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Fired Up about Jesus – Part 2

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz
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June 27, 2021 3:00 pm

Fired Up about Jesus – Part 2

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz

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Thank you for joining us on living in the light with Engram Watts to share the gospel. Let me ask you something you tell somebody about Jesus who doesn't know this is living in the light with a Engram lots today, you'll hear part two man's message title fired up about Jesus and that's exactly what happened to the apostle Peter.

Peter was fired up when he reflected on the gospel of God from the Old Testament saints.

Explain what this is all about.

From the book of first Peter Peter was in front experience the risen Lord Jesus Christ, the resurrection and execution. Meeting Jesus alive after death was confirmed in the fact that there is life after that life is not all there is. The best is yet to come through this drill even when were not just to know at this stage in my life unless sooner than later, but I know that I'm going home that I have eternal life, and because of the resurrection of Jesus is heaven for me and for you and not only that, but I think the resurrection a living hope of the resurrection means that failure is not final that God gives a second chance Peter beside gallantly driven when Jesus came to after the resurrection, and Jesus fixes breakfast for them and asked them three times Peter do you love allowing Peter to confess his laxatives denied him three times in Jesus and Peter if you love me do something about it. I want you to serve me and Peter. I wonder if he thought me you want me after what I've done. After all my failures abducted Nigerian Lord you want. He serves you all to think there was something else because the cross had to of been the worst nightmare that anybody could witness it was horror in living color. It was the worst thing that hell could come up with evil just master their own execution mountain and the demons having victory temporarily so I thought they did and was part was obscene almost unthinkable and then Sunday came and Jesus came out of that tomb and he stomped on the head of that old serpent broke the devil's power and he took the sting away from death and robbed the grave of its victory and I don't know what the worst thing is this ever happened in your life but of God to bring the car the crucifixion if he could bring blessing from the broken body of Jesus. You think you can't do that for you. Mother used to tell a wonderful story that I love to tell is a true story is told her about a man who witnessed it, but the holidays in Scotland is fishing a gun at fishing all day and they came in to the pub to order their drinks that night while the maid was getting their drinks one fishing was talk about his fish that got away, and he threw out his arms like this and when he did his hand had below made with her prayer drinks issues bring to the table and it the train came out of her hand and the drink/up against the whitewashed wall and everybody's just stunned because there's a crackling glass an ugly brown stain from the drink, is it sting the whitewashed wall and before she could move or react to somebody in the corner jumped up and he reached in his pocket and pulled out a piece of charcoal you begin to schedule an ugly brown stain that he signed his name was Sir Lanser. He was Great Britain's foremost wildlife artist at the time and the ugly brown stain was just a disaster until master artist sketched around and turned it into a masterpiece and what is ugly brown stain in your life. Failure failure not just that hurt you but hurt somebody else abused the trail something that you so ashamed of hard to acknowledge it yourself and whatever it is, would you just tell the Lord about it and surrendered to him. Give him your ugly brown stain. He's the master artist and he can turn it into a masterpiece of his gray, but you have to give it to the living hope of the resurrection tell us if he can bring glory from the cross, he can transform your ugly brown stain into something beautiful, something that actually when you look back on it will be glad that whatever you can't really thank God for the experience, but thank God for the way he's used that experience in Peter was about Jesus when he reflected on the gifts that God is given you a gift of the living hope in the gift of a lasting inheritance and in verses four and five he talks about lasting inheritance is stored up for us and he was thinking of this time and had been stripped of everything he's in prison. He is nothing unassuming as tenant paper because he's writing this letter, but other than that he would have no worldly goods maybe just a robe on his back. Nowhere to Leah said except the stone floor of the prison just stuffing and that he was reflecting on the fact that he had an inheritance that was laid up for him that no thief could break through and steal and loss couldn't destroy unrest with corrupt was being held for him years ago. My children were at home and was the first day out of school so I took them downtown to get a hamburger actually we came back not more than an hour or two later and found the front door of our home broken down and we have been robbed all of my silver all of my jewelry all things. My grandmother left me even small pieces of furniture that could be grabbed quickly. All the little silver baby, cups and spoons that I had displayed my children, the Jews, so when the police came.

They said Mrs. Locksley need you to know that if somebody wants to get in your house they can get in your short of a shotgun blast of the phase you really can't keep them out so that night when I went to bed and I had to follow that my bed that taken the pillowcases off of capitalism which to put my things they could take off him. I laid in bed and I felt myself going into shock because I was thinking, what do I have that can't be taken away and thought they could come back for my children thought I would pass out.

My husband could stick taken his he was and I could lose my health which I have the house to burn to the ground which it hasn't and your friends can slam you lose your reputation, your education is outdated to Marcus. Things at happening so fast and we have we can't lose since I was getting stiffer and colder and absolutely going to go into never never land and the spirit seem to whisper not here and count your blessings and I just the Ephesians is up again in my mind going back to Ephesians 1 and two and listed my blessings are so many of them up with them to the alphabet and accepted by God I'm beloved and chosen by God to belong to the center and deliver from empty and meaningless way of life and enlightened think the thoughts of God have the mind of Christ unforgiving of all aggressive. I have his grace I have hope. I've inheritance with the saints and justify having knowledge of God's mercy is nearness made one with him have his peace in his power and quickened by the Spirit into new life and would be unsealed by his spirit on his treasure and united with other believers in the body of Christ. I'm validated as being authentic by spirit that's in I have is wisdom in XYZ and exalted one day to live with him in his heavenly home, so I'm glad.

Praise God and inheritance, and I think when we get to heaven. The Lord agreed.

As you wipe the tears from her face will take us by the hand and not only do have spiritual blessings here and now we have blessings in heaven. I wonder if there are also things that he's collected, forcing place in our individual mansion so that when we walk in the expected welcome with come home because with the father's child so what if you lost was been taken from you. Praise God for lasting no one can take it from his Capt. heaven reserved for you and to you can come get Peter reflected on the gifts of God.

He was fired up about cheese living hope of the resurrection. A lasting inheritance that was laid up for him and thoroughly was fired up about God's glory and I'm going to read this again here beautiful verses verse six in this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer in all kinds of trials. These incomes are that your faith of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire may be proved genuine and may result in praise and glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed. And what kinds of trials are going through. So have you been in a variety of my God listed in the last seven years there has been many more than that, I can assure you the ones that stand out and I'm sure if we compared notes. There are people here that you just taught me right in the table with all the things that you've been through various kinds of trials. But you have interesting thing is that God allows these trials to come and draw like the server platform because when everything is going good. When we have no trial. Swimming got money in the bank.

We can pay our bills when our husbands or our spouse always speaks well of us, our children obey us in our neighbors talk well about us.

These jobs are going good and and then were kind and gracious and thoughtful. Nobody cares anybody can do that. It's when our spouse works out and actually rebel and we lose our help. We don't have enough money to pay the bills this month and when our neighbor slandering us behind our back and were still thoughtful and kind and compassionate people say world wait a minute that's not natural and supernatural, and they see the glory of Jesus revealed in us to see that I took tomorrow and Rachel Ruth some time ago to the Tower of London. We saw the crown jewels and stand on a moving sidewalk and you pass these glass cases and they have jewels in there like they don't look real know that dominance the size of eggs and animals the size of golf balls and all the gold in your all set against black velvet because the contrast between the jewel in the black belt makes the jewel more spectacular and God allows you and you have black velvet in our class because it makes his glory. People can see the glory of God when it's contrasted with the darkness.

Great illustration in the Old Testament which Shadrach me shack and Abednego were told by Nebuchadnezzar to bail down the image of gold and they said you know Nebuchadnezzar okay live forever. We don't have to think about this will have to discuss it among ourselves. We believe our God is able to deliver us, but if he doesn't were still not going to belt under section so the king heat of the furnace seven times hotter, and yet men throw them in the fire was so hot it burned up Amanda through the man. The three young men Hebrew children got inside the furnace and not a hair on their head was singed only thing burned ropes that bound them. But that wasn't the most anything. The most anything was Nebuchadnezzar looked and he said how many men did we throwing their three and why I see for in the forces, like the son of God Jesus revealed when his children were thrown into the fire and when entering the fire. Don't forget people are watching you and that's when the glory of Jesus is revealed in the Old Testament when the glory of God came down on Mount Sinai. Remember it was lightning and thunder in his big Golden, the top of the mountain glowed and Moses went up there and when he came back his face glowing report available space of people wouldn't see. When the glory departed and when the priest sacrificing the tabernacle and the temple, the glory cloud came down and they couldn't going because the court was so sick and when they wander through the wilderness, the glory led them in a pillar of cloud during the day and a pillar of fire at night and Peter is saying the glory of God is no longer on that sunny Nazi lumber on her face to the pardon be hidden behind the veil. It's no longer in the tabernacle temple when the sacrifices made is no longer in a cloudy pillar of fire: the glory of God is given you a people have a hard time saying and that's when depression and in the far going through problems and pain and persecution. And that's when the glory comes out. Have a friend who enjoy doing ceramics on the you know you single click on the potter's wheel turns and just graded blob of clay in the powder molded by just using the pressure of his hands and he can mold interface or Potter bowl and then he takes off the potter's wheel is just gray clay and he painted his dull colored soft and he puts it in the kill.

Each of the 1700F when he takes it out. Whatever he made was strong and the colors are beautiful, strengthened by the heat and Malachi indicates that God puts us in the kill the refiners fire and he says were like gold on our faces like gold and he puts the fire under us, and he turns up the heat. God knows exactly what he's doing so is not going to be so hot you can't bear it. Even though you think it's a lot you can very well turn up the heat until you melt in the divorce and the gold float to the surface and the refiner would skim the drops off to purify the gold ends. God puts the heat underneath us to bring those impurities to the surface. Those habits and those rough edges in those attitudes and that things were not aware of as the heat comes on it brings it to the surface of the confessor than we can be clans of God keeps removing it from our last until he can see his own face reflected the face of Jesus's glory revealed in you and me in the glory of God. By the way is not just the Golden shining cloud, but it's his character. So we see his character in verse seven he says these it is that your faith a greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire may be proved genuine. We don't doubting when hard things come when their questions that we can answer difficulties, you know, we have faith in verse eight he says that we have not seen in you loving even though you do not see him you believe and we have a whole and when they were going to see him face-to-face and then were filled with inexpressible and glorious joy, faith, love, hope and joy coming when the fire is the hottest and we love him and we trust him and we believe in him and we have joy and state cannot just give the board of personal testimony and I know it's an answer to prayer many of you have prayed for me this past year I've never lost my joy. I've been aware every day of blessing after blessing after blessing. I love the Lord more today than I do yesterday or tomorrow today. I don't doubting I just trust and I just lay it all down. Let him have his way. I'm not clinging to life and I'm not clinging to life for me to die is gain want to go home and be with my husband appearance, but if I'm left here Paul said that is because I have more fruitful people to do some willing to go or to stay but it's sometimes we don't see the car until were in the far Peter was far reflected on the grace of God in the gifts of God and the glory of God that he Peter can imagine would be filled with the I think that's one reason he wasn't afraid of his execution opportunity with his last reveal the glory of God as he trusted his safe and lastly he was fired up when you reflect on the gospel of God. In verses 10 and 11 talks about the same to look for this. The Old Testament saints. They look for the gospel. They long for the gospel, but it was just a promise for them going back to Adam and Eve and Adam and Eve given when they were sinned and they were removed from the garden. It was a prophecy that God gave them they would come.

The seed of a woman and you women don't have seed so this is a seed of a woman that would come and he would be wounded.

His heel would be bruised but he will crush the head of the servant you break the power of the devil and Adam and Eve were looking for, and longing for the sea for the Messiah for the gospel. They didn't know his name. They were looking for Jesus would take away this thing and bring them back into right relationship with God, we come to Abraham living in God leads out of happens is a benefit following a life of obedient faith house and through USC all the nations of the earth would be blessed Abraham left and followed on the life of obedient faith because he was looking for and longing for the seed, the Messiah, the gospel. He didn't know his name but his cheese Moses delivered the children of Israel from bondage to slavery and God supposed to raise up a prophet like you will deliver them up people not from bondage to slavery, but Moses began looking for longing for the Messiah, the Savior, the gospel, the one whose name is Jesus. As this that there would come a seed of a woman virgin born. His name would be called wonderful Counselor, Almighty God, everlasting Father, Prince of peace, he would be the land by whose stripes would be healed and Isaiah didn't know his name but he was looking for a longing for the Messiah for the gospel for Jesus in the Old Testament, they could look for Lincoln long before he was just a promise.

Hebrews 11 said they never received the promise until Jesus came. And when Jesus came on those promises were fulfilled and you and I living on this side of the cross of you ever thank God we don't have to go to the temple and slaughter some lamina blood spurting everywhere, walk away, never knowing for sure of our sins were forgiven. Hebrews at the sacrifice blows and goes but they never were sure their sins were forgiven. They just exercise their faith in God's word is that if you do that, I will forgive your sin, and then he sent the Lamb of God took away the sin of the it was a promise in the Old Testament for you and me. We possess that the gospel is word and Sophia was fired up on Pentecost to preach his heart out preaching that sinners could be saying failures the and those were on their way to help go to heaven and those living in darkness to come to the light of the captains could be ransomed in God so love the whole world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him, whosoever believes in. Whosoever anybody who would place their faith in Jesus would not perish, but not going to help, but they would have ever lasting life be brought into right relationship with God now and have heaven all listen to me are you fired share the gospel. Let me ask you something. When was the last time you share the gospel. When is the last time you told somebody about Jesus who doesn't know Jesus is talking about. If your heart you may not say it right, you may not have all the right answers may not be able to enter into a theological discussion, you may not be into apologetics but you can tell people what Jesus means that you and you can tell him what he's done for you is taken away your cities with the load of guilt is given your hope for the future lives in this world has no hope is not in politics and is not in European Union is not in the peace plan in the Middle East and is not in trade wars with John and is not in whatever is going on North Korea and its own hope is in Jesus and we know and it went on to share it. Something's wrong to ask you to examine your heart could not share the gospel recently about your loss that wonder what God is done for you with the cross someone to challenge what you ask God to fire you up again asking to reignite your heart. Love for Jesus. Reflect on his grace in your life you were chosen when was that you're being sanctified, sprinkled with his blood every day cleanse funds. The sun is you come to the cross. Washing your feet you reflect on his gifts living hope of the resurrection were going home. This life is not all there is were going to see Jesus the gift of the lasting inheritance and his glory residing in you Jesus living in you revealing himself through you, especially when going through stuff many kinds of trials.

In the gospel's praise God is not just a promise is reality. When we possess it herself. Ask God to reignite your heart for Jesus and tell you something believe you can pass on a godly legacy and ungodly world unless you want to ask God to set you on fire beginning to pray with a place so father, I want to thank you thank you thank you for your grace, cannot lie for your gifts for your glory for your gospel and I thank you that for whatever reason, your grace, I guess you maintain that heart and I thank you that you brought every single one of these people sitting in front of the because I believe you've chosen them to belong to the sun and you want them to be apathetic, not complacent, not leaving it to somebody else to share the gospel. Not thinking, that's for somebody else puts its powers hours to share some of the Lord, we thank you for Peter thank you for his testimony. Thank you that he was humble enough to write down all of these things that help us identify with him in such a way that if he can be transformed into the apostle left a legacy. Talk about legacy 2000 years later still living legacy if you can do it you can do it using me in each one of you take this deep in your hearts until we can get along and sit down and talk to about what you said to us tonight. See, we ask this in Jesus name and for his glory. You been listening to living in the light and when you go to Engram there are free resources to help you in your study of God's word and his desire is that you embrace of God filled life step-by-step choice by choice living in the light

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