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The Magnificence of Mercy | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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December 11, 2020 7:00 am

The Magnificence of Mercy | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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December 11, 2020 7:00 am

Matthew 5:7 says, "Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy." Mercy is not just softness or mere sentiment; it is compassion in action. In this passage, Adrian Rogers reveals the beauty, the basis, and the magnificence of mercy.

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You think God doesn't give us what we deserve this to Adrian Rogers daughter. He is not expect somebody to be fair to me that means I have come to be. Give me what I have befriended God doesn't be with us on the basis of fairness. God is with us on the basis of mercy. We don't deserve it. God is not fair.

God is just and merciful welcome to the fine as Adrian Rogers revealed the part of today's message.

Mercy is not softness is compassion in action and the magnificence of mercy is that those who have received it can show it to others. When Jesus told the parable of the good Samaritan in Luke chapter 10, he revealed the symbolism of our salvation. When others passed by us in our despair and need Jesus rescued us healed and cleansed us covered our debts, Jesus calls us to do the same for our neighbors that when we are merciful we are acting like God himself. How can we develop a spirit of mercy for others. If you have your Bible turn to Matthew chapter 5 as Adrian Rogers reveals more about the magnificence of mercy shall obtain mercy.

This is a godlike characteristic that is in the heart and mind of those who have been born again and the way it shows is by having a heart full of mercy. Those who have received mercy. Beyond the shouted out for adventure will show mercy. Now what is mercy, my dear friend it is compassion and action.

That's what mercy is not softness, not sentiment what compassion in action.

I want us to think about this beatitude. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. First of all think with me if you want about the beauties of mercy. Did you know that the quality of mercy is one of the most beautiful characteristics of God. And when you're merciful.

You're acting like God. Lamentations chapter 3.

In verse 22 is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed you think about it because his compassions fail not bear God links mercy with compassions. It is on the Lord's mercies that were not consumed his compassions, they fail not.

And then he goes on to say they are new every morning morning you can wake up and greet the mercy of God and thought about the fact that for you to fail to live this day. God doesn't have to take your life.

All he has to do stop giving every day is a gift from God's mercies are new every morning. It is the Lord's mercies that were not consumed by different listen, Jesus Christ has shown everyone of us mercy and mercy is not softness. It's not sentiment it is compassion. Compassion in action know how we need to learn the message. Mercy, not with the indifference by the priest and the Levite, not with the iniquity of those who beat up a man but with the involvement that life calls for out of know where you live.

My dear friend, but in your city. I will tell you three classes of people limiting what they are. They are the beater uppers the pass wrappers and the pickled peppers as whole world might have to reference people and destroy every pornographers. One of every beer baron and liquor bail as far as I'm concerned, is one every abortionist is one of beater uppers. I'm telling you we have people today have been bruised and battered, some are wounded domestically. Some are wounded psychologically little children who been abused and battered some of the sexually abused some of them are wounded economically. Victims of slumlords unfair, economical practices. Some are wounded spiritually. They been caught in the cults and false doctrine, and liberalism when they gotten into those movements that twice hold the child of hell. I'm telling you the bruised and battered in the meet up all around us. There are the beater uppers there. The pass wrappers and many of them.

God help us have been named home church role somewhere within the pick wrappers you one of the three my dear friend, either you like those thieves who said what's yours is mine and I'm only dead are you like the priest and the Levite said what's mine is mine and I'm located like the good Samaritan says what's mine is mine, which you can have if you mean I'm here to share. I'm here to serve and I'm here to minister.

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy quickly and I want you to think with me not only about the beauties of mercy.

I'm telling you my dear friend that mercy is a beautiful thing because it is a godlike but what is the basis of mercy, the basis of mercy to show mercy for my dear friend you say this, there can be no mercy without proof. Did that sink in. There can be no mercy without truth, I'm talking to you about the basis of mercy. Verse Psalm 85 in verse 10 mercy and are met together righteousness and peace have kissed each other. I took my concordance and I looked up, place after place where God links mercy and proof together. I knew it was there but I was amazed at the verses in the Bible where God conjoined mercy and truth all real mercy is rooted in truth, know what I mean by that is, to show mercy is not to minimize sin. Mercy is not sentiment when you show mercy you withhold judgment and when you withhold judgment. That means that judgment is really needing really expected. Mercy is the withholding of judgment and never heard anybody say, is it fair for God to do this are fair for God to do that I have ever gotten the silly discussion with you about whether God is fair whether God is not fair.

Bring God is not fair though never expect God to be fair, God is not fair.

Now wait a minute I'm not finished it. God is not DOI expect somebody to be fair to me that means I have it coming to me. Give me what I have coming be fair, no words I deserve this say that's fairness you give me my party is like children arguing about a will is not fair that you get this and I don't get that that's that's fairness. God doesn't deal with us in the basis of fairness. God is with us on the basis of mercy. We don't deserve anything when a man is looking for fairness is not happy when he gets what he deserves because he thinks I deserve. He's only mad because he didn't get it sooner and doubly mad if somebody else gets more I match the object that status, God is not fair. God is just and merciful the justice of God says that Sam must be punished. That is true.

Once you see that crew then you cry out for mercy. Mercy God is not some maudlin sentimentalist just as alternative ideas use, but them I'm a merciful God, merciful God, that's all right Fred, let me tell you something if you refuse the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ is no hope for you don't think that you're going to come to the judgment. One day you refuse Jesus trampled underfoot the precious blood of Jesus and then you say what God is merciful God just come to the final judgment not to stand before God and how say well yeah God. I thrive that I denied you.

I refuse to fight cursed you my Lord you I went my own simple way here I am at the judgment, have mercy. Lord, you think of immersing universal scripture, listen to one of the most frightening scriptures, and all the Bible Hebrews 10 verses 28 and 29 he that despised Moses law die with how mercy under two or three witnesses tested and saw a lot of Johnny said I don't give a rip about the law of God the sins God says he will die without mercy ways and that's Old Testament. All right, now let's continue to read in verse 29. Listen to this that you think that was bad of how much sorer SOR ER of how much more radical indeed punishment. Suppose he shall he be thought were, who hath trodden underfoot the son of God an account of the blood of the covenant wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing done this by the spirit of grace. Do you think you think that Jesus Christ died in agony. Am glad for you and you sentiment such millionaire preacher preach about the love of Jesus Christ died for you and you think my dear friend that you can walk out without Christ, refuse the Lord Jesus Christ and tremble beneath your feet. The blood of Christ is, I would do that. My dear friend everybody this building will walk out either under the blotter over the blood put it down big and straight, one where the other, and has done despite the spirit of grace my dear friend.

The Holy Spirit of God is speaking to you, he's the one who is speaking. I'm just a Western Union boy, that's all he's the messenger the message is a lot of I refuse that when you think you come to the judgment and sale. God have mercy. Suppose you get sick you call your doctor and your doctor comes to you, you, Dr. looks very worried is a will doctor I don't like that look on your face, give it to me straight but doctor says to you, I'm sorry to tell you this but you asked me I meant to tell you. I see no hope for you get it done this and when I wait a minute… I want to die, doctor, you got to do something that isn't there something that the medical art to do that will save my life, not just as well. I have read all the new serum a medicine that may work in your case it's very very very new and very very very expensive. We say doctors my life. You got to do something the doctor says do you have much money will know… I don't have any money but doctor, you just can't let me die because I don't have any money. Dr. K to do something the doctor says let me see what I can do here. There in your home languishing upon your sickbed after two or three more days. The doctor comes back. His hair was disheveled. His beard has a today's growth. His eyes are sunken back in his head with dark circles under his eyes disclosing his toy. There's blood on his shirt. His hands are trembling. You look at them and you say Dr. Papa once happened you where you been, is that I went to get this medicine for you is I went to several foundations and I got some money but I didn't get enough money.

They said I went to my own bank account. I took all I had out of my own bank account. If you ever known a doctor do that and then you say I didn't have enough so I mortgage my house and they say I got the medicine. I know my way over here. I had my precious son in the car with me and I was driving in such a way to get to you in time that I wrecked my automobile had a tragic wreck that you seal my shirt is the blue of bilingual FISA just come from hard drive, but here it is. Here's the mess. Take I believe you live. Suppose you took that biomedicine whatever it may have been precious as it is looked at it for a while and then threw it on the floor and it broke and the contents ran out of the rug never to be retrieved and then suppose you point a finger in the face of that doctor and said Dr. if I die and be your fault, have mercy on me. Dr. no, let me die is unthinkable as I think they something else. Mr. Newby unthinkable for you to come to the final judgment and sale. God have mercy upon me, and don't let me die when God put his darling son on the cross and bankrupt heaven in order by your salvation. They made listening to listen to me.

God say despised Moses law die two or three witnesses, without mercy, how much sorrow punishment shall he be thought who hangs trampled beneath his feet. The blood of the covenant counted an unholy thing is done despite the spirit of grace the basis of mercy is true. Listen, listen. The Bible teaches us that that mercy and truth are linked together.

Let me talk to for just a moment about the blessings of mercy. All the blessings of mercy is a Jesus is getting blessings and Jesus says in the last seven blessed Blessed are they which group do hunger and thirst everything. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. That doesn't mean that we are forgiven because we show mercy. It means we show mercy because we are forgiven and the more mercy we show the more mercy we get just the cycle and you show mercy because you have received mercy. Let me let me give you versus quick to put this down below. This is another frightening verse James chapter 2 in verse 13 for he shall have judgment without mercy that means there are some were not going to come the judgment and have no mercy.

Listen, he shall have judgment without mercy that showed no mercy, for mercy rejoices against judgment.

There is judgment but mercy just overcomes my dear friend, you will have judgment without mercy. If you show no mercy. Here's another Psalm chapter 18 verses 25 and following God's psalmist said to God with the merciful you will show yourself merciful with an upright man, you will show yourself up right my dear friend when you're up right then you show mercy and when you show mercy, you get more mercy the more mercy we show the more mercy we get what we can't get it to go. First of all, we have come the route being poor in spirit repenting of our sin, yielding to God receiving Jesus Christ, God's righteousness, and when we receive that mercy. Then we show a man was blinded in an accident is young man spent most of his life with perfect eyesight and then in an industrial accident. He was blinded he was bitter hurt Phil with remorse, confusion. After a while he knew he had to go to school for the blind. He dreaded. We went to the school and went into the president's office present. Talk to them for a while and said we're glad to have you here want a friend to you. We want to help you. You can live a very wonderful life. Not as though you had site of the many things that the blind know that others don't know where here to help you.

They said there's someone here who an instructor is going to show you around the campus instructor came in to greet one another in this instructor said come on out on the porch with me.

I went out on the porch and he said listen I just want to help you to get acclimated here and said here's what were going to do. I want to walk around the campus. First of all is and I were going to walk down the steps. He said the 10 steps he said count them as we go down there to and the come out of this building, try to remember how many there are they similar go down the steps he said were going to turn right as we turn right were going to go out through the garden case and will walk through the garden and then were going to circle the campus is that I want to get appointed, so they began to walk and he said and don't worry, I'll be right here at your elbow in case anything goes wrong. That gave the young man some assurance they went down the 10 steps they turn right.

They went out into the garden. They took the time the man felt the flowers and smell the water fountain they got a drink from the water fountain then they settled a stone bench than the garden and then they continued their route around them when they made the entire circuit of the campus young man was feeling better. He felt like and I know where I am I I feel a little bit at home. They said let's go up to the dormitory where you be staying most of the room. They counted the steps into the room. He went into the room showed him all the furniture was located where things were put up with things were Then said listen, I'm here to help you. I'm here to show you it won't be too long before you get your own. By this time the young man was feeling at home is I want to thank you so's I had so much fear. When I came here which you been such a friend you help me so much I want to thank you they said you been very understanding. They said you know is hard for someone to understand how you feel when you're blind. Oh he said I can understand. I'm blind.

Also know those who receive mercy, no more have a short than anybody else.

Don't receive mercy.

No wonder you don't show mercy pull my dear friend, if God in love has forgiven us. How much more should we forgive one another on the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.

If you don't know the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to pray for you father I pray for many today, that they might say an everlasting. Yes to Jesus that they might hold God we see his mercy and his dear name on if you've accepted the mercy of Jesus Christ in your life today. We would love to celebrate with you and we invite you to go to our discovery, Jesus page on the website you find answers you may need about your newfound faith. There's a response section. You can share your testimony you can tell us how this message has affected your life. It's and click the tab at the top it says Discover Jesus again welcome to God's forever family. We can't wait to hear from you today if you like to order a copy of this message. The magnificence of mercy. You can call us at 1877 love God's message is also part of the insightful sermon on the Mount series. The keys to the kingdom for the complete collection all eight powerful messages. Call that number 1877 love God or you can order or write us at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183. In today's world of getting even taking what you do.

I can think of a more healing word than this one from Adrian Rogers you are not saved by the plan of salvation you're saved by the man of salvation show the mercy of our Lord and Savior today in your relationships. Forgive those who wrong and tell them about the hope you had Jesus. We hope it will tune in next time for more profound truth simply state I'm in love with you know I love worth finding our daily mission is to help Christians grow deeper in their faith through the timeless biblical teaching. The pastor and author Adrian Rogers this year alone. We probably launched for new resources to help you share the only love worth finding this Christmas season are two new books.

His story and discover Jesus tell the story of our Savior in a fresh and exciting way and are two cards set profound truth. Simply stated, and names of God are the perfect gift for loved ones of all ages. One of our love worth finding friends is given a generous gift with the hope of motivating you to give above and beyond here at the end of 2020. Would you consider giving a special gearing gift today and help share the good news of the gospel in 2021, you can log onto

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