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It's Time for You to Get a Life Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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September 17, 2020 8:00 am

It's Time for You to Get a Life Part 1

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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September 17, 2020 8:00 am

The Book of Ecclesiastes is the journal of King Solomon. It is a record of some of the perplexities he had, as well as some of the mistakes he made. In this message, Adrian Rogers explores three themes from this book when considering the beauty of this life we get to live.

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What does the book of Ecclesiastes say about the character of King Solomon listen to Adrian Rogers that King Solomon had everything how popularity prosperity at breast AGI pleasure anything is hard to watch out for him. Drawing his breath and I and I think that if they've been living today.

Somebody might say to him. Man, yes, life welcome to love worth finding featuring the powerful and biblical lessons of pastor, teacher and author Adrian Rogers Ecclesiastes is the Journal of King Saul.

It's a record of the perplexed thoughts he had as well as some of the mistakes he made. There are three important themes from this book we need to consider as we view the beauty of the life that were given to live by God. If you have your Bible find the book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament is Adrian Rogers encourages us with part one of its time for you to get a life. God's precious word upon the book of Ecclesiastes is not all that hard to find Psalms is just about in the middle that if you turn the Psalms and turn right, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and I want to take your Bible and leave it open for the entire message because we are going to cover an incredible amount of Scripture part of our study today is it's time for you to get a life. Listen to what Solomon said here, by the way, who was the author of this incredible book chapter 1 verses one to the words of the preacher, the son of David, king in Jerusalem. Vanity of vanities set the preacher, vanity of trees all is vanity. The scene is the Rose Bowl in California. University of California and Georgia Tech are both undefeated. What a game it is. Georgia Tech has the ball is late in the second quarter almost halftime. Georgia Tech is pressing hard on their own 30 Thomason has the ball and he charges any fumbles Roy Riggle from California picks up the ball… Head. He knows this is his golden moment and he begins to run with that ball yard at the yard he is running he's pumping his legs. His balance is very sad is that he's got the ball he's making is running running running running. The sad thing is that Roy Riggle's is running in the wrong direction when he picked up the ball he got confused and he is running in the wrong direction for 67 say Iran's, the opposing team's barracks. Finally, Roy's teammate catches him on the one yarn line.

Can you imagine how I felt getting your Mac's mission as he went back and set all the will. Solomon was something like that ball of life and been thrust into his hands, and in confusion. He begins to run toward the wrong goal, and Satan was leaving interference or about friends, many of us are like that many of us are confused and perplexed, and we really do not know what life is all about. Now the book of Ecclesiastes is the Journal of King Solomon I King Solomon had everything. I mean, you talk about a man that had everything.

Listen folks, he had it all hit how popularity at prosperity at breast e.g. had pleasure anything is heart could desire that all shout for him. He learned how to have a living, but not a life. Drawing his breath and dying at the same time and I think that if they been living today. Somebody might say to him hey man get a life.

I what you have in the book of Ecclesiastes is his journal and his record of some of the perplexities that he had some of the mistakes that he had and wiggled open the Bible and look to `somebody said you need to learn from mistakes of others. You have time to make them all yourself. So what we going to do is to look here and see three basic things that are in this book.

Now this book has 12 chapters and so we just going to get Benedict up and we go to stay basically the book of Ecclesiastes and I want to learn now about the life that we need to live the life that God wants you to live is where in this series of messages on the lifestyle for the last days at the first of all I want you to see what I'm going to call the complex mysteries of life if you will, again, verses one to the words of the preacher, the son of David, king in Jerusalem. Vanity of vanities set the preacher, vanity vanity, all is what you say vanity event is for emphasis. When the Bible wonders know how holy the sacred place was in the tabernacle was a call the holy of holies when our Lord wants to emphasize truth. What is he say verily, verily I say unto you, when we talk about the majesty of Jesus we say he is the Lord of lords. What Solomon's. Hey, this is king-sized this is vanity of vanities as I can figure life out wife is a puzzle life is a mystery, and every thinking person knows that it is I will tell you if you think you got it figured out you don't some college students were asked to give definition of life here some that one honorable mention.

Life is a joke that isn't even funny. Life is a jail sentence that we get to the crime of being born. Life is a disease for which the only cure is dead, sound cynical resident and I'm afraid many college students are just like that, but life is empty. Life is laying apart from God not want to take your secret God engineered it that way, did you know that God does not want life to make sense to you that may surprise you but God in his wisdom makes life a mystery New Testament verse back up what I'm about to say Romans chapter 8, but a new margin verses 20, 21 for the creature, and that living means the creation was made subject to vanity, not willingly, that is, we didn't choose it, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope, in plain English God made everything confusing. God took all creation and got to the but you're not going to be able to figured out that not because he doesn't love us, but because he does love us and God knows that if you're not in our wisdom and ingenuity, and sagacity could figure it all out. We would never come to him if we could find meaning apart from him and so this vanity. This confusion this mystery is a tool that God uses to draw us to him. This word vanity appears almost with monotony here in the book of Ecclesiastes. More than 30 times and what is Solomon saying life without God is dead in road you will never, never, never, ever figured out. I don't care who you are and every wise person knows that he cannot figured out and yet man has a desire he wants to know the deepest meaning of life.go to chapter 3 looking verses 10 and 11. I have seen the travail, which God hath given to the sons of men, to be exercised in. He has made everything beautiful in his time… X-rays also he has set the world in their heart a better translation maybe at least another translation.

Maybe he has sent in eternity in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God make it from the beginning to the end no one can pick it up. You say you figured out you have God put eternity in our God put something in man's heart that he did not put into the hearts of other creatures other animals. God gave us a desire to see life from an eternal perspective because nothing seems to make sense here on this earth.

When does not vacation. One time, which I love you kid like that much.

She endured. I loved it but wanted island down in the Bahamas. We live in a long cottage, it had no air conditioning.

There are no automobiles on that little island only where little boat man from God and we could go from place to place and that little boat with an outboard motor and beautiful beach. It was great for recreation. We will not allow the dock at night. Just look up at the stars. Super man wonderful get off of it anyway. What we do recreation. We had an incredible jigsaw puzzle.

I mean a big one. King-sized.

It was a face of a great big pig and we worked from time to time just sitting there putting the pieces that Pixar Pixar jigsaw puzzle together, putting it all together.

Pixar is not bad name for an anyway. Can you imagine the joy to put the last piece in place.

Now I want you to imagine a puzzle like that with the last piece missing are to three pieces wrap a dozen pieces missing or I want you imagine puzzle like that where somebody slips into pieces from another post neutron putting together. That's what life is like God has life confusing and friend. It's very confusing and you will find out that sometimes you think got all worked out because it is everything is going so smooth. Just wait a while. Just wait a while you know God has a way of putting the good and the bad together. If you notice that you will go to chapter 7 and look at verse 14 in the day of prosperity be joyful.

Are you having prosperity right now, I'm happy for you. Rejoice, but the day of adversity, consider God also has set the one over against the other to be in that man should find nothing. What does that mean you can't figured out I mean God takes good times and then God takes bad times now when everything is working upon you say, boy do I have a great philosophy of life I've got all it all makes sense to me now finally got it figured out, then adversity comes down to merit automatic tornado come through maritime. There was a lady who lived in a trailer house trailer. Perhaps a block from the church that house trailer was absolutely devastated. In that house trailer. She had a parakeet.

She had no children. General offensive parakeet was like one of her children. She loved parakeet and the house trailer was known. Tony took the whole thing and took the bird gong just heartbroken about three or four days later somebody saw parakeet sitting in the tree. Would you believe coax that bird out of that tree in their hand and would you believe by fortuitous circumstances, they found out this woman lost this bird and they brought the bird back story story then you have to the candidate first of all, this miracle all the stuff made out. That's what Solomon is saying, you know, the Chinese tell a story about a man that a prize horse and the horse escaped this at all outside menorahs went out and began to consort with some of the horses and let the background set out wonderful look man's son tried to train one of the wild horses and broke his leg is and how bad then war came aboard in that Gulf War. How good that's the way life is. God takes the good context abandon God put one against the other and they both seem to happen at the same time. If you having good time right now you got a problem right now. If you have no problem running.

I got some blessings right now is not that we have 40 miles of good road and 4 miles bad road is like the railroad track overhears a good rivalry as a bedroom is where life is God. Just as the one against the other, and Solomon says you can't figured out he tries to figured out he's a worse answer anything that is not in nature though if you look in chapter 1 verses one through seven, and the words of the breach of the son of David, king in Jerusalem vanity event. He said the preacher benefit event is always benefits what profit have a man of all his labor would you take them son one generation passes away, and another generation cometh what's happening today verse in view verse and that's all baby babies being born today. There is a world full of funerals today, there is rejoicing. The birth of the babies is weeping when others go and what he saying one generation passed away another generation cometh Erica bided forever man supposed to subdue the earth.

There are things here, man goes and then he says the sun arise within the sun go down in haste at this place where the road the wind goeth toward the south and turn unto the Lord. It whirled about continually, and the wind returns again that circuits here comes there goes over and over and over again. All the rivers run into the sea yet the sea is not full and to the place once rivers came there they return again. The rain comes down.

The rain runs and riblets. Rivers run into streams and streams run into the ocean.

The sun evaporates the water goes up to the cloud becomes down again into the riblets over and over and over again what to say. Nature doesn't tell us anything about the meaning of life.

Old man river don't say nothing. It just keeps rolling along is not in nature. Looking verse eight he says here the eyes not satisfied with seeing another year filled with hearing where Brad generation could prove that here these kids going down the road with the boomboxes and shaken buildings as they go past one beers and bleeding but are not satisfied dances, not in nature dances not in history. Look, if you would, in verses nine and 10 chapter 1, the thing that happened then is that which shall be and that which is done is that which shall be done and there is no new thing under the sun is a now wait a minute.

A lot of new things under the sun. We got pacemakers we got top laptops.

We got laser surgery bring the seven deadly sins are still just as deadly. We still have war we still have sorrow which I agree we still have immorality. We still have unhappiness is no less dishonesty. I have a treadmill upstairs and I like to watch the news and get on the treadmill running on the treadmill watching the news all these incredible things are happening there in the new and I'm running run run run run run run run run I get off work out of my life. I mean the business coming and we get right back where we go. There's nothing new under the sun. The answer is not in nature dances not in districts dances not in science looking verse 13, 14, I gave my heart to seek and search out my wisdom concerning all things that are done on by the way Solomon was a brilliant man brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Besides the wisdom that God gave him before backslid, and he said I have seen all the works that are done on the sun, and behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit you talk about the adventures we have the things that we have here understand the meaning of life. You see these kids. They were cell phones man. I think that's the ultimate lesson you know if you have a cell phone today that right MAM and his kids in the mall or whereby other well-rounded cell phone you a man was up what's up, and he to know what's up.

They don't have got a clue. I got phone but I don't what's up. They do not know what history may tell us want science may tell us how, but neither callous one now.

What I'm trying to say is that the answer friend is not in the things the more a man learns the more he realizes he doesn't understand. Bertrand Russell said philosophy proved a washout for me to see apart from God.

God is engineered that your life is going to be meaningless, but none chapter 2 verse 14 the wise man's eyes are in his head with a full walk in darkness is much better to be wise that is me food and I myself perceive also that one event happened to them all as a man who looks where is going. Here's a man who lives with sagacity and perspective. Here's a fool happy-go-lucky but notice I perceive also that one event happened to them all then said I my heart, as happened to the full even to me and why was I then more wives then that I my heart that also stand for. There is no remembrance of the wise more than of the full wherever seeing that which now is in the days to come shall all be forgotten and how dire the wise man as a food goes off to school. He studies and studies and studies in studies and studies gets a PhD. He learns all of these things.

He walks this way his eyes and his hand is another guy they could care less about knew anything about somehow get through life they die they go to the ground all this knowledge down into the dirt. It's gone gone gone. No vacation. My kids and I will reach the level of the beach were made of sand, alligator, incredibly beautiful that 8 feet long and we crafted that out us and we worked on all morning long. It was great. We just goodhearted way for people walking on the beach. Come see our alligator well-to-do, something came back you know what happened. Sand was perfectly smooth, water, and they cannot send alligator away is like never been. That's what Solomon said explicit essay apart from God.

Wisdom is meaningless.

He sang apart from God and wealth is meaningless. Look in chapter 6 verses one to there's an evil which I've seen of the sun and it is common among men.

I man whom God hath given riches well so that he wanted nothing for a soul desire. Yet God gives them not power to eat thereof, but a stranger you. This is vanity is an evil things when you're young you can afford anything but beans and rice, jackass science, prime rib with the doctor will let you amazing Solomon say somebody else eats the things that you have full essay apart from God. Wisdom is meaningless apart from God. Wealth is meaningless apart from God. Work is meaningless. Look in chapter 9 verse 11. I returned and saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift know the battle to the strong meter bread to the wise riches to men of understanding. Favor commit skill but time and chance happen to them all apart from God wisdom wealth and work are meaningless. What a powerful truth for us today. How are we to proceed with the adventures of life. How are we to live in the good seasons and in the bad tomorrow will your part two of this message. It's time to get a life.

But maybe today you have questions about who Jesus is or what he means to you. Go to or discover Jesus you find resources and materials that can answer questions you may have about your faith again. Click discover Jesus when you go to never like to order a copy of today's message. Call us at 1877 love God and mentioned that title it's time for you to get a life.

This message is also part of the powerful series challenges to the cross for the complete collection, all six insightful messages: number 1877 love God or you can order online or rightists at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183. Life is a complex mystery that only makes sense when you know and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Remember what Adrian Rogers said history may tell us what science may tell us how neither tells us why are you in a relationship with him today. You see things from an eternal perspective.

So glad you tuned in today and we hope will join us again next time more timeless truths right on playing a listener in North Carolina wrote recently. I want to share her powerful word.

She said I started listening to love worth finding close to 15 years ago you pointed me to Christ through many trials and hard aches and good times as well.

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