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The Way Back to God | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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November 23, 2021 7:00 am

The Way Back to God | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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November 23, 2021 7:00 am

In this message, Adrian Rogers discusses the life of King David to show the way back to God after falling into sin.

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He was a great King David was her dreams just listened to Adrian Rogers a grand and glorious man. And yet we call Chapter 11.

All I wish I wish somehow were just the word of God not have to tell you the story will store this while store yes this store of David's Holy Spirit is recording the story and he's put here as a warning to us all and I'm Bible I'm glad to love with the truth of the gospel presented the timeless messages Adrian Rogers as we just heard from Pastor Rogers, King David, the one man after God's own heart was a great sinner second Samuel chapter 11 he committed adultery and in covering that up. He committed murder. But in second Samuel chapter 12 we find that David was also a great repent or and he exemplifies the way back to God. After we fall into sin if you have your Bible turn there now as Adrian Rogers shares part one of the way back to God.

I want to take your Bibles tonight. I used to second Samuel chapters 11 and 12. As we look at David instead of the life of David. We just have to stand back and say what a man Bible calls him a man after God's own heart was like David want a grand and glorious man. And yet we come to Chapter 11. Although I wish it were not somehow that it was just taken from the word of God not have to tell you the story. This powerful storm. This store this while store yes this story of David's sin and spirit has put here for our admonition and instruction and all Holy Spirit listen to me. The Holy Spirit is put here is a warning to Adrian Rogers, David love God. He was a man after God's own heart, and David Bell and great Hall of David in spirit has recorded the story and he's put here as a warning to us all and I'm glad the Bible here, though I'm not glad. So first of all I want us to look at the calls of David's sin because of David's sin as I meditated upon this I would say that his sin was primarily caused by three thing first of all, his was the sin of idleness.

Look again in chapter 11 verse one and it came to pass after the year was expired at the time when he go forth to battle that David sent Joab and his service with him and all Israel, and they destroy the children of Ammon and proceeds to Rob but I noticed that the Holy Spirit puts the word but conjunction. There he puts it there in contradistinction as to what has gone on.

David Tyree still at Jerusalem, and then notice and burst through the first part and it came to pass in an evening time that David arose from off his bed. You look at that.

I want to tell you that it was time to go to bed and David was getting out of bed.

It was at evening time that he arose from his bed. We can hardly believe that this is the David that we want. He is committing the sin of idleness. He's committing the sin that we call the sin of omission. Jesus said that the sins of omission are greater than the sins of omission by some as global or one of the sins of omission. He said those must be the sins that you were supposed of Donna didn't do what is a sin of omission. The sin of omission is failure to do what you want to be doing. Jane said to him not to do good and not to him it is sin. It is a greater Santa Fe would do what you want to do than to do what you ought not to do for you doing what you want you can do what you want, not right, absolutely nobody can do two things at one time was right can be doing was wrong. Please like it was like he can't be think he was wrong and so therefore David got in trouble just simply because he was not doing what God it was the time when kings went to war. This is not a frivolous war these enemies that David was supposed to fight were God's enemy.

These were those people that were the enemies of God and God's righteous judgment that brought judgment and David as the king and the righteous king that he was was supposed to lead in by but at this time when he should have been on the battlefield boys Lord. He was not on the battlefield, for he is Lord and the Bible says in the New Testament that we as Christians are to endure hardness as soldiers.

Jesus Christ and that we are to put on the whole armor of God, but David went out to have the armor on, had put the armor all and what David was doing as this one.

So many battles I've seen so many victories after the on him.

David now had begun to take God for granted. David now had begun to code and David had just assumed that the blessings of God were going to just keep on coming.

Just keep on coming in so David now becomes a Linux. David takes all the armor and David now is allowing around in the afternoon. He is not been redeeming the time, well might he have read Proverbs chapter 24 and verse 33, though not yet been written, but well might he know the truth of that proverb, yet a little sleep, a little slumber, little hands to sleep, so shall my poverty come as one that travail of and I want as an armed man here was David committing a sin of idleness. Sin of laziness, a sin of omission.

He was not doing what he done. He was just simply thinking that the blessings were going to come want a something for him.

Idleness is a dangerous time and I know sometimes we are Proverbs and because the Proverbs.

I mean human Proverbs and slogans and clichs. We tend to forget them was there was only proverb is only clich.

How does a clich get to be clich has a proverb get to be proverb when somebody said that an idle mind is the devil's workshop. We were there, so much so here goes in one and out the my friend that is a tremendous proverb and idle mind is the devil's workshop and this is where David got the trouble began with just simply by sin of idleness just simply by taking God for granted. Just assuming that the blessings of the Lord are going to continue to come, but no sale of idleness, but right along with that. It was a sin of carelessness whenever student came to pass in an evening time that David arose from off his bed and walked up on the roof of the king's house and from the roof he saw a woman washing herself and the woman was very beautiful to look upon. Now David could not help, perhaps the first look. Perhaps that was chained. Perhaps he had not intended to see what he saw another proverb that we've often heard his visit we can keep the birds from flying over our heads, but we can certainly keep from making a mess in our hair and David perhaps could not have helped himself at this first thing, but also if he could have only remembered again in Proverbs chapter 4 verse 23 the truth that would later be expressed by Solomon. Keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life, but he was careless with his thought life and a look turned the last and what he saw. He soon saw and said after and inquire. The Bible says in Isaiah chapter 33 verse 15 he that walk righteously and speak about brightly.

He that despises the gain of oppression that shaken his hands from having a bribes that's stop and listen to this young people but stopped with his ears from the hearing of blood and shut his eyes from seeing evil, he shall dwell on high's place of defense shall be in the munitions of the rocks. Bread shall be given on the news on to him and his waters shall be sure. Now notice what it says he shut his eyes were missing a beat. You cannot put garbage in your mind and not affect you when David saw this David should've looked away.

David himself said in Psalm 101 versus two and four. I will behave myself wisely. In a perfect way all women will bow, to me, I will walk within mine house with a perfect heart. I will said no wicked thing before my nine or if David could only have remembered what he wrote himself. In that time of devotion if he could only have learned what Solomon would later say to keep your heart with all diligence if he could only have known the truth that Isaiah the prophet had spoken that we must said no wicked thing before our eyes only, if only David could of been like Joseph when Papa's wife tried to entice Joseph and she said come live with me. Joseph was wise enough. The Bible says that he pled that he got away from everything he had no dalliance with evil. He had no heat. He had no time for evil to sprout its seeds within his heart. We might laugh at Joseph calling holy Joe but is still pure for the Bible says they have no temptation taken you but such as is common to man and God is faithful, who will not suffer man to be tempted above that is, he is able, but will with the temptation to make a way to escape.

But you may be able to bear and often the way to escape as the Kings Highway two legs and a hard run, but David didn't do the David committed. First of all, the sin of idleness and the sin of idleness group to the sin of carelessness and he was careless and he continued to look at any contingent. Inquire and then you will remember that he committed the horrible sin of adultery and in order to try to cover the sin of adultery, he had Bathsheba's husband, Uriah the Hittite set in the hottest part of the battle and he was slain, and God held him accountable.

Therefore, not only for the sin of adultery but also for the sin of murder so idleness turned to carelessness and carelessness turned to callousness. I can hardly believe that David would have done what he did not is bad enough that he committed adultery. That was a hot-blooded sin. But when he committed murder. That was a cold-blooded sin. I cannot believe that it is David. David glad Uriah the Hittite to be put today.

You see, Uriah was a friend of David. Uriah was Amanda trusted David Uriah was under David's command, and therefore he was under David's protection I say that even sadder than what David did with Bathsheba was one David Uriah the Hittite. David's pride midmorning him now been Uriah's life and he plotted the data devoted service and Uriah who was willing to die for David's offer died by David's hand all the sin of callousness. David, I'll tell you have you will remember a while back I spoke I spoke to you about the hardened heart and the deceitfulness of sin. Friend, let me tell you, there's something about the deceitfulness of sin that was so callous your heart and soul hard your heart and if I were to tell you what you're capable of doing. You sitting in it. Say no I never would do such a thing. But I tell you the proclivities of the human heart are such if you allow yourself first of all, become idle and then to be careless. You will suddenly become our find yourself callous and doing things that you never dreamed possible for a person sitting in your sleep tonight. There's the person you are tonight. There's a person you could before God. If you would let them have all areas of you and there is a person you could be for evil. If you take your eyes from the Lord Jesus Christ and so here is the cause of David's sin and I'm not going to dwell with. David said I'm not going to try to be sensational tonight in pain a side story has I talked about December adultery and is in a murder.

But the question comes.

Was Davis a man to save man do this reluctantly.

I must say yes David was a man. We will meet David in heaven.

David was saying well you say that is all right for me to dabble in sin, waiting to find out what happened to David and wait to find out what David send it to him you say if I'm living in adultery is all right for me to call my cell say no unless the hand of God is so heavy upon you that you know that you know you don't do it right you going to die soon me tell you something friend. This is your way of life.

If you have grave deed while unconfessed unrepentant tomorrow. Sin in your life and God is not dealing with you. You have no right whatsoever to think that your say all the cost of David's sin is really good to see you in a moment. Yes, he was saved but all a lot of fearful price he paid for his sin. I want to tell you what a child of God. Sin, he pays a price to buy that sin and he enjoys it. Just a brief time, and the consequences. Even though the sin may be forgiven. The consequences of that sin go on and on as they did in David's life but I was to move from the cause of David's sin. I want us to see something else I want us to see the covering of David's sin. David at first did not confess the sin as a matter fact, it seems as though almost a year went by before David ever really dealt with this sin now.

The Bible says in Proverbs chapter 28 in verse 13 he covered this sin shall not prosper, but whoso confess it and forsake them shall have mercy. David covered his sin. You see, David should've confessed his sin immediately. That's terrible to sin, but Sam immediately confessed to be sin immediately cleansed and therefore does not fester and it does not in fact as quick. That's the reason Jesus said agree with thine adversary quickly while solid in the way with him. That is when you can use in as soon as you realize that you sin, confess it and God will be at the mercy but David spent a year and what a horrible year it was. I want to put a bookmark here in second Samuel chapter 11. I want you to turn to Psalm 32, when David tells what happened during during that year. Sometimes you talk to a person you be out door-to-door so winning some mantle come to the door and you tell them who you are yeah yeah what you talk about.

I used to go down there church used to be a Christian does. I'm just an old backslider have a phenomenal backslider he's lost and going to hell. No backslider Lansing Parks about his sin ridicules lives in these limitations something. David's sin but when David send the hand of God was so upon him.

I want you to look here in Psalm 32 verses three and four. He says concerning that year that he covered his sin concerning right here when he failed to confess his sin. When I kept silence my bones limestone through my roaring all day long for day and night by hand was heavy upon me.

My moisture is turned to a drought of summer. See, think about it. He said just think about what happened to David that you let me tell you, dear friend in one year. He most likely aged 10 years. He had a premature aging look.

He said when I kept silence my bones wax no there's nothing there's nothing that will prematurely aged Christian like unconfessed sin in his heart and in his life. But not only was there. This premature aging. There was this inward rolling this agony on the inside. He speaks of is a law and his word roaring literally means his is groaning his side when God saves you Mr. does not fix you up or you cannot send anymore but he thinks is you where you cannot sin, and enjoy it anymore animals and does not last man Jesus save man out of fellowship with God was David save man and he speaks of the aging that came upon them, the pressure when I was there be word roaring of a groaning that was there and then he says in verse 41. Night and day by hand was heavy upon me. God had David in his hand, and God's heavy hand was waiting upon David McKay something friend when a child of God sins. God doesn't look the other way God moves in and God brings conviction.

It was the heavy hand of God was upon David's life that was convicting him of the thing that he done it day and night, night and day. The thing that David had done so etched itself upon his consciousness and so reverberated through his heart and his mind may seem like God was squeezing the very life out of not only was there. This premature aging. This inward groaning God's heavy hand conviction in verse four, but there was a spiritual dryness, he says, and my moisture is turn into a drought of summer how dry was how spiritually dry.

He had once had known joy and victory. He wants song into the Lord leaped and danced before the ark of God, and now all all his life is dry and whether Dennis mounts a struggle for him to pray for them to witness appraisers known joy.

There is no victory.

There is no peace in his line, I'm talking to some of you tonight. Who wants walked with God and you truly saved. But rather than confessing your sin, you been covering your sin. There used to be a time when you did in your automobile and just praise God, I mean you roll up the windows so nobody near you and you just sing and shout and pray and love the Lord Jesus Christ. You get in your bedroom down upon your knees and have a glorious time you read your Bible and weep and pray before the Lord Jesus Christ was there and more real to you and your members of your family but is all gone now and sin is in your heart and sin is in your life because because you have failed to confess your sin you covered how we cover our sin. We cover our sins today by rationalization the behaviorist big psychologist of toll as well as really not our fault. You know, we just we just somehow victims of the culture and society has molded us in, we may be sick but were not sinful, we may be ill but were not evil. We may be weak but when I wake in and so somehow we cover our sins by making some alibi, some excuse if David had had on trade. One of these behaviorist big psychologist today. He would've said, what it really wasn't my fault. I have some sort of a inward frustration that society put into me. I just had worked out I had glandular malfunction or something, he would have explained away, explained away how we cover our sin. Some people cover the standby activity they get busy, but it won't confess the sin you need to get busy in church work. David continue to be king, but all he was covering us in some cover the sin by hypocrisy. They act like nothing as they are. Nothing is wrong. Oh, Moses backslid when Moses backslid when Moses was right with God's face shone so brightly headwear available space and then to keep the space from almost blinding. Those looked at his face, but after he backslid in the glow was gone. He wore the veil still keep people from saying that the glow was gone and a lot of you here sitting here looking at me with big smiles and is wearing a veil wearing a veil covering the sin and is no joy there is no peace. There is no victory and the Bible says he that covers essential prosper, but whoso confess and forsake them the same shall have mercy in coming up tomorrow will hear part two of this liberating message but today if you have questions about who Jesus is what he means to you. How to begin a relationship with Christ that were discovered. Jesus find resources and materials that can answer questions you may have about your faith after you like to order a copy of today's message in its entirety. You can call us at 1877 love God mentioned the title the way back to God's message is also part of the insightful series live like a king. If you like the complete collection, a dozen powerful messages. Call us at 1877 love God or you can order or write us at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183 thank you so much for studying God's word with the stake. Be sure to sign up for our daily heartbeat emails get daily devotions in message link sent straight to your inbox and edit until tomorrow for the powerful conclusion of the way back to God right on love worth buying.

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