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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 22, 2020 4:20 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The questions we got answers phone lines are open stock line of fire with your host activist national speaker and below Dr. Michael Brown cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH is Dr. Michael Brown test on the fire. This is Michael Brown delighted to be with you. You got questions, we've got answers if we don't have will do our best to get them for you. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 77884 the number to call anything of of any kind that relates in any way to areas of expertise that we have ways that we can be of help to great if you want me to discuss the digestive system of the worm. Sorry not my area of specialty, or the digestive system of the mole for that matter of the front or any being is not my specialty fee if you want to discuss with me the history of Western China.

Sorry can't help either. But many things we can help. By all means give us a call 866-34-TRUTH and let's see our phone lines are ringing rapidly and we will get to everybody soon as we can. Okay on yesterday's broadcast.

I said that I was going to give a quick update on what's happening with God TV in Hebrew in Israel and if you haven't been following what's been going on, just check my website Esther to look at recent videos, articles that address this, but right now everything is being deliberated by the Israeli government from our vantage point. All documents are in order. They are kosher or cost share roots in modern Hebrew. They are in proper order.

Everything is being done in explicit explicit harmony with the laws nothing deceitful and there is absolutely no reason why the channel should be shut down a Hebrew speaking channel sharing the good news of the Messiah in Israel, nothing coercive about it is flip it on if you want. Don't flip it on if you don't want and about 70% of the content is being produced by local Israeli messianic use. So it's created a firestorm of controversy and a whole lot of reasons for that, but just pray for God to open doors that no one can shut. In the meantime, we are having open doors to share our faith and interact in ways that are unprecedented, so all for the good. Despite a lot of the pressure and negative publicity all for the good terms of we can further share our faith in an open and honest way, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Oklahoma Eugene, welcome to the line of fire acting background. Thank you for having me on his monitor. Thank you. Get there so I did have a quick question regarding apartment. I was raised in a condition identify an environment where adopting goalie and struggled with ADHD thought affected me socially and basically not having a lot of rain and on notice.

Basically, literal interaction and when interaction with their with a very healthy digit kind of further expose the fact that I didn't really know how to communicate and it destroyed but self-confident thing God set me free from the much of that is a vision I had when I was stationed in South Korea through Psalms 139 and even spoken at the meeting, but one thing I do kinda struggle with today. There is competent like like I don't see myself there is no heavy load being I know that there's nothing wrong with me at the person by having the variant in communicating with my peers. I find it difficult to be confident, because I actually don't know how I was told to just go out there experience life and you will gain the bill gained the understanding of how to do the basic think I'm just wondering. Dr. Brown I have every reason to be confident regarding spiritual matters. I study the word of God, the got the spirit of God. He didn't mean for how I be confident when it comes to something as simple like it might sound silly, but you know talking to a girl I might interested or are trying to make friends. I don't really have that type of conflict and wondering how can I find companies rooted in Scripture that will help with that right so first thing is you have to just consistently daily to putting your life in God's hands, reminding yourself and reminding him that he's your confidence and peace, your strength that he's the one you're trusting that you know your weakness, your deficiency and just Lord help me to be the man you want me to be helping to be kind tell me to be compassionate. Help me to be strong in my faith, pray over that the godly qualities that would would make you a good friend of someone that would would make you someone that that your future wife would be interested in all its prey, Christlike qualities over yourself. Pray for you know go through passages like first Corinthians 13 and Colossians 3. Your second Peter one where there are lists of things qualities of love are qualities of godliness and and I would pray over many of these passages daily for months and months and months, especially as a new believer so you are pray for that more than anything. That's the first thing this the second thing is yes you do have to go out and start being around people but what you do if you don't feel at ease, then that's part of who you are. In other words, you tell someone boy, I met with a confident relationship site Vista don't get to hang out a lot. You know I fight at and that's part of who you are, which now people begin to interact with an end and begin to begin to like you in that way and then introit you out and then over time you you you develop confidence in those areas that you have to compete with somebody.

Maybe you'll never be the social butterfly that lights up the whole room or the one that just loves meeting new people all the time. If you have a smaller circle of relations with those community relations song we concentrate on being godly, being Christlike, praying into that. I read through Proverbs a lot, you know, just in terms of wisdom and things you know it's better to wait and speak than blurt things out. Then just be honest you know boy I've just never really got to direct this way are indolent and and it is part of who you are intramuscular real friend will will draw that out and and strengthen that relationship. May the Lord bless you and give you the confidence you need. Thank you for the call 86634 to write an anonymous call welcome to the line of fire.

Hi Dr. Brown, can you hear me okay yes I can my car. I am a Christian had been married here and are accurate or years, and he delivered me for a lot of different reasons that are related to being Orthodox and am a is not taking my call. There are technically not responding, and applicant now and it would be the local ground for divorce are what my options are and speak yeah. Obviously, you have to be sure before the Lord, that if any steps you take in this particular way, did you marry him, knowing he was an Orthodox Jew yet and he knew I went a Christian right. So how do you feel about that decision now. I feel perfectly fine with that. I believe it was the Lord that brought us together absolutely okay so in your mind that wasn't being unequally yoked with an unbeliever, not in the same way as a marrying nonbelieving Gentile got it yet so be candid with you. I would've counseled you want to be honest yes I pray I would've absolutely counseled against the marriage and said absolutely. It is light with darkness the matter how sweet or nice. The men may have been. She is fundamentally to the Corbis being rejecting Jesus as the Messiah and ultimately in his view, you are believing in a in a false Messiah even if he thinks it's okay for Gentiles.

Whatever drew you together the deepest issues, namely spiritual harmony weren't there so this was in that sense an accident waiting to happen barring miraculous intervention and him come to faith. This was an accident waiting to happen. Of what I would say is you should carefully study first Corinthians the seventh chapter that does speak of an unbeliever departing and the believer not being bound in that sense, which means bound to that marriage which case there is abandonment by the unbeliever and the potential of divorce.

The problem is you went into this with your eyes open when she made a covenant before God with your eyes open, knowing he was not a believer and thinking somehow because he was a religious Jew that it would be different. Of course it's sought member just in the New Testament, the fiercest opposition to the gospel with his fellow Jews opposing other Jews who believed so I would just encourage you to go before the Lord. Honestly, I would urge you to recognize that you did make a serious error going into this and now you're bearing the fruit of that. So to me there would have to be some repentance and asking God for forgiveness for making that decision didn't it is here, the children of God and in their. Those are not children of the children of God will be with him forever. And as we understand it is only those that come by way of of the Messiah Jesus issue of having done that is the release of the possibly divorce based on first Corinthians 7.

You'll have to really look at that carefully and think that's roots within the first 20 verses that that that Paul has the discussion, so may the Lord give you wisdom and grace. I don't say these things lightly.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it's important that that were honest in this way so meet me God work in your heart. May God bring your husband to saving faith in the his will be done in this consider hey thank you, thank you for calling and trusting us with such a difficult personal question and friends listing got a pretty mouth. There are prayer warriors is pray for this couple for God's will for God's best. Hey, before we get to the next call. Pres. Trump has issued a ruling that churches are essential houses of worship. Silly stuff is in churches essential.

He's calling on governors open them up. He said the governors need to do the right thing and allow these very important essential places of faith to open right now for this weekend. If they don't, I will override the governors now there should still be wisdom in terms of how things are done. Health issues should be evaluated depending on what place you are in and what the situation is where you are, so that should still be done. But as much as Pres. Trump can say and do a lot of things that bother me that grief me that even embarrass me when he does things like this reminds me of why voted for him because in many cases the governors, mayors are going too far and are not treating churches and other houses of worship fairly mother would still go open a jammer restaurant, not a church. Why makes sense, especially social distancing.

So Pres. very much like you because I file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown we go to market in Florida. So much for calling the line of fire. Hey, yeah, thank you for for Michael. I am allowed to question both cylinder to go ahead okay my dinner and take pictures that the Archangel Michael is another man portable. Whatever. But yet, the Bible, but in the Bible.

I found that when surveyed about that yet is not a stitch of evidence for Jehovah's Witnesses, teach that.

But Mike was clearly distinct from Jesus. Michael is not the creator. There is there is nothing even that associates them and and Michael is just like Gabriel and another exalted angel, but not to be worshiped not to be adored not to be bow down to so there is this not a stitch of of biblical evidence to support that at no point is Michael ever associated with Jesus.

At no point is Michael ever associated with creation.

At no point is Michael ever called God so it's it's a very serious error to be categorically rejected their Bible, Revelation 7 or 12 or 51L Michael Andrew stated that Elm Michael like to have it all and Michael cannot have. So it went. Where did they get that if you have organized is is Ephesians 612 tells you in the demonic and satanic heavenly realm that their principalities and powers that this is using organized forces where in the world that you even have a hint of that. Plus, in Revelation 12 Jesus is pictured in other ways. Jesus is pictured as a child and things like that is not pictured is an angel fighting in heaven shifted just it's absurd. It's it's beyond absurd really affect and eight and think and indicate worship the church? And I think that that's what I think yes or no, it is no that's that's something that should drive you write out the doors to be candid yet yeah they have been fitting about Daniel 814 work or unsuitable Elm or N for 2300 big thinkers shall be clean Elm. They think they should that be 300 date is one Jesus stepped into the hole, the most holy place in 1844 and found it think on absurd because it makes them that waited until eight and 44 to get the most holy place you set your exactly right this serious error. And like I said there that should get you out the doors and into a place that that preaches the gospel fully and and rightly and holds to biblical truth. Look, you know what happened. They really sought the end of the world's can happen.

Back then and when he didn't hear you had a come up with another explosion seems Jehovah's Witnesses that Jesus was coming in 1914, when that didn't happen after 12 1914 was actually this or actually that so when you step outside of it. Look at it yet you can see complete absurdity of it and again it says this is what happens with with cults or with groups that that mixer with truth are here esteem. Ellen White is a prophet not. I know Seventh-day Adventists that are that are born-again believers and that don't worship Michael and despite some of the error they are believers, but then for any others.

It's it's an erroneous call. So yes sir I would I would find the door and and get yourself into a place that preaches the gospel if if seventh day Sabbath is very important to you feel that that something from the Lord then then look for messianic congregation messengers congregation that will worship on the Sabbath, but will not have any of this other baggage hate God bless you man your thinking is 100% clear on this totally clear thank you. 86634 we go to Brandon in Texas.

Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Mark Brock and Eric yes I can hire girl I monogram my question is about and conduct ecology and the Jewish Temple being rebuilt in Jerusalem. I think that you believe that it is a literal temple that the Bible is speaking about parenting time, but I expect that I'm not dogmatic on it, but as far as I can tell that for prophecies to be fulfilled. There will be 1/3 temple that's built before the before Jesus returns okay and I that I Dr. Mary at one point where they were talking about the Jewish Temple would never actually on the deck rebuilt the city of David wasn't me promised me know what you know okay wasn't alive to my knowledge, to my knowledge, it is the Temple Mount. Now I'm not an expert on it, and others. I'm not an archaeologist, and that's not my primary field but I've never been persuaded by arguments that it's not the Temple Mount area. So how in the world are you going to build it Temple there in the presence of the Al-Aqsa mosque house I can happen. You can't. The woman have to be removed, which if that happened, we create a world war with Muslims so they burn Rosenberg idea and him believing in an Islamic antichrist that this theory is that this will be part of how the Islamic antichrist wins over the Jewish people and a narrow scene is this miracle piecework is to say you can you can demolish the mosque. Build your temple here in the house looking brokered peace with the most liberal summits is a plausible theory as as I don't have. I don't have a lot of theories in terms of how things go work out so Joel's theory is a plausible theory bunker. They got it.

You did hold the belief that it would build David out after that what it might take to get Rabbi to get on board vector. Theoretically they could start building immediately which would not be right yet I don't see it theoretically, you could say that the big issues are that there were many Orthodox rabbis, ultra-Orthodox rabbis who opposed the modern state of Israel and still do, and they for a number of reasons. One was that this is what the Messiah will do when he comes to regather the exiles and that to do this is to do something premature that will actually hinder the coming of Messiah will even stir up world anti-Semitism, etc. that's why some still opposed to the state. Plus this it would be a secular state that a Torbay state. So who needs that that would pollute the Jewish people so that's why they have those objections and some still have those objections to this day.

Now, in the same way many say okay we accept the state of Israel but the Messiah will build the temple and if we try to build the temple, then we are doing something premature and we are getting in the way of the Messiah and incurring God's anger so that that's a big reason that there is not an initiative to do it because it's believe that the mixologists of several we are helping speed the coming of the Messiah by getting the process going and that's that's the debate that the normal expectation is sellable and some even expect it will come down from heaven, there are some Jewish traditions to that effect. The most would think the Messiah will build to Brandon, thank you for the questions 866-34-TRUTH all right. I will have time for another question before the break, but we will be going to. Let's see Sid and Steven and Paul and James. Ladies remember the lines are open for ladies as well. 8663 freight 7884. Now some would say ladies they're not into light Bible studies Meijer apologetics is much in estimate on call as much or it could be. They know all the answers that need to call itself is another another angle to consider of what let's get started on the question I'll answer on this outbreak. Sid in Texas.

Let's let's hear your question and then I'll try to answer on the inside of the break.

Go forts are yes Dr. Brown I my question is, in their chapter 8 of the book of acts you talked about the Samaritans coming to faith there baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus, but that had received the rococo I was wondering why he did not receive the rococo if your staff tighten Lord Lord Shula I was baptized in that nondenominational church and also I have received this. So how come they didn't receive the spirit and had to wait for the elders to come down from Jerusalem to lay hands in light of call asked in acts 19 the believers (did you receive the spirit. When you believe my understanding sit in in keeping with Pentecostal theology is that the moment we are saved we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, but not empowered by the Spirit in terms of the baptism of the Spirit with supernatural empowerment to be witnesses.

Pentecostals understand this is subsequent to salvation. And this is one of the passages that we point to with the Samaritans were born again, so therefore the Holy Spirit indwelt and they were children of God, but they had not yet received the spirit. This was something manifest tangible either with tongs or prophecy or something that would make clear that they in fact had received the spirit and then when when Peter John laid hands on them. Simon the sorcerer actually sought wow you received the Spirit something actually happened. That would be in harmony with with Paul asking in in acts 19. Did you receive the spirit you believe or the believers with Cornelius in acts 10, that when they began to speak in tongues.

Peter say they've received the spirit baptized in the Spirit. How can we not baptize them in water others without Pentecost would say no. This is because the gospel is going to new places Samaria and and then Gentiles and those who been under John's baptism and has sealed an office so that salaries are saved understand are baptized by the Spirit into the body of Christ, indwelt by the Spirit baptism of the Spirit being immersed in the spirit filled empowered with the spirit of something subsequent to salvation error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown modified listening to our Friday edition are watching our Friday edition of some form taking it and you've got questions we get answers 866-34-TRUTH is the number to call just want to clarify something from a call that just came in before we get started here. It is possible. My belief is someone who is Pentecostal theology in terms of the leak in the baptism empowerment of the Holy Spirit that the moment you are saved your baptized in the spirit and empowered by the spirit. I believe in many cases. Most cases it is subsequent to salvation that some listen empowered by the spirit baptized in the spirit. But either way, the last thing I want to do is divide over that.

My issue is let us walk in the fullness of the powder spirit, regardless of why and how let us walk in the fullness of the powder spirit to glorify Jesus.

This is about his glory and for the edification of the body, 866-34-TRUTH and we start in Florida with Stephen.

Welcome to the line of fire and are you very very well extremely well. Thank you. Hey, I'm I'm calling you on my art and concern that I have read regarding sanctification and I believe they might be in error and some way by.

I mean, I might even be wrong. I need to state that point we got on the topic of spin and sanctification and how, through our lives.

God will continue to transform our end by the be more like him.

And as we go into the knowledge of word and not abide in him we are able to let David this or we from temptation easier. While there under the believe that they do believe in sanctification but by the time your older believer be made perfect person who doesn't then we made whole and they were beating me up first John chapter 3 and chapter 5 regarding that and what I was giving the life of Paul in basically everybody else to live but either until they died right as far as my knowledge new and so I'm with you and and I've never met any human being that that lived perfectly and in fact those that claim they do. The moment I press them a little bit lost her temper with me, but where first thing to push back is what is first on three say anything whatsoever about growing or maturing or being older and the faith doesn't simply that you cannot continue in sin because the seed of God remains in you, so what first John is saying that if you are truly a child of God, you will not live in persistent rebellious disobedience to God.

You can't because your boy good person, you have to walk away from the Lord in order to do that but these are ready established in first John, 019 and then first John 22212 that we might still city the rule of our lives is living for God and serving God, but he makes clear. First, on 19 that that if we confess our sins if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves. It's really verses eight through 10. Make that claim even Rebecca first on 17. If we if we have fellowship with God right then. Then we are walking in the light in the blood of Jesus is cleansing us from all sin that is continuous in the Greek that even as were walking in the light were not yet perfect.

And then if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and then listen first all night if we confess our sins in Greek. That is ongoing. This part of her regular relationship with God then then he is faithful and just to forgive us of sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Then chapter 2, verse one. If I write these things to you so that you may not sent but if you do we have an advocate with the father, Jesus the Messiah, the righteous one, so this is what we are told to grow were taught to grow, we are to pursue holiness. We are to cleanse ourselves from everything that that defiles flesh and spirit, we should grow in grace, we should look different today than we were at a different time in our lives. We should be more self-control the longer in the Lord. We should more be more compassionate, more Christlike, and on and on and on.

Yet roles can have battles. Rose can have temptation were in this world were in this flesh. Not until we are resurrected with glorified bodies out of this world.

Will we be perfectly sin free.

Dr. Brown might not. I also mentioned Allstate. I forgot.

Chapter that those who stated they do not have been helpful deceive them know that's first on one is for someone birch on one yeah yeah exactly is so John already laid that out so you can challenge your friends based on their reading of first John three essay will how is it you can send it all right now based on the diverse ways it's a growing maturing.

It doesn't doesn't so the principal is a truly born again person cannot live in in persistent sin and disobedience.

They can either have to repent and humble themselves before God or walk away from God. Right but the idea that we look we strive to be sinless every day. I don't sensing us into their like three times or 11 times or once know. I mean if you love the Lord, you don't think like that every day you want to please and honor him, but we fall short. So first John one verse seven through first John chapter 2 verse two demolishes the view to try to present. So then based on that.

What is John saying first on three and first John five, then that's what we have front of the other thing is, why does virtually every book in the New Testament all the letters what they will deal with sin of the camp and what is revelation. Keep doing the sin of the camp.

If we could reach perfection. And this will be strive for. That's our goal right with realities we still fall short. Thank God for the blood.

Hey, what I pray the Lord's prayer. What we pray for forgiveness of sin.

If we never sent that we don't justify similar minimize but we understand that we still fall short in this world, 86634 let us go to Paul in Ohio. Walking to the line of fire all.

Jeremy, are you speaking right into the phone not on speakerphone or Bluetooth all and there we go now that's better. Okay.

Dr. Michael Brown Campo Fort Worth starting up at Gemini act requested. The first question that are not under the first question.

The first question is if he if you have gone unnoticed or in part because some bum Americans with you the fact that the fact that not put the put actual in concentration And concentration camp during the Holocaust as a way to justify justification for for supporting the LGBT agenda because like you know I have a lot. I have a couple of friends who are of very all are rightfully against the LGBT agenda, but then they been attacked because they been called not cut like your note because Hitler and not to put the case in concentration camps during World War II. So how can you basically you are not not basically in there. I pretty much do not support LGBT agenda you could turn around and say you could turn around sexy your being the Nazi because Hitler opposed freedom of religion.

Your being the Nazi rights in light of the Lord wanted, although doing his name-calling, although doing his name-calling yet. So you just respond call you simply say who's putting you in concentration camps. Who is killing you. Nobody you're free to live your life.

Just don't push it on everybody else. Simple answer who's putting you in concentration camps, who's trying to kill you know what I'm still trying to figure out how repent our Christian mission on LGBT is him become obelisk because the Bible is explicit on marriage is the union of a man and a woman. Homosexual practice is always sinful in God's sight in every circumstance meant by this perfectly clear. So you so what I am not alone try to help but I'm not following. If you know what the Bible says and you know when I try to kill people put them in concentration camps.

So then what's the issue the world can accept her reasoning. The world is the world people gonna hate us and despises for viewpoints know the darkness is always good to hate the light in that respect. So many things that we believe are scorned and mocked by the world can convince them and pray for it, we just try to be good friends love people and when them to the Lord right right right okay thank you for answering the difference? Second question, the government's order. Okay so that that I found that a lot of Americans use the Holocaust.

You, you know, we used to Holocaust the arguably one of the most horrific event in world history and it disgusting how some people use that for their own agenda for crumpled what I just mentioned earlier how like from LGBT people. You, the Holocaust of the duct case and for posting the rights simple. What happens is we get into a lot of rhetoric and and we cheapen things for free. For example, if you voted for Donald Trump. People will call you a Nazi list listen, you may like present a trip, you may not.

You may disagree people who voted for him. You may agree to prohibit the rhetoric when any side uses these these types of terms and words that we we really cheapen the ugliness of of what happened you know it it it it be like your people today just if if you feel I'm trying to push your your views down that you you call me a slave trader or something like that and other things that were absently horrible that were wicked that run a certain scale in a certain level, that were so despicable that we have to be careful not to cheapen that sense of evil. So you're right Paul, we we can we can do that and in the key thing is listen.

Let let us not diminish the evil of the Hitler or the evil of the Holocaust by trivializing it, but we've done that widely we just throw these words around and it trivializes the evil that came before. Right. Thank you for the call 86634 of us on the break we will get to as many false it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us on the line of fiery let us dive right back to your calls James in Arkansas walking to the line of fire. Dr. Graham think my welcome quick way your clarity on. I know that obviously were not hundred 99 covenant, but I have the ultraliberal grant, but take that another that they basically didn't like fornication grokking that your etc. are. I like that people might be wrong word, but there basically think.

Don't worry about it were no longer under the finite cabinet and obviously they're taking that during guided by get your follow-up comment on that were not under object to the finite and no murder matter and the really quick follow-up like that you believe on the fourth commandment, Bart Babbitt, Brett delete still have Babbitt Brett in pride. So the second question second question because we've been asked that hundreds of times just go to my website and start to a skid. Your brother were just-Sabbath and you get teaching explanation our position on that right as as to the question, your friends, of they are in 100% error and completely in violation of of what the New Testament clearly says, for example, in first Corinthians 69 10 Palm explained that those who practice sexual sin. There's adultery is fornication is homosexual practice, but listed separately will not enter the kingdom of God and in Colossians 3, Paul says rid yourself of everything of the flesh die to what's on the list.

Sexual immorality, which is a separate word from from adultery and then in Ephesians chapter 5 star there. This also you need start reading Ephesians 5 in verse one, which tells us to to imitate the Lord there should be no hint that she doesn't even mention among us having to do with with uncleanness and explicitly again mentions sexual morality so the Greek word poi Naya which is referring to a sexual sin outside of wedlock and adultery is sexual sin within wedlock suit is forbidden by the New Testament and those who live like this and says will not inherit the kingdom of God not only saw Matthew 15 beginning in verse 19, Matthew 15 beginning verse 19 Jesus said that the things that come out of our heart defile us and make us unclean and there he list sexual morality can affect its poor Naya in the plural meaning every form of sexual sin outside of marriage in the adultery sexual sin within the arts of the New Testament actually ups the ante the New Testament} standard and of course by their logic taken think I murder and steal just the same, and it's the same ridiculous Logix.

All this is is looking for an excuse to sin is nothing other than looking for an excuse to sin and indulge the flesh if they are serious about following Jesus will repent. Give this up this read with them. Some of these passages. Some of them read Ephesians 5 first before this and say what is this mean how you live this out read first Corinthians 69 through a what is the say with the Simon.

These are explicit to so many of the calls to holiness and purity. But these are explicit which will mention poor Naya sexual sin outside of wedlock may God help your friends to get serious here, 866-34-TRUTH of its go to how in Charlotte. Thank you for calling the line of fire. Yes, my question.

Matthew 27 yes or or expects man Psalm 23 one.

Okay your signing broadcast that Matthew is quoting from Psalm 22 water Jesus is on the girl. Yes. Well Matthew to matter.

27 verse 46 saw the cardio swap is used, whereas in the Psalm is a C a B there is an American speaking in Aramaic in the in the lineup of autonomy is Aramaic and in the Psalm.

It's in the llamas of Tommy. That's Heber and your assignment names defined by you as Matthew translated my God, my God, why view for second Matthew tells us what it means but it left some bread for you have abandoned the bread in the Lord. You can leave for a purpose for a destiny that the work that Aramaic shoebox and Hebrew Lazo mean to forsake to abandon, but convincing to leave for purpose work. I will leave you the book on the nightstand and cry out you and crown on the cross, why have you forsaken so using Matthew got wrong is that your point know my point is that translation is wrong. In Matthew 2746 it's no it's not. This is my field since it's not wrong at all and that's with the whole cry on the crosses that it seems as if he's been abandoned at trial.

Her cry at trial.

At that point.

It's a cry, drawing attention to the sense of abandonment and then God's great deliverance that comes at the end of the song is not a child, you will leave me you'll forsake me, but my father will be with me this interesting question. Do you really want to know the truth.

Yes, I will guaranteeing you that that's with the Hebrew and the Greek and the Aramaic say and that's why every translation translates it that way.

No lab translated about why Alexander got glasses that would translate okay solicit here.

Here's the whole problem is that you really don't want to know lams is not translating the Greek lams is translating the proceeds which is a translation of the Greek okay look at every recognized translation of the Hebrew of Psalm 22.

Look at every translation of the Targum, the Aramaic paraphrase to help you arts.

Obviously, rescue question, could you improve point.

I reject your point Hebrews. Clear the air makes clear the Greek is clear that what is missed translating it at all somehow context to keep breathing.

It seems as if he's abandoned, but he's giving a sense of the spiritual pain that he's taking for us for our sins, and then out of that what comes in the Psalm. The great victory deliverance from the jaws of death that brings praise to the ends of the earth, real clear real clear.

I thank you for asking.

And yet we got time, let us go to Connor in Colorado. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Dr. Michael Brown. I'm a big fan of work, watch a summary or debates online. I praise the Lord for what you been doing. Thank you so my question is a question of the current issue of faith for me.

I just want to get some clarification on your background and your knowledge is about the creation story in Genesis, not from a young young earth creationist background and kind of reading the story itself. I feel like a lot of the younger creationist nowadays I think take too many liberties when they interpret Genesis and say that it complying a lot of things that I don't feel necessary implying I just want to know what your take on the creation story is there is there chance for us to interpret it with more theological truth than it is literal truth of exactly how it done with not like to hear you try allow the scientific debate between youngers creations and oldest creations to take place on its own.

In other words, I'm not a scientist. I've had brilliant people on my show who were youngers creationist in her old earth creationists if you say what you have the old earth creationists are more people you been in touch with me more and Esme coming on some happy to do it but I I am not qualified to debate the scientific issues but decades ago while I was in NYU doing my my graduate studies there marked my Masters and doctoral studies and immersed in ancient near Eastern literature I I asked myself the question, which was why were the ancient cosmologies written.

Why did the ancient groups write stories about creation was it to give scientific not obviously whatever sites of Gaza have was quite bogus of about the origins of the universe, but was that the purpose know it was to point to the supreme deity that they worshiped and why this deity was higher than that one and why this deity had this role that will always it was to convey theological truths about their idolatry. When I step back and read Genesis 1 again in those terms that the the chapter just exploded with light and insight and revelation and God being the one who brings light out of darkness, who brings order out of chaos to decrease everything to reproduce after its own kind to thrive.

You know even even that we start going to the rest of Scripture about light and darkness and the imagery of that which starts in Genesis 1. When you look at, say, God causing the that the waters to gather together in one place and and just seems like a little thing and then you look at the rest of Scripture. With this. Is this great triumph over the powers of chaos and and how they're depicted elsewhere that when I look at this I realize it's it's there for other purposes. And that's what I focus on when I read it so honestly I let the scientists debate the age of the earth, and I could easily go either way. Based on Hebrew terms. The creation accounts and the way there referred to poetically in other parts of of the Bible I could make an argument either way for for youngers or for old earth, but for many many years when I have read the text I've concentrated on theological meaning. I've concentrated on spiritual insight I've concentrated on what can I learn about God, the Redeemer, the creator through this. Even his acts of restoration that that we learned in terms of how he's a Redeemer, so focus on reading it like that and then look at the rest of how Scripture looks back at the site for mentioning six days said that, and how to listen. Scripture sees this friends check out our latest articles, videos, and ask Dr. see on Monday

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