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The Leadership Crisis in America

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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October 14, 2020 8:00 am

The Leadership Crisis in America

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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October 14, 2020 8:00 am

God has ordained our government and commanded us to get involved in the decisions made for the country. In this message, Adrian Rogers gives four basic principles to consider when responding to the leadership crisis in America.

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Global refining Studios business to the seat on firing Tyler you're the CEO plover finding hearing on Jerry today. Adrian Rogers looks of the message. The leadership crisis in America and recently I was looking at an article entitled is there a leadership crisis in America.

It was written by Steve Toback in 2011, a CBS news watch article it says if I had to come up with one definition of leadership. It would be the ability to motivate people to work together toward a common goal. Leadership is about uniting, not dividing in that context, I'm thinking Carrie to have a serious leadership problem in America, while John Maxwell would say it this way everything rises and falls on leadership, even a nation and so as we look at our great nation and we look at the leadership across the board. We need to be praying that God will raise these men and women up right. Dr. Rogers used to say it this way that God can move his soldiers on the field wherever he deems necessary, but we need to be praying in that regard that Lord you will raise up your leaders and put them in a place where they can exemplify godly influence. We also must remember, God has ordained our government and commanded us to get involved in the decisions made for this country know Dr. Rogers would say. Sometimes it you will come into the church every Sunday morning and you will hear the gospel preached and yet some people will go vote a different way and that's a true statement and I I have reflected on that for many many years and I think we have a responsibility as believers to cast a moral vote, but let me give you a description of a moral vote. We need to vote pro-God pro-life, pro-traditional marriage and even pro-business. The water glasses this if you don't work you don't eat and those are the things we go and push the button for right is a moral vote and we need to remind the people we have the responsibility and we have the privilege to do so was our joy and privilege to always hear from our lover fighting listeners.

This response from Facebook.

There is a difference between a preacher and a craftsman. Adrian Rogers was a craftsman that few could equal every day I go for a walk and listen to his messages when I get home I say Adrian, I had a wonderful walk today that's great that's great you know. Proverbs 29, two says when the righteous are in authority. The people rejoice and so we need to pray that as God raises up these future leaders that they are people that are part of the solution and never ever part of the problem. If they are leaders who are blameless right and they are leaders who care more about serving than deleting yet make sense. It does carry LWF is a wonderful resource to help those walk in Christ grow in Christ to deepen their understanding of the word of God through the many resources this month we have a a wonderful book called battle for the soul of America great book you want to grab that, but you also want to give it away and I must say that again give it away right, read it, but handed out to everybody. This is an important election time 2020 may go down in the history books Byron as one of the most critical years that we have ever seen. This book was originally an e-book and it can still be downloaded. If you would prefer doing it that way but nothing like having that hard copy in your hand right you can make notes you can highlight you can put down a few nuggets and give away what I'm really excited about this message from Adrian Rogers today. I hope our listeners will listen very carefully as he talks about what God requires and leadership in one week turn to that message.

Now here's Adrian Rogers with leadership crisis in America fighting God's word. If you would please. Proverbs chapter 29 and verse two message today is a critical message because it deals with the crisis and the title of the message. The leadership crisis in America. Very frankly in this message. On one thing out of a I'm not vote for you. Make up your mind about that but I'm going to tell you out of the word of God how to vote. Not to mention names. I'm not going to mention parties but I'm give you some principal straight out of the word of God and I want you to use these principles as you go to the polls to vote is very important that you get these principles down in your heart and in your mind. Now the message today centers around four basic falls concerning leadership and the first thought is this character that God requires of leaders. One most frightening things that I've heard is that people in America saying what difference does a man's character may so long as he can leave friend. There is a fatal flaw in that because when you say that character does not count. It makes no difference what you're really saying is that God does not count because all character is based and rooted in God what you're saying is God. We can get along quite well without your blessing. We're going to do it ourselves. Now, to say the character does not count only skill. What would you think the surgeon who performed surgery on you, but failed to scrub up before he performed surgery might be a skilled surgeon but he will contaminate whatever he touches, and so a man was an ungodly man, a man without character will contaminate all that he touches. Let me give you some characteristics that a godly leader ought to die, I want you to jot the Scriptures down. These characteristics deal with kings and princes, judges, nobles, authorities that God has appointed are that men have elected and I want you to see the characteristics that God says the king prints a noble leader, but judge ought to have. Keep this in mind as we go to elect a nationally characteristic number one being godly and righteous man. Proverbs 16 verse 12. It is an abomination to kings to commit wickedness for the throne is established by righteousness and ungodly unrighteous moral man is unfit for leadership second characteristic. Not only must you be godly. He must be wise and true wisdom comes from godliness put the Scriptures down. Proverbs 8 verses 12 through 16 God speaks of wisdom. Let's wisdom speak for itself.

When wisdom says I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.

The fear of the Lord is to hate evil pride and arrogance he and the evil way in the forward mouth, do I then wisdom continues to speak in says counsel is mine, and sound wisdom. I am understanding, I have strength and now notice this next statement by me.

That is by wisdom kings rain and princes decree justice by me princes rule and nobles even all judges of their which is more important for leader to be smart for leader to be wise. How much better to have a man at the helm of this country who is a wise man when a smart man is the third characteristic.

The person that I vote for must be an honest man and honest man. Proverbs 17 verse seven. Excellent speech become, if not a fool, much less do lying lips, a prince. Proverbs 20 verse 28 Mercy and truth preserve the king, liars and leaders are not the same. If a man will not tell the crew. He has a basic character flaw and he is absolutely unfit for leadership. I know some politicians. You can always tell when they're lying.

That is when the lips are moving. But I want you to understand that when a man tells lies. It tells something about the man that's in his heart a man is not a liar because he tells lies, he tells lies because he's a liar and any man that is a liar has a heart that is like the devil. Jesus said that next.

I look for man that is discriminating in his choice of helpers. If a man does not surround himself with good and godly people. That man is unfit to lead. Listen to these verses. Proverbs 25 verses four and five. Take away the draws from the silver, and there shall come forth a vessel for the fine.

That means before you can make a vessel out of silver you got to take the cross out of it, the impurity, the scum out of the syllable and then in verse five God says take away the wicked from before the king and his throne shall be established in righteousness.

Now a leader is known by others that he chooses that he surrounds himself with. And if the king surrounds himself with wicked people, his throne will not be established in righteousness he cannot be a person who listens to lies for the Bible says in Proverbs 29 verse 12 if a ruler Harkins Alliance, all his servants are wicked, and if this man is not discriminating enough to choose the right people to help him leaders who will lead along with him is unfit for national leadership. Another characteristic that we would expect the national leadership is sexual morality sexual morality Proverbs chapter 31 a listen to the words of king Lemuel, I noticed this is a king, the prophecy that his mother taught.

Thank God he was a king that had a godly mother what my son and what some of my will and what the son of my bowels do not live strength on to women more byways to that which destroy king sets the word of God.

I am telling you friend that a man who is sexually tomorrow and does not keep his marriage vows is on leadership, very clear.

The Bible says that destroys kings the word of God not by strength of the women more byways to that which destroy king if a man cannot keep Earth's most sacred vow. That is to his wife. How will he keep his other promises. If a man cannot control his sexual urges shall he react in a time of national crisis.

If a man cannot set a moral tone for himself. How is he going to set a moral tone for the boys and girls. This nation I'm looking for someone therefore who is not sexually tomorrow.

Another characteristic that I look for international leaders. A person who so Proverbs 31 verses four and five is not for kings only meal. It is not for kings to drink wine nor for princes strong drink, lest they drink, and forget the law, and pervert the judgment of any of the afflicted man was given why all for that matter any intoxicant. Whether it be some kind of note is unfit for national leadership. Shakespeare said what those men are put that in the mouth that steals their brains away. Another characteristic that I'm going to look for is a man who is willing and able to protect the weak.

If he does not protect the week if he does not have a protective spirit is missed.

The reason for being late. Why does God give us leaders. Why does God give us civil magistrates to protect us from evil people.

Leaders are primarily defenders of those who cannot defend themselves and I want to give you verse and I want you look at it very carefully this time you turn to it. I've been asked you to jot these down. This is very important verse Proverbs 31, we've already been there. Verses eight and nine. I remember that God is speaking to the king, king Lemuel, this is what God says open my mouth for the dumb. Now the word dumb here does not mean the person who figured it means a person cannot speak. The person who does not have the ability to articulate for himself open my mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. When someone is about to be killed and cannot speak for themselves. The king is to speak for them.

Verse nine says open my mouth judges righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and the needy.

Now I'm looking for person to leave, who has a heart of compassion, and especially the heart of compassion for the poor but needy and innocent are about to be destroyed who cannot speak for them selves. The Bible calls those that down the inarticulate God says the key is to speak up for these kind of people not endorse their destruction. I'm sick and tired of these politicians are talking about which politician should be elected, according to his view on abortion and somebody says well I think that's in such a person could get more votes if he lined up with the pro-abortion crowd wicked Habakkuk 2. Verse 12 build of the town with blood and establish a city by an equity I want somebody who's going to stand up for the stand up for the defenseless and defendant mouth that's just the checklist.

That's the character that God require. Don't ever be so ignorant as to say that the character does not make what you're saying is that God doesn't make a difference. Are you expecting God to bless an equity cannot be will not bless is that nation whose God is the Lord now.

The second thing I want you to see the quick not only the character that God requires with the choice that God respects. Did you know that God allows us to choose wicked leaders. He gives us that choice.

God sets the standards, but God allows people to choose wicked leaders. Contrary to God's own will put this verse down Hosea chapter 8 in verse four. They have set up kings but not by me is what God says they set up kings.

But it wasn't my well that's the reason we say we get the kind of leadership we deserve wicked rulers of God's reward for wicked people. Samuel said Israel. Verse nine of chapter 8 verse 18 and you shall cry out in that day because of your king which you have chosen you and the Lord will not hear you in that day, God says you choose a king to choose the wrong thing to say God.

God says I will not hear you. Because of the king that you have chosen first point, the character that God requires second point, the choice that God respects God allows people to choose even wickedly third point the consequences that God reveals what are the consequences when we choose wicked leaders. Proverbs 29 verse two.

I've already read it. When the righteous are in authority. The people rejoice, but when the wicket bear through the people more by our choice by Reagan at righteous or wicked leaders and we are going to rejoice every going to weep. Now I tell you with a broken heart that America is in desperate trouble. God is taken down. The protective head from this nation. I have to ask myself, will oceans appears rivers of blood and sees of sweat be the price that we will pay for turning our back on Almighty God. All their might be a spiritual revival in America all that there might be an awakening, an attorney for God.

But here's the fourth and final thing, lest we run out of time, not only the consequences that God reveals, but the control that God reserves.

Lest you think that God is loss control because we have people who are out of control. I will disabuse you of that God is still in control and reprimand rules. God still overrules Isaiah 40 verses 23, 24 speaks of God to bring up the princes to nothing. He maketh the judges of the earth is vanity day they shall not be planted. Yea, they shall not be so gay. Their stock shall not take root in their and he shall also blow upon them and they show whether, and the whirlwind shall take them away as the stop politicians, and politicians go, but God endure God is the King of King Psalm 47 verse seven for God is the King of all that includes the heathen that includes all of the nations not just Israel is King forever. Psalm 29 verse 10 says the Lord set a king forever waited and vote him in and will certainly not impeach them and vote them out.

He is King forever and where he does not rule. If Americans turn their backs on God if Americans stop slogans like it's the economy stupid which is stupid in itself.

To say such a thing. If we do this if we bow our pocketbooks rather than our consciences, and we do not let God's will be done, even where God does not rule God will overrule Psalm 33 verses 10 through 12. The Lord bring up the Council of the heathen to know and make it the devices of the people of none effect the counsel of the Lord standard forever. The thoughts of his heart to all generations. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord and the people whom he had chosen for his own inherent one day I had lunch with Corrie 10 boom that gracious great lady who suffered so much under Nazi persecution. I decided I would not talk much but just listened one thing she said was like a bargain. My soul she said there is no panic in heaven.

Only plans I love bring the holy Trinity never meets in emergency session and where man may rule God still over rules put this verse down Isaiah 14 verses 26 and 27 this is the purpose that is purposed upon the whole earth, and this is the hand that is stretched out upon all nations for the Lord of host Purposed, and who shall additionally his hand is stretched out and shall turn it back even ungodly rumors become instruments in the hand of Almighty God. The Bible says in Proverbs 21 verse one the king's heart is in the hand of the Lord, and as the rivers of water.

He turned it whithersoever he will. And even when wicked men with wicked machinations stand on their own big feet and stick out the chest and shake their fist in the face of Almighty God and make wicked decrees, God still rules from heaven he still reigns. He is King of Kings and Lord of lords. And just as he used Pharaoh in the Old Testament just as he used the Persian king Cyrus just as he used Pilate when Jesus was condemned and Jesus said to Pilate, you don't have any power but that which is given you above where Everyman rules, God still overrules the character that God require the choice that God respects the consequences that God reveals, but the control that God retains this is my father's world and God has sworn by himself that he will put his King upon the holy hill of Zion and friend. Our hope is not in Washington. It is in heaven. We need to understand that we need to understand that kingdoms common kingdoms go, but I Lord rules.

Overall, what should we do, we should pray for revival that should we do, we should plan for survival.

What should we do, we should look for his arrival.

That's what we should pray for, pray, God bless us the answer is not in the schoolhouse. It is not in the statehouse. It is not in the White House. It is in the church house is still God's people. We need to pray for revival. We need to prepare for survival. You need to teach your boys and girls that may not be like it was when you grew up you need to build under them the truth of God's word. Get them down, get serious. Get an open Bible and teach them. But above all, look for his arrival.

When Jesus is coming you say pastors that escapism you can call it what you want, but I'm looking for Jesus to come looking for Jesus to come. I want to I love Jesus Christ. I'm not ashamed that I want you to know that the time is coming, no matter what happens in November they will win the kingdoms of this world will become king's. What a powerful word for us today, and if you have questions about who Jesus is about what he means to you how to fully follow him, go to our discovery, Jesus to find resources there and materials that will answer questions you have about your faith in Christ again go to and click Discover Jesus, what should we do about the leadership crisis in America. Pray for revival.

Prepare yourself prepare for his arrival at the voting polls be a reminder, Jesus is coming soon. Be sure to tune in next time for more profound truth simply state on word

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