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Real Discipleship - Dying for Change. Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
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June 27, 2022 6:00 am

Real Discipleship - Dying for Change. Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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June 27, 2022 6:00 am

Have you ever tried to stand still on a treadmill? It’s impossible, right? Inevitably, you’ll move backwards. In this program, Chip reveals how this can happen to us spiritually, when we attempt to keep things just the way they are or hold onto the status quo. Don’t miss how we can avoid this trap, as we continue our series – “Real Discipleship.”

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Have you ever tried to stand still on the treadmill mean it's impossible like if you stand still and inevitably you're moving back to learn today from the very lips of Jesus is that our attempts to hold onto the status quo are attempts to just the way they are actually cause us to don't want to miss statement. Thanks for listening to this edition of living only with children living on the international discipleship ministry featuring the daily Bible just a minute you left off last time series will discipleship started. These messages were recorded several different truth is sure from the gospel of Mark is still applicable to all of us to let me encourage you after today's message shared with someone in your life you can easily do that to the tripping roadmap by downloading the free MP3s that you will find Living on the Edge.$400 trip with the second half of his talk, dying to change churches 85% of the churches in America shrunk an ally because they're more concerned with keeping things as they are about the greatest message in the world are messages God has come. He lives among us, and if you have a sin problem.

We all do, there's a way out, he forgets that message has been entrusted the institutions were 85% of America are shrinking in a while because those churches are more concerned about having their way. Instinct comfortable running on the cutting edge and doing things differently, but doctrine states that changed everything else is up for grabs. Worship on Saturday night Monday night Thursday morning worship when people can come the style of music five years from now, many totally different methods of ministry children's unit five years now, many totally different and why is our commitment is to love people care for people and honor God in methods was to change doing business of your methods don't change what happened. The bankrupt in churches used by the church is dying for change was find out if this external adherence doesn't really make you right with God. What does Jesus will explain it to his disciples, he went on to say in verse 20 what comes out of a man is what makes them unclean goes in the list, not the rules, not the externals tradition always focus on the externals truth always focuses on internal for from with in out of a man's heart and now we have a list only. Here is the broadest list in the New Testament from the very lips of Christ. If you want to know what separates you and me from God there's a list it's not the rules you keep in stead out of men's heart comes evil thoughts.

The word means just the broad spectrum of evil sexual immorality.

A Broadmoor new name the type of sexual morality.

This word says on the canopy that can fall under fifth murder, adultery, read the passion to have more to compare more is better.

I've got a habit.

It makes me significant malice that builds billing bitterness and relationships. The desire for harm to come to so-and-so or so-and-so people per two people cheated you ex-in-laws estimates parents malice in our hearts. It's as well gosh down deep. I'll be so happy if something happens to them as they deserve it after what they did to me that the files you and defiles me deceit and the little things that sheeting will analyze the quote white lies to try to have it both ways at work and expense accounts sales presentations you know aren't totally true to do it to get the sale fantasies, lust, slander, arrogance and folly. All these evils come from inside and they come in and clean in our day with some of us think I come to church right, three out of four weeks this month I prayed through reading the Bible more often. On the way that I'm starting him regularly in ways that I'm trusting that fantastic so I've got upset them sleep with my girlfriend because he's a holy God and he's not impressed with you or meet with the Pharisees keeping rules. I spent the first three years my Christian life reading to the New Testament in an understandable to get new never ever the Bible times 18 in the first three or four times throughout Reading. Looking myself like a disciple all you like the cowboy old cowboy movies you watch you is identify with the team got white hats you what I learned.

I start them into the New Testament start identifying the Pharisees like an education as I was a lot more like the Pharisees that was like the disciples got started to do work my life. See it your heart after and if he has your heart. Trust me, you'll be in the word you give graciously, not because you have to your life be different if you want my heart ensures is nothing wrong with liturgy is nothing wrong with candles. Nothing wrong with robes, but left to ourselves, our tradition snuffs out the truth and what God wants us to do is be people truth and honesty admit when we blow it significantly change to say I'm sorry to people on the job site in our home to be vulnerable and open when we blow it.

Keep taking the steps of God can say your inadequate you have need. You have heard great grace is all about is the kind of people that I always bless my strength is perfect. How in your weakness.

Now Jesus does something that's absolutely incredible author wants to make a point. The tradition of management demonstrated the theme obviously is the tradition of man versus the truth of God in this section, and now the truth of God as can be demonstrated to give us three quick snapshot miracles and miracle number one he's gonna say there's nothing externally. They can defile a person. The ethnic origin of this lady is hated by the Jews I mean by the Jews and he's going to do something for her but he didn't do for a lot of juice and then the second miracle he's going to demonstrate that internal defilement something wrong with the say a handicap or something Jews would say you know that guys off is an easy to say no.

In fact I don't even feel rejected up. He can be so bold, even touchy on his tongue and then finally he's can open the gates in this whole next section verses 24 through chapter 810 all occurs. Guess where if you look at this. It is on the map they all occur in the heart of the Gentile area.

Mark is telling his readers. Jesus came. Yes, for the Jews first.


But who, for the whole world knows how he makes these points. These are illustrations of what is just been caught by the Lord. Verse 24. Jesus left that place went to the vicinity of tire up north. He entered the house and didn't want anyone to know it is out of the Jewish section and looks like he's trying to get a break yet he could not keep his present secret.

In fact, as soon as he heard about a woman whose little daughter was possessed by an evil spirit came in she fell at his feet. The woman was a Greek or a Gentile, born in Syrian Phoenicia which is present-day Lebanon and they hated him. I mean that the Samaritans were bad news. These people were just there slang term for them was dogs. Matthew 15 here says she begged for Matthew 15 the parallel passage she begged and said, oh Lord, son of David. She recognized him. Unlike the Jews as the Jewish Messiah coming. He did all the miracles he had the teaching Messiah. Oh Lord, son of David. She cries and what does she ask please drive the demon out of my daughter. That's her request. Now Jesus and faithful to his mission to the Jew first and also to the Greek of the Gentile, says first priority. Let the children eat all they want children of the Jews first say lady first priority in my ministry is for the Jews and goes on to say Ford is not right to take the children's bread and toss it to their dogs little means little puppies and they had outside dog pets. I would eat with their hands when they got done were crumbs everywhere and it is pushed off the table and I will boast him in the notice. The passages gotten Jesus in trouble. Many people think what how harsh would you say is look, man, you're right about me I am the Jewish Messiah. In my first priority's ministry to the Jews. This is not right to take the first proof priority and give to Gentiles due to puppies and I think you gotta hear the tone of his voice. I don't think a day under the Jews get out here lady and is not Jesus and I think it was a priority ministry here. This is the plan and then he gets absolutely delighted. Listen to the response. Yes, Lord, wish more Jews were saying that she replied that even the dogs under the table eat the children's crumbs do you do you hear what she's saying two things. Humility and faith.

If you have a priority not a second-class citizen in terms of how you want to meet the needs and fulfill the father's plan be second-class but don't puppies get to eat shrewd response. Jesus was thrilled sees over here the note.

I think you know all these roles and all this jazz and they rub up against people, and they reject them. And here's a woman who breaks out of all the prejudice in Jesus saying you may be a woman initiating conversation culturally acceptable. You may be a Gentile and of the most hated race of the Gentiles, but your external defilement in the eyes of the Jew doesn't hold water. When you come in humility and simple because that's what God is looking for heart so notice what he does. He then told her for such a reply because of what it indicated you may go home. The demon is left her daughter. She went home and found her daughter lying on a bed in the demon was gone external defilement of any kind. He says that's not the basis for relationship with me.

It's from the heart. Humility and faith. Next click picture the healing of the death of the dumb man. Verse 31 then Jesus left the city of tire through side and down to the sea of Galilee into the region of the Decapolis against Gentile region member when he healed the demoniac when descending back into Decapolis to tell what God had done for from this passage. It sounds like you did a good job. A lot of people knew there some people and they brought a man to him was death, and could hardly talk and they begged him to place his hand on the man after he took him aside away from the crowd.

Note no notice. A Jew is not even touch a Gentile notice what Jesus does.

He put his fingers into the man's ears. That's pretty intimate. Then he spit and he touched the man's tongue. Then he looked up to heaven with a deep sigh, said Africa, which means be opened at this the man's ears were open.

His tongue was loosened and begin to speak plainly. Jesus commanded them not to tell anyone, but the more he did so, the more they kept talking about the people were overwhelmed with amazement words here only the New Testament, it means they were hyper, super abundantly amazed and bewildered in the perfect tense meeting. It happened and it continued to happen. They couldn't believe he was what he did. They were convinced the notice what happens.

They their commentary on the life of Christ, he is done all things well.

He makes even the deaf to hear the dumb to speak, monotonous strategy. The author teaches on internal versus external defilement quotes Isaiah and says it's the heart. Then he goes over here with a woman who's clearly out of bounds by the culture and says faith and humility accept her money takes a man and he's totally out of bounds is that impairment member when the fella had a blindness. What was a Jewish mindset. Even the disciple said hey I Jesus, would you tell us who sin was it the sky or spokes in Jesus. The guys you can little misunderstanding but this for the glory of God. See anybody with this kind of they were unclean and Jesus speak I just spoken word made like that when you do.

It's like he's rubbed in the face. You will making a journey is what he saying he sticks his hands and fingers and spits and puts it right on his tongue, and you know what he saying to us, there are no unclean people, people with orange hair and ear rings here and earrings appear and people come from all kind of different lifestyles.

Nothing about their experience can they come and clean the church of Jesus Christ is to love them unconditionally and build bridges and care the way he did his message is message is it's for everyone. In fact the author finally in sort of a crescendo the next 10 versus is going to give a great example verse one chapter 8.

During these days.

Another large crowd gathered is right in the middle of the heart of the Gentile region since they had nothing to eat. Jesus called his disciples and said to him I have compassion for these people, for they been with me already three days and it had nothing to eat if I send them away hungry.

The collapse on the way because some of them of come a long distance. His disciples answered the where in this role plays, can we get enough bread to feed them. How many loaves do you have no working on where's your focus guys what you have or what you don't have seven they reply, he told the crowd to sit down on the ground. We taken seven Losey and given thanks, he broke them gave them to the disciples to set for the people.

He did so they took us a few small fish as well and again thanks them also told the disciples to distribute them. The people all these Gentiles eight and were satisfied.

That's a historical event. They were fed. It was a real need. He did it for the Jews 5000. Remember, but I think the author clearly in this context, this passage wants us to know that these Gentiles these unclean people.

But the religious elite wanting to get near Jesus. As I came in the pride of life so they can eat and be satisfied. I'll take care of their sin. Give meaning to their life. I bring forgiveness tomorrow that as it goes on. I think the author really rubs it in.

Afterwards, the disciples picked up seven baskets full of broken pieces that were left over. That's interesting same author. We looked at 5000 Jews being fed how many baskets left 12 baskets left over except the word for baskets was a term for a Jewish small basket with a small neck and they were carried on the side for your daily provisions. This time he feeds 4000 people in a Gentile area and the word for baskets is what Gentiles used was a large big basket, like a laundry or those laundry things is the very same word. When Paul was hoisted over the wall is big enough for man to get inside was he saying I don't push too much into the numbers, but I think he fed the Jews and had 12 baskets left over 12 tribes I've come for all the Jews, whosoever will, he feeds the Gentile seven baskets. The number of perfection of completeness. He saying I've come for the whole world to Gentile alike so they can eat and be satisfied. I don't care what they look like I don't care what rules they don't, or do follow what I care about is their heart if they will come in humility and faith like this woman if they will sit at my feet and learn of me and be caught and respond feet is message for us. How are you doing where this passage started out. How are you doing you hypocrite, focusing on the rules. Does God have your heart do you you unconsciously like me justify yourselves by these external little things you do and think that makes you right with God. Is there some things of the heart. Jesus talked about your business life in your financial life is there bitterness in relationships is a little because it's a Boston fantasy with the files you and me. That's what was to get rid of what he was to transform your life, that's what brings us to the Savior contrast Pharisees with rules who missed the boat needy people rejected by others become infected. The church of Jesus Christ can transform this world when were the latter instead of former we don't look down our nose at people we taken right where they're at, or not afraid to touch or not afraid to mix it up and we care when we blow it we say, but we long for the truth and make whatever changes we need to make reach out love, refusing to be strangled by tradition for this message going to change serious real discipleship. Are you familiar with the term compounded interest in economics, it simply the idea of rapidly growing your investment.

So what does that have to do with becoming a disciple of Jesus through the six part series trip explains the discipleship is kind of like spiritual multiplication or job is not just to lead people to Jesus were called to help them mature in their faith and empower them to take others on that same journey to join us as we study the gospel of Mark and discover how to spiritually invest in the lives of others and if you happen to miss any part of the series. The tripping remap is a great way to catch up before we go any further trips.

Join me in studio to talk about something that's been on his heart recently trip will thanks so much Dave.

What I want to share now is really important where ever you go. These days it seems like you're either hearing bad news or conversations about bad news. The volume of information coming at us today is incredible. Unfortunately, a lot of that information is incorrect or it's drawing us away from the truth. As Christians we know we have a cause we have a hope in Christ that we know that our lives are meant to reflect Jesus in our world. Each and every day. Yet even as Christians were not immune to the impact the discouraging messaging anger and negativity that's coming at us day in and day out, and here's the deal. If you are not fueling your heart and your mind was good things. If you not studying biblical truth. Do not connecting in community with other believers do not learning what the Bible says about how to live as a Christian in every circumstance. The hopelessness of this world is going to seep into your soul. You will steal your joy, your peace and your witness.

So what should we do can I give you a couple suggestions number one consumed good true biblical content daily. Get up, meet with the Lord.

Renew your mind with this word. Second, Living on the Edge is committed to teaching and discipleship you find teaching on the radio, podcast, ab daily Bible studies small-group resources tools about family identity, spiritual warfare, the character of God. We are absolutely committed to helping Christians with light Christians and a big part of that is helping you renew your mind, so let me ask you if the ministry of Living on the Edge has guided you helped you deepen your walk with God. Would you consider prayerfully partnering with us. God is doing a great work in the midst of really challenging days, but we need your help in right now is a great time because from today through July 7. Every gift you give will be double dollar for dollar. Thanks for praying about it than doing whatever God shows you if you've been blessed by trips to check, or any of the living obvious resources would you consider supporting us today thanks to a small group of financial partners.

Every gift we received between now and July 7 will be doubled dollar for dollar to send a donation, call us at AAA 333-6003 that's AAA 333-6003, or if you prefer, visit listeners Donate for chip and the entire team.

Thank you in advance for your generosity will hear again this trip with some final thoughts from today's program as we closed today's program I like to make a bit of the confession. If I may, I found myself early in my Christian life as a Pharisee of a Pharisee was discipled by group with all the best of intentions, and they didn't teach many of this, but I I got the idea out of my warped view of God, and probably some insecurities and pride and family of origin issues that God would love me when I read the Bible every day memorized at least three scriptures every week. Met discipled at least one or two people individually let a Bible study. Made sure that I prayed all the way through my prayer list every single day and God had everything except my heart everything that Jesus describes that he hates. I had become. And I'll never forget meeting a young coed that I become friends with and I remember her saying to me you know chip when I first met you you were really neat guy and I thought if I ever wanted to be a Christian, I would want to be one like you and I was a baby Christian and I was filled with joy and I didn't judge people and now three years later she looked at me and she said well if you are, what it looks like to be a really committed Christian. What I can tell you is that something I would never want to be all you have is verses for people and every time I'm around you I feel like I don't measure up. And I feel guilty and like God doesn't like me and I remember walking away from that conversation in my first inclination was she obviously doesn't have the spirit of God and therefore hers is the problem and I made it about another 10 steps. When the Holy Spirit hit me between the eyes and said chip know you are the one that has the problem and he broke me in it.

It took a few years to break the patterns and the lies, but all I can tell you is that if you're clinging onto Bible reading church attendance your own spiritual disciplines is what makes you right with God, I just implore you to pause and ask God to search your hard and asked do unbelievers like being around you. Do you find yourself in your mental thoughts judging other people being critical of other people wondering why don't they give like you give one of the serve like you serve those to the, attitudes that repel people when I can tell you is as painful as sharing that story is. I'm so glad I learned that holiness and love are dependent on my external performance and he wants to free you of that as well. Great word should ask as we close.

If you're looking for a way to get more out of chips teaching. Let me encourage you to download his message notes this helpful tools available for every program trips notes. Includes outline all of the Scripture references. Lots of fillings to help you remember what you're learning you can download under the broadcasts tab Listeners just Fill in notes one selects time.

This is Dave Drury thanking you for listening to this Edition of Living on the Edge

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