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Focus on the Gospel – Part 2

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz
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April 3, 2022 3:00 pm

Focus on the Gospel – Part 2

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz

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Here's a engram lots no less than don't forget the message.

There is power in the crop.

The change hearts and change lives.

Black, white, Jew and Gentile are Israeli Muslim's power to transform human life were so glad you joined us today for living in the light with a engram lots and has title to these messages focus on the gospel is taken from Romans chapter 1 verses one through 17. This passage and has discovered three unique characteristics for having a heart of the gospel and she's going to illustrate those three things today versus conscience of God's call. It's the basis of our being able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Second is being convinced of God's compassion. This involves being personally informed and interceding on behalf of others and then getting involved because you're indebted to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation and then the third characteristic is being confident in God's cross. So let's join and that was she teaches more from this encouraging subject of focusing on the gospel.

Here's an years ago I can't remember dates anymore.

Several years ago I was invited to be a part of the national broadcasters Association delegation to Israel to Israel with a very special group of people and one of the things we did.

We went down the farming community on the Gaza border and it was when the missiles were just raining like like rain just coming in thick and fast farming community may say when you hear the sirens go off. You have 30 seconds to get into a bunker siren went off. We are bashing the bunker. I was facing the bunker and then you come out and iron Dome is taken out the missile you see that look like a white cloud, but is not a missile that's been exploded with underneath bunker and we were briefed and the head of that community. She was head of the security for the community. She is five months pregnant and she was terrified and the little guy that showed us around was just a farmer eyes just so wide with terror. And while we were there.

His home was hit by missile and his mother and his baby were not there.

Thank goodness is homeless and when we left we were in the car and the siren went off in a four-lane highway we had to get out of the car, lay face down the ditch and look up and you see the puff of smoke with a missile been taken up by the iron Dome and I came back and I want to tell you something.

I was angry. How can this be good people are trying to make a living in farming their community grow crops and have babies and raise children. How can it be that they have to live in that kind of horror and terror for no other reason than they exist. There wasn't anything they were doing to provoke the Palestinian attack is just because Israel is there and I came back and I tell you that information was heavy on my heart like a burden, leading me to intercede and for me it's hard for me to keep my concentration in parental sound. You have about and so write down my prayers from time to time. As I wrote down a prayer that actually was about an hour long and I posted it on our website invited people to pray with me and we had about 25,000 people who join me in prayer was called 911 and it still on our website. If you want to look it up. 911. Prayer for Israel, and I brought a portion of it to read to you so you can understand how the information leads to intercession. I believe information allows God to give us the burden is on his heart so that we can then ask him what he's wanting to give us so this was a portion of my prayer our father in heaven God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, father of our Lord Jesus Christ, you are the eternal cam.

We know that you so loved the world that you gave us heaven's treasure when you sent your only son to die so that anyone and everyone who places their faith in him will not perish but have everlasting life. Yet we also know that your great heart of love still longs to pour out your blessing on the city and the people that you have uniquely chosen as your own, Jerusalem, the house of Israel. The Jews, we pray, with compulsion for the peace of Jerusalem and for the whole house of Israel, your people in the city that bear your name are surrounded by vast multitude of hostile evil men seeking to kill and destroy.

Now these demonic forces on the verge of being equipped with nuclear weapon.

Your people are subjected to the continuing barrage of enemy missiles mortars that are destroying farms and families, incendiary balloons, communities, and children while dealing with a raging pandemic.

While one cease-fire after another promises peace when Israel's land is divided and surrendered for peace. When people cry out for peace. Please there is no peace. Are you not the God who rules over the nations power and miter in your hand. No one can withstand you. So we are compelled to pray for your people because they're facing their enemies without the strength and wisdom, peace, comfort, security, hope that you reserve for those were indwelt by your spirit through faith in your son Jesus. They have no deep blessed assurance that their sins are forgiven that eternal life is there that heavenly home is waiting to welcome them. We ask great creator God that you give sight to those born spiritually blind, open the eyes of your people to see you for who you truly are. Don't let their site be dimmed or distorted by centuries of religiosity and rejection of the truth open their eyes to Jesus as their Messiah. Then show up in great power. Given your people supernatural strength to withhold vengeance to execute justice to remember mercy and walk humbly is acknowledge that victory will be one not bother might nor by their own power, but by your spirit.

Yet we do ask you for victory over the enemy in the name of the lion of the tribe of Judah in the name of the Messiah in the name of your sure Jesus. Amen when I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I'll be honest with you I don't believe will be peace in Jerusalem, not permanent peace. I don't care how many people sign that Abraham accords there will be piecing to the Prince of peace comes back and establishes it, but we can pray for every time I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, saying, Lord Jesus, please come. Even so, come, Lord Jesus just looking up Zechariah 1210 says that one day that you are going to look on the one who have pierced and mourn. As for an only son mourn because for 2000 years have rejected the one who is the Messiah and that morning is going to be repentance. They're going to turn to Jesus and Paul says in Romans 1126 that one day all of Israel will be saved. I don't know. That means every single person but is going to be a messianic nation so a heart for the gospel is conscious of God's call to the person of Jesus Christ for the purpose of sharing the gospel. We know the mission is to share the gospel. We know the message of the gospel. Okay second characteristic heart for the gospel is convinced of God's compassion for God so loved the world this wrap your mind around. Lastly, your confidence in God's cross. The same power that brought forth everything into existence that had no existence and in creation.

The same power that brought his children out of Egypt out of slavery with a strong powerful hand and then the same power that opened up the Red Sea so they could crossover on dry ground.

The same power that rollback the Jordan River so they could cross into the promised land.

The same power that brought down the walls of Jericho. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead. The same power that transform solid tires into Paul the apostle, that same power is available today is not been depleted, diluted.

There is power in the cross of Jesus Christ. Oh yes, there is where sharing the gospel with the what I would call a righteous Jew in lovely lovely man whom I dearly love that show the gospel with them multiple times with this last time I was just a little bit bolder and so then he just was honest with reason and I believe there two tracks and your own one track to God.

But I'm on another track to God and thought no, I didn't argue with him.

But Paul said the power of the gospel for the Jew first and then the judge is the same gospel in the two tracks of this power in the cross and the just want to pick up on the phrase in verse 16 says, is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes anybody ever asked you, you know what we say from not only to be saved. So of course were saved from an empty way of life were saved from futility were saved from darkness rose from ignorance, but one of the primary things were saved from can I just tell you is hell so I don't hear too many people do this and I don't want to be offensive, but this is what the Bible says I'm going to describe hell do you and I will give you the text that but it's a biblical description okay hell is a place of great suffering and weeping and gnashing of teeth. Only time I gnash my teeth was in childbirth hurt was so painful. And hell is a place of intense physical torment forever and ever. Hell is described as a bottomless pit. If I fell into a bottomless pit. I would feel like I was always falling. I was never safe and hell is described as a lake undulates changes you'd never feel like you are standing on solid ground always feel insecure.

Hell is a place of total darkness with the sun never rises that never shines. People say we not going to go to hell all my friends are there whenever party or your friends may be there but you're not going to see him as dark, you can hear the screams of agony which will be in darkness. And it's a place of solitary confinement. You're all alone in hell you are the worst time when I'm sick is in the middle of the night when it's all dark. There's nothing to distract me from the pain and agony. Hell is like that when steroids forever and ever. Hell is described as a fire place of intense thirst, dissatisfaction, torment member, the parable Jesus gave about the manages to put just a drop of water on my tongue, but it wasn't possible worst aspect of hell that you're separated from God forever the one who created you the one who loved you the one who gave his son for you and your separator can't see them, and no one can ever be this person. So let's read the verse again.

I'm not ashamed of the gospel because is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes. Jew and Gentile, because were all going to hell if we don't put our faith in Jesus and Jesus doesn't condemn us to hell is our sin that condemns us so we just keep on in life the way we were born and were all born sinners. Romans 323 says, with all sand all come short of God's glory. So if we just keep on living our lives the way we were born and we just got a cruise right in the hell which is why God so loved us that he gave his only begotten son, that when we place our faith in him we would not go to hell, but would have everlasting life. Romans 623. The wages of sin is death separation from God hell when we die, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. So power of the cross is still sufficient. The change hearts today, whether they be Jewish or whether they be Gentile, and I know right now the Jews have that hardness in their blindness some things going on in the Jewish community like the spirit of God is beginning to move in the hearts of his people, and I don't know if I'll be allowed to see those blunders come off, and has opened in them morning. For some it is for an only son turning the you sure as their Messiah, but that time is coming. So what are you trusting the change of I was invited recently to be on a televised panel discussion on racial healing and reconciliation so accepted I thought was very worthwhile. The moderator told me he would save me the last size. Okay so is a panel discussion so the moderator interviewed the different panelists and as they shared one by one they shared that they believe in order to change our nation in order to change people that the foundation of our nation needed to be destroyed. They believed that the Ku Klux Klan, it infiltrated the police and they need to be defunded and done away with.

They believe that we were saturated with systemic racism. So when he got to me. The moderator said are and what you think. So I had to bite my tongue and then I just said you know I disagree with most of what I've heard, but there was a panelist white guy that was on the panel and he had been raised as a skinhead Nazi. He hated Blacks and then he heard the gospel in his life was transformed and when he was on the panel. He was serving on the pastoral staff of a black church in the deep South saw turned him as a way to change your life. It wasn't marching in the streets. It wasn't breaking when does it wasn't defunding the place it was enjoying black lives matter it was the cross. It was the gospel of Jesus cries also listen. Don't forget the message. There is power in the cross, the change hearts and change lives.

Black, white, Jew, Gentile, Arab Israeli Muslim whoever is power in the cross, the transform human life. So, that same principle that I gave that panel applies the Middle East doesn't the power of the cross that will bring reconciliation between Jew and Arab and Israeli and Palestinian all that's going on there. The purpose of the cross. Verse 17 in the gospel a righteousness from God is revealed, a righteousness that is by faith from first to last. So from the first time when you are converted and you meet Jesus you put your faith in him.

You are made right with God. But then you grow in your righteousness into the last day, when you see him face-to-face.

So some people come to the cross, they get their ticket to heaven and then they just feel like they go back to live their lives the way they've always love them. But we come to the cross we put our faith in Jesus were saved by faith in that same faith that saves this is the faith we live by. We don't live our own wits, our own common sense our own logic. We live by faith in the son of God who loves us and gave himself for us right and it's a righteousness that's imparted in the righteousness is imputed so were saved and number sanctify the power of the cross is the sanctified years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and I went through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, radiation is everyday for a month and I would go to the hospital he would lay me down this machine. Then the technicians would run out and the machine would come down not hear the beep in the pouring of whatever Nandu has been radiated. The idea being that what the surgery didn't get then the chemotherapy would get with the chemotherapy missing the radiation would get an idea was that every day when I went through that radiation it would break down any cancer cells and found until they would be broken and dissolved, and they couldn't do their destructive work. Can I just tell you the blood of Jesus is like that radiation on cancer. So when we we come to the cross were forgiven of all of our sin, past, present, future.

All of our sin was featured in Jesus when we were saved. But we come back to the cross every day to confess our sin not only to be restored in our fellowship with him, but to break that hold that sin has because we still sin. Don't wait to be on were saved but were still sinners in our habits and our thought patterns and actions in every time where where us and we bring it to the cross plowed the blood of Jesus and increasingly like that radiation cancer the blood of Jesus weakens the sin weakens the hold until we can be set free. Yes you can.

You don't have to live in depression. You don't have to live in that bondage.

You no longer slaves to sin. You can set free.

First John 19 if you confess your sin he's favor and just to forgive you. That happened when you were converted, and to cleanse you every day when you come back to the cross, so the cross isn't just for them. The cross is for me. The cross is for you. We live at the foot of the cross and our gratitude for what God asked sends us back out the share the gospel with the world, though the characteristics of a heart for the gospel met your heart. Are you conscious of God's call call first of all to the person the Lord Jesus Christ, when it was the last time you spent time with him not to prepare something not to give out not to really study but just began his presence without looking at your watch for the purpose of and making them known sharing the gospel was the last time you shared the gospel with somebody one on and are you so convinced of God's compassion for the whole world that you're willing to make the time to be informed and then to intercede and get involved as God leads you because you're indebted and then lastly are you so convinced confident in the power of the cross. You know what your message is you know what your mission is and you give out the gospel to the Jew first, as God brings in cross your path and then to the Gentile. Well, you are growing in righteousness, so that first Corinthians is the change from glory to glory, to other people can see Jesus in the purpose of the cross to save us.

Sanctify forgot so my challenge to you if you're like me, would you ask God to enlarge your heart for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Previously and I don't feel I can give a message like this without extending you the opportunity to receive Jesus Christ by faith as your Savior and it's so simple that you can miss it but you just come to the cross by faith and I'm going to lead you on your prayer if you want to do that right now. Let me pray and you pray after me. Very simple.

Dear God I bow before you and deeply aware that if I were to die today I commandeer judgment. I would go to hell that terrifies me. I want to be saved and son coming to the cross right now believing this power in the blood of Jesus to save me. So I believe Jesus died on the cross for me if I was the only one who needed to be saved. I believe he would've died for me and ask that you would cleanse me with this block.

Forgive me a cleaning as my Savior not believe Jesus rose up from the dead to give me eternal life, and I believe eternal life is a right relationship with you now, but heaven one and open up my heart.

I choose to turn away from my sin and invite Jesus to come live inside of me.

Take control and on the wheel coming in the person of the Holy Spirit who will never leave me never forsake me.

From this day forward I choose to follow him all the way to heaven, not previously, his name missing is that your prayer somebody was listening. Then God is heard is not your words is the faith in your heart that God responds to so you're saying welcome to God's family for the rest of us. Father, I guess now please that you set our hearts on fire for the gospel that in this craziness, in which reliving people so desperate to be saved. Lord we see the people falling out of the trade towers are people falling off of that airplane.

We want to scream and cry for the people all around the store.

There, falling, spiritually speaking into destruction and judgment, O Lord God, in the short time that there is left use us to share the gospel in such a way that people's hearts and lives are changed give us an enlarged heart for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Oh yes, please Lord, we ask, we surrender our hearts to you for that purpose. Give us opportunities to share the gospel give us courage to open our mouths. Even if we do a bad job board. You can take it and clean it up and bring it into people's hearts that they respond to.

Ask your blessing. Thank you for the blessing, but I pray that any decisions that are made would not be snatched away by what comes after us seal it in our hearts, please.

We ask in Jesus name. Be sure to take advantage of all that's available for you and Engram for man's blog messages, Bible studies, books and videos all will give you a deeper, richer relationship with Jesus through God's word and thanks for joining us today for living in the light

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