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Strength Through Authority | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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July 7, 2021 8:00 am

Strength Through Authority | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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July 7, 2021 8:00 am

This message examines the centurion in Luke 7 to reveal the source, secret, and scope of our kingdom authority.

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Google were fighting studios in Memphis Tennessee. Byron Tyler here with the CEO of Loeber fighting Carrie Vaughn here. You know the Lord did not create us to live, crushed and defeated lives, but to rain and live in victory. Adrian Rogers will explain more in today's broadcast as we start this series on kingdom authority. I think Adrian Rogers says it best, because God is given us kingdom authority. There is no reason none whatsoever that we should ever fail in our battle with the world the flesh and the devil. We are not victims. We are not hopeless or helpless pawns in some sort of a game of cosmic chest.

We can never say the devil made me do it in a failure that we have is a failure because we have failed to appropriate that which is inherently hours in the Lord Jesus Christ and so obviously if we are filled with unbelief. We have unconfessed unrepentant of sin in our life.

When I did have victory.

I God does not give kingdom authority to rebels and the Bible says don't give place to the devil if we have given the devil a campground of foxhole into our lives. He's not going to be dislodged or removed.

No matter how much we quote resist the devil, or how much spiritual warfare we do unless we repent and take away the dirty, the devil's dirty campground. So we are to reign in life we to have victory. That doesn't mean that we going to live without pain or problems or tribulation, but the world the flesh and the devil have no dominion over the child of God was walking with kingdom authority while like that you know my favorite eight organism. You cannot be over until you're willing to be under right. You cannot have authority into you get under the authority that is truly over you yeah and you know it's important first.

Also, to no cure that kingdom authority.

It comes from a higher power.

I mean it is from God and but we have to be under his authority before we can really experience that authority in our lives.

Yet authority comes from above, and we know that, I was reminded Dr. Rogers shared a story. Years ago, the young guy that did not like authority and he hated authority. So he decided to leave home and join the military. We always push against it. Do not, but if we can yield income under God's authority. That is really where our strength lies the listeners are so important to our ministry or lover. Finally, we love hearing from you and thank you so much for taking time to respond. Here's a listener that says I just wanted to say God bless. Finding I know Adrian is in heaven used to make me money uncomfortable when I was in sin, but I kept on listening because I wanted restoration in my Lord also because I love to hear his powerful preaching.

Thanks for the preaching and other resources. As he said that comment about making me feel uncomfortable by sin. I me. I believe Adrian Rogers would clearly say that was the Holy Spirit silly with him through God's word. Absolutely it's Isaiah 5511 write my word will not return void, but it will accomplish that which I please list the Holy Spirit that's convicting us and pricking our hearts right to turn back to God. The listeners are excited about the Adrian Rogers legacy Bible, the new addition and updated edition is coming out soon.

Beautiful leather Bible are most requested resource in that Bible you will have some commentary you will have Adrian isms sprinkled all the way through their treasures from the word, you want a copy of this for yourself but you also want copies to give away. So if you have an interest.

Go to find out all the details about the new and improved Adrian Rogers legacy Bible well from the kingdom authority series. Here's our message strength through authority, part one with Adrian Rogers and when it ended all the sayings in the audience of the people he entered into Capernaum and a certain centurion's servant, who was beer under him was sick and ready to die and when he heard of Jesus he sent to him the elders of the Jews beseeching him that he would come and heal his servant. And when they came to Jesus. They besought him instantly, saying that he was worthy for home he should do this for he loveth our nation and go to synagogue. Then Jesus went with them and when he was now not far from the house, the centurion sent friends to him saying on their Lord, trouble not thyself, are not worthy that thou shouldest enter under my roof.

Wherefore neither thought I myself worthy to come under the but say in a word, and my servant shall be healed, for I also am a man said under authority. I want you to understand this verse is the key verse for I also am a man set under authority, having under me soldiers I say the one go and go and do another, and he cometh, and my servant, do this with. When Jesus heard these things, he marveled at and turn them about and set it to the people that followed him, I say unto you, that I have not found so great faith, know, not in Israel. Now, if Jesus Christ marveled at this man.

I mean absolutely marveled at him. If Jesus Christ was astounded by what this man said that you'll take note of and if Jesus Christ said all the sons of Abraham that he knew that this man had more faith than any he'd met, don't you think you'll pay attention.

We're dealing with something that is significant. Don't miss. Don't miss what the Lord Jesus said, I'll reverse nine again when Jesus heard these things marveled at and turn them about and said to the people involved in ICW. I have not found so great faith, know not in this trail and they that were sent return to the house, found the servant whole that had been sick. Now again I want to say that Satan that sinister minister of misinformation would all that he can do to keep you from learning the truth of your kingdom authority in the Lord Jesus Christ. He wants to pull the darkness over this truth. Now the Lord did not create you, bring you into this world to be a victim of Satan.

For you to live a Christ and defeated life to the contrary, our Lord expects you to reign as we going to see not someday in the suite line by but right now in the nasty now and now you are to have victory over Satan in this day and in the say let's back up again were talking about the principles of kingdom authority and remember that when God created Adam and Eve God created Adam and he put them on earth and the Bible says in the book of Genesis that God told them to have dominion dominion. That means that the rain there to rule. They were the king and queen. This, but they disobeyed God they yielded everything to Satan. They lost their dominion. They lost the crown rather than having dominion they became slaves of Satan. They became servants. The Satan and when Adam rebelled against heaven. Adam lost his authority on earth, and Adam became a slave to Satan and a child of a slave is a slave also and therefore all of those who are in Adam became slaves of Satan by the Lord Jesus Christ came to this earth. The last Adam Lord Jesus Christ one back for us the victory that the first Adam lost and we were able to sing together the congregation all victory in Jesus that we need to understand this because if we don't understand it, no matter how true it may be, it will do us no good whatsoever. There was an Emancipation Proclamation. When Abraham Lincoln set the slaves free in the sun. They were free set free by God for that. But did you know that many slaves continued on the plantation. Many continued to serve their old master. Why two reasons. One, some of them didn't get the news. Secondly, some of them couldn't believe it seemed to good to be true to some people in this world today who have not yet gotten the news of our emancipation in the Lord Jesus Christ and our kingdom authority and and some in this place right now it will seem too good to be true that we often hear people tell the truth will set you free will. Be careful, the truth doesn't set you free. If you don't know the truth if you don't know what I Lord Jesus say about that. In John eight verse 31 then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him. If you continue in my word, many disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

Know what I'm trying to do in this series of messages that help you know the true now when not talking about overcoming Satan in the world to come with talking about now where you work this afternoon and tomorrow morning.

You see, we lost it in Adam we got it back in Christ is a key verse, but this one in your margin Romans chapter 5 in verse 17 it sums up everything I'm trying to say. For by one man's offense death reigned by one who was that one man who offended rain because of Adams offense and because of Adam's sin, much more. And thank God for that much more. Now they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one.

Jesus Christ shall reign in life not raining somewhere right now as I say, not just in the suite by-and-by. Now let's look at Luke chapter 7 verse one. Here's the story there's a man, a centurion that means it was an Army officer 100 men under his command at his post is very important man in the Roman army was a Gentile servant that was sick and he was concerned about the service I was about to die. People came to Jesus and said this is a good manual to go there and help them. He was served.

So Jesus is going to this man's house and Manson got a message. He says listen I feel I was worthy to come to you. I don't.

I'm not worthy that you should come in my room but he said all you have to do is to give the command and my servant will be healed and then explain why said that he said I to I also am a man set under that is I have officers over me. I'm a centurion but as a general over me and over that generally is the Emperor.

I understand that I am under authority. Therefore, I have a far. Therefore, I can say to this servant go and he go I can say to this soldier, and he come why because I am under authority, and because I am under authority. I am over these were under me simple. That's the way it works. He was to remain.

He understood the way things worked in the military and when he sat Jesus. He has seen it stands it, why can't even understand this same faith like this trail. He understands kingdom in Jesus more. Now you need to understand today the same kingdom authority. What do we mean by it means the official legal right now will enforce things today about kingdom authority they come out of this text okay and and I don't want us to be academic. I want to go beyond academics into your life. First of all, the source of kingdom authority, all authority comes from a higher power, it comes down authority comes from above, you have to be under authority, to have authority.

I also am a man set under authority. That's what he says there in verse eight. I also am a man set under authority comes from above, therefore any authority that you may hold is no better or stronger than the one who is over you because you see you have to have someone to back up the authority that you hold when a policeman comes and knocks on the door there's been a disturbance. He knocks on the door and the person behind the door may say who's there in the policeman will say open the door in the name of the law in the name of the law know the way to pray. What in the name of Jesus open the door in the name of the law. Now what this man is doing is just appealing to a higher authority that he doesn't just come and say this is John Jones. Would you please open the door open the door.

The name of all well as you get this apartment. What is a policeman he's been commissioned so behind that bad is the police department of the city was suppose a man doesn't want the police department of the city to interfere with them, well behind the police department of the city is the state militia was suppose he will obey that behind that is the National Guard the forces of the United States if they come to be an insurrection that one man is backed up by incredible authority and that's what we need to understand that authority comes from above.

Now the reason that God's children have authority is because of the Lord. That is over them. Let me give you another great verse that opulence, then this first John chapter 4 and verse 17. I will take just a phrase I let verse don't jot it down as he thought about Jesus as he is so are we. Here's the key phrase in this world as Jesus is, so are we.

Because we are in him and he is in office. This is the doctrine of identification when he died he died for us until we died with him right.

His death had your name on it. He died for you. You died with him.

Okay secondly when he rose you rose with him, you are identified, united with him in resurrection. The Bible says if we been buried in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection, Jesus died for us and then Jesus rose Florence. He died for us.

He gave himself for us, and then he rose to give himself to. And so we have resurrection life. Now when Jesus ascended, we ascended with him and the Bible teaches that were seated with the Lord Jesus in the heavenly's far above all principalities and powers, and so therefore Jesus victory is our victory. Understand this, that the authority comes from Jesus and we are united with Jesus and his death, burial, resurrection, ascension, enthronement, and therefore we sing victory in Jesus. Does Jesus have dominion over site.

Does Jesus have authority over demons arguing Jesus yes that's the point. It flows from above. If they are subject to him. They must be subject to this doesn't mean that you are somebody important. It's him and because of what he has done because of his victory. Then we have victory in the Lord Jesus Christ, that what we need to understand is this what the relationship of Jesus Christ to the church truly don't think of the church as a business with Jesus as the president, the church is a body with Jesus as the head you see the difference. That is, we are organically related to the Lord Jesus Christ is present us. Our authority comes from the Lord Jesus. And that's the reason. When Jesus gave the great commission in Matthew 28 and sent us out to spread the gospel. He set up all warranty is given to me go.

He there. Therefore, because I have this authority and now I am giving you the power of attorney to act for me is a great verse first Peter chapter 3 in verse 22.

It speaks of Jesus, who is gone into heaven and is on the right hand of God, angels and authorities and powers being made subject to him first through the sauce of kingdom authority it flows from above. It comes from a higher power. Now that brings us to the secretive kingdom of God.

That's the second thing the secretive kingdom authority look again in verse eight for I also am a man set under authority, having under me so I'm on so I have people under me. Here's the secret it's very plain is very wonderful. You cannot be over until you are on you cannot have authority until you get under the authority that is over you.

Now that's so simple, but it's so wonderful to see all authority is linked to obedience. Why would a person give you authority to act for him when you're disobedient to him. That's the reason that Satan endeavored to get Adam to disobey.

When Adam disobeyed. He forfeited his authority.

Now my generation doesn't like the word authority.

We don't like to be under anybody and many of us dare not realize the vestiges of rebellion that still work down in our hearts we don't want to submit to authority in you looking at a guy by nature is the same way I was looking for parking place a while back and I saw a sign that said don't even think about parking here. I was so full of rebellion. I thought about it I mean we all have that thing in Oswego anybody to be over but God does not kingdom authority. The rebels.

God does not kingdom authority figures.

This illustration how many of you ever try to semi-drive child. Anybody else what's the first thing you showed them, not even the ignition switch certainly not Excelerator not how to put it in drive. The very first thing is you gotta iota modicum of intelligence the break honey. Here's how you make it stop. I make a stop.

There is the break now suppose that child at your teaching a young teenager said hey dad, don't but I'm not interested in the break. Show me how to make this thing go. I'm not interested in the break.

That is of no importance to me. You just find yourself taking the keys and putting them back in your pocket is not right because you know if that person is not interested in how to make it stop you not interested in telling him how to make it go in that right.

I will take this about God the Holy Spirit. If you do not know the restraint of the spirit. You will never know the release of the spirit. If you cannot operate the spiritual breaks, God will never show you the spiritual Excelerator. You see, the reason that many people do not have kingdom authority is made have not learned how to be under and therefore they will not be over now. God has authority everywhere bears the authority of the word of God.

Are you under the authority of the Lordship of Christ.

Had you submitted to bears the authority of the direction of the Holy Spirit. Do you know there's to be authority in the home. As we go to see later on bears authority in the church and the government is authority everywhere. Now the secret kingdom of Martinez plain and clear. You cannot be over unless you willingly on that's an important reminder today as we conclude this message by Adrian Rogers. You cannot be over unless you're willing to be under submit to the Holy Spirit's work in your life right now. And maybe your listing and you don't have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ go to our website and find our discovery, Jesus page. There you'll see resources and materials that will answer questions you may have about how to place your faith in Jesus Christ.

Again, go to and click Discover Jesus, thanks for joining us for a study in God's word. If you like to start receiving daily devotions and links to our program. Be sure to sign up for our daily heart email and we hope will join us next time. For part two. String authority right on word

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