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Treasuring Truth | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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April 26, 2021 8:00 am

Treasuring Truth | Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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April 26, 2021 8:00 am

In this day, it is not values that we desperately need, but virtue. We must be able to differentiate truth and fact: we acquire facts, but learn truth. Facts deal with knowledge, and knowledge can double, but truth never changes, and is settled for eternity. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares the necessary steps we must take in treasuring truth.

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What's the difference between truth and fact.

Listen to Adrian Rogers. We have a generation today. That does not know how to differentiate between pros and facts. What's the difference between facts and truth acts like a recipe proof is the facts deals with knowledge and knowledge may double the truth never if it is new is not truth is settled in eternity. Welcome to the wayfinding featuring the powerful insights and teaching of Adrian Rogers in this day it's not values that we desperately need virtue. We must be able to differentiate truth. In fact, we acquire facts we learn truth facts deal with knowledge and knowledge can double, but truth never changes. It settled for eternity.

If you have your Bible turn to Proverbs chapter 23 and look at verse 23 is Adrian Rogers begins this message treasuring truth why the Bible's book of Proverbs write a book of Psalms and the turn of the 23rd chapter. Most of our time ago to spend just one verse talking about proof today about proof we live in a strange day. Everybody's talking about pluralism.

This is America has to be room for ever body pluralism.

I know what I agree with that but I will say something. These people are talking about pluralism. They do not mean pluralism. For example, in a public gathering is time to pray and they'll ask the Rabbi to pray the right of the fine they will ask a Muslim, perhaps, to pray the appointment define a Christian pray and he might pray and say and in Jesus name. Don't say that no pray in Jesus name why my best pluralism isn't listen to a rabbi on appraisal Rabbi Paredes, a Catholic priest all play as a Catholic priest Paredes, a Muslim on appraisal moves and praise in a Christian all pray as a Christian praise that pluralism you know none of us going agree with everybody else, but in pluralism we all say this is who we are. This what we believe switches the world doesn't really even moralism what they want is sin encrypted as is just a big word, it means much everything I nobody have any sharp edges. Nobody really even believe any particular thing we have a generation today the talk so much about values why I'm telling you more and more about values and values and values and values, and they going to pray about family values something anybody has values. The PI has values body has value is not values that we need. It is to there's a difference.

Values come from autonomous individuals who just decide what they want to believe them and I was surprised listen to some of these political rallies when they would talk about a woman's right to kill her baby everybody will applauding up thing that sharing for that. Why that is their bag. My friend, it may be of value but it is not a virtue to see what we've done we've come from pluralism to syncretism. We have come from virtues.

The values that another thing that we have done is this.

We have come from proof the facts FACP ants and we have a generation today. That does not know how to differentiate between pros and facts now facts deals with knowledge and knowledge may double the truth never listen to me. If it is new is not true.

Truth is settled in eternity.

Listen to the word of God.

Proverbs chapter 23 in verse 23 by the troops by the truth and sell it. Not also wisdom and instruction and under standing casualty in modern America today and yes around the world is that truth has been sacrificed on the altar of pragmatism. This is what we have is just simply ask if our pockets are full, then everything is fine. Not necessarily so that we move from one nation under God to one nation under greed by the troops and salad. Not now, we have substituted facts were truth, not the facts in themselves are wrong. Facts are stubborn things.

But there is a difference in acquiring facts and learning proof wish to hear drowning and facts. If you were take man's accumulated knowledge and just start from the time that history began wherever that was an up to the 1845. Just let that people in each from from creation 1845. That's an inch.

That's how much accumulated knowledge so far as facts man had arrived and if you would go to 18 52 1945 that inch is known to 3 inches so man has really learned a lot.

But if you were to go from 1945 to 1975 that 3 inches would be as tall as the Washington Monument just in those few years and from that time, all from 1975 till today. The accumulated facts would be out of sight in the stratosphere. We are learning more and more facts and that's what the Bible prophesy the Bible says in the last days knowledge shall increase and that my friend is true, but truth has not changed one bit. You see we have a generation that is that is devouring facts and crucifying proof and so we see more crime was suicide more mental illness more broken homes, more drug abuse than ever before. What's the difference between facts and truth facts like a recipe proof is the meal when you digest the truth, it will change your life. That's the reason that Satan's chief key tool in pray is a lie which is antithetical to the truth Jesus speaking to the Pharisees of his day said you are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father you will do. He was a from the beginning. I watch this, and abode not in the truth is motive is murder his Methodist ally.

He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth and in Jesus said because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaks of his own for he's a liar and the father of it is the father of all lies in any any liars acting like his father the devil got three things away in your heart today. The truth first of all we must prize the truth. We must treasure the truth. Truth is indispensable. Young people, assuming it is absolutely totally indispensable. Why didn't God write a book.

The Bible calls itself the word of truth. Why has the Holy Spirit come he is called in the Bible the spirit of truth as our Lord and Savior Messiah.

He said I am the way, the truth and the life. What is the church call the church is called in the Bible, the pillar and the ground of proof what the apostle John say as he wrote his epistle. He said I have no greater joy than to know that my children wall in the truth. Both of us up into that not true but when you see your kids getting hold of truth is such a joy such a joy. I have no greater joy for me that is so true then to know that my children wall in the truth that rejoices the heart, the truth is indispensable and friend listen to me now proof is absolute. Did you get that truth is absolute idiocy and mathematics. Truth is absolute producible and mechanics. Truth is absolute in medicine. Truth is absolute and friend in faith and morals. Truth is absolutely absolute. I am accused of being narrow minded you know you get so broad-minded mind is thin in the middle. You know that don't get so open-minded to bring the fallout. We will call narrowminded lottery. One thing I will my banker to be narrowminded when is handling my money. I will my pilot to be narrowminded when is flying that airplane, I certainly do not take something else I will my pharmacist to be narrowminded when he's mixing those medicines. Why should we not of the most important thing of all of being right with God.

Want proof that is an excellent now reliving the day today where the idea of absolute truth is being jettisoned the society they called himself post-modern postmodern modernist writing about what is true the postmodernists they forget.

What's true for you may not be true for me and you have your truth by my truth and we just become autonomous and create our own proof. There is a movement of a strong movement in the world that you may not be aware of it, but it's called humanism and it is more than a philosophy's also has its own organization and they have their printing and they have their own humus manifesto. Let me tell you what the humanist manifesto has to say about the difference between truth and none truth quote moral values derive their source from human experience. Ethics is autonomous and situation that is you make up the rules as you play the game in Plato's Republic. He wrote about some sailors who lost a compass and so they put life on the bow and stared by that is what we doing today that's models value man is Thomas and so when are kids going off to college.

Many of them going off to college. Now they will be told in the normal average University that there are no moral absolutes. Matter fact, one professor was teaching that in particular class and he said to the students that no absolutes, none in the student said Prof. you sure about that. He said absolutely. Truth is indispensable.

Truth is absolute and thank God proof is attainable. It is attainable. The Bible says by the truth through the pain. Well I did a lot more. I remind you that the Bible has the precepts of proof. John 17 verse 17 Jesus is praying for us and Jesus says sanctify them through thy truth by word is truth. You get a rock group grip on that God's word is true and the God of truth could not inspire. The Bible is has the precepts of proof. Jesus is the person of proof. John 14 verse six he said of himself. I am the way, but proof and the life that proof and the life.

Jesus is the truth that makes any other truth true. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of true is what Jesus said when you talk about Holy Spirit coming in the world. In John chapter 16 verse 13 howbeit when he, the spirit of truth is, he will guide you into all truth batteries. I'm telling you the truth is attainable, not apart from the Holy Spirit. But if you take the Bible which is the word of truth which presents Jesus the managers and let the Holy Spirit was the spirit of truth open your understanding and I'm telling you that truth is attainable.

You can know through that is not just about the note truth. Our deceit listen truth without power isn't deadening and depressing Bible speaks in second Prentice chapter 3 verse six a being ministers of the New Testament, not the letter but of the spirit. For the letter killer. The spirit giveth life. If all you have is the letter of the law.

You have the spirit you have the words which you don't have the music. When asked deadening true PC knowledge without transformation avails nothing. All it does is just increase your judgment.

Bible said be better for you not to have known the way of righteousness, than to know and do not live by bread it would be better for you not to hear that truth to learn truth and not act upon truth is attainable. Now what I said unsafe or slothful to submit.

We must prize the truth but I look at our text again. We must also purchase the truth. Looking verse 23 by the truth by salvation is free but you pay price that have proof truth is costly and I wish I was going to cost you know where it went way hearing banded about these words these days, but truth will set you free. The truth will make you free. Well, that's only part of the truth embargo truth at all. The truth is an unproved bill. You take a script out of context and you missed the whole thing. Now let me give you a whole verse where Jesus said the truth make you frightened by the way, my will turn to put it in a margin. John chapter 8 verses 31 and 32 and Jesus said to those Jews which believed on him_that if ye continue in my word on the store that they may be my disciples indeed_that and he shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Did you hear that truth alone does not make you free. First of all, you must believe the truth. Listen, the Jews believed on him. You must believe the Lord Jesus now wants to believe on the Lord Jesus is it done. Also things as well continue in my error. Are you finished then no he says while then become a disciple and/or disciple means learner be a disciple. Indeed, Malott or disciples and named by fax to have a radio disciples of Jesus.

A disciple of Jesus, but he said be a disciple in deed, and then he says, and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. You see, when you believe a word when you believe in Jesus. When you continue in the word. When you become a disciple disciple and be then you know the truth and then you become liberated a lot of you today leave Lord Jesus Christ and your going to heaven but friend you are not a liberated person because you have never really absorbed proof you never taken truth you've ever taken time to purchase the by the truth. You know the word in that sentence. That is the rub disciple do not know where that is akin to disciple discipline and a little like discipline because we have generation wants to be free. You see truth as restricting you.

And discipline is restricting you. I read a quote somewhere I don't know who said it, but it stuck in my heart he who is a slave to the compass is the master of the oceans. The rest have to sail close to the show is that not worry he was a slave to the compass but compass is what ancient mariners used to guide the ships with he who is a slave to the compass is the master? The rest have to sail close to the show. Friend, you see truth liberation truth makes you frame truth set you free by the trunk.

Now, discipleship is costly and rents is far more costly. So how do you buy the truth, you purchase a truth number one is going to cost you precious time. That's going to cost you going at the pay United to get my osmosis time is precious, but it is not as precious as truth, and therefore hurry is the deathknell of prayer and Bible study. You want to buy the truth because to some time.

Most of us will pay that price. We don't want to pay the price.

The simple price of time is as a matter fact, that's one of the lowest things on our priority in the morning we wake up a little late. Her through the morning read the newspaper drinker's golden cup coffee rush out the door so well. Lord bless this mass, but they something else it will cost you discipline looking verse 23 again by the Trussell is not also wisdom and instruction on instruction means actually the Hebrew word literally means self-discipline that you can pray for wisdom, but you have to study for instruction.

Many of us in our series in a Bible study. No one was so easily let us strike Paul was imprisoned by the way, you might want to reference this verse even turned to second Timothy chapter 4 and verse 13 is Paul's second imprisonment he is writing perhaps the last epistle that he will write and he's getting down to the end of that at this I want you to see the old apostle Paul. He's in this cold, damp prison is so cold he's shivering. You need to cope. He's all alone and passive television has no transistor radio has come to know that these he's there in this prison, and here's what he is writing I want to listen to it. He says the cloak that I left with Compass when thou comest bring with me and books, but especially the parchment's the parchment's mayors will probably add believe in a hurry. Didn't have time to get his coat did have time to get his library did have time to get his Bible, the parchments can you imagine a man like Paul being in prison like that without anything to read with talking about instruction and was rushed to Lipo as he left all this is an accomplice carpal boy take care of this for me. I got a United and so he says to.

He says now look when you come to me bringing the cloak's wedding. Here's damp and here I'm shivering in here so spiritually don't take care of your body. Your body is a temple ghost of God. Don't get the idea that if your spiritual but you don't have to worry about those kind of things.

I was in the grocery store by some growth related damages and top garage as I didn't know you had to buy groceries so I just little manna you know where is coming and going be the chill of his old dungeon bring the cloak recent bring the rain parchments.

I want this finding something from the body, but I need something for my soul back.

What was this man was saying that this was the apostle Paul. He had been to heaven and back invasion. They had met the Lord Jesus on the Damascus Road data written much of the New Testament that he wants to study the wants to learn and coming up tomorrow will continue with part two treasuring truth, but maybe you have questions about who Jesus is today. What he means to you how you can begin their relationship with God through Christ. We invite you to our discovery, Jesus you'll find resources and materials that can answer questions you might have about your faith again go to and click discovered Jesus. Now if you'd like to order a copy of today's message. Call us at 1877 love God and mentioned the title treasuring truth.

You can also go online to order it or rightists that love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183 well are you growing in truth and love as Adrian Rogers said discipleship is costly, but ignorance is far more costly.

Consider seeking out a mentor in the faith. Someone who can point you to Scripture and lead you in truth, we hope you'll join us here tomorrow for the conclusion treasuring truth online would find young seminary student though to us.

Not long ago with a really Encouraging Word Adrian Rogers is amazing. He preached the word with boldness, encourage. I hope to be like him someday because he is a great example of our Lord Jesus Christ. We love hearing how these messages have helped you mature in your faith were also grateful for the prayers and donations that sustain us as we continue to share some powerful resources as a way to say thank you for your gift this month. We want to send you our booklet collection titled why this bundle gives insight to the big questions. Many times we ask in the middle of a dark storm request the fly booklet collection when you call with the gift at 1877 love God will give and again thanks for your generous support of love worth finding

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