeance of Eternal File.

When God Eradicated Sodomy Tomorrow with Fire and Brimstone, and Let the Smoking Ruins. God Said That Is an Example Is an Example. You Know How I Feel about It. There's an Example in the Wilderness with Each of This Will Come Out Of Egypt Going to Canaan. They Lived in Sin, They Fell into Idolatry and God Destroyed Many of Them Malice in the Second First Corinthians 10 Versus 10, 11, Neither Murmur You. Some of Them Murmured and Were Destroyed of the Destroyer.

Now All These Things Happen under Them for Examples That Are Written for Our Admonition, upon Whom the Ends of the World Are Come. God Does These Things Sometimes As the Examples Are Your Five Calls Very Quickly.

Just like a Month Sin among the Saints Is More Serious Than Sin among the Lost Number Two Sin against the Holy Spirit Is Very Serious. All Sin Is Serious, but Sin against the Holy Ghost Is Very Serious. Number Three Be on Guard against Type of Hypocrisy in Your Life.

Ask God to Search You Make Certain That Your Heart Is Clean and Pure and above All, Do Not Pretend a Devotion Greater Then You Had Number Four. Don't Let Some Hypocrite Keep You Away from Jesus Christ. There've Always Been Hypocrites There Always Will Be Hypocrites. One of the 12 Apostles Was Not Even Saved at All. Don't You Let Some Hypocrite Keep You from Jesus and Last of All, like Church That Is Still the Holy Ghost Church That Has the Word of God Church That Will Let Children Clean and like to Simply Cannot, Will Not Be Stopped by Superficiality and Hypocrisy on the Part of Some You Will Know How Strong the Church Is You See What It Takes to Stop All Hill Could Not Stop This Church and He Continued to Grow. Now What Is the Lesson. The Lesson Is This Love Jesus with All Your Heart. If Your Week Say Lord Help Me If You Can't Give All to the Lord Jesus Christ and Having Given All to the Lord Jesus Say Lord I Want to Help Me While Is in Your Power It Your Own. Just Don't Pretend a Devotion That You Do Not Have Say, Lord. Here's Where I Am.

Here's Where I Want to Be. Help Me to Grow and God Will Start with You Where You All and God Will Bring You Where You Need to Be Jobs Don't Stonewall God. Don't Be a Big Pretender. Don't Be Superficial. Don't Be Hypocritical, Believe God Loving God, Help God Strengthen God Will Guard God Will Guide You Here Take You Where You Are and Make You What You Ought to Be Let God Start with You Where You Are and God Will Bring You Just Don't Stonewall God Lied to the Holy Ghost.

Don't Be Superficial and Hypocritical. Amen.

Now the Message the Episode concerning Ananias and Sapphire the Audit It It Caused Unsafe People You Say Probably Will Do the Same Today. Today without the Lord Jesus Christ and You Want Christ Bullets on the Keep from Jesus. I Promise You on the Authority of the Word of God, God Will Save You and You Keep Your Savior. You Trusted the Bible Says, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and You Be Safe If You Pray a Prayer like This from Your Heart of God on December I'm Lost. I Can't Save Myself I Need to Be Saved. I Want to Be Say She's Coming to My Forgive My Sins Save Me, Lord Jesus Be with High Promising with Forgive Every Sin Is Clear in Your Heart Begin to Make a Person He Wants You to Be and When You're Done Take You Home to Heaven If You Prayed to Receive Jesus to Snow to Celebrate with You and Invite You to Refine God's Love Page on the Website. There You Will Find Answers, You May Need about Your Newfound Faith. Who Is Jesus. How Can I Know Him Go to and Click on the Tab at the Top That Says Find God's Love. Welcome to God's Forever Family.

We Can't Wait to Hear from You Today If You like to Order a Copy of This Message in Its Entirety. You Can Call Us at 1877 Love God Request the Title Living Supernaturally or Superficially's Lessons Also Part of the Insightful Series Living Supernaturally for All 13 Powerful Messages: Number 1877 Love God or You Can Order Online It or Rightists Are Addresses Love Worth Finding Box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183. You Can Also Purchase Our New Bible Studies, Much like This Message in Our Online Store for Information, Go to We Are Saved by Grace.

But One Day Will Face the Judgment Seat of Christ to Give an Account for How We Steward Our Law.

Be Careful Not to Live and Join Us Next Time.

For More Rogers Right on Love Worth Buying Want You to Hear What a Donor to Love Worth Finding Says about Using These Messages and Resources We Offer to Share Her Faith with Others. I Have Listened to Pastor Rogers for Many Years and Have Always Been Blessed. I Recently Shared His Preaching within a Small Group and Everyone Was Tremendously Blessed. It Is Such a Privilege to Hear How Your Sharing Your Growing Faith with Others through These Messages and the Resources We Offer. When You Donate to the Ministry. Right Now We Want to Thank You by Sending You a Copy of the Book. God's Wisdom Is Better Than Gold. Anyone Who Reads the Bible onto the Snow Cheap, No Easy, No Lazy Way to Serve Jesus in This Book Adrian Rogers Shares the True Definition of Prosperity Give Solid Biblical Instruction on God's Way Health, Wealth and Wisdom. Request a Copy of This Book. God's Wisdom Is Better Than Go You Call the Gift of 1877 Love God

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