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Every Christian an Evangelist

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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January 21, 2022 7:00 am

Every Christian an Evangelist

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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January 21, 2022 7:00 am

In this message, Adrian Rogers shares how every Christian is an evangelist, and how to share the Gospel with others.

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Use of the Holy Spirit listen to Adrian Rogers rubs God. Some student businessmen gradually to some I made an optimal, but in his time he got to lead you if you're sensitive God works on the center and God works also more sensitive to the direction of the spirit. God gets us again.

Welcome to love buying featuring profound messages and practical lids from Adrian Rogers in her own way and opportunity. Each of us is called ordained to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. In fact, every Christian is called to be an evangelist in acts chapter 8 God use the apostle Philip to share the gospel with an Ethiopian man. There are three things in this chapter that help clarify our specific call to evangelism. If you have your Bible turned acts chapter 8 will begin in verse 26 is Adrian Rogers begins every Christian is an evangelist story we have today, the word of God from acts chapter 8 is the start of a man named Philip I named one of my sons. After this evangelist, my bid that a little boy was in heaven's name Philip. After this particular man because we respect this man so much.

Philip was a big hey was what we might call the first missionary and that Philip was preaching the gospel and multitudes big say God was doing incredible things. It was a great great campaign, though he was a deacon. He was practicing what I say today that every Christian is an evangelist and he was an evangelist and he was being used of God mightily in Crusade, and the spirit of God came to him.

Bible says an angel the word angel means a messenger. I don't know what how God brought this message was it was a literal angel of our weather our God, the Holy Spirit spoke through some individual but a messenger came to him and said they felt. I don't have a great revival here in Samaria but I want you to go down to Gaza down to the desert and you find out why. Now we have here a story, but we have more than a story we have a pattern to show you how God can use you and listen to me. God never leaves a fully surrendered and cleansed vessel unused. God never leaves a fully surrendered, cleansed vessel unused you will be used.

Would you like to be a witness. Would you like to be an evangelist for you like to meet the Lord Jesus Christ bringing your sheaves with you. Would you like to rejoice in this life and in the world to come with you.

I know you would to let me lay several things on your heart that will help you if you would do this and him right out of this store number one.

Be sensitive to the direction of the spirit be sensitive to the dire direction of the spirit we been talking today about following Christ that Christ is leaving and you're not listening when you are in difficulty your seat from an human viewpoint. What the Holy Spirit told Philip to do did not really make a lot of sense he's in this incredibly wonderful revival in Samaria, and God tells them to leave Samaria and go to Gaza you need to understand that God's ways are often unexplained timing.

God did not say nothing about want to go down there. There's an opportunity and wheels. There's a man of great importance that I want to meet them there.

God did not say that to.

He just said no. And this is it. Philip went under sealed orders God's ways are often on, explain, and God's ways are often unforeseen.

Philip had no idea of knowing what God had for him when he went down that he did not know what God had for him to do to lead this man, this incredibly important man the Lord Jesus Christ, and who know listen. Who knows what tremendous opportunities God may have for you in the future and who knows that next individual you need to Jesus Christ. That will be. God says to Philip leave Samaria to the desert. There was a man that's going to open up all North Africa to the gospel of Jesus Christ's time. So what is this telling us this is telling us that we need to be sensitive to the direction of the spirit we need to be sensitive to the direction of the spirit.

Let God's Holy Spirit lead us.

Let me tell you how the spirit of God operates.

First of all God's spirit finds a man whose heart is open.

Our woman whose heart is open to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Somebody who is ready for Jesus was this man ready, you better believe he was ready, the Ethiopian had been to Jerusalem Bible says to worship. He was seeking God. The advantage of most religious city in the face of the earth, but the wells of religion were dry and he's coming away religious, but lost. He's even got a copy of the Old Testament even has the most remarkable book in the Old Testament in his lap.

He is reading from Isaiah. The 53rd chapter what I call the gospel according to Isaiah, timing couldn't be more right time. Not only is he repeating Isaiah chapter 53.

Please come to the crux of Isaiah chapter 53 that speaks of the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ is led as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a lamb. He opens not his mouth. At that precise movement is when Philip found them. You think that was accidental. God works on the center and God works in the solar paneling was sensitive to redirection of the spirit. God gets us together. Jesus said, I must needs go through Samaria. Why, when Jesus was on his journey did he must needs go through Samaria because of the woman at the well, there was a divine appointment, and if you don't know Bible history. Jesus met a woman at the well when he was on a trip he went the way that most people would not go met that woman letter to Christ's Cornelius, and Simon Peter God worked on Simon Peter and said Simon you get rid of your racial prejudice is a Gentile, you need to go witness to God worked on a Gentile man, Cornelius, and said I am going to send somebody to tell you how to get say and then I divine alchemy God gets to together mean when you sensitive to the director of the spirit. I'm tell you God to lead you somebody was Jesus those of your students are you going to find some student if you be sensitive perhaps God is repairing some student for you witness to those of you a businessman. If you sensitive gradually to the semi. Maybe not tomorrow but in his timing God to lead you if you sensitive God is going to be working on an individual. Perhaps tomorrow student that somebody went to church Sunday went to the wells of religion came away drive.

Maybe they know the Bible. I don't know how to be safe and if you are sensitive.

What I'm trying to say to you is this, you say will God never brings anybody to me that I can witness to all could be that you're not listening. Manley Beasley, who break from this pulpit used to say you get right with God. Listen, you get right with God and you have to backslide to keep from winning souls. I mean, when you get in the stream of the spirit. When God is working in the unsaved heart and God is working in the heart of the soul winner God will get them together. So are you believable, probably talking about following the Lord, are you a follow-up of the God has a plan view. Now here's the second thing I want to say number one. Be sensitive to the directions, remember to be swift for the demands of the spirit. Now look, if you will, in verses 29 through 30.

Then the spirit. Seven Philip, go near, and join thyself to this chariot and I watched this hand. Philip ran he ran to him and heard him read the prophet Isaiah's and said understand this now what our readers now had he not run, he would've missed this opportunity own.

We'll see. Had to run to catch this Ethiopian and he could had plenty of excuses I know the times when God is prompted my heart to witness and I didn't do it and the opportunity with past. I always find some reason not to do it. If Philip had used these excuses, they could rationalize one of the picket of several he's rich is important. I can approach him are you could've said he's reading, and I don't want to interrupt him or he could've said he's of another race. It would be appropriate for me to speak to him, but Philip ran because less than the time was right, but the time was short. We miss a lot of golden opportunities because without swift without swift to the demands of the spirit, and they slipped through our fingers.

God is teaching me this I sometimes argue or sometimes stonewall God or sometimes just walk away and I miss opportunities. Be swift.

My sold answer him being jubilant my feet.

God is marching on somewhere I read of a barrel of fish packed in ice know this. Carl efficient said if not delivered in three days.

Nevermind never mind opportunities are passing through our fingers and hair.

I'm so grateful that not only was he sensitive he was with number three be steadfast in the desire of the spirit. Now what is the desire of the spirit of God, what would you let the desire of the spirit of God be your desire.

What is the desire of the spirit of God will listen. John 15 versus 26 and 27 when the Kunkel Taurus, that's another word for the Holy Spirit, whom I will send in view from the father, even the spirit of truth which proceeded from the father. He shall testify of me. And he also shall bear witness when the Holy Spirit is come, he will testify me. Jesus said and you will bear witness. Remember we began this study look back suite is that acts 18 when Jesus said you shall be witnesses to me.

You shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you. What is the desire of the spirit that you share Jesus. Now look at chapter 8 verse 30, and Philip ran thither to him and heard him read the prophet Isaiah's and said understand is that what the readers they said how can I except some man should guide me any desired Philip that he would come up and sit with him in the place of the scripture which he read was this, he was led as a sheep to the slaughter like a lamb before you share so openly about his mouth in his humiliation his judgment was taken away. And who shall declare his generation for his life is taken from their and the eunuch answered Philip and said, I pray the of whom speaketh the prophet this of himself or some other man is the key out those already verse 35 then Philip opened his mouth and preached unto him Jesus. What is the desire of the spirit.

What is the office work of the spirit that we share Jesus.

What did Philip talk to this man about he didn't talk to him about denomination. They didn't talk to him about race relations. He didn't talk to him about politics and Ethiopia are in Jerusalem. He talked with him about Jesus. That's the message that we need today is the Lord Jesus cry's have a lot of people today who do a lot of wonderful things but they're leaving Jesus out now here he had the desire of the spirit. What is the desire of the spirit. It is that we share the Lord Jesus. Why should we have the direction of the spirit and then not have of the desire of the spirit know that we share the Lord Jesus Christ and find out how Philip share the Lord Jesus Christ. He told them some basic thing. First of all, he told this Ethiopian that he was a son Isaiah chapter 53 that was his text and Isaiah chapter 53 says all we like sheep have gone astray return everyone does own way and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all. I had the joy of taking the same passage I did.

Chapter 53, and leading a young Jewish businessman to Jesus Christ and I read this verse. All we like sheep have gone astray return everyone does own way and the Lord has laid on him on Jesus, the iniquity of us all we need to understand we need to teach people die just as Philip taught this Ethiopian that he could be saved but he needed to be saved and none so good they need not be saved and none so bad they cannot be say so.

The medicine how can I accept someone teach me, Philip said, do you understand you want people to be saying they have to understand that understand that they are seven they have to understand that Christ died for them.

He took this text and show how Jesus, the Lamb of God like a lamb for the slaughter, died upon the cross took our place on the cross as a substitute see a holy God cannot overlook sameness and must be painful.

I read somewhere of the housekeeper got saved in a man who wanted to ridicule her religion said to her, but how does it feel to be saying she sent him not sure I know what a saint is ridges that I know this much I'm saved by grace, and I'm looking forward to heaven. All he said you go you been saved.

Have you what's it like to be say. She said I probably cannot explain where you could understand bushes out there what it feels like to me. If he is like I'm standing in Jesus shoes and he standing in line onto your theologian could not of said it better. All we like sheep going astray return everyone to his own way, the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.

He takes place that we might take is what you need to understand in order to be say what is the design of the spirit was set as and we need to be say we like sheep going astray.

Jesus, the Lamb of God led to the slaughter crust and secondly that salvation is by faith is not of works of any kind. It is the gift of God, how I know we preach this well and asked chapter 8 look in verse 36 and as they went on their way. They came to certain water and even said so here's what I want to to me to be baptized, and Philip said, if thou believe this with all thine heart, thou make us you got to have believers baptism not baptism before you believe believers baptism is not that baptism saves you, but baptism lime was showing the moment is an illustration and demonstration of your salvation, but that is what he said Mr. Treas.

You must believe with all your heart and then you will be say listen. None of the depends upon you.

It is all gone. The understand that that's grace. Romans 11.

Six and if by grace is no more works. Otherwise work is normal working at my work is no more grace. Otherwise grace is no more grace I make sense of you reading what he is saying is this is either grace or works, not grace and works if you were hanging over precipice. 2000 feet below are jagged rocks is a chain of 100 links 99 of them made afford steel.

One of them made up white paper. How safe are you as safe as that one link a friend. If any part of your salvation depends upon you. You're not going to make you like to make. It is by grace what is meant preach to him, he preached to him that is a center that Christ died for him if he will put his faith work God has put a sands that he will be say you'd now know the sign that he really believe that is that he was willing to be baptized look if you will, and ask eight now look in verses 38 and 39 and he that is the Ethiopian commanded the chariot to stand still and they went down both into the water, both Philip and the eunuch and he baptized him and when they were come up out of the water. The spirit of the Lord caught away Philip that the eunuch saw him no more anyone on his way rejoicing. What is the motive for this baptism number one obedience have you been baptized, have you Jesus commanded baptism. He gave the great commission. Very therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. Hello, I'm with you always, even to the end of the age you want Jesus to be with you obey his commandments teach his commandments. Baptism is one of them.

That is not necessary to salvation but it is necessary to obedience and obedience is necessary to join anyone on his way rejoicing is also baptism is a form of confirmation I mean is, is making real this man what happened here is a man of great authority in the chart riding along to get saved pieces. See, here's what I want to send me to be baptized upset if you believe will all your heart, you may sit all right stop the chart get out.

Know what I do is as you stand here, fold your hands like this on the how they did it, but sit on the youthful. John's like this. I don't know exactly what it but it was enough water fund be baptized speed and sprinkle water.

They went down both into the water. Any baptized him.

The Greek word is he immersed him that pizza which means to immerse immersed him why did he do that but the one thing he was demonstrating the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ were buried with him by baptism, the like as Christ was raised from the dead by the father, even so we also should walk in newness of life, and he was demonstrating Dolly's entourage is not traveling alone.

This is, I mean this man is a government official is great entourage. Can you imagine what it meant to them to see this high mucky muck that chariot and go down there and let a man punch him beneath the water. It was a testimony that something is happened.

It was a testimony to others, but I confirmation himself when he went on the water. A single Ethiopian is dead and buried when it comes up out of the water. It pictures a new person raised the wall in newness of life. Listen to me folks listen.

What a privilege. God is given to us. We have a privilege that angels don't have best bring souls to Jesus Christ and we have an opportunity that we will not have in the world to come. That is to bring souls to Jesus Christ.

Now God is calling you to be an evangelist. Every member and evangelist and you need to be sensitive to the direction of the spirit to be swift to the man's of the spirit and you need to be free and steadfast for the desire of the spirit and that is that you lift up the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, if God brought Philip out of Samaria down to the desert.

Why he brought him there because there was somebody there that needed the gospel.

I am bold enough to say that you're not here by accident today. God put this message on my heart because I prayed over God brought you here.

You know why he loves you he wants you to be say to seek God is working in your heart. Do you find a hunger in your heart. That's the Holy Spirit of God, and I tell you I promise you on the authority of the word of God. If you trust Jesus, he will save you today instantaneously. He will be with you continually, and he'll keep you eternally if you were trusting today I want to lead your prayer if you're not certain that your save. Let's get it certain right now pray this prayer, O God, just pray, prayed silently before God. I know that you love me and I know that you want to save me Jesus you died to save menu promise to save me if I would trust you. I do trust you. I know I must send.

I know Jesus that you died for my sins, I receive you by faith.

Now I trust you. I don't ask for feeling. I don't look for Sinai trust you come into my heart and now forgive my sins and cleanse me, save me, save me Jesus pray that from your heart. Save me Jesus did asking, and pray this way.

Thank you for doing it. Lord I receive it by faith. Now give me the courage to make it public. Help me not to be ashamed of you in your name I pray, amen. If you prayed to receive Jesus Christ just now. We would love to celebrate with you and invite you to find God's love page there at the website you'll find answers that you may need about your newfound faith. Who is Jesus. How can I know him.

Simply go to and click on the tab at the top it says find God's love.

Welcome to God's forever family. We can't wait to hear from you today if you like to order a copy of today's message in its entirety. You can call 1877 love God mentioned the title. Every Christian and evangelist. This message is also part of the insightful series living supernaturally for the complete 13 message collection.

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