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Dr. Brown's Latest Thoughts on the Presidential Race and an Interview with a Frontline Pro-life Warrior

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 4, 2016 4:20 pm

Dr. Brown's Latest Thoughts on the Presidential Race and an Interview with a Frontline Pro-life Warrior

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 4, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/04/16.


All right take cruises out Donald Trump. The likely Republican nominee. We make of all this is followers of Jesus stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. I wrote an article last night it went live immediately on the stream and in other websites. A few hours into today.

I wrote an article in which I described Donald Trump as a National Enquirer candidate for a Jerry Springer generation and I wrote in the article. I absolutely hope that if he does become our next president that I am wrong and that I will have to eat my words. This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire, 8663 for a 780-486-6342 yes the candidate that I had endorsed Ted Cruz dropped out yesterday when it was clear to him that he did not have a potential path to the nomination if you want Indiana and there were other states that could have been that could have been favorable to him and he could've held his own, to a certain extent in California. Then he would've come in a strong second to Donald Trump and the view would be that in a contested convention. In the case where he where when neither candidate would get the sufficient number of votes on the first ballot that he could then went on the second or third ballot which to me was very realistic, something I could've seen happening. I didn't happen. He dropped out and actually I was sad for Sen. Cruz and his family and team that worked so hard, but my emotions were perfectly fine because my emotions have gotten out of this for some time and my position is on a do it is right on the speak up.

I am going to do my best to be a voice of awakening, a voice of clarity in the midst of the cultural confusion and pray God your will be done.

Your will be done and where things stand today where things appear to me today God is giving us over to our delusions in America.

God is giving us over to our sin to our carnality. And that's why there is such widespread support for Donald Trump's candidate, now it is clear as I can really talk about this and talk about this so feel free to call in in different with me feel free to call in and agree with me, 86634 to his number to call my statements about Donald Trump have not been driven by my support for Sen. Cruz. I never once said that I know that Santa Cruz will be an express never once said that once hinted at that and in my own heart. I was hoping he would but didn't know that would be the case from day one. In fact, I sat with Rafael Cruz to Chris's father Lester was August thereabouts. I was convinced then as I am now the only way that Santa Cruz could've made it to the White House at this point in time. At this point how much about the future is in his mid-40s, as is Marco Rubio so potentially they can have very bright political futures but but if he was to make it at this point time with his rep or a reputation for being such a very very strong conservative okay and in his anti-establishment credentials that he could only make it in if God was with him to be the president that is remain my view throughout the fact that he was such a strong second to Donald Trump was far more than many people would have predicted. At the same time, very few are predicted to Donald Trump would be where he is now maybe clear. I believe there are fine people who support Donald Trump. I believe there are spiritually minded people who support Donald Trump. I believe there are patriotic people who support Donald Trump. Nonetheless, I believe that he is candidate National Enquirer candidate for Jerry Springer generation if in fact God is raising them up and change radically. I would love I would love I would love to be absolutely wrong that all my concerns are on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown together. Sen. Cruz in his concession speech last night Cindy suspending his campaign, Mrs. Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH you can hear the gas you can hear people are disappointed, upset before last night he had he had said that even if he lost Indiana there is still a path. I think the decisive way that he lost push things over. I was part of her prayer call yesterday with another pastor.

He from Indiana with about 700 prayer warriors for the Cruz campaign and spoke a little bit and then I prayed and my prayer was for God to work for God to have his way for God to do what was best. I've never once prayed God make to cruise the present United States and I've never pray God don't let Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump be the president. I say Lord, your will be done bring about what is best for America bring about what is best for the nations. Your will be done and if his will is judgment right now if his will is blessing right now.

Your will be done and the repentance began among us, the people of God. That's life. Pray consistently.

That's why prayed yesterday but when I was getting ready to teach my night class in total politics classify school of ministry last night and I saw him I can get the primary results for little while and I looked at my cell phone. Class starts at 75702 hours chatting with the students work not ready to start my cell phone. I saw 5% of the vote counted, ready and Trump with over 52%. I thought all my all my and then a couple seconds later I looked, and as we were watching a short video I looked in and said that Trump already had it. I thought if you will not decisively this this thing is basically over. And then heard the news that Santa Cruz was dropping out.

Obviously, people deeply disappointed people who really believed in him and felt that that he was the strong conservative with with a constitutional base that would would be in the best interest of America can appoint the right Supreme Court justices that would stand for religious freedoms.

There is great disappointment.

And of course now it's barring something completely supernatural or unexpected.

Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee, barring something very unexpected. Even though Bernie Sanders one in Indiana barring something unexpected will be Trump versus Hillary which some of been saying for months now and using of all of the Republican candidates that we we end up with was Donald Trump with it and please please hear me. I hope I'm wrong.

I want to say that again I am not judging you individually. If your Trump supporter can I say that plainly enough, or who want to hear. You may have valid reasons for supporting I'm not judging you personally.

I am judging, though the widespread support and where a lot of that is coming from. I am judging that the nuts and he was an individual who vote for Donald Trump that you must be unchristian or hypocrite or anything like that. I'm not saying it or that not spiritual that cannot patriotic not saying right now in conscience, I can't vote for either of the two certainly not Hillary under any circumstances. At this point. Still I could not vote for Donald Trump. I have read and listen to prophecies that one going back five years, firemen, synagogue children, Donald Trump was can be. The present XYZ would happen. It's pretty much unfolded like that and then another prophecy of leader meeting with Donald Trump and he feels the Lord tells him read Isaiah 45 to Donald Trump he doesn't know what's in Isaiah 45 and he reads it and there it is saying that God is raising up Cyrus, a pagan who did know God to restore and rebuild Jerusalem and that that's how God can use Donald Trump a positive sense and is -45 he'll be the 45th president and Moses said to Donald Trump is going to destroy what's wrong and then after him to Chris will come in and build up what's right. Hey, I hope it's true. I hope it's right but my role is not to speculate is God's unspoken those things to me. My role is, is to be a watchman on the wall and intent to to raise the issues and when I look at a Donald Trump when I see how he has freely defamed others in the most vulgar ways when I see yesterday him raising this libelous charge for the National Enquirer that raw filters are semi-complicit in this essay should JFK come on what I see not the slightest moral compunction over the adulteries is boasted about the past over making money over casino strip club and things like that. He's upset with the picture, the nearly nude picture of his wife Claudia circulating not because his nearly nude is a great shoot but because people made it as if it was a bad thing. The fact that he was critical of North Carolina from your bathroom privacy act and said that no problem for for a man identifies his will to choose the ladies room.

I have many, many reasons have grave concerns about Donald Trump if he would be president, and what he might say what he might do what he might try to do with executive action. What could inflame hostilities remove war with other nations lack of expertise and understanding in many many key critical issues. I great concerns. I hope that my concerns drive more people to pray and I hope God gets hold of him or Hillary Clinton and God raises them up as champions of righteousness and… Again, as I wrote it last night.

I will say it again now.

My goal is not to be right. I do not want to say I told you so. I want to say boy was I wrong about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. That's my desire. I must be true to my conscience and true to my God and speak the truth as I understand that my truth is this is my truth to your truth speak the truth as best as I can understand it and apprehend that being said, I would love to be proven wrong. That's my heart that's my attitude, 86634 and will interact. Honestly, we may differ. We may agree all right. We start in a Huntington New York Mike walking to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown of the reason why millions of Christians voted for Donald Trump and the reason why the Lord is blessing Donald Trump is because your friend Ted Cruz. He supported the neo-Nazi azo brigade in Ukraine that murdered 21 Ukrainian one-year-old babies and a murder accident Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Hank Hannah Hannah Hannah Ted Cruz supported neo-Nazi slaughtering of Ukrainian babies. Happy Ukrainian Army. Now is the neo-Nazi azo project that the Catholic Ukrainians were going against the majority of Ukrainians were 70% or Eastern Orthodox if you got you document testarossa you document that is rice all over the Internet. You can see the light. Like I said I like like like forget all over the Internet.

What you are saying is bogus nonsense or that Ted Cruz supported neo-Nazi slaughtering of one-year-old babies in the Ukraine is nonsense and the fact that it's all over the Internet does not make it any less nonsense you provide documentation of that send it to us. Go to asked Dr. Brown delegates his contact you support that for us factually okay.

Factually, this Joe is knocking to be National Enquirer radio show friends, but Mike, you've made a claim for the world to hear on radio you support it or back it up. Otherwise you go to slander, fair enough. 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Richard New York City walking to the line of fire. Hello Richard, oh yeah, okay, get start item. I do love you know I was a cartoon guy right off the bat.

I love I love is his demeanor.

I love his wisdom, and it didn't take root to then I went to Cruz and is the next best and now it's Donald Trump and I'm glad you said that thing about Cyrus because it was something on the Internet about a pastor and said that he thought that he was being used as Cyrus was used, to turn back the tide in certain areas.

Of course enough to be perfect.

What I'm thinking is probably not good to be managed as we we think he might be, and probably as good as he said the therapy, I think you know God used him to to straighten out from the immigration problem and no I mean our manage Jesus.

That's the one I guess. Are you looking for and listen why and how we fit everybody and my man is Jesus only yellow without a valid question sir. Our our hold our trust must be in the Lord is to take Cruz was the president. Our hope, our trust must be in the Lord and we can yes the president can do a lot of good. A lot of that in my view, Barack Obama's done a lot of bad with many of his policies, especially regarding abortion, especially regarding marriage running Israel is as well regarding healthcare very, very bad, and in many many ways. Yes, we want healthcare for everyone, affordable, etc. but the way it's been done and what's come with it.

Very bad. Not nonetheless. Ultimately, the key is revival in the church. The key is revival in the church I'm concerned, it's Donald Trump is our president and continued with his present demeanor that it would make America an embarrassment to the world and embarrassment to the world say again, sure hope I'm wrong. My colleague Lance. Well now we often have different perspectives on things. My brother in the Lord. He's the one that made the first one of the Cyrus prophecy. Hey this is Michael Brown. I want to invite you to join me for our second ever trip to Israel. February 25 through March 6, 2017 this is a great opportunity.

I get to interact with you on radio listening audience. Our ministry partners as we experience the land of Israel together and it will be a life changer. We've got great price on the trip. And if you're one of our monthly supporters or torchbearers are eligible to receive a special discount once-in-a-lifetime experience. Space is limited. Accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis. For more information on the trip to secure your spot, go to asked Dr. Click on the Israel manner or call our office at seven 047-8237 for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown placing joining us in a lot of fights on the subject.

For the next 40 minutes so good to ever account the next few minutes, but we keep taking calls on the subject of the presidential elections where we stand. Donald Trump, etc. adjuster that is real announcement. I hope you can join us next year should be an amazing trip limited to years ago I was shocked, but what good value.

It was and how deeply people impact and it was good be good.

I know be that.

So super excited to do it left some meals together. I'll be teaching key sites. I will have some of the services you be able to go to with me will connect with messianic believers in the land.

You can even sit in as I do live radio from Israel socially or very very special time, go to asked her to right on the homepage. You can find out more. Also, my new book, the grace controversy is out ready hearing for the first readers who are loving it.

Help by it simple clear terms, answering the most common questions about grace in our relationship with God in hyper grace, that book is now available in bookstores or online or through our website and before go back your calls before I go back to your calls 866-34-TRUTH a great clip number 17.

This was yesterday. Donald Trump speaking with Fox and friends about Rafael Cruz take cruises that he also shot have. It is ridiculous what is right was being shot as reported by the only horrible go through that laser you before the Jake Tapper on CNN rightly ripped this to shreds. It is nothing more than a National Enquirer story.

Aside from the fact that as far as the pro-Castro stuff Cruz had completely renounced Castro and what his sister was tortured by Castro people etc. and in its you know it is the proof. It's a picture of cruises that with her. The irresponsibility of speech like that. What happens when the man's president.

What happens when you have irresponsible speech like that character assassination quote you National Enquirer president gets his views are want to the talk shows. As he said that's dangerous that's downright dangerous.

That's why raise the concerns I do not look at this point. Absolute could not vote for Hillary could not vote for Trump either.

At this point if the election was tomorrow, I'd sit out the presidential part vote for a third-party candidate to send in a protest vote and then vote for the candidates accordingly. Now here's my view, the if in fact it's been prophetically spoken that God is gonna raise up Donald Trump and use them and get hold of him and he's gonna be a great blessing to the church into the nation in the White House and God's gonna do it. Apart from my vote.

That's right Matt right that simple. God is raising up to judge America or God is raising up Hillary to judge America. This can have without my vote. That's where I'm at right now. I know I have influence in a normal voice and amenity respect me, but that's where I met okay. Just sharing my heart. Now we get to hear where you are at let's go to Austin Steve, welcome to light a fire by Dr. Brown. I work in clinical today.

But when you open the program you just touched a raw nerve that I agree with hundred and 6% currently died, but I believe that the God is allowing America to go to their delusions is giving up given them up somewhat tragically and unfortunately I've listened to love Ted Cruz actually you were the one that endorsed him at the beginning right out of North America time every time advertisement on TV this managers portrays Christ godliness righteousness morality everything and for people to reject this man from a very projected God's candidate but God given the choice you listen when you do have someone who's a strong constitutional conservative. The strongest we've had staunch pro-life candidate staunch profamily candidate staunch pro-religious liberty candidate, a staunch pro-Israel candidate and someone with military wisdom and fiscal wisdom in some willing to take on the establishment when you have a choice between that and Donald Trump for conservative Christian to me.

It was black-and-white against my perspective and and that again I'm not judging every individual sports, Donald Trump, please hear me all right take offense at what I have say not what I'm not say okay but for so many to choose a candidate" for the National Enquirer, and that will spread the most vile lies about someone if it's his political gain that that gravely concerns me and to me. I look at the state of the nation right now were in it, render position where where people are with people or arguing about also problems women having them volatile mail in their locker room or what's the problem it's like withdrawing the corporate truly like God's given us over for delusions. By the way, I know Christian leaders. I know Christian leaders has been quality time with Donald Trump sharing the gospel with and I know he has people that are around him that a brilliant Christian thus far that does not seem to be any penetration of the message getting into his heart changing but I pray does in the same for Hillary who who has a longer history of professing to be a Christian, then the Donald Trump this we go to Alexandria, Virginia Edwin, you're on the line of fire. Yes, I did not quite sure it Donald in obeying credit will be God judging America not. I'm not quite sure about that.

You know II think that him getting out Hillary might might be that by think maybe the outcome will be the last chance for this country to turn out thinking what he would be he would help Christians outsmart no religious liberty on the word cop party would go it abortion with marriage and all that but I think he would allow our Christian thought this to flourish you know and do you not think it would help Christians out a lot and also the persecuted church as well. I thinking Ed Edman on the percentage of mystic culture met and when I hope your rights are. I really hope you're right. I was disappointed when Donald Trump rather than standing with Christians in North Carolina and standing for religious liberties, North Carolina was critical in and took the wrong position.

There that certainly concern me but I I certainly hope that that you're right that if Donald Trump becomes our president. That'll be a protector of religious liberties I friends.

I'm taking calls another 30 minutes. You can join in by going to stick around.or click on listen live is the online or on your radio call me 866-34-TRUTH. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown pulling from CNN. They found a reason for voting for Clinton opposition to Donald Trump, 51% bottom-line reason for voting Trump opposition to Clinton, 57%.

That shows you a majority will vote against someone right now, rather than voting for some eye that is report on Fox news and that's Fox News host Bill Hammer this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire in her best to give you biblical spiritual kingdom perspective on the elections and John Casey drops out. I why now, why now he had no chance for four weeks for months wonder about now. The crew struck out. Now he drops out. Those who say he was only in it to hurt crews and to help Trump. They would have their suspicions verified bots but who knows. So again that's Fox News talking about pulling from CNN could number 12 Joey Kyle Conda of from the University of Virginia Center for politics. Kyle Connick Seesmic University of Virginia Center for politics. He responds to this phenomenon of negative voting or voting against some of us, and what he has to say on Fox news. There is this trend in American politics we've seen for that for a number of cycles.

Now it says there's a fancy term for it called negative partisanship. What that basically means is that voters are motivated more by disliking the other party and the other candidate than by liking their own candidate and I think that this this election will be a great test of that theory because, as Apple indicated you got a majority of of Clinton voters in a majority of Trump voters who say they're basically just voting and because I don't like the other the other party and that tells me that you know you have to pretty unpopular general election candidates, which pulls bear out and that this should be probably a pretty nasty race now presidential elections, a number in American politics are almost always nasty, but this one could be particularly vicious. Yeah, and basically basically you've got. You've got anyone but Trump and anyone but Hillary.

That's a lot of the voting out there anyone but Trump, anyone, but Hillary 866-34-TRUTH of this go back to the phones in Staten Island, Andre, welcome to the line of fire hi Sir how you doing here my voice yes or I will be honest to hear me going up there are pretty much the street and saw a lot and see what's happening out here and you know I'm on kind of like looking for church and you not know, parents, and will hard knocks, but I really appreciate what you're saying and you myself. You know, I think we all gotta unite. I realize that God is no mighty touch me I'm right in your opinion, I voted for Sanders and I received simple, honest, but what I'm seeing here today.

While it's like we forgot were forgotten our creator and I am slowly coming back slowly choppy church shopping and II believe that what Solomon that my people which are all were, themselves, or qualify me I will answer them and heal their land. We have to come together we have to unite we react to pray, you know, we were in trouble yet where you got wet works were forgotten God and I'm praying. Almighty God should direly pretty we have to come together and recognize that he loves those that God loves the – the primary start that you will exit just to just jump in because I have a break coming up. We must get our faces and pray the. The current election cycle has pushed all the more we must get our faces and print pastors and leaders we must call for urgent prayer America is at the precipice.

America needs awakening and and get plugged into a healthy church and serve there and grow their's are as vertebrae. Sanders I could not possibly do that because he is radically pro-abortion radically pro-gay activists and radically weak when it comes to Israel as a my three first nonnegotiable and then his financial policies heavily could absolutely destroy our nation as we know it. The first things first. Andre plugged in and let's continue to pray and get our faith is off like that. File the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown each other waiting to take care of each other.

I'm sorry I'm sorry to laugh at the have a wonderful sent but the double drug presidency barring massive divine intervention in the whole nation getting overwhelmed with the presence of God in the spirit of God. Barring that, barring that, this rag have his beautiful country really loves each other 866-34-TRUTH a cook number 14 Donald Trump is a gracious winner is a very gracious winner and you know when he has victory that he's going to speak well of the competition's was much as he is ridiculed and reviled to cruise as much as he is and in vile ways attack cruises wife and now accrues his father increase himself once cruise has dropped out of the race suspended his campaign. Of course you have gracious things to say could number 14. He was a very Competitor. Honestly, their alliance headed our we will now put that aside, I really respected the job of it. He was a very tough competitor and said that last night I was surprised that he left actually said there was no path in my vision, but I was very still thought he was going to be a yet well obviously to cruise with this the better part of wisdom and so there is no reason to make all the effort to drain people to to have hundreds of thousands of calls being made in tens of thousands of doors knocked on and millions of dollars raised if if he did not think that there was a viable path to victory, but went when you character use character assassination and civil put that aside. You know this and neither believe you don't believe in any it's true, it's not true to cruise has very strong things to say about on Trump yesterday recalling him earlier in the day, pathological liar, etc. I believe he believed he was saying and he finally got to point with his own father having character assassination in Nash with the National Enquirer being the source.

In point of fact to crease basically had enough very calmly at Sibley's about the trouble I leave. He believes that… I believe in many ways it's true. Which is why we got a pregnant praise. We certainly can pray a whole lot more during the Obama presidency would be better.

We better be on these our faces now 866-34-TRUTH back to the phones oyster Bay, New York Patty, welcome to light a fire yesterday on the air. I wanted to tell you, Rabbi Snyder, Kurt Schneider get messy again. Jeremiah noted discovering the Jewish Steve yup he was on Fox a while ago and did you know that Donald Trump called him into his boardroom to pray with him and to give Donald Trump some advice. Although you know I'm quite aware that in fact you are any when he compared was like farrow you know like Donald Trump might not wear his religion on his sleeve. But if you consult surround himself with smart people like farrow consulted Joseph and Nebuchadnezzar consulted Daniel so that what he was kinda looking at you notice letter note to Rabbi Schneider a theme related know he sees not religious is not religious.

He's absently not religious, but how Avenue my flight. Schneider showed a know who that there are people you know people who know people there were a number of leaders who are all invited to come in together okay and there's no saying that he knew any of them personally, of the kind I know leaders who share the gospel with him and I know that he has other Christian leaders around him thus far from every guy I understand the message has not penetrated. In other words, he's not getting it. He does not understand the gospel. He does not understand his own sin against God. He does not understand the need for Savior. He does not know the Scriptures at all.

He he does not understand.

Even moral Christian views in terms of why certain things are held but yes.

Look, there were others that prayed over and Kenneth Copeland and David Jeremiah and and Kurt Schneider number of others prayed over Donald Trump. They were invited Trump Tower other black leaders have met with him privately, some have warmly endorsed him and spoken well of him and said that when he gets home. Privately he sees it, he's a different man and I'm sure there different sides to them. There is the public persona, but I listen, I am absolutely hoping because I know godly people are speaking to him.

I absolutely hope that he will listen to them Patty. I liked him and cruise wouldn't have thought so much Crew to be the vice president they would be a dynamic to bring the party together. I understand it and look it's difficult when when you start with the character assassination and rhino makes counseling on anyone like to children and none of it that there was a hat that I wouldn't characterize like that.

Patty, I wouldn't. In other words, Donald Trump went after to cruise on the most personal level he he he call them a liar which he wasn't.

He engaged in character assassination. He he mocked Ted Cruz, his lovely wife Heidi.

He went after to cruise his father to Ted Cruz is a is a proven moral conservative with strong Christian values and a tremendous heart for religious liberties and constitutional conservative. So I did not look at his two children fighting.

I looked at it as as a child fighting and to cruise having to to respond.

That being said, it could take cruise be a vice presidential candidate will based on what he said yesterday of St. Donald Trump. He was a pathological liar. I believe he believes that could be then turn around and accept the VP position thinking okay, at least I can help the country and maybe have a pathway to the next presidency makes it more likely and the level of Donald Trump's attacks on Ted Cruz makes it highly unlikely, but Patty, I'm with you there are godly people who have access to Donald Trump even if he doesn't get it himself. Maybe he'll listen to them in making decisions. If he becomes our president so I share your sentiments, 866340 will go over to Silver Spring, Maryland Dawn, welcome to the line of fire. Hi you welcome Erica Connick. I want a person not called God or not. I appreciate your response.

I get this amazing to hear people call in and out like at a later Christian and would vote for somebody that ardently pro-choice.

I just don't get that a few pretty prevalent financial?

Can it be like different crews explicitly or at least implicitly say to get behind Trump now so interesting to me that you know the person that you voted that you would vote for something out of you think the conflict totally disagree with yeah I only listen to parts of his speech last night. I didn't listen to all of it, but Ted Cruz is a committed Republican. I'm not as take cruises totally taking on the Republican establishment, but he still Republican. In other words, let's say that that it came to contest the convention and Trump one and Cruz was still in the race to the bitter end. I don't think that Ted Cruz would say okay I will be 1/3 party candidate to run against Trump and Clinton. However, if it came to the same scenario and Cruz want to contest the convention and Trump lost.

I can easily see him becoming a third-party candidate, registered independent on so listen I deeply respect to cruises views and if take cruise urged everyone to unite behind Trump and again I haven't heard the whole speech.

So what was implicit or explicit. I can't comment on, but I would weigh what he had to say.

But to me it would diminish my respect for take cruise more than enhance my view of Donald Trump. That was a Ted Cruz believe what he said yesterday, then he could say look, I made a promise to support the candidate I will, but it's a very tepid support to call every once unite behind Donald Trump. If he's actually saying that that's me would say okay store is still strong Republican.

I'm not an independent so appreciated and very important question to raise for sure, but bottom line my Dresdner tent etc. Ted Cruz did not mean I agree with every point he made everything he had to say. But thank you, thank you very much 86 866-34-TRUTH that seek go over to George and Fredericksburg Virginia. Thanks for calling the line of fire, a darker brown talk. Thank you know I'm with you 100%.

I am really heartbroken with. Cruises out of the race, but I think that Donald Trump is such a master of our branding and I think it would look into speeches almost every single speech he gave ended up calling Ted Cruz, a liar and for having him alive and works that works it works. Didn't yes a good and and so it's your Donald is been a liberal for his entire life and the only change to conservative on paper when he decided to go for the eventual nomination. Yeah, this is we have to give credit to Donald for being a master if it is the media, and he knows how to get his message out credit him for that by this issue.

Conservative, I see no evidence that hate got a lot closer. This is just a thought with Ravi Zacharias was shot on my Vincent Amsterdam, 83, when one of the world's finest evangelists very well known stood out he was preaching on the inner life and the life of purity of the evangelist full house in Los Angeles. There, my wife sitting next to me, the worst thing I can say to you, ladies and gentlemen, sometimes minutes for someone on an almost some of the most unholy thoughts sir, you will never find the prescription to the allowed Jesus to diagnose your problem center psychology may be able to liberate us to a certain extent. Psychology can only bring us all the word of God in the person of Christ, dear friend, is the heart of man to sinful or believe in the believer thing. For more information go to our CIM.award, and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. This latest episode started this morning when Trump cited a bizarre and completely uncorroborated report, and I use the term report loosely in the National Enquirer, the supermarket tablet, the National Enquirer, which is endorsed Trump and is published by a friend of drums has been wanting smear after smear against Cruz and his family. This story shows a photograph from August 1963, of a man standing with soon-to-be John F. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald handing out pro-Castro literature story suggests that the man is cruises father Rafael yet.

That was Jake Tapper responding to Donald Trump putting the National Enquirer yesterday. It's one of my article. You can read it by going ask Dr. Donald Trump the National Enquirer candidate.

A city is the National Enquirer candidate for Jerry Springer generation, the fact that to Cruz drop South on the very day that these libelous charges are brought against his father based on the National Enquirer by Donald Trump and Trump. Now the all but certain Republican candidate that this is a lot right there. Let's let's just listen to to what Jake Tapper has to say next clip showing hi. Cannot believe I need to say the following, but here goes. There is no corroborative evidence that Ted cruises father ever met. Lee Harvey Oswald, or for that matter any other presidential assassin.

We in the media don't talk about it because there is no evidence of it.

In fact, there is contrary evidence well before the picture was taken right after Rafael cruises sister was brutally beaten by Castro forces and Rafael Cruz had denounced the regime so many suggesting the cruises father played a role in the Kennedy assassination is ridiculous. And frankly, shameful. That's not an anti-Trump position or a prose pro-Cruz position. It's a pro truth position exactly the fact that those ridiculous allegations could be aired earlier in the day and then Trump gets a resounding victory at night again just reminds me of the shallowness of so many voters and of the spirit delusion. It summer just under notice again. Their godly people support Donald Trump. There are smart people and support out of their patriotic people support on right and there are people who, in good conscience vote for him on that one of them, at least at this point I'm not one of them that one of those who could vote for him in good conscience, but in many ways we are getting what we deserve with either a Trump or Clinton presidency, just as we've gotten what we deserve than Obama presidency very very sad to say, by the way, in the next hour I will be speaking with a front-line pro-life warrior we can talk about these issues of abortion and presidency and influence yes so Joseph gobbles key man propaganda man in the in the Holocaust. Nazi leader famously said, if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth. At least people think it becomes the truth we go to Alexandria, Virginia, welcome to the line of fire burned up around our year everywhere. I called sure thing. I got really sad when he and what going on right now any quality impact to what they mean guarantee is in the US.

You can tell that you are looking within a creek staying current at the end of the day at the end of the day it clanked to see based on what going on how many Christians they are and how much impact the extent they are have in the Calexico and Irena because if somebody comes out of the pool.

He asked her out.

Trump has shown that button for North Carolina yeah been aching for North Carolina Beale and then you have question coming on the phone and thing you need to apply keep increased again when I go to bed duct cleaning denial people to backpack the death of my dictation dictate that they know I completely again and we look good conduct make you the when they know the truth. Any fact the LOI. I affirm every word you just said I from everywhere to distance those just tuning in, I hope they'll be able to eat my words and that of Donald Trump's present Hillary Clinton guy got hold of them and use them that all of my concerns would would be proven wrong.

I would much rather that than say I said told Sabella as a semi article semi article. This is more of an indictment of America than it is an indictment of Donald Trump.

Yet exact Joseph gobbles quote if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it. People eventually come to believe it all right go to Boston I will go to Boston. Let's go to Lynette on Long Island. Thanks for calling the line of fire.

Dr. Brown thank you for taking my car and I wanted effective object say that I do pray for you and with you regularly and for your ministry and anger. I got it right at your last paragraph at beacon of truth and of light on completely most needed in the darkest time bring it all the time that we needed load in the darkest kind of nitrate. God forgive and try to keep you covered as much as possible but I know you constantly hear all kind of ugly placement rhetoric.

Thank God for you and your ministry and I just wanted to just remind everyone that this is a time for hope this time for as after Rafael Cruz stated at the time for action and I click deeply and that content crew did not actually Wednesday nomination.

However I'm I'm excited about the fact that I see so many opportunities now for people to actually discuss issues and and got back and actually think and actually separate emotions and and live and other things from actual reality and and I'm extremely excited about that. I haven't seen that that I can remember about 10 years at the time it ended very excited about that. It's a dangerous time but it will yes extremely refreshing for me to stay. People actually thinking yeah and then Lynette got a jump in with the additional first thank you, thank you for the kind words, and above all by your prayer support thank you so much. It means the world to me and to our team. We do what we do. By God's grace empowered by his truth, and empowered by his spirit helped by the prayers of God's people I like in the situation now to a man who's had an unhealthy diet and healthy lifestyle. For decades, and he's had a serious heart attack if he does not make radical changes.

He's gonna die, but for the first time in his life. He is really looking to make those radical changes. That's right. See America today were at the precipice that that we are in an extremely dangerous moment. However, this could be what it takes to like him.that's the nation's only hope.

Thank you so much for the call. My bottom line today on her face on her knees, repenting of our sins cry out to God. That's the whole about the talk with a front-line cultural warrior of pro-life veteran see what he has to say to us today. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We just had a very very lively hour of broadcasting will control is joining me now, this is Michael Brown your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos of the church. All too often compromise. I have weighed in with my thoughts of Santa Cruz dropping out now. John K-6 dropping out and Donald Trump is the obvious Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton.

The most likely Democratic nominee. What this means. With this means for America. Is this a sign of further judgment is God giving us over to spirit pollution is going to use either of these people to bless America. These are things we discussed.

The first hour and I won't be taking calls on us in the second hour because of the joy of having in my office now a front-line warrior in the pro-life movement.

A man who stood for life, even when it is cost them greatly. Rusty Thomas, the founder of operation save America and I've said for many years.

I could not possibly vote for a candidate that was a pro-abortion candidate that would mean there's blood on my hands as well. This remains a central issue, especially with the Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders being radical pro-abortion candidate so much about what this not once my thoughts about what we can do to be pro-life Christians were first rusty Thomas.

Glad to have you here with us on fire.

Thank you, Dr. Brown in just one word of clarification identify a found operation save America, but I did serve her brother flip venom and case assistant director of operation save America and just a couple years ago he stepped down and asked me to replace them in God and have the honor to serve in that capacity. All right, thanks for thanks for clarifying that I give you give too much credit there to check out Rusty we just had a couple minutes before first break but which are spiritual background habit you come to be who you are today. Oh my gosh brother was raised in the home of a hard-core Marine atheist in Bridgeport, Connecticut on 90% of my neighborhood was black and Puerto Rican drugs, fighting gangs in your Caucasian yourself. Yes. So yeah III know discrimination from from the other side of the tracks got a deal and in it was in that environment that I came to face-to-face with the living God.

When I was 16 years old. It's, it's quite a story. But you know coming from that kind of background and an income into the real realization that God is a real person and he's really alive. That was that was a radical change for me because I the only kind of religiosity that I ever saw was maybe a crucifix on a wall or stained-glass window at a church is not as far as my religious understood standing took me and then at 16 years old actually went up to New Hampshire to beat somebody up who was a backslidden Christian who impregnated my cousin and come find out that he came from a Christian family and her eye out. We had not sounded. To explore this but literally I walked into a brick wall of air where air repelled me three times is going to hurt the guy and I ran into air that was repelling me three times and saw go through mental gymnastics. You know what am I dealing with here when I decided that I would just talk to this individual.

I was allowed to pass and I walk up to him I said you know who I am because no city know why I'm here.

He's is no I said I'm here to hurt you, and he told me that it could happen if it is Dr. Brown I know it's true that I wasn't able to touch some course. I asked him why and he says the name because of the Lord Jesus Christ and when he said that name something jumped on me like white on rice. I had goosebumps on my goosebumps and I submit. He said that name I'm feeling funny and I was the beginning of the younger me how many years ago was that half of the 60s I was 16 years old so not as credible. All right 90. From there, and what every Christian pro-life Christians speaking with Rusty Thomas operation save America here again is Dr. Michael Brown speaking today with Rusty Thomas for those wondering about my views on the elect where we stand Santa Cruz dropping out my website instructor Cascade your Click on latest article it's getting a lot of attention. My article on Donald Trump is a National Enquirer candidate for Jerry Springer generation part of God's potential judgment on America ongoing judgment. That being said, I hope I'm wrong. I hope God gets hold of him and uses him right now will continue to raise my voice with my concerns. I'm speaking with Rusty Thomas, the director of operation save America gets radically saved at the age of 16 I did know him back then, I've only known him as fearless, unashamed preacher of the gospel, standing for the rights of the unborn. How do you go from radically saved at 16 to becoming an front-line culture war Christian what we would probably be here for quite some time. Brother go through the whole story but let's just say that God he disciplined me busted me. He took me to the woodshed many times bestowed a lot of miraculous intervention in my life enough so I finally surrendered to the call of God upon my life and and enter the sphere of serving his purposes in this generation, but specifically, Dr. Brown, you know, Scripture says, out of the mouth of two or three witnesses.

Let it be established and you know Jeremiah talked about Lord you set me up and I'm set up and that's what happened to me.

Dr. Brown, the Lord set me up. I was pastoring in St. Petersburg Florida.

I was traveling as an evangelist doing part-time missions and stuff like that God was blessing the ministry people were getting saved, and filled with the spirit healings you know the gifts of the Spirit were flowing in and and guy was doing a great work, but on the inside out. I was just dying Dr. Brown out I was just tired when I looked at the condition of the church and I looked at the condition of our nation and the direction that we were going in II just was disturbed I was struggling and and I just got to the point I just really began to seek God and a few things that happened in the first one was there so I had a good friend of mine.

I call my friend, I thank him for ruining my life because he was the one who gave me this videotape called the massacre of innocence.

Now it's important that you understand Dr. Brown. I had always been a preacher of righteousness always.

I never shied away from the burning issues of the day I I confronted my own sin. My family sends the churches in the national sin there if it was contrary to the word of God. I boldly proclaimed God's word unashamedly since you wont compromise one morning on the message while I warming the cultural issues, but you still hadn't been seized gripped what what was habit of us at that point, Dr. Brown.

I had never seen an abortion. I mean up to that point abortion was a word we debated and I was worried that we argue no pro-choice, no premises, pro-life rebuttals, you know, singular social issues and and lick the mother can't really afford another another mouth to feed. Yet in the husband's left the home and the other could be cases ready at a handicapped child and a lot of the compassion would say better not to bring the child is the Rosita have these arguments that are very compelling right and what about Ralph and what about incest a lot of philosophical theological arguments that seem compassionate and compelling until until you see it and that's what that videotape did for me.

Dr. Brown and just remove the veil and it's it's a great work by Eric Homburg.

I don't know if you've ever seen it begin work, but he Kiki goes to great lengths at the beginning of the film to trace child sacrifice and the shedding of innocent blood to the incestuous affair between Law and his daughters that gave us you know the amen and Moabite tribes.

They were the first to introduce child sacrifice into the world and he just traces it from there. All the way up to the modern error, but it was the second part of the film that God used to just break my heart and open my eyes. He has a song on their by Pat Benatar. Remember the old rocker from the 80s and she had the song called hell is for children and as she screamed and now is for children Dr. Brown he showed pictures of aborted babies and I'm literally watching our main heads decapitated pain limbs cut off torsos and it was so traumatic for me brother just like mentally and morally and spiritually. I could not absorb the evil that I was seeing and I remember turning it off and just running to my bedroom and I like prostrate before God and brother. I'm not talking crying.

I'm not talking weeping talking about a whaling so intense that my physical chest hurts and it was literally my Isaiah 6 moment I had seen the Lord and now my life is undone and it literally just Connor unraveled right before my eyes. I just could not believe this nation that I have loved so much and I served with 101st airborne I just could not believe that we had been reduced to this kind of evil and idolatry that parents would do this to their own children if it was it shattered it a shot of my life and remember what year that was oh my gosh it was the fall of 1988 and that was the first witness. That's where God kinda busted up the fallow ground and me and then right after that Dr. Brown the next week was Atlanta. The Democratic national convention and I'm literally watching on TV. Christians being handcuffed and dragged away from abortion mills. What meanness this so that was sort of like the second fold witness yeah and then the week after that I get a knock at the door of my church I pastor who I do not know just arbitrarily walks up knocks on my door and he says pastor.

We need to talk and I said about what he said I just got back from Atlanta and when he said that Dr. Brown immediately tears started streaming down my face and I said yes brother we have to talk.

What is court, what is God doing and what he shared with me brother it was. He shared that this was the first time in the American Holocaust where the church was pointing the finger in the right direction. Up to this time we are pointing the finger at the Supreme Court. The feminist groups and in all the usual suspects but he said here, we began to point the finger at ourselves and we repented of our indifference or apathy are our indolence and as we repented, and cried out to God. We brought forth fruit meet for repentance. And that's where all the Scriptures kicked in. You know you rescue those unjustly sentenced to death speak for those who can't speak for yourself, themselves, and love your neighbor as yourself, and is your sharing all this rusty master about the date, not just for chronology because you share all this with tears in your eyes that this remains as is brutal and painful and overwhelming to you now as it was then I literally and then play devils advocate here and say this. You had your experience you had your encounter God burdened you hasn't burdened me. I love Jesus and he hasn't burdened me about this so I bless you do what you're doing but don't lay a guilt trip on me go head in response. Will they, you know, brother. Here's the thing. Life's hard. It's tough. We don't want to add problems to our lives brother when you deal with child sacrifice and the shedding of innocent blood. You're dealing with Satan's crown jewel whenever he raises his ugly head. He goes after the seed of man and that is true in the time of Moses. It was true at the time of Christ. So this battle is not new. And I think the church instinctively knows that if she puts her hand to this if she literally crosses that line of obedience to stand in the gap and to make up the hedge, there is going to be a price to be paid in up to this point we really have not been willing to pay that price. Even the price of compassion. I remember when the silent scream movie came out. I was afraid to watch it yeah because I thought if I watch it may wreck my whole life. I don't know what novel requiring vessel, I can't. I can stick my head in the sand right and just look no one wants to go to a funeral and we and you don't want to face death. You will face pain.

If we can avoid it. We avoided but when you have the slaughter of the innocents taking place regardless of samosas on the about know the history and incest in Genesis and the cliff forget all that the graphic evidence that you speak up and I remember this in and there's a national event coming up a lot talk about since we come back that when I was involved in Operation Rescue event in Washington DC years ago before were all arrested. I was shocked to see the people protested against the Satanists gay activists and atheists. I thought, why are they here pro-abortion.

Isn't that something will be right back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice important cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown. I am speaking with Rusty Thomas Rector of operation save America man was given decades now to rescue the perishing, and to help mothers and fathers who decide not to abort their children to reach out with compassion to bring the gospel of Jesus and the message of salvation, but to highlight the horrific crime in America.

The shedding of innocent blood. If you're listening and you had an abortion.

There is no condemnation to those who asked for mercy, forgiveness.

Yes, it is a sin and and you may have made the decision under tremendous duress may shed many tears over it. Jesus can forgive that and wipe away the guilt and give you a message of life. If you've worked in abortion clinic in your under conviction turn to God and asked for forgiveness he can forgive that sin like every other sin.

Jesus died for.

But now, say, God, let my life be used to bring life and hope to others out rusty.

There's an event coming up July 16-23 operation save America national event commemorating the 25th anniversary of the summer of mercy. I had friends involved with that in Wichita and they said it was a move of God, something ask Jeff in the news would hear you breaking the law. Chris is breaking the law on all these evil people. What are they doing obviously you are not violent you were you there save lives, not not not hurt lives. But what actually happened. There was God moved on the churches. There was like awakening wasn't there brother.

It was truly, I have been sent revival on a one week turned into 2 1/2 months and Dr. Brown. We just entered a very special realm that here's a deal if you're looking at the outside, you're saying oh my gosh this is messy. What in the world is happening but when you were in the midst of this brother when you were involved in what was happening. This is the kind around.

We had entered into. If you were for us or against us. It didn't make a difference whether you blessed us with. You cursed us. It didn't make a difference in we were in around that even our mistakes were perfect because what happened brother is that the government Crossing the line and then the church of Jesus Christ would cross that line and every time she obeyed her Lord and crossing that line God increased his miracles, his anointing, his presence, his power. This is another words if the government overstepped its bounds. If the government said you cannot cross this line. Even the legally constitutional you could and you look to the government said with all respect to your authority. We must obey God rather than we never rebel. We just only the highest authority with all respect. We have to cross this line the moment you put your foot over it, something, something happened and and look there. I remember being in India in 1995 and we are preaching in a militant Hindu village that had been very violence against a neighboring village in years past we knew it was a precarious situation to preach there.

We are preaching and the second night Hindu radicals took over the stadium and they they took where Mike said nice and razor blades in the hands we thought this, it could get. While right and at that moment there is no fear of death. There is no fear of injury. All you so is there lost their lost they need Jesus of something happier when you get on the front lines.

You do it and I was the evil becomes evil in front your eyes. Honestly, it's just to give you an idea. Dr. Brown the grace that we were walking in the power of his anointing. There were there was a time where they actually got on horses and they charged into our crowds place. Yet the police did not ascend to know what you were peaceful and you were sitting there and not a single St. moved that a single site. Honestly Dr. Brown and I say this I believe this is the gospel truth. If the federal marshals would've taken out their guns and said move over an open fire.

I believe there were some people that would've stayed there and died. That's the kind of grace. That's the kind of conviction of God's spirit that was honest at that time he was simply saying we are sitting peacefully in front of an abortion center position we were singing hymns young worshiping and were saying please don't take this baby's life. There's a better way. Dr. Brown only. It is, it's the biblical truth of interposition, you know, to stand in the gap to make up the hedge, you know what what is what is the doctrine of interposition. It's when that person steps between the oppressor and the victim to save their lives you in our spirit, we were telling the police and the federal marshals you're not our problem and we went to the abortion mill door or gate. We literally got on her hands and knees. In fact, when he is giving us quick testimony as worse coaching towards the gate, playing tag with the federal marshals.

One of the federal marshals. This literally happened Dr. Brown he stood up and tears started coming down his eyes and he ran to his superior officer said relieve me I can't do this reassignment please. I can't do this and they reassigned him to o'clock in the morning.

That night Dr. Brown. He came walking up to me and the group that I was with and this is the exact words out of his mouth. Who is your God, and what must I do to be saved, literally, right, straight from the book of acts, and we had the honor of leading that man to Christ. That night I could give you so many miracles. But I'm talking some of them Old Testament caliber Old Testament caliber miracle art cello place. This is the 25th anniversary. Now of this summer of mercy, July 16-23, 2016. If folks want to find out about this they go to operation save yes sir right operation save will talk the next half-hour. A little bit more about this, but we got just two minutes before before the next break. Rusty. Have you ever been physically assaulted had I received and cursed out. You had all manner of evil spoken against you, people, shocked member students of mine involved in pro-life work in the 80s on Long Island and this is just standing there in front of an abortion mill and their grandma would come down and rolled down her window with a drink in the car and use the most profane, vile language and your and and drive offered every actually been physically assaulted or spat on anything like that a few times a few times you know, beaten by the no gang members were bringing their women into get abortions and police officers at times brutalized us and shed blood and in this battle brother.I tell people all the time will once you put your hand so there's two things I can guarantee you spiritual warfare is gonna take on a whole new meaning in your life but number two and this is where it's worth it all. Brother is your literally get him to walk in the footsteps of your Lord and to follow him in this great battle for the souls of men, the lives of these children in the future of our nation and I'm telling you brother. This is why a lot of Christians in America are dying on the vine is because we look at the Bible we see this miraculous God. We see his powerful intervention in the affairs of men. And then we wonder why this is not happening in our day.

What were like Gideon brother, you know what I mean we've heard you know what God used to do. But in our day it ain't happening. Why is this what did God say Gideon take on the veil and take it out and then you will see my miraculous intervention dance again and that's what happens when you cross this line down to the deeply five. The miracles of God are found deep waters of obedience. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown music reminds us about that tomorrow and are thoroughly today of the honor sitting with Rev. Rusty Thomas. He is the author of the field manual for abortion ministry has stay faithful in the battle without harming yourself or others, and he is presently the director of operation save America and you can find out more by going operation save Rusty we often hear about the abortion holocaust that we know in World War II what 20+ million died overall in the war. We know the Nazis probably responsible for executing maybe 11 million people are pretty exact numbers 6 million Jews, including a million 1/2 babies and children that represented two thirds of Europe's population of Jews I've referred to abortion holocaust over the years, but many take exception to it.

Say how can you possibly compare rounding up men, women and children hurting often to gas chambers are: other ghastly ways with the slaughter of of of the unborn and blood feuds timeout in a fetus a mass of cells in Owen and how can you possibly compare the is it right to speak about the abortion holocaust. It is absolutely right, Dr. Brown, I just got interviewed by the Danish broadcasting a company from Denmark and we brought this issue up, and I know I said lest this us go through history.

History is replete with examples of genocide and holocaust that is a part of our bloodied history as humanity and 2 Things Must Take Pl. for a genocide or a holocaust to transpire. Number one men and nations have to distance themselves from the God of the Bible, God the father, God the son God the Holy Spirit. That's the first thing the nation has to do we have to abandon the objective truths of God's commandments number two you have to remove the humanity of the persons you are seeking to target yet for destruction. Now whether that child is in the womb or outside of the womb. We know biblically. Dr. Brown, God makes no distinction between the pre-born and the born in the same God who wants justice for the Bourne wants justice for the pre-born and the great majority of mothers who are considering abortion but see an ultrasound of their baby don't have the abortion because AC is not just the comp of self humanity humanity at an when Doritos had the silly commercial during the Super Bowl and where this lady having an ultrasound and the guys mindlessly munching on Doritos as those of I 70 ultrasound and he holds one over the stomach so you get the impression the baby goes jumping out to try to grab it and and NARAL national. One of the leading of pro-abortion organizations in America. They were outraged. Yes, just over the gender stereotyping but of the antichoice tactic of humanizing the fetus seven Hillary Clinton spoke about the unborn person says I don't have them have right constitutional rights before out. How dare you call the fetus a person so you must dehumanize the fetus to kill the fetus in it and that is exactly what happened in Germany, you know, before Hitler did the terrible acts towards the Jews. He had to turn them into subhuman creatures.

If you remember he had a whole media campaign actually comparing Jews to vermin in her like they were like rats running throughout the, the, the, you know that this nation and course blaming them for all their well exactly the habit they had to be dehumanize. II believe it is absolutely right to speak of abortion holocaust will be the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown my friends to the line of fire brought asked me plainly that if you are someone who's had an abortion in the past and your listening and feeling utterly condemned Jesus died for that sin. Jesus died for that sin. Like every other sin.

And if you ask God to forgive you he will and if you're a believer and you know forgiveness, but hearing about these things and stir something up. Let that turn to prayer but that turned to crying out to God to make a difference there. There was an event over 10,000 people joined first annual nationwide Planned Parenthood protest on April 23 228 individual protests were held in 44 states and the District of Columbia with more than 10,000 pro-lifers command to educate the public about the deadly agenda of the nation's largest abortion chain and some came to protest and they were interestingly enough Satanist Satanist Planned Parenthood said this. This is all that needs to be said about Planned Parenthood that Satanist come out to protest against us and are in league with Planned Parenthood. This is what Monica Miller citizens for pro-life society said if I was Planned Parenthood I would be horrified to be associated with them in any way.

I Rusty Thomas, director of operation save America speak freely.

These are your future – I may agree. I may disagree but I want you to speak freely about why would Satanists be at an event standing with Planned Parenthood. Why have you seen often homosexual activists basically standing with abortion clinics when you're there at a pro-life event future thinking percentagewise the man are less likely to impregnate a woman. The women are less likely to get impregnated so you would think that abortion would be really not an issue to the vast majority of homosexual activists and yet it seems to be a major issue in fact a gentleman. I debated professing gay Christian in 2008 he left his job as a face director for the human rights campaign results cactus organization and instead took the leadership of a radical pro-abortion organizations so your view give us the connection will brother. This was obviously a shock to my system when I first cross that line and entered the fray. There was a lot obviously I'd I did not understand.

Like I said, Dr. Brown just my heart was broken and my eyes are open to this evil, but I was not prepared for the things that I was going to see and experience, you know, at first, and one of the shocks was that when I went to the abortion mills are predominantly it was homosexuals that were guarding the death camp and they were acting is what we call escorts in their job as as as it is, is to make sure the women do not hear the pleas of the gospel and the offers of help to rescue them and their child from the horrors of abortion and when I went up to the idea. I would talk to them under please explain this to me. Why would you we know your sexual activity. It doesn't lead to life. In fact, statistically, I'm in. I would just tell the truth that it it leads to death. You will not live out half your days because of this immorality in your life and I would use that to call them to repentance and get the true love that they need that was set them free.

You know from this bondage.

Well, you know. And here's the thing they give all kinds of answers but when I began to realize Dr. Brown is that the homosexual agenda understands this battle a lot more than most Christians, you know, these are two twin evils and one feeds the other. So what are they having common antichrist, and no anti-life anti-family anti-order.

In other words, this understand this is a full-blown edged rebellion to God and his creative order and out there is actually a Scripture brother in Psalm 106 word talks about when the Israelites your basically adopted you know some of the idolatry of the pagan nations and betrayed the Lord and one of the things that they adopted was the altars of Moloch, the authors of bail in the Scripture says that when they sacrifice their sons and daughters and shed innocent blood.

They had sacrifice them to devils to demons and and wheat we just have to understand that when a nation sheds innocent blood, particularly the blood of children. It literally nurtures the demonic realm. Just look at this generation, Dr. Brown, that we are raising. I mean all the signs of paganism are all around us. You know how many how many kids are cutting themselves. How many kids are tattooing themselves or how many are screaming in torment with the dealer's brother. We have made a covenant with death. Our nation has made a covenant with death and with each child that's being sacrificed. We are literally nurturing the demonic realm will hear again.

The homosexuals whether the conscience of it or not, where they believe theirs are not. They know where they get their empowerment and it comes straight from those death camps were children are being led to slaughter in their innocent blood is being shed TCU are saying that if there was not a radical pro-abortion movement, which came into prominence through the movie weighed 73 which is resulted in the slaughter more than 55 million babies in the womb that without that we would not be seeing the great advances in homosexual activism, sin as long as were in this world there will be sin. There will be sinners okay but national sin brings national calamity and I am saying that you just brought the study. Romans chapter 1, you know what happens when nations refuse to acknowledge God and be thankful. What begins to happen the first thing is very interesting.

The woman refuses the natural use feminism lesbianism look at the feminist movement, and even if we back it up a little. Obviously this first the the idolatry. Yet, the worshiping created things rather than the creator, then there's giving over to the lust of the flesh. Then there's the perversions of that that that obviously when you point to say, radical feminism, when I decide about equal pay for woman you know Chuck, which are not radical feminism that despises motherhood that that often has its interesting uses the natural use right often lesbian leadership. It's interesting, Camille Paglia, who is lesbian was an atheist. She said, look, the pro-lifers have the much stronger moral position be beaten because you have to recognize that the human being and in the womb. So again we have this war on gender today. Yes of the war and male-female distinctions the war to redefine marriage of the the war to look around the world less and less children are being born.

You actually can have, not a eight population crisis of two many people, but in many nations, not enough people that's Margaret Sanger brother yeah man member, hurt, eugenics, philosophy hurt her desire was to have the greatest sexual fulfillment without any responsibility of raising children see people don't understand this all began with birth control brother.

In fact, because she was eugenics that was that racial component. This is a quote when it comes to birth control. It will lead to a cleaner race lead to a cleaner race peopling understand that even the roots of birth control has a voracious racial component unit with the point of matter is brother with feminism came birth control, and since birth control.

Look at every area of human society brother fornication off the charts adultery off the charts molestation off the charge. You know every sexual deviancy has been unleashed against this nation.

Now, politically, we need to understand when it comes to dictators and tyrants. They always use sexual immorality to control the masses. So all this brother is is one thing is feeding the other and we are in the midst of the throes of this thing right friends. Here's what I want you to consider. Not that there is an active conspiracy between states attend groups and activist groups. Feminist groups pro-abortion groups and they all sit down smoke-filled room and have their secret meetings include on how to go to destroy America but Rusty Thomas is saying there is a spiritual connection. There is a demonic connection and look I'm looking at article on Breitbart from last July a devil worshiping group calling itself the Satanic temple is been working to raise funds to promote abortion on demand and to counter legal efforts such as the pain capable unborn child protection act in 20 week abortion bans why in the world with a do this.

There's a national conference that this is fueling the fire and use your listening operation save American national event Wichita Kansas this July 16-23.

Find out more by going operation save America.or operation save America delegate right. We got a lot of ground to cover in the next eight minutes. Stay right there joined Dr. Michael Brown, along with messianic Jewish pastor Scott multiply unique behind the scenes tour of Israel. February 25 through March 6, 2017. Space is limited so accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis.

For more information on the trip and to secure your spot, please visit our and click on the Israel tour banner color office at 704782370. It's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Austin next year. Go to*.org right on the homepage value to find out more listener Camille Paglia said again. She's lesbian feminist atheist. Many women like myself again liberal are deeply upset over the abortion issue.

Ultrasound technology has allowed us to see into the womb like never before and the obvious face of humanity is clear. I totally respect your take on abortion precisely because you never tried to dehumanize the pre-born vulnerabilities entry here. You are clearly pro-choice but made the harsh reality of the decision very clear.

Camille Paglia, saying, yet we can be pro-choice, but we need to face the reality of the pro-lifers have a stronger moral ground. This is a lesbian feminist liberal atheist making a statement speak with Rusty Thomas, director of operation save America. I will have time to go to the funds McBrien in North Carolina has an important question. What about adopting children.

What about proactive measures we can take what about someone says I abortion is the only option I have right now if I have abortion. My life is over and and but I'm willing to give the bay.

I just don't know what options do I have Rusty what they do.

But here's the thing, Dr. Brown. Unfortunately, the American system is built upon abortion, not adoption right you know what I'm saying and so basically what we do is we go to the abortion mills we tell these couples listen. There are people there are 2 million people.

Some of the go to bed crying at nights because they have no children and they want to adopt. It is an amazing thing. We got 2 million couples that want to adopt children and we got 1.3 million children that are being aborted and unfortunately Dr. Brown were not connecting the dots here.

Okay, so what we do on our on it in our area of ministry is, we try to make that connection. So we go to the abortion mill. We don't go empty-handed brother were not just cursing the darkness and say you know this is bad.

This is evil and things of this nature were trying to light a candle were trying to provide a way out to let them know there is help available.

I mean Victor's churches. This crisis pregnancy centers. There's adoption centers, and then what will do if they'll come talk to us and will minister the gospel will take them from the death And actually bring him to the places brother that I could actually help with some of these practical areas and I get emails on a regular basis in North Carolina from all one your sister as she sending out the pictures of the babies who been born here the baby shower, some to the natural parents on two adoptive parents and out based in North Carolina is cities for life subsidiaries number four life cities for it's a template that can be used around the country bringing all these things together I'm a friend, the pastor about an hour out of Detroit. He gets a bird about abortion, he began to preach adoption and said we need to be in adoption congregation. So it's the spread 1 cup left another couple after the other, adopting the Michael and this should not be difficult for Christians right we been adopted.

Yes, the spirit of adoption cries Abba father. This is who we are and this is what we should do cities for for contemplating an abortion if you're looking to help and get involved. A great place to go art. We've only got a matter of minutes. I'll have to take the subject up another time of the doctrine of the lesser magistrates somewhere officials people have certain lever of government authority saying no to the higher authority because the higher authorities calling them to act against conscience and act against God, and based on the Magdeburg confession 13th, April 13 1550 so I'm in have to do a whole show that focuses on these things in the future, but two minutes what's important to the Magdeburg confession and why do we need to know about the stock of lesser magistrates okay that the doctrine of the lesser magistrate has been around for thousands of years. Even pagans understood this principle. Roman Emperor Trajan gave his sword to one of his subordinates and said this. If I give you lawful orders use the sword against the enemy, but I give unlawful orders use the sword against me, and in even Dr. Brown just I was in the military. Military code of justice. You know they they taught as they trained us. Listen we give you lawful orders you need to obey them even to the point of your death. But if if a superior gives you an unlawful order. You are by no means to obey it and this is sort of the doctrine of the lesser magistrate. So when a higher authority issues a decree or passes a so-called law or make some kind of policy. All right that is corrupt and unjust and immoral, or unconstitutional is the duty of the lesser magistrate like in our case, a governor of the state or sheriff of the county simply say no to the higher authority. We are not going to do that were not can implement that like you may break your eval and you may become lawless, but I'm in a keep my vow and I'm going to maintain law and order, and I'm gonna protect the life and liberty in the property of the citizens who voted me into office and I want to protect my constituencies and it may come to that in many cases, all of America. Real quick one minute Magdeburg confession was that so important and awesome Magdeburg confession that was written, you know, 500 years ago.

It's been the first time translated into English. This is the David and Goliath story of history. Bottom-line, real quick. Martin Luther 95 thesis Wittenberg Church buyer that the Reformation takes off in earnest. The Pope taps a Catholic King Charles Augsburg interim go in going to Germany crushed this rebellion bring her back under the yoke of Rome. And so they marched through Germany and they threatened the hamlets in the villages.

Every single one caves comebacks the yoke of Rome except one Magdeburg Magdeburg would not yield and they made this Magdeburg confession what they simply said Dr. Brown. Is this where Christians were taught to obey the king and are the king. We are your best citizens. But what you're doing is unlawful and we cannot violate our conscience. We will keep our fealty to Christ and the gospel and they were willing to die. They suffered great deprivation, but because they took that stand. It was an in God's providence Dr. Brown. It was a Protestant prince leading the Catholic troops against his own people.

He got the revelation instead of attacking Magdeburg.

He turned to defend it, and because of that, the Reformation survived and we got the United States of America. God I friends you heard that was a mouthful packed in well done Rusty website operation save and by the way, as pro-life Christians we don't take up the sword against their enemies.

We are messengers of life consistently holistically wholeheartedly stand for life. We die for life bring life get involved become pro-life Christian operation save My bottom line today is this not tomorrow, not next month time fraction. Now

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