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Cultural Commentary, the Wake-up Call to the Church, and Alex Kendrick on the New War Room

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 27, 2016 4:10 pm

Cultural Commentary, the Wake-up Call to the Church, and Alex Kendrick on the New War Room

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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From the target boycott to the latest on the elections we got you covered right here in line of fire stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I want to give you a word of encouragement to start the broadcast. Today it is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful to be in the center of God's will is wonderful to know that you are alive doing what God called you to do with you quickly to do with he made you to do and when you're not in that place. When you have that deep fundamental sense that something is wrong something is wrong. Something's off.

Something's not right.

As uncomfortable as I can be its positive because it will push you to seek God.

It will push you to not be complacent. It will push you to say, God, what are you saying to me, and if you respond to that if you press in. If you search your heart if you get along with him.

If you take inventory of your life. It could just be the very thing you need to bring about radical change and to get you on the path that you need to be on for this season of your life.

This is Michael Brown delighted to be sitting here right now on the radio.

I am 100% sure that I am here by the will of God.

I am 100% sure that I'm speaking to you because God has called me to be on the radio and is called me to be sitting in this chair speaking to each of you now. So thank you for being part of the broadcast, 8663 for 87884 I wrote an article last night. Responding to a Christian woman, a presbyterian leader who had some strong reasons why we should not be boycotting target at this point I I thought she did a good job of speaking with compassion and seeking to speak with reason.

I think she really missed the boat here got her points wrong so I respond to that. I want to tell you why I feel it is so strategic that we take a stand at this time, not just with target but with one or two other companies as well. At a strategic moment. Also the primary elections yesterday certainly went as expected in terms of Donald Trump sweeping the five northeastern states Hill retreat Hillary Clinton winning 4/5. Perhaps, though the degree to which Donald Trump swept those states, the amount of votes that he got the percentage of votes that he got and even people in exit polls, basically saying that they agreed with his talking points. Many doesn't matter who reaches a majority if you don't have a majority of the votes.

If you don't have the 1237 when Republican nomination that whoever has more the most between the candidates should get it mean that that breaks all rules and all all the conventional thinking the way things have been set up for 150 years, however long it is.

And yet people are embracing that what is that actually mean and and what is this fresh surge of Trump momentum mean again. It was expected was expected quite on this level I would say probably not, but does that mean that he's in no still doesn't mean that doesn't mean if he doesn't get in the Republican Party massively split out. Insert certain you could be sure of that. That that is Jonah Goldberg.

National review has said things like your be the same either way. Trump got in his crews got in. Either way it's it's going to tremendously split the party but the question is, with all of this was God doing what is God saying, what should our attitude be what should we be doing want to talk about that first then get back to target and get your take driver spiritual sense of what God is doing in the midst of these elections, eight 663-4788 file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown select friends wanting us the elections. The elections of things continue to heat up and we are still only in April. What's the world you look like what's America look like what's the electoral scene gonna look like come November of this year as hot and heavy and intensive as things have been. This is been the mild preliminaries on a certain level. If you can imagine that.

So yes you know if you've listened that I endorse Sen. Cruz last year was last late last summer, I was always an early endorser, and I still believe that he would be the best man for the job that he would be our best president of all the candidates that remain.

My prayer is not for him to be elected though because I don't pretend to be God. I don't pretend to know everything in the heart and mind of God.

So we have responsibility to act on what we know and understand. And then we we bow down before our sovereign God's enlarger will be done your best, your plan for America is it God's plan to raise up someone that will bring the part of judgment on America is God raising up some of the will be part of blessing on America is God raising up someone unlikely because of which things will go in ways we would not expect in the natural.

Those who said that God show them that he was going to raise up Donald Trump to be president and have the function of a divine wrecking ball and tear down a lot of the political establishment and things like that you know they have that perspective and and obviously if you think that God is raising up a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders you have your perspective so my prayer is God. You will be done.

You will now the previous plan about this is a cat. I endorse Sen. Cruz when I've spoken out with concerns concerning Donald Trump.

It's not because I'm trying to help Sen. Cruz, it's because I have concerns, but I want to reiterate Donald Trump ends up being president of the United States is as hard as it is still for me to wrap my mind around the concept of precedent, Trump.

But if that was what God did, and if he becomes president.

I would say that's what God did all right, that would be my perspective, I would hope that all of my concerns are wrong. Please understand that the same as Pres. Obama, I warned that if elected he would be the most radical gay activist pro-abortion president we've ever had.

Sadly, those words are proven true in certain ways. He's even gone beyond what might be expected with the Obama administration now pressuring states and saying if you don't adopt our bathroom policy for transgender students. So the boy can use a girl's room if he so identifies and vice versa that you could risk losing federal funding that that is what to call an abomination is really not an overstatement at all on his hyperbole. I don't want to over speak and exaggerate but to me that's not hyperbole to say that so I might my prayer the and my hope from day one of his election was that I be wrong that I be proven wrong not to my predictions would be true, it is not some prophecy I was making as is clear from his record who he was. So Donald Trump became our president.

I my goal without BC I told you so soon your chin up and couldn't recruit no less childish that's babyish that's making the beat. The big issue of my ego or or or my perspective no-no might my biggest concern is the glory of God and the good of the nation. So I would hope that would be wrong on everything I I would listen. I would rather you have prayed about the sins of course and I still don't see it the way others are seeing it or you know God raising up Donald Trump is a sorry sister Nancy and I prayed about. I still see it. I would rather that I missed something.

I would rather that I was spiritually dense and miss something and that God used him to bless our nation rather than I could get up and say see I told you so that that's only a baby that would think like that. So please understand I'm sitting back watching and saying I Skype still rooting for Sen. Cruz.

This is still far from over, and we shall see what comes down and that the Republican national convention. If Donald Trump does not reach the 1237 delegates needed. We shall see what happens. Will it be explosive. Will it be divisive, but we shall see again all these things are still a ways off. But this not a personal issue to me.

This is not up want to be right issue.

This is a wanted to see what is best issue we really are in a critical state in our nation on the doing lots of radio interviews on other stations across the nation from its day and night about different subjects been writing about on and other websites and many of the host feel the same way were in a real critical situation were in a real critical moment in our history.

So Deuteronomy 2929 I believe is applicable. The principle of Deuteronomy 2929 is applicable at a time like this, namely the secret things belong to the Lord our God honey strokes in Hebrew the secret things belong to Laura gobbet that which is open and revealed those belong to us and our children that we may do all the words of the store. This law that's that's God speaking to ancient Israel but the principal remains the same. Let God be God. Let God do what he is doing leg that God of course is going to do with the student absent from my perspective. I pray God your will be done. I pray God work move according to your plan and then we do what we can do response. In other words, even if God is raising up Donald Trump for certain purpose, my role may still be to warn my role may still be to raise issues just because God may be doing a certain thing doesn't mean that we are not supposed to be doing something else and the two can go hand-in-hand so in that regard, the God be God but him bring his purposes to pass to bless or to judge America and led us to do what we know how to do and and please this is so big please please please hear me regardless of who was elected whoever your candidate is whoever you feel would be the best for America. Regardless of who ends up getting in as president. Even if it's the one you think is the best one for America to not take your foot off the spiritual gas pedal. Do not let up on the urgency Sen. Cruz was elected would be a champion of religious liberties and the champion of conservative moral values, and a champion of life and marriage in a champion of standing with Israel.

Even if that happened, and he proved true in all those things we need massive awakening in the church. We need to be just as urgent as as we were, and in the worst moments of sin Supreme Court redefining marriage or some other national event that took place that deeply concerned us on a moral spiritual level, we need to keep up the spiritual urgency because that the watered-down compromise, morally bankrupt state of so much of the nation today goes directly back to the state of the church, 866-348-7884.

Let's start in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Jeff welcome to the line of fire think you like the girl probably used by God out of country were probably go country, there will be writing will anarchy will be Kayla going out there and I hope you got what you are people off the victim was a gravy train is doing right thing, the Bible, but right about the base but the report any people you just just as the subject.

Just as this. Yeah I can obviously see a lot coming to the surface ready has if if Donald Trump was was elected a lot of Lotta people upset a lot of protesting a lot of things that would be different with but as far as righteousness unless God changes in my ICM is the opposite of a vehicle of righteousness personally.

So what kind of righteous act, would you think that that he would he might perform your electric better might go but but I probably bold from the cut the gravy train cut the welfare cut pork and you are people that are addicted to government government directly to the government for cutting that show people who they are because a lot of people vote for the Demi that the companies become a Democrat because they they get a benefit out of it multiple will shake things up like a brick apartment. Firing though. Firing the gold and of the gold belt. The draft of the spirit before I go on the other couple specs about if that will connect with Jeff and Jeff is rather like this I would rescue for your spiritual perspective on things. I may agree or disagree with your feet six and I will come back to target and boycott by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, a quick reminder, the announcement yesterday.

Here run Israel again. Yet this will be my second ever tour to Israel was minister there many times we were so blown away by the impact. The tour had that we did what two years ago people so impacted so blast of people wanting to go back sweep coordinated with my dear friend Scott Voelker referred him on the air with me and we have got our second ever tour planned. In fact, you get a $50 discount if you register before this week is Abbott's can be fabric 25th to March 6. If you been thinking of going pray about going this is this is the time to go. This is absolutely the time to go to go to my website. Asked Dr. Brown ask a DR find out more. Watch the video there are families.

Welcome individuals are welcome. They bring a lot of people from your congregation. It's going to be an amazing amazing time. So good asked Dr. to find out more white. Let's go back to the phones in north New Jersey Julie, welcome to the line of fire, hello okay I got down there is a reason that Donald Trump is an is able to sort like it, and in first Corinthians chapter 2, verse 27 it says God knew what it only by worldly standards and what is a week can so-called strong. Tell your nowadays now, when Barack Obama was correct to point at the Republican party or that they would do everything that he failed and they have accomplished. But the Lord said, vengeance is mine till he Donald Trump hang there and there's nothing they can build because it's God's purpose for him to be there. I may have to watch therapist sowing and reaping system that exists and and our word of God yes is just to start repaying the census. Another words you feel yet look the Donald Trump phenomenon is quite amazing. And nobody predicted it a year ago, no matter how much of a reality TV star he is gone away for now.

I got it said you see God doing this it in order to bless America or to judge America got a feeling that to an absent what the Republican Party that Obama now that someone in their party who they cannot control and that if all the will of God to get his purpose across God can use now Trump for good because everything everyone else thinks he's evil, but God can use him. God can take Donald Trump and make him a saint course and here's a whole thinks you can't vote for someone based on who they might be in that case vote for anyone just pray real hard vote for the anybody, not even follow the elections where we vote for display got a chance after vote pursuing basin who they are and what they've done. By the way that Republican Party can control to cruise either that which they know but either way appreciate the perspective I just got this breaking news announcement that Ted Cruz has will be announcing his official 4 o'clock meeting but but the news is out now that he is to Carly Farina as his vice presidential candidate takers has picked Carly Farina as his vice presidential candidate, which I think instruments I conceptually tremendous and again as much as a lot of the media is ready. Coordinating Donald Trump as the Republican nominee isfar from over. My big question is what God doing in the midst of this with God saying in the midst of this, let me step back again before go to your cold calls and tie things and again with the target boycott my latest article responds to those who say well we shouldn't boycott what you do boycott everybody boycotts or strategic the Montgomery bus boycott in an Alabama led by Dr. King civil rights movement. This was sacrificial you ride a bus because you don't have a car you ride a bus because it's too far to walk and yet that bus boycott went on for well over one year and it sent a message. Yes, it did hurt the white bus owners that were practicing segregation.

It sent a message to the nation's Dr. King once said sometimes his need to dramatize things and there are moments there are moments when something happens when a line is crossed and that's when you must act right now across the nation across the nation. People are waking up to the rat account of the of transgender activists there. Waking up to the fact this is not just about helping one or two people out of a thousand. In the midst of their struggles. It is imposing a war on gender, on the entire culture.

This is the same target that last year remove gender distinctions from their toy aisles. What is wrong with having boys toys and girls toys.

What is wrong with having the boys toys and in its blue background. The girls toys with pink background. The vast majority of boys prefer boys toys to girls toys and vice versa. Yes, some boys like girls toys.

Some girls like boys toys at the five that's understood, but the vast, vast, vast majority of boys would prefer is like a G.I. Joe Conover, a dollar toy or football or baseball say to us sowing care or aura of a princess doll. The vast majority end and vice versa.

With the vast majority of little girls, that is just part of our nature that is part of our culture. The other girls were tomboyish and boys are more sensitive and feminine, like in that regard, but you don't declare war on gender distinctions because of that. Yeah, but it offends some people get don't have to.

Everything offends somebody after everybody's offended by something in every everything offends someone you don't turn society upside down because of that there are people NASCAR drivers that can drive 200 miles an hour on the highway, but the vast majority of people can't and we have accidents left to right our highways would be on travel.

If there is such a word because of accidents constantly so you have speed limits yeah you just meant somebody to drive fast you have speed limits.

Some people like seatbelts, but because there are at an end. Sometimes if you get in an accident and give the cars on fire you can connect as a seatbelt stuck that could cause fatality, but the vast business process vast majority of cases the seatbelts save lives. All were talking about his cultural sanity. That's all were talking about. You do not turn the world upside down on behalf of the few who struggle to reach out to those who struggle and do your best to help them wall standing strong for cultural sanity and for the protection and safety of all. I got a new illustrated video off about target a new article, please go to the website asked Dr. Brown AES K DR check out latest article latest video and also be sure to click on the banner to find about find out about our Israel tour you don't want to miss come experience of a lifetime. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much for 7884. Welcome welcome to the line of fire want to go straight back to the phones and will start in Boston with Beverly welcome to want to fire hi Dr. Brown, Larry talk about how transgender and ask you what we as Christian because I like that I spell that important data well on so basically because they felt when they want to be included to change the about the ball are I guess it transgender man to be in that woman talking about it transgender girl" woman that I have opened up to do something to limit our children and LGBT community, saying that it had never been an incident where I transgender pack and had done something while I mean you cut open… Before opening the door know what can we do it taking that we can about your Beverly of course, your concerns will sound number one it's a myth that there has never been an incident with a transgender individual and and someone else in the bathroom. I was just reading a story from a few years ago that it was at a bar. We had a lot of cross-dressers as described there and one woman was not happy with the presence of a cross-dressing man in a bathroom any punch in the face. So this is not a pedophile or had a sexual predator but a transgender individual so yet. These things happen. Your average transgender persons probably uncomfortable about this.

They're fearful.

What's gonna happen to them if they walk in the bathroom how they can be treated so I'm sympathetic to that, but as you said you don't turn the world upside down for that. I was looking online. Beverly and I saw that latest stats in 2010.

70,000 people in America had change their name from male to female of the reverse right 70,000. In contrast, there are 1.3 million people in America who are legally blind and over 1 million who are legally deaf, so it was transgender population is a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny group. I read a pro-trans article the other day and someone said estimates. If you have a school of 2000 between two and four of the kids will identify as transgender. So no, you don't turn the world upside down and then as you say now the doors open. Here's one guy 6 foot three burly guy wearing a wig and dress. He's in the early stages of transitioning.

He generally believes is a woman he doesn't. He's not a predator or anything like that just has to go the bathroom and he was in the ladies room is an address he can go on the men's room. Okay, how do you distinguish him from the predator from the pedophile from the guy look a predator is get there there to use every option they have. And I just went article with 20 examples of of of these kinds of things happening already in target.

Over the years so why in the world which one opens the door so here's here's one thing you can do immediately. Obviously, we pray for awakening in the church where we can read the articles of written on this disc of my website. Asked her to and search for the word transgender see many articles my book outlasting the gay revolution. I lay out why this is so critical to where it's going but along with praying along with asking your pastor to teach on these issues to give insight sign the target petition. This is one thing we can send a message to America go to American family Association a F and sign the petition sending a message to target. This is awakening the nation as to the issue it sending a message to other businesses. It's it's raising issues of safety and common sense concern that something can do so. signed a petition to boycott target to have some more action points in coming days. Thank you and pray for the salvation homeless identify stringent line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown will be granted free bending right we are saying on national which was 1520 points ahead of Donald Trump only voice missing their Donald Trump but will will will hear from Mr. Trump. Of course the elections everything heating up. What is God doing what is God saying how are we to respond again to me. I see all of these issues boycott on target. The larger issue of LGBT activism. The larger issue of is the church waking up larger issues of America among the nations in the world. All these things kind of exploding at the same time. What a moment to be alive. What a potential to make a difference.

86634. By the way, for go back to the phones human rights campaign big press conference.

Look at all the signatures that have come in calling for the repealing of HB to the bathroom privacy act passed by North Carolina on point of fact, in point of fact, the vast majority of the signatures is governed Corey's office and so are from out-of-state from out-of-state and the amount from North Carolina. What was nobody one box as opposed to over 250,000 emails that conservatives were able to generate to the Charlotte city Council and urge them not to go ahead with their radical building that then precipitated being overturned by the by the state, and over 20,000 petition signatures. We had boxes stacked high yes of so much for that outward show the people are overwhelmingly against the radical bathroom bills to Micah Longbranch, New Jersey. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Dr. Michael Brown are correct or have me on. Unfortunately, Persian ruler for the prayer are brought about twice and and and I ordered a number of things to be done gone gone critical here is godly cougar and enter an hour and a doctoral agrees with him on on the little yet on the bathroom. Bill unfortunately he does.

He has said that transgender identified individuals should be able to use the bathroom of their choice that Bruce Jenner would be welcome to use the ladies room in one of his building, so is not. I wonder let's just say an absurd scenario because the Trump ladies are not asking to be using up the YMCA, but let's just say they were visiting some friends in France at hey let's go to the pool at the YMCA sold Donald Trump's wife and one of his daughters. Theodore maybe if you had a granddaughter. Some like that that they going to the the YMCA and they come out of the that the shower stall they got a towel wrapped around the got another change there and there is that there is a man who identifies as a woman sitting there, not even a sexual predator.

He said I wonder how Donald Trump would would feel about that-it's like he's made the statement. Santa Cruz said is the world gone stark raving mad at an end. You know, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are aggressively in favor these things in John cases like a let Libby whatever the other people do they want to do kind of attitude of yes it's it's a crazy moment. It is a crazy moment.

Thank you, my end and consider you voted for Pres. Obama twice it's it's it's something for you to make that statement.

I do appreciate 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Rockland, Massachusetts can walk into the line of fire every on-again the guy and we talked about urging the importance of your boat though and I want to weigh in on going on.

Yeah this campaign again and so I just have a few things I would like to talk about the Colorado thing I like to talk about the petition that the RNC early candidate in candidate pretty much may Trump find you know we did find his own free will apply to support the nominee and how so many of the nominee are so many of those are candidates birthday now that they will not respect that pledge that they find and be in my opinion the hypocrisy of that now you just say I did not recruit did not vote for Trump. I voted for Carson, so I've already made my vote right. My candidate is not there like to change my boat someone else, but it certainly looks like probably going to be the candidate and I think well I will if Trump is the nominee okay and if crews really wants to make a difference in this country.

Why can't the two of them get together and make some changes that we really need that Lamictal today that Donald Trump would be the presidential candidate and to Chris would be the vice president is that your thought it it yet, not outlook. Other others have suggested that an stranger things have happened, I imagine. Didn't George Bush refer to Ronald Reagan's economic proposals as voodoo economics did he make that statement called voodoo economics and finance of being the vice presidential candidate and then after Reagan, the presidential candidates. Look it. It could happen.

You could say that for Ted Cruz. That's the logical path to the White House after all these only in his mid-40s, and you could say that he be in a position to be in the spotlight to have influence. And then it's a very easy step from VP to Pres. it's happened numerous times before.

Why not do it.

Others would say that if, in principle, you don't trust the president to the direction that he's going. How could you then be part of that ticket of look at this point can. I couldn't vote in good conscience for Donald Trump if he was the candidate can vote for Hillary or Bernie for sure.

I couldn't vote for Donald Trump at this point, however, if he did become the nominee I would go to the Lord once more in this a lot of time between now and November say father what's the right thing to do. The righteous thing to do. How can I best honor you what's in the best interest of the country is not a pride issue and in my heart over this. Okay so I I would go to the Lord afresh. At this point for many reasons.

I couldn't vote for Trump personally as as for the the keeping of the pledge. That's interesting that that is very very interesting here just that the pledge that was circulated by GOP official stated. I affirm that if I do not win the 2060 Republican nomination for president United States. I will endorse the 2016 Republican presidential nominee, regardless of who it is and I further pledge that I will not seek to run as an independent or writing candidate will I seek or accept the nomination or presence of any other party. On the one I can appreciate that number registered independent, not Republican or Democrat that I stand with Republican platform versus Democrat Democratic platform, but I could understand why someone would not want to sign on in the first place, or say I signed on, but I did know part of what actually meets the wife and sign on, you know, if you didn't sign on it initially. The first debate when Donald Trump did not immediately raise Tennessee all support whoever the candidate is a he looked bad in doing it, but to many of his followers. He looked good in doing now. He said he won't because rules which is little reason to change the rules of contract. Ted Cruz is not said he wouldn't. He simply said, I'm gonna beat him. That's what he said he sitting in Ibiza is technically in some states if you say I'm no longer holding to that commitment. Then the delegates are not bound to vote for you. So even though you one there not bounce voted for example, South Carolina. I think I have this right if you violate that pledge. Then they can say okay bringing to give our votes to someone else because you violated a promise that you made so either way either way. Yeah I look.

I fully expect if Donald Trump does not get the nomination through legitimate rules that was if he doesn't reach a majority, and he does when on the first ballot now second balance taken many of the delegates say okay now we're free to choose who we want to choose Santa Cruz or someone else. I think if if they keep the rules after one of these eight states that would only leave Santa Cruz on the second aleck of lessee he won. I would not expect Donald Trump to say fine, fair and square. Accept a witness expect that I would expect him to both and maybe run as a third-party candidate that would not surprise me at all, but by the way, I'm not attacking for that. I'm not criticizing for that I'm sad for them to still make a place that's a better thing filmmaker pledge.

Thank you sir, call the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us, modifying 664 truth will Queens New York riser welcome to the line of fire yes or no to another location. I believe that what God does America America church any time to wake up bankable back back Craig Acklin got a book or meeting like bath that had now all people take control on the letter that a one we know that throughout the Bible and how the battle acting 80 got only the yellow but we have to fight reality picture. If a bank and now they know like bowling on this product is not effective what they're doing airplane check with the church and the world and basically they are getting away with it because we feel blindfolded and thinking that all that was on A lady maybe can Donald Trump let me tell you I never at the bank that found the other day and I can make them now I know why people really wonderful and I want to let Christian outline of back.

He had not felt the right data mapping guiding out when they can get away but that the conflict, rate speak up and say it long ticket on the my job no matter what happens you and I thank the first occasion when we know it and we don't know what they're doing little thing you know what night somebody say I don't want to make a baggie and express that when I we are going to bring order back chronic not for yeah rice is. I appreciate you raising your voice and you're absolutely right.

Wake up time wake up time in the church, seek God, earnestly examine your own life Jew which you can where you live, where you have influence to make a difference for the Lord to honor the Lord to stand for righteousness, not concerned with your reputation, but with his reputation by concerned with with an easy way of life but concerned to bring blessing to people here in America and to honor the Lord and and it's so easy for us to think that whoever selected that the candidate is going to do it. It's the role of the church to wake up. Candidates are important, but that secondary to the state of the church. Wake up time for sure. Thank you for raising your voice I would go to Queens New York flora welcome to the line of fire. How yes you're on their friend, thank you for what you do You, God bless him. Yes, not everybody I'm upset about the whole chain cost, particularly after taking a bath yesterday when I received an email from a ministry that I really respect that goes along in the boycott telescoping that you and others will culturally boycott for a long time and I'm happy I'm getting about that.

I get boycott, which I am doing with my family after my talk, talk with Disney. I'm not sure that I was supposed to go watch a movie from giving when elders broke out and I told them which I know questions I come to forgive me for them and understood the casino would be leaving the store.

Yes, right now, so please keep on doing what you're doing and that some of us really waiting for leaders like you close just like… Please you doing Thursday and I'm flustered just under five adjustment when it went letter like that a lot half-court I will shine as a feature for the next year that cannot and enough is enough at lamp, limit, collect and analyze statement. Whatever is left untreated with my family and I hope a lot of people join you that he does look up to, that even have to the platform make the clarion call: you know to look at what the lack of bless you. Fortunately, God bless you flora thank you for the call and thank you for doing what you're doing. That makes all the difference. God bless you and thank you so much, 8663 Fortune's are French chaplains of Jan and Brooklyn.

Time is short, but please go for okay there was a great article I and I are by John Hayward 23 April this year and he put out the aspect of totalitarianism and how it is about using force to gain political goals because a lot of people are saying what's the big deal here but it is that they understand that the transfers from million marginalized make normal people feel abnormal and could be alone to be afraid to dispatch what they're doing. And the thing is that it's going to demoralize majority can be subjugated by an activist minority when it refuses to fight for now the time to say something, and I'm glad you said that thing about North Carolina Michael because the reason why they changed the law, there is that a woman had been raped and in North Carolina Charlotte North Carolina bathroom and didn't want that to happen to anyone else. Some people are just going along and it is like of God in water that's gonna be boiling and it can be dead before they even realize that there are in that predicament. Yeah you and that's why, thank you for the call is always that's why the target boycott this in the en suite.

We hope to be announcing soon as well. That's why it's important because people waking up and people are going to target man's going to target some videotaped YouTube with a cell phone. Turn on videocam return on the pocket and they've gone in there and they've they've said so I just want to assure so I can go in Ike I can actually go in to the delays roof identifies let you know what us women have a problem and will talk to us. What you just got the guy going there is when I'm proud what a serious so this is waking people up, read my latest article right respond to Christian to say we shouldn't boycott target code asked Dr. all right real fast. Michael in Milwaukee. Time is very short. You're on the line of fire around restaurateur book all so I hope you don't mind me asking you vote for the last election, for I I voted with real reluctance for Mitt Romney and I said to myself that's the last time to do something like that.

I voted with reluctance for John McCain before that and with a lot of reluctance written on the not so much because he was a Mormon, but because I was not convinced that he was really a true moral conservative, so I I thought now I can't do that again. I can't just vote the establishment.

Once again, no, because I think that is a Barack Obama's radical policies and agendas that I couldn't vote for him so that's that's what happened and that's why I felt as strongly as I have this cycle I would have more time to talk finally asked, but Lisa will get your question. Thanks for appreciating the flux all right my bottom line.

Today you heard it over and over and over. I sound the alarm. Once again take up time in the church. America needs you, my friend Emily. Well, a new war removing the national day of prayer. What's the connection Alex Kendrick before sin time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown there something positive taken place in the midst of the negativity in the midst of the confusion in the midst of the moral insanity.

This is a positive taken place.

This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire was positive is that people are waking up what's positive is that people are saying enough is enough. What's positive is that people have been on the sidelines would been reluctant to speak up. People have been more concerned with just maintaining the status quo will not want to rock the boat more and more are speaking up more and more taking stands more and more say okay I wanted to just stay out of the fray, save my life and stay out of the battle. However however, the fact of the matter is time to wake up. I don't have that luxury to sit on the sidelines any longer. That's the positive in the midst of all the negative and national day of prayer is about to happen. On the one hand, it's symbolic.

More than anything. It's not a time when everyone across the nation stops in for praise and fast, more symbolic, but something major is taking place in the movies that ties in with that Alex Kendrick when the Kendrick brothers seen some of their movies over these years. Powerful Christian messages.

He symbiont to share more with us about that and I missed this last hourly repeated briefly member Cory's office, North Carolina has demonstrated the boxes and boxes of signatures that have come in calling for the repeal of HB two. House Bill two here in North Carolina which was prompted so much national discussion that the vast majority of the signatures are from out-of-state vast majority within North Carolina. It was maybe a box tales pales in comparison to the signatures that were just generated in around the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. St. don't put forth this radical bathroom bill in the first place. So so the people continue to speak and the people continue to vote-check this real quick. Let's see the target boycott launched by the American family Association over 900,000 signatures continuing to grow and gain momentum as people say enough is enough until people say we are not going to give your business and we are sending a message that we do not like your policies and and you are shutting us out.

You are being completely exclusive and shutting us out.

You are ignoring our needs. You are ignoring the needs of the vast majority of people to cater to a tiny percentage of those who are confused and who struggle.

And if you do that you disrespect us in that way if you disrespect the safety of our families is a safety saw an article today on on 20 instances of sexual predation already in it over the recent years in target. This is without the doors being opened the way they're open now man getting into ladies rooms or things like that and and using a holding cell phones or news or fitting rooms were woman's. They're trying on bathing suits and holding a cell phone underneath that the stall these kinds of things happening holding full over the stuff that's that's without the doors swing open the predators as they are now.

It's one of those moments wake up time that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown lessening calling prayers for each area of your life dressed you clean looking friends to the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown I'm delighted to have with me Alex Kendrick you might know him as one of the Kendrick brothers. They have produced these amazing movies.

Beginning in 2003 when they pioneered the modern faith film industry. These initial low-budget movies that somehow became national hits with a powerful Christian message and of the most recent movie war room was made for less than 4 million is grossed nearly 70 million at the box office and this this in point of fact, more than grossing income is making an impact is touching lives and that we got the national day of prayer coming up this talk about war room again so I want to welcome to the modifier, Alex Kendrick, a gray tabby on the air with us for the first time all good talk. Are you I'm doing great sir. Thank you. First let's step back before we talk about what's happening now, let's step back, you and your brother Stephen have the vision start to start putting out these movies and and what did the professionals have to tell you about your chances of success well. All doubt you. We saw an article by Edward Barnett talk about movie one of the most influential factors in our culture.

As you know most movies do not have a good worldview. Quite a bit of the nastiness, venom, godlessness, venom, and go out with that out make a very low budget movie for our community here in Albany, Georgia, and it was $20,000 movie called flywheel and I really wasn't ended for local and the Lord apparently had bigger plan. The movie kind of exploded onto and I ended up going nationwide on DVD in it now is a vermilion copy that DVD out there that let it be in the giant the Beckett movie again.

The budget for very small basement is not going $100,000 are movie with spectatoring budget promote Hollywood and we shot it and with mostly volunteers and it went theatrical in 2000 and why everyone affected and that led to higher group in 2008. The movie got married but each movie that budget went out the production value went up. Our purpose about bathing married in God's purpose for marriage and that led to courageous the movie in 2011 about father taking the role of spiritual leader at their home in being men of their word and I am, and most recently war room which came out last year in theater and that's about the power of prayer yesterday of prayer a lot been something that has grown over the years were learning more and more with each dumb but we do and work delighted that Lenny is this your perspective and Hollywood's perspective what's your perspective on the success of these movies to see God's blessing, but in terms of why they're so successful is you can explain it to someone and then what one of the Hollywood pundits say about the success of the movies well Hollywood back you know there are very interested in Hawaii working at all. We do not Hollywood formula are no work we don't have a list Hollywood garden number and any immorality we don't have any language.

Language and generally we don't have budget format that will effectively tend to go for more about the heart and relatable issues affecting our culture. We do want them to be entertaining for their engaging to watch but are are are are first and foremost priority.

Draw people to a closer walk with God. The first part of your question blind of a work at all.

Number one we we pray about every maybe we do look at the whole you praying for them the week. We believe that when you honor God and honor you.

We think any blessing that we perceive grommet because God was pleased, but do you spell is definitely doing the heavy lifting were doing our best to honor him back in after it goes right along with that we think there's a hunger in our culture. We think that people are looking for media and story that they can identify with that offer open healing and inspiration in the dump that lovemaking out.

The audience is ready for it and we want God's fingerprints all over it together work pretty well and we know the powers movies.

We know the power of media on a certain level. It's it's cumulative and is not one movie can have an incredible impact can send out a message to be a turning point culturally eminence. This can happen is having with books at times in our history, but there's links the primitive effect people see something over and over and over on TV messages.

That is a pro-gay activists are celebrating sex change surgery solicited over and over and over they may get a particular slant from the news over and over on something so there is that the cumulative effect of your there are other faith-based movies that are coming out a few are as is true to form, and just uncompromising is the movies that that you and Stephen are putting out, but are you seeing cultural impact. Are you hearing from Christians become encouraged to embolden or are you actually see any kind of shift.

Young people that's tangible. Aside from the success of the movies is the fruit that you're actually aware of all my goodness I could go on all day long pleased. There was great there construction worker, Michigan. He was talking to a pastor the weirdest thing going on that in the last two months when a warm cannot be the last to my at eight different family higher become expand their clock. They wanted a a specified area of prayer in their home and anything that what it was a lot going on at the fact that it happened one with the affected In eight different time.

Company going on at the wall and he said no talking about it now we we would not say there's any magic locket Ukrainian but we do basement closet aspect on match or stick respect when you pray, go into your inner room and shut the door for your father and your father who's been in secret will reward you for technique to be a place we can undistracted focus on operate God about mother story recently shown to Brisbane of 800 email inmate in the and that war America have never in a reaction like a dog. I am there cheering and many of them went boarding just knelt on the floor and prayed at the end of this movie, not anything like the juvenile the engine for artichoke well young people to watch the movie. What or to the chaplain, the parent that I want to I want to start over again want to get the reset button and give my life to God. Honor him in all that I do.

They pray to Jesus Christ our Lord. Baker were were hearing there's a group in Ohio that started a prayer with 71 church.

It made that hundreds of people, make all that it was barred by the movie war that we need to be pouring each equally together when you see churches come together in unity. I don't know how a rabbit but that God only different ways there that the church is divided in our culture together around the word of God, praying together for God to have his way to me that if the miracle was being fat and many more impact from the result extra extraordinary incredible and again that's that's the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg that you're sharing with us and so my things happen. You don't even know about.

We just got a minute before the break we come back. I want to talk about the national Day of prayer and how warming ties in with that but Alex, there's a lot going wrong in our country now and on the one hand, people are thinking that that were right at the precipice and we could go the way of the sense that the place of no return.

What's your own attitude because of the blessing the supernatural blessing that you see on these movies how God raised them of the impact that their having the impossible scenario of it all. How does that leave you feeling personally in terms of your hope in your expectation. Well here are our culture getting darker, but every no darker get right of a lifetime and go out we would stay just like in Germany like in that record like it but currently China. When people are living their fate. God raised the program and he thanked better remnant conduct writable banquet.

Unfortunately, the church can read the most during persecution and go state or quickly honor you know with every ungodly law that be at the date I think persecution is getting closer to the local church and for us to do either. Only or stand strong in the faith to determine how God felt. I do believe that in our life in north America that I love the fact is this, and these movies being used by God to bring strength and courage to come back and speak without scattered about the national Day of prayer and warming effect for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Alex Kendrick, one of the two well-known Kendrick brother Stephen Alex Kendrick used by God to produce to to write to direct these movies is faith-based movies that have made an impact over American have really shaken. Movie industry in many ways, Alex. What's happening with the national Day of prayer and war room.

What's what's going on in terms of this call to wake up and pray, well, I made it. Prayer all over America meeting community center. No alcohol washed the people praying in unity, asking God for involvement again. Forgiveness been medicated and were worshiping the all of our great that we encourage people on their part.

One of the gathering prayer file but what were doing aircraft on April 30 unity or national Day of prayer over 300 churches will be showing more women are community three again 300 churches showing Ward. If you have a wonderful great with a large group of people you can go toward lowering the and type in your note, and then it'll show you all the local location where you conduct, withdrawing her to begin reselling the reason for doing that. If we want to remind people of that. But if prayer how powerful it can be in your life story to be able to relate to. .com and problems in the movie that that people go through the strategizing prayer Biden prayer in our God Bible. Thank you again warm on April 30, go toward the I did tell me to lose you agree with this logic, it is just backup from this NS is first your budget putting out warnings how much a $3 million, 3 million and how much did it gross. Well, if you include the international… 3 million get the domestic box office and unite better you not be eight extraordinary okay and say normal Hollywood movie.

How much would what would they be a good typical strong movie what would be the budget for that about 50 $200 million to make 120 530 go to market a little bit) and a lot of money to make a lot of money and no parking of the Lord (effort bending a 1 million 3 million and economic aid or an economic benefit right so it's if you have those percentages in Hollywood spent 100 million on the movie and it made it with the percentages that you made it. It would be far far far far far far far far far and away the greatest most amazing blockbuster movie in the history of Hollywood that I say that you perspective this is never been about money for your acidity perspective sometime if you agree with this logic that you put out these faith-based movies. Most recently, on this call to prayer more room and God has supernaturally bless the message and supernaturally in that sense endorsed the message. Does your logic say then that means if will do what these films are saying if will make war room of of prayer.

If will come together and cry out that God will bless those efforts is blessing the movie to bless a message.

Is it that simple. I do agree with that but I'm here. Draw near to me and I'll draw near to you think borate Jeremiah 13 finally with your all art. 14 if my people work off I'm unable felt bright my fate partner with the right I'll hear from heaven forgive the other lamb over and over THE New Testament the Lord that I will do that already make them out the movie doing well at further confirmation.

Yes yes what a movie comes out about that boat, I would say you know that the magic early in the Lord is the ending of another black band combat and I when we do that that were blessed we think of chronic around it's not going to be right out, but no, we currently are promoting.

We think it's our duty to go, but we think our true turnaround through Bible, get on our faith before God and what are all part exactly.

So of course your movie has strength because it is affirming what God's word said so this is God's way of drawing attention to that. So God's shouting to us. If you really seek me, you'll find me if you really be earnest about this then then I will answer and although personally I endorsed Sen. Cruz for president. I'd love to see him as president. The worst thing we can do. Let's just say made it in the trunk candidacy is most likely right now. Let's just see that he made it in as a candidate who stands for conservative Christian values. The worst thing we could do is take her foot off the gas pedal and stop crying out, and stop being urgent because the hope of America's not in the White House it's it's among God's people waking up.

And if we have a president that stands very much against many of her values and radical pro-abortion and pro redefining marriage and things like that. It doesn't change anything. If we get on our knees if we humble ourselves if and repent of sin in our own midst, God will answer. That's the key to America. Alex one last question you. You may not want to disclose any of this but are there any new projects that are immanent to come forth. You know what were not prayer state right now to be writing all and we hope to be shooting next year and again where we believe we have a direct Lord, not quite ready to let back yet but that we are excited about doing another element again. We want to be in regards well duty actually what you want. We have no greater act that Baybrook God that excellent.

So tell folks where to go again to find out about the showing the form of 300 churches April 30 leading up to the national day prayer will he go warring one euro where you also pay Alex, thanks so much for everything you and Stephen are doing because strength and grace be with you.

Thanks for taking time to join us today. Thanks so much. God bless.

All right a joy to speak with Alex Kendrick of the Kendrick brothers I friends I have an illustrated video up about the targeted boycott and I have a new article off as to as to why we should boycott. I interact with the presbyterian leader who gives reasons not to boycott I interact with that in my latest article, so go to my website Esther to escape your brother or check on latest article check on latest video and again I share this so yesterday day before, but I was in Alabama signing books after after missing seven books of my book table.

Jonah came up to me and said maybe it was the right now, sir, that whatever is disturbing and bothering him happening in the news. He knows I will be talking about it shortly thereafter on the air that I want to do it with physical clarity and would give some head over here friend to be your voice more cultural and spiritual. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown leaned in our minds and our souls we choose faith in ourselves and the power of hard work and are not whelming last name that every single day.

When we choose. That's the voice of First Lady Michelle Obama. She's great speaker to speak at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi a few days back. Unfortunately, she speaking out against Mississippi's religious freedoms act protecting freedom of Scott conscience from government discrimination act.

First Lady Michelle Obama with all respect your office and position the passion of your views. You are very much on the wrong side of justice very much on the wrong side of God's perspective God's will in this particular case, 86634 this is Michael Brown delighted to be with you. Let me say in terms of where we stand right now in America that for some years now. It has been boiling things have been intensifying.

It's been one of those situations where I can point you back to messages I preach 30 years ago and say I told you so I can go to books. I wrote 20 years ago and said told you so articles I wrote four years ago broadcast seven years ago said told yourself not the only one, but one of many voices saying wake up with what's happening in the culture church. Don't compromise leaders don't compromise things now are getting to that boil. I was cooking some healthy pasta. The other day I was boiling water and answering asking Nancy again.

Could you remind me of how to cook this and she said your rolling boil against a rolling boil. Put this in his being pasta for those concerned about my dive healthy pasta with a healthy organic red sauce with no salt. By the way just delicious. So five minutes but it's gotta get to that rolling boil. One time I put it in prematurely answered none on a rolling boil.

Then you put it in for five minutes we get into that rolling boil point in the culture were really getting to that point. Just read another story about a Christian counselor who was fired by her lesbian supervisor because the time she prayed with her patients with with her clients or patients with their consent, so she didn't speak against any issue. She didn't speak against gay activism. Nothing like that whatsoever. She simply she simply did this since simply prayed with her clients with their consent and was fired for being a Christian, you will hear of this more and more and more in the days to come and with everything going forward with the elections.

Who knows, we end up.

I mean look at the scenarios on the Democratic side, either Bernie or Hilary most likely Hillary radical, radical pro-abortion radical pro-gay activism, and especially Bernie the most anti-Israel candidate we've had major candidate in in my memory of maybe my lifetime and then on the Republican side if Donald Trump does not get the nomination all right if somehow he does one on the first out and loose on the second that to be the end of the public, pearls and shaking that he could easily lead a major third-party run. Although it's more difficult. That point is kick itthey could easily have it to cruise gets in.

Obviously there is stiff righteousness and those things but again the Trump people would be outraged over that and if Donald Trump gets in there many that just wouldn't even vote for him.

So everything carbon in an explosive volatile moment when we do we pray we pray we pray we wake up we do what we're supposed to do. We are the hope of American Jesus in us. That's the hope of America. Hey this is Michael Brown. I want to invite you to join me for our second ever trip to Israel. February 25 through March 6, 2017 this is a great opportunity. I get to interact with you are radio listening audience.

Our ministry partners as we experience the land of Israel together and it will be a life changer.

We've got a great price on the trip. And if you're one of our monthly supporters or torchbearers are eligible to receive a special discount for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Space is limited. Accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis. For more information on the trip to secure your spot, go to ask Dr. Click on the Israel manner or call our office at seven 047-8237 file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I really Alex is about this Israel. I mention it yesterday. I want to repeat this. I am jealous about your funds being preserved and capped and you being protected from charlatans and from gimmicks and things like that when I encourage folks to support our ministry. II do it with real sobriety. I do it knowing how frugal we are with the funds that come in knowing how much we we are able to put out to to so so so many many people if you if you saw what came in and what goes out. You'd be amazed if your business person.

You'd be amazed if you saw how much impact we have, by God's grace and how few people we have doing it. You'd be amazed.

Several years ago, gentleman join me on our team. That was my personal assistant is no missionary in the Philippines with his wife and kids. In fact, my last two personal assistants be before my current one of both ended up being missionaries in the Philippines yeah and that that's where they serve that with their families and he had followed my ministry from a distance when he first came to faith his brother had given one of my books to read and he was deeply impacted by it. He has wife really honored the ministry worker doing a thought highly of me, but he was never part of the interworking is that he came in and served in our ministry was a great great blessing and a real spiritual armor bearer so we went on a trip together to New York. I was going to be doing a debate with a rabbi and he was going to be going to New York City really for the first time in his life.

He was from the South or from that Texas was South Southwest. So anyway, as as were talking I said let me ask you question. II was one of the songs you have a certain impression of me you had a certain impression of our ministry have certain impression of the work that we were doing the scope of it. The breath of it, who I was as a person. I said that even with a study fairly disappointed by symmetry, expecting more than what you expect and he said that the amount of people we had in the operation was way smaller than he thought and the impact we were having the people that we were able to reach was way, way, way, way, way more than he imagined, and an I was so blessed personally that I had been who I thought he was and more that was real encouragement to me. I say all that to say that we did our Israel tour almost 2 years ago I looked at the price and so it's good price a lot of money though. Go to Israel and in a hotel and tour in all of this, the food expenses and so on. The airfare from JFK to Israel and back of and you know what I know to be a good tour. I pushed it but I didn't push it like a could have. Once I started to compare prices with other major ministries Bible schools churches that sponsored trips, I thought, well I price much better that that amazed me. But then once we were there I was jumped intelligent tell you straight.

I was shocked by what a good deal. It was on computing my break at this hotel.

This hotel all these meals. This quality tour. This special excursion here and then I thought how the world that this is amazing. This is a great great deal, but then when I heard for the people on the tour and date they want to go back and they've never been the same, and they tell us.

A year later, almost 2 years later the impacted trip out on their lives and how excited they are, I thought, hey, this next trip. I am really really can encourage people to go at all. Turgeon goes not just a great deal.

It's a great deal because the impacts can have and what a great opportunity for us to connect me to have meals together with you for me to to do. Select teachings at different parts on the torrid euro baptize folks in the river Jordan stuff like that and then on some nights you actually join me as I do a live broadcast from Israel, so it really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I am really really stoked about it. So it's next year. February 25 to March 6, but if you are getting your deposit this week there's a $50 discount for you if your monthly supporter. There is a there's a great discount for you as well is one of our monthly supporter tape become a monthly supporter today and sign up.

Why not 866-34-TRUTH so so over to the subject of the boycott someone just emailed me and said okay it's good were boycotting target I just signed myself all but what about this group. This group this group. This group this company.

That company, what about them, but obviously you can't boycott every if you did as I said on the early this week. If you boycotted everybody out there then probably couldn't use a computer probably could use a cell phone probably can drive a car, but he couldn't find an airplane pelican where on the closure wearing a lot of stories you're going to because a large percentage of corporate America is very much friendly torrid supporting of LGBT activism, even in its most extreme forms is manifested target.

However, you can send a message when someone goes too far when someone crosses a line you can send a message. One goal is to awaken believers to get us conscious to get us talking about these things to get us acting on these things and whatever station of life you're in, as as a Mama's dad as a student in school as someone on social media as a businessman or businesswoman as as someone in media, entertainment someone sports some of the music industry wherever you are. You can stand. You can be a voice you can make a difference. So, so that the, the, the boycott has this rallying power to it.

This alerting awakening power to it and it does send a message to the company's you want to do this because this is not good for business.

You are disrespecting your constituency. You are catering to a tiny minority in disrespecting the wishes the desires in and even the concerns the valid concerns of the vast majority of your clientele.

That doesn't make sense really doesn't make sense, so we are sending a message we have to be strategic and targeted targeted yeah so I'm looking website of the boycott has 900-6000 size almost a million signers are ready in in barely over a week friends that this doesn't happen. It's happening because people are concerned because people are saying okay.

Target has gone too far with this out. Well I I responded in my latest articles on as to why I felt the need to to boycott and why differ with those who say we should so I saw an article in Christian post where were also post articles as well on a regular basis. Carmen fallow the birds not familiar with her.

She's president of the Presbyterian Lake community and often contribute on Christian post suit. She encouraged Christians not to boycott offering three reasons why we should quote tamp down the hair on fire call call to boycott target.

George's first while it is true that sexual predators exploit the freedom trust in our society. Predatory behavior remains illegal at all times and all places target is on notice that there is concern for that. The policy invites predation should be given the opportunity to prove to be a good corporate citizen by announcing specific plans to ensure the safety of all people in the stores of art with all respect that to me is foolhardy and potentially dangerous.

They have opened the door wide for predators that I saw an article earlier today on With 20 examples of sexual predation already in years past. In months past and target stores in bathrooms and fitting rooms. Now they have swung the door. Why need all then why open and in doing so they they are putting your wives, your children, you yourself putting you at risk because the doors open for predators who can use transgender Access to get it how long we give them how many kids have to suffer many women have to suffer before we say okay, maybe we shouldn't of been there.

More importantly, I should say.

More importantly, equally important target shown no no no will hear to make sure that predators are kept out for several for the door. Why and then another on film they walked into the attic and I use Elizabeth Vienna. Please have a problem. They taught us that you can use it for Saturday for plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

This major announcement campaign and minutes and you and I imagine in Indianapolis Indiana. I imagine it's going to be his selection. Crawley Farina as his vice presidential candidate. So just looking at some emails that came in during the break, reminding us about that. 866-34-TRUTH.

Let them just want a little bit further in terms of my response to this call.

Not to boycott target and then if possible, grab a call or two so.

Second point second point made, and by the way, when went target was asked if he what about this man dressed as a man who said he wanted to use the ladies room and because he identifies one fine and if the matter probably could talk to target about how they respond how to management response, but we certainly respect their wide variety of perspectives and opinions is accompanied from stands behind what it means to offer a team and inclusive place to work and I guess an inclusive place to shop. We continue to believe that this is the right thing for target include what hot what other hogwash. Other hogwash. What utter disregard of the vast majority of their constituents.

Second, this Christian post op it's not speaking for Christian post just in op-ed contributor Presbyterian leader says this and how you want to be just get her name right Carmen fallow the bird. She says this we need to step back and knowledge was actually happening on a larger scale and deeper level. The culture shifted and nonsense is replace common sense and many sectors that's all the more reason, though, that we should make our voices heard today and send a message to corporate America before the entire society loses his mind, yeah nonsense has replaced common sense, which is why we need to raise our voices not say okay was a cultural shift in transgender is more in this was more accepting no quite the contrary. She writes this is a complicated this is complicated and culturally contentious but raise the alert level full-scale screaming does not help. There's a clear conscious and aware cultures gender God designed binary reality or is an immutable fluid of the individual but but but hang on. Yeah it it is it is a great contest, but how's it put full-scale screaming to say in good conscience I I can't give you my business.

There is a Facebook post by Izzy. Abraham went to target with his young daughter Tessa to discuss the policy after talking with them and concluded he could no longer off their futures experience on Facebook encouraging others to follow his example before ending with quote on that angry. I don't hate just a dad who loves that that's not full scale screaming isn't signing petitions I can give you my business because of this, this, and full-scale screaming.

Burgess writes the court of Christian start boycotting every corporation that operates out of progressivism's politically correct profit motives or choices can be very narrow or voice for the siloing or influence further diminished but but that misses the point. Boycott the strategic there certain times of the message must be sent when a line is crossed. This is one of those times. Then she argues, finally of the boycott.

War is neither persuasive nor effective for the current boycott was only driving us further apart from those with whom we disagree and those whose challenges we don't understand about once you have a few different it's it's way too early to assess what impact this boycott will have its already very effective in making Christians up to what's happening in our society is very effective in sending a message to other companies that their economic consequences to embracing radical LGBT activists and then secondly we can protect our families.

Jennifer Public Safety refused to give our business to companies that score our values and so on. Common sense both the same time seeking a better understanding of those identifies transgender.

This will never write on the subject. Is it we need to do our best to help those who struggle is tiny tiny tiny minority of struggles we do our best to understand your struggles and help them at the same time we stand up for righteousness. She closes her article by writing a set of boycotting what I call on target to ensure the safety of women and girls were there also providing reasonable accommodations, transgender individuals instead of light in the chasm when I find the common concern of privacy and safety which stands at the center of concerns for both groups, but hereto she's make a strategic error and it's it's one advising today's cultural ties into today's cultural madness of first as previously stated, many women and girls. As for the sum article uncomfortable the presence of an obviously biological male in the dressing rooms and bathrooms understandably associate with a person is not a predator there uncomfortable with them there so that's a problem because of targets falls number two targets ready declared war on gender last year by saying there to remove gender distinctions in the toilet seat are boisterous girls towards blue and pink colors and three when she says will both groups.

Both groups which he speaks of both groups. She suits he speaks of as equal players. She forgets that for every thousand people lesson five I tenant identifies transgender so or to the world turn the world upside down for so few and target rather than say okay if you identifies transgender rescues, the handicap bathroom and modem especially during the fitting room for you know they want people have a problem Susan Trent that the handicap bathroom and the tiny minority. The two or three for out of a thousand, that have a problem. Use the men's room and laser so the ones having a gender identity issue, use the men's room's abilities rooms ones are having no identity issue, use the handicapper whatever insanity is that so I appreciate the call for calmness from attending Christian spirit right now.

A calm Christian spirit calls for a boycott of target. This writes Andra Lyman Senna times the rebar article

Click on the link. If you haven't signed the boycott petition also. Also we we have an announcement will probably be making another important boycott initiative, probably making soon. Also check out my illustrated video on why we should boycott target all right very quickly. We go to Addison, Texas Carl walking to the line of fire around.

You're welcome. One quick target. That way there representative or character, or is not. There you would Jared are people who operate my fear will do, and current sound and call that the whole thing is how do you know who the person is it. In other words, and I'm just jumping into this is a got a break, but I want to get your call before the show closed how to why distinguish between the man who generally believes these woman is uncomfortable and fearful about using the bathrooms in public.

Is this a house can be treated. What's to happen, but is genuinely confused about this and deeply believes is a woman in a man's body and and needs to use the ladies room, how to distinguish between that person and the predator who dresses like that the answer is you can't that's what you don't open up the door and that way you give us a vivid example Carl and it drills the point home, all right read, it's time to visit the website* find out about the Israel tour next year. February 25, March 6 you want to sign up as soon as possible and live bottom line today it's it's a time for concern is not hopelessness because our dog

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