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Birthmarks of the Believer

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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August 6, 2021 8:00 am

Birthmarks of the Believer

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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August 6, 2021 8:00 am

In this message from 1 John 2:3-10, Adrian Rogers reveals the birthmarks of the believer.

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You have the birthmarks of a believer listen to Adrian Rogers versus fragrance object was born because not everybody who is talking about heaven is going there. Not everybody who says he or she is saved is save about what John is going to do is going to say that some people are saying one thing and living another bare wall doesn't match their call they don't have the birthmarks probably welcome to Leavenworth finding three profound truth. Simply stated by pastor and teacher Adrian Rogers would a person gets safe when you become a Christian, God puts an indelible mark on that person pastor Roger said if your religion hasn't changed your life, you better change your religion because you don't have the New Testament, first John chapter 2 reveals three traits of those who are born again. If you have your Bible turn there now beginning in verse three as Adrian Rogers reveals the birthmarks of a believer talking about the sweetest fellowship this side of heaven. And today we're going to be talking about birthmarks all a wave you know when we have been saying we are born again and were born from above and when where heaven born where heaven bound and when Raven born in heaven bound with heaven, and there are some radical transformations that they place in our lives and we were born from above, there are some birthmarks there are some traits of the twice born because not everybody who is talking about heaven is going there. Not everybody who says he or she is saved is save before we get right into the text. Let me just show you three statements here, if you will, in verse four he that saith I know him look in verse six he that saith you might offend him. Look in verse nine he that saith he is in the light. Now what John is going to do is going to say that some people are saying one thing and living another.

They are not what they claim to be there wall doesn't match their tall they don't have the birthmarks probably are people who have strange ideas about the Christianity. They say one thing but then I necessarily prove so we don't look at this passage of Scripture and we can find out what are the birthmarks of the believer. How can I say yes I have been born again and I know that I know that Jesus Christ lives in me and I in him, so what is a true Christian. One is a true believer.

Let's look past what some people say and let me give you three traits of the twice born free birthmarks of a true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and there found in the Scriptures that I just looked at clinging to that phrase. If we say because John takes what some people say will not saved and shows them what they would be if they were, say, what are the traits of the twice born the first one is this idea deals with the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

A true believer a real believer, a genuine Christian is somebody who is submitted to the Lordship of Jesus. Look, if you will, in verses three and four and hereby we do know that we know him.

If we keep his commandments to say if I know him and keep is not his commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him.

Now that's very important because Jesus is Lord and Jesus has arrived. Commandments. He says why calling me Lord, Lord, and do not the things that I say and he says if you say that you know him and you will keep his commandments.

You all a liar you have never been say by Daniel not saved by keeping the commandments, but if you are say there's a change in your heart and in your life and you desire in my heart and my life a desire to do his will that if that desire is not there, you need to put a big? After that thing that you call salvation if you love the Lord Jesus Christ. You going to obey him and serve him, not in order to earn your salvation, but because you love him I love Jesus and I want to keep his word.

So that's the first trade of the twice born is not true in your heart and your life. Hereby know we that we know him. If we keep his commandments. Now let me give you the second one the first one.

What is it we submit to the Lordship of Jesus. The second one we see the lifestyle of Jesus.

Look, if you will. Now in verse five, and then read till verse six but whoso keep with his word, in him, verily, is the love of God perfected. Hereby know we that we are in him. He that saith you might offend him.

All himself.

Also, sotalol even as he wall metal wall means the lifestyle you want. My life is to be like. I'm to walk as Jesus walked out in Jesus wall well. First John 17 says he walked in the light. The Bible says if we are in the light as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another bag. Jesus walks in the light if I walk as Jesus walls, I don't want. I'm a walk in the light.

What is a mean walk in the light it means nothing hidden I'm not in darkness, to walk in the light is to walk as Jesus wall and that is with honesty. One of the great marks of walking as Jesus walked.

As you go. To be honest. Jesus was honest with the father. He was honest with himself, and he was honest with that if you're living a lie you not walking as Jesus wall.

If your heart is full of deceit and lies. You need to get say that's all there is to it. Jesus walked on this link to see the marks of a believer. One of the traits of the twice more, he submits to the Lordship of Christ because he keeps his commandments. He seeks the lifestyle of Christ. What is the lifestyle it is one of honesty walks in the light is one of purity and it is one of righteousness immaturity. Another verse there looking first John chapter 3 in verse seven little children, let no man deceive you. He then do if righteousness is righteous, even as he is righteous. Bears are phrase even a see each time says even as he that is I am to be like Jesus is. Even as he now righteousness is not merely not doing certain things you say well I don't steal and I don't get drunk and I don't curse will need another telephone pole… Jesus went about doing good. That was righteous everywhere he went he was doing. That is the lifestyle of Jesus.

The Bible says we are all as he wall because first John 470 as he is so are we in this world.

People watching Lord Jesus, I can understand his life he could understand how he lived and how he did all of these things and it was an open secret Jesus as the model human being Jesus and look what the father knows I do what the father says I say what I see the father doing. That's what I'm doing what Jesus is saying is that I am totally percent committed to the father and therefore is not coming to a close, I would take something you will walk as Jesus wall when you are to Jesus what Jesus was to the father. Jesus will be the what the father was to Jesus you just abide in the Lord Jesus Christ and first John two verse six says he is safe.

You might offend him. Also, even as he will. Missing is the life of God that is reproduced in you.

This is supernatural. You're not just trying to imitate Jesus is a novel that has the I read when I was a teenager and our teams are reading again and I'm grateful is called in his status and it tells about a group of people began to ask this question in particular, city and church. What would Jesus do if he were here and using kids and adults wearing a bracelet WW NJD what would Jesus do to remind them and that's good.

I'm not opposed to that at all but I just want with this caveat, there I want with this explanation there because listening very carefully is not enough for you just simply ask what Jesus would do about TY that resumes that you would know what Jesus would do, my friend, Jesus will surprise you many times he will do things that you would think he would do and unless he gives you an insight in what he would do you would never close sometime and number two it presumes that even if you know what Jesus you can do it now. Suppose I am standing at the plate in the World Series on the big-league baseball game and that picture winds up there and he throws the ball across that plate 100 miles an hour by just as myself will know what would Mark McGuire do so while I mean I am not marking.

Why you ask yourself what would Jesus do that presupposes that you can do what Jesus would do if you know why Jesus could do a thing to say what would Jesus do if he were here. Frank Jesus is here.

That's the whole thing. You need understand he is alive and well, first him.

His life comes in you. And now the life you live you live by the faith of the son of God who loved her and gave himself for you. He knows what he wants to do.

He can do what he wants to do because he is here now alive and a Christian is the visible part of the invisible Christ Jesus is the invisible part of the visible Christian and he the safety abide in him also as he wall Allison, this is the lifestyle I mark of a true believer in Jesus Christ is not somebody who just subscribes to a code or cause her church, but it is somebody who's abiding in Christ like branches drawing his life from the vine and abiding in him.

Look at it again in verse six he that say he abide in him. Also the wall even as he wall so what is a trait of the twice born number one listen you submit to his Lordship, you keep his commandments.

Number two you seek his lifestyle, that doesn't mean that you're going to be as perfect as Jesus, you won't have that they get to heaven, but this is the goal.

The desire of your life. The secret of your life is to let his life come for you.

Number three number three is the third Mark bag and look down there that little phrase even say it and notice how John Springs is out in verse nine Jesus saith he is in the light and hated his brother is in darkness, even until now. He that loveth his brother abide within the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him. That's the third thing he says he the say Aviva say if you say it.

The first one is the first mark of a true believer is, he submits to the Lordship. The second market is. He seeks the lifestyle of Jesus. The third Mark is. He shows the love of Jesus shows the love of Jesus, you see God's love and when when I'm born again is nature's inmate and Romans 55 says that the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost. So if his love is in me that I will love others.

My heart is headquarters for hey I am not saying brain you can pay anybody a lot when I was nailing Jesus up to the cross he prayed for them. Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Jesus said in John 13, a new commandment nearby under you that you love one another, even as I loved you and Jesus said that after he washed his disciples feet. Because real love is not just saying I love it is serving love. You imagine Jesus washing the smelly feet of fishermen. It is sanctifying love.

He was washing the feet as a symbol that he was cleansing and forgiving the sin it was steadfast love. John 13 says and not having loved his only love them to the end, he never stop loving them that will loudmouth Peter, the big fisherman. He loved him. James and John, the sons of thunder with a hairtrigger temper. They were the ones who wanted to call down fire upon the Samaritans Lord you want us to Newcomb Lord little heavenly napalm take care of those people down. Then Jesus said you know what you're talking about. They were there. Jesus love them. There was a doubting Thomas; quizzical doubting Jesus loved him. There was calculating Philip Jesus left him there was even a serving tray. Jesus washed his feet heading Sapphire to wash one another's feet. Love one another as I loved you folks listen to me Mark that you know Jesus is that you have love. Jesus said if you have love one point other than you might assign if you have any kind of racial hatred in your heart you need to bring to Calvary and I mean some get rid of.

I've just come back from us will they have a museum there in the new city of Jerusalem call yacht. Best, Jim is Holocaust Memorial and shows the atrocities that Nazi Germany perpetrated upon the Jews. 6 million of them were put to death. Thus, simply because they were enemies in war, but because they were Jews was a form of racial cleansing that museum is so heart breaking. I cannot believe that educated literate artistic intelligent Germans could do what they did. I couldn't believe it.

Yet here is that new testimony to it all. I felt tears coming up fine. I bowed my head in shame.

I stood there I prayed as I walked to Museum. I wanted to find somewhere to say I am. I am sorry I I'm sorry it happened the last thing about it is that Germany was known as a Christian nation, Jesus I know him and hated his brother John says he's all he's a liar, just a liar, a friend, I am telling you illicitly. You are not saved by submitting to his Lordship, you are not saved by seeking his lifestyle.

You are not saved by showing his love, but if you are saved you to all of those things are saved by the grace of God. Religion had chased your life, you better change a religion of any man be in Christ Jesus. He is a new creature, old things are passed away behold all things are become new. Years ago, little Welsh mining town. There was an evangelist. His name was Henry Moorhouse, Henry Moorhouse preached primarily the love of God as text was John 316. Everywhere he went he preached. John 316, and I was a man in that little Welsh mining town who was a drunkard, a brawler, a profane ungodly man, a gambler who consorting with prostitutes who abused and beaten his wife and his children. His name was Ike Miller. When I Miller heard that Henry Moorhouse was there holding a revival I Miller said if that preacher preaches tonight in this town I come to the meeting and I met a pistol whipped him out of town and people knew Ike Miller and they said Henry Moorhouse from Moorhouse don't preach tonight. Gone somewhere else. Don't let this man abuse you. This way, and Moorhouse said no I'll be there tonight and I'll trust God to take care of me but I'll preach that night. The little church was full when this man of God stood out into the pulpit and everybody heard the back door slam and walk this man with a pistol in his hand and he sat down and fold his arms like this, and looked at the preacher as if to say you knew your stuff and then I would do my Henry Moorhouse began to preach, he took his text from John 316 and prays for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. His heart out and increased while I'm preaching to allow God's grace that because of services, hoping man stood up like that, but if it also is about to start. But rather than come forward after the preacher.

He turned the wheel around and went out the door slam the door behind him and down the street, of that little mining town and the girls from the upper window, said the time, but he paid no attention, son of man in the saloons at a Ike, let's have a drink. They paid no attention.

He went down the main street of that little town became to little side street and he turned down that dusty sidestreet toy came to little whether boarded shack with his big ham like this again. He threw the door open about shack inside was his wife would been beaten and abused so many times and little children, little children saw the father come home. I thought he come home in a drunken stupor and little children like squirrels scurried under the bed and his wife spread her skirt out and backed up to hide the children under the bed.

He looked at her and is a woman you have to be afraid. Get the kids out from under the bed wiggle pouring she said what they say. During the woman get the kids will so she got the kids out and I Miller meal down by the bed and he tried to pray here not operate. He's an old God, but no prayer chain Lord, no prayer game and then he remembered a prayer that his mother taught him when he was a little boy and this is what he prayed, gentle Jesus, meek and mild look upon a little child. Forgive my simplicity and suffer me to come to the and I Miller was saying he's the one who has recorded the store that we can share what was the change I Miller's life. People came. Moorhouse is why some wrath of God.

Why yes, why do you think a sin. He said because that man needed love you needed the love of God for. And that's what our world needs and when we began the practice squad.

John is talking about when we submit to the ship of Jesus when we seek the lifestyle of Jesus when we show the love of Jesus and this world was going to believe what we say is real is really why John people say if we say we say we say it's time to stop talking the talk and walking the walk.

A man to be like Jesus, regardless saved Ike Miller is the God will save you today. Your lifestyle may not of been the lifestyle about Miller but nobody so good they don't need to be saved and nobody so bad they cannot be saved if the trust Jesus. Would you pray Lord Jesus Lord Jesus come in my heart, forgive my sin. Look upon me gentle Jesus, meek and mild look upon a little child. Forgive my simplicity and suffer me to come to the coming of my heart.

Jesus save me in your name I pray, amen and amen and if you prayed to receive Jesus Christ just now, let us celebrate with you. Please go to our discovery, Jesus page at her website to find answers, you may need about your newfound faith. We have a response section there as well for anyone.

You can share your testimony with us, or how this message is made a difference in your life. Here's the address and click the tab that says Discover Jesus, if you become a Christian, a follower of Jesus today welcome to God's forever family. We can't wait to hear from you. Now if you like to order a copy of today's message request one by the title birthmarks of a believer and call 1877 love God. This message is also part of the insightful series sweetest fellowship this side of heaven. For the complete collection all 11 powerful messages: number 877 love God or go online to order it or here's our dress love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183. Do you have the birthmarks of a believer. Adrian Rogers said if a person saved it's going to show in his life. You're not saved by keeping the commandments by walking as Jesus walked on by loving your brother, but if you're saying you will do things are so glad you joined us for today studying God's word.

Tune in next time for more from Adrian Rogers might online word find listener reached out recently with these encouraging words. I have been so blessed by receiving your instruction when I needed it. I pray others are helped in their Christian walk and brought closer to Jesus through these messages so grateful for your continued prayers as we strive to share profound messages and practical resources for believers everywhere say thank you for your gift right now we want to send you our God's word.

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