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June 15, 2016 4:40 pm

Dr. Alex MacFarland Guest Hosts

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 15, 2016 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/15/16.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Welcome to the line of fire mikes Dr. Alex McFarland started the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and resident of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back to the line of fire Alex McFarland here very very honored to be sitting in for Dr. Brown is traveling right now and we have got to powerpack days. What a thrill to be on this show antecedent for Dr. Brown whom I so greatly respect and today we got a couple of guests and now you can meet one in just a moment later on in the show you're going to hear from Dr. James Dobson tomorrow afternoon will have Dr. David Jeremiah on and I'm just so glad it worked out that I could beer I've been on the road from us this year touring or promoting a new book all stand strong America that I'll take a little bit about, but with me in the studio right now is the gas that I want to introduce you to and how cute this up by asking the question all asked this question, is it possible to raise godly kids in the know rules culture not think about that and that will get to your calls in the show.

The lines are open 866-34-TRUTH with me to discuss the news of the day, and any other thing that might come across our line of consciousness of brother colleague and friend John Rosemond.

His website is ROS EMO ND he's a parenting expert, best-selling author, one of the most powerful communicators I've ever heard.

And he's he's done all the media we can talk about his resume. But, like myself, he shares a conviction that the home is the building block of society we witnessed in our lifetime. Really, the disintegration, the undermining of marriage and family in the home doesn't fare too well, and in much of American life these days and to talk about this and much more would got them for a whole hour. What a thrill. John Rosemond, welcome to the line of fire will thank you for inviting me on the show, Alex. I really appreciate the opportunity in the you are a good friend. Thank you. Will it just, you know, it's just dumb.

It's the providence of God, that you you happen to be in Charlotte today I'm in Charlotte today just worked out because the on any other day we might've been on opposite sides of the continent in a week of them yet suits are tell the listeners give us the John Rosemond story here, and in a moment in a moment.

Well I grew up in a and an atheist household. My stepfather was Jewish.

My mother converted to Judaism.

I floundered around in searching for some faith and her I would call it for many many years. Some experimented with atheism and Buddhism and Hinduism. This was the late 60s, New Age was was entering the cultural scene at that point in time and really regarded church and people who went to church is just a bunch of hypocrites and my wife who was a believer persuaded me finally to go to church in 1978 and we began attending an Episcopal Church, which I hope this doesn't offend anyone out there, but it didn't require much of me at all. You could believe in just about anything and be a good Episcopalian, and so I suppose Alex that it was the right place for me at the time and I got over as a consequence, my antipathy toward church and people who went to church, found that it was a great social environment.

I can't say that I grew in faith there began reading a book some and both of my I refer to the both of my parents, my stepfather, my mother between the two of them they had three PhD's, microbiology, epidemiology, and plant morphology taught at the university level.

I grew up in a very intellectual household and I guess that's the music so Titleist historian. This is the line of fire.

Dr. Michael Brown, Alex Farley, just as the project grant date in studio with John Rosemond stating were back at the spring line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown back in the line of fire. Alex Farley dear Webb's diet are our guest. John Rosemond parenting by the book. He's got a radio show. You're on your own AFR right yes it what's the name of your show because I said so because I said yes which is the thing. No child wants to hear this right. But every adult needs to say okay okay now what I want to get into your parenting and child-rearing expertise and folks. If you have a question. I'm watching the board's will.

But I want to hear his story that the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Maybe your parent. Maybe your grandparent may be, like myself, you're just person is concerned about the culture. John Rosemont is in my book the two voices for marriage, family and parenting in America.

One is James Dobson whom you'll hear in an hour and the other right now, John Rosemond, you got a chance to to pick the brain of one of the best that you are sharing your testimony. See what you come up in a very intellectual household very intellectual atheistic Darwinistic. The point of my saying that they they had PhD's in the life sciences taught it university level was to say that and we talked about stuff like this all the time I was part of these conversations from a burial early age. He was just accepted that Darwinism explained everything and I began reading Alex books that argued against our Darwinism in the early 1990s. Mind you now I got to church for 1214 years now and Episcopal Church. You know it was a social club is what was whatever we got in at this time, Gastonia, North Carolina and you know to be a good Episcopalian, you stand up at the right time you kneel at the right time.

You say the right things you read the right things.

Blah blah blah and so I began reading these books that argued against Darwinism of Philip Johnson dry Koba hey Darla, I would like politics and so on so forth and and I've always regarded myself as an intellectually honest person defined as someone who when evidences demonstrated to him that his current point of view about something is wrong he is willing to change his mind. There are many people who are not willing to do that and I am. That's one positive thing I will say about myself and I became convinced in the course of reading these books that these people were correct that Darwinism made really no sense that I had bought into it because it was just the thing to do in my household and so in the early 1990s began to believe in God, a creator God who was sovereign supreme over the universe, etc. etc. I still could not wrap my head around quote that Jesus thing" thought that was largely mythology invented in embellished whatever perhaps unwittingly buy largely by people who did not know him directly after his crucifixion did not believe in the resurrection did not believe that he was fully divine and then and I use to feed my need to keep Jesus at arms length by going to bookstores that was before books started becoming extinct and this John as you as you go to church and out you like myself. I grew up in a very high church and kind of environment recited the apostles Creed.

That's right.

That's what this was all about. Were you thinking about okay wow this Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead and buried in the war you beginning to connect the dots okay Jesus was they say he's God incarnate who died for our sins. What do I do with this to me was that we were thinking. I thought that they were talking at best, symbolically, metaphorically, I did not believe that one had to blend and we were told this from the pulpit that you did not have to believe literally anything that the Bible said in order to be a good Episcopalian I didn't have to believe in the virgin birth, all of that stuff was irrelevant. Being a good Christian was all about doing good works and that was Rick a very comfortable motion for me. So anyway, I would go to the bookstores and I would get books that I later discovered with the books that Dan Brown used as his research foundation in writing that eventually go that's it and so one day I'm in a bookstore Barnes & Noble looking for a new book to feed my need the celeb put it to keep Jesus at arms length and I pull Lee Strobel's the case for Christ taught Aylmer unit is a very close personal friend, but it's all right we had on the show the greatest guy in the world. I like I love them.

He he. And I've had lunch together and I have the what you know, the, the listener can anticipate the rest of the story I read and accepted Christ.

But parenthetically, let me say for those that may be listening, because I know we do have skeptics that listen and if youth lesson.

Lest you think Christianity is for the on intelligent Strobel has his law degree from Yale. Not too shabby, and he was an atheist. We had him on the show and he was one of the guys that broke the story about the Ford Pinto exploding in a way, Strobel very smart guy wrote a book called the case for Christ.

He was one of America's leading investigative reporters work for the Chicago Tribune.

Probably one of the top five at the time newspapers in the country may still be and so I read the book you know. But many people Alex when they talk about coming to Christ accepting Christ. They say things like, will accepted Christ at 233 in the afternoon on October 7, 2006. People asked me when did you come to Christ tonight. My answer is sometime in the year 2000. Because I read the book and it was so shocking to me. I mean I I said before I'm an intellectually honest guy and he was a guy who was presenting these apologetics in a very straightforward rational way that cut right through any argument that I might have been able to pull up and I put the book down.

I thought about it and thought about it and I picked it up again and read it from cover to cover a second time you're trying to get into it and find some flaws.

Some the Achilles' heel right the Achilles' heel and probably read it three times.

Alex, before asking Christ come into my life. Forgive my sins and be my Lord and Savior so it was a instead of a moment sooner.

This kind of explosive moments. It was a process and interestingly enough I talk to other people who had the same experience with Belize book they read it thought about it, read it again thought about it and finally accepted the truth of what he was say you know where I am. That's very much like CS Lewis though. In in Lewis's biography surprised by Joy. He talks about that this process where he was an atheist.

He became open to the idea of God. Then he learned more about Jesus, but Lewis is kind of a Kodak moment. He said all I can say is when I got on the train at London I did not believe that Jesus was the one and only son of God, but by the time I got off the train in Oxford. I believe that he was. That's not a real long trip. Yeah, yeah, Lewis also talks about his conversion. He says it's like waking up in the morning.

You don't remember the exact moment that you woke up, but suddenly you were aware that you were awake, and I know the reason why not. Let's unpack this a bit because there are those Damascus Road moments at 12:35 PM on December 10, 1999 as I was sitting at my kitchen table in front unit that's fine and and if if you've got a testimony were it's that vivid, but don't you think that the Damascus Road experience is or may be the exception rather than the rule there and this relates to marriage and family because I say this John.

I think God's normative ideal is that kids almost never remember a time they weren't following Jesus, you know, because they grow up in a stable, loving two-parent family were mom and dad both are followers of Jesus. They at a young age before they accrue. All this baggage and I have these testimonies that not yours, but others were people or for 30 years I was a drunk in the gutter and then offend Jesus and sometimes that happens, praise God. But isn't it preferable where kids never know what time they didn't love Jesus. I think it probably is. I don't think it's a more valid experience.

I think everyone who has authentically come to Christ is have their own valid experience in terms of that happening process by which the moments that have over thought this is the line of fire. Dr. Michael Brown, Alex McFarlane and John Roseman stated that this right away. Hey this is Michael Brown. I want to invite you to join me for our second ever trip to Israel. February 25 through March 6, 2017 this is a great opportunity.

I get to interact with you are radio listening audience. Our ministry partners as we experience the land of Israel together and it will be a life-changing. We've got a great price on the trip. And if you're one of our monthly supporters or torchbearers are eligible to receive a special discount once-in-a-lifetime experience. Space is limited. Accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis. For more information on the trip to secure your spot, go to mass.

Dr. Click on the Israel manner or call our office at seven 047-8237 it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back line of fire Alex McFarlane here in John Roseman that were to come back to just a moment. He said somebody want to talk for hours on end and on sitting here thinking it. It's kind of a bummer. We've only got an hour together. This first hour and then folks you want to encourage you to staging because in the second hour of the line of fire. Today we can have attorney Abraham Hamilton, the third public policy analyst and General Counsel for the American family Association.

Abraham Hamilton is going to tell us about his recent board meeting with target regarding their gender neutral bathroom position and then also the second hour. Dr. James Dobson who was my boss when I worked at his ministry in Colorado.

We love Dr. Dobson and John, I just want to say I'm in all of you to get to your books solicitous of these titles folks and the you tell me if if we as a nation don't need to really benefit from this man's wisdom, the well-behaved child discipline that really works making the terrible twos terrific parenting by the book biblical wisdom for raising your child how I love this title. Grandma was right after all. Practical parenting wisdom from the good old days. Those are just a few of the many many titles of this prolific scholar and educator and Christian brother and let's just say this year on the road speaking you are all over North America and out you. How can people if they wanted to book you for their church or their city. How do they find John Roseman well, thank you Alex. I appreciate that you're very gracious just I go to my website John there is a link you can send me an email and I call you back personally while so not a machine but while they may get a machine. I get so love what I will call the back personally.

What is your ideal event. My ideal event is as much time as I can have in front of an audience or audiences of people in any given location to talk about what is happened to the raising of children in America over the last 50 or so years since we began listening to people like me.

Tell us how to raise kids, people who are listening to the show may or may not know that I'm a contrary voice in my field. I'm a family psychologist who does not believe in psychology and I realized when I accepted Christ in my life that a psychological worldview and it is a worldview. It's not a science. It's a philosophy and a biblical worldview were poles apart opposites completely. No similarity, no overlap and no common ground and I realized I had to make a choice and hide. I made the correct choice of what I've been doing for the last what is now 16 years is helping people understand that most of the problems that we are having an American parenting today.

The reason why today's parents are having so many more problems than any generation of parents in America has ever had. The reason that we are having the kinds of problems that we are having the children. Children hitting their parents. For example, unheard of 50 years ago is because we've been listening to.

Psychologists tell us how to raise children. We've been listening to and I don't mean by this. To say that psychologists are evil, but I think that psychology is an instrument of the serpent.

And now that he's powerful is the serpent's goal has always been to persuade us that God is not telling us the truth. This is what he said to Eve right away in the garden and will we adhered in America to a biblical childrearing ethic until the mid 60s and at the behest of psychologists who, because of Dr. Joyce Brothers which many of our listeners may not recognize the name. The media had given a platform psychologists.

We began listening.

Psychologists tell us how to raise kids, and it's been a disaster while under one of your books is called parent Babel note was the greatest subtitle, but I like your book titles okay. I think this is a subtitle Hall of Fame John Roseman routable call parent babel how parents can recover from 50 years of bad expert advice about what you mean by that subtitle well you know it limit let me deal with the irony of it first because I am regarded as parenting expert and as you set I'm I'm one of the you know people say parenting expert so they may probably say John Roseman which is which is the I'm very appreciative of that.

But everything I do I do in his name for his glory. But what I'm saying is this, yeah, what I'm saying and thus subtitle is that because and I said it before, a few minutes ago with where in the trouble that were in Alex because we been listening to experts, professional experts, people with capital letters after their names who were selling us a childrearing ethic that was completely in opposition to God's plan for childrearing as set forth very clearly in Scripture and his word and it is because of their Babel, their parent, Babel, as I call it in the book that we are in the trouble that we are in today.

I completely agree. Say this. I've spent the last 11 years around PhD's. I was president of the school I've taught in a number of schools. It's an honor, but I've spent the last decade plus around PhD's and and and I said there there therefore kinds of PhD's.

There there some that love Jesus and use their education to further the kingdom of God. And then there some that love knowledge and they may not be a Christian but there just up and very rare. The, the unsaved, PhD, who just seems to be a person who loves knowledge and loves trying to teach people, but most in any if your experience is different you feel free to disagree. In my experience, and by God's grace have spoken it over 200 universities pride and insecurity drive so much of academia, pride and insecurity in many of the PhD's that love to discover and denigrate God and Christianity in America there prideful or insecure people in my field are intellectually arrogant. Hey we got a break. The technical branch of the line of fire with John Roseman. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Michael Brown. Welcome back to the line of fire Alex McFarlane just for for the sake of information. I'll give you my website my website is simply my name Alex and will say big thank you to Dr. Brown. He is traveling his en route to Australia right now. He texted me earlier in the show and he said please have the listeners pray for me as I'm on the road to Australia is to do pray for Dr. Brown.

If you are unaware. Dr. Brown is a national treasure. He is a PhD is an academic. But he loves Jesus and he is one of the greatest communicators that I've ever heard. Last year we had met North Greenville University, where it's my privilege to direct the apologetics.

The program there but we had Dr. Brown at North Greenville and nearly 3000 students were just mesmerized by his presentations, so we we thank him for the chance to be on the line of fire. And I'm also deeply, deeply grateful for John Roseman. I want to say into two days of broadcasting.

Multiple segments are the only guest we've got for an hour and that's an honor to have you for an hour.

It is an honor, but we ought to tell the audience that I told you I didn't want to talk for 1/2 an hour that I I've barely scratch the surface of anything side I sort of twisted your arm.

You know you didn't because I I thought really I wanted to have you for an hour because I'm thinking okay maybe I do want to like ask for too much. I don't want to ask for the movie Nina M said the fact that you are amenable to that is a good thing. But before that break we were talking about pride and insecurity that drives a lot of academics now I meet young people that grew up in a Christian home maybe went to youth group. Maybe you have Christian school. They go and it seems like four years of college can dismantle what mom and dad worked 18 years to instill and often times it's somewhat gleeful secular kind of proselytizing professors that love to see the faith of conservative Christian young people destroyed how to mom and dad may be preemptively guard against that or prepare for that we I think were told that end in Deuteronomy chapter 6 verses six and seven Alex said something that I to verses that I ponder quite often impress these commandments upon your children as you walk down the road as you prepare for bed of the. The ordinariness of those settings is what struck me at some point in time and I am convinced that what God is saying is look. We should be talking about her children talking to our children about God and creation and Jesus at every possible opportunity. This is not conversation that should be reserved for a moment here in a moment.

They are on the way to church on the way home from church.

Would you think about the sermon type of question God is saying, look in the most ordinary of circumstances walking down the road getting ready for bed.

We should be talking to her children about the things that really really matter, and I think that's where we as a body of believers.

We as the body of Christ are falling short and I think that because we are falling short in that regard our children when they leave home are vulnerable to the secular humanist propaganda that they are almost inevitably going to encounter in college and by the way, from all that I understand from talking with the insiders all called him, even in many Christian universities and many Christian universities. For example, psychology is the same way it's taught in a secular universe pay another break and then another long segment stated the modifier Dr. Michael Brown light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown Alex McFarland big Dr. Michael Brown fan here Alex McFarlane so wanted to sit in for two days.

I'm here this afternoon. I'll be here tomorrow if folks were so blessed. We've got some great programming in the next hour fact exactly like an hour from now will have Dr. James Dobson live on air tomorrow. Dr. David Jeremiah and much much more I do it to get the website asked Dr. and then of course Dr. Brown is so prolific in everything he does is just spot on right on the money is videos there's articles he's written.

I encourage you to pray for the ministry and to follow Dr. Brown because he's a treasure trove of Christian truth, as is our in studio guest right now John Roseman and you know in the in the spirit of full disclosure were were friends of mine were colleagues and I'm interviewing you, but we've been cultivating a friendship I met you have known of you for a decade, but I met you at a homeschool convention in either Cincinnati or California.

California yeah and we begin to talk that that was notable and and I'll throw a question your way, I met you heard you speak, it was great to get acquainted because I'd admired your work for some time, but that with that very same homeschool convention in California with thousands of people there and there was I'll never get brother and sister who had seen me the year before and they cannot do it on this McFarlane. We loved you did your what you will hear your freshman year preparing for college. We wanted to come back so I'm talking this dutiful teenage brother and sister and I look in the girls arm look like a piece of raw meat. She was cutting herself, cut us and I said let me see that and she blushed in a sincere arm and I said you're cutting Archie. She just begins to weep and I said your mom and dad know this and she shook her head no and I thought I hit and of course we found her parents. We prayed and I absolutely know your mom and dad need to know about this.

Here we were in.

As you recall, it thousands of people Christians are mean and yet here's a kid, everything would say there poised for success.

And yet there were issues in her life and she was engaged in self-mutilation.

I followed up with that family would try to get some help for them but John, what's going on in the world just seems to be off the rails nowadays will you know a child comes into the world prepped if you will. Probably a better term, but I'll use that product to be self absorbed. That is the state in which he is received into the world and during his early years. He is in fact treated especially during the first two as though he is everything with a E that he is everything and everything is about him and I think that the self esteem movement and child-rearing has solidified that. In other words, in previous generations mine in prior generations. The parents understood that it was their job to reorient the child toward other people to instill in the child a service mentality to, you know that's. This is why we used to say to children 60+ years ago. Things that we no longer say like you're acting too big for your britches. You better get down off that high horse.

You must think the world revolves around you keep it in mind you're just a little fish in a big pond. We don't talk that way to children anymore because we have lost that point of view we are allowing children to remain in the self absorbed, state, and I believe that self absorption leads to an incredible state of emotional vulnerability of the flight or flight reaction kicks in when you're totally self absorbed.

The world becomes a threatening place and you deal with either through bravado, aggression, or flight, and I believe that the cutting phenomenon is a logical reaction on the part of young children to the high self-esteem culture that we have created for them over the past 40 to 50 years and you we've seen the rise of the Internet Wi-Fi technology that has really served to be a wedge between many relationships peasant technology to a large degree separated us yet separated us. It's allowed us to its allowed young people to continue to stay wrapped in their own little personal bubbles. If you watch them in groups. One of the things that strikes me another people my age is that they'll be five teenagers standing around in the group and they won't be talking to each other. They'll all be looking at her phones, texting, and so on so forth. Are you watch them in any public place. They're not talking and I think this is so detrimental to the spiritual health of the individual to two to be able to remain the little boy of the little girl in a bubble all of their lives. All their childhoods unit in the time that we got left. Let let's talk about.

I know that some will that there's three things I like to do. I want to give some hope to parents especially met a young parents that you know our thinking your what kind of world. Am I bringing my kids into and how are they can navigate that I want your thoughts on the Orlando shooting which in addition, shooting it at a gay bar which comes after weeks and weeks and weeks of debate over transgender. So let me just throw this out is there is there hope in your view of recovering culture where gender norms are defined and recognized boys are boys girls are girls. You fall in love.

Boy meets girl, boy gets married and two girls. It seems like we've just so lost any sense of moral boundaries, gender lines, is there any hope of recovery in your mind the moral relativism that the serpent introduced into the world, and the garden has been growing in strength ever cents for the last 5000 or so years.

It triumphed in America in the 1960s and we have been a postmodern, morally relativistic culture ever cents and the fact that we now believe in gender relativism is simply an extension of what has been growing for 5000 years and were triumphed in the 60s. I personally do not believe that we are going to recover in America that is unified in its point of view concerning anything I think we are fractured and I think we will remain fractured.

I think that Christians need to realize that we needed to solidify the Christian community in America, we need to we need to bring it into one body, one point of view.

One thought process etc. etc. etc. because this is our strength and our salvation until the until Jesus comes back in and saves us all Christian unity absolutely. I might, I tell my audiences the only the only people who have reason to hope our Christians the secularists the humanists the self-esteem us. The atheists are lost. Exactly. We know what Hg Wells wrote in the early 20th century of book a short history of the world and he said I got the quote in my computer he said as the 20th century began man will go from triumphed to try out then will usher in a veritable utopia now three decades later after two world wars, the ovens of Auschwitz, the rise of communism. His last book Hg Wells wrote a book called the mind at the end of its tether as it has that for pets in juxtaposition and he said Homo sapiens will not survive Homo sapiens. Mankind will destroy itself. Well, I mean, I, I, I, being a Christian. I don't believe that throughout believe we are we are destroying what everything the previous generations built and gifted to us and I think that we've been destroying it since the 60s, but like you said from his his naturalism.

There was no hope in that you run only in Christ, we really have hope knowing that's right, absolutely Alex, you and I know that we were going to talk a little bit about our land.I never wanted to. I don't know if you want to or not.

I do, how would you sort of coach parents to talk to the children about this in the news well as the break comes on. So you're listening to John Roseman Alex McFarlane sitting in on the grounds of the line of fire.

The way the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. These are very grateful.

Alex Carlin sitting introduction Brown today and wrote conflict was on dig for gold here John and I know you always bring it. How may parents talk to their kids about Orlando. I will here is my general rules of thumb concerning talking to children about just about anything and that is you. Tell children what they need to know when they need to know it. The operative word. Obviously, being needed so how should parents talk to a child about what happened in Orlando.

It depends on the child's age, the child's maturity the child's intelligence the child's also a general state of emotional strength or vulnerability.

And so I don't think that there is 1 General Way of saying to children. This is what happened in Orlando.

In fact, I think Alex that there are some children who should not be told what happened in Orlando and if they ask what happened in Orlando because they have seen something in through the media, or heard something at school or wherever. What happened in Orlando.

Mommy and daddy.

I think it's perfectly okay to say a terrible thing happened in Orlando and we prefer not to talk about terrible things like that here in our family. Suffice to say it was terrible.

It was evil and that's all you need to know then there are other children older more emotionally sturdy that you can go into a longer, more involved, and all: a fact-based, for lack of a better phrase! But again children tell children what they need to know when they need to know it and what about for Christian pears waving the gospel and to say look there. There is there Sanders evil. There is right absolutely and that there's a teachable moment in the news just about every days and their welder absolutely is and to draw your children away from the concerns of the everyday secular world into the gospel as often as possible. Then again, this is Deuteronomy chapter 6 verses six and seven is certainly a something parents should be doing what was talk about the that transgender is and which is so much in the news. How do you advise parents to talk to their kids about that asking the hard questions about that because your parenting experts. I know I'm supposed to know everything well again you tell children what they need to know when they need to know it of children come home with questions about trend transgender is him. I think it's acceptable at times to say they're very confused people in the world and there are adults who are confusing children about these issues, we know what about God created male and female he did not create male-female and 20 other things in between, and and so, as you just pointed out, this is a teachable moment it's it's a way of drawing children to the original creation story in Genesis 1 and two and talking about what that means that what that meant. What that means. Through all historical time and to to let children know that it doesn't matter. Sometimes what a lot of people think that what matters is only what God says is the truth.

A man John, did you see in the news last week. The organ judge that ruled a woman doesn't have to identify as a female, but she can choose quote a non-binary gender designation into binaries to male and female on the legal I'm doing talk about the legal implications of that because case law unit sets precedent but giving your response to a society that we make up all the suffixes now of you note, trend squared gender queer. It's not just male and female where you see this going in. Is there any hope of of a return to normalcy about gender.

No, I'm not in the secular world.

I do not believe that there is any hope of return for them and so this is another reason why we Christians have to come together we have to come together on the on the critical issues of our day and this is one of them and what I think about the says this is just a replay of Genesis chapter 11. The Tower of Babel story in modern times and that story was all about the arrogance of human beings, believing that they were capable of. Of of establishing a relationship, how should I put this, of of achieving a position for themselves and creation that they had no right to whatsoever and that they were the deciders.

They were the determiners and I think that this is what this is all about Alex this you know I was talking with a 17-year-old girl who insisted that she was a boy and she said to me that whether you're a boy or girl is not a matter of biology is not a matter of what's your body looks like her is composed of. It's a matter of how you think and I said well then the same must be true species.

So if you claim to be a boy and claim that that is correct, then it is perfectly valid for someone else to claim that he or she is the squirrel or a dolphin and that would have to be equally correct.

Would it not be and she insisted that that was a different thing. No no no no no that's a different thing. And I said to her, no child if gender is fluid than all biology is fluid so we can jump Phila Cantley oh we can do that we can become plants, trees, you dinner. Interestingly enough, this is true.

I mean this is that sounds like something we might make up was a thing about people who identify as dogs and they get in touch with their inner puppy. There was a gentleman and I believe Canada who claim to be a dog yet yeah I'm either their articles and that people individually and in groups think they get together to live out their puppy hood know what we need to understand Alex is that truth is very very threatening to these people and they are going to do everything they can politically to repress the truth and that means they are going to do everything they can to silence us because we are the biggest threat there is to them and they know deep down inside that we are telling the truth, and nothing you think so really yeah and I did when I say deep down inside at a subliminal level.

I'm convinced they know were telling the truth that there what's written on their hearts is the same as what's written on ours.

They can't escape that I was doing the Q&A at a Methodist and of course, session moral issues like happy kids in the front row as I spoke to jot your joy. Thank you for being on welcome to the line of fire mikes Dr. Alex McFarland it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown want to fire Dr. Michael Brown Alex McFarland sitting in guest hosting. I will go to hear from Abraham Hamilton, the third in just a moment.

He is an attorney with the American family Association and recently met with the board members of target now resume or may not know the American family Association has a target boycott because target has really been playing into the hands of that the transgender lobby and out near American family Association said hey you know let's protect children and little girls little boys. Let's let's keep the bathrooms male and female, and of course target has really pushed back against that and as a result, there are more than 1.3 million people that have signed the pledge did not spend their discretionary dollars at target in order to talk with Abraham Hamilton about that and will get here from the his experience with the board members of target. Just a week ago, but let me digress for just a moment and I was a couple of things.

One, I'm very very thankful to Dr. Brown for allowing me to be on the program today.

I it's really an honor. I am an evangelist at heart I'm a Christian apologist, and if you don't know what apologetics is it's the evidence for Christianity. Christianity is under attack these days and apologetics is the. The evidence why we believe what we believe now worldview is what we believe apologetics is why we believe it. I travel the country. I speak write books that a brand-new book out call stand strong America.

But one of the things I give you a little vignette. If I can, and it's a good segue for attorney Hamilton in a moment, but a lot of people even Christian people will say well if you stand up for traditional morality. If you talk about male and female. If you defend traditional marriage that would violate the First Amendment.

And please listen very carefully. The first amendment has been hijacked basically to imply that we are a thoroughly secular nation and in in defending morality in no way does that mean that we can't stand up for moral truth stating would you come back and will talk about this further. Hey Frank this is Michael Brown I would encourage you to join our support team today become a torchbearer.

One of our regular monthly support that enables us to broadcast a lot of fire in America and around the world and every month. So back any many different ways join our team become a torch for ASA are Brown click on donate file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown that fire.

The doctor show Alex will and your guest host day and folks you don't want to miss the voice that you got here because in the next few moments were going to have a conversation with Abraham Hamilton, the third, he is public policy analyst for the American family Association. He is an attorney.

He's a thought leader in Christian worldview and the moral issues that were facing a member of the Louisiana State Bar and just so many of the things I could say but attorney Hamilton. We are very honored to have you on the line of fire and thank you for your time. The problem is a pleasure to be here in its honor to be on the line of fire for sure well and you know you and I are colleagues within the American family Association. It's been our privilege to know each other a few months. Your your kind of new to the team there and tell me what all you do with AF. I am new I am the public policy analyst for AFA so it includes. I'm also spokesperson for AFA so includes not a lot of interviews, television, radio, analyzing there's policy nationwide. For example, House Bill two and a North Carolina which is now law as well as House Bill 1523 in the state of Mississippi and other policy nationwide, how they affect the nation as a whole. How the effect of church and as well as to try to provide a baseline consideration for Christians across the country to be engaged in a culture well and you know one of the things that were going to talk about is your recent visit with the administration of target. Now the American family Association has a boycott going on of target because of their support for the transgender agenda and and I want to talk about that but for those just tuning in, were talking with Abraham Hamilton the third. He is a public policy analyst with American family Association and a let me ask you this. Why should. Why should people care about what corporation like Target is doing with the way they label the bathrooms in their stores. Why should this be of interest to Americans absolutely such a twofold reason.

First and foremost not policies. Foremost, but I'll say 8.8 not wanting to attempt hierarchy priority to point a NaturallySpeaking targets policy is dangerous. It allows for biological men to get access to women's restrooms and dressing change room facility so as not just in the restroom but also in the changing rooms. Men who don't have to do or say anything they can just access the facilities.

I have a background in criminal law and there are more sexual predators in America.

Then there are transgendered individuals. Specifically, they are more registered sex offenders, and there are transgendered individuals. That is an amazing reality because they affect American family Association's position is that targets policy would allow predators to use the cloak of the policy to gain access to create more victims. We've always said that our concern is not the transgender community are concerned are the predators would take advantage of the policy to create new victims and additionally what I think is a far more salient point is that I believe that the very reality of the gospel is at risk because the Scripture teaches us that God made them both to be male and female that comes from Genesis 1 and two foundation only. But if men continually are able to communicate. There's nothing unique or distinct distinct about manhood and womanhood back and that literally is an attack on the authority of Scripture. One of Genesis 1 and two can be called into question, then so can Genesis 30 which is where we get the entrance of sin into the world which produces death and the only remedy for sin is Jesus Christ sin and its and its consequent death of Genesis 1 and two as it pertains to manhood and womanhood and marriage will no longer applicable. And why should anyone believe in Genesis 3 and if Genesis 3 is no longer applicable.

And why should anyone receive Jesus while that that's really powerful and I want to talk about that I want to talk about the gospel. The implications for the gospel because it is as you know, one of the things that we've witnessed in recent years is what I what I call a radical egalitarianism where from the from the root word equal weren't there are no differences and this is really kind of an enforced egalitarianism, where no distinctions between male and female will be recognized in my correct you absolutely right and the Lord is so specific in Scripture and said that he is entrusted his image into the authentic and distinct distinct display of authentic masculinity and femininity, so any attack on the distinction between manhood and womanhood really is an attack on the very image of God as he is chosen to display it in the created universe what what when you sat down with target and I know there's a there's a story online folks. I would urge you to Google on one news now wire service basically targets management stockholder said to you, the attorney representing AFA.

Basically hate nice talking to you. We don't care have is that right that that that is that is the translation of what they said so I can tell you and gaining access to the shareholders meeting at spend time praying in it and I asked the Lord to guide me and I know that target anticipated me kinda getting on a moral soapbox, maybe even preaching is something shareholders meeting, but I think the Lord gave me guidance as to how to go about communicating in a way that would resonate with the shareholders, and so the question I asked specifically to target CEO and chairman of the board Brian Cornell was did target conduct any cost-benefit analysis prior to announcing this misguided bathroom policy and I told them as you know, over 1.3 million people have agreed to boycott your stores over did you conduct cost-benefit analysis before announcing. Surely the shareholders want to know this information right what what was the end of the answer was a nonanswer Brian Cornell went about providing a politically rehearsed.

Oh by the way, you know, we believe any in diversity. We believe in inclusion. We believe making our stored a welcome place for all who would come here and I said okay but to be clear, are you telling us the shareholders here that you did not conduct a cost-benefit analysis. He then punted to question two Kathryn Smith, executive VP and CFO and she basically provided a similar nonanswer. She said, rest assured that we looked at everything and from what we see, there has been look at is that there has been no material impact when that was my question my question was did they conduct a cost-benefit analysis before hand exactly exactly and and the answers. Of course they did not answer the know and they tried to sit me down and interestingly, there are the shareholders in the room who came up to me after the same attempt with her to question. We also heard that he didn't answer the question what and and let let me just said there has been huge material impact hasn't their absolute what is been the impact on their stock value the stock value has dropped nearly 20% that they announce this misguided policy on April 19 now to be fair, the retail businesses in a state of crisis because Amazon is doing so well. However, you have competitors like Walmart was up 2% and Costco who was down but just about a percent, whereas target stock is down nearly 20%.

You know and mean that is a discernible decrease to the value of over $10 billion drop in in stock price and even more so than than just the general vacillation's and vicissitudes of the economy up and down to me that that is a market, a market change that I think is directly attributable to the boycott. Yes, absolutely, and at think you have to be ignorant blinded to straight up deceitful to not acknowledge that reality but think their communication from the very onset of the meeting is that their commitment to diversity and inclusion is based on their feelings basically and they said in a not so many words we know what you hear for Abraham Hamilton, the third we know what the American family Association stance.

What we know with those 1.3 million people petitioning the boycott for but we don't care we going to do this anyway.

Folks, though the website for the boycott and I urge you to sign this is and II guess if you Google you will find it on the side I would implore everyone listening to sign the boycott.

You might not be a Christian, even. But you ought to care about America having a moral foundation because it here's one thing if we can throw out sexual ethics. Why should we retain economic ethics. I mean if we if there are no moral boundaries no moral parameters that we have to recognize male and female interests as Fox news Todd Stern says you know God made it clear just by you know the the plumbing not to be scatological or too graphic here, but just male and female biologically are different, but even if you don't care about the gospel you should care about America having a moral foundation so Abe we've got to take a brief break.

I want you to get give a website that people can learn more about not only AFA but your role in AFA and will get. I want to come back for another segment with okay absolutely you go to You can access the boycott get any information you want to get on myself in the ministry they were doing at American family Association but it's critical that you join us in this stance because it supersedes politics.

This supersedes anything that normally prejudicial race race face. This is common sense reality we all have states in the line of fire around his back break in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown line of fire.

Alex talked with Abraham third and Attorney public policy analyst for the American family Association Abe what I'd like to do. We've only got a couple minutes I hear talk about the difference between morality and religion because as as we talk about the gospel and we understand that the blurring of gender lines really does make it harder to share the gospel but somebody might say will hey I'm not a Christian, you know, I don't care about the gospel. Let's talk about just the belief and morality that was sort of, that the predicate on which the founders built our nation and wrote the declaration and Constitution wise morality important morality is critically important because without having a a baseline for morality, we really have no means of engaging in civilized society asset this way. Some people say what what you can't legislate morality. Yes it well that's a ridiculous statement because all law is a fundamental morality determination in it.

We criminalize theft based on morality, you know, we criminalize murder based on morality does or moral judgments that are made. If a society Genesis jettison morality, we simultaneously invite chaos. There is no stability there is no maintaining or any semblance of order without morality. So even those who may not have a particular adherence to the Christian gospel. They certainly can understand the notions and the need for morality. A perfect example is Maia Dillard Smith, the former director of the ACLU in the state of Georgia.

This is a person who was got her undergraduate degree from Berkeley master degree from Harvard, who worked at the Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals and is out really a self-described radical progressive person committed to electing Democrat women all over the country, you know, but she objected to the ACLU support of the transgender restrooms and why did she object what she had an experience in California with her own too little elementary school-age daughters. She went into a restroom and was followed by three men, three men with deep voices all over 6 feet tall. She reported herself, her children, her daughters were immediately frightened and left that restroom kneeling, needling her with all types of questions that in her own words, she was unprepared to answer. So as a result, she found herself as she says, principally in philosophically no longer aligned with the ACLU because of their advocacy and support for transgender bathroom issues. This is an example of a person is not necessarily a a political conservative, but who understands the fundamental necessity morality sure in the jeopardize in the jeopardy that her own children are placed in when put in a restroom in a closed space was she's the only other adult in the room with three biological minute or two little daughters and folks we have to speak in the. The only language that corporate America really understands and that's dollars and cents and you might not think it would make a big difference, but it will make a difference. AFA is there at about 1.3, or 4 million signatures were trying to get it to 2 million to try and to say to target and to corporate America look we citizens. There are some things that were were willing to fight for their some things that we are willing to really really invest in, and that is the moral foundation that has been America's sustenance for 240 years. Abe, I would time fleets away. We've got to get you back on some topic in any final thoughts about just where we are in the culture war, and in any ray of hope you can give people like myself that that love God and country, absolutely. So I've inevitably read a place and it said this in the water earlier at the culmination of acts chapter 678. You know the Lord instructed the apostles to respond to the great commission, you find that they really didn't leave Jerusalem until after Stephen stoning. It was the persecution that really led ultimately to the facilitation of the great commission and I believe this moment we are in today is not synonymous, but equal, but not not equivalent but similar in that you know they've been encroachments on biblical morality all throughout America's history. But now the agenda is turning to face our children. We have the president saying that schools will be forced to allow boys and the girls were restroom Corporations telling us that unless we agree that men should be allowed in women's restrooms. We are bigots and and and you know racist homophobes you know and we recognize that this is now trending on the safety of our children. I believe that pressing focus could cause us to respond in a way that other issues have not cause us to respond and in the hope that I have is from thinking. Chapter 61 of many sources. But when the Syrian army was encroaching upon Elisha and the servant woke and saw the great courts that they were facing.

He was frightened. He was startled. He was he was almost catatonic in fear when the Lord when Elisha said to him there more for sin against us. And he said Lola open this boys and I believe when a similar moment because we are standing on the right side that if would find itself not just maneuvering in human ingenuity, but recognize that we have a host that supersedes what we see with our eyes, and that the Lord would open our eyes will recognize there more forest and there against us. While that that is so inspiring you know I was on a conference call the other day with George Barna and some Christian leaders and you know, even still nowadays we hear so much about that the shrinking of the evangelical world, but they estimate and these are these are conservative estimates there somewhere between 65 and 100 million adult Christians in and I don't mean nominal I mean people that really have a relationship with Christ, 65, 200 million Americans in a what what could be the outcome if if even a fraction of that demographic would say you know what I'm going to speak up. I'm going to stand up. I'm going to defend truth in our culture, what, what would that do I believe we have a moment right now.

What where the Lord has given us similar to David when he faced Goliath. You know when when David faced Goliath the Lord so moved on his heart. He never acknowledged that he faced the giant you never find in Scripture to David. Rick recognizes Gladys giant agencies is in him as an uncircumcised Philistine who dared defy the armies of the Lord of hosts, while what ended up happening in Israel want Goliath's head started rolling.

Israel became a nation of giant slayers and I believe that if a fraction of that, 65, 200 million Americans stand up here on this moment with target. For example, and the world sees how target falls use the other guys begin to fall last thing I'll say is, there was once a time and I suddenly green Houston, Texas. My office is right down the street from us baseball stadium called Enron field.

There was a time when no one thought Enron could ever be stopped as a corporation. Today, there no longer in business.

Enron's field is now Minute Maid Park while so I say that to say, just as in David's case, just as in David's day giants can still fall today. God bless you, Abraham Hamilton, the third from the American family Association of the website. Again, AF sign that boycotts speak.

Make your voice heard. Let target know that you care about morality and if were willing to link arms and speak with a unified voice we can make a difference. Abe, my brother, colleague and friend.

Thank you for being on the line of fire. Thank you so much for having me Alex and and is such a blessing to be with audience hear the modify. God bless you all got a break Alex McFarland here.

The line of fire with Mike Brown stated that this it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 8664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown hello Harlan here sitting around his traveling to Australia. I'm very honored to sit in for two days and we appreciate his ministry and we appreciate your unity to spend some time with everyone listening, talking about very important issues in the news and culture and I'm so honored right now to bring to the mic just one of the great leaders in the world, certainly for the last 33 and half decades, along with names like Billy Graham and Chuck Colson right up there alongside those great leaders has been Dr. James Dobson and he's a best-selling author. He was for number of years on the staff of the University of Southern California school of medicine and then famously has been a consultant with presidents, world leaders and has touched not only the Christian world. But just America in general. In so many ways and we are so grateful for Dr. Dobson being on and working to hear about what he's doing with family talk in his radio and all of his ministries and there were going to talk about the news of the day so Dr. Dobson thank you so much for making time to be on the line of fire. Well Dr. McFarlane it's a pleasure to be on program with you and give my regards to Dr. Brown. Well, I shall II really appreciate that. And please convey our love in regards to Shirley and your dear family, so bring us up to speed. How's the ministry doing house family talk and all that you're involved in well yeah the Lord is really blessing family talk. It really been a pleasure and I told somebody this morning.

I'm having the time my life and not that's not all bad. The ministry is now heard on 1300 station and were doing everything we can to undergird and strengthen family very grateful for the opportunity to serve shirts now you're not it's Focus on the Family the egrets family talk. The website is my family I believe it is I am a right on that website that that's correct know I'm no longer focus than I haven't been for six years really anxious for the world find out that I didn't retire and that I am still alive and kicking.

We have our own ministry at six years ago I was asked to leave the ministry and I did so after 33 years at that wonderful organization. The rumor is that I retired at one of the talking points that you hear. But it isn't true. I started family talk. The very next day after my tenure at Focus on the Family ended that the Lord has he had a hand in my back alley. He was saying to me that the job is just not done yet.

The family will losing ground and in great condition and that I wanted to continue to do what you can to help. So here I will. God bless you and you know there's there's an anointing on your life and so I thank God that at a time when lesser men might've a you know gone to the beach and sort of hung it up your you're out there preaching the gospel defending the faith defending the family and being used to touch the world. I commend you well I I love people I love trying to help families have been dedicated that some friend of mine told me the other day that when I was a junior in college, I said the family is in trouble and we should do what we could to help and I was 20 years old at the time so I've been at this a long time and as long as the Lord can use me. I'm available well your amazing brother and I want to send everyone listening.

It is been my privilege to be at the offices of family talk the number of times it is a rising ministry. It's a beehive of activity, and will say more about that. We got a break. Folks don't know why the line of fire is coming right back with our very special guest Dr. James Dobson and Michael Brown along with messianic Jewish pastor Scott developed unique behind the scenes tour of Israel February 23 through my sixth 2017 is limited so accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis. For more information on the chip and to secure your spot, please visit our and click on the Israel tour banner color office at 704782370 line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown Alex McFarland here sitting in Dr. Brown very honored to have on the conduct.

Dobson of family talk on his website. Dr. James and that Dr. Dobson I want this much I want to talk with you about and I appreciate you sharing about all the exciting things that family talk now you're your dear wife Shirley. She is still with national day of prayer.

She's been the chair for number of years.

I know well been chair of the national day of prayer for 25 years, Alex and Porter life into it and in the month of May at the national day of prayer occurred actually make and make Shirley took dedication to reside, so he stepped down from that responsibility. After more than two decades and she asked him Graham. Lots to succeed or and that is what is happening now.

I'm very proud of Shirley did a wonderful job.

There were this year 47,000 prayer events in the United States alone and in 97 other countries so what is really blaster and used her will. Praise God in a what a testimony and how God has used her non-I'm excited to hear that engram lots will be succeeding her. That's it. That's a great choice, but is about family talk and in Dr. Dobson what resources you and your team are producing to help families well. I've written two books for the family except I left Focus on the Family and the first is bringing up girls knitted companies bringing up boys. I think I've written about 35 books now and most recent is called your legacy the greatest gift and it has to do with wetting your children to to Christ, which I consider to be job one and parenting. If you don't get that job done and if they die and unrepentant date then you will never see him again. Have. How's that, put it in perspective that you know we really have all the other things were trying to do are living in things related to our health than all of vacations in all things we get excited about nothing comes close to that job of getting your children into the hands of Christ, and so that book your legacy I consider to be the centerpiece of all of my books because they've all pointed in that direction. This time I got it. Wow, that that is so powerful and so true because if we miss Jesus we've missed everything heavenly true for all of us but if you look at what the scriptures have to say about parenting over and over again. We are commanded as it says in Deuteronomy 6. And yeah you might recall that the children of Israel had come out of Egypt and had them at cross through the wilderness. Most of them died on the in the process, and in fact, Moses was getting ready to go to heaven himself and the Lord. It Artie told him he was going to die so that was his last speech to the children of Israel and you don't you're not frivolous about your last words that you say the most important thing when that occurs, so the book of Deuteronomy is his last speech to the people that he had led. They were getting ready to go into the promised land. He was warning them, warning them about what they needed to do when they got there not forget that the Lord Jehovah and so he started his speech on that occasion by talking to the people about their children. Deuteronomy 6 says that when you get up in the morning when you live down when you go for a walk will you write it on your door post of your house. You put it on your dear forehead and on your wrist in.

In other words you talk about the Lord all day long so that your children have this heritage. They remember they know who the Lord God is they know what he has done in the life of your family and that you simply must give that priority and at the end of that comment he says this is the command I command you this day to do it so that the responsibility that we have and it is why I feel so strongly about this book well said well said well there's so much in the news nowadays that really provides a teachable moment for for Christian parents just about every day in Dr. Dobson's you and I do this broadcast that the world is reeling from the shootings in Orlando and how would you talk to parents about how they would discuss this with their children. Well Alex it's on everybody's mind today. What happened down in Florida and I keep thinking about the Christian mother and father who lost a son or daughter, and that tragic event, they were murdered in some of those Christian parents didn't know.

I'm sure there are 50 of family didn't know that their son or daughter were into the gay and lesbian lifestyle and they learned about both shocking stories of bits of news. At the same time that my heart goes out to them and all families who lost somebody in that death last Sunday that terrible day.

It is just tragic on so many levels is it really is.

The trouble is there's more to come I haven't heard anybody say we can stop this.

I just don't believe it's possible, but because you know when when a country forget to God and began to move away from the Scriptures and the things that we were warned about until you can't hire enough policemen enough FBI agents and enough military to protect you, but because that the whole country is infected by what's taking on taking place today and we really do need to be praying for revival in this country because that's the only thing that'll bring us back from the brink will Dr. Dobson what was happening in America, things like Florida. I agree we would brace ourselves because it's just becoming an almost daily occurrence and that it just seems like we're were lost at sea and don't know any way back what's what's your analysis of the America of 2016. Well I think what I was just saying that I get very close to it there if you did look at the things that are taking place late transgender issue. There little children are being taught to choose whether they want to be a boy or girl and then what the president said when he virtually ordered all of the school officials in the country that all public school to open those bathroom doors for boys and girls and then the locker rooms and showers mean that almost takes my breath away. Now that it it is wrong and evil and harmful to our children but because it is it it is that evidence of thickness of wickedness in the country that was not here yet, all the world I grew up in much different in the world today is gone much farther in the moral decline in the world in which I was born in many of the people are listening to this program today and we really do need to be in prayer, but because there is no other way. No other answer to it. What will a voice of moral and spiritual clarity want come from anywhere, but within the church will of course not, of course not, and many people are hungry for their waiting to hear some good news in the word gospel means good news.

Have it. It been given to us in it precious and we need to share that word with our fellow man fellow woman that's out there and we need to elect officials who will like to say we don't have Dr. Dobson got a break stating close the line of fire with Dr. James Dobson do not go away will be right back. It's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Allison Farland here so wanted to be sitting in for Dr. Michael Brown so honored to be speaking with Dr. James Dobson.

His website Dr. James I encourage everyone listening. Just Google my family talk you can hear Dr. Dobson throughout North America. On the radio. Incredible books resources that gotta an app for mobile devices. That's just tremendous. You can search his great library of content he is creating Dr. James and Dr. Dobson.

Thank you for holding.

We truly appreciate your time and we don't have a lot that touches about the election and let me lick you this up by saying this, I want your thoughts on the political landscape in the election coming up, but I was on a phone call with Tom George Barna on a number of leaders a couple of weeks ago when research indicates pastors are speaking out about political and moral issues less than they've done in about 10 or 15 years and I believe pastors have been entrusted with a great platform.

I know you've used your platform to courageously speak for righteousness.

What you see the role of pastors and leaders in this political season. How incumbent is it on us to speak about these issues and just give us your take. Well, Alex, first of all let me thank you for having me on for this this program. Man my friendship with you, have known you for a long time used to work for me a long time ago so we go way back. I am very concerned about what's happening to our country and the church is the whole of the future and I just am discouraged by what you just reported that there saying pastors are afraid to speak up there. There intimidated. Apparently don't want to be accused of being partisan or what have you left and if we don't have the church where world of hurt. We've we've got to have men and women of faith who will stand up and call them by name and will speak for righteousness and the culture.

I don't know if this next election is going to satisfy that need not I would like to tell you if you don't already know, because been in a lot of newspapers and news media, but I'm going next week to New York City to participate with that more than a thousand people in a conversation with Donald Trump and the purpose is not to endorse him is to clarify what he bans for what he believes and that was what he will do as president and we've asked people not to come if they've Artie decided not to vote already have decided not to vote for… But you're still questioning what to do.

That is the place that it's too late if it's filled to capacity, and that the Marriott Hotel in Washington, in New York City. One of the these spokesman for that event and I would really appreciate prayers that we will accomplish what we came there to do it if it's not there to endorse Donald Trump.

What is it for is a conversation. It is not an argument is not to stand up and scream it just to talk together and it's made up of evangelicals and even local correct Catholic who want to come together to answer the question what do I do in November well and and I'll be there and I encourage people to pray for that and you know I encourage people to pray for the candidates. You know, I can honestly say I pray for Hillary Clinton. I I've prayed for Pres. Obama.

I'm praying for Mr. Tromp, don't you think the church needs to really harness this power of intercession and do more praying, then perhaps we've ever ever done that before.

Alex is no other answer coming.

We don't have the solutions to the problems that we face as a nation were at war in the middle he coming to our shores and that there may be some hard times that are around the core for us. We got to get on our knees before the Lord and ask him to lead and guide and and to let his voice be heard no and I asked for the ministers of the country to that they'll have the courage to stand up for righteousness, for the unborn child, which killed 55 million of them, and now I year ago we completely redefine the institution of marriage, and I never thought that well, I've prayed. I did think it would happen a long time ago and I said so, but many people were shocked by that and and then you know what's at stake is Supreme Court and all of the judiciary including the appellate courts in the District Court. There's no check and balance on the down the judiciary do what they will do and that that could virtually destroy this nation. If it comes to pass.

Well, so that we have a lot to pray about what we do and you know Dr. Dobson.

I speak for millions of listeners. When I just want to say thank you you have been at the very forefront proclaiming truth winning the lost equipping the saved for a long time in your I believe your you're doing your best work right now family talk and I'm give us that website again for family talk and how they can find their station with your program and in their city that my colleague Dr. James yes and airway are also on Facebook. We have 3.8 million people following us on Facebook so content there that's available to people 3 million+ on Facebook Dr. Dobson.

The time is just about out. Thank you so much we love you. We thank God for you and you just keep on keeping on, your great friend and brother I give my regards to your family and come see us again. Yes sir yes sir folks on the line of fire. You've been listening to Dr. James Dobson, a family talk. He's amazing. I encourage you to read his books, listen to his radio show and support his ministry and then do what you can do to be a voice of truth in this culture, you know everything Dr. Dobson said is true that we need a revival. We need an awakening and it's not going to come from anywhere, but within the family of God, not listen carefully, my friends, in John 17 verse 21 Christ to spring his high priestly prayer he's on his way to the cross and he prays in verse 21 he says father that they all may be one O in a one that the world may believe that was sent there is power in unity folks will never get a perfect candidate, but we gotta do what we can do to those to persuade to speak up and to prevent evil so with you on the line of fire

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