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How to Make a Home Beautiful | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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June 7, 2021 8:00 am

How to Make a Home Beautiful | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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June 7, 2021 8:00 am

Pastor Adrian Rogers reveals what it means to be a godly mother and how to make a home beautiful.

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You know what it takes to build a beautiful home. Listen to Adrian Rogers it was possible that you can live in a magnificent house and have an ugly home about some ugly home's and so we want to talk about how to have not just fine magnificent house how to have a beautiful home pine tree truth.

Simply stated by Adrian Rogers as followers of Christ. We know that God is in favor beautiful home these days our families face many enemies threatened to drain us of our splendor. The key to a beautiful home is the wife and mother. Titus two shows us what it means to be a godly mother and wife. If you have your Bible turn there now as Adrian Rogers reveals how to make a home beautiful as you open your Bibles to Titus chapter 2, I want to talk to about the whole and how to make a home beautiful.

There was possible that you can live in a magnificent house and have an ugly home and so we want to talk about how to have not just fine magnificent house but how to have a beautiful home. Titus chapter 2. Here's what he says but speak out the things which become sound doctrine. Now the word become means to make you. For example, if a lady buys a new dress and her husband says that is becoming to you what it means is that it is very beautiful that looks good. All you now what are you saying here is this week that become sound doctrine is really saying to make truth beautiful have the same idea if you go down to verse 10 proclaiming showing all good fidelity that they may adorn the doctrine of God again and adornment is that which makes beautiful this word here is the word literally that they is with cosmetics that you might put all cosmetics on the word of God adorn the doctrine of God. You know you can take truth and make it uglier. You can take truth and make it beautiful. Some people use the Bible as a club rather than a sword. And so we need to do that which is becoming the sound doctrine that which adorns the doctrine of God.

You know, most of our precious late is better with a little low cosmetics doesn't hurt at all me like you growing your own penicillin.

I think some I don't know they they don't know that alone is enough. A special around the eyes. I look like a jack-o'-lantern with the Campbell out now. We do have some ugly homes and some of them are in some beautiful houses with generation to date as lost as moorings.

Our generation is like a ship at sea that has lost as moorings without a rudder and a compass and I am very sad even to the point, almost of despair, because I know God, I am not in despair and is not because we are not trying. The sad thing is that we are drowning in a sea of information, seminars, conferences, marriage encounters, counselors and nausea were on and on and on ever learning, and not able to come to the knowledge of the truth because very frankly all of these things are not based on the word of God. We've got to have a standard without the standard you and I may be watching the very day of marriage as we know it, and the homicide of the home for some very real enemies that I mean very real enemies of morality, adultery, vacation, homosexuality and abortion, sterilization, radical feminism, juvenile delinquency, crime, sexual rebellion, we're up against something is very hard all these things like strands in accord better just strangling the family. I God wants to make a home beautiful merely key to a beautiful home is the wife and mother, someone to talk to about what the Bible has to say about being a godly mother and helping that mother to have a beautiful home. Now, let's continue to read now we started verse one Titus chapter 2 but speak out the things which become or make beautiful sound on that the aged men be sober, grave temperate sound in faith and charity in patients forgets to the older women a guest to the older man and is something wonderful about a man who can grow old gracefully. I godly old man. I think there is nothing laudable, more beautiful than a godly old man. The Bible says that his great head is a crown of glory to him and he is to be the glory of his children is to be the glory of his grandchildren.

I want to say, on the other hand, that Satan has no happy old man. He's got some wild and reckless young man but he has no happy old man.

I don't think there's anything uglier than ungodly old man.

His eyes are like burned out sockets of last his mouth is an open sewer. His mind is like a city dump and all is looking forward to is getting sicker and sicker until he dies and then being stuck in a hole in the ground but I godly old man is a wonderful thing and a joy to be around less fast-forward because we're talking primarily to our ladies so look in verse three, and he speaks here to the aged women likewise that they be in behavior as become of holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine teachers of good things that they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands to love their children to be discreet. Chase keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. As we talk about a godly woman who makes her house beautiful home beautiful.

I want you to see about what I want to call the legacy that she is delaying she is to be teaching the younger children. She's to set an example for the younger and how she going to do that. Verse three says.

First of all was some good old-fashioned wholeness and behavior has become of holiness. This speaks of the way she lived just speaks of her lifestyle.

How many really fully women do you know, I know one I married her.

She is a holy woman and she's a joy to be around.

Actually this word holiness. The scholars tell us has something to do with the priest as is coming out of the temple, and he's been in the burning incense and when he comes out of the temple six.

Did you smell the incense in his garments.

I know people like that when you get around them.

You just do something about the presence of the just the perfume of God in their lives. Now that's the way and aged woman all to be how she is to be holy in her lifestyle and she is to be godly in her speech. Notice again I say she is not to be a false accusers, you see that in verse three.

Let me just give me another way not to be a scandal monitor this word false accuser is the same word that we get our data from the very word diabolical mean someone who is casting slander about a means of slander and gossip is a disease they get worse with age and some of the worst gossips are old people and something very ugly about the whole that is not a holy home in a home that is filled with slander and gossip because of the gossip you like saving mouth and also she's to be free from addictive things to see it not given to much wine when I say this. Some people just perk up a nice that means I can be given to a little wine.

Sorry about that is not what this means when he says not given to much wine that's an idiom which says that she really is to stay away from wine, totally, completely, with automatic intoxicating wine.

This is a combination of three Greek words me in the which means not an car PAR sword would get outward parallel from and on and on me borrowing on, which means not close to wine, not alongside a wine somebody who not only doesn't drink it, but somebody who actually stays away from it as what the Bible teaches and a woman I godly woman who is to leave a legacy. She's be holy as she is not to be a scandal monger, and she's not to be addicted to substances in, and certainly the spirit of this would include cigarettes and tales dive drugs anything else that is addicted not only see the set an example for the younger women would talk about the legacy she's to leave for the young women, but she also must teach them. Look again in verses four and five that they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands to love their children to be discreet.

Chase keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands of the word of God be not blasphemed.

Who is going to teach younger women today to be homemakers.

God says we need some older women who are going to teach this thing and actually says look at it if you will, that which is good. Do you say that that they may teach the young women to be sober and verse five to be discreet chase keepers at home.

Good the word good lately has the idea of values means family guidance and what we need in America today some godly grandmama's and some older women began to be teaching these younger women to be homemakers are young ladies today are getting married and and very frankly they know very little about homemaking. They spent a lot of money only wedding very little money. Getting ready for the marriage of someone get married they can even cook them in the recipe for ice cubes. I know the recipe for ice cubes Sage 20 square I can make ice cubes of melt in your mouth. They know no literary basic things I was going to teach them. We had a group of high school seniors graduating seniors. The girls in our home and I went out the room and Ms. Roger set down and talk with these girls about just being a godly young lady. Looking forward to marriage. Looking forward to having a whole. We'll talk a little bit more about that in a moment, but the first thing I want you to notice is the legacy she is to leave you mother's and you grandmothers and you ladies in the church who have experience somehow we need to get you with these younger women there's a second I wanted to see not only the legacy that she's to leave by setting an example by teaching, but the love that she is to learn that what are the older women to teach the young women look at verse four that they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love the children to be discreet chase keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasting. Did you know that your debt teach the younger women to love their children. Many women today don't really even know how to love the children.

Have you ever time well limit a three things you can do you can tell them you can touch them and you can teach them tell them over and over again that you love them, you cannot tell them to many times that you love touch them and teach them day by day, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little bear little did you know that the many child abusers. I come from an abusive family. One of the great means today is for mothers to love children radical feminist Avenue all women today that having a career is granted more important than being a homemaker and material goods are more important than children. Psalm 127 says low children are an heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is his reward generation today looks at children as burdens rather than blessings.

There something wrong in America when children are looked on as burdens rather than blessings. Women in America. We put to death the child and his mother's womb, which ought to be the safest place on earth is rapidly becoming the most dangerous place. Our hearts go out to women who want children and you cannot have them. I've been in counseling sessions with wonderful people. What a shame it is for those who can have an refusal for selfish reasons not to have these children in the Bible. Women who bless this world a bit. Women who pray for children and God has answered the prayer Sarah was barren into. She's 90 years old and she prayed God gave to Sarah, Isaac, our Savior came from a line of Isaac Rachel cried.

She said oh God, give me children are I die you God answered her prayer and gave her Joseph who delivered the nation of Israel. Ruth, who was barren. One of the child prayed and she found mercy and became the father of Oved who was the grandfather of David, Israel's greatest king and from whose line came Savior. Elizabeth was stricken in years and she praying and God open her womb and gave her John the Baptist, Jesus is not a greater I was born a woman than John. The badness Hannah was in the holy place, praying and sobbing so much that the great prophet thought that that you I thought that perhaps she was drunk. She sat on the ground in prayer asking God to give me a child, and God gave to Hannah, will Samuel became the mighty prophet of Israel. The tragedy of abortion is lack of love for children is this who knows whom we may have killed in the very room. Perhaps the person who would give this world answer to cancer. Perhaps another Billy Graham. Perhaps someone would've had the answer to the AIDS epidemic. Who knows what kind of life we have snuffed out a big homemaker. Not easy. Not a glamorous ladies and young ladies. I want a there is no higher calling fathers have influence on the children, but mothers made the greatest impression and that is a fact.

Now the Bible teaches that the older women are to teach the young women to love children and number two the love their husbands, that if she can be taught to love her husband. That means that she can love her husband would talk about love. When I talk about so popular love.

You want to know soap operas. My blast is cut it out.

All that is about is sex and immorality and perversion is always about you watch that long enough and you become suspicious you got me wondering if you know one of my husband is living that way.

Love your husband is a Billy Graham said, is your job to love your husband is God's job to make them good so you think of that the legacy she said to leave and think of the love that she's to learn this what she's been told, malice, shift gears and think a little bit about the lifestyle that she is to live verse five. Here's her lifestyle she's to be discreet chase keeper at home, good, obedient to her own husband that the word of God be not blasting. I was were discreet me when were discreet means, sober minded means serious. It may sensible it means using good judgment. She'll use good judgment and a shopping enter, nutrition, bookkeeping, decorating, and or physical culture.

Bible says when you find a wife, you find a good thing she knew her husband good and not evil all the days of her life and then look not only discreet would chase the word here means fuel, not sexy, not foxy chase young lady. Keep yourself pure and save yourself for the one you going to matter go to the marriage alter a virgin make that your purpose save yourself the one that you're going to marry and the older women need to be teaching the young women this grandmother's today were giving their daughters advice and birth control pills and all of these things. II can't believe that you teach them just the opposite to be pure to be chase and all think that the high school is going to be a nice visit and do the last place on earth. These kids need to learn about sexual morality is in the secular school lesson tomorrow. Sexual education will never work for good always only for if it is not based with morals and Bible proof and you better see to it that your kids understand what the Bible teaches. Teach them to be discreet, use good judgment. Teach them to be chase that is to be molecule and teach them to be keepers at home is at Michigan go out of the house.

No Greek word comes from a word literally means to be a housekeeper. That is a worker at home.

He cousin two words one meeting house and the other means to work. That means that her major responsibility is to keep the home that we have about 50 million working mothers in America today and approximately one out of every three mothers with children under three. Hold a full-time job being a homemaker is a full-time occupation, and I've set it off in my heart is out of my head is off to women who have to work but if you are working don't have a bigger house or find a vacation, a nicer car and spending time with those children, especially when the little you making a terrible mistake. First Timothy five verse 14 Paul said, I will, therefore, that the younger women marry their children guide the house give medication to the adversary to speak reproachful the mothers to be the queen of the home. There is no higher calling and no greater career that would be a make and coming up tomorrow will you part two of this convicting message but maybe today you have questions about who Jesus is about what he means to you or how to begin a relationship with God through Christ ghetto I discovered Jesus you'll find resources there and materials that will answer questions you may have about your faith again go to and click the tab discover Jesus nephew like a copy of today's message. You can order one by calling 1877 love God mention the title how to make a home beautiful. This message is also part of the insightful fortifying your family series for the complete collection, all six powerful messages. Call that number 1877 love God or you can order or write us at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183 thanks for joining us for today's studying God's word and as a reminder, if you'd like to start receiving daily devotions and links to other daily messaging programs. Be sure to sign up for our daily heartbeat emails and tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of how to make a home writing on love would find is an email from the list to receive. Not long ago that really encouraged as she writes, thank you for your programming.

I'm a new follower of Christ, and I find this program to be encouraging and helpful for me. I ask for your prayers, in my walk with Jesus, and will continue to support you and tell others about love. Find your so grateful for the prayers and generous support from listeners like you that allow us to share these messages as a way to say thank you for your gift right now. We will send you our struggles booklet collection featuring messages from Adrian Rogers like turning problems and the possibilities in the battle of the bottle. This bundle is a source of hope and direction we face stressful circumstances request the struggles booklet collection when you call the gifted one 877 love God and again thanks for your generous support of love worth finding

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