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A Formula for Fellowship | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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October 9, 2020 8:00 am

A Formula for Fellowship | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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October 9, 2020 8:00 am

As Christians, we can slip and fall into sin just like anyone else. What happens to our fellowship with God when we sin? In this message, Adrian Rogers explains the formula for fellowship, so that we may walk in light and live cleansed of all unrighteousness.

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What happens when we can assess or send Adrian Rogers if we confess our sin is just to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us from one all unrighteousness. Choose you, don't you, I am telling that he is faithful and shops to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all righteousness. You confess that sin confidently immediately. Specifically, you will have to go around carrying that load of view this is the wonderful thing about being a child of God to love worth finding featuring profound truth as stated by Pastor Adrian Rogers formula for fellowship cleanse life and in part one of the message were going to hear today we learned fellowship with God begins with exposing our sin to the light just heard Pastor Rogers review. We must also confess our sins to God immediately, specifically and confidently. You have your Bible turned out of first John chapter 1 will begin in verse three as Adrian Rogers gives the conclusion of a formula for fellowship how to get right with God and stay right with God is right here here's the formula for fellowship. First of all, your sin must be exposed to the light is what it says here if we walk in the light verse seven. Your sin must be exposed to the light, who is the light of God is like, and in him is no darkness at all. You just open up your life to God and you say Lord, is there anything in my heart and in my life that is not right with you how many times we don't want to do that. We hate the light because our deeds are evil, but your sin must be exposed to light a super interesting thing like if you will, in verse six.

If we save you see that little primitive words, if we say that in verse eight if we say DC went down in verse 10 if we say three times. If we save if we say if we say about what is happening. Is this their people who say one thing when the other thing is true and John here is talking about the evolution of ally he says in verse six if we say that we have fellowship with him and walk in darkness, we lie and do not the truth. We began personal by lying to others and then we begin to lie to ourselves. Like in verse eight if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in.

If you tell other people lie long enough, you begin to believe. Allow yourself and you being to say well I'm really alright. I'm really not so bad. I mean after all this justifiable if it was just a mistake.

It was an error are what I'm doing is really a frown on that or whatever and so you begin to alibi you begin to excuse you begin to call it a mistake, rename it or whatever and say what the sin, begin by lying to others. Verse six and then you begin to live yourself and finally he lied to God look in verse 10 if we say that we are not simply make him a liar and his word is not in us is a God says that's a sin that's wrong.

God's word is speaking to you know God alone, wrong Lord wrong and we began to lie to God when you do that you just stonewall God and you shut out the life you just shut out the life you live as you live yourself you lie to God and therefore you never really have that fellowship with God because you're not walking in life.

You're walking in darkness. You pull the veil of darkness over your sin now. What you must do is just expose yourself to the light just say here I am Lord here I am Holy Spirit of God shine your light. The searchlight of your holiness in my life and let me know.

Lord, if there's some send some wicked way in me, search me oh God and try me and know my heart to see if there be some wicked way in me just simply open yourself up to God. Don't be afraid to do it because this is not God's way to punish this is God's way to bless us to lead you to fellowship and God mostly due to joy, but so many of us just want to pull the cloak of darkness over our lives and we sale. We've not saying we deceive ourselves, we deceive others, we deceive God but so just expose your sin to the light.

Now the light is the Holy Spirit of God the Holy Spirit of God will point out to you that thing in your heart in your life that may be wrong and is quite capable of doing. You'll have to go through morbid introspection, probing around in your innards trying to find out what's wrong. The Holy Spirit of God is quite sufficient, and the Holy Spirit of God will show you if there's anything that has brought this fellowship between you and your heavenly father. Now listen carefully you need to learn the difference between Holy Spirit conviction and satanic accusation.

The Holy Spirit convicts the devil accused we got the Holy Spirit convicts the devil accused now. Jesus said he will convict you of sin, but he says of Satan. He is the accuser of the brethren. He accuses you for God and he accuses you to yourself. Now what is the difference if you all know the difference between Holy Spirit conviction and satanic accusation. You get to be in deep trouble. Most of the time, try and have fellowship with God.

Let me tell you how the Holy Spirit convicts in contradistinction to the way the devil accuses. First of all, the Holy Spirit of God will convict you legitimately what I mean by that I mean that the Holy Spirit of God will never convict you of any sin this already been contesting Flynn that he will bring you to double jeopardy. He will not bring it up again if let's say that you lied your wife and you said oh God, I'm so sorry I've told ally you confess that and in this case you need, confess your wife also. I told ally. I'm sorry God forgive me and God forgives you whether she does not God forgive God forgives and that's the important thing God forgives you and you forgive and then later on you feel dirty and guilty about that brought it up again, not God, not God, the devil brought it up. The devil wants to accuse you to bring you to double jeopardy.

Now the devil is dirty or what I told you before you send me all the devil says the old go ahead and do it you can get away with it, but after you say and you say you'll never get away with it. You never know it is a something Nissi he wants to bring up that sand that has been buried in the grave of God's forgetfulness. Don't you let him do it. The Holy Spirit will convict you legitimately only if sand is not yet been confess, but the devil will accuse you illegitimately of sin that's already been given is another way Holy Spirit of God will convict you the Holy Spirit of God. Not only will convict you legitimately, but he will convict you specifically specifically now the devil will accuse you general if he cannot get you to dredge up some send this already been forgiven. He'll just try to make you feel guilty over anything over nothing here just say you know good as ever pull out on you. You're just no good worthy God doesn't love you. You just file you just a sinner you know God. We are not a sinner you the righteousness of God in Christ you been saved. Rename born again, made a partake of the Holy Spirit, but the devil would just like to accuse you. Generally, by the Holy Spirit of God convict you specifically the Holy Spirit of God will tell you exactly, precisely where it is that you going wrong, you don't have to do it, you'll have to dig around you will have to program, you just expose yourself to the light and the Holy Spirit like a skill position, put his finger on the sore spot and push is that you told ally you were proud. Are you are arrogant, are you a cruel you are selfish are you are dishonest are you are lustful. Are you watch that show that you are not that what you told that lie that you all… He will name it exactly. Specifically, you see him until he puts his finger on the sore spot and tells you exactly what it is you really will never ever have a sense of forgiveness when the Holy Spirit of God convict you legitimately and specifically then you're going to have that sense when you get clients of wonderful cleansing and wonderful forgiveness to the third thing the Holy Spirit of God will convict you redemptive like I mean by that that he wants to bring you back into fellowship. He wants to give you joy. He wants to bring you back now accusation leads to despair.

Conviction leads to confession and cleansing accusation drives you from God and causes you to become morose and guilt ridden. That's out of the Holy Spirit.

That's a bit and have all the devil is the accuser. He doesn't want to redeem. He wants to condemn the Holy Spirit of God was to draw you into fellowship with himself and so first of all sin must be exposed to the light. Number two muster sin be exposed to the light, but it must be expressed to the Lord.

It must be expressed to Lord Ellicott will in verse nine he says here if we confess our sin, he is faithful and just forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Do you see that you see what's the Holy Spirit of God shows you what's wrong then what you do you confess now the word confess made up of two Greek words Homo which means the same Homo again. Oh, which means to speak or to say it means to say the same thing to say the same thing. Even our English word confess is very similar, meeting with fastest me like fess up say the same thing. Now the Holy Spirit of God legitimately specifically redemptive lady says that Adrian is wrong in your life, then I say what he says about.

I confess my sin.

I agree with God I don't stonewall God. I say I have no sin, I don't lie to others online myself I don't lie to God. I agree with God. I agree with God. I express it to Lord I confess that I agree with God, do you see that if we can pass sin.

That is, if we agree with God.

If we say with God. What God says about it that it is wrong and were getting ready for this fellowship with God. This is the confession of sin to agree with God about that sand is one thing that God will not accept the sin and that is an alibi on excuse. Don't try to rename the sin goal say it's a mistake and I need to be fixed say it is the same and I need to be forgiven if you will do that, then the Bible says you be Klansman. I wait a minute.

How do you confess that sin how you do, let me mention three things.

First of all, confess it immediately immediately. This is in the present tense. If we confess that means do it right now, so don't just wait till the end of the day to confession of sin. Don't get down to the end of the day on your bed and say now Lord, as I look back over this day I say I did all these things will give that's better, nothing less.

You are not the best way much less. Don't just do it at the end of the week or ever so often, but do it immediately as soon as you're aware of sin, you need to come in to place in your life. We are very sensitive. The sin you know the most sensitive part of your body is probably your eyeball and if you were to get a little bit of grit or salmon your eye would you say I get that out tonight. I get that at the end of the week is stopping to have got something in mind I need to get how is bothering me it's it's irritating you need to be that sensitive. The sin to get that out of your life immediately through the day, whenever I'm aware that I have done something that this pleases the Lord. I stopped immediately at that moment. At that moment and say older God.

I confess that is wrong with the Holy Spirit of God put his finger in my heart.

So that's wrong is your door, that's wrong.

I agree with you just do it right now.

Do it do it do it immediately about what so many of us do is we can't ride a spiritual roller coaster.

Look up here I want you to see this way down here were out of fellowship with God and then we hear somebody preach and we go to revival meeting, and God the Holy Spirit speaks to us and we come up here and we confess our sin and we are right with God and then we get out of fellowship and we get away and we start to go down again where down here and then we somebody speaks to us or we read the Bible, something that we come back up here and then were back down here.

The problem is this, that our valleys take much more time and updates were way down here for a long time and then will rise up and they were back down here and will rise up and were back down here to ridden a roller coaster, you know what I'm talking about in fellowship out of fellowship.

Now that's what they think the Christian life is but limited what the Christian life is is not so much riding that roller coaster, the victorious life is not right with God you get right with God new up here and you're going along and then a lustful thought comes in a dishonest link on their then anger comes in her, then pride comes in whatever and you hear that sin is there. At that point before you go down there before you failing before you get so far away at that moment, you confess that sin immediately. That's the way you deliver pictorial is not that you never same as nondigital hapten patient is not that you don't fail but my dear friend, you do not have to go through those long valleys of despair.

If we confess our sin immediately. Secondly, do it specifically don't just pray Lord of five sin. Forgive me, but we all guilty of doing that whole Lord of our sin. Forgive me, but how does the Holy Spirit of God convict you. He conviction.

Specifically, you confess. Confess specifically calling my name name and name it and it will be clan say Lord I told a lie a lot. I should not of red that are what I should not of done that our Lord I failed to do this and by May he says if we confess our sin not our sin not our sin nature just that we somehow have failed. But if we confess our sins, do you see that we sing a little song count your many blessings name them one by one, and it will surprise what the Lord have to counter many sins, name them one by one in surprise what you've done. If you do it, but I listen only the sand that the Holy Spirit convicts you of that has not yet been clan anything is in the grave of God's forgetfulness, you will have to bring up again, never bring in double jeopardy do it immediately. Specifically, thirdly, do it confidently. I love this part. If we confess our sins. Verse nine he is one and one chest to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness out. Think about the words faithful and just did you know that if he did not do it. Therefore, he would be unfaithful and unjust, why, why must God forgive, can we speak of God must be doing something.

Yes, because Jesus died for those sins and the Bible says in the next chapter. He is the propitiation for satisfaction for sin. The blood of Jesus Christ would make God unfaithful and unjust if he did not forgive you because it is that blood that has the cleansing power verse seven the blood of Jesus Christ. Godsend is one cleanse us from all sin. If he were to fail to forgive you if he were to fail to cleanse you, he would be going back on the contract of Calvary, he would be dishonest. He would be unfaithful, he would be unjustly would be a liar. He would be a crook.

I can, but I know hallelujah praise God that if I agree with God the Holy Spirit about my sin agree with.

He is faithful and just to forgive me what you say yes some things won't know if we confess our sin, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us from what all unrighteousness. Don't you let the cues you don't you let the devil condemn you. I am telling you that he is faithful and just to forgive our sin and to cleanse us from all righteousness. You confess that sin confidently do it immediately.

Specifically, do it confidently, you will have to go around carrying that load of guilt. This is the wonderful thing about being a child of God.

Now here's the third thing and I'm finished. Not only must that sin be exposed to the light. Not only must it be expressed in the Lord. It needs to be expelled from the life like in chapter 2 Mount verse one and see why John is doing this is John just try to tell us how it really doesn't make any difference how we say in all know whether we sand all know he says this my little children, these things write I unto you, that you sand, not you say pastor Rogers you making it awfully easy to get forgiven.

Why is making a satellite sin is of no consequence. All we have to do is just simply tell God just telling you guys and I'm sorry what sounds to me pastor just sounds to me like that's just a license to sin. This pay attention. John says I am not writing these things to encourage you to sin, I am writing these things that you sin not. But if any man sin, we have an advocate with the father, Jesus Christ the righteous, and he is the propitiation for satisfaction of our sins and not for ours only but also the sin of the world. What he's saying is this my desire. My goal for you is that you live a sinless life.

That's the goal that's the main but if you sin. Here's a way to be clan is the way to be forgiven John, knowing that we are not perfect and will not be we get to heaven holds nothing less than a perfect standard. However, why do I love God. Why do I serve God. Well, so far as condemnation. I'll never come into condemnation, no matter how much I may sin after I get saved. If I'm truly say I'll still go to heaven.

I'm truly say you say wait a minute. That's right if I'm truly say if I'm truly say God will carry me to the woodshed, got a chastisement if I'm truly saved. I'm going to heaven, then why a renter you so careful about dealing with these day by day things in a practical way because I will fellowship with God because I won't enjoy Johnson's I'm writing that you might have fellowship that you might have jaw well.

Why do I therefore serve God. I just assume the dirtiest willingly sent why listen three reasons why anybody would serve God our slave servers because he has to an employee servers because he needs to a son, Sirs, because he wants to. I'm all three. I am a slave. I'm a servant and I'm a son and I serving because I have to, because I need to. But most of all because I wanted. He's done so much for me so this is not an inducement to sin as an inducement not to send these things right after you that you sin not, but it is a wonderful salvation.

I mean really and here wonderful to know that he forgives our sins judicially and never again will sin be brought up against us to send us to hell, but then as a son in order.

We might have fellowship with us. He tells us if our sin will be exposed to the light. If our sin will be expressed to the Lord. It can be expelled from the life that's one of today is only one way to have this wonderful salvation, and it is received Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord, you will become a Christian by joining the church are getting baptized by giving your money by keeping the 10 Commandments are by obeying the golden rule. None of these know all of these can say salvation is the gift of God.

The minute you received Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord. Every sin is put beneath his blood and you are forgiven and cleanse and made wider than the driven snow. The moment you receive Christ. Your sand that is paid for by what Jesus did on the cross and God comes in your heart and it gives you new nature in heaven becomes your home.

The minute you receive Christ.

The Bible says, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. That doesn't mean intellectual belief alone that word believe means trust. Trust Christ and you will be saved in the same Jesus to save me as a young teenage boys that Jesus will save you and the same Jesus who asked Me all these years is the Jesus who will keep you in the same Jesus that thrills my heart is the one who will thrill you know if I could do it for you today if I can make that decision for you. I would, but I cannot. I priest as best I know how but nobody can make that decision for you. You must receive Christ. You must do if you receiving the committee heart and save less. You follow God, thank you for your word. What a blessing.

Lord I just pray that you draw many people to yourself in Jesus name, amen.

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