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The Gospel Message – Part 2

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz
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May 16, 2021 3:00 pm

The Gospel Message – Part 2

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz

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May 16, 2021 3:00 pm

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This is a engram lots. When you pray for your children when you praise your grandchildren when you press your nieces and nephews in somebody else's children and children God brought across your path when you pray for the next generation. Welcome to this weekly vision of living in the light with Bible teacher engram logs the gospel message from the book of Genesis from the story of those passing the baton. The message of the gospel from one generation to another. How many of you were raised in a Christian home, I was to and I received Christ girl about seven, eight or nine, but then I remember my mother sent me off to boarding school. My freshman year in high school I hated I had a miserable time, but it was during that time away that I began to develop my own one-on-one personal relationship about how you have a say, but I began to develop that relationship rock praise and got answers to prayer and read my Bible and heard God speaking to me through it and the couple of years later I came back after that first year.

Mother let me go to the public hospital right here in Suwanee Valley and I loved it, but I remember couple of years later, in the same bedroom right now down received Christ the Savior. I knelt down and gave my life to God for service because I always thought you want us to, but forgot until my daddy was just somehow I just coasting on daddy and mother and my grandparents and but it occurred to me that when I stand before God, I'll give an account to God for life and the way I have lived and I hadn't done anything for him.

So I knelt down in my bedroom.

I was about 16 years of age and there came from everything that triggered it.

Just that thought and told him I wanted my life to counts. I wanted to give you my life for whatever he wanted to use it for.

I just wanted to have something to show for the way I live my life on earth.

And I believe God accepted that prayer, but I learned it in the home and where he learned where did you step out from behind your parents faith. I think sometimes we see our children they go off to the University they go off to school and they lose their faith. Was it because it never was there they never develop that personal one-on-one that they just coasted on the parents coattails, money get off to school.

They challenge them they don't how to pray they don't how to get answers to prayer.

They don't how to read God's word here and speaks of their relationship with him is not personal is not strong. They are not convinced of the truth of the gospel so they don't have the courage to stand by their convictions been a challenge in some classroom in they don't live it out so it's important to make sure that we have received that baton of the gospel for ourselves and were passing on to the next generation where they receive it for themselves.

And I believe it's learned one of the places is learned in the home.

You can start one right so nevermind what went before just from this generation.

Forward you establish that in your home so so you create an atmosphere of worship of God were your children and grandchildren can come and learn about God firsthand from your one of the ways were done in our family was thing about this earlier might show your picture more but anyway in the 1700s. This man put together little volume called daily lights and is just Scripture morning and evening, but my grandmother gave my mother a copy of it when my mother was 10 years old living in China and then when I turned 10, my mother gave me a copy just while living right across the valley and when my children were 10 I gave each one of them there copies and now my grandchildren have given them copies of the daily life so that we all read that were all on the same page we read it as a family and is fun because I can call one of my truancy. Did you read the daylight this morning. This first spoke to me in and one of them. I say well that spoke to me.

But did you see this one and and so were just your sharing God's word and worshiping God together and is just a sweet way of passing that baton on from generation to generation. Danish was somebody who worshiped God who's been impacted by the example you've set of worshiping God in spirit and in truth it is a story of a young person who was going off to college his first year and he went to think about it, was pastor and his pastor was just congratulating him on his new life in and what he was going to be experiencing then passes that make sure when you go off to the University that you find a good church and you need to get into a good church first thing in the young persons and yes I'll do that. Of course you know the young person went off after the first semester came back it Christmas and he went out to see the old pastor and the old pastor was assessing how classes were going and then he said in an did you find a good church in the college students are your shuffling his feet and looking down and then all pastor said you are going to church on your and the young persons that will appear. He said no, not really. He said I got there and there's just not time. You have lots of activities at the study hardly many things to do in you. I just don't think I need church right now and I know I'm say. But no, I'm not going to church and to the pastor.

They were sitting beside the hearth and fire was burning in pastor got up and just rearrange the logs and he took the logs off the left one log on the fire, but the others he removed and he just sat there and he just stared at the firing. He kept staring at it and finally the young person thought what he's gone to sleep as he cleared his voice and and the passes that you got dozed off and he said no he said I didn't dozed off. He said I was just looking at that log he said look at it. He said you member is burning brightly when all the logs were there, but when you remove the other logs in the fire than the one log left. The fire went out. If you want to keep the fire burning in your heart you want to keep your starving love for Jesus in your farm love for the gospel and keep on the sharp edge of your commitment, you need other logs and I think that's corporate worship so it says that other people began calling on the name of the Lord mean they should set the example. But other people follow his example and they were worshiping the Lord and I think that's corporate worship so are you in church you go to. Sometimes it's hard for Mama to be honest I been in a lot of churches, but I go to church and am a member of the church and find a church that preaches God's word find a church that loves the gospel find the church that is a good use program for your kids and a good news program is not one with their fun and games may attract a lot of kids. A good use book is where they teach them the Scriptures they take them on missions trips. They take them on service projects of the can help other people in the community and they put feet to their face get them in a good use. But when it maybe your church doesn't offer that maybe somebody else's church. You can put your young people in that youth program in our churches will do that and we need to have corporate worship program keep the fire burning subpoenas was one who worshiped God any receive that baton of the gospel and that he passed to the Canaan Canaan pastor the Mahal allow Hollowell passed the Jared and Jared past that the Enoch so let's get this straight. There's the nosh news. Enoch okay so now want Enoch down in verse 18 when Jared lived 162 years he became the father. Verse 21 when Tina could live 65 years he became the father of Methuselah after he became the father of Methuselah. Enoch walked with God.

300 years and had other sons and daughters altogether.

Even at 365 years Enoch walked with God. Then he was no more, because God took him away a whole has a little insight there in the middle of the genealogy in the so here is a Nike is received at the time of the gospel and when it triggered for him when it became real and is live.

It's when he had a baby and he's looking at that little baby and you can see the lashes on his chubby cheeks in his hands clutching his hand and Rosebud male sort of twitching and is overwhelmed with the responsibility of being a parent, going to raise a godly boy in this kind of civilization. All I need God. And that's when Enoch began to walk with God and walking implies progression doesn't one step at a time when I'm home like to walk with friends and I'm the one from myself but I loved walk with a friend makes it go faster and we walk about 2 1/2 or 3 miles and we have to rule so we don't walk together. One is it we have to walk the same pace others that we have to walk in the same direction we don't walk together.

And when you walk with God. Walking with God is the same thing you walk in God's pace, which is moment by moment obedience to his word and how can you obey them. If you not reading it you have to read it every day so that your following through and living out your commitment to the word of God which you do that step by step, day by day and then you walk in God's direction.

You don't go off in your own direction. You surrender the will of your life to him.

You don't have your plan to have your goals. You have your ambitions. You just give all about the God you say God I want what you want more than what I want.

I surrender my life to you.

Your will is your goals among your priorities are mine and you walk with God. That was a every day making time to listen to God's voice is surrender his life turned to walk step by step by step 365 days a year for 300 years until God became so real and is why the he just walked right in the presence of God, where he still is today.

Only two men in the Old Testament to did not die. Enoch and Elijah somewhere in heaven today when they were going to see them but about catalysis heads up. There will be a generation, an entire generation of believers who will not. But the trumpet will blow Jesus will call us were going to be caught up in the air to be with Jesus and live with him forever. And I think is very important that you and I'll be walking faithfully when that moment happens and I believe it could be any moment. I that's a whole another subject, but you get the CDs, videos, orders from our last prophecy seminar, but I'll play what we came out of there just looking up because I believe that may be any moment. In walked with God until God took him right into his presence. So you receive that baton of the gospel. You make the commitment to worship God and set that example to walk with God and thirdly, to work for God and Enoch passed the baton to his son, Methuselah can't imagine naming my child Methuselah.

But anyway and this is the past of the Lamech and Lamech to Noah, and I want to talk just a moment about know about this touch on Lamech first because Lamech must've known he was living in the last days. He knew he was living in a civilization that was provoking the judgment of God. And so when Noah was born. Lamech says something that sort of obscure in verse 29 he says would Lamech and lived 182 years. He had a son.

He named him Noah and said he will comfort us in the labor and painful toil of her hand caused on the ground the Lord is Curtis. And so I'm going to read into it because I think it's a little obscure but I believe he believed judgment was coming. God was going to intervene in the lifetime of his son in some way his son was going to be a comfort to him and he found peace and that knowing that his son was going to be part of God's plan and purpose for God's people in the midst of this terrible civilization. So Lamech gives me the impression of someone who prayed for his son before he was born and when he was born and when he was growing up, when you pray for your children when you place your grandchildren when you place your nieces and nephews in somebody else's children children gods brought across your path when you pray for the next generation. Pray for the ones you have hoodies and's pierced everything ends up pods and theropod you know, iPads and all the rest of it. They're just so lost when you pray for them. Lamech prayed for Noah now look back I pray for my children before they were conceived every day of my pregnancy and when they were born everyday of their lives. I'm going to tell you, it hasn't always been easy and I look back I see my children now suffering some of the consequences of the fact that I don't think I prayed enough. I don't think I was strong enough prayer is one of the hardest disciplines. The learn is and it's it's a fight for me and I learned a lot about prayer and I believe him growing in prayer, but I believe my weakness in prayer when my children were growing up is cost them, and God in his mercy and grace is overruled in so many ways that have apologized all three of my children and their spouses because I feel like I've let them down in some way. Some just challenging on telling you that normal be specific about want to you know tell something that involves their lives but but I will just challenge you don't make no mistake, you start praying for your children. Now every day in your grandchildren. I've gotten to the start praying for my grandchildren for anything. I just want to give them my best attention in prayer make up for the lack of prayer that I gave my own children when they were younger. Lamech prayed for his child are we glad because Noah grew up and he became the 10th man on this list. He received the baton of truth and you see that in chapter 6, verse eight no Lamech son found favor in the eyes of the Lord.

This is the account of Noah. Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time and no walked with God so) tells us that Noah was a man who worshiped God when he says he was a righteous man. He was right with God in our relationship, you know, we came to a blood sacrifice blameless among the people doing everything you could be right with others. Walking with God Sonoma somebody who worship and who walked and then he works and it was as Noah was walking with God that God impressed on Noah's heart was on God's heart and he said no. I'm sick of this in our and please not paraphrase birds agree that I've made mainly the whole world is a wicked, evil, blasphemous, profane, and I'm going to wipe them off the face of your judgment is on my mind. Noah and Noah was walking with God and that's where God imparted to him that God was going to judge the whole world.

And then God said no judgments on that salvation from judgment is also on some want you to build an ark and what you offered to the people of your day that anybody who comes into the ark, and be safe in the judgment is coming and Noah did exactly what he was told chapter 6, verse 22. It says that he did everything just as God commanded him and he built the ark to talk about being convinced of the truth of the gospel and having the courage to do it in front of the whole world laughing at this crazy old man never seen rain at that point never seen a big body water never seen about never using a building this certainly never seen that many animals this man was crazy. This was a big show and they would come and laugh at him in the New Testament as Noah was a preacher of righteousness standing in the door of the ark just preaching judgments coming judgment is coming coming to the queue can be saved from judgment and the whole thingyou we think you're crazy and laughing and Noah working for God and adjusting to make no except on his family and Noah's family all of his family came into the ark. God shut the door and the judgment that everybody said wasn't coming came and everybody outside of that ark was destroyed.

There is no safety in numbers.

So listen to me. I walk with God to nine is closely as I would like but I walk with him every day and I can tell you those two things are still in the heart of God. Judgment is upon the heart of God. And I know it.

He would be less than himself if he didn't judge this wicked, profane, blasphemous, obscene world in which women God is adjusting his righteous buddies.

Also patient is in the is not willing for any to perish all the come to repentance. And so he is withholding his judgment, but I can feel it coming on.

No judgment is coming, but on the whole, so that salvation from judgment is on his God has provided our and his name is Jesus, and there is one way in the salvation from judgment, one where you can be saved in one door and the ark.

Did you know that one way into salvation is through the cross of Jesus Christ. The cross is adorned of the ark place of safety from God's judgment and you come to God through the cross of Jesus Christ. Your saved from the judgment that is coming doesn't mean that living in America we might not go through some bad things, and of the world come under judgment. We go through economic collapse and the other things are happening. The rain falls on the just and unjust. But when you step into eternity is appointed unto man once to die, and then the judgment if you step into eternity. And you're not safely inside the ark you not safely under the blood of Jesus you are my claim Christ as your Savior your mom to come under the judgment.

There will be judgment for sin. That's the message of the cross. The message of the cross is there is judgment for sin, but also selfish because God's love to. He took the judgment that should've been years and should and mommy took it upon himself. But make no mistake judgment is on the mind of God and so we salvation from judgment and you know that if you walk with God, and you can feel it burning in his heart, knowing the time is short and I believe we'll talk about this in the days to come. But this is harvest time and it's time to pass the baton of the gospel to the people around you people increasing are going to be afraid. They're looking for answers they want. Hope they want to be saved if they want to know they're going to be saved and you and can tell from privilege to share with them that there is an ark. There is a place of salvation so Noah worked for God and as a result of his work for God you and are here today. Had he not done that had he said you know I don't need to work be looking to not fall there is my father's Lamech.

My grandfather was, you know, I just write it on their coattails, or he could have said, my goodness, I can never work like Lamech and I could never work like with Susan just curl up in a ball. Just hot himself and what he wasn't proud of his heritage. She was overwhelmed by he just used it as a base for his worship and his walking and his work and in the process.

The human race. Save who would be safe if you would and walk with God and work for God. What work does God have to do. I don't think you know until you start walking with God.

It was while Noah was walking with God that God told him the work he wanted to do an ugly God is a work for you. I believe that with all my heart and doesn't have to be standing up for doing something like this but I believe the work we want you to do is to pass that the time of the gospel to somebody else in all different ways to do that you have to be the one that actually prays with him to receive Christ, but you dropped the seeds you plant the seeds and somebody said their likely links in the chain before somebody finally comes to Christ, but you can forward some of those lame scansion and just. Each one of these men had the witness of the person in front of them and set that witness for the person coming behind them and you and can be an example of the way we live our lives were so convinced of the gospel that we have the courage to stand up for and speak out for in this multicultural, pluralistic, politically correct society, we speak the name of Jesus and when we live it out, and commitment to our worship into our walking into our working until somebody out there receives the baton of the gospel and we pass it to somebody else. Adam tested the assess setbacks at the English Danish to Keenan Keenan from the hollow how little to Jared scenic to Methuselah to Lamech to Noah to Shem to Heber.

The Tara to Abraham, to Isaac to Jacob to Joseph to Moses the Joshua the Deborah the Gideon the Samson to Ruth the Samuel to David Solomon to justify the Hezekiah to Elijah to Esther Lee Amaya to Ezra the hag at the Zachariah John the Baptist.

John the Baptist said to hold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world and for the first time since the Garden of Eden.

We could see face-to-face and we saw the gospel in living/and John have seen the beginning was the word the word was with God the Word was God not see him obscene God in the face of Jesus Christ. Glory full of truth and grace and Polycarp heard John's testimony and Polycarp was so convinced of the truth that he received the gospel in the courage of his convictions led to live out his commitment to this day. In an interesting first generation.

After the face-to-face relay event baton and able able God first generation after Jesus. When we saw Jesus face-to-face Polycarp dies, and it just lays the groundwork for everything. The fall such a powerful witness and so Polycarp shares it with Ambrose Ambrose to Augustine. Augustine to Anselm and some the John Wycliffe, the John Harris, Martin Luther, to John Knox, John Calvin, the John Bunyan the Jonathan Edwards the John Wesley to Whitfield as Barry to carry the Spurgeon to Moody. The Haldeman the Billy Sunday to Billy Graham to made to Rachel Ruth and you, the baton of the gospel was received face-to-face and then relayed face-to-face.

The face-to-face from generation to generation to generation, the same gospel to you.

You want to know in a personal relationship. Your sin is separated you from them but you can come back into the blood sacrifice of the Lamb whose blood was shed on the cross. The only way into that safety. The only way into a right relationship with God is through the blood of the Lamb, even Jesus Christ, but anybody can come and whosoever will make him and when you come, your sins are forgiven you have a hope of heaven when you die you have a right relationship with God. You have eternal life. You have cheese gospel. So don't bobble the baton don't drop it. It's been passed to you from the beginning to all generations. You receive it is the treasure that it is and then you pass on to somebody you you been listening to living in the light with and Graham Watts. If you'd like to share today's message go to and Graham where you'll find much to assist you in getting into the word of God and praying and sharing Christ with others join us again here next week for living in the light

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