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The Current State of the Culture Wars and Politics in America

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 6, 2016 4:20 pm

The Current State of the Culture Wars and Politics in America

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 6, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/06/16.

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Culture wars the politics from the hypocrisy of PayPal to the man who believes is a woman now believes is a Dragon got covered today stock for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your points of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown so so people wonder at what point to take a stand at what point do you say enough is enough. At what point do you say this matter was gonna cost me. I've got to do so. All week we've been at that point for a long time now. Finally, I hope that people are waking up that were slumbering before or people are waking up, who really sought no big deal. I really hope there waking up to the all out assault on religious liberties to the all-out assault on moral sanity to the all-out assault on Christian values in many parts of our country today and other countries as well, and I'm here to be your loyal alarm with a wake-up call to stir your heart to give you courage to stand. This is Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution member, call 866348788466634 truth I've got an important article that is about PayPal and I'm encouraging you to send a message to PayPal with your money, meaning to let it be known to them that because of their hypocrisy and because of their targeting of Christian values conservative as high but common sense values at the same time that they are expanding their business to work in Cuba time to send them a message. We've also got some new videos submitted Esther to Brown ASKDR Brown.Ward yeah Joey. Let them know. Let them know why you canceled the account for sure.

Let them know your reason for doing it if if you haven't, for those who don't know because North Carolina has said we don't want man in ladies bathroom's locker rooms, shower stalls and public buildings are not making this up because North Carolina has said we don't want that overturning a radical wrongheaded bill that was passed earlier this year in Charlotte. PayPal has now said PayPal has not has now said that they will not expand their company into North Carolina into Charlotte. They were supposed to bring in $3.61 in revenue and 400 new hire and jobs they said and I can do it because everyone must be treated with dignity and respect all hang on hang on, what about the women and the daughters that that the mothers and the daughters the women and the children are they not to be treated with dignity and respect.

What about the rape victim she said please please don't let a male in my bathroom even it's a harmless transgender dresser.

Please don't do that and enter open a door. When he had a sexual predator but we can dress and walk in the will could stop them with the treating them with dignity, respect, and enter PayPal I I say this if you want everyone to be treated with dignity, respect, and that such an important value to why you expanding your business into Cuba. Why are you expanding your business into a communist country with decades of human rights abuses that continue to this hour. And why do you work with company at countries like Saudi Arabia that execute practicing homosexuals. The hypocrisy of it is staggering and many in good conscience of said we are sending a message to PayPal reviews PayPal for many years our website. It's helps people and service people.

We are looking into alternatives. Even as I speak a lot. Talk about today.

866-34-TRUTH error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

So yesterday governor of signed into law, religious skill religious protection bill to shame.

These things have to be done, but they have to right now because of the force of the bullying.

Gay activist movement, with its giant allies and big business in Hollywood in the sports world the upset of the oven for the NFL to threaten to not consider Atlanta roof for a future Super Bowl site which brings in mega bucks to a city for the NFL to threaten the state of Georgia because the state of Georgia wanted to pass a bill saying that pastors would not be required to quote perform a marriage simile for "the two men that that a Christian school would not be required to hire someone whose views completely differed with theirs. I mean bare-bones common sense religious freedoms for the NFL from Disney Corporation for others to to threaten estate and then for the governor to cave under that this is outrageous. These are fundamental religious liberties. Our nation was founded on freedom of religion.

There is hardly a foundation of our nation more precious, more basic than freedom of religion with the freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and yet there is in all out assault. So if you have a PayPal account.

This is what family research Council's encouraging me to do when you have a payphone pal account. Let the company know where you stand on their decision to side with extremists over public safety and privacy send a message to them and if they relent and they recant their ridiculous decision not to bring business to Charlotte great do business with them. If not act in conscience. Let me also point this out. PayPal was perfectly willing to come here as of six months ago PayPal was perfectly willing to come to Charlotte North Carolina in Charlotte near PayPal was perfectly willing to come to Charlotte a year ago when the laws were exactly as they are today early this year.

Charlotte city Council passed a wrongheaded bill got overturned promptly by the state.

Charlotte also went beyond its constitutional rights within North Carolina.

So we're back to where we were six months or year ago. Where were all the protests six months or year ago where the protest from Bank of America, Wells Fargo, why wasn't the NBA threatening then, so this is utter utter hypocrisy on the part of PayPal may need to be held to account what a tragic shame that governor deal who campaigned as a conservative Christian standing for traditional values that he caved in Georgia and when he quotes Jesus to back his decision. That makes it more all the more ugly we shame that the governor of Arkansas cave that the governor of Arizona caved in recent months when the last year or two when shame because all you need is a few more states like North Carolina, like Mississippi, whether standing for freedom of religion, whether standing for public safety is a few more states and suits soon enough be left to back down. With all this insanity will record your business. Because you want to keep man out of women's bathrooms. What kind of world are we living in 866-348-7884.

We started Toronto, Canada Daniel, welcome to the line of fire around hello yes you're on the air.

I had the Canadian I've been watching the Proctor downspout with a lot of interest.

Wondering if you can comment on what I perceived. Now the tyranny of the left and how violent the narrative of the sense of self-righteousness that many members of the left and I was wondering if you can't hide again with the new � movement. Everything going on around two. Yet it is it is extremely intolerant. The only way that the nation can really enjoy its freedoms to the max.

When is recognition of the value of of of each human life that human beings are created in the image of God, that every human being has dignity and value and worth, and that with respect for one another.

You can have freedom to disagree. Basically what happens and end the reason we have the freedoms we have speaking it here in America can speak with in detail in Canada but the reason we have the freedom suite we have here are these things go directly back to our core religious beliefs and values that rest of the. The founding of our nation so right from the start. There were there were Jewish colonists that were here, and they were guaranteed freedom of religion and that you had similar Protestant minority were Catholic and differences within Protestant, so there there were certain freedoms there and at the founding of our nation. You are free to be a skeptic. You are free to be an atheist. But when you have the left takeover.

They are intolerant, the ones who claim to be tolerant or completely intolerant. The ones who speak of diversity mean my way or the highway.

The ones who speak about being inclusive, are totally exclusive, so if if you look at nations that become completely atheistic. A Stalin's Soviet Union did in Albania when they were atheistic became the first officially atheist the country. They end up being totally intolerant, completely totalitarian in the same way as we see the rise of the radical left and the rise of gay activism. As I've said for years. Those who who wanted to come out of the closet now want to put us in the closet, and more recently, people said to be people like you belong in jail so it's it's some it's it's extraordinary to see, but it is a sad reality and there is no desire for tolerance. There is no desire for diversity.

It's basically you do it our way to take away your liberties and the rise of the left is in many kind of a good thing for the Christian church because now churches you have to take a stand like when Christianity was pretty prevalent in American affected entities or the immediate, maybe even earlier. It was pretty lukewarm and it seemed that in history when the church at breakneck Heights to Atlanta. Later, you end up coming out.

Yes, it's good like a heart attack can be good for someone who has had bad eating habits. All his or her life.

In other words it's a wake-up call itself it's forcing us to action. It is getting us out of our comfort zone. It's getting us off the sidelines, it's awakening us to the reality of the spiritual war that were in. Yes, all true, it would be better though to make a lifestyle change before you have the heart attack. It would be better for the churches to wake up before their rights and liberties are being threatened before their kids are being exposed to gay activist curricular fruit from nursery school but yes it can be something for good, but it's unfortunate that it takes this.

It would be far better that we were sober minded look if Daniel in all candor, if we had been more zealously following Jesus more zealously loving our neighbors more zealously standing for righteousness more zealously, preaching and teaching the word and addressing controversial issues from the pulpit. None of this would be happening in America and probably not even in Canada. Although the conservative Christian population. There is smaller but certainly not in America. This is happened on our watch.

The same way with with abortion if 1/10 of the believing church in America for one year. Got seriously engage with the issue of abortion the entire culture would be completely dramatically changed in terms of abortion. So it's the same kind of think that, to paraphrase something Francis Schaeffer once said, every abortion clinic needs to have us sign in front of it. Basically saying open by permission of the local church, but we take it one step further.

We never would have been talking about the redefinition of marriage.

If heterosexual Christians had done a better job preserving marriage as God intended. Preserving marriage for one man one woman that it's the other for life. Instead we had no-fault divorce in the church we've allowed other aspects of deterioration of marriage in the church. No wonder the doors been open to completely redefine it.

That's the bad news. The good news is all you better believe it's time for awakening. Oh, you better believe it's time for the church of North America to wake up and that means on our faces.

Repenting of sin in our own mitts.

First, crying out for mercy and insane God. Whatever it takes to make a positive change with the right to do to bring about positive change. Here I am, send me use me. Thank you sir for call for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. There's an that I read last night by conservative columnist John Hawkins when did it become controversial to keep men out of the women's bathrooms. Yet a simple question. When did become controversial to keep men out of the women's bathrooms. The Lieut. Gov. Lieut. Gov. in North Carolina sent out a response to PayPal saying they wouldn't bring their business here said if we protected one child from a predator. To paraphrase, if we protected one woman from a predator from an assault from from and if if we help one woman. It was worth it.

You will put a price tag on that.

866-348-7884 joint statement speaker to more house leader Phil Burge and several GOP legislators in both chambers attack both the city of Charlotte and Mayor Roberts quote when Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts teamed up with a convicted child sexual predator to pass a radical bathroom policy allowing men to use girls locker rooms and bathrooms. Gov. wonder the legislature would take immediate action to protect North Carolina families Jennifer Roberts, Atty. Gen. Roy Cooper in the far left political correctness mop she's unleashed really care about the economic future of her city. The misinformation campaign immediately start telling the truth about this common sense bathroom safety law before more damage is done to the city. She was elected to lead and the state.

Cooper was elected to protect a statement released Tuesday by and see the calendar GOP Chairman Michelle Nix attacked PayPal directly saying after PayPal was forced to settle after violating economic sanctions on Cuba, Sudan and Iran, and even process payments for someone looking to buy nuclear weapons technology on the black market.

The California-based company. I was a problem doing business in North Carolina. This is corporate hypocrisy and bullying at its worst, and family research Council's Tony Perkins lease. This statement, PayPal might be the left friend, but it's no pal of North Carolina's money transfer service announced this morning that it's canceling the company Charlotte expansion because the state will force young girls to share bathrooms and showers of grown men.

Company CEO Dan Shulman so outraged that North Carolina listens to its people and not out-of-state radicals. It is moving his new branch to a different location. Good riddance. Anyone with half a brain should want that kind of extremism operating out of North Carolina. Anyway, there was a time not too long ago when most corporations would've probably moved out of the state if it did allow such lunacy. Well said Tony Perkins, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Newark New Jersey can welcomes the line of fire� I got automatic to QuickTime one. Bob Cohen and second his grip and fix okay read about two I don't see that big elaboration that the rate that you guys going about.

I think the best thing knew what they should do is make about model because I guidebook a restaurant there. Just one back to familiar female and one is Indira Mexican, Gloria Fox will restaurant them.

I don't want to cause pain on the first. Not everyone has the money to redo all their bathrooms second draft of a certain amount of bathrooms available based on how many people are in a place and third why inconvenience every body because you have bathrooms, we can just have single bathrooms that you cannot know I can afford to just if any 30 bathroom facilities for 30 people built 30 separate bathrooms and in the building or 20 or 10 or whatever the number is. But why impose the struggles of a tiny minority of people on everybody else.

It's like we are to take all stairs out of buildings because your people that use wheelchairs. They have a ramp for the wheelchairs but everybody else takes the steps or the elevator if they want to. So why, why would you impose the struggles of a tiny group of people, most of whom or have ever of a mental issue there.

There motionless in the struggle with impose that on just the normal life.

Everybody else that same-sex I think if a business apartment in business. I have a business object that bakery and infects one comment on by something about that lobotomy. Of course I'm I'm I'm open for business. My thing is that value for your money because the state was going to make you a Satanist you're your Baker right and they said I want you to bake a cake for me that Saiz Satan is Lord and Jesus is dead.

Would you say no problem because it's business how are you going to be particular like that. While in one I articulate men. There is a Satan is a Satanist want you to do it question I can do in your Christian, God forbid you to even think twice about it.

So the same way if someone says I want you to bake a cake for your Muslim Baker. I want you to bake a cake and I want you to put a silly cartoon face of Mohammed, so I can't do. That's a violation by religion. Okay same way you go into a bakery say that I like you to bake a cake for me and and I want it, it's going to be fruit for my partner and I Joe and Jim are getting married or not, can't can't do that the Christian's evolution of the rights to that's fundamental hey thank you Ken for calling. I do appreciate your lesson. Phil Burge a nuisance to satisfy the newest lips. Oh my pen, it slipped on I got I got it would bother me if it was only there under my computer monitor.

Okay Phil Berger, of course, in North Carolina. It was just a typo in my email, but of course Phil Berger that I quoted a moment ago hate I got 90 more minutes of radio;� Along on radio. I got 90 more minutes you keep listening and asked Dr. Brown ask if you're around or just click on listen live.

I do want to say seriously. I hope I hope I hope I hope those of you that still voted for Donald Trump will reconsider.

Just his horrific temperamental, whining, dishonest, falsely accusing sore loser announcement after getting trounced in Wisconsin last night is enough to say the man does not have integrity and character and his flip-flopping on abortion. Three different positions in three days of a little over a week ago and one thing after another. Any time by the campaign self-destructing. I really urge you to step back and re-consider your support from its mistake and I'll say it plainly. If you don't like before it fine, but you'll thank me later for being honest. Remember, you can get a signed and numbered collectors edition of my brand-new book, the grace controversy throughout less than a month signed numbered this we only do for the first ones that come in for the first printing so it's collectors edition really much more expensive at this time. Just $20 postage paid good asked Dr. to order asking your or call 1-800-278-9978 that is 1-800-278-9970 it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is a big big question limits listening you consider yourself a transgender advocate or you yourself identifies trends with the test I've asked this before and ask again. What's the test we say won't know you sit down with psychologist and they discuss the issue with you and they identify with having gender dysphoria used vehicle gender identity disorder but politics were disorder out of it just gender dysphoria okay so it's all based on a psychological evaluation would that be the safe sees me as a psychological evaluation that determine some of the schizophrenic job imagine to be the same or whatever other diagnosis and would get that psychologist sits down the interview, they asked two questions they may ask you to respond to certain tests and things like that and based on that this okay you have gender identity or gender dysphoria or your bipolar or your schizophrenic but in each case in each case that's that's a problem that's a disorder that's a diagnosis we don't now celebrate that we don't know make special categories for that. That's a disorder we have compassion on people to your suffering from depression. All right, that's a serious problem. We know so we're terrible center of your your travel centers schizophrenic or terrible centered of gender dysphoria. No we say all right. You've got a problem. We want to help you deal with that problem and tried to correct it as opposed to okay if someone is really schizophrenic that that we say okay we will isolate your two different personalities and recognize both of them know we we we don't do that or some is bipolar. We don't say okay let's celebrate the highs and cry during the lows in which we try to move them away from the extreme sometimes is through medication or other things. From everything I understand even transgender advocates would say that the science terms of the brain development of the brain and what causes these things begin with little children know was downplaying the trauma of these things, or the reality of them to the people suffering but that the fact is that that even the advocates would say our knowledge of the brain.

How this operates is regarded is quote primitive so why are we turning society upside down because the struggles of a tiny percent of people and struggles that will massively put out others and opened the door to tap out right predators.

What kind of mindset is this. It is the natural growth outgrowth of LGBT extremists. That is exactly what it is that is what we are dealing with.

And it is high time to wake up. If you haven't read my book outlasting the gay revolution can encourage you to a lick. I wish I could press a button and download the information from that book into the mind and heart of every pastor and leader and believer in America. Yes, it would sensitize your heart. Yes, it would give you greater compassion for the struggling would give you a backbone of courage. We have been talking about these things for a reason. All right, I am going to get right back to the phones when we return. Got a bunch of folks on hold. So when you come back going straight to the phones. Be sure to read my article.

PayPal scorns conservative Americans while embracing Cuban communist. You can read it by going to ask Dr. Brown as Kate and clicking on latest article while you're there if you connect with us on Facebook or twitter or you to do so. If you don't get RE blast through three key last week, please do so.

Just click on the email icon. It aspect of running as Katie around lower your calls file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown going straight Fairfax, Virginia K. Welcome to want to fire three point would like back when one core belief and compassion for the newborn is really foundational and when I noticed two things that Donald Trump and last week he was very clear about him feeling that a person who committed the gas art murdered baby in their third trimester was committing murder, and he stated that very clearly particularly with relation to the obstetrician where on the march can't debate Ted Cruz. When asked about his viewpoint about adoption by gates and gay marriage.

Frankly, step back from the position of a pro-traditional pro-traditional marriage stamped and deferred and wavered, saying he believed in states rights and he left my boat right that yeah I like I just jump in with that first.

Donald Trump is anything but pro-life but it's he maybe getting there. Yet he has no no foundation for his receipt.

He was absolutely unclear.

He said that one statement asking response Chris Matthews saying is hypothetical B of the woman should be punished or secreted in outrage in the pro-life community as well as in the proportion community.

Then he reversed it.

Then he reversed the three complete reversals in a period of less than 72 hours and then he claimed that MSNBC didn't air the whole interview, which they did is complete. Typical Trump dishonesty and he's even admitted that what made him become difficult. Pro-life was at a friend of his was can have an abortion.

It didn't. And the person.

The kid ended up becoming very very successfully since the kid hadn't been successful, he never would've noticed it so I guess you don't abort the successful babies but you missed the point with a cruise to cruise is it. If a scale of 1 to 10. As far as being a conservative, Donald Trump is a three to cruise as 100 okay I'm in is completely off the charts conservative but he's a constitutionalist and according to the Constitution. If something is not explicit in the Constitution.

It's up to the states decide that's so, he's always gonna be at he would appoint very very very conservative justices.

Absolutely he is undependable on those look at his congressional voting record. He is the most anti-establishment strong conservative candidate that's ever been presented to run for the office really and in decades, but his view is strictly constitutional. If it's not mentioned in the Constitution explicitly it must be treated by the state. So does he want to see same-sex marriage overturned. Of course it to him. That's supposed to be done on the state level.

So he just been consistent for his militant on these positions but is just inconsistent about character that I am older I look a person to have discernment to restraint and prudent to think. I kept unplugging for Donald Trump because I just think God has revealed to me when there was a bit of violence that his campaign rally immediately cancel the Chicago rally. It wasn't even a question of that they want to get that support their if it was nation of other people getting hurt Q but suffice it. The other thing is the person that had committed some kind of a physical act of violence had the opportunity to throw the book at them to have them in a behind 789 count that not getting his restraint, he had compassion for the person they were put under arrest for interfering in a place they had been invited, but he didn't throw the book at them, which was a man having crying and I thought when I heard his voice say that he felt that it was murder to connect murder against 1/3 trimester child. I was really convinced I I think that if you can't just be candid. Could you send a lot of one interact. I believe can I can I be totally straight with you but you're being deceived. That's not the Lord, revealing that you are being deceived.

Donald Trump has been absolutely irresponsible with his speech. He said you got a rough the people up badly. They come in here. He said I wish I could punch the person in the face when a white guy sucker punch the blackeye leaving the building. He said he would consider paying the guys legal fees and this is after the guy said next time I may have to kill him. He has incited more anger with his irresponsible speech he has put out, lying, deceitful comments one after another. Once again last night. Latent lies in his statement after his loss in Wisconsin.

Latent lies about Ted Cruz having the media is all over for him about lie after lie you've you've you've got though in the whole Chicago think he went into a place there plenty of people who think the whole thing was set up by Donald Trump. He went into a campus area knowing that this was going to really incite all types of resistance. The police felt there was no reason to cancel the event he canceled it and now he looks like the mortar of the left so that the fact of the matter is, he has been the most irresponsible candidate in my lifetime I'm 60. Once on a spring chicken either. His his rhetoric. His attacks on others is demeaning comments about women, about immigrants, about a handicap order is mind-boggling. After America they put out a Democrat added his wife demeaning and an eye on his way could she not running for Canada states that what you do on his campaign manager, whoever it in a very gentle spirited way pragmatic that I think that cat couldn't campaign to ask them to stand down and gay marriages. As a Jew to clear this is, unless you believe that the happening on Cape Donald Trump likes the picture of his wife. He thinks it was a great shoot.

He said she's a beautiful model. It was a great shoot.

What bothered him was they put it out as if it was something negative. That's number one.

As soon as Ted Cruz heard about. He said it's deplorable. It's inappropriate. I don't like it. He immediately repudiated.

What is Donald Trump do. He threatens Heidi Cruz that the man. He said I'm in have to spell he brought her into it had nothing whatsoever to do with Ted Cruz or Heidi Cruz was an anti-Trump super pack. It was a Facebook ad for $10,000. Okay, it's Trump's campaign that made something into it.

It's illegal for crews to have contact with these other super PACs, but when he found out about it. He denounced it, then immediately. Trump claims on cruise line number one, then number two completely presidential that I have to spill the beans about Heidi Cruz as if she's got some the height that is lowlife. If that that is something a teenager doesn't do and then he retweets a picture. He then retreats a picture try to make Heidi Cruz look bad. This is child play. This is if Mike my 15-year-old granddaughter did if if my nine-year-old granddaughter did this idea shamed, let alone the man running to be the president United States. This is shameful conduct K I'm a woman I would my wife was greatly shown to the American public applicant what it was necessary because I'm her husband to stand behind her and edification. What does it have to do with attacking to Chris's wife when a minute.

You're saying that him supporting his wife's beauty with an attack on Heidi Crilly I'm not doing it that way okay your deceived you, you are sadly deceived. May the Lord wake you up to reality everything you have said about Donald Trump is completely contrary to fact the only explanation I have is that you have been spiritually deceived. I say that with love and concern. The Cruz campaign had nothing to do with the money Trump photos Donald Trump did not think they were bad.

He is proud of her nude photo shoot. What bothered him was it was sent out by a super pack trying to make it as if it was a bad thing that she posed nude. Furthermore, Donald Trump then attacked Heidi Cruz said I'm have to spill the beans on Heidi Cruz on obedience to spill on have to spill the beans on her and had nothing to do with nothing whatsoever to do with Ted Cruz. It would be if you insulted my wife and I went and punched somebody else in the face that is not the do with it catering spiritually deceived, God is not revealed this to for a fact because you are contrary to reality here. May the Lord awaken you. May the Lord have mercy 866-34-TRUTH shall everyone say together with me while we go to Richmond, Virginia Brian, thanks for calling the line of fire doing well thank you Dr. for the governor of North Carolina was very underground will not bill you not God will bless the Lord more object of God over money out of straight Lord. I just hope people in America where he got larger, I was going on. What you are thinking in this country and I went to the Lord in our government but my heart was white as white and was long lost but now things to be different. What longest outlier report right yes is one of those days yet it's one of those days. Brian where everything was turned upside down and it's eager to completely collapse. What is going to be awake, and I believe God's going to bless North Carolina if the governor stand strong order, bariatric surgery, strong look more like God. Everyone lesser models from North Carolina will thrive and prosper yes or it's a shame. Of course, in Virginia the governor there be told, it would've been a religious principle of people like you, Brian standing up the tyke, in turn, God bless her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to the 1586 truth look of someone said I really pray that I believe I'm supposed to vote for Donald Trump and not like his character, but some I believe God's will use them as a present file see it like that, that's your prerogative. If you say God is revealed to me that he is the most gracious and self-controlled and careful with his words of God and revealed that's contrary to fact gobble not revealed to me that that I am a Martian named Elvis Pressley living in in Timbuktu to reveal its needs.

Contrary to fact is I can revealed to me that right now I'm flying on an airplane doing a circus acrobatics is that's not reality. So that's that's why was as forceful as it was from causes God revealed certain things on their country. In fact know if you set I prayed, I believe, trust in the next prison I states it seems counterintuitive, but I believe it would God be God you pray country conclusions 866-34-TRUTH Gastonia, North Carolina Jim, welcome to the line of fire called Dr. Brown. I have a question or your like to comment on the first one and I have restart the pedophile expand in United entered hundreds of thousands of pedophile all over the country. Our objective get there right and murder. Why would anybody like a mayor or governor in their right mind make a decision to allow people to take advantage of its work like that yeah while in the door. Even the slightest possible classic again so as one understands we are not saying that the fast fast fast fast fast majority of people who identify as transgender or sexual predators or pedophiles know what we are saying if the law says if Joe identifies is Jane Joe can use the ladies room. So here it's clearly a man he's got awaken addresses clearly male. He walks into the ladies room. Without that law, you could say Sir, I'm sorry this is a ladies room that identifies woman I'm sorry sir, this is a ladies room. Okay you can do it. Once that was passed.

You can't.

So how do you distinguish Joe who genuinely believes he's Jane from Joe the pedophile Joe the sexual predator who will now put on a weakened dress to get into it into a shower and out into into the locker room the YMCA with the bathroom somewhere, either just to check people out or took to look for prey.

It's it is social insanity that you hundred percent rights are a question I have for you. It PayPal.

Come to Charlotte now that governor might why would you go PayPal accompany Obama care which you did yesterday and when Obama went down to Cuba to visit with the Brother year accompany him down or if they are expanding their operations into Cuba is as I mentioned in my latest article PayPal scorns conservative Christians and embraces Cuban communist Jim PayPal has accounts in business in Saudi Arabia, which executes homosexuals they they work with other countries around the world that it is in the faith. In no way, shape, size and form they can allow a man in a ladies bathroom. The probably mob would kill the person on Charlotte because it is political correctness and hypocrisy run amok.

That's all it is is part of the bullying is part of the hypocrisy of the radical left and we have to expose your hundred percent right. Other cut look the same with Apple all it's not right.

If you have your religious liberties when I can work in your city in your country you work with China and India probably underpay workers and oppressive conditions in China, with all their human rights abuses reckless Saudi Arabia work as other countries by the by the state that says that we want to keep our bathroom safe going to work with you estate that system. I maturely preserve religious liberties will work with you. It is hypocrisy. And one way or another. One way or another they will suffer for it. At some point time. Of course Jim, you are spot on with your with your questions.

86634 we go to the Bronx, New York Dody, welcome to the line of fire now going to talk about and can happen on the train. This weekend working with on Sunday on allocating my back, not taking toward the people he to guide and equip preaching the gospel in Spanish and English and then after little last. Some guy started got up this like I got up and started screaming. I am offended if everybody can hear my final preaching any think if it became time and ran out so I got up. Some people started yelling I get up and I turned around and started chatting it back. I offended, I think you offended the word of God and II think and the dead come with me tonight guy I'm going to take you to the authority, went to the people that run the train station. I started screaming at them and I went over the two guys and a touch I think I'm going with him don't you go with him and one lady was shouting at him and some kid kept speaking back in handy whenever I think about the word of God and going south and in the door closed and the people laughed and as a result of that, I ended up needed to get a guy sitting right on top of Pitney seeking work that that the word of God to them in some degree and witness to lady next to me and a Christian lady that we fitting on the idea to quit when she had spoke out against you Christmas your figure fell it up for those guys defend for most of the people wouldn't get up and do anything these guys which is able love that is the that's and that's a good courageous New Yorker there.

I understand someone could say no.

Whatever the announcement is whether announcing a sale in the store with you with your preaching Jesus with your preaching a mosque. I could understand someone say, hey look it's a train here and of course subways allowed right so it's in. You gotta speak up, like I preached on subways are friends of the priest on subways, but it's as long as it's legal to do it then you do it is just kinda part of the fabric of of New York. The other places that when I lived in the DC area couldn't do it. That was it different thing on the Metro there but if it's if you can do it great when people get hostile. Hey Steph, I'm glad that didn't turn into a violent conflict anything like that. The topic, thank you for the call. That's the good New York spirit there any other faith disguised as a come with me who is who is he to say that I maybe lives were touched as well. Right friends. We got a bunch on hold.

Stay right there right stay right there because on and be taking calls in the next hour and you'll be the top ones you'll be the first ones are doing because of the new hours can be after you stay right there for Taking calls within just a few minutes and and look in the midst of all this.

Our hearts need to be grounded in the grace of God, our hearts need to be grounded in the security of God. Find out how you can get my brand-new book grace controversy by going to ask Dr. Brown asking the around.Lord my bottom line today to those still sleeping to those still slumbering closed on the sidelines are you waiting for the golf and get the game from the culture wars, the politics from the hypocrisy of PayPal to the man who believes is a woman now believes is a Dragon got covered today.

It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown how do you like this from the evening standard and England. From this Monday. Schools should consider mixed sex toilets, so transgender pupils feel comfortable all schools should consider introducing gender-neutral toilets, changing rooms and uniforms to make transgender pupils feel more comfortable teachers will be told.

The insanity continues. It is time that we wake up it is time that we stand for public safety. It is time that we stand for gender distinctions. It is times that we make a difference. This is Michael Brown your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church.

All too often in compromise.

I saw a report earlier today that the the government.

American government is going to suggest that the children schools play with opposite sex toys so boys play with girls toys and girls play with boy toys. This is the continuing moral madness that we are dealing with. This is not trans-phobias. This is not trans-phobia.

This is not having some irrational fear or hatred of those who identify as transgender.

It is simply saying this the fact that it tiny percent of the population struggles with gender identity issues does not void out male and female categories. The fact that it tiny percentage of the population is blind does not take away the reality of site the fact that a tiny percentage of the population is deaf does not take away the reality of hearing the fact that a tiny percentage of the population struggles with gender identity does not take away the reality of male Enfield female distinctions which are what make the world go around. After all, so yes there continues to be attack on the state of North Carolina for same. We want to keep our bathrooms and locker rooms safe and yes the attacks in outcome against Mississippi for saying we stand with religious freedoms, but I'm telling you friends I've been saying this junk was coming for years.

This attack was coming for years and others were saying it as well telling you if we stand up, the bullies will back down happened in the city of Houston Houston was threatened with the Super Bowl won't come to Houston and so on and the people of Houston overwhelmingly said we want to keep our bathrooms and locker rooms safe. We want to keep man out of the shower stalls. The lady shower stalls. They sent that message out. They voted overwhelmingly and passed it. The NCAA final four was played in Houston this past few days. And yes, the Super Bowl is on schedule. Stand up to the bullies in the bullies will back down and if enough states have the courage to not bow down to these lies and to not bow down to the financial pressure if they will stand strong.

God will bless them and prosperity will come in for every business that moves out better bigger stronger businesses will move and will be grown from within the state and they will they will refute this lie that you got to go the way of the radical left if you prosper absolute nonsense. I got a lot to talk to you about today is a man who became a woman who became a Dragon became enclosed spaces become back on the streets of the phones 866348788. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is a joy to be today or check out my latest article PayPal scorns conservative Americans while embracing Cuban communist send the message to PayPal.

Let them know that you are upset with them saying they will not bring their business to Charlotte North Carolina because we want to keep our bathrooms and locker rooms safe. We want to protect our women and children send a message to them is the same PayPal expanding into Cuba. Talk about the height of hypocrisy.

If they want to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Well tell it to the people of Cuba tell to other countries like Saudi Arabia where PayPal also does business people are ready. Canceling your account, and why we are looking into other options because reviews PayPal as a service to our folks shopping our website for many many years are donating were looking for alternatives that will also serve our constituency just as well 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 go to ask Dr. and click on latest article to read. The subjects in the videos up as well.

You don't want to miss those all right.

We go to the phones John in Holbrook Long Island.

Thanks for calling the line of fire. Yes, I can required for so long Holbrook about the manual out awesome orchestra and brother. Praise God. You know, it's very upsetting what's happening. I was in Astoria and they have a lot of OB GPD. Whatever it is LGBT in our day activist walking around in one of them. I looked over and lovingly shook his hand introduce myself and I told him that I was good and I was a Christian and I said you know all due respect I can.

I have a seven-year-old son and record what how do you feel about how do you feel about this new law. Obviously you know that you know he was a gay progressive or whatever he was basically you know that pushing his no agenda, but I said no. How do you feel God's father and I have a seven-year-old boy living. If I'm in the bathroom and I have a woman that comes then as you know, addresses a man you know and then they go to use the urinal lore.

Whatever the case are the enemy and that's very confusing to find a girl with a man you know I said the ducks and of the these things are right. I mean to put together put in perspective here and now and it's hard for 20 contemporary dress for the natty, shut down you know you like. You need to know what to say at that point it at the very deceptive agenda believe the lies. The reason I originally called it because you made a comment about Donald Trump and the my aunt came over the house of family there and I were discussing what we do because you know if it comes down to electronic or a Hillary Clinton wrote literally that women what little of the Christian will I do 11 and aligning benefits and a hot chocolate with you what you yet what what is your single or not. When I'm at that point so II know in New York. You haven't voted yet New York looks like it strongly Donald Trump but Ted Cruz I endorsed early on, when it seemed unlikely he could do what I need.

Only he could he could make. It was if God was with him and I must say I don't know who God is raising up II pray for God's choice for the president, but when I met that points are, and that's that's the key thing to remember when not at that point where it's Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump versus Bernie Sanders obviously for me as a more conservative caring about the sanctity of life came with the meaning of marriage stems from with Israel. I could not vote for for Bernie Sanders or Billy Clinton, but personally I couldn't vote for Donald Trump either. So if it came down to Donald Trump versus one of those two I would either have to sit that part out and vote for the candidates or I would have to I would vote for third party candidate either have a viable chance or to send in a protest vote, but in conscience because of my tremendous distrust of Mr. Trump's character because of of my real concern of how he would act in what he could do as president and the responsibilities he could have been the decisions he could make and how that could affect multiple millions of people.

I could not vote for him in conscience early on a member.

The first debate, wondering how he would do if I was disappointed with the way he behaved in certain things a thing over that alienates people near the front runner got a step tyrant who was a debater, myself, was the best way to handle this and so I was not all out as as dogmatic as I am now against voting for. But I've come to the conclusion that in conscience before God. I could not sell, I would vote for him in less between now and the election is if he got his Republican candidate and he had a life transformation then that would be one thing. Otherwise, thought I couldn't. And I have to either vote for other candidates. Aside from Pres. vote for third party candidate.

That's just my conviction. 866-34-TRUTH thanks for the call and that the manual man old memories going back many decades. There, on Long Island, 866-34-TRUTH I would go to Boston Ted, welcome to the line of fire background. I would just ask the question why why veteran about why why do you veteran about the author can and adjust quickly.

You know when I love your program at Gaia ministry and in winter teaching Christianity you based on what the Bible Scripture, another a unequivocal door that we both believe and when you get to the politics based on an all all opinion and and and actually also the veracity of the person, the candidate that you happen to be supporting at that government and and will be blurred for extra certain American history. Certainly most richly with Obama. They say one thing and Emily getting something different so so it seems like your offering an opinion only conquered all of the post of your your your what your teaching on the Bible that on bedrock what you what offering impolitic is your spelling equipment guide yet with youth use. My response and I appreciate the questions of Fairmont number one I speak to lots of issues, member of introduced every day is your voice of monocultural spiritual evolution. We speak tissue 70 with abortion speak tissue is having to do with the redefining of marriage we speak tissue 70 with religious liberties. We had guests on who talked about human trafficking obsolete. We talk about all kinds of cultural issues.

We talked a little about immigration, we would've talk more about it except it's just an area of expertise and are felt to focus on. If I was stronger on economic issues. We talk about those cassette affect every 10. So for me all this intersects I live in this world if we lived in the days of the 18 days of slavery.

The 1800s, I'd be addressing slavery if if if I lived in the days leading up to the Revolutionary war, I'd be addressing whether we should rebel against Great Britain or not. So these are all things are just part of life that that we address and just like Paul writes in the New Testament is writing to you about being mothers about being fathers and about, you know how to work on your job or if your slaveholder how to treat slave but for me, all I'm doing is applying the same grid. The politics was. I warned about Pres. Obama, when he was Sen. Obama.

I warned that if you vote for him.

He will be the most radical pro-abortion, pro-gay actress president we've ever had and I hoped I would be wrong. I absolutely hope I be wrong sadly I be like so what I'm doing now is a based on Scripture.

I have tremendous concerns about Donald Trump based on which I rare those based on Scripture. I've tremendous concerns about the the radical left policies.

Bernie Sanders and Harry Clinton. I'm sure those based on Scripture.

II feel good about what Ted Cruz has done so far. The only reason I endorsed candidate Ted never done it before and I may never do it again was because I felt we needed someone who would take on the political establishment and that's the one thing that Ted Cruz did since he got elected in Texas in a way that no one else has ever done taking uncle to Washington cartel. It's mind-boggling that is done as well as he has no beyond that everyone has to come to the wrong conclusion as to who to vote for. But I'm going to apply biblical principles to the politics just as well, and I asked constantly for input to self, but that being said I could have a politics every day all day and I go days and days without seeing her the word about, so I'm just trying to to to be balanced and to to be your forcible sanity and spiritual clarity. We got a break coming up that last word is yours. Well, I appreciate that and would offer etiquette credit card. I know a great accrued that person but represent that entity, but I think we have to stop thinking Republican and Democrat, liberal, start thinking. The phosphates because I is this thing see his death as candidate got it. I listen we got that right here but thanks for when and I appreciate it man. God bless you Ted is talking with you. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us on the line of fire, 866-348-7884 is the number to call before we go back to the phones. There is a statement put out Tony Perkins Washington update from the family research Council of Mississippi guided by facts, not fear. Thanks to Gov. Phil Bryant facts, not fear when I'm in Mississippi early today Bryant signs yesterday Sunday protecting freedom of conscience from government discrimination act into law over the threats from corporate America and LGBT activists after the last tantrum over North Carolina were leaders denied men access to girls restrooms and showers. Most people started to see the liberal agenda for the extremism. It is now with the enactment of HB 1523 Mississippi is responding, bypassing religious liberty legislation that should be a model for every state, despite big business bullies media misinformation campaign and liberal scare mongers Gov. Bryant helped to fan the flames of a national pushback to the left's intolerance on the issue of marriage. Under this law. Churches are the only ones protect you from government punishment for the beliefs or businesses, wedding vendors, and even public officials. While the threats from corporate America continue to roll into North Carolina, Mississippi. The reality is that after the Houston voters killed the city's hugely unpopular bathroom bill in November momentum has been on the side of common sense and 20 Perkins then commands the tremendous courage of Gov. Bryant like Gov. Pat McCrory. He has cemented his legacy as one of freedom. May God raise up courageous legislators, courageous governors, courageous Meriter Mayor's greatest congressman courageous president.

People do what is right. Rather, was politically correct, God will bless them for it long-term and even short-term, 86634 I would go back to Boston again Marie, welcome to the line of fire by Michael Brown hello every day but I don't get a chance that call, but this issue is that you know I just walked in from work. In this issue is really up on in my thigh. Why should transgender/gay rights have rights to to another Baptist is like if I take my daughter. I have to take my daughter to the bathroom so I could make sure that there's no role about folks and I mean that it's totally ridiculous idea that that they can have their right.

I mean, I know God loves all of that. Why should they have a right talk about always meant to go into the women's bathroom women going to meant battle to make that child to the bathroom you don't know somebody looking over the stall.

I even that the petition that I didn't want at Bentonville data narrative send me a letter back talk about asking for money to help stop that. Why should I pay my money That stop him from the old school every woman and man should have their own bathroom. It's not just old school.

It's it's common sense.

You have a YMCA right you have the ladies room the of the men's room and in the YMCA you have the locker rooms where where people can change or take a shower after work out okay. There is a reason that one says men's and the other says women's it's as commonsense as can possibly be. So let's say a man who is genuinely confused. He genuinely thinks she's a woman is a harmless, guy. He's not a sexual predator but he genuinely thinks she's a woman and he comes into that same locker room and he takes his shirt off his got, you know, hairy male chest is obviously not a woman at Z set fair to everybody else in their enter they commit while he's not looking at me because is not attracted to Melissa and then what about Estes for the millionth time. What about the sexual predator who says cool. I just put on a wig and address and I can go into the ladies locker room and take my time changing and watch the ladies a change or amend the shower. The towel rack and that's that is not old-school Marie that's just common human sense. That's reality and look when you view gears in a doctor's office. The thought form and check off male or female is a reason men are different than women. The biology is different. The chromosomes are different.

You can take the hormones all the hormones you want, you can change the clothes you have sex change surgery. A man cannot become a woman and a woman cannot become a man simple common sense at some point America will push back against the insanity in the meantime we do it's right we reach out everybody. We walk in love towards all and we do it's right.

Like I said it first hour just because some people are cripple and he choose a wheelchair does not mean you remove all stairs from all buildings say what some analogy were not removing bathrooms know you are imposing the struggles of a few on everybody in the bathrooms crazy him. Talk about this.

Thanks for the call is crazy.

We even have to talk about this.

Okay, so here we go will have this up in a in a video and of cam video and article form.

Soon, it's called the man who became a woman then a Dragon. The man who became a woman then a Dragon peers. I started the art of sippy for us it again if perception is substitute for reality. There is no end to the social madness that follows you not do not deserve a man. The name woman of the year. Christian, you do not just have a white woman who identifies as black Rachel does all that the father of seven who identifies as a six-year-old girl Paul washed notice the fontina. If a man who identifies as a dog name Boomer young lady believes she's a cat trapped in a woman's body never man who has his ears removed because he identifies as a parent, yet this is all real stuff all real. With new stories, some with Facebook pages websites, videos now if a man who changed his identity to female, but was now had quote her ears and nose removed to transform into a dragon lady with scales of forked tongue and a horned skull line not more power to him. Her yet that's what he, she, it perceives himself or herself itself to be, why not say Dr. Brown Dr. Brown your you're making fun of these people I pity them. I pity them. What I'm saying is what I'm saying is you do not celebrate them nor do turn the world upside down for them, nor do you provide a litter box if the gal who believes that she's a cat comes into your restaurant.

These people need help these people need our pity.

They need our prayers. They don't need our fascination and our celebration.

To me that's the ultimate way to dishonor them. This is Michael Brown and we will be right back on a five it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire.

86 is the number to call right so there is someone named Richard Hernandez, Richard Hernandez from Maricopa County, Arizona is born. Richard Hernandez I've seen pictures of him with a beard, proudly holding his probably holding his son right well then he transitioned to be a woman but didn't have sex change surgery so he transitioned to become a woman then determined that he was ultimately a Dragon now goes by the name Eva T Mott Medusa Tiant being an ancient Mesopotamian goddess of he identifies primarily as a mythical beast quote.

I am the Dragon lady, a pre-off male to female meaning he is not had 16 surgery a preop male to female transgender in the process of morphing into a human Dragon becoming a rep toy is a should my human skin and my physical appearance in my life as a whole, leaving my human this behind, adding that that is most natural self-awareness is as a mythical beast. Now here's the reality. There is no more evidence that Richard is a woman, then there is evidence that Richard is a Dragon and if you want to bring in Bruce/Caitlin janitors no more evidence that Richard is a Dragon then there is that Bruce is a woman, or that Rachel dollars all as black or the cat woman is a cat or the parent man is a parent so of why is it that if if we don't accept this guy is a Dragon that we have to accept him as a woman. If we don't accept them as Dragon if we don't accept woman releases a cat.

Norway's cat will believe the man in in England identifies is apparently no access was apparent why we have to accept Bruce Jenner's woman. There is no more biological chromosomal evidence that he's a woman that there's biological chromosomal evidence that that Richard Hernandez is is a mythical beast Dragon and on on the list goes.

Yet we have a society today. It is collapsed and cultural madness is collapsed into cultural insanity and I for my part, and continue to raise my voice and continue to speak up and continue to speak out on the one hand same. It's pretty people like this.

Let's pray for people like this. Let us pray for those identifies transgender that they can find a healing transformative freeing solution from the inside out. But the reality of the fact is while they are struggling. We do not change all of society based on the struggles of a few we come back. I want to go to the phones and I also want to talk to you about grace. Grace being established in the Lord be established in the love of God being established in the kindness of God being established in a right relationship with the father so you are suturing him out of which comes a life of holiness and devotion out of which we can find wholeness to help make other people whole my brand-new book out in just a few weeks the grace controversy is, I believe, just what the doctor ordered to help you understand grace and be grounded in grace. I say hi can get a special signed and numbered copy collectors edition of the book when it comes out a few weeks of pay that later in the show 866-34-TRUTH error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown walking back and you want to fire at 64 truth of the trip to Des Moines, Iowa Judy, welcome to the line of fire.

My client glad you brought up in an air discussing that. I think people need to realize that morality and integrity is under fire Christianity has been waged war on and we really need to know become aware and going boycott things that are not you know that are attacking us and our viewpoint. One thing I wanted to make a point of today is you know instead of having men and women on the bathroom. I think they should probably end up going to another male sign with the and it's a circle with a likely just the logo of the male and female logos has to some people don't know what that is a thumbnail sign. It's a circle with a yes of the planet.

When had a + for a woman right now. No matter what you do to yourself after your mind are going to have to end up being on bathroom because we know what going in that bathroom yet look to use reality if somebody was was on hormone blockers from the age of 10 to say 18 so they didn't really developed as fully as it was a male-female then they had 16 surgery early on and then they they look to say that the guy looked more like a lady than anything else and no one would notice to that person was walking to the bathroom, he look, that's the reality. No one is given no if someone looks fully like a male earthly likes of female and is had 16 surgery and there in a private bathroom, you went, whatever the cases are today right right right there apparent that right now. I like that that the fact of the matter is selected.

No one is policing something like that.

But when you have a guy who's in a tall big guy and end.

Where is the way it has male planning and and wares of WYSIWYG and and and puts address. He has no business is no business whatsoever in in the ladies bathroom dishonest was supposed to go.

Will that that's what he has to think through if there's any unisex bathroom somewhere yes to think through before he puts on the way because no one is making him do that before he puts on the way your puts address yesterday for right there are social consequences with that of a thing.

It's easy for him to be very difficult, but there are social consequences with those things and look is as far as boycotting Judy obviously we couldn't even we can get unclaimed visa credit card we can use a computer if we boycott everybody that's terrific activism, but there are times when things are so egregious like PayPal. PayPal doing business in Cuba expanding into Cuba doing business in Saudi Arabia, which executes practicing homosexuals doing business in other countries that are draconian with human rights compared to America and saying they were there there now to pull out of their plans to coming to Charlotte North Carolina to Charlotte is determine an organized attempt to keep their bathrooms and shower stall safe for women and children.

This is the height of hypocrisy.

We are looking into alternatives for are those who support us online using PayPal or who buy from us online through our web store were looking to to good alternatives that will be just as easy and convenient for people. I'm hearing from people ready to saw someone treating me some in Seminole earlier there canceling their PayPal accounts family research Council sinks in PayPal a message telling how you feel either telling them you disagree with this are going. The next step and say okay this is your policy report account of the send one message to one company that you don't do this. What you don't slap America in the face and mock the commonsense values of millions of Americans in the go-ahead to work with communist Cuba without consequence. Thank you for the call 86634 Minneapolis, Minnesota. Paul welcome to light a fire under Dr. Brown Victor technical tests. I don't want to call and weigh in on the politic guard and I totally agree with you that we know. I really believe that all the shaking their God's grace are not to wake us out of the comfortable life that we've been engaged in for the past many decades, in America as Christian and I really believe that ultimately I was reading this one of your you're right. It's ludicrous what happening and ultimately you set it in the statement about the man who wants to become a Dragon if she wants to shed his humanity. I really believe that the underlying attack is that attack against the image of God by Planned Parenthood attacking an image of God by the LGBT. The attack against the image of God by the atheist community and Satan worshiping community is that they want to shed humanity and image of God inherent work that is all really what it is is all the shaking of the current right now. God great on wake us up and call us back to real Christianity that intimacy with God in the preaching of the gospel because there's going to be so much in the beginning of the birth tank that this was the darkness, but coming at its scary to me. The enemy gets darker yet, let me say this, Paul. Many times in history. It looks like this is the end. Many times in history. It looks like this is the final shaking and it's just another birthday along the way its look, look at the tremendous upheaval that took place in the generations immediately after Jesus and in that was not the final and look at the upheaval in the early 20th century was World War I and then mid 20 centuries. World War II and then think of the Civil War 1/2 million plus Americans are dead in that war which dwarfs all over the war casualties sense is there there been times in tremendous trauma, but this is one of them and you hate for it to take this to wake people up. You hate for calamity or hard times or crazy politics or political extremism to wake people up, but unfortunately we been very complacent. Unfortunately, many pastors, preachers, teachers have have not equipped people for battle as much is try to help them have a happy life because of that we gone very, very soft in the church in America and yet it's it's an urgent, urgent wake-up time in a very critical time for many reasons. For a thousand different reasons in the life of the nation. May we get back to the basics. May God awaken us 866-34-TRUTH Charlotte, North Carolina Charles, welcome to the line of fire every funding to the comment you made earlier about we don't do away with payers for somebody in a wheelchair because I have Mr. ultimate handicap and I I would like to offer a different kind of come back to both transgender's parents and so on that are asking us to be sympathetic to their situation that it that in the third two incident.

Talk to you about my sister who had spent a bit of a paralyzed from the waist down all the but when she was in elementary school and got to fix great old building fixed rate up on the second floor. My mom asked the principal to move the classroom downstairs so she wouldn't have to go up these rickety old wooden stairs every day. He was our next-door neighbor. By the way, but after considering the good of everybody. He decided not to, but she had to spend your going up and down the stairs every day and to the bathroom while after she died at age 46 and her coworkers. I spoke to them in the hospital before she died. She worked at at a factory and they her supervisor said how adamant she was. They were concerned for her safety. The air in the plan.

She was adamant they would not treat her any differently than any other employee after she died.

Her niece told me that when her niece was a teenager she always course handicap one day that when we were going in this set of concrete steps with no railing and acted purely let me help you. She took one of her crutches and flung it at my Nathan fell flat out of my way. I am not handicap male but I think these parents and and people need to hear and you are doing a disservice to your child or loved one. When you are expecting the world to adapt to them because if my parents had raised my sister. That way she would've been further handicap than she was so we need to say no. The world doesn't do that.

This is an opportunity for someone with a disability to learn to overcome and be a stronger person because of it not to be further handicap that giving a Charles loud and clear.

We have a break right now. You said it all testimony.

This is discouraged. Thank you sir. Much appreciated her. It's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, my colleague at the screen. One of the I a right basis. Screen.ward. My colleague at the stream of the contributing editors there. John's Merrimack is written. Powerful article its religious liberty versus gay sharia in Dixie and he he raises lots of of excellent questions will Christian business owners. In some cases Christian clergy be able to follow their consciences refusing to participate in same-sex quote marriages will state and local governments in force and every citizen the dictates of quote transgender theory allowing full grown, biologically intact men claim two identifies women to access women's bathrooms lockers among other absurdities that he erases these questions one application.

No one is talking about but which you can count on gay radicals running with is this what about denominations that only ordained male clergy could biologically female students assert that they identify as male, and demand enrollment in Catholic Orthodox and Catholic.

We are Orthodox Christian and Orthodox Jewish cemeteries, Obama, solicitor Gen. already admitted during the arguments that had the Supreme Court's gay marriage decision that he foresaw yanking the nonprofit status of Christian ministries and schools, churches and cathedrals that will perform same-sex marriages. Why would government officials were willing to persecute Christian bakers over wedding cake and dry the Catholic Church and Southern Baptist convention to tax bankruptcy.

Blanche at monkey was seminary missions. To quote protect the quote civil rights of diffuse women who aspire to be ordained as male priests or rabbis can be morally certain that Islamic institutions will forever remain mysteriously exempt correct and North Carolina Gov. Patrick Roy signed a bill overwriting a local Charlotte North County law that would let people physically, psychically identify with the opposite sex. Use the bathroom of their choice. The result is been a savage backlash with other state government suspending official travel North Carolina federal agencies threatened to cut off millions of federal funding in our concerted effort by big business to cripple the states economy.

Of course PayPal we been talking about that if you haven't sent a note of encouragement to Gov. McCrory to sell.

If you haven't sent a note of encouragement to refill bright Mississippi do so. If you haven't written to Gov. Gov. East in Georgia, expressing your displeasure for him caving do so and encourage your pastor, pastor, speak about these issues laying from the pulpit.

Give us a biblical perspective. Tell us what we should do in the schools. Tell us what we should do when these things come up in the place of business.

From everything I know, the vast majority. The vast majority of of believers want their pastors and leaders to address these issues to make it the main topic of every Sunday sermon but to address these issues. I mean I am to scout a bunch of things of looking at here but they said I said east I said east I knew a sitter on Gov. Nathan Deal of thank you Joey Gov. Nathan Deal is of Sarah's leg as he is.

No, it's actually a realist, and so I was thinking of, and us to some of the similar name, but actually a musician Comes to mind. Yep Yep, a musician asked this writer the name confused. I think he views the people I get the names confuse there.

But look, friends, what is this all come down to what is this all comes out comes down to the responsibility of the church comes down to responsibility of the people of God doing what's right. Speaking taking stands now, if you live in Charlotte, North Carolina area. If you're a business person if if you want to find out more about these things.

There is an informational meeting that will be taking place at first Baptist church at first Baptist Church in Charlotte between five and seven with attorneys from the alliance defending freedom, giving information telling what's really going on and then a prayer vigil schedule tomorrow night for the Charlotte Mecklenburg city building between 7 and 8 PM tomorrow night so you can go over to the meeting at 80 at the ADF meeting at first Baptist that explains what's going on what's explains out with the realities here the bathroom. Privacy and safety bill and then you can go across the street to the prayer vigil. If you live in greater Charlotte.

Here's report from WB TV in Charlotte. The Charlotte city coalition for Justice gather Tuesday to announce their efforts to overturn H the two and provide funding for the legal fight. Rev. Robin Tanner, who leads the coalition said PayPal joins list of corporate citizens expressed in the reluctance to do business in the state. Hey Matt, do me a favor to me a favor, just check up on Rev. Robin Tanner in this report. Here okay Rev. Robin Tanner. I can assure you the Charlotte clergy coalition for Justice represents a fraction of the clergy of the city.

It does not represent the large majority of Bible believing committed Christian clergy throughout the city, nor does it represent a majority in any way, shape, size or form any way, shape, size or form of the believers in the city as well. Let's just see here is that sooner we get we type in Robin Tanner, clergy of interfaith group Yep Yep, just as I suspected Robin Tanner of the Piedmont University Unitarian Universalist church. That's the kind of clergy that is the kind of clergy that is standing against the Unitarian Universalist that says it all might listen friends exciting news when a revenue book coming out. It's always exciting. I was asked to write this book by the publisher on the grace controversy to really establish people in the grace of God to really establish people in what it means to walk by grace to be saved by grace, and empowered by grace and where some people have taken these wonderful truths and gone too far with them with the erroneous message of hyper grace so my book the grace controversy answers the 12 most common questions I'm asked about grace, grace and holiness, grace and conviction, grace and forgiveness, grace and confession of grace and keeping or losing salvation.

You'll find it really eye-opening super practical's clearly written, full of Scripture, a totally separate book for my book hyper grace.

In fact, one that is a much easier read and will will will get you even more grounded in the grace of God in your own life.

Normally when we come up with a brand-new book we we offer collectors edition.

From the first printing we sign the first hundred, 200, 300, whatever it is that I sign into your with the Scripture reference, and it could be $30 and $50, this time just $20 postage paid for the signature addition when it comes out.

You can preorder the outlets in a month or 1-800-278-9978 one 800-2789 97 April go to ask Dr. Benes.

Could your brown. The Lord my bottom line. If the church doesn't wake up and speak up. Then who will

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