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September 2, 2022 6:44 pm

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September 2, 2022 6:44 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- In Acts 2-38, is what it is being given the gift of the Holy Spirit or speaking in tongues---2- Are there different types of baptism---3- Do you know anything about an organization called United Israel in Christ---4- What does 1 John 4-2-3---5- Matt discusses the difference between cults and Christianity in regard to the studying of the Word.--6- Have you heard Catholics say that the dead aren't really dead---7- Does Ephesians 3-1 prove Calvinism---8- Do we have free will to come to Christ-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is it apologetic to research what is found alive for you have questions about Bible doctrine why Rimes is called responding to your questions 76 go to the children afterwards about little constant from atheism to Zoroastrianism. Basically everything in between your questions about Mormonism drove with such unity behind Islam. Let's see atheism evolution UFOs are called all kinds of stuff we just talk all kind of stuff. So feel free to call.

Talk about baptism and ellipses to rheology, anthropology, Christology. I like big words fun for me.

I enjoyed that's called a bigger Cisco but diligent someone who likes big words so that's what you see that's what you hear. You go you want to give me a call. We have frequent lines 877-207-2276. Let's just jump on the phones was good to Alberto from George Albert, welcome near everybody can hear you hello tried again 04 okay there you go. All right, so we got there about 38 when we paid back. The valve begins on the data speak with you know that you want to get back and get this you can answer and take it, it's really easy next to 3/8 ounces. Repent before baptizing in Jesus name. Of course you'll see receive the gift of the Holy Spirit in the context of what's going on their next chapter to which the movement of the Holy Spirit, they are speaking in tongues and this is what is going on in that context is interesting is that it says that baptized right. The Holy Spirit is poured. That's how the Bible talks about those poor Isaiah 3215 tell the spirit is poured out upon us from on high. Isaiah 44. Three. I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring and Ezekiel 3929 for I have poured out my Spirit on the house of Israel and Joel 228 two says I will pour out for my Spirit on all mankind and Joel 229 for my Spirit in those days, and is more verse that a lot of verses like that and so we go to acts 238 what was going on, says so it an act well next to 33 people context because he says therefore, having been exalted right hand of God and having received the fall of the promise of the Holy Spirit is poured forth which you see, both here and here the pouring forth the spirit is what's going on and ask chapter 2 and the manifestation of the pouring of the spirit is speaking in tongues that was going on because he talked about speaking in tongues and things like that. I believe that the pouring of the spirit in this context is the movement of charismatic gifts okay what about it with a bout at about spirit about the water baptism into Christ been back in at the. Also, what about the night audit a lot of my weight baptism is used in different contexts so bopped VA PT has cognates about to smash Bob team so these are forms of the same root and so baptism Ephesians 451 phase 1 Lord one baptism we have the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We have baptism with water. We have baptized into the death of Christ sues at least three different baptism of forms right there.

So this depends on what the context is okay there is really important that people understand the context of things. So a lot of people and a lot of groups. Cults, in particular with Bill do is they will say, for example. Safe baptism always means immersion know it doesn't dark times and it certainly can and are certainly confident does not.

So, for example, in acts 15 Jesus says John baptized with water, you'll be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now will if baptism means immersion baptize with water Johnny commercials water then you will be immersed with the Holy Spirit.

But that doesn't fit because the Holy Spirit is always poured so we have here in acts 15 you'll be baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit is at the same for baptism is at the same were what is in the Greek. Okay, it's from the same word you rebaptize what to be baptized Holy Spirit, but the first one. Some people say must be immersion but the second one used in that verse can't be immersion it means pouring because that's how the Holy Spirit is given according to the Scripture. The people don't do their research and they then get there.

There yourself in a tizzy when I shown things like this, not baptism here make must, the second one must mean the pouring will. If that's the case, does it then mean that John baptized, poured with water while Kathleen that like can't and so I asked questions about this and I can teach is if John was baptizing people and it was by immersion in all of Judea and Samaria were going out to him to baptized will that was he immersing people for two years to half years and is like 200,000 people by immersion. That's a whole lot of war work. I did math on it, you have to be baptizing by immersion, you know, that was 12 hours a day seven days a week for two years straight, and would need help and it was like once every 30 seconds, was ridiculous. So people don't do their homework on stuff like this these ideas and if he consciously means any rim. I'm rambling a little but so well I've answered prior or anybody other okay thank you all right, goblins all right since nobody is waiting on the line regularly just teaching them about baptism and what I like to do is look at what the Scriptures teach, not when people tell me it means so as I already read scriptures bring to my notes talks about the spirit. This poured that's how the Bible talks about in Zechariah 1210 will pour out of the house of David on inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and supplication.

So this is how the spirit is spoken of in prophesied as being given by pouring next to 17 and 18.

Luke is quoting is quoting Joel two 2029. Anyway that I will pour out the spirit in all mankind and pour forth the spirit initial prophesy.

There's another example, pouring forth the spirit prophesy. This is a movement of charismatic kids and it's important of the spirit upon people. That's what the Scriptures teach right next 1045 all the circumcised believers came with Peter were amazed because the gift of the Holy Spirit import of the Gentiles. Also, for they were hearing and speaking with tongues, and exalted God so this is the manifestation of the pouring of the Holy Spirit. And it's it's it's really interesting and so he will Jesus will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire and you will that's in Matthew 311 talks about and Luke 316 it says the same thing to baptize with the Holy Spirit, with fire, so you see, you have to be careful and not assume that baptism always means the same thing in every context going to do one more thing look at the caller to go to Hebrews this is just what the Scriptures teach right I think is Hebrews 910 let's see okay so it says since they relates only to food and drink and various washings, regulations for the holy of robotics usually imposed until the time of reformation.

So this is various washings. The Greek word is Bob T's voice so it's it's for the cognates baptism and what you do is you read and it talks about in at Hebrews 910 talks about food and drinks. Various washings, the Greek word is baptisms and so then when you go through and you relieve you read you find out that what he's referencing is sprinkling and I'm just telling us what it says it says various washings and regulations for that's first town of Hebrews 9 then goes on when Christ appeared as a high priest of the good things to come together to the greater and more perfect tabernacle, not made with hands, that is to say that of his creation and not to the blood of goats and cows through his own blood he entered the holy place once for all, having obtained eternal redemption for the blood of goats and bulls, and ashes of heifer sprinkling those who have been to file signify for the cleansing the flesh, how much more will the blood of Christ pleasure conscience so what he's talking about is the sprinklings of the blood in the Old Testament temple and all that kind of stuff. That's what he's talking about is no verse earlier in the chapter Holy Spirit signifying that the way to the holy place you go this the temple has not been disclosed, disclosed, while the outer top tabernacle was still standing, which is a symbol for the present time.

According both gifts and sacrifices which are offered which cannot the worshiper perfect in conscience as they relate to food and drink and various washings, regulations of the body. So the context deals with the Old Testament and the sprinkling of blood inside of the temple work. There is Hebrews 9 and that word for washings is Bob T's voice and so you don't start reading only that's interesting. How does it work and that word but to smudge occurs four times in Mark seven for you and such as the washing of cups and pictures and copper pots and Colossians 220. It says have been buried with him in baptism. And that's the same word that is the root from washings and then Hebrews 62 instruction about washings laying on of hands, etc. and then went to Hebrews 910, so I'm just saying that words new demeaning context, and I shake people up, not a purpose, but do when I talk about this and pick things up in the context like that and people like it. It's a shame that people don't know better I think the Christians for years and years. I think the churches need to be teaching more thorough and in-depth study on this and other topics.

Perfect timing for the break. One of them wanted to give you a call 8777) Matt Flynn why call 770727 charismatic hello yes my call a quick question for you, my old friend talking a lot about a Christian I don't know about an organization called United United is growing crime or pneumatic-you know anything about that organization you see black Hebrews like cult. It's a non-Christian Colts, and it's the largest in the BHI black Hebrews are like movement and so they teach that the 12 tribes of Israel are all black.

Judah is American Blacks. Benjamin's West Indian Blacks Levi's ideations. Ephraim was Puerto Rican black Manas is a Cuban black simian or Dominican Zebulon Guatemala to pick to a Panama gadget is a Native American Indians. Rubin's seminal in the*Columbia to Uruguay. Issachar is Mexicans of Naphtali are the Argentina stuck with it for Blacks and Hispanics. Okay, but white people are the devil can actually teach my people devil. And so it's a they were purple and gold and thousands of adherence it's a non-Christian racist hate group.


Thank you, look it up in your lifetime. I couldn't find any information from the Gallatin trying hard now. I just released its my need to do here pretty soon is just released some my notes I have are BHI only have eight pages of notes on them and a lot of areas are just needing to be fulfilled so there's a lot there why people are the double talk to some BHI critiques this and unfortunately these groups are raising racist people and people think only whites can be racist. No blacker be racist to racist and so I talked to some of them are very groups of BHI's and some of the white man is in my the devil yes you are you, the devil, because I'm white and your need like your descendents of Esau, for your your your the devil and had ups literally say to me that in the future I will be a slave to them. It's like while & there are a lot of variations in fragmentation of the BHI in them I could get a couple guys I know on the radio and just go through and publish do that and just do a show on the fact that reminds me tomorrow and I have gone this long of this long thing going on so you have fun in Islam show tomorrow with somebody I know because her to get a conference going on were promoted to succumb on the stock Islam all day tomorrow with the Rachel BHI. It is bad news, bad news about a call on the web. I can connect here with my friend yet and there's very little that I have on it, but she may have is so scratch going through Black Hebrew Israelites and then delete said in the Bible general origins of the varying groups with than people you know it just not really much information but I do have friends who are experts in it and we contact each other of the time over past for years, but writing articles just it never dawned never go anywhere with the city want to so many of us knocking her divorce, this is Michael's witness what I need. Please outer as their experts on white wire right everything so all right canonical, arriving godless. What arrived now try to black Hebrews like group just to racist falls group with that's fragmented in all kinds of stuff they claim to be the truth and white people or something like you were the devil.

Some say why people are just a guy misguided and not true Israelites and only something only true Israelites could be saved in heavy black music icon and I call about a sadist racist and innately condemned me as being of the devil. Like it or so much deception going on though Christ is all right. Let's get 2010 and we missed Carl. Let's now get on with let's see Rev. Jones from Durham, North Carolina. Welcome on the elf in the air you go do it all right due to her average notes and so the goals I dread, but got it not to go to. I will make you laugh because I will call you last week, you know about that all all I want to know when you do your hate mail got a big laugh out of the hate mail I. People don't want talk about faith and outside of lot you gaining knowledge on I want is the baptism and we were told that they would be about the flow. Pain and Cloverleaf long rope on the building of the room that is not true that with no water baptism writers adapt as that happens there. That is, the Holy Spirit was the baptism of fire. I guess you could say it was not by water. I tried that with no illegal arousal brought about Franklin Graham, Bayer is right there. Yes, there is room to follow about the show and utility on that's right that's right they are private. Fridays I tried you my hate mail on Fridays and the hopeful doing this for the middle and is sometimes sometimes I hate mail is not as entertaining as other times book, but I like you know I like it and I'm I'm I'm weird that way | the knowledge of not following the right to okay but we do live lives. All right hey ripped open lines 87720776 Leon Utah Leon are you there love noisy background. Your name what's going on in Illinois. Okay you are on the Lord being that John or two, and 33 and by this you know the spirit. Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is from God.

Every spirit is not confess Jesus is not from God in the spirit of the antichrist you heard is coming now is that the break. That means it is a very all right hey folks, please state to write back. After these messages to open lines 877-2076 Matt Flynn why call 77077 charismatic sling right back to the show to open line 72276 with Québec on with Leon. There are so was going on there versus but as you know the Spirit of God to restore to confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is from God is not just saying that he was a human. That's not the issue. They understood Jesus to be divine and those who deny that he is a God in flesh or of the spirit of the antichrist, like the Jehovah's Witnesses who teach and so and Mormons because they teach that he's not seeing God but a God, a different God, so they're not holding to it either. And so there are the spirit of antichrist. And so every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of antichrist. So is the confession of the true Christ on the context. Your first John four also is dealing with all test or the old time of Gnosticism Gnosticism was able religious system where you had a special knowledge in order to gain salvation and other things and so the problem is that the unit had a special knowledge and part of the Gnostic system was that God was too pure to be able to be associated with fallen sinful to real world. So therefore was not possible for God to become incarnate in the human body, so they had ailerons and these ailerons were go-betweens between a God and the true living God. Whoever he was in their mind and the earthly realm and select heavy semi demigods kind of thing they were lower creations and that's with the idea came in so first John is dealing in part with the Gnostic heresy saved by this you know this or that confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is from God, we talking about. There is that very thing. A look at he's got in flesh or teaching so he's refuting that that's going on okay okay yeah I would fight while I know I believe okay walk my what I think would like Walt at you, leaving no that that he lacked for your my you know you both you like to more misjudgment assists.

For example, scientists still say we believe in Jesus really will tell us who Jesus is. Will Jehovah's Witnesses he's Michael the Archangel became a man, and then returned to becoming an angel which is logically impossible in Mormonism Jesus is the brother of the devil begun to sexual intercourse with in God's gotta swipe the keep their planet and this is what Mormonism teaches all that's not the Jesus of the Bible Christian science teaches that Jesus was simply a manifestation of the Christ consciousness and not a second to looking the Scriptures without paying 25 lot of turning first line 8 of the material blood of Jesus was no more efficacious to conference and was set upon the cross, the cursor tree there when it was flow flowing into his bank is going about daily doing his father's work. So they're denying that he was God in flesh or denying he is the incarnation and so the cult as well as lots of cults out there who want to appear to be Christian have Christian words, the definitions of the terms of the use are not Christian domestication. This is going to go ahead. Not long on one of the people say that no other guy got done all you there. They were never brother I'm sorry I didn't hold a little bit muffled. I didn't quite understand what was the thing said okay so I think Mark and that the liver expand the call. John Satan came also and they were stand at the apples that Jesus is you know that they get yet I don't accurate. I don't know if anything have to see the exact verse to see with her son deceived with nursing as any American usually what happens she will realize this very much, but nothing cults so extensively over the years they have their techniques and methodology for destroying the truth of Scripture.

They think to say this, they think are true when they're really not with her doing is believing what their leaders have told them is the truth and so it's like saying that your you're only as good as so and safe is when you follow and so Mormons they follow so-called profits and restored gospel jobs witnesses they do the same thing.

The profit the restored gospel. I do the same things the same stuff the same thing with Christian science. They have their gospel in the restored gospel stuff to their prophetess, it just it's the same old memo and people follow and they think that they're in a great group because they feel good things happen. There's a group of people that they go to and have like-minded ideology and so therefore you know that you're just confirming that the truth is, is in their religion or they are in the truth, etc. this is just what happens. And so they don't really check. I don't really examine. In fact, in groups like that they're not encouraged to do that. Those groups never encourage their members to do any serious study if they did they'd have a lot of problems that they would discover that you never find that Apple you do find is a true group list. True was a study look at the word studied out for yourself see what were saying is correct.

Look at the evidence, because were not afraid about but that all art right gastric with the cults don't want that.

They don't they do not want anybody to study in depth. In fact, Mormonism I know. For example, will penalize you if you start asking questions and Jehovah's Witnesses.

The same thing that's supposed to ask questions like that. Just believe that that's described as demonic, just believe that we tell you really were the true church really where you get that I felt I was talking to one of his eyes right out of the submeter Orthodox are people and last night and not ask you.

You're the true church right this again with the true church is see how you know we have this to the trace back to the original from Jesus how you know exactly whatever you hold their study based on okay now I found that verdict. I know the date on it was hanging out there what God don't joke yoke one now there was a day when God or the warden thinking all along the mortar and that's because that's because they what they're doing is completely failing to understand historical context.

So let me give an example of something so if I were to say to you, dude. Ben yesterday is out on the waistband over the falls and are confident and disagreement got my way was born so I just bailed out in August, talk and serve.

Talk and so you would understand what was listening to the terms of the culture and the same thing goes here so the terms sons of God does not mean that God has a body of flesh and bones because is exalted from another planet and he has a goddess wife with the Mormons are doing is reading into the text. Think that's what it means is not what it is talking about the angelic realm. That's the term that was used and that's how they work described as the naphthalene were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, with the subject of God came into the daughters of men. This is what's going on is the angelic realm as Genesis 6 talks about and so they don't study no Job to one… So the God can present himself before the Lord, and Satan also okay before the Lord will get this this'll this'll really rack the Mormons. For example, because the word Lord is Yahweh or Jehovah there in the original so that if they say this other guy remained literally literally God had relations great spirit offspring.

That's where they literally are, and while they come and present themselves to Jehovah because it safe because Jehovah was the one in the preexistence who was valiant, etc. the Bible says Jehovah is Elohim in first Kings 860 got it so that they invented it and suggest there but other places that says the same thing. Jehovah is eligible but just the name of Elohim Elohim is the word for God in Hebrew is with name of God, Jehovah, Yahweh.

They don't study they don't care to study, but those who do they end up leaving and at a great cost usually Mormonism is an example.

I got stories people told me I could tell he was very good to help his family started I got a go but God blessed them for folks with logic 77207] mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show. Let's see all right.

Hang in Internet were to go home. I would like to know what you think about Margaret That I had a little discussion with Dave so she said that not think that the dead are not really and my response was okay. Your logic then then that would mean that the people were and how are also not dead, but also live and also appointed him to the Scriptures where that thought a second coming of Christ, of the people think will be resurrected and glorified body of law old will wait for an initial problem statement. Okay, the dead are really dead. Okay, so a circle is not really a circle square is not really a square but that's not really dead. Sue is a problem right away here.

Yet what is generally collected was it was a definitely dead within me. This is one thing you always must find your term. Ask them what they mean by the term footing by using the dead are dead.

What is the term dead mean in that sentence. In both places. Always, always asked for definitions because it's this is critical. Don't assume that they let unison with her content so as with Jimenez first thing okay so it would go ahead and uncle had that important article had you so I was one of them. How note Google quickly brought up 11 where all of the legally so not die what I thought about that that I think that I probably will not experience the fact that the law going on it and got in the PR never really liked our response to the five said things like he'd never heard of the stuff that I brought up good for you. You so okay like the word die get your you're right. You're on the right track so you don't find it good for you okay leave it there for you to talk about but you okay yeah and and and the reply to you using that justify prank Marion Bank did they do this because they don't study Scripture and believe the Scripture is as authoritative true, they believe that the church is what interprets Scripture so when juggling 26 blues will never die. The word in Greek, there is Mexico work, often assuming a path that set up a funny and so because the Greek believe with NASCO at that's correct and it occurs 111 times I've been a word study on this go to Carmen you could look it up but so if you don't work you with the meeting context with the Roman Catholic and I do like a lot of false religious systems with her to do was undertake a word to find a way to interpret it. In light of their theology, and so therefore the theology governs the Scripture that the Scriptures governing their theology. The Roman Catholic Church susceptible to this kind of error.

They do this all the time and make all kinds of mistakes and comes to urinary tract. Your nail all all things larger that you do a video.

He noted that the very interesting they think I like it.

It's about new archaeological coverage of about Ottoman Camorra and in the new archaeological discovery crew that the people of bottom were involved in the occult really yeah sure to include Canada right now pushing. We want to have an archaeological section on car and just list out some of the findings and some of the verifications because it nurturing all the time so it's good to always hear I love herself like that, check it out appreciate the good stuff. I'll make you have the YouTube you have a good one to all right alright alright alright let's see who's this waiting is Pearl Rockville Carolina for welcome back here I am Pearl, but I am not not that sorry about that – is there a are you know you yet the assistance okay when 31 fair we are going in print and transfected what I want to know is salvation. I'm a born-again believer in the precious blood of the Lamb alone and faith but through that if I am gay. I cannot do anything to nothing.

So, am I right in believing that God the Holy Spirit has to come to be unplanned. My dad as and stop my dad is an undo my thinking and maybe to the very feet of the master son of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Doesn't he have to do it all's you say yes absolutely it's outcast good to me, that I and I wonder why I have asked people, the pool, didn't think, and another thing we are all born with blood poisoning Huntley and not had to spend with Don born with blood poisoning and my God the father had to stand his glide through Emmanuelle to give us that analgesic to stop that. That blackball is so that we would live with me that's that's right you and in that sense, yes, in the blood of Christ cleanses us of our sins when he bring.

Let me ask you this again so I'll understand that I know you know when God the Holy Spirit does all he has to do to bring us to the Lord Jesus.

He have to take the master son of God is our only salvation is it ;-) if we say yes or no trace of the question. Sorry you don't understand? When the Holy Spirit and God the Holy Spirit brings us is chosen as any brings us to the Lord Jesus Christ got a good day.

I guess that what you think. Do not be left to us to say yes I want him are doing. We have well as God given us a free will to say no free will is the ability to make choices are not forced but are also consistent with your nature. God is free, but he cannot sin cannot lie. His freedom is consistent with his nature. The unbelievers freedom is consistent with his nature, the unbelievers, a slave of sin.

Romans 614 through 20. Yeah but this which is not what I'm asking is what Canada had drained and the answer is none nothing but the Bible tells us the unbelievers a slave and sent a hater of God doesn't seek for God doesn't do anything good he's dead in trespasses and sins, is by nature a child of wrath, his heart full of wickedness cannot receive spiritual things. So accordingly is free will is going to act in a manner consistent with that depravity with that condition. This is, yes, this is my God. You cannot know know he is leaving yes or no no no no no no, he does know we didn't do that within us. We believe because God grants that we believe Philippians 129 two has been granted to believe. So what about God doing no we are actually doing the believing because God grants that we actually do the believing God grants God grants that we believe this air is passive indicative okay this again know this cake. God grants us belief. He works it in us. He grandson who is doing that all okay all I want to know you are no I'm trying to explain things like Pearl and try to explain it out for you. I got to this a thousand times over 40 years okay and try to do this right until you the unbeliever altogether. The unbeliever can't do anything to get salvation of and in of himself cannot do it.

So God grants him repentance second Timothy 225 grants him the act of believing.

Philippians 129 but he actually does the believing because God grants them the ability to believe. Jesus says in John 665. You cannot come to me unless the father grants it to you so our believing in coming to Christ is granted to us by the father. That's how it works out. Tomorrow I have one more thing that I would like you sure in the song of songs That is especially the Lord Jesus Christ. Saw Solomon that is in the place of the Lord Jesus that he said.

Did the bride. Mike made turn away from me, turn your eyes away from me, for they had overcome anything that I mean what I'm saying is if nobody can overcome God and man, thinking nobody can overcome God. And when he tells her to turn her eyes away from him and he really is seeing a flexion of his own eyes back to him call back tomorrow. Talk about the song of Solomon and what it actually is the leading time.

There's music sorry to go broke.

All right.

Sorry Joe from North Carolina to get to you and David.

The Lord bless you by his grace. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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