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Faithful in Stewardship | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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May 26, 2021 8:00 am

Faithful in Stewardship | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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May 26, 2021 8:00 am

In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals why it is crucial and freeing to remain faithful in stewardship.

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Rollover funding Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, Byron Tyler, he would cure revolver CD overflow providing fury to Adrian Rogers starts, part one in a message faithful in stewardship stewardship right that what we do with what God has given us say we can't out give God and God gives the increase.

Right. So we just keep on getting it we do it. Stewardship is our relationship with money how we obtain saving for a spin and give away our wealth think that's the key right we we give away because we know that God will use it in a mighty way for his kingdom and some people say you know the church is always asking me for my money, you know, but agent Roger says God is not raising money. God is growing Christians. It's much deeper. God wants us to know and grow in the grace and knowledge, and love him more right in and tithing is not God's way to punish you or to impoverish you. It's God's way to enrich you will carry the month of May. Something special was happening here lower find very special. You know Dr. Rogers was a tremendous athlete he would talk often about running the race or running a relay race and handing off the baton. That's what we want to do a lower funding we want to hand the baton off to the next generation. The next person right. Hey. The good news is not to sit on the shelf and the good news is not to be hidden is to be given away. And so we must give the gospel way. I think the best way to do that is we want our people to give personally. We want them to give as a way of life and we want them to tell their circle of influence. 50 people telling 50 people telling 50 people to give the love worth funding so that we can reach the world for Christ was an alternate Adrian Rogers talked about stewardship, but when he did he did make any apologies for it either. I will not promise you that I will be the best preacher in the world there other people who can preach the gospel better than I but there's no one who can preach a better gospel than I can. I will promise you this, that what you give will be used with integrity. It will be used prayerfully and carefully for one purpose. That is the glory of Jesus Christ and the spread of the gospel. If we know how and so would you know this. Would you pray sincerely pray and ask God what he would have you to do, not what he wants others to do just asking what he want you to do and then whatever he lays on your heart, then do it and will rejoice one day at the feet of Jesus. I love you and God bless some love worth finding reaches across the nation. We reach across the globe with the good news of Jesus Christ. So were were asking you to our faithful partner to consider a special above and beyond generous love offering to expand the ways of love worth finding and to fulfill this great commission. Come join us and be a part of this love offer curious always fulfilling for us here lower finding to hear from our listeners. Here's one who says Dr. Rogers bring the gospel to every level of understanding from their youngest child, adult what's best about his preaching that he keeps the focus on Jesus keeping the focus on Jesus. This would lower finding is all about is the centerpiece of who we are what we do right. We want to introduce people to the gospel, we want to disciple them and we want to teach others to do the same with today's message now on faithful in stewardship part one.

Here's Adrian Rogers refining Malachi chapter 3 if you would.

That's the last book in the Old Testament talk about factors of faithfulness and today how to obtain financial freedom through stewardship how to obtain financial freedom. I watch the ads now is matter fact about the only thing worth watching on television, and more. The ads some of them are really wonderful. I like the cornflakes that tastes them again for the first time many of us were raised on cornflakes and what they're trying to say is that you need to discover cornflakes again. Remember you saying that I had tasted the athlete, but that Madison Avenue knows how to do it taste them again for it is cornflakes.

Is that what you cornflakes. He knows everything cornflakes, taste them again for the first time.

Now, the Scripture that I'm going to bring to you today is one that you hire if you gone to church at any time you heard the Scripture that I will share with you and many of you just going to kind of mentally check yourself out. I know I've heard that all I want you to hear it again like you've never heard it before he began for the first time is one of most incredible promises in the word of God and so listen as we read here beginning in verse seven, even from the days of your father's year gone away from my ordinances and have not Read return to me would you underscore that returning to me and will return to you that the Lord of hosts. But ye said all right Lord, where shall we return God answers an honest question. Will a man rob God.

Yet ye have robbed me what you say where and how we robbing God answers in high this and offerings here cursed with a curse, for you have robbed me even this whole nation hey would you like to have a curse lifted off of you who will pay attention you are curse with a curse, for you have robbed me even this whole nation.

Here's the command of the promise bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that they may be meat in mine house, and prove me now, that is put me to the test, God has thrown a challenge in your lap. Prove me now herewith, that the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of and you out a blessing for special not be room enough to receive it I will review the devour for your sakes and he will shall not destroy the fruits of your ground. You sure you're buying caster fruit before the time in the field that the Lord of hosts and all nations shall call you blessed for you shall be a delight some land that the Lord of hosts to talk today about stewardship and stewardship is really how we obtain money how we save money, how we invest money how we spend money and how we give money and when I do that I want to say that there at least three that are very interested in what I have to say today number one God is interested. You know God over and over and over in the Bible talks about stewardship. Why does God talk about stewardship, fair close not wanting something God does not need your money okay God is everything God is not interested in what you have, God is interested in who you are and God wants you and God wants to bless you. God wants to give to you and over and over again in the Bible we see God dealing with the matter of our finances are resource of the 38 parables that Jesus told 16 of deal with stewardship. Matter fact about one out of every 10 versus in the New Testament deal with this matter of stewardship. You take the verses in the New Testament the deal with faith there about 500 of the verses in the New Testament that deal with prayer about 500 of them take the verses that deal with stewardship over to Powell's enough God is interested in our stewardship, how we acquire and use our money the matter fact, one of the great test of your spirituality and how much you love God and I what you believe the word of God is stewardship. Now I'll take someone else's interested in your stewardship, not only is God but Satan is very interested because Satan knows if he can defeat you in this way if he can keep you in bondage. If he can keep you under this he has you right where he wants you. I'm talking today about freedom. God has come to set you free. Many of you will see me today is trying to put you into some kind of a straitjacket trying to do just the opposite to set you free, and not for my ideas, but from the word of God. Now what if you are cursed with a curse. What if you are in bondage a matter fact, some economists have given us about 11 ways we can know whether or not with financial bonding you want take the test right. Listen, just check these off mentally now number when you neighbor can see it but just mentally do you do you charge daily expenditures because you don't have enough money to pay for number two you put all paying a bill when it is due. Number three. Do you borrow from fixed expenses borrow to pay fixed expenses like taxes and insurance.

Does your that requirement. The money that you owe long-term exceed 20% of your income next are you unaware of how much you next you have creditors people calling you about past due bill. Next you borrow from savings to pay current bills. Next are you making new loans to pay off old ones next to you and your wife are you and your husband ever argue about money. There is was a perfect marriage but for one feminine flaw. He was quick on the deposit but she was fast on the draw. You ever argue about this Max say about being dishonest with money and here's the final one. Do you have difficulty bringing your ties to God's house on God's day so many Americans today abruptly here in death and somebody has described the average American is a person who drives a bank financed car over a bond financed highway with gasoline that he bought with a credit card he's on his way to open a charge account at a department store so we can fill his house that he owes the savings-and-loan form with installment purchase furniture that's in American Fork rebuying things we don't need with money we don't have depressed people we don't like. That's Americans for you when financial bondage.

So many of us there so I'm not in financial bondage. I've got plenty I got it sold to the way I've got it stacked in our bank account somewhere. Maybe you could just see what I've got. You may have played in the financial bondage rich people and financial bondage when they try to find satisfaction in their money and can't do.

Bible says he that loveth silver shall not be satisfied with silver. Someone asked JD Rockefeller how much was enough. He said just a little more you in financial bondage. If your money increases your worry. Proverbs 15 verse six in the house of the righteous is much treasure but in the revenues of the wicked is trouble you and financial bondage.

When you a slave to your money where your chief aim in life is to make money, you labor to be rich than your difficulty because Proverbs 23 verse four says labor not to be rich. I can tell you this, your goal in life is to be rich. You are a miserable person.

Labor not to be rich sees from mine own risk. Now the Bible never condemns riches. The Bible says is so horrifying God, that giveth the power to get gain Bible is not against that when that is your goal, you are a miserable person because when you make it your goal to get money monies going to get you there was it in the old time I can remember when I was a little boy.

These have a thing called flypaper they still sell that or not you will buy cornflakes. I still soaked flypaper. It was us a thing of sticky paper they came in. I stuck it on the ceiling someone, it just kinda swirled around like that and enhance it had something that flies really like to just an aroma that would attract flies, but was real sticky in the plywood light on it and he couldn't get loose, and you, I'll fly would buzz around that thing he be saying my paper my paper my paper but then he lied on the paper would say my fly by fly lifeline. That's why these people are going to get rich. First of all they want to get the money then the money gets there. You are in financial bondage. If you are playing the bank but no treasure in heaven.

Proverbs 23 verse five Wilt thou set thine eyes upon that which is not for riches certainly make themselves wings, they fly away as an eagle toward heaven.

Money talks. Says goodbye. It is a way now suppose you have plenty in the bank but you don't know God. Suppose you have plenty in the bank cannot your miserly person and a miserable person to feel sorry for person like that Jesus told about a man who had plans Barnes and he died. He said he had much goods laid up for many years and God said, you fool, this night, your soul will be required of the then whose shall those things be, which thou has provided so is he that land up treasure for himself and is not rich toward God. Now God is interested in your finances. Satan is interested in your finances because he wants to keep you in bonding.

Who else is interested. You are metal to me or not you are.

I'm not talking today about how many angels can dance around on the head of opinion I'm talking about something very vital because it takes money and finances to live as a part of our normal life and God knows okay now how are you going to obtain financial freedom. We got a look in the Bible right out of the Bible. I would give you three principles and I want you to see. First of all, you must personally return to God. Look again in verse seven, even from the days of your fathers ER gone away from mine ordinances that is my laws and have not kept them read return to me and I will return on the use that the Lord of hosts, which he said where in.

Shall we return. Now look up again and let me tell you this doesn't want your money God will you think you are saying to you come to me.

Return to me. God loves us Parcell God wants to share does not need our money and the gift without the giver is there watch you do not joyfully, lovingly, freely, God neither needs nor wants God, while favor blessed God says in Psalm 50 verse 12. If I were hungry I would not tell the world is mine, and the fullness thereof about the bail God out of bankruptcy. God loves us for ourselves. He says return to me. Second Corinthians 12 in verse 14. The apostle Paul says I seek not yours, but you know what the deviled others of the devil interest in your finances.

The devil has some guy who is not saved, and he just engineers that men become about twice a year when Adrian preaches on tithing grousing complainant money money money. That's all they ever talk about that that is a law and he knows is interested. My money is Allah God loves you. I seek not yours, but you that's what the apostle Paul says God is saying return on to me before you give your money you got to give yourself. Second Corinthians chapter 8 and verse five.

They first gave their all sales to the Lord of all the news, the story of a farmer who made his boys work in the cornfield a little harder than the other boys at work and sometimes available as a be playing baseball down an old swimming hole leave because of the cornfields. Someone said to the farmer said you working those boys too hard. Why don't you like not. You don't need all that core. He said Mr. I'm not raising corn I'm raising boys busy. God is not raising money. God is growing Christians.

God wants us to grow in the grace and knowledge and to love him so first of all, there must be a personal return and many of us say will Lord if you want me to return. Where shall I return God says I'm glad you vastly say in verse seven where shall we return God says. Will a man rob God did he have brought me but you say ran that we robbed the and God's answer implies an offering one of the greatest signs that you have returned to God is not the soldier thing it's in your finances when you stop robbing God the repentance that does not reach the pocketbook has really not reached, the harder you see why many people in financial bondage and why many people away from God because they tried to put things first, and God. Second, and never works that way it works that way when the greatest promises in the New Testament is Matthew chapter 6 and verse 33 it says, but seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness one all these things will be added to way so I'll see things first and then a five timeout policy. God that's backward that's backward thinking thinking got me come to God.

Return to me now God wants you, not yours. And no gift and no tithing can please God. If it does not come from a loving Emma surrendered our and the point of return is always the point of departure and for many, it's been in the matter of stewardship when we fail in stewardship. We robbed God. But not only do we robbed God we robbed the church not only we robbed the church we robbed missions. Not only do we rob missions we robbed the needy lookup imitates something when you tie you rob you did that get in you wrong you is not God's way to impoverish you it God's way to why don't we just returned to God and do it God's way. Jesus said written on the Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God. April 15, right, and Caesar says fill out that far out of how much did you make, how much you got left. Send it to Caesar the things that are Caesar's now most of you are going to be very careful to do that also. Bible says render to God the things that are God's LSU question. Do you fear Caesar more than you fear God you are careful with Caesar then you are with God.

You see, we don't really give the time we return it is already the Lord put this in your margin. Leviticus chapter 27 verse 30 all the time of the land, whether it be of the seed of the land of the fruit of the tree. It is the Lord. It is holy unto the Lord be better to rob a bank.

In my estimation, Linda Rob God tithing is God's way to bless lookup. As always a blessing when we give it always occurs when we stealing always a blessing when we give it.

Always a curse when we stealing a man rob God when he robs God, he robbed himself. So here is the first point I want the Holy Spirit riveted in your car there must be a personal return to again God is not seeking your money he is seeking. You coming up tomorrow with you part two of this important message.

Maybe today you have questions about who Jesus is what he means to you. Goodwin discovered Jesus you'll find resources and materials there that can answer questions you might have about your faith again. Click discovered Thanks for studying God's word with this day as you continue your day these words with you from Adrian Rogers are the greatest signs that you have returned to God is not the son she said in your finances. Stop robbing God. Repentance does not reach the pocket is really not reached. Join us for the powerful conclusion of faithful in stewardship tomorrow might online way

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