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Living in the Last Days | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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August 16, 2021 8:00 am

Living in the Last Days | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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August 16, 2021 8:00 am

In this message, Adrian Rogers gives clear instruction to those living in the last days.

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Time is right for the antichrist to make his appearance will your name be cold will your number via Adrian Rogers writes Christ is going to try this vast concentration Give everybody a month.

Jesus calls the sheep on the big question is what comes with it may be called.

We remember the rest the whole thing where it caught up to meet him in the and so will we ever ever be with the Lord.

Welcome to the word finding, pastor, teacher and author Adrian Rogers said all of the Bible teaches that we are on the very edge of the very brink of the last day and therefore we should be journey and not yawning. Part one of today's message. We learned that were not waiting for any sign or event in history. The second coming of Jesus is imminent. As we just heard, the time is right for the appearance of a person.

The Bible calls the antichrist.

If you have your Bible turn to first John chapter 2 we hear the powerful conclusion of this message living in the last days. The Bible says the perilous times shall come.

When I say that perilous times are here. We are living in the last day is and we need to be jobs as children. It is the last time, literally, that may be translated and mistranslated in some Bibles the La Sal said that 2000 Adrian John said 2000 years ago that it was the last time what happened in the last time because we had two millenniums is something you need to understand the that ever since Jesus Christ ascended in the glory it has been the last time. Now the Old Testament, the former time was preparing for the coming of Jesus Christ. After the death, burial and resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ. We entered a period of time called the last time from the time and Jesus went up to the time of Jesus is coming back. That is the last time. That is the last hour and time in that interval. Jesus Christ could come all Christians from the time of John to this time are to be living with the expectancy that Jesus Christ may come at any moment. So many of us have the idea that the last time is out there and we're moving toward it know we living in Paul told Titus and Titus two verse 13 about the grace of God that redeems us and makes us a peculiar people, and then he says looking for that glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ.

Look for Jesus went out looking for some event went out looking for the temple to be rebuilt when not looking for the antichrist appear when not looking for the regathering of this roof. We are not looking for earthquakes and families are obviously were looking for Jesus went looking for Jesus. I'm telling your friend that Jesus may come before I finish the sermon he is coming is imminent and if John said we're living in the last days he was right and so are we. Now when he comes he is coming suddenly in a moment.

These coming in the twinkling of an eye now. Not only are these the last days but number two, the antichrist is coming, and we need to be aware the antichrist is coming, and we need to be aware these are the last days, we need to be away, the antichrist is coming, we need to be aware. Look, if you will, in verse 19 of the same chapter. He's talking now about other antichrists and he says they went out from us, but they were not others, where they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us, but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all others almost all of these apostate cults began in the true church about these people are not truly saying they were not others but they went out from us. We've all seen people join churches. They never received the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior, or they may come down and I'll present themselves will baptism be baptized in some screenplays may require, after a while they golf and they get in some strange, weird, esoteric cult, why do they do that well friend they are with us. They're not others. They have no true corner near the Holy Spirit of God is not in. Had they been others. They had the Holy Spirit they would no doubt have continued with us. What about this antichrist is devilish and the spirit antichrist is devilish. It is divisive is deceptive.

Look here, if you will, in verses 20 and following Don says, but ye have an unction from the holy one, and you know all things. I have not written of you because you know not the truth but because you know it, and no lie is of the truth is a liar but he that denies that Jesus is the Christ, he is an antichrist that denied the father and the son whosoever denies the sun the same have not the father but he that acknowledges the sun at the father also. These things have I written of you concerning them that seduce you that antichrist is devilish is divisive and he is deceptive. He is a liar is the master liar.

He learns this from his father the devil, who was a liar and the father of it. Now what is he going to deceive men about primarily Jesus is who Jesus is friend antichrist is against you. Understanding just to Jesus is the battle in every age and every year always centers on the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you are wrong about Jesus.

It does matter what you write about now folks I want to understand this. Listen again. Verse 22 was a liar but he that denies that Jesus is the Christ, he is an antichrist that denies the father and son. If you're wrong about the son you have missed the father you don't understand about putting your margin first John chapter 4 verse John chapter 4 verses one through three.

Here's what the apostle John says in two chapters later.

11 believe not every spirit, your people say well I just knew I just have something in my heart.

Listen, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits test the spirits whether they are of God, because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

Hereby know ye the Spirit of God. Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God in every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God. This is that spirit of antichrist where beer heard that it should come, even now already is in the world and then John wrote another person second John and he says in verses seven through 11. For many deceivers are entered into the world to confess, not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist look to yourselves that you lose not the things which you brought with that we receive a full reward whosoever transgresses in Abydos, not in the doctrine of Christ… Even Abydos and the doctrine of Christ.

He has both the father and the son. Melissa was if they come in and you and bring up this doctrine. What doctrine. The doctrine of Christ receiving not in the house and neither bid him God's speed.

For he that bit him God speed is partaker of his evil be if somebody comes door-to-door investing in your neighborhood and they won't pull off some religious literature in your house because they won't have a Bible study in your house to find out what they believe about Jesus Christ. You find out if they believe in Jesus Christ is the son of God, and God the son, coequal, coeternal with Almighty God. If he is God come in the flesh say there's a side will get on a given witness show love. But don't you let them make your home health headquarters can go to a certain way was sloppy and happy.

Put your arms around them and say well we all headed for the same place and headed to heaven not available Jesus Christ to spirit antichrist and what is that he is against Christ and shows himself as a substitute for crime.

That's what antichrist mean and so this one was coming. Many antichrist in the world, but there is one coming who is the antichrist. He is the enemy of all that he is the quintessential set and is coming is the beast, the son of perdition, Amanda Sam, the lawless one in the spirit antichrist is already in the world and he is devilish he is divisive friend.

He is deceptive and he's destructive. Notice here, if you will, as we continually look you will in verse 24 let that therefore abide in you, which ye have heard from the beginning. If that which ye have heard from the beginning, shall remain in you, ye also shall continue in the sun and in the father and this is the promise that he promised us even eternal life. The implication is that if you don't, you're going to miss eternal life dear beat, everlastingly destroy the rumba and you're going to miss Jesus everlasting life in me eternal existence.

You already have that when God made you God breathed in your nostrils the breath of life he became a living soul. You can almost cease to exist, and God himself could cease to exist your soul be in existence somewhere when the sun, moon and stars of grown gold you have everlasting existence. What you need is everlasting life to spend eternity somewhere. I decided to spend it with non-smoking section. He is distractive is correct – whom is all is not loving friend, apostle John wrote his goal beloved disciple.

He says little children is the last time that many antichrist antichrist shall come, and so we see what John is saying he speaks of the time. It is the last time they will. He speaks of the tyrant, then Christ is coming where men find God. He speaks of the triumph, our Lord is on his way and we need to be abiding, awake, aware and abiding melody with a new word this going to jump out at us as a word by looking at will. In verse 24 and he says here in verse 24 by let that all so therefore abide in you, which you heard from the beginning look down at the end of verse 27 and even as it has taught me. You shall abide in him now. Look, if you will, in verse 28 and now, little children, abide in him now when you are away. And when you are aware, what you do you live in the last days.

When you apply first of all, listen, here's what you need to teach children get ready you need to abide in the word of God again.

Verse 24 let that therefore abide in you, which ye have heard from the beginning is talk about what you heard the word. If that which ye have heard from the beginning, shall remain in you, you shall also continue in the sun and in the father about the word abide means to settle down, to be at home to remain in so let the word of God be at home in you and you at home in the word of God learn to appreciate the word of God learn to appropriate the word of God learn to apply the word of God, because the way you know the father and the son is through the word of God and not only do you need to buy but parents, grandparents, listen to me listen you pastor you need to be putting megadoses of the word of God in the hearts and minds of the children in the not going to get adjustments on the skill you're going to have to do you have to do it.

If not, they don't get blown away by me. The devil is so deceptive. It's in the air like a fungus today when our nation was founded.

The Bible was the most quoted book by our founding fathers, and now it is the most band book in the Bible the most band book in America. They can read almost anything in public schools except the word of God that your mom and dad and the Bible says in these last days.

After abide in the word of God. Number two, you have to abide in the spirit of God. Look in verse 27 if you will, in the same chapter, but the anointing which you have received of him abide in you, and you have a need not that any man teach, but as the same anointing teaches you all things and is true and is no lie, and even as it has taught me, ye shall abide in him.

The Holy Spirit of God abides in you, you abide in him that notice he says the word anointing is charisma is the word look in verse 20 he calls it up there and unction is the same word which you have an unction from the holy one Christmas I am the Old Testament when they had a prophet, priest or king and they were getting him ready for service. They would pour oil on him and it was called a christening and anointing because that oil is an emblem symbol of the Holy Spirit.

What we are New Testament prophets, priests and kings and we have been anointed with the Holy Ghost. I mean, when we get saved.

The Holy Spirit comes abide in us and therefore we need to abide in him. He is resident in us. We need Lake and president and us.

We need to abide first of all abide in the word of God and the abide in the spirit of God because he says you have any need that anyone teach you. You have an unction from only one is, it will pass Rogers. Not only did I teach math like I did not get out here. No, no, you need understand why saying the Bible is not against human teachers to manufacture read Ephesians chapter 4 verse 11 and he gave pastors and teachers, for the edifying of the church and the Bible is not in study the Bible says clearly and plainly study to show yourself approved to God. I work when the need is not to be changed. Thank God for teachers. Thank God for study frame of all that you would never know you would never know. Apart from Holy Spirit Doolin. Did you know that the Holy Spirit of God is one who teaches youth Jesus said when he is, he will teach you all things. That's Holy Spirit of God.

He is the divine teacher that says what this preacher is saying is true. He is the one who speaks to your heart as a relapse of thousands of times.

I can preach truth, but only he can impart anything I document to somebody else and talk you with friend, you have an unction from the holy one. You have the Holy Spirit of God who opens your understanding who illumines you.

Who else you know. Thank God for that because the Bible says if it were not for him.

Antichrist would deceive the very elect. Thank God that we have the spirit of God in our hearts, and you need to abide in him so he can teach you in these last days were Elizabeth told a story about a man who was missionary to American Indians out on the West Coast and he got an Indian that had been led to Christ a very noble wonderful man was in them but I'm taught they didn't even know about denominations. He did know about false culture just a babe in Christ, and they brought them into San Francisco and walking down the streets and there was a man on the street corner with an open Bible preaching and teaching the missionary knew that that man was of the fault: he knew what the man believed and he didn't want to try to explain to this young babe in Christ about false cults and false teachers, and all of this, he was just a babe in Christ, so I thought maybe wouldn't say anything but the enemy and stop and listen for a while and then they walked all the missionary after lot of several what did you think about that man is amino like him is it will. He said when he talks something in me say liar liar that was a Holy Spirit see unction from only one Holy Spirit of God hearts is there to affirm the truth that is a mean is just touchy-feely because it is the spirit of God that applies the word of God and both go together to reveal the son of God. So here's the third thing that you abide in look, if you will have. First of all abide in the word of God. Verse 24. Five. Secondly, abide in the spirit of God. Verse 27 and finally as a result, abide in the son of God about what's this verse 20 and all of the children, abide in him by by Jesus that when he shall appear, he's coming we may have confidence and not be ashamed before him at his coming. If you know that he is righteous, you know that everyone that good with righteousness is born of him abide in him abide in the Lord Jesus Christ.

If the word of God abides in you and you abide in it, and if the spirit of God abides in you and you abide in him. Then the son of God is going to be reviewed and you and you will be at home with Jesus and Jesus will be at home with you and when Jesus Christ come when Jesus Christ comes alive during the alarm and I go be frightened. Are you going to meet the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ with anticipation and boldness and gladness. Elderly Christians had a word manna means.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus. When I was a little boy. My dad was in the Coast Guard and I live in West Palm Beach and he was stationed in Oak South Florida and he drove a model a Ford and he could come home about that 40 miles from Hobe sound to home when he would get out of where he had to live up there and come see us before he would go off to do duty he would tell my brother and me to do this and to do this and to do this and we had yard work to do and we had chores to do, and so forth.

And then we knew that when dad came home we had report about folks I must confess your pastor was not always very diligent in doing everything that his father told him to do. Sometimes I was and sometimes I wasn't. But if you know anything about a model a Ford. They have your sound you can hear about a block away.

I could hear my beds model a Ford coming when he would come home and in our neighborhood and would be out playing baseball or whatever by solid black model a Ford coming at a running board on KitchenAid only know what a running board. Is that something's that you step only get into the car. If I have done what my dad told me to do friend when I hear that model a Ford coming odds not just take off and run and jump on the running board reach in the window behind his neck, kissing and at such a joy to see the Tyler that model a Ford, guilty of why because I have not been applied and been doing what he told me to do as my father. Either way, I mean Jesus when he come I want a meeting with boldness. I want a meeting with joy. I want to abide in him. What is the difference between Christ and Antichrist Antichrist is going to turn this world into a vast concentration camp and give everybody a number Jesus calls a sheep by name.

So the question is when he comes, we may be called a William number be less the whole thing.

Do you know Jesus when he tried to be called up to meet him in the air. And so will we ever ever be with the Lord about some of up.

It is the last time be awake. Christ is coming Lord is on his way be abiding abide in the word of God abide in the spirit of God. He's the inner teacher abide in the son of God, so that when he appears you have confidence and not be ashamed of is coming okay that you had to call God speak hearts today Micah bring precious souls to Jesus, Lord, help men, women, boys and girls to humble themselves at the feet of one who died for them who loves them. We know that the spirit of antichrist is the spirit of lying is so much lying in the world today.

Lord help people to come to the truth.

Jesus while hits about an eyes are closed. If you want to be saved. Would you just pray pray like this all God, I need you my sin deserves judgment, but I need mercy I want to be saying, Lord, help me today. All of my heart trust in you. I trust you, Lord Jesus, your wonderful name on a man and if you prayed to receive Jesus just now we want to celebrate with you and invite you to our discovery, Jesus page on our website. There you will find answers, you may need about your newfound faith. We have a response section. You can share your testimony with us, or how this message is made a difference in your life go to and click the tab at the top that says Discover Jesus welcome to God's forever family.

We can't wait to hear from you today after like to order a copy of today's message in its entirety. Call 1877 love God, to order living in the last days. This message is also part of the insightful series sweetest fellowship this side of heaven. If you'd like that complete collection all 11 powerful messages: 1877 love God or you can order online it or rightists that love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183 because were living in the last days, we must be awake for the antichrist is coming. Second, be aware for our Lord is on his way. Finally, abide in the word spirit in the son of God. We hope will join us next time.

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