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Ghosts That Haunt Us Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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September 23, 2020 8:00 am

Ghosts That Haunt Us Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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September 23, 2020 8:00 am

In Job 8:8, Job’s friends respond to his suffering with an urge to appeal to look for answers from the philosophers of yesterday. Likewise, this world has been shaped, molded, and skewed by a few philosophers of yesterday. In this message, Adrian Rogers relays the deeper evil of the theories given from five ghosts that haunt us, even to this day.

Love Worth Finding
Adrian Rogers
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Findings to you to see a Byron Tyler was hearing for the see you fighting today.

Even Roger starts one of a message called ghost Honus note there's a famine in the world for truth and that's why as Christians we can never lose our ambition to discover no and practice truth pilot asked a question to Jesus.

What is truth. I found it very ironic because he was looking in the face of truth itself right and I think people many times look for other people, but the resources of the statements and yet God is the only living true philosopher yes that we need to listen to William America has been shaped molded even skewed by some philosophers of yesteryear and I really love this message because Adrian Rogers really did his home while he did and you're going to discover that when he does the message he sent talk about five ghost voices that Honus today and he was spot on with each one of those and is true but again it's not the living word right and so when we look at truth.

We know the truth and we know the truth will set us free, and then you'll be free indeed. And we know that we live that but I think in this message with Adrian Rogers. He really unpacks what it means to focus on the word of God and what it means to really live out the word of God will Asian Roger says it this way a lie is a lie and the only thing that will kill Elias, the truth and you can kill ally with a bomb, a bullet of philosophy. Our good intentions or anything else, but it is only the truth that will decimate and destroy lives and up all talk aside about strongholds and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, but he says the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, that is fleshly but mighty through God and so what we have to understand is that the weapons of our warfare against lies truth Holy Spirit the anointing.

I can preach the truth, but only the Holy Spirit of God can make truth real people, so we are dependent upon the spirit of truth to take the word of truth and to present the God of truth but we know that we have that these other philosophers didn't have. We have two things we have the truth.

We have the Holy Spirit, and so when you listen to the sermon it's really a shot in the arm for me because those are great weapons. The problem is we don't maximize them. You're right we don't and we need to have that consistent on interrupted time each day in God's Word and God's truth, so we so were equipped with truth, so that we can speak the truth that you and I were talking earlier about Jesus in the wilderness, and every single time it is written, it is written right that's God's truth. That's God's word and he said that right. Referring back to the Old Testament. We always love hearing from our listeners, and here's one from Illinois during work.

I'm able to listen to Christian radio on my personal radio headset I listen to great messages by godly men, but Adrian Rogers inspires me most of all I think the Lord for you. Thank you for telling the truth plane and straighten and I think that's the ministry lower funding profound truth. Simply stated, so if you're nine years old. Or if you're 90 years old. You comprehend will will today's message ghost that Honus.

Here's Adrian Rogers, titled the message ghosts that haunt us in this century we are being halted by some philosophical ghosts that came into being in the last century, when you talk to you about that because the need for the hour is for Christians that have a Christian world view that is based on proof. Now there is a difference between knowledge and truth, for example, knowledge will not enter but genuine truth does not and when young people go to school. They study facts, but there's a difference between facts and truth facts are like a recipe truth is like the meal digestive truth and it will change your life To snap why did God give us the Bible. Jesus said in John chapter 17 byword is true, why did God send us the Holy Spirit is called in the Bible the spirit of true, why did the Messiah, the Lord Jesus.

He said I am the true white churches. Churches are the pillar and ground crew.

What is the greatest desire for every Christian parent, they echo the words of the apostle John, I have no greater joy than to know that my children will in crew. It's truth that we need today. Truth is to your spirit what it is to your body, what life is to your eyes and what sound is to your ears don't have one short life to live and in this life you want to make it your desire, your aim, your burning ambition to discover to know and practice truth that no truth is to know God and to know God is to know through our secular education is not enough. Our young people have to have a Christian world view. Whenever a Christian worldview to find out that all these facts intersect, improve, and that is all related. You don't just snitch out your church life and put it over here and think none of the rest of these things matter and the marks of a good education is that it is so interwoven inextricably with proof that all things began to intersect and cohere together and there is a famine in the world for proof we need true. We need devotional through the feed hearts. Now you don't eat the cookbook. Thank God for the facts which you eat the meal. That is, we need to feed on devotional proof we need doctrinal proof defeat our minds.

We need to know what we believe and why we believe it.

We need practical proved to send this out to build churches to go to mission fields to bill Christian homes and families. We need truth that will move us, not just truth that warms our hearts.

I'm glad for love and all that but it needs to go beyond sloppy agape. We need to have a truth that has concrete and steel and it that causes us to stand. We need a Christian world view. Now Joe was in perplexity he was sick he was in difficulty and he had some visitors to come see him. They were called come for doors but they were more mentors than concrete floors and one of them was a man named Bildad and this was the advice that Bildad gave to Joe is found in Job chapter 8 verse eight.

Four. Inquire, I pray the of the former a and prepare myself to the search of their followers. But we are but of yesterday, know nothing, because our days upon the earth are a shadow shall not, they teach the and tell the and other words out of their heart. Now what Bildad said the old joke was this Joe you need some answers and what you need to do Job is to go to the library and blow the dust off of some of those ancient volumes and begin to study, study the ancients study philosophers and study their fathers, and they will tell you what the anterior now this was not an appeal to divine revelation was not an appeal to the word of God, but was a an appeal to the human mind to substitute the site. The mind of man.

But thus saith the word of God. This is an ancient appeal to humanism, humanism, like new.

Ageism is not new, is one of the best is musty if things around. And so we have come to a very serious matter in America. Let me just describe at the moment when I tell you how we got there.

Many of you heard the famous prayer.

Now that a pastor prayed the Kansas house of representatives. He was called on the pray.

They were expecting the normal platitudes and pious phrases that so many times the clergy pour out when they called own onward. They think the pray in one of these enclaves. But this man's name was Rev. Joel right and there was the prayer he prayed what you listen to because you talk about a prayer that had the result of a rock thrown into a hornets nest. It was the prayer he said, heavenly father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance. We know that your word says wallowing to those that call evil good, but that's exactly what we've done, we have lost our spiritual equilibrium and inverted R values. We confess that we have ridiculed the absolute truth of your word and called it moral pluralism. We have worship other gods and called it multiculturalism we have endorsed perversion and called it an alternative lifestyle we have exploited the pool and called it the lottery we have neglected the meeting and called it self-preservation, we have rewarded laziness and called welfare. We have killed our born and called it choice we have shot abortionists and called it justifiable. We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building a steam we have abused power and called it political savvy.

We have coveted our neighbor's possessions and called ambition.

We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression. We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment searches of God, and know our hearts today and try us and see if there be some wicked way in us cleanse us from sin and set us free guide and bless these men and women who have been sent here by the people of Kansas and who have been ordained by you to govern this great state grant them your wisdom to rule and make their decisions direct us to the center of your will. I ask it in the name of your son, the living Savior Jesus Christ, man, that's as good prayer with related good prayer. I want you to know folks that it upset them so much want to set down the middle prayer refused to stand anymore. No one turned and walked out and they began to buzz and to talk and a one man said, I've never heard in 10 years, as did this sanctimonious, self-serving, overbearing prayer. As I heard this morning that was a representative. I'm glad he prayed that God would prayer but what happens that we have done all of those things that Pastor Joe talked about what is wrong in America.

Did you know folks that we are in a crisis no longer in America do we believe in absolute truth, and if you go back to.

That began in 1962 through 1982. You will find out that the courts in 20 is reversed.

The principle of one nation under God that had been the principle of American history in 1962 in a court case Engel versus Vitale, the Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black rule that voluntary prayer in public schools was unconstitutional. That's 1960 right heart upon that in 1963. The ship decision, and Justice Thomas Clark set in motion the dismantling of classroom Bible reading. Then came 1980 and the posting of the 10 Commandments was declared unconstitutional. Then came 1982 and the courts prohibited the teaching of creationism that men and boys and go were created by Almighty God. 20 years it took them to expel God from the public schools and tell him not to come back. Now what has been the result of that well. Presently children need parental permission that any medication given to them. Even an aspirin in many schools but aided by high school counselors. They may have an abortion without parental notification, a high school student can be aided by high school teachers to have an abortion and to kill a baby with a serious problems in American and serious times God has been so systematically excluded from so many of our public schools. A study by the United States Department of Education, headed by Dr. Paul CeBIT's spell BITZ he was professor of psychology at New York University was released to the American public. In this study by Dr. Bitz was a study centered on elementary textbooks used by millions of boys and girls across America in the elementary schools Dr. Bitz and his colleagues after the study concluded this and I meant to read a portion of the report. After studying these textbooks. He says this, those responsible for these books appear to have a deep seated fear of any form of active contemporary Christianity, especially serious, committed Protestantism.

This fear has led the authors to deny and repress the importance of this kind of religion in American life. The nature of the bias is clear religion.

Traditional family values and conservative political and economic positions have been reliably excluded from children's textbooks. The exclusion is particularly disturbing because it is found in the system, paid for by taxpayers, and one that claims more over to be committed to impartial knowledge and accuracy.

Textbooks are so written as to present a systematic denial of the history, heritage believes and values of a very large segment of the American people is not a preacher saying that that is a report by a professor of psychology at New York University and a study funded by the United States Department of Education what they're saying is, there has been a systematic blue to exclude those things that you and I hold dear and we believe on the foundation of this nation and as a result we see values clarification being put into we see value neutral sex education put into school. We see the dispensing of birth control devices and condoms in public schools. We see abortion counseling without parental notification or approval. We see homosexuality being introduced in textbooks as an acceptable lifestyle. This happened what has happened to America.

How have we lost the Christian worldview that we once had when I was a man named Roger friend Roger friend is a quad scholar and he has given us an overview. I'm going to try to encapsulate it and squeeze it down to little bit and tell you about some people in the last century, who now haunt us in this entry.

Remember what Job was told by Bildad. He says I pray the inquire of the former age and prepare myself to the search of their fall.

It was to get Job to appeal to the philosophers of yesterday for some of the philosophers of yesterday that have so skewed the American thinking today is amazing thing. If you find out what happened in the 1800s. In the 19th century to find out that there are five men who have basically shaped and molded what is going on in America today and I don't check me out. Even though these names sound strange, you need to know this and your children need to know. And if your children are grown, your grandchildren need to know. The first was a man named George Frederick Hagel HD GE all lived in the 1820s and he was a philosopher now for 1500 years people have accepted without question the fact moral absolutes that right was right and wrong was wrong. Universal everywhere, murder was thought to be wrong everywhere.

Adultery was thought to be wrong and if it were not thought to be wrong. It was only an aberration. The consensus was, there is a fixed standard of right and wrong but Hagel came along and he rejected Morrow absolutes. He had what he called a dialectic theory dialectic schism is just simply an argument. He had a a reasoned argument, a dialectic theory and what was his dialectic. You heard it. I suppose if you studied philosophy and I would give it to you in shorthand, but he said all history is made up of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. Thesis is an idea proposition. The people believed to be true and they hold that idea until somebody comes along with an opposing idea and anti-thesis are in antithesis and so these get into a badly thesis and antithesis, and they begin the battle back and forth until both of them give a little and they meet somewhere in the middle one or the other. When you come to a synthesis which is a thesis antithesis coming together and that synthesis becomes the new thesis that becomes the new accepted model program and Hagel said therefore there are no Morrow absolutes is not talking about biological evolution. He's talking about philosophical and social evolution society is always in a flock's it's always moving and there is no fixed standard of right and wrong, what people say in America today what is right for you may not be right for me. You will hear that over and over again. And so what Hagel said was ideas come under the heading of the survival of the strongest strongest idea wins and therefore history is evolutionary and there can be no absolutes.

One professor was teaching this may say there's nothing that you can say is absolute student lifted his hand and said Prof. are you sure about that is that absolutely now after Hagel in the 1820s that came along another man in the 1830s.

This man's name was Ludvig here Mark EU ER BAC eight which it was another German philosopher and you see one of these things begins to build upon gearbox that, if there are no absolutes.

If Hagel is right and accepted that Hagel was right, then there can be no God. Because if there is a God thing that God would have absolute proof and so he said there can be no God, and he said man creates the idea of God that man is not made in the image of God but God is in the imagination of man that all of this Morrow flux.

This, no absolutes causes a deep insecurity in the heart and mind of man.

So gearbox said that God is created in the imagination of man. That man just simply invents God. I want to quote from him and I want you to hear what he pompously stated he said, quote Christianity has, in fact, long vanished not only from reason, but from the life of mankind. It is nothing more than a fixed idea. Now we haunted by that goes today absolutely that's called humanism. Humanism sound so much like humanitarianism, but there is a vast difference between humanism and humanitarianism. Humanitarianism means we love one another.

We care for one another and we love the human species that God has made man, but humanism makes man the center and circumference. The sum total of everything, has no room for God. It is a fine sounding name but it is atheism just simply wearing another coat and coming up tomorrow will continue with part two of this important message before we leave today I want to know if you have a prayer request. Is there something pressing down on you that you'd like to share that love worth finding.

It's one of her greatest honors to come alongside you, and pray with you if you can go to our and scroll down to find our prayer wall. There you find the option to either submit a prayer request or pray for others. This resource is one of our favorite ways to keep the ministry in the community praying continually for one another's needs. Can't wait to hear from you again go to and scroll down to find our prayer thanks for joining us for this convicting message. You know what you believe and why you believe it familiarize yourself with the truth of the Bible every day to be sure to join us tomorrow with the conclusion of ghosts that haunt right well worth

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