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The Prodigal and the Perfectionist - Refusing Grace, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
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May 28, 2021 6:00 am

The Prodigal and the Perfectionist - Refusing Grace, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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May 28, 2021 6:00 am

Sometimes the hardest people to find are those who don’t even know they’re lost. That's an intriguing statement – and begs an uncomfortable question. Join Chip as he challenges you to ponder that thought for yourself. It’ll be a powerful time together.

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The most dangerous place in the world is not having a life-threatening disease. The most dangerous place in the world is to have a life-threatening disease and not know, and the same is true spiritually.

If you don't know that you have a problem. You've got a really big pack that today stay with welcome to this Edition of Living on the Edge with shipping Living on the Edges of international discipleship ministry featuring the Bible teaching chips wrapping up a series today. The prodigal and the perfectionist with a final look at guns of grace is already studied from several angles in this program he asks the puzzling question God's grace is really free. Why is it so hard for even Christians to accept the answer that let's join Chip for his message refusing grace from Luke chapter 50, so let me give you a few characteristics of the older brothers that I have observed from Scripture and unfortunately from my own life and pastoring for about 30 years. Here's the older brother's relationship to God about the way it if you have any older brother tendencies.

This is a time not to take its another artsy part of our personality. Oh gosh, I need to get this one What she does put your pen down and circling back and say, Holy Spirit, if there is any of this in me.

I would really like to hear it, see what we older brothers do is we substitute intellectual knowledge having things organized and getting everything straight for the actual relationship with God in her change and so here are some characteristics of older brothers with regard to God that they often feel that the relationship with God is about duty and obligation and especially in the areas of prayer. It's dry transaction. Praying is hard praying from the heart heart was hard. They think God owes them a good life they live with lots of guilt because they never really measure up.

When you pray for half-hour, which does pray for 33 minutes. Then they read a book about someone so you need to pray for an hour then they find that you know giving 10% is good start, but you need to and it doesn't matter and and and praying and reading the Bible being generous. All those things are good things and of themselves when they thought a gratitude in a love relationship.

But if it's this is how you measure up to God. The bar just keeps getting higher and higher and higher. They only feel deeply love when they're performing well but when they're performing well, they become more and more arrogant, more critical of other people who you know if everyone served like I serve the church and if everyone gave like I gave it to everyone at work would show up the way I show up at work and there's just sort of this attitude and convinced that this is the attitude and ungodly right living me is the means of getting what you really want from God. That's that's what say I'm I've never disobeyed. I did exactly what you said. Therefore, I get the estate I should have a party my life should work out or in the evangelical circles.

Okay I get it to come before God I meeting with God in the morning I'm reading my Bible. Okay, I finally got on the small groups that Ingram keeps ranting and writing about.

I'm in a small group of even trying to be little more honest. Not only that, I went on a missions trip.

I'm getting 10% of my income at 1% each year until Jesus comes.

Gizzards only did that one of us are supposed to do all yeah the integrity at work in and about like I did this I did this I did this God, you owe me an amazing marriage upward mobility kids that all turn out right and the esteem of others in Windows things don't happen. Older brothers get really mad at God because they really were in a relationship, trusting God for God.

Jesus had simply become like a cosmic vending machine quiet time be seven prayer a four missions trips C 99.

Click click click click God owes me this completely misses the heart of a father child in a love relationship with regard to relationships, they feel superior critical prejudice and judgmental or legalistic. They focus on you can do that. She didn't focus on the letter of the law instead of the spirit along at the Scripture says where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty's freedom is joy. Older brothers are joyless people often miserable people are critical of others to cripple themselves but keep it all bottled up the word grace is car ricin Greek, the root of it is car's for joy. Charisma taught is gift price is about producing joy and stop generosity giving. It's about loving elder brothers of the kind of people when they're going through a financial class. Here's the question, are you supposed to tied on the gross for the net income can what what's why would you ask that question. How can I be right with God and give as little as possible have a right with God and have people think I'm as loving as possible have a private life, or it's really about me and what I want in my agenda but appear in my image management as loving and caring and spiritual and committed as possible. We will have some that older brother instantly and so in our relationships with others we champion justice and rarely mercy. We repel your religious people and often are just doctrine and truth is important, but can practice it in very unloving ways.

That's how you know if you're an older brother or any other older brothers in the room.

I see those hands. Yes, I'll pray for you to well what is Jesus saying to us elder brother types. For this what what what what what see what you communicating these Pharisees then and now he's the he is the father pleading my son not just come home, come close what your heart, let's talk get honest quick performing. It's not about works righteousness so personal deep relationship, you know, by the way, the activities can look exactly the same member Jesus story about the two houses. One, but on the rock one, but on the sand. The one built on the rock is the person who takes in God's word and applies it. It's in relationship and one but on the Santos people who hears at all, but then when adversity comes not to be honest with you there's times in my life. I was such an elder brother. Okay five Psalms 1 Proverbs Old Testament and New Testament got prayer 32 minutes. Here's the list everything she cannot really talk less.

Jane plus so-and-so bless so-and-so help so-and-so help so-and-so seven minutes left. You think I'm kidding.

I did this for years I never missed a day and never missed a day and I was arrogant about never missing a day I would always ask people how many verses there memorizing because I knew I had him beat series I memorize whole books of the Bible.

Haven't you and I became a loathing jerk could receive God's love freely created of bar and standard, and it just swallowed my joy literally.

This is an interesting application for Christian might want my applications was to stop memorizing Scripture for significant season because it was so locked into my performance but I will tell you that if I'm not in God's word. I'll never grow my mind will be renewed, but the difference between I read my chapters check versus father and I know you love me and I know you love me when I'm good and how you love me when I'm down. I know you love me every day really need to hear from you today I want to meet with you and then when you speak to me it's can be hard. You know I'm gonna struggle.

I want to take whatever steps you show me, and it's a father and a son or a father and a daughter that's what Jesus was saying he actually was offering to these Pharisees and if you read the context they've already decided how to killing, this is the grace of God, these are the people that you know okay working to take him out and this is how and he's offering them forgiveness. My sons come in just lest you think this is something that happens and then we all grow out of this that interesting experience yesterday morning and this message. Some messages come together really pretty quickly and some just are. Like I don't know anything about giving birth, but if there's a breach versus Aryan section. Whatever, however, you women know about it. Giving this message like oh God, you can't get it and so I went out to little coffee shop different than I normally go to and found little corner and I was just pouring over how I do this how to do this and have studied all the stuff and a guy came in two cute little girls like maybe three and four and you know it was pretty obvious within a few minutes, that this is a single dad with couple kids have probably divorced like a notice he didn't have a ring there sorted they were daddy hungry, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, you know, you could tell they had missed him and Unicom had a stone over here and trying to be a good dad check in on the phone and you know girls in and I sat there, you know wasn't like eavesdropping to me there like one booth over and and I'm studying all the stuff about Grayson. Here's the thoughts that went through my mind, the initial thoughts and how can people can't stay married anymore. What's the deal here man step up work at it, you know what's what's up 1200. You know what, there's so many people get just so little of this is what's going on inside me and you know when we don't get show that zoning pay attention to your daughters as I started a grace series. You know, and then literally literally I that I got like you 30 seconds of my judge mental critical pharisaical get with the prayer I don't even know the guy never seen in my life and I'm making up stories about his life and judging the stories that I made up is that sick or what but the reason you're laughing is what runways you doing to get about 30 seconds into it in the spirit of God goes chip. One of his wife died of cancer in here. He is a single dad love in these two little girls and those phone calls or demands on his life of trying to figure out how to make his life work and love his kids or how about this chip about is not what you think about what if his wife had an affair and left him and they have split custody and this is his only time with them. Scenario number one what's wrong with these people. Pharisee scenario number two everything in me. You need some help. By the time it's for your girls you we got a group that I me I just wanted to help them to see the difference. One of the ways that you know you're an older brother is when your mind and your words and your heart are critical of others, and when you have no non-Christian friends when you see people the way Jesus sees people you will have people in your life that you love her far from God, and they won't be repelled by you because you won't come off as religious people really really matter to God. It's so easy to form these little clubs and clicks and become the church and read the Bible and its us for no more and I want my life to work were elder breath. You know it's like the quote that I read church to be like what a billboard does for Coca-Cola creates thirst but doesn't quench it.

Thirst gets quenched when authentic reality in life and love of the living God flowing through your veins in your heart and mind out to people that are different than you different than me and I can understand why you would care, and the only reason you cares because God cares about you, does it make sense.

It's the gospel. That's why it was so contagious and that's why religion is so dangerous and see it's the grace of God. For some of you again little nervous. It's the grace of God teaches us to say no to all ungodliness and to live reverent lives that are generous welcome. The question at the bottom, then, is the how did the elder brother respond to the father's invitation to come home. Anybody have the answer that one. How did he respond answers.

We don't know this is very purposeful. This is a cliffhanger decision like one of those great ones you you know so you're watching this, you know, maybe for the serial television programs that it out of the music and the two be continued right and you. That's what Jesus does because he's he's given an invitation. We don't know how this Pharisees will respond. We have a pretty good idea what happened to one Joseph of Arimathea she read to the Gospels. He was a Pharisee who didn't side with the Council. He was afraid to go public for fear of what other people think. But when it all cleared and the smoke cleared and what's life and what's reality. He went and got Jesus body and put it in the private tomb. I think Nicodemus was yet another see appearances and impressing people are like the number one thing with elder brother Pharisees. Wonder what would happen if we just quit trying to be so cool and people just know you are a follower of Jesus, and that you are generous and let them think what they think they think something now anyway and we might ask ourselves why is it so important what anybody thinks anyway. Jesus would say in the gospel of John. It's impossible to believe when you seek the favor of God favor of man is that the favor of God. When our agenda is to please people and makes it impossible to trust God that which is highly esteemed in the eyes of man is detestable in the sight of God. As you turn to the back page. What keeps younger and older brothers from responding to God's grace. What keeps younger and older brothers from responding to God's grace in a word, are you ready it's the root of every sin according to CS Lewis and I think he's right. It's pride. The younger brother is lost in his badness and he's I'm unworthy I'm unworthy I can't. I don't deserve it. IIIII focuses on whom he's lost in his badness, his pride, the Pharisees, I never disobeyed you I always do what's right. He's lost in his goodness and they were equally lost humility for this one is to go public and admit I was wrong. Humility for this one is I know I'm wrong I don't deserve. I will receive. If you had to check a box older brother or younger brother, which are your tendencies what are your tendencies you been a Christian of really long time and you came from, like a younger brother passed been a Christian more in five or 10 years off and you go from younger brother to really committed Christian to older brother what he think God saying to you, are you experiencing his joy. Do you feel like you're his child.

You want God saying to younger and older brothers. I am not down on you. I love you. I want to help you the grace flows downhill God as opposed to the proud. If appearances matter if what everybody thinks she I'm always amazed to have a conversation with the leader in our church. Earlier this week and we got talking about something that sort of popped up and I really appreciated his honesty. He said you know I mean he's a leader been around for a long time been Christian, long time, and sitting on as I was baptized when I was a baby, but I've never done about adult baptism we got talking about it because you know what you really think about all this and the civil when you are baby. Did you fully understand the gospel in agree with all that you looking well just you and read the New Testament what you think. It says because I know what it says I think I take a stab here. He said sure I said, it's just downright embarrassing to be at your spiritual maturity and be as old as you are and go get in the tub of water as you to be thinking while I thought that guy really knew the Lord how can we just get baptized now convicts you got me.

What would you think we would call that pride. I have it you have it you now you really experience God's grace. What's the next step for you for some your younger brother, older brother, you need to come to Christ today units need to ask God to forgive you of your sins and say hey I don't have it together, or I may be unworthy, but I receive it, and for others it's just saying you know what I need to make my son ship my daughter shift the focus of my life to let him be sought in the Lord and do it out of relationship to be back with his just a reminder this message refusing grace is from his series, the prodigal in the perfection ships exploring the elusive concept of grace openness discover the depth of God's love so crucial to understanding that our failures are never final when we bring them to him. Chip brings Jesus teaching to life. Looking first at the heart of a merciful father and then his two sons, one a prodigal, the other a perfectionist as you listen, you'll likely see a little of yourself in each of these guys. The question is are you positioned to receive the grace your heavenly father is willing and able to leverage on you. We hope you'll engage the question and continue the journey by digging into the messages of the series a prodigal, and the perfectionist to listen again or to check out the resource options go to call AAA 333-6003 or Special offers on the chipping roadmap will ship before we wrap up this program.

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We hope this book will encourage every dad to be the leader. God is called them to be good to get your hands on ships new book portrait of a father before Father's Day go to or call AAA 333-6003. Thanks Dave before we close this program in the last couple broadcast. We've talked about this. Perhaps the most famous story Jesus ever told about the prodigal son who wasted his life and in immorality, and he comes back, hat in his hand and we get a picture where Jesus describing is what God the father is like, and he's accepted and loved and forgiven and we learn about grace and I think for many many years. Even as a pastor I thought that's what this whole story was about it and then as I studied it a bit more carefully. I I learned that the older brother was as lost as the younger brother and I think that I really get the older brother and maybe the reason in my own personal life. I didn't see the older brother having a problem is I am the older brother in this picture I I grew up around the group that was really good it Scripture memory studying the Bible one-on-one time with people leading a Bible study doing good work sharing your faith and in my sort of workaholic warped view of God. I started slow and then I realize while if this is what pleases people pleases God. Watch out, and I became unknowingly a legalistic jerk and what I would say is one of the most dangerous places to be, as being a mature, or at least appearing mature Christian who does the disciplines, but unconsciously thinks that God loves you because you have a quiet time Utah either or even more than tied you've actually been on a missions trip you're doing personal ministry and you are actually doing the things that good Christians are supposed to do and I think the question that literally turned my life around was how does God measure maturity and I will never forget a guy that I really respected say Chip can I just ask you question sure. Do you love God more now than you did is an early Christian and do you love other people because when God looks at you, he's not looking at all the stuff you do all of that means nothing if you don't love him and love others and I realized I literally was performing and trying to earn God's favor.

Even though intellectually I believed it was all by grace for some of you. You need to listen to this message again need to download the message notes you need to go over them and you need to say Lord, would you please help me accept your love God has so much more for you.

You're not enjoying in your actually resentful that you're not getting more of the quote experiences of God's love and favor and here's the deal. You need to ask for it. He doesn't love you more when you have your quiet time he doesn't love you less. He doesn't love you more than other people. He wants you to experience his grace. He wants you to experience freedom could I encourage you fellow older brothers and older sisters to let go of your performance. To be honest with the Lord and asked for a fresh wind of his spirit that you could experience his love. You can find the message notes trip just mentioned a couple of places go to and click the broadcasts tab or if you're listening on the app find them by tapping fill in notes, chips, message notes include his outline all of the Scripture references. Lots of fillings to help you remember what you're learning you really help you get the most out of every program so I hope you'll take advantage of this resource. The next time you listen well for Chip and the entire team. Saying thanks for listening to this Edition of Living on the Edge

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