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A Christian Perspective from Saudi Arabia; and African Guide to the Bible

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 13, 2016 4:40 pm

A Christian Perspective from Saudi Arabia; and African Guide to the Bible

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 13, 2016 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/13/16.

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Imagine leaving America for 20 years living in Saudi Arabia and then coming back was the world look like to you start the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown walking to the line of fire. Got a great broadcast today, 866-34-TRUTH number to call 866-348-7884 last week over week ago got a call from a gentleman who had worked and lived in Saudi Arabia for 20 years and came back to the states and was shocked to see the state of America. I do have time to talk with them so we set up a time to reconnect today and get his perspective. I mean it's almost like he was in another world. He was in another world and he came back to the United States and when he when he came back to the United States was shocked by what he saw Serena talk with them. Get some perspectives also about Saudi Arabia about what the world look like. Through his eyes. And what a fascinating conversation about that in North Carolina there has been some compromise by Gov. McCrory Eastridge strong on other issues, but there is been some compromise which is negative and harmful, and absent for many years.

The unspoken mantra of gay activists is we will intimidate and we will manipulate until you capitulate and we have seen some level of capitulation ready but in other ways a standing strong so much going on so much attack on his conservative moral values my letter.

My open letter to Bruce Springsteen by God's grace has gone viral. Just on the stream website alone. It's been shared stream Facebook hundred 78,000 times and I did six radio interviews in the last 24 hours just on that subject. People wanted to talk about across the country. Rachel dollars all now is going to be writing a book. She is transracial.

She wished she should come out as black earlier because that's how she identifies it is a time not just of relative morality, but of relative reality. That's why put out a video about the man who first believed is a woman and now believes he is a mythical Dragon, a female Dragon is leaving his humanness behind can watch that by going to YouTube Esther to Brent ask ADR and or destroyed my YouTube channel*apprentice kid your brown there and watch the video if you haven't trust me on this.

You want to get you your pity. The Scalia pray for him but trust me, you'll want to do it because this is going on on our watch. This is the society were in now some you might say, what means Jesus is coming any minute. It's all over. What were still here. I heard he was coming any minute. When I came to faith.

Over 44 years ago were still here. So let us make a difference while were here yet start. So when we do shine more brightly about that shine more brightly get closer to the Lord, spend more time with him get his word in your heart and your mind stand up and make a difference with your life as you have opportunity share the gospel with someone who doesn't know the Lord will give a helping hand to someone in need show the love of God pour into your kids and your family support your local assembly and say hey let's get into the community and make a difference only need to do is activate believers in America and the nation will be shaken that rejuvenate how bad it 866-34-TRUTH will be right back for a fascinating discussion. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Looking back to the line of fire is Michael Brown, author David Myers some years ago, psychologist said if you if you fell asleep near 1960 look up your 2000 and America you'd wake up to the divorce rate doubled teen suicide tripled prefiling crime of four times prison population of five times. Children born out of wedlock of six times people living together out of wedlock up seven times below the proverbial frog in boiling water.

The the frog is boiling and doesn't know it until it's too late. My guest Robert was in Saudi Arabia for 20 years and recently came back to America so has had his own eye-opening shocking experience. Robert welcome to the line of fire. Thanks so much for joining us.

Now I understand I may ask you certain questions and you may tell me can answer that for various reasons and that's perfectly fine. But what brought you over to Saudi Arabia on the more I study in my early Christian life more astonished. I was by the misrepresentation about Jesus in the Koran and about God. In general, and as I grew in my Christian faith. I kept learning more more about God and the Bible and along the Koran and by the time I was in my mid-30s and to be frank, I couldn't really find my calling in my civilian career.

At that time I'm in banking and by the time I finished putting down the Koran. I was so angry and obsessed with what was going on this lot that I had to get on that and when I went to Saudi Arabia. I finally found my calling it I found that there every cell in my body was focused. The first time in my life and once I reached at that level of involvement. There was no looking back I and you lived in Saudi Arabia for how long now, 20 years and you were there the entire time did come back and forth to America lot know just once, when my father died and then again on all right so obviously you are not in Saudi Arabia doing outward Christian work but you lived in the midst of the country there paint a picture for us of what Saudi Arabia is like well if being pulled in so many different directions socially.

Now that the façade is beginning to fall apart. It is a course of an absolute monarchy, but there are so many things are happening, especially since 2011.

At the beginning of the Arab spring that the Saudi royal family is essentially circling the wagons they have to pee. The Wahhabi religious establishment. On one hand, because that's where half the power lies in the country so they have to demonstrate their pay have to demonstrate your piety to the Wahhabi religious establishment constantly and after stress of the royal family is facing.

So don't motive them in 2011 in the spring. They had to roll back the restrictions on the nation's religious police power, and they went further by curtailing any unflattering news coverage of their doings in the nation's newspapers, on the other hand you have to appease millions of unemployed Saudi you take them at our by increasing their housing subsidies and trying to find work and if the royal family doesn't find some jobs so there's going to be another Arab spring over there one that they can't buy their way out of what about the overall morality of the country that safety of the on the streets know we we understand that there is strict Islamic law, there we understand that say repeat offenders stolen can have a hand chopped off that adulterers can be beheaded and things like that and even have this is an event on Friday afternoons were people will gather together in the Muslim Sabbath and and the sins will take place in major city squares.

What about the overall feeling of morality BC there's an enforced morality.

But how would you explain that to Westerner well 20 years ago you could walk down the dark streets of dark back alleys, at 2 o'clock in the morning with hundred dollar bill hanging out of your pocket with nothing to worry about, simply because there was an atmosphere of fear and retribution. The Saudi courts are very quick to take their capital punishment and corporal punishment. However, since 2011. The situation is falling apart to the point where people are looking for meaning in their lives in so many different ways you could broken alcohol or alternate sexual lifestyles that the average Saudi's are used today is less afraid of the Saudi royal family in the Interior Ministry because they don't have anything else they are at their wits end. They have no jobs over there so what you're seeing is an increasing level of public obedience pushing I can talk about a little later on the project.

If you wish. You just get just give me a glimpse of that because you really don't hear it reported much in the West. Well first of all, there is a growing gay population in Saudi Arabia and I'm not talking about foreign workers who are gay.

I'm talking about Saudi Muslims or gay.

This is a very real phenomenon, and in what I am concerned about actually is how the Saudi royal family is going to respond to this because Saudi gays are becoming more open and more defiant. So what we're seeing now is a a a Mexican standoff basically between the gate. The gay population and the authorities.

So this is basically why I called last week because I live found out that you know the state of naïveté in American public, especially in regard to how Apple Computer and Starbucks, of all people are pretending to stand up for gay rights over there over all right here over the slot to keep men out of women's bathrooms.

What most people don't understand that Apple and Starbucks go into a huge amount of business in Saudi Arabia and you need to notice what kind of gay rights abuses their happy to tolerate country for the sake of making money.

Example what what happens if someone is sitting in a more defiant, but still have sharia law. So let's say someone is is found to be guilty of practicing homosexuality. So two men enter in a sexual relationship.

Maybe there there found out it's it's known what happened to them. Well, just one second let me just bring this issue of American company in Saudi Arabia and the current hypocrisy of what you're doing here. These companies have countless stores across Saudi Arabia come to mom and Kovar on the Persian Gulf to Jeddah and Mecca on the Red Sea.

Starbucks even agreed to remove the female face from an finder logo just to appease the Saudi religious establishment over the gain permission to do business there. Now I can tell you from personal knowledge that the families routinely arrest and humiliate and be gay people as a matter of policy and just recently the Saudi Interior Ministry officially refused to stop it now Apple Starbucks know full well what's going on here because it is celebrated on the front pages of the Saudi's newspapers for years. It takes only 20 seconds to look at the word gay rights, and homosexuals on Arab yet their CEO still happily chose to set up shop over there now it even more bizarre on Michael is that some 97 Starbucks stores in Washington recently joined the Seattle Police Department safe Haven program to train your employees to help gate becomes a violent and how to report he crimes to police. Now how is it that Starbucks is making for great noises about reporting hate crimes in Seattle whether plaintiff Dom about the unbridled persecution of gays under their very noses react yeah I don't think it's playing dumb. I think it's making conscious choices. One thing you don't mess with Islam and the other thing we could make big money there. So in America where they can be the bullies and and be politically correct and face down those with conservative moral values. They do it in there that the heroes and when it comes to Islam. There I can bully Islam and they can make a lot of money. Why not do it since that's the greatest goal hate honestly in America if it was going to be costly for Apple or for Starbucks or for PayPal.

These are the companies if it was gonna be costly for them to take a stand for quote gay rights you have to question whether they would if money is not the Almighty one that they're serving all right we will be right back.

We come back. I want to ask Robert questions and will find out more about Saudi Arabia little bit later but all I want to find out what America look like out of the country basely for 20 years except when his dad died coming back again obviously was not completely unaware of what's happening in America but it's kind of a time warp. So let's see with the country look like when he came back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back to the line of fire and speaking with Robert lived in Saudi Arabia for 20 years. We come to the states. Once during that time Robert when you called me a few days back.

This is what I was so fascinated to hear what America look like to you, having been out of the country 20 years.

Obviously, you still need some things that were happening here.

What's happened what what was the culture shock like for you and what can you tell us is those who've been here the whole time to help wake us up to reality marked startling thing for me what the media here in America we change funding source of information being an outright right course of indoctrination and we all know what happening, but so far I haven't heard anyone been able to articulate precisely why it and I think I have some input on wiretapping if I make.

I just chat about after a moment, please. A few weeks ago I was in the car and I was to NPR on the radio and they broadcast a very slick piece of propaganda in which they interviewed Parker wrote about Islam and an oddball Christian cult which handle snakes of all thank you need on the innuendo. Of course, was that every religion has its cooks and therefore there can't be anything in the Koran and more dangerous than what the Bible and I almost drove the car off the road when I it was the most upsetting and and an outrageous thing occurred and believing in the past 20 years I've heard a lot of outrageous things in great now. The reason the media isn't concerned about our crimes against gays, country is because they have this reflexive tendency to cease their investigation precisely at the point where they can blame their own culture.

The media today is essentially for the kind of adolescent personality disorder in which they blame your parents for all the country's ills are part of their parents boudoir culture. They essentially let them off the hook scot-free.

No matter how good their behavior and I see this across all the major networks okay CN ABC NBC course the print media, so this disclaiming your parents boudoir call culture for everything and then stopping at that point explains why Starbucks experiences no guilt whatsoever in compromising their ethics for market share in one of the most unrepentant regimes on earth, while at the same time, they should crocodile tears over gay-rights and it's because the hypocrites in the media are ready to do it. The hypocrites in your view hypocrites in the media letting them do it or joining together in doing no Michael I don't even think they know they're doing it. That's how bad I think it's gotten. When I was a kid in the 60s you knew the extreme viewpoints were it was off. It was the I would be myself. I mean I had seen it. I'm I know my back, but what happened in the 70s is that so many of the hippies crew didn't want to go out and get working in the commercial establishment wound up getting professorships and in University yes sir, and they've turned around and and and when I couldn't and I were indoctrinating the current crop of kids, but there also moves so thoroughly into the newsrooms that the news media itself cannot even detect it unbiased anymore and that's what shocks me the most directly back to the state is that that that that the news media is essentially telling death to get to their own hypocrisy.

I don't personally believe there trying to be critical. I think it happening reflexively and they don't know what what what what about so the wind when you left America. There was a certain view we really seen a shift in the 60s with the sexual revolution in the moral decline in America.

In many many ways what looked or felt different. Coming back to America watching TV, movies, listening to the news just in terms of the overall sexual morality and the overall view towards homosexuality in particular will, in my view there's been a complete loss of touch, and in reality think that were brought were at face value. Ridiculous, dangerous, socially backward when I was being raised as a child today are being viewed as virtuous, progressive, inclusive, tolerant and disturbing so much of the corruption of our vocabulary. It's gotten to the point where it would not only are we every diluted in our minds were diluted in the language that we use so II just I think our biggest challenge right now with patient aware is that we need to bring the media out of capitalism, especially with regards to Islam and anything that that threatens their value system. For example, one thing that disturbs me the most that I really have been upset about recently is that I can't tell you how many times I've heard, NPR, CNN, major networks describe Islam as one of the three great hammock religions is nothing of the sort. What most people don't understand is that Islam couldn't make up his mind about Abraham. For the first two centuries of the wild is not to insist that Abraham offered Ishmael for sacrifice. Fully half of Islam's burly scholars, including the great help to bury himself actually believe it was Isaac. Now this is no small matter what until the ninth century that Islamic scholars turned away from Isaac under the tutelage of the Abbasid caliphate, which demanded a more ethically acceptable candidate name Ishmael. Now why the Arabs already panic people through Abraham's son Ishmael Islamic filters. Not Abraham, religion because it rejects Katrina social prophecies that are wrapped up in Abraham and Wiley's processes are well known to the church but practically unknown to the media and and this blows my mind that that how the media across the board could be so fundamentally ignorant about the most basic Old Testament characters so very briefly I want to get into the Bible discussion right the moment, but then he does touch on three prophecies very quickly to stay right here because we have a break coming up. By the way, Robert is a pseudonym using this name to protect the identity of others as well as we can speak as freely as he can, but we got some bonus coverage and continue to speak with Robert in the next segments and you be able to listen to all of this later today by going to my website Esther Gibran asked Katie a click on latest broadcast or you can subscribe by podcast, and never miss a show even if you're driving out of town are working you can't listen so you can do all that to the website asked Dr. Brown dog org also remember extending last week special resource offer. My brand-new book, the grace controversy.

The first printing will have in less than three weeks it will be ready in our hands to ship out to you in the first 50 or hundred or 200 copies. Whatever the number is that we have special preorders for this is just for this special printing signed and numbered so we only do that was the first printing first few hundred that requested so to do that to get your sign numbered copy of the grace controversy go to my website Esther Brown asked Kate DR Brown dog org it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light a fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown (to the line of fire broadcast speaking with Robert pseudonym are using today.

He worked in Saudi Arabia 20 years got to understand Islam from the inside in a country which has a relatively strict version of Islam, Wahhabi lobby is in, which has led to to some of the extremism. There's a reason that the the 9/11 bombers were promoted from Saudi Arabia was a breeding ground for Osama bin Laden as well 866-34-TRUTH if you have a question, a low drone certain things Roberts able to speak about freely for a number of reasons. By the way, a quick question Robert, before you get to these prophecies you wanted to deal with. Were you allowed to go to Mecca or as a non-Muslim was forbidden know if you try to drive to Mecca on the highway thereof, the number of fine thing left exit for non-Muslims and you if you show up past those signs and you get cold over by the police thought you work your passport will indicate you will have 100 passport your your your employer will keep your passport will give you a residency visa residency permit, and that will state your religion and if you don't have you show up past those roadsigns going to Mecca without a Muslim residency visa, you will be spending the night in the local county prison amazing amazing alright so the three prophecies you want to discuss briefly yet very briefly mentioning prophecies because this is fundamental to how the media is misrepresenting Islam. Otherwise, I wouldn't bring it up at this point but I thought about these prophecies in terms of the media's ignorance of Abraham, and what it means to be in Abraham and religion prefacing number one describes Abraham. Abraham walking Isaac to Mount Moriah to sacrifice him as a burnt offering Genesis 22 clearly shows Abraham putting the firewood on Isaac's shoulders. Isaac carried his own wood up the hill just like Jesus did at Calvary. The second proxy describes Abraham arriving at number Moriah after a three day journey where you will far off that God would provide sacrifice now far in Genesis 22 is the Hebrew word for Coke, which means to look ahead, but also to look ahead in time, as though he were looking into the future. Something we would certainly expect from a great prophet like Abraham. That's why Jesus said centuries later that Abraham saw my day and was glad.

And the third prophecy shows that when Abraham raised the night he saw a ram with a check caught in a briar blush and Jesus had was wrapped in briar at his crucifixion. Now media reflexively portrays Islam at Abraham's faith in order to claim that it can't possibly contain teachings that are inherently dangerous, but what they don't understand is that when Islam turned its back on Abraham's prophecy in the ninth century under the Abbasid caliphate. It turned its back on Abraham at the same time.

So the next time the media tells you that there's lot is in Abraham and religion put them over your knee and give them a good spanking because it just isn't right. And by the way, just from the perspective of one. It is all the Jewish apologetics over the years, Genesis 22 account called in Hebrew, the RK.speaks of the binding, specifically that the binding of Isaac. The interesting thing there is that Abraham says God will provide a lamb for the burnt offering double provide a lamb but then there is a ram instead. So the question is where is that lamb that was spoken of course, that is our Messiah Jesus issue alright I got a couple more questions for my guest who labored in Saudi Arabia work there there for 20 years about Islam from the inside right that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown today, modify all my guess using name Robert on the air worked in Saudi Arabia for 20 years so Robert the first. I know you said things have changed since the Arab spring of 2011, but generally speaking with her, still five times a day, where throughout Saudi Arabia people stop with they were doing whether they're driving their cars within their business for the men to to prostrate themselves in prayer resenting exaggerated picture by no means an exaggerated picture until the habit of driving down the highway 100 miles an hour and a prayer time, they'll pull over to the shoulder on the highway and find the 10 shack filled with Koran industrial carpet out in the middle of nowhere in the desert And they will park their cars and 30 or 40 cal will get out and never even met each other before 10 shack to shield the sun still unrolled air there prayer carpet and what I call the masala there prayer place and they will prostrate themselves towards Mecca. They will do it in office buildings, hospitals, matter fact, if you're waiting for a doctor's appointment in the hospital, which is where you always go for the claimant don't have private offices of Eric barrel be, is on a cleric in the hallways of the hospital yelling out the prayer call even though the final welfare and OPP quiet for people here and what about okay the younger generation which is fighting back against the strict Islamic laws and customs and things like that.

One of the young men do today just go along with this is there a penalty. If you don't, well. A lot of peer pressure amongst salaries of all ages so if you're a doctor in one of three officers and the other two doctors are Muslim. They will visit that one doctor will go to each other since they are succumbing to prayer the same thing for office workers in every venue in college campuses. So there's a lot of peer pressure and if you don't usually get up and go to the washroom and wash your feet, get ready for prayer you're going to stand out like a sore thumb so but the thing is, even with the young people who are in public at that point they still tend to conform. But after hours is a totally different situation. Yet there is an emerging gay population in Saudi Arabia.

As I've mentioned before, what to do when no one is looking is a completely different matter which of course speaks to the fact that Islam cannot change the inner man only change the outer mast there is this a famous Egyptian cleric. He has a major TV broadcasting is considered to be one of the leading Sunni Islamic thinkers authorities in the world and he had once made the comment that without the death penalty for apostasy in Islam. Islam wouldn't be here today so that your experience living with in Saudi Arabia that it is a religion enforced by fear of punishment as opposed to by the free devotion of the people, I would say that is true, the people who are others for over 25 or 30 still still subscribe to their parents idea of worship and religiosity they actually believe what they're doing but the thing is today fully half of the Sally's population of 28 million people under 25) and the recent polls outback show that today's young Sally skills increasingly disconnected from your parents are spirit values and and to make it worse on the average age of the caning and the crown prince is about 74 and all their parents and parents generation can do is tell her to go to the boss more often and more time reading the Koran, but that's not washing anymore kids are finding other outlets for their energy, and eventually the place is going to explode. Yeah it's it's throughout the Muslim world that you have a disproportionately high number of young people. So the exact opposite of what you have seen a country like Japan. We have an aging population in countries like Yemen or in areas like Gaza. When I sing Saudi Arabia give a disproportionately high number of young people just like in the 60s the baby boomers.

There's a lot more rebellious. There's a lot more anti-authority mentality generation gap and you have this disproportionate number of young people, and then young men in particular tend to get fights more so you end up having more violence in the cultures as you can see, and in radical Islam or for the young ones, who being disaffected or any of them being radicalized that kind of going the opposite direction can be more radical or is it primarily a secular direction that they're going got everything under the sun so demonically. Dr. Brown that Satan will do anything and everything to a group of people. We do have a small segment of people who are young people become more radicalized they are sent Michelle a little funny but they are now playing ping-pong in the in the countries are deprogramming centers after they were rescued from Al Qaeda, but so they were pulled back into these reeducation centers across Saudi Arabia and now a bearish hunter showing increased proclivities to go and join ISIS so the same strict Wahhabi propaganda that the that the family government has been pumping into these kids had has been coming back to haunt them and now the Saudi establishment essentially is afraid of it on you.

And within within Saudi Arabia.

Obviously you can't know what what what would happen if you openly try to preach the gospel, you did street evangelism of inner-city and Saudi Saudi Arabia would happen. Well, you would immediately be from jail and I can't talk about.

You want to discuss this further, I can get the details off-line. My phone number got but I asked if there are common almost everyday occurrence document how close by on apartment buildings where they believe that there are housework trips going on, which technically is not your legal and family. However, the Sally's talk out of both sides of the mouth constantly about policy. For example, they will arrest you are defining a Bible in your possession. However, a few years ago. Just recently, Saudi Arabia airline with listing Bibles and Christian crucifixes under the same list of banned items as drugs, alcohol and weapons and military service in any country can they have Bibles using freely. There you should mention that they are during the first Gulf War.

They were corralled to having your worship services on a military base only military women were allowed off base only if they wore the abaya okay so there's a whole lot of the whole list of render sick stories about how the US military has had to essentially hide Christianity right and hundreds in order to save the lives of people and about Christianity and then you have such like a Osama bin Laden just has to notice you look at the American presence in a country like Saudi Arabia is defiling and and imperialistic and defiling the holy lands. So here we are trying to serve in and look for international security and that's our being viewed out.

What about behind the scenes in the midst of the the midst of the turmoil. Our young people actually looking outside of Islam for answers. Yeah. There's true, but basically we see it happen more in the younger generation, especially the college age adult. Now let's say for example Saudi women almost exclusively originated in the country as their parents to want their their young ladies going abroad, especially unescorted. So the Saudi women whoring, of college-age horse working for more experience with God than Ben is on scale rituals are do convert but the thing is that they are essentially housebound in their parents home because they can't leave the home permanently until he had a husband. So for a healthy woman to come to Christ. She's going to have to hide her her conversion from her parents and her brothers and her male cousin because she doesn't, but you can imagine what would happen yeah we just had he just had a woman just think it was two years ago I recall correctly, who had her tongue cut out and she was burned alive to death because she told her father that she had become a Christian. So tongue cut out and she was burned alive to death. This happened recently by her own father and and are not making this up. This is in the Sally's own newspapers so I understand sir I that's why wanted eyewitness testimony like I've got couple more minutes appreciate Robert spending so much time a couple more questions to get a picture of Saudi Arabia from the inside and hopefully simply shivering to play the Muslim world and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back fire. I hope finding this interview instructive and burdensome in that you understand a little more it's like to live in strict Islamic country, and how it's our prayers can make a great great difference of Robert there is so fellow I met many years ago who had worked in Saudi Arabia I think in the oilfields that worked their course in secular capacity for years and told me about what was called chops Square where people were herded together on a on a Friday afternoon and penalties were were inflicted for various crimes, so it could be some international working there who would been caught three times stealing in his hand was chopped off.

One man told me about witnessing some of being beheaded for adultery. So is this still ate a public event on a weekly basis. Were these types of punishments are meted out here and it is increasing in frequency is matter-of-fact in various cities like in Riyadh, for example, we become Square or Algeria square anthem of our colleagues were foolish enough to go down on her lunch time just for the experience of seeing what collecting shop looks like and and the people came back to the office completely shaken so dear, your listeners might want to know that just recently, a few years ago the Sally's renter's comportment, apparently because the criminal so they let the courts choose their own Form of Capital Punishment. What They Do Today Is a Shooter Convicts First and Nailed Her Body to Crucifixes and Display Them in Public for Three Day and This Is Why Am I'm so Upset about People like Apple and Starbucks Because It If People Are Being Crucified and Put on Public Display for Three Day One with the Company like Apple and Starbucks Doing over There Anyway This Is Total Hypocrisy. So Let's Let's Just Want Everyone to Hear This. This Is Graphic. This Is Painful, but This Is Reality. So This Is a a Weekly Event Correct That Correct and It's in Is It in One City or in Several Locations, Every Every City. So Friday Afternoons. There's Muslim Sabbath and and People Come Together and Watch This Publicly Correct What Would Happen It Will Take the Belt Are Are Are Are Chock Prior Times It Got Filipino Laborers Are Kind of Indonesian Made Felt Forthwith Diligently Duly Filled Belt Don't Drugged the Victim First with Narcotic Okay Usually Drink after They Are Not Putting up Any Resistance Delete Them out.Square to Bring out a Swordsman, Who Will the Job from behind and Then What You'll See Is the Saudi Clerics Walking up and Shaking Each Other and Congratulating Each Other for Their Piety, so, so What.

Let's Let's Go from the Least Harsh to the Most Severe Penalty. Some People Will Be Flogged Publicly Correct Correct. This Is Happening More Frequently in the Cake, Sexual All Right and in so What What Would Get You Flogged with Public Drunkenness Get You Flogged It Could Certainly Any Kind of Alternate Sexual Lifestyle Could Any Kind of Online Activity through Part of Popular Media Where You Criticize the Government That's an Easy Way to Get Yourself Flogged and Let Me Assure You This Idea of Lip and Little Piece of Cane. There's Nothing like about It. It Is Permanently Disfiguring Disease, Injury, and the Number of Lashes Started 112,000, and Sometimes It Is Measured out over a Period of Weeks. Right Okay and You're Probably to Figure Benefit the Horrible Punch. I Then What What about Having Lynn Amputated Her Hand Amputated Something like That Course the Quran Is Explicit. You Know Those That Fight against a Law That That Is One Punishment Is to Chop off the Alternate Hand and Foot to the Right Hand, the Left Foot but Just on a Normal Week. What Would Someone Begin Their Hand Chopped off for Well They Would Be Very Chopped off Work Usually Discard Any Other Crimes like Rape Right II Don't Know Why and Rapist Are Common. Saudi Arabia Yeah I Don't Know Exactly How They Decide When to Go for a Headshot Okay but One Thing I Can Say Is That Will Just Four Months Ago. The Saudi 347 People on One Day for Various Crimes, Mostly Political and Political Dissent, and Right Now We Are Currently Scheduled to Be Heading Crucified 17-year-old Boy for the Government so Will Behead Him and Then They'll Still in a Beheaded State Ham and across. That's Right. And It Will Be Left in Public for Three Day If You Were to Look on YouTube and Google Google Images You Will Be Able to See A Lot Of Photographs of the Photographs Recently about a Public Restriction. I Don't Know Why Maybe Did Take A Lot Of down Last Year This Time There Are Hundreds of Shots of Different People Depending on You out There Is Some Some Friends.

These Are This Is Uncomfortable, but This Is Reality. Next Time You Do Business with Apple Starbucks with All Their Stores throughout Saudi Arabia. They Are Fully Aware of This and yet They Want to Come against Christians for Having Basic Moral Values As If They're Taking the Moral High Ground, but More Importantly, This Should Burden You to Pray for the Muslim World Sick of How Difficult It Is to Share the Gospel or How Difficult It Is to Hear the Gospel and How Difficult It Is to Follow Jesus Because of This Just in Saudi Arabia but in in Numerous Other Strict Islamic Countries and in Here. You Have Bono the Front Man for You to Action Actually Saying This, He Says It's like You Speak Violence to Speak the Language, but You Laugh at Them Aware When They Are Goose-Stepping down the Street and It Takes Away Their Power Sums, Suggesting That the Senate Sending Amy Schumer and Chris Rock and Sasha Baron Cohen. Thank You. Whatever's behind Those Words. He Actually Said Them That's Kind of That the Madness Try to Find a Solution to This.

There Must Be a Supernatural Gospel Intervention and yet He's Obviously Joking about That. The Characters Sending Them in but It Just Reminds Us, There Must Be a Supernatural Gospel Intervention and and Robert out We Got a Go Route of Time. I'm Really Hoping That the Things You Shared with the Sobriety with Which You Share Them Will Open Many Hearts and Minds to the Reality of Islam, so That There Can Be Much More Fervent Prayer for the Muslim World Held in Bondage through False Religion, and Robert May God Use Your Testimony Give You Wisdom in Terms of Getting It out. Thank You. All Right, Thanks so Much for Joining Us on the Broadcast Again.

Robert Is a Pseudonym and Even Talk in Generalities. He Still Has To Use That Pseudonym to Protect Others and to Use Wisdom in Getting His Message out and I'm Aware of All the Things He Spoke of, but It Hits Me so Hard to Hear Him Convey a Specific Detail My Bottom Line. Today the Muslim World. This Captive Darkness and Fear. Pray for the Light of the Gospel Shot. My Guess. Dr. Harold Felder Has Written a Book and African-American Guide to the Bible Stage for the Line of Fire with Your Host Activist and Author, International Speaker and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown Your Voice of Moral Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Michael Brown Is the Director of the Coalition of Conscience and President of Fire School of Ministry Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown, This Is Great.

I'm Holding in My Hand African-American Guide to the Bible. My Guess Dr. HC Felder, Harold Felder Sitting in the Studio with Me. We Are Going to Have an Amazing Show. Today You're Going to Want to Get This Book and the Number to Call with Questions. 8663487848664 Truth Harold Great to Have You on the Air Today. Well Thank You Very Much Dr. Brown That Was It Was A Few Years Back I Was on Your TV Show Yes RRA and at What Stage Was This Book. At That Point Probably Just in the Thought Phase Is by Just Thinking about House. I Was Go Back in Full between His Estimate My Dissertation.

I Get up in the Book. I Was Probably Going Back and Forward about Dissertation Ideas and Some Would Get Shot down by My Readers, but Public and It's Infinitely Interesting. All Right, so You Were Get a Doctorate. It's an Evangelical Seminary yet Little Worlds Top Apologetics Schools Have the Privilege of Being Adjunct Prof. There yet Schedule Permits and and You Got Okay Sue African-American. Yes. Is There A Lot Going on in Terms of the African American Church and Apologetics. Well, Not As Much Is I Was like There Are Some Churches That Definitely Waking up on My Church, New Beginnings Community Church and in Matthews Has Provided Me a Great Platform for Apologetics.

I'm Hoping That My Book Will Open up Some More Doors for Apologetics.

It Hasn't Made A Lot Of Inroads yet but I'm Thinking That This May Be the, the Catalyst to Make It to Make More Erosion to Church yet. Why Do You Think It Is That with with Each Group You Know We Have Strengths and Weaknesses in a Ethnic Group. Each Denomination and Things like That. So There Many Strengths of the African-American Church Has That Maybe That the White Evangelical Church Doesn't Have but Apologetics Is Not Historically Been a Major Focus What You Think. That Is, I Think Go Back Historically Not Think It Has To Do with History and His and Historically, What Is Happened with the African-American Church Is That They Were Allow into Some the More Conservative Seminary Site Message of Dallas Theological Seminary. So A Lot Of Them Didn't Get the Training That A Lot Of the Some the White Counterparts Have Gotten and As Result of That without Some the Training.

A Lot Of It Was Involved in More Emotionalism Than Excellent Intellectualism. So Now We Start to See Hopefully Eight a Change in App, but I Think That Goes Back to the Root of of the African-American Church in America That When You Say That Some of Our Fine Seminaries Did Not Allow African American Students Absolutely Try to Be African-American Student 20 Years Ago and Trying to Get into Someone Someplace like like Dallas Is Modify One of Things I Do Is I Quote from from Bob Jones University Where African-American Actually Tried to Get in. It Was It Was like a White Person Writes African-American and He Was Told That He Could Not Get in Because God Has Separated the Races Any Method to Be Separated Even If Seminary Even If Bible Colleges so They Were Not a Conservative That Had That Idea That the Black Church.

All Blacks Went Really Part of God's Plan Minutes.

I Am Aware. I'm Aware of Much of This, but Everything I Hear It Is so Embarrassing. It's a Mortifying and so Shameful and That That Was Not That Long Ago. Now There's A Lot to Talk about Talk about This Book Will Talk about Why You Got into This Whole Subject and and Even Some of the Rise of Kind of a Black Centric Mentality That If It's Not Black It's Not God Didn't Have the Opposite Extreme, but We Come Back and Ask You This Question Were Often Told Christians Today That We Were on the Wrong Side of Slavery Were on the Wrong Side of Segregation Run the Wrong Side of Women's Rights Now Were on the Wrong Side of Homosexual Rights and Transgender Rights and Things like That so Will Take That off We Come Back, Conservative Christians Misusing the Bible. Now, As We Misused It to Keep Black Americans Out Of Our Seminaries. I Guess How Felder the Book the African-American Guide to the Bible File the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Get into the Minor Fire Now by Calling 866-34-TRUTH Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown, like His Wife by Controlling Timeline Will 50% of American Colleges As Late As the Mid-1960s Children Regularly 1970 Were Not Exclusive in This Environment You Will You Admit Is Very Flawless and You Will Wrong When We Do Course with a White Light Explain This Wily Candidate Bible Believing Petition Larry We Try to Place Things on Bible Principle. The Problem We Have To Pay Is Our Prior Principle Is Greatly Misunderstood Thinking A Lot Lately, Copyright Is Going to Be Relationship Treat People Differently. We Know We Don't Let Them Date Because We Were Trying As an Example to Enforce Something Principle That Is Much Greater Than This Way, Standing Is the One World against the Coming World Antichrist Which the One World System of Blending All Differences of Blending of National Differences Economic Differences Church Differences Involving One Ecumenical Bible Is Very Clear about a Boy Who Was March 3, 2000, Dr. Bob Jones, the Third Speaking with Larry King. I'm Sitting Here with Dr. Harold Felder.

His Book the African-American Guide to the Bible of Harold.

How Does That Sound to You Few Minutes I Know It Sounds to Me As As a White Evangelical Christian Has a Sense Use African-American Christians. This Disheartening but I Think the Saddest Thing about It Is That That Mentality Is Not God and Is Deftly Not God, and Is so Un-Biblical That Is That Is What Strikes Me, I Think so. So That's What Surprised Me the Most about Some Institutions That Promote Racism and Their Biblical Institutions. Yet for Some Reason When It Comes to This Particular Topic.

They Seem to Throw the Bible and Outmoded Sense of Entrapment in a Way That That Is Completely Taken Things Out Of Context in Order to Pursue an Agenda and Is Completely Un-Biblical Source Out Of Fascination with the Same Time. It May Look. It's One Thing They Said What We Believe in the Separation of the Races Right Which Some Held Two Notes. One Thing to Say Israel Was Separate from the Nations for Holy Purposes, but Israel Was Mixed in Races Itself so You Can Say God's People Believers Should Be Separated from Worldly Practices or Believer Should Marry an Unbeliever That Is under the Race That Has To Do with Spiritual Practice and Background. But Now, of Course, They since Retracted That Policy Bulges University but to Come up with This Idea That's Fighting a One World Government under the Antichrist, and That's Just Actually This Is Something That I Really Really Deal with in My Book and It Is Really Bizarre Because You Just You Just Mentioned. I Think One of the Main Points That the People Don't Get Because Believe It or Not Believing That There A Lot Of People in African-American Communities Believe That That Supposedly the Jews Were White and Everyone Else Was with Were Black and so When We Have All These These Laws of Separation That Is All. The Separation Must've Been Based on Race When in Actuality, When We Look at the Children of Israel Coming Out Of Israel We See before It Was That It Is a Nation They Came out with the Mixed Multitude. Consider That If I Did When Each of the 400 Years. So When Nation of Israel Was Started. They Were a Mix of Some of Everything under the Sun Yeah and and Even Though You Clearly Have the Semitic Roots Mesopotamia and All of That Which Would Been in a Middle Eastern Maples and the Egyptian Ghettos in Northern Africa Supposed to Central and Southern Africa, so There Still Differences There, but You Have Moses Married an Ethiopian Woman since She Would She Would Be from Everything We Know an African Woman and Now You That You Had so the Tribes of Israel Were after Manasseh Was from Egyptian Women As Well.

Right. And We Also Look at the the Place That the Bible to Place That That That Is Is Will We Will Consider Black People That We Have Today and I Would Look at People Looking at Us. We Will Because It Was Very Prominent in the Bible but Now That Don't like to Make the Arbitrary Distinctions on What Black Is Because There Is No Such Thing Is Is Is Is Is Black. If You Land up Everyone in Africa or Everyone the World Is a Okay so We Would Not Be Will Begin. You Can Do It so I Know Something Would Say Northern Africa Was a Seven Africa Adjutant Is a Africa Because There Is No Such Thing As a African Color I Write and Even Facial Structure Right You Can See I'm Gonna I Was in DC the Other Day I Knew My Cabdriver Was Either Ethiopian or AirTran. I Knew the Cabdrivers, Not Nigerian. I Know so You May or Their Distinctives Darker Color Lighter Color List Structure Things like That in the Same.

Of Course with with Caucasians and the Same with Agents All Right but Let's Let's Get Back to This Issue of the Accusation That Just As the Church Misuse the Bible to Sanction Slavery Misuse the Bible to Siphon Segregation Misuse the Bible to Sanction the Oppression of Women Is Now Misusing the Bible to Oppress Homosexuals, Bisexual, Transgender Identified Individuals As an African-American Christian Heavy Response to What I Respond That They Are Always Will Be Christians Who Will Use the Bible to Further Their Own Means of Their Own Beliefs and Is Not Just the Bible. It Is Whatever Authority Is and Is Is Is Considered the Authority at the Time I Me with the Bible Was Used To Promote Slavery Just like Sandwiches with No Slavery. We Have Never No Scientism Actually Is Races but One of the Things That We Need to Look at Is Not What Christians It's a Bit of a 20 Christians and Christianity Because Christians Can Do All Candidate with Christianity Is Open to Different Thing Is What Jesus Taught It with His with the Bible to so. The Bible Never Teaches That As Far As Homosexuality Homosexuality Is a Is Not a Person Is Not Is Not Is Not You Can Identify Someone in the Bible Is an Activity That You Do Is Now Who You Are. You Are Not What You Do When It Comes to African-Americans Inherently Alkaline. As Part of Who We Are As You Did Not Decide to Come out As Black One and I Can Change It If I Wanted Exactly. So It's It's Scientifically Born That Way Scientifically Retained so Immutable and and and and in a Right Whereat Said Skin Color and There Is No Behavior Associated with Being White, Black or Yellow. Where Is There.

There Are Romantic Attractions and Sexual Desires That Define Homosexuality.

So You're Saying Though That What about the Biblical Misuse or Are There Differences in and How the Bible Was Misused Sensuously Maybe Can Give an Idea of How the Bible Was Misused to Sanction Slavery or the Separation of the Races Versus the Bible Clearly Prohibiting Certain Practices. What We See in the Bible That One of the Things That That Is Used A Lot.

Is That Noah's Curse Supposedly When Nola Became Exotic and One of His Sons Uncovered His Neck in This and Two of His Other Sons Covered Them up and Supposedly God Cursed Canaan Was Supposed to Be the Main Undersigned Is the Son of Ham African Nations and What Noah Said to Him, Is That You Shall Be Cursed into the Sinister Beaker so so A Lot Of Early Christians Took It As a Mandate That All Blacks Now Should Be Slaves Because This Was God's Curse on Noah Was with Was Noah's Curse Will Actually God Was Sanction in the Curse on All African-Americans Write an Idea What That My Book 1st Was a Canaan Has Nothing to Do with Africa Canaan. I Was like That Was Where Israel Is Today, so I Had an Absolute Nothing to Do That and and and to Take Something Out Of Passage so Out Of Context Is Pretty Ridiculous Because We Look at Slavery in America Would Happen Here As Compared to What Was Going on in Israel. They Are so Completely Different. I Think One of the Challenges We Have Is That We Think about Slavery. We Are Automatically Thinking about What Happened Here in America Right Was Was a Whole Another World Rifle Was Actually Happening There Exactly Yes to Your You're Talking about the in Ancient Israel Slavery As It Was Instituted. The Vast Majority of Cases Was Was More of Kind of Eighth Servitude That You Get Your Rest on the Sabbath, like Everyone Else. If You Mistreated in Any Way You'd Be Free of the Seventh Year, You Can Be Released Unless You Said Not Want to Serve My Master in a Long-Term so More More Than Extreme Indentured Servitude As Opposed to Going to Another Country. Taking People Who Have Been Kidnapped. Shipping Them Overseas, Where God Knows How Many Hundreds of Thousands of Millions in the Die Then Selling Them As Chattel Already Mistreated, and so on. With No Recourse.

That Is, Is Night and Day Difference in What Is Important.

Another Thing I Think We Fail to Miss Is That That Slavery in the Old Testament Had Nothing and Ashley Slavery Probably Isn't Even Aware Because Were Slavery Didn't Exist, Yes, but It Had Nothing to Do with Race Had Nothing to Do with the Protocol of Someone Skin Completely Right Is Not a Biblical Concept, You Don't Find Race in the Bible Does No Way to God Talks about Black People by People God Talks about the Hittites, He Talks about the Jebusites and He Talks about the Israelites Never Talk about the Black People to like It Because Ways Hadn't Been Event yet Base Is Not Right Is Not a Difficult Concept. We Look at the Bible We Tend to Impose Race on a Society That Didn't Even Know What Rice Was Because It Wasn't Even around Where It Really Unpack That Race Is Not to Say That You Recognize Skin Color but the Concept of Race Right Nothing Found in the Bible to Get More Information on This Get the Book, Dr. HC Feld. The African-American Guide to Evolving Business Online. Amazon Absolutely All Right. The African-American Guide to the Bible Right Back and It's the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown Your Voice and More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution. Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown. I Guess Dr. HC Elder, Author of the Book That I've Anointed a Book like This, Especially from a Conservative Christian Position from an African-American Author and Scholar, the African-American Guide to the Bible Complements Him to Go through the Contents of That Book with with Dr. Felter but That Harold We Know in the Bible There Is Reference in Jeremiah Can Deliver Change in Spots Can Easy Open Changes Skin so There Is Certainly Recognition of Skin Color You You Have in Song of Solomon, the Woman Saying I'm I'm Darker Black but Beautiful and Have Been Darkened by the Sun, but Whatever. So You Know, Dark Complexion, More Dark, and with the Sun and Then in Lamentations 4 Mentions Your Your Princes Were Were White or Work Will Write the Summary. There Can Be Observations like This, but There's No in the Bible Where Distinctions Are Made Based on Race,the Jew or Gentile Right and Then Had to Different Nations Is in the New Testament You Deal with Male-Female Jew, Gentile Slave Free, but Your Erection Saying That in the Biblical Mentality That There Was Not a Concept of Okay We Got to Gentile, Male-Female, Black, White, Black and White with the Categories. Absolutely Not. We Look at the Bible We See This Does Not Talk about Ethiopian Change in a Spot Acknowledges That There Differences Can Tell Because the Design Is That Way That We Can Have Different Skin Tones. However, There Is Nothing in the Bible to Indicate That God Classifies People Based on Skin Tone or That There Such a Thing As Black. Were There Such a Thing As White.

There Are Some People Who Maybe a Little White Light Is No Dog in a Guy Just Just Notices That As a Characteristic, but to Classify People by Yeah That's That's a Really Important Thing to Take Hold of Because the All World Divides over the Look. There Are Distinctions between Male and Female That Are Deniable and There Are Distinctions between Nations.

If You Live in One Country You Think Differently. You Have Very Different Worldviews, Values, and Sometimes a Special Nature World You Worship Different Gods Versus the One True God, but to Make Distinctions Based on Skin Tone Is Completely Arbitrary.

It Is Completely Arbitrary and That Is Is One of the Most Important Things I Think That a Person to Think about Is What Happens Is I Do with A Lot Of Fallacies in My Book I Did with A Lot Of the Arguments Used To Support the People You Support Racism and If You Can Get through the Fact of Getting Ahead like Sort of like for Principles You Can Deal with a Whole Lot of the Arguments and One of the Main Principles Is Understanding a Race Is Not a Concept so When You See God Talking to the Israelites in Israel. As Ezra about Keeping Separate from the People Then You Realize He's Not Talking about Race and Especially If You Read It When He Says Because Their Practices Are Detestable. So When You First Understand That You Understand That You Can't Support Anything with Racism in the Bible You Can Understand Fundamentally That We Are All from Adam and Eve Who Would Make an Image of God. We Are All Made Image.Each and Every Person.

God Loves No One Person More Than He Loves Another Person's out Okay How Wide a Person Is How Black the Present Is That Persons Made It Just As Much an Image Is Anyone Else so from Gospel Point of View. We Are All Equal, Because We Are Image Bearers of God and End If If We like Join Ourselves with Certain Things. Let's Just Say You Picture My Pictures I Can Be Accurate Right to Bring Caucasian into the Middle Middle East Engine That Saves 2500 Years Ago 2600 Years Ago the Days of a Better Writing and Let's Say Ezra Nehemiah and Their City Has Separate from Your Farm Wives. Now Let's Picture That the, the, the Jew Dance the Israelites Are Black and White, and Native American and Ancient Religious Picture and Now They Separate in the File Separate from Are Also Black and White and Asian Market Is so Is His Calendars Race. Not Now, Let's Think of This. And of Course Many African-Americans. This Is a More Normal Thought Process. I've Been in Churches Right Seen a Mural of Jesus and His Disciples a Black Church in the They All Look Black and and If You Go to China You'll See A Few Depictions of Jesus Looking Chinese and of Course All the European Art Were Jesus's Is Made to Know European Vocational Blonde Hair Blue.

I Kinda Think but White Christians to Use the Race Construct the Moment Need to Picture Black Jesus Invites Disciples to See If It Rocks the World a Little Bit Because Adjustment Is All Human Beings and This Is One of the Things That Is Really Really Important in My Book Is about As As As Everything Else in the Book Is What Is That When I Was Growing up Is That All the Pictures I Saw People in the Bible Were White and There Is a Very Not Middle Eastern I Know Is That Why I'm Here Black-And-White. You Got so Was Happening Was Happened before and Was Not Habitable Is That More and More African-Americans. I Start to See Christianity As the White Man's Religion Yeah and They Are Turning Away from Christianity Because They Can't Find Themselves in the Pages of Scripture Exactly and That's What My Friend Said When It When I Went to His Church in Brooklyn. He Was a Fellow I Met at College and Went to Well-Known Churches, so I Showed up for Services. Great Service, Really, Really like to Really Love That the Preaching but I Saw the Mural There and I Just Said You Know What Is That Accurately Said He Looked When You When You Go through Your Your Your High School Yearbook Whose Pictures You Look for First Look for Him. Picture Your Ear That's You Know How I Looking at All the Old Yearbook and You Look at Others. So It's That Idea Finding Yourself in That and Look I Was in India Preaching One Time to a Hostile Crowd Ended up Taking over the Meeting, Shutting the Meeting down with the Got in a Life-Threatening for a Bit, but Someone Yelled out in a White Man's Religion Is the Same Perception in India Because White Missionaries Brought It There Even Though It It It Became Initially with Thomas Know That the That Was the First Apostles, but You're Saying That Some of the Fuel behind the Fire of the Black Hebrew Israelite Movement, Absolutely.

I Think I Think That Is Not Only Fuel behind Them, but I Think the Fuel behind the Nation Of Islam and A Lot Of Black Nationalist Groups Because What Was Happening Is That They Have Felt Alienated Because They Have an Apple Apple Not Mohammed Apple Malcolm X Where They Talk about Know How Did You Worship God Here. Glad Jesus You Know You Have Slave Masters Who Brought You over All Ownership over to This Claim.

They Serve That God Then Commanded Them in Some of the Guys to Go to Get You and Jonah Was That Same Jesus Who Possibly Was of the Same Genes That a Slave Exactly and It's Time for a Powerful Argument in the for Many Jewish People Jesus Been a Gentile and and Again That They Separating Him from from His from His Roots of All That Being Said, Just Get a Minute before the Break.

The Title Is the African-American Guide to the Bible so You Are Recognizing There Certain Cultures, Backgrounds Will What's the Overall Purpose We Come Back Will Begin to Conscience More but What You Write the Book, but to Let People of Color.

No, That When They See Scriptures. They Are Part of Scriptures and There Is Nothing Incompatible with the Bible with People of Color, Our Friends to Get a Copy of This Book. Look, It's Eye-Opening and Useful for Everyone to Read, so I Is As a Again Using Art Terms of Race and Identification As a White Evangelical I Read This with Interest and to Learn and Understand but in Particular for My African-American Listeners.

It's It It's a Great Introduction to the Bible It It Will Lay out Foundations of the Reliability of the New Testament Evidence of Inspiration or the Mistakes in the Bible and Then Take up These Issues of What Is Race Answering Objections to Race so Super Useful Guide You Get. If I Going to Dr. H.

C. Felder FEL GERD African Americans died. The Bible it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown when I write a book. I want that book to be special. I want that book to fill a void.

I want that book to stand out because there's nothing else like it and I'm holding in my hands a book which fits that bill by Dr. HC Felder, the African-American guide to the Bible. This was initially written as a dissertation, a doctoral dissertation at Southern Evangelical seminary at some Charlotte, North Carolina, one of the world's premier apologetics, seminaries, and it fills a particular void in particular the African-American community to write from a conservative Christian viewpoint and to write with sensitivity to African-American perspectives and did not only introduce you to the Bible but to deal with some of the major objections, race, slavery, things like that to take them on biblically and logically, Harold.

What was your motivation versus a dissertation project, but what did you feel that this would fill a void writing this book well I was an atheist before becoming a believer in 1997 and I was shocked that no one shared the evidence for Christianity with me and I was living in DC. I was on some Internet NASA and once I became a believer I was.

I was bent on sharing this with Christianity. So I quit my job, I sold my house and move it a shot if it's in Southern Evangelical seminary for the reason that you mention it is the number 10 premier apologetics seminary in the nation now once one Saturday well have been minutely adopted always on it which I love. I attended a Juneteenth celebration for those of you who don't know a Juneteenth celebration. I know you all think that will African Americans were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation.

However, there were a lot of like to say we okay with Emancipation Proclamation says so. They still held Blacks in slavery until the junior troops actually marched down the streets in Texas masses to say that you're free so we call that Juneteenth celebration because it is actually the data back with Ashley free regardless what was written on the paper and I went to the Juneteenth celebration.

I was there without African-American mean it was it was aftermarket celebration and it was like a flute music that saw this picture in the picture struck me. It was a picture of a little black baby. He was being faded. A big giant spoon and in this moment was a cross Bible, a change in the school was being held by white hair. The imagery was clear it was striking it was that Christianity is the white man's religion. We have been force for Christianity. It is not our religion is something that we have been told to leave then but is not something that indigenous dress so MMM based on an avenue to 10 is where you been much out of that shows on Hebrew Israelite nation Islam and there is disbelief that I think Christianity is the is the white man's religion so I was basically deal with those arguments demonstrating that that is all wrong.

It is not white man's religion is far from it took a while before he got to the white man. I just actually actually in and that's where they got on the bottom up but you look at some of the first of the greatest theologians that work all black you look at Athanasius is in origin and and people like that in and you look at how the fact that it actually began in an African country.

The first seminary was a Clement NFS in Africa and this all of the different things you look at the opinion. The guy went out of his way to perform a miracle to get the Ethiopian eunuch to hear the good news which he took back to Africa by the fourth century A.D. Africa was primarily Christian so there's this idea that white book Christianity when it came when missionaries came from your in order slave ships is just unfounded and is just not true.

Yeah, there was a thriving African Christianity and Islam really decimated a certain point history and in friends if the idea with origin climates or maybe Augustine if they were dark skinned, if that messes with your world validity to examine your own skin until it does not, the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I guess Dr. and how he felt, author of the book the African-American guide to the Bible is some of the great theologians early church were African prefers to use African as opposed to making skin tone. The difference, because as he argues in his book, the Bible does not distinguish based on race. The Bible doesn't know the concept of race is a concept of different nations and ethnicities of Harold in this book. This give us a real quick overview of the contents okay. The book is but is divided into four separate parts. The first part deals with the inspiration of Scripture because if I can't mistreat you to buy was the word of God then would you care what it says about anything else and I go through a lot of different things about the manuscript evidence I go through a lot of the arguments to demonstrate it is the word talk about the fact that at times the word of God. But unlike what a lot of other still I still haven't demonstrated to be the word of God and one of the ways that I do that to them anyways. I do that is to the archaeological evidence that corresponds to the Bible without the secular sources and I will prepare them to what the Bible says and and my number one argument is from prophecy. Attic prophecies hundreds of years that were made by what you get before the event and I will show through secular sources, how they actually were fulfilled in exact same way that the Bible predicted in hundreds of years beforehand to demonstrate to the Bible and only the Bible is the word of God. Only the Bible was that the spot is is divinely inspired because all were all books can be divinely inspired because they say contradictory things. I make the case for the Bible been that way. That's the first section the second section, I do the back presence in the Bible not deal with the fact that there were people in a couple of color throughout the book. Throughout the Old Testament. How basically the Old Testament landscape were people, they were known European white people. We look at the Old Testament opening up that that the whole European thing is something that came along time later and not now that I demonstrate people who were clearly not just African but very black like Cushites and those are the people to demonstrate how some of the famous people in the Bible were of African origin in the third part of this book actually deal with the racism in the Bible.

I do a lot of the argument that people use to justify racism by claiming that you know that Blacks are fruits of why using the Bible that they know that God wanted us to be separated, that Christianity is the white person like man's religion. I deal with all those arguments I response all his arguments by those exact same Scriptures interpret them in context and 1/4 part of the Bible I just go for upon my book I talk about the unity of man.

I think about how God's view of man is I talk about how God created man in his image and how we all come from those two people and we all have the image of God. I talk about how to go through the Old Testament from the beginning all the revelations to demonstrate to you what God's view of man is and how God not only talks about all nations coming under his umbrella, but he specifically points call out African nations you will call out Ethiopian will call out Egypt and he will talk about how they will serve them how they are his beloved, so and I did not. It would put PC in revelations is with wheat, with the John the reveille to talk about how at the throne of God.

We see every trap nation and tongue and it was never God's idea to have a segregated heaven that makes no sense if you think about it makes no sense is that doesn't view has always been all the comps of the argumentative, because that's I do not see this as one and everything else is man-made in sin got it all right.

So let's focus on the man-made and sin issues right now it seems that racial tensions are rising in America had concerns when Pres. Obama was elected because of certain of his policies and ideologies that rather than having a unifying effect on the nation, which was certainly the hope having her first African-American president that he could actually have a a more separating effect know there are a lot of other factors going on, but it seems pretty clear. Regardless of whose fault it is why why this is that seven years into the presidency that race relations are getting more afraid. There's more tension there. So you have the rising black lives matter movement even had a for President Clinton having a conflict with a heckler over that. Then you have the whole argument about white privilege, then you have the pushback against these things. So what's the church answer how we responsible and reads African-American guide to the Bible. What's how can we respond in a constructive way. Rather than take sides kissed you and I am my senior Darcy run same side real children same side, same family, same spiritual origin same ultimate natural origins.

When the same side. If the world is dividing over these exterior things and obviously there's this cultural background may be that people of color live more in certain neighborhoods than others at certain times, etc. and that maybe something has to mow with inner city is in the do with color but it's blurred and then all the rhetoric comes in. We talk past each other. So how do we respond in a redemptive way. If I read your book what you can equip me with the kind of principles that already to deconstruct what's happening when I took your class as you nicely for the class. In Judaism.

Yet as if you introduction to answering Trish Grimes now… You say something that struck a chord with me, and I supported my book, you say that Israel, although they were God's chosen people. They were the mechanism through which God was going to bless all the nations of the earth. If you made this comment that every year the nation of Israel sacrificed 17 rules for the 17 nations tabernacles. Yes those 70 nations were all the nations they were the black nations they would a white nations. They will all the nations so God's view. If you have a sacrifice for the white nations even have a sacrifice will back exemplifies on this. So God's view is that we are all one that know one person is more of a image bearer of God than anyone else and I personally think that the that the church needs to take the lead on this in the reason why I say that because I think the church sort of took the lead on this in the wrong direction by promoting some of these arguments is not as the separation. However, in my book. If you get nothing else in my book, you will get that we are image bearers of God.

I don't know how many times as it is that each and every person is image, but of God. When ever you look down upon your brother and eight. Since you are looking down upon God because that person has the exact same image of God in them that you have in you.

So if we can understand their there was much we have much more common then we have the devices that can be the beginning because this week. What divides us is like 1% genetically and I just switched in the outside but we are the same. I look at it this way I can imagine them knowing. This is difficult African American Fatima my I was a dog is one of my family had a brother was very nice. I had a brother who was in between. Can you imagine me going to my parents was going to our parents and saying that I'm a better son because I am of a different color than your other sons used to let me bore because I am lighter.

That would make no sense to my parents because they're all they will all this is the same way that God is a God must be heartbroken when in season size divide over things so trivial when Joe Louis the boxer. It was once said of him that he was a credit to his race, the human race. Yes it because you hear it in and you know he is a credit to the human race, because the way he conducted himself in the honor with which he conducted himself even as it is a prizefighter and things like that yes so we look if if you put us in a room with a tiger and a lion and a snake and a gorilla. We realize okay we are all human and they're not right right so what we have to do is is come back to that.

It's in the Bible. It's explicit and in Paul's words, acts 17 right that that of one race and we we want one people.

We've all come and I've been writing on that as well. In terms of the liberating truths of Scripture and one of the truths that is change the world and for care for the poor and the needy and things like that is that every human being is created image of God to get in the womb and end, and a handicapped person and an elderly person that's too old to contribute. They all have dignity and honor because your credit image of God. We've we've just got less than a minute before the break, but give me one of the biggest objections that you tackle in the book race relates labor related. One of the biggest things you tackle.

I think slavery is the biggest one, probably because they would say that then God condone slavery because the Old Testament because of the because of the law that we would talk about before you not understanding the laws themselves right and by the way, the Hebrew word avid means slave/servant and and it's the same the root of all.

It is the word for for worship or for serve. So even the slavery part of it is this not have the idea of someone in shackles being whipped tonight that situps are not part of the biblical foundation right we we come back I will ask a couple more questions to Dr. Felder, but need to get the book the African Americans guide to the Bible.

It'll take you through the authority of Scripture. The reliability of Scripture mistakes in the Bible. The lab physicians what his race is race exist. What's the biblical perspective, people of color in the Bible. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice important cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown right.

My guess is asked how the African-American guide to the Bible will find out we can connect with him on my knees and watch it on YouTube.

But here's one of the questions you got some great objections that you you tackle here.

Chapter 20 so will just get that the short version of what's in your book does the Bible teach that black people are inferior to white people, absolutely not do a C-section and each chapter like that is, I will give the evidence that has been historically been use to demonstrate that the opposing position and then I go through and I spent an ice playing why that is not the case and and and then they basically they are jaybird jaybird as well use the basically count of the arguments of any any negative racism jaybird jaybird Jews were not black J be biblical interpretation using Apollo had to do a difficult patient thing thing thing is that out of context. SDI race is not a biblical concept and data differ between Christians and Christianity.

If you understand those you pretty much will answer all the arguments against racism in the Bible. All right you're talking to a young African-American he's grown, often seen in his view, injustice he seen way to his view is unfair court systems for sentences handed down in his view mistreatment by the police and things like that.

He associates that with white America.

He's angry. He's bitter is his perspective okay and you and your talk to him now, sit down, talk to me at your meeting in your neighborhood obviously want to talk about Jesus.

How can you help him through the gospel and into the choose your book to its nothing he hasn't seen injustice right think every certainties may be exaggerated, but certainly his have perspective there is a reason that the black jurors of the OJ trial thought or the black audience thought he was innocent because they did mistrust of the police and the whites mainly thought.

Of course he's guilty and I thought this got me a reason for both perspectives. Those we both grown up in certain worlds and broadly speaking, if there is a risk to stereotype and broadly speaking, what you say to that, that man. He's angry. He seen injustice. How do you turn this in a redemptive direction. Thinking that there were not to speak to African-American audiences is that we have to understand that no one can have a better or higher ideal idea of themselves than they believe that God has of them. So if someone believes that they are of little no worth in God's eyes, then how can they be that way I can review themselves that way so the first thing I would like to tell them is that God flicked from eight from eight from a God perspective.

He loves no one what you he loves not the president not whoever run for president. There is not one person on this earth that God loves more than you. You are that precious to him. And Jesus died for that patient… I for that person. He die for you men do bad things I know and unfortunately we have free will or we could do bad things. But Jesus came to release us from the sin that we disseminated that is inside of a so so went just because men do bad things does not mean that you have to view yourself based on what you see around you. You know how to when you see it just doesn't mean you have to feel that you are less than because of what you see around you because your value is not given to you by what man gives you your value is given to you by God because God is the creator and only he can tell you which are worthless and he told you that he loves no one more than you had someone tell Ms. before. If God had refrigerator. Your picture will be doing this out of his pocket God.

Now you're talking to a an older white Christian who was on the wrong side of segregation issues but is grudgingly accepted.

The way things are and has a blind spot still in terms of equality or in terms of hay I I have no problem with my daughter married African-American have no problem he would have a problem.

So it's the same message with the flip side of it what you say to him when Jesus made the great commission Jesus did not say go. It's all the white nations. These did not say Gonzaga blackberries Jesus to go once all the nations of the world and they decide of them so Jesus would use us each and everyone equally.

But not only that, because we react. 17. We all come from the same parents.

We are actually blood brothers you go back and of grandparents we are blood brothers so we should treat one another's blood brother because actually we are blood brothers and God sees us as blood brother. So we see one another the same way and and even through the years there's been lots of intermarriage absolutely is the letter into my so the identities any court pure race.

They were all impure from sin is a basic but that there's any pure race in or ethically. That's is complete myth anyway. Felt is actually a German name because my great-grandfather had this thing for his mate, but we that's very common in African-American community.

But when I did my

Me, I'm Nigerian I am German I am go because I have coming there like three African nations that I have but I have a lot of German and European as well because that is what the average African-American looks like now. My poor daughter.

She not only has my heritage, but her mother's Filipino grant person. Once I was banished when the other side Chinese so not was pure anything you with your human repair lost without Jesus if they were pure save with him yet and we've take one of the neatest things we got into it and in the first half-hour the art in case you missed it, but was just the discussion about about race and how it's a concept that doesn't exist biblically and it's one that that we don't want to see the world through those. I think it can really change you by taking it in all it's all in the book. It's it's a beautifully produced it's very very readable nicely that great quotes are from others to back things up and out. You'll find it super useful as as a white evangelical began to use race distinctions here II highly recommended to awaken evangelical friends to toot to understand better and to maybe rock your world a little bit and to all my African-American listeners. Absent this book is written for you the African-American guide to the Bible. It was years of hard work and effort to put this together. So Dr. Felder, thanks for writing the book and may God cause it to be widely distributed. Thank you for inviting white folks want to find out about your ministry watch on YouTube where they go. I have a YouTube channel call giving an answer. I have a website call giving the all right, giving an answer right guidelines right and then on YouTube, giving an answer. While you're on YouTube. Be sure to check out some of my latest videos on our YouTube channel asked Dr. Brown if you have not yet seen the man who became a woman that Dragon you won't believe your eyes but you see it on the video and check out this week special resource offer the preorder of signed every copies of my newest book, the grace controversy go to ask Dr. Brown, the Lord is my bottom line. Today God sees us as one family, one people for whom Jesus died.

Let us unify around the cross and speaks to the divisions in the world

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