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Breakthrough - What's Next? Making Breakthrough Your New Normal, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
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March 17, 2021 6:00 am

Breakthrough - What's Next? Making Breakthrough Your New Normal, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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March 17, 2021 6:00 am

For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the whole earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His. The Lord wants to strongly support you and you want to have a heart that is completely His. The question is: how do you know if your heart is fully devoted to God? Curious? In this message, Chip gives us the answer.

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Is it possible I mean, is it possible to experience super natural power into impossible situations on a regular basis, we've all had probably one of those little windows and we are eyes get big and God is really moving powerful way. Is it possible to see that happen on a regular basis. Answer yes how that's today.

Thanks for joining us for this Edition of Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram Living on the Edges and international discipleship ministry featuring the Bible teaching.

Wrapping up our series breakthrough publishing God's power into impossible situations.

List any of these messages along the way there, available online at or on the chip and remap. We learned about the first steps to and how to make room for breakthrough in this program she picks up where he left off talking about how God did amazing things in the life of a person who had a lot of successes and failures just like you and me.

So your strip now with part two of his message.

What's next, making breakthrough your new normal.

Let's pick up the story here.

It's Psalm 27 the Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear the Lord is the stronghold of my life of whom shall I be afraid when the wicked advance against me and devour me is my enemies and my foes will stumble and fall doing Army beseech me my heart, I will not fear, though a war break out against me. Even then, I will be confident in what we see is from his personal journey exactly who he was. Who was he in this verse first section versus 1 to 3. He was a bold risk taker. He was a bold risk taker. What's he saying in fact he starts with the wicked, then he goes to some enemies and it is like the Army, Army Corp. and entire war comes against me. What is he saying I will be confident, wise it can be confident it's not because he thinks he's stronger, better, wiser or more godly because he knows who God is and so when you see God, and know God for who he is.

You're a bold risk taker question are you a bold risk taker. Are you bold risk taker and your relationships are your bold risk taker at work.

Are you a bold risk taker in your neighborhood.

Second thing in the next section you will learn that he was a passionate worshiper. That's who he was. Number two, a passionate worshiper is able to poorly get that look at verse 41 thing I ask from the Lord. This only do I seek that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life. He's declared, I'm not going to live in fear and now is going to say this is my personal number one priority in life. One thing one thing one thing do I seek and what is that I may dwell in the house of the Lord. David was a passionate worshiper and what did he do he pursue God he pursue God's passion was for a person not for prosperity is normal and passionless for God himself, not for what God can give him and he he arranged his time and he arranged his energy around pursuing God. And when he dies he praises him. He wants to behold his beauty. He wants to praise and for some of us is colic. I don't really know how to do that. I brought three tools and been helpful for me because my confession is at least the first decade or so.

I was a Christian and I'm probably exaggerating was probably more praises. Not a big part of my life I interceded, I prayed. I thanked but this idea of acknowledging who God is and worshiping for who he actually is, which enlarges your view of God, since he inhabits the praises of his people and so a couple things happen. I keep mentioning this book 7 reading it for over 30 years, but is called the knowledge of the holy and is three or four chapters on the attributes of God. As I begin to read about the attributes of God.

I begin to enlarge my mind and my heart and I would begin to praise him for who he was, a book that has been instrumental in my wife's life.

Ruth Myers wrote a book called 31 days of praise praise will strengthen your faith, pray shysters you into God's presence. Praise activates God's power praise help to overcome demonic opposition praise transforms your perspective and praise brings pleasure and glory to God and what I know is most of us are busy and we come to God like we do other people. I want to get this done. Could you take care of this.I have a problem. Would you take care of that and basically for many of us are time with God is. Oh God, will you fix this.

Take care that or give me so I get relief. David was a worshiper. He was a passionate worshiper. In fact, can I give you an example, if David was in a come for services he would've been here 5 to 7 minutes early because David would've never dreamed that someone getting up and declaring the truth of God's word is more important than gathering and singing praises directly to God and its sweet, live in a day.

It's your behavior always tells you what you believe. So so if it can come 10 minutes later, 15 minutes later eight minutes late and you know the singing is just the singing, actually were not singing to one another were declaring the praise of the holy creator of the earth.

He finds pleasure in it.

His presence is manifested in it and is not just reserved for corporate worship me lot of people.

It's all gone this last couple weeks because I wanted to do this and I wanted to do that, but I watched on the Internet I got news for you to get content. The presence of God doesn't show up on the Internet. You need to be gathered with God's people, and for some of us maybe loosen up a little bit. See part of us long to experience God's presence.

We will let our emotions get involved in. Maybe the place to start is in a back bedroom, put a pillow under the door and sing to God. What you'll find is your experience of him will change his power will get manifested in your problems will sort of start shrinking another little book.

It's been very helpful to me is called the handbook of prayer by Ken boa and is nothing but scripture, but it just takes you through praying Scripture back to God and what I have done that. It's amazing there's mornings I get up on about you how it works. There's more as I get up I don't want to go to the day. I don't want to face the problems I got a list this long. I can't get it done. There's two issues I'm overwhelmed with their demands right minutes. But if I stay there and go into my day. That way, it's usually not a pretty picture and so have to stop and I just choose God. I don't feel like talking to you.

Sorry I don't feel like reading your word sorry, but I want to remember who you are. So the first thing I usually doing this morning was particularly spectacular is you know the dog oneself very early in I let the dog out to turn all the lights out in the house and every morning I just look up and hope that there's a clear sky so their stars in this morning there were those puffy clouds in different places and stars everywhere, and a sliver of the moon and I looked up and I saw the big dipper in the little dipper and all the stars and I was just reminded the God who spoke this into existence and holds them moment by moment by the word of his power says to me little old Chip Ingram everything you need I'm here for you. I made all that and I live inside of you just let me help you.

And you know what he will.

He was a bold risk taker. He was a passionate worshiper who pursued God in third. He was a wounded healer. We picked that up in verse 76 hear my voice when I call Lord and I notice the first thing honey, this is a guy that's committed murder for Susan to hide it. His committed adultery.

This is a guy that realizes when he looks at his fathering track record. It's too late he's messed up.

He says be merciful to me and answer me.

My heart says if you seek his face your face, Lord, I will seek him and he's like us, he struggles with rejection.

50 struggles with abandonment belongs in Craig's acceptance to listen to this prayer do not hide your face from me. Do not turn away from your servant in anger. But why would God be angry what he knows why God be angry with him anybody in this room know I gotcha.

Should probably be angry with you. I do these pregnant because I messed up don't turn away. Don't hide from me notice what goes on to say, do not reject me or forsake me. God my Savior. Without you I don't have a prayer though my father and my mother even have for the possibility that my father and mother would forsake me.

The Lord will receive me and so what you hear is a man who is a a wounded healer and knew what it was.

What did he do, he was honest with God is just honest with God. Later, David would write you might chop this down but help me. Psalm 145 verse 18 the Lord is near to those who call upon him.

That's the first half of the verse and not about you, but there's been times I've called upon and he didn't feel near at all. In anybody there. Oh God, help.

I had a guy writing email were on a journey with the felon in another state and he's a doctor, he's real smart Israel analytical and people challenges faith and were reading books together and he wrote me a long email. He said I feel like I have this letter made out to God that I just don't know where to send it in you and we read near Christianity in the case for Christ and a number of books and all kind of different things and he's trying with his mind to put his arms around all of it in the second half of that versus the Lord is near to all who call upon him, to all who call upon him in truth see God just rushes to help you the moment. Instead of posing posturing, denial, excusing, blaming get a lot of our prayers are in of my wife would just shape up my husband to start being more sensitive.

If my son would finally repenting of the educational system get straightened out. Hollywood could make and all those bad movies you know if the government would just do something, you know all those things that you can't control but what you see from David's life is you know he had lots of ups and lots of downs. The moment you get honest with God and own your mistakes, your struggles, your failure in your weakness. You will not meet a God whose arms are crossed.

His toe is tapping and looks down on you with. I was wondering when you would come because I have this cosmic ruler that one of rap your knuckles and on your four head. You will me to God, who in every way like you has been tempted yet without sin, who walked on this earth, and had prostitutes fall at his feet and weep over his feet and drying with their hair. He's looked into the eyes of people that were his closest friends who moments later would betray him. He understands the pain of humanity. He completely understands where you are where you then what you've done so much so that he went to a cross and died in your place, and rose from the dead and said it's finished and offers not just a one time forgiveness for your sin where your born-again but as a follower. Sometimes after you blow it when you known the Lord for a long time it's it's harder to get honest with God is in it. I should know better. I should know better.

I can't believe I did that and you hide it, and pretty soon there's no experience of God and then pretty soon you start acting in ways and people can see the difference you want to experience a supernatural power. Be honest with God.

Just get ruthlessly honest about the mistakes the hurts in the past and pray something like this don't turn away from me. Don't forsake me, and then didn't. Did you notice this little phrase in his heart. Something inside of him.

He had ups he had down but something inside him said seek the Lord.

Seek the Lord and then he speaking to himself. In my heart will seek your face as you notice the word face face face it pops up here and the beauty of the Lord in his face. It's intimacy.

It's personal. See, there's this little formula breakthrough reply to ABC indeed and gotta fix my marriage. ABC indeed, and my kids ABC indeed in my business so I mean that is just forgive the terminology that spiritual baloney completely misses the point of the heart of God. He loves you. Supernatural power is available for those who are bold risktakers for those who are passionate worshipers. For those who are wounded healers about why sometimes you ask God for breakthrough. Are you ready for this. Here's his answer no. What sometimes hope God will you deal with this when you deal with this and maybe it's a physical healing.

Or maybe it's part of a relationship another person has to change and sometimes he says no it's not because you have enough faith. The apostle Paul wanted to breakthrough record in second Corinthians chapter 12 and Paul had quite a bit of faith. He earlier in the same chapter, talk about God giving him this view of heaven, we don't know what it was but there was something his life. It was a rural pain and once he asked God to know twice the ascot said no.

Three times God says no. And then God says to this second Corinthians chapter 12 verse nine, I'm not going to give you the supernatural relief in the situation. My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness but you can't ever get power perfected in weakness until you get honest enough to say this is weakness. I can't handle this. God, please take it away and then here's the response that ushers in power. I love this verse 10 says therefore not just all put up with it all deal with it.

I'll try to have a good attitude. What you say therefore am well content with weakness insults with the stress with persecutions with difficulties for Christ sake, or when I'm weak that I'm strong over the apostle Paul says if this is the way you get supernatural power and unmade for eternity. I'm in this little thing short-term call time will bring it on. Just bring on the insult. Bring on the distress.

I don't care what other people say I don't care if I stay in prison.

This thorn in my flesh. If this is a part of the journey. I want to experience your power. The church in the world doesn't need to see more stop and more buildings and more religion they need to meet Christians filled with God's power who are going through difficult times and have joy who restore things when people thought there was no hope who live with a great attitude and terrible job situations who lose their homes or lose their businesses are going through difficult times and in your non-Christian friends about how in the world.

You have a good attitude and you say will it's not easy. But God's grace is sufficient, but I like my home back but I like my business what I like things to work out. Am I happy that for reasons I can understand after 23 years, my mate decided I don't love you a morning walk, talk to someone else.

It's a fallen painful world, but the Lord is my light and my salvation Lord is my deliverer.

He's my stronghold and it's in this difficulty in painful times that God works powerfully.

He was a wounded healer and what did he do, he was honest with God in the next section we learn that there is a part of this man that never gives up the fight.

He was a fierce warrior verse 11, he says, Teach Me Your Way, Lord lead me in a straight or literally a level path towards God and all the ups and all the downs and all the struggles I want you to teach me. I'm listening. I want to figure out where your at work.

I will join you teach me and lead me, but then he he tells why is he understands he's in a battle look at that because of my Oprah servers do not turn me over to the dark desires of my foes for false witnesses rise up against me spouting malicious accusations circle the word oppressors circle the word follows circle the word false witnesses and encircle malicious accusations. He was a fierce warrior and you what he did he follow God. That's how simple it is follow God. What's the game plan for King in the season was a game plan for a father was really failed.

What's your way and your instruction when you sin deeply and commit adultery. What you doing there's prosperity everywhere what he was asking was I want to learn. I want to follow whatever you say, that's what I want to do.

The moment you say that to God I will guarantee his will will be almost the opposite of the entire culture coming at you and unfortunately the opposite of most Christians see where there's faith there's power where there's praise there's power where there's honestly admitting weakness. There's power and what's he doing right here is a fierce warrior.

But how is he finding him. He's one on the battlefield. What's he doing.

He's praying God, teach me God show me this is like saying God show me how to figure out the software program God show me how to relate to my grown son or daughter God show me how to do with this physical disability God show me teach me lead me I want to do like your way. It's just following and as you step in follow power as you step in file power.

Why do you think there's those Old Testament stories you know there at the Jordan River when they step what happened. Peter Lord if it's you tell me to come, you could stand about reverently steps he follows asking God what is up to following him what would happen if each of us became fierce warriors for God's agenda and stop asking God. How are things going with me in for me and started asking, what is your agenda would you teach me, will you lead me the hope for America. It's as we walk out of here, filled with God's spirit, expecting him to work. Being passionate worshipers who take bold risk to say I will follow.

No matter what, I can't do it, but in my weakness in the God of heaven will choose because he's promised to blow the wind of life in you and me and you will get to be the recipients of him doing things in you that you thought were not possible and things through you, that you thought were only for superstars but see what he does that through ordinary people like us and shepherd boy's who gets the credit. He does. Finally he was a faithful servant number to think about. You didn't get in. Here's what he did. He finished well.

Notice what it says. He says in verse 13, I remain confident of this nothing of all that he's been through. He's had a son turn on him. He's run for his life. He's experienced a coup he's been in battles. He's been hiding in caves. He seen amazing prosperity. I remain confident of this. I will see the goodness of the Lord, where in the land of the living. Now he knows he's going to see. He wrote Psalm 23 right. He knows that goodness and mercy will follow him all the days of his life and that he's gonna spend that with the Lord forever.

What he saying is I am confident. I know for sure I'm can experience God's goodness. Where's the land of the living.

That's the right now that's today despite the difficult despite the circumstances he's going to finish well. Why notice he gives this warning wait for the Lord be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord you when he says be strong in what he saying to people like us, don't give up. Don't get in. Don't give up on that situation. Don't give up on that person. Take heart means. Don't be discouraged. Don't get them really focused indoor persevere see where there's perspective, there's power, David understood, think, think of the part of the Bible that he had he had the first five books and a bit more and he could read in Genesis about someone named Joseph and what David was a worshiper and a man of faith in what he knew was that when you step out and God does the impossible through you and it's a great plan. Sometimes the first thing he doesn't get betrayed by people who love you, and then after betrayed you land in a pit and that he may prosper you for a while and then people live out you need to be falsely accused of things and then after that, just to top it off will stick you in prison so you can in the pit, then you're in the prison, so that you can end up.

The second most powerful person in the world to save an entire nation and be exalted because what we learned earlier. Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may lift you up. See David understood the Joseph journey. What he understood was here's the spiritual equation. If God is absolutely sovereign in control of all things.

If God is good. That means he has my best interest in mind. But even in a fallen world. He's all-powerful he will orchestrate his power, his goodness and his wisdom in the midst of the sin and betrayal and ugliness of other people, and out of that will calm his goodness in me and through me in the land of the living and what I have to do is not be allowed because he always does something deep in you before he does something significant through you. Who is David. David is a shepherd boy to became a king, and he was a bold risk taker. He was a passionate worshiper. He was a wounded healer. He was a fierce warrior and he was a faithful servant, a servant of God, what did he do very simply. He trusted God he pursued God. He was honest with God. He followed God and he finished well here's the question. I think God is probably asking all of us who you can be and what you do, do you live by faith, or you will risk taker.

Are you passionate worshiper.

Are you willing to be a wounded healer, or you can fight for you to realize life isn't fair, and you're not a victim but the power of Christ lives within you see where there is faith.

There's power where there is praise. There's power. Where there's honesty there's power where there's prayer, there's power and where there's perspective and you see the big picture.

There's the grace and power of God for him to unleash in you and through you.

His purposes for all those around in this corporate chip be right back. His application today. Just a quick reminder this message. What's next ticking breakthrough your new normal is from his series breakthrough unleashing God's power into impossible situations. Maybe your impossible situation is a relationship an addiction or a painful event in your past will. Here's the truth breakthrough isn't something we sit around and wait for it happens when we trust God for the impossible and start cooperating with them to make it a reality in the series strip helps us take the first steps toward breakthrough in our relationships, our habits and our attitudes. Breakthrough resources are available in both audio and video formats including online streaming with the study guide for previews and ordering details, check out special offers on the shipping remap or give us a call at AAA 83336003 that's AAA 333-6003 will check before you get to your application. You said that breakthroughs don't happen by trying harder that breakthroughs come by being dependent on God now, could you give us. Maybe some specific ways that actually happens in your life will Dave as we have taught to this whole series breakthroughs come when the supernatural power of God occurs in your life when by faith we cling on to him and we trust him and were asking him to do the impossible. And that means that were dependent and that means the very first thing you have to do is recognize you can't do it and so you ask in another word for ask.

It is prayer. I mean desperately dependent prayer and when I meet with people all often give them that counsel and if they're really honest.

They kinda looked down at their feet a little bit and they basically say you know I'm not very good at praying I can't concentrate my mind wanders, I find myself saying the same things over and over and I will often say to them.

Have you ever considered journaling. I am a little ADD.

My mind wanders, and by keeping a journal, and by that I don't mean were documenting pages and pages of what happened yesterday and all the different events that I mean a spiritual journal. This is where God spoke to me.

Here's a promise that I'm hanging onto a here's a specific request for this day and so journal has been like a place that I can go back to over and over, and when I don't know what to say when my mind drifts I literally write out a number of my prayers and I just can't tell you how the basis of breakthrough has been seen, God did. God did it. I go back through and I write dates answered, and I put the date next to it and so as a result of that, I think our creative team said in a chip.

You seem to be like really into this journaling stuff.

What if we created something really nice that Connie uses. How you do it and maybe beyond that, put some great passages or quotes from historic figures or even a lyric or two from you of the great hymns of the faith. Let us create a resource that would help people interact with God abide in Christ track their spiritual progress in very specific answers to prayer and so that's what we done and if you have never journaled or if you are a regular person who does journal let me encourage you to check out the brand-new journal we created. I think to be a great tool for your breakthrough Frank strip while it's easy to be excited about our new prayer journals because there's so well done. Your beautifully bound in a couple of different colors with embossed gold or silver trimmings and inside it's even better chips given you a few of his journaling tips. There's a dedication page. If you want to send it as a gift and there's tons of room for you to do your own personal journaling for a limited time, our brand-new prayer journals are discounted so hope you'll check about today, you'll find all the app listeners will find them when you tap special offers and for more information just give us a call at AAA 83336003 without her strip with a final thought as we close today's program. We learned five things from David that made him a person who experienced supernatural power on a regular basis.

He was a bold risk taker.

He was a passionate worshiper.

He was a wounded healer. He was a fierce warrior and he was a faithful servant.

Which one of those if you had to choose one that you need to say Lord I need to address that in my life. I need to become a fierce warrior or passionate worshiper when she ask him and then take the first step and say Lord, teach me how to be that kind of person, and you will unlock the door for future breakthrough. God bless you and keep pressing ahead just before we close. I want to say thanks to those of you who are giving regularly to the ministry of Living on the Edge you're making a huge difference helping other Christians live like Christians. After enjoying the benefits of Living on the Edge, but aren't yet on the team.

Would you consider becoming a monthly partner to do that and set up a recurring donation. Just call us at AAA 333-6003. Tap the donate button on the app or visit us online at and let me thank you in advance for your generosity over all of us here, this is Dave really saying thanks for listening to this edition of living on VH

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