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Islamic Terror, Abortion, Religious Freedoms, Your Calls, and Special Guests

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 29, 2016 4:20 pm

Islamic Terror, Abortion, Religious Freedoms, Your Calls, and Special Guests

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 29, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/29/16.

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Some words of wisdom about the moral and cultural issues we are facing the stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I recognize the gunshot. I can running and running and running so we can add tragedy in Istanbul Turkey.

Another suicide bombing attributed to ISIS this is Michael Brown welcome friends to the line of fire. You know, as as much as we hear these reports over and over again in the statistics of dozens killed and hundreds wounded unless we have lived through something like that. Personally, unless it's affected families of ours unless we were actually there when these things happened. I don't imagine we can relate to the trauma of it.

I certainly would tell you that I cannot let you have a lot to say about these issues and a whole bunch of other moral and cultural issues were facing today to join in the conversation today to come in with your questions, comments, 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 is the number to call. We posted a meme yesterday that's getting a lot of attention on her Facebook page.

It's reached over 600,000 people and shared more than 10,000 times on the one side of the meme the onset of the graphic is a picture of the Orlando murderer. The mass killer Omar Martin and he says I do this in the name of Abu Dr. Potter about study and a law he explicitly swore his allegiance explicitly swore his allegiance to ISIS to the head of ISIS wanted to make that is clear is he could in the midst of the murders and then chief law enforcement officer, attorney general Loretta Lynch was chief law enforcement officer, United States of America. She said we may never know the shooter's motivation. I I see comments like this and they are just so utterly grievous. We all know we all know this person had been front part of some white supremacy group. They claim to be Christian and he said I'm doing this in the name of Christianity. I'm doing this because of what the Bible says was by the tell you got murder gays and lesbians but if if he said that the media that the guv everybody would be all over the president. The relents they be saying we must deal with Christian homophobia with its etc., such as a question about is a question about Dennis Prager a calm about that I referenced a few weeks ago on the air would've been a Christian that carried out the murder in Orlando. If if there had been something else going on and and they asked. They stated with their issue. What you know let's let's just say it was a work-related thing that that somebody used to work at a particular place and got fired and felt they were fired, unjustly came and started shooting people up there. They call it workplace violence what hesitation once radical Muslim violence. Why, why is that not recognized why won't the government for the most part acknowledge it it it is again seeking to whitewash Islam as a whole. It is again seeking to deny the murderous elements of radical Islam. It is again an affront to common sense and an affront to our security now.

I haven't read widely on the bombing in terms of all of that the reports just getting back from Australia and just getting back on schedule. Overcoming jet lag and things I may have missed this, but tell me if you read has anyone mentioned what happened with Israel and Turkey renewing relationships last week. Has anyone tie that in as a potential motivation for the bombing will be right back 866-34-TRUTH join Dr. Michael Brown, along with messianic Jewish pastor Scott Melvin for unique behind the scenes tour of Israel.

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The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown and by friends. Yes, a reminder, if you have not yet signed up for Israel trip, go to the website asked Dr. Brown a SKDR and just get your deposit, then we can't wait to welcome you along on the trip.

Okay 866-34-TRUTH to get in the discussion today just got a note that there may be some folks who are actually talking about the suicide bombings in Turkey and so the what what I want to focus on just for a moment is, is this Turkey and Israel had fairly good relations for number of years and Turkey as a Muslim nation was extremely extremely secular, which explains the good relations that Israel had with Turkey now Turkey wanted to become part of the European Union as I recall the events, the European Union shunned them, and as a result of that that push Turkey over to a more forceful Islamic position and even to a more radically Islamic position, even though the nation still as a whole is more secular riches knowers religious say this is a Saudi Arabia or place like that or Iran for that matter so there they are now renewed diplomatic relations with Turkey and Israel, and even's limited aid coming in to Gaza from Turkey obvious it's got humanitarian aid not not weaponry and apparently Israel has access to this massive massive underwater gas treasury whatever you want to call it an they just need access to certain waters would have to work with Turkey, so probably that's all part of what's going on but the announcement of that could certainly trigger an attack.

There have been attacks within Turkey having to do with Curtis liberty movements and things like that and again just terrific bloodshed that the common pattern over and over and over and over and over and over again is that it's radical Muslims radical Muslims killing each other. The first casualty. The ones that the highest number of casualties to radical Islam are fellow Muslims went when Iran and Iraq went to war years ago this was Muslim versus Muslim in the 80s and Iran lifted a rock is secular, and even though they both have a majority of Shiite Muslims, the majority Iran even greater compared to Sunni, the year the Uranian slick that this is they were fighting against the infidels and of course that's house can be raised and posted both ways.

Okay so so the the of first level of attacks are Muslims killing Muslims. It happens regularly in a rock. You just don't hear about as much on the news.

But Muslims going up Muslims happening all the time series going of Shiite fear exploring of Sunnis within a country like Yemen. It's Muslim killing Muslim Syria Muslim is now there are many Christians is the next level there many Christians who are getting killed and exiled a horrific number it's it's a real attempt to wipe out the Christian population from the Middle East by ISIS and other radical groups.

The suffering is attached, intense and cute and as I mentioned last week from Australia I met two Syrian refugees of two young man who thanked me for being there voices removing and touching there from Armenia originally, but have lived in Syria for years and they just talked about how many of their friends and family members were killed. How many matches only three or four the way they were talking you get the impression the time at dozens and dozens of people that they know personally kill so the first level of attack Muslims killing Muslim next level tech Muslims, Christians, and then you also have the specific attack on certain groups like gaze with ISIS. Apparently, according to the what they put on video and in honor of the gay pride throwing homosexual man off of buildings yes some, and they're doing that shooting them up in a nightclub in Orlando. That's what they're doing, but the let's understand this is what radical Islam because this is the murderous nature of it and if you want to combat it. You need to understand you need to recognize now Secretary of State Terry has been under fire for a statement that he made a Kate Skala reports on the blaze Republican Congressman told Fox news Fox and friends Wednesday that he is shocked by signature state junkers claim with terror attack and stumbles out the Turkey airport is assigned Islamic state is getting quote desperate referring to the Islamic state is the � Kerry said during remarks at the Aspen ideas Festival Tuesday that it's been more than a year since they launch the full-scale military offensive is it now yes you can bombing airport. You can pull yourself up.

That's the tragedy that Haitian others like it know that we have to get it right 24 seven 365 they have to get it right for 10 minutes or one hour so it's a very different scale.

If you desperate if you know you're losing and you know you want to grip your life that obviously you can do some harm. According to Representative Mike McCall from Texas who was the chairman of the House Homeland security committee of the Islamic state is not on the run, but on the rise, the administration desiderata for many years there not that I think the airstrikes have ramped up external operations now look, we were not there on the ground where the underground actually dealing with this right there on the ground.

A face-to-face with what's happening so I how can I give you an intelligence evaluation as to whether ISIS is on the runner on the rise.

I can't even get some from Homeland security telling you that it is the case, but how how do we know how can we say that's obviously I can't. I can't but to just downplay this desperate is is really to miss the point of what's gone. This is part of the ideology.

This is always part of the ideology there always radical Muslims every day of the week ready to blow themselves up for the cause of Allah there a waiting list. They they would do in every day and Israel around the clock.

If they had access if they were able to get past Israeli security. This would be happening every single day. This is so, so to interpret it as well. This proves that there desperate know it proves no such thing. It proves no such thing whatsoever proves that this is what they do and and again the idea that well it's just suicide bombing in anybody would know that the chemicals in our military offensive may, they can't. But this is just another part of the strategy and I don't know what's going on again with the military offensive because I'm not there to evaluate the intelligence and their people are saying different things. So we just leave that is? The whole idea of of lone wolf attacks in America. The whole idea of well this is your nothing and you can't connected directly to ISIS. Unless you have clearly just a connection where this one work prices. They were told it is that know if there inspired by it and they go on to commit acts to me that's not lone Wolf to miss that little it doesn't happen. I know it's a definitional issue here, but does not be part of a sleeper cell you following saying I just left before the gospel of sleeper solid working ghetto covertly with ISIS for years or covertly with with Al Qaeda or Taliban. No to me if there inspired by the ideology.

Remember, ISIS is a massive social media campaign. If there inspired by the ideology relate to it and pledge allegiance to it and then are encouraged to go out and do whatever they can to destroy and the they take the target on themselves. They figure out what to do how to do it by themselves at some is not lone Wolf.

In any case, this to me when you have Atty. Gen. rattling same which he says will respect her office.

This to me is nothing less than other willful ignorance, refusing to acknowledge the facts. I grab a call before break, we go to Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Jeff welcome to want to fire thank you Mike current cricket bad, and so forth. But you know what, let's look at both of a learning picture about coming to America.

Our board of the wide open I can clear my report right now I Muslim putting IEP on the highways of the country. No defendant.

I get it provided both of the bike on a highway or sniper on the roof will be brave to leave their house. Nothing done Obama government over the front, get them bent think will be done to get them there.

America will live more and more into 1/3 world Islamic country.

Why don't look at Iraq look look at. That America.

America does not result. I hate to break that you must have like that. It's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown that here's here's another aspect of dealing radical Islam from and I continue to use the term radical Islam because I recognize there are plenty of Muslims who do not agree with suicide bombings. Plenty of Muslims who are here in America and love America and would appreciate liberties in America and despise radical Islam that you may sit are not true Muslims. You might say their moderate Muslims in a moderate Muslim is not a real Muslim anymore. The liberal Christians. Christian that's that's fine. I'll still use the terminology to be specific so I get attack from the one side saying no all Muslims. True Muslims radical I get attack from the other side saying no radical Muslims are true Muslims on the use the term though for specificity and for clarification. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 to join in the conversation, I saw an open letter to Franklin Graham posted in the Charlotte Observer where she says that he misrepresents the faith of Muslims. And one thing that she mentions is the famous quote from the Koran that there is no compulsion in religion. Now how do you explain that when compared to the verses that you speak of conversion by force or pushing forth Islam with some level of coercion or force had explained that the answer would normally be from those who recognize the theology of radical Islam that in the earlier days of Mohammed speaking, it was stated there is no coercion in religion. So Mohammed try to get along with others and and have his new message, except it was much more moderate and was hoping for good response when he didn't get good response of many green military power. Things changed and then the Corolla allegedly gives the new revelation which then would theoretically abrogate the early one because that which comes later is more authoritative and you civil does not mean it's it's unevenly inspired.

Well of course we would question whether it's inspired results. It's not but just look at it from the viewpoint of reading Scripture. If you see something in, say, Leviticus, and you wonder how it applies to goes in keeping the rest of the Bible into the New Testament. So we would see in that sense, the God doesn't contradict himself, but something may be for a time and season and then at a later time and season. Things would be different guy would be dealing differently with different people for different reasons, so we may given the dietary laws does really keep them separate from the nations that he didn't necessarily give them to all people under the new covenant we can understand things like that.

So I've no problem with a Muslim single.

This was revealed. This time, this is revealed later. Can I differ with them but I'm still with her saying, but the fact is, the, the, the most rewarding passages that consistently warning passages. Those Orinda. The final chapters of the chronic terms of when it was revealed members. You really can't not read in chronological order that respected some of the mishmash after the opening chapter, Alfonsi, after the opening chapter, the, the chapters listed simply in size order simply in size order that set so so that the the the sewer of the cow.

That's the second chapter. The second Sarah why because it's the longest and when you get to the end and there is no dislike three verses long chapters that's at the end. So this ontological chronological order so you need to know okay according to chronic scholars whims. This revealed was that revealed and they can put them in order.

So why is it that the passages that are the most boring. The passages that are the most violent are the ones that are in the final chapters revealed that would reflect the career of Mohammed started spiritually to become a political view that a military leader that would reflect his own trajectory. But again, what were seeing, left, right, our side, I have a special guest joined me in the next half hour you are unable to send radios you can listen online and asked Dr. Brown and skid year-round outdoor but he among others are saying in the aftermath of the Orlando massacre we now have to address the homophobia comes to religion in general there concept.

Their words, the, the homophobia comes from the biblical teaching that homosexual practices sin in it that gay relationships are not valid or blessed in God's sight. That's demeaning and dehumanizing.

It's a short step from there to murder. Of course I categorically disagree.

This is short step from seeing God's ways are best to go out woman let's go out murder people God for bit but were here and I cry day and night. What, let's be reminded by the tragedy in Istanbul.

Let's be reminded that once again, this is the fruit of radical Islam. And when when you have SATA Gay pride event in their their stand against homophobia and Islam. A phobia yeah I understand there plenty of moderate Muslims understand the true Muslims, not as a separate debate. Please, please, don't deceive yourself with this stuff about well slumber, phobias, evil homophobia is evil, while boy are. I remember during operation cast lead Israel's war against Hamas. A few years back that there were demonstrations in some cities and some of the marchers supporting Hamas included radical feminists and gays and lesbians, and they were attacking Israel think it what we second in Israel. Radical feminists are dime a dozen in Israel date. Sadly Gay pride marches in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, voted the world's most gay friendly city a few years ago and is, in in Hamas -controlled Gaza earmarks down the street is a radical feminist router marched down the street as as openly gay or lesbian if you will be instantly killed will be a mob riot and you'll be in jail and suffer terrible and yet their standing with Hamas interesting how deception works.

Is it not I let's go to Wayne in Brooklyn New York. Thank you sir for calling on fire hello Michael, good go ahead are not very curious because there are quite believe cervical Christian show on aren't you supposed when souls to Christ should be guilty of making people you know by calling about all note are free will language that you're using at sunset. What St. let's hate filled, I accurately describe their ideology and their beliefs on select stateroom. Know your describe it but but but I went mainly wailing hand on you made a serious accusation that actually sound hateful towards me. If I can article toward drug I'm trying I'm trying to get you what you do with your help to radicalize a lot of allotted about it.

I listening there listening to Christian radio and not hang on Wayne when I'm quoting when I'm accurately quoting the Quran as as understood by leading worldwide Muslim theologians.

That's hate filled and when graduates from high ministry school at Emma graduates for my ministry school that I support are laying their lives down to win Muslims overseas. I'm not go I'm not try to reach Muslim souls like bike language look like what language what language it language the language of hate you're describing some rigid great.

I'm saying radical as I use radical Islamic Wayne all right as it says it so it could Melissa II got a break.

I got a break.

If I get a guest coming on and I got a brace that I want to talk this out with you if you can hang on, I'll come back to friends. Be sure to visit the website got an exclusive special offer only available through our website that will bless you and asked Dr. and be sure to check on latest articles and videos. We posted a bunch.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Looking back, friends to the line of fire.

Okay I got a guest coming on you minutes but I got it back to so so Wayne let's let's be as simple as we can you make an accusation that my speech is hate filled, please give me one example of where I have said anything hateful about Muslims here.

If I saw it I wouldn't do it. Sarah good, because what you're doing. All one not together as terrorists are not claiming that I is a white man say all whites hate most not exactly Wayne I just put words in your mouth when he went just listening you 100% are not listening to what I say.

I use the term radical Muslims to separate them from Muslims in general and they are not disclaimed.

I know that's nonsense. This complete nonsense. They created Muslims, the Ku Klux Klan of course not frequent. Of course not. The article declared Christian Dudek yet plenty, the liberals do get up at the wrong know not article Mark� Are they going to say what they do I deal with this all the time.

Of course they did. Happy 20 wailing. Have you read the Quran of the clock got what had to know what equipment Muslim at one part of what you could break your not good spiritual fight. I Christian talk will eat scrap one a pack and go over it should stop outside tonight.

What you do is report regular people like me old orchid and everyday and you put me at risk which are language, none of risk going.

The fact that you refuse to listen.

The fact that you are you you are so ingrained what you saying you you refuse to even listen to others are saying. We must warn about radical Islam at the same time we much read is now not planning also with great weight lit listen to me. The Quran text after text after text.

There are hunts several hundred million Muslims who affirm this theology. There are leading colonic scholars leading Islamic field engines, each of these things that head ahead of of the of ISIS has a PhD in Islamic theology from Arak University. These they understand this is an expression of Islam that is been here for centuries, or if you deny that you deny reality or you don't necessarily have to be what you're doing what it bite bite bite bite saying that there radical airlock. What you do is you say your script great everybody building. An audit recruiter web you want to accept it or not, because people people with that kind of speech like Donald Trump but different, my friend got a job on gun flyers at that time to tell you until I got to do here to this line. Your problem is you listen when he's playing with you as I can. The Bible says open rebuke is better than secret love, talk to plainly you're not listening. I have as of yesterday I had a guest on who explained that he still never Trump I get blasted every day because of my concerns about Donald Trump. Although I hope I'm wrong about you, my friend Donald Trump.

Of course, is my friend and then to equate what I've said statement sees me, means your your whole problem. This probably reflects a lot of other areas of your life's are citizen love stillness to listen until you listen and understand can speak instructed Taylor all put what I my team is going to win Muslims guess what you're doing any day is as precious to us winning Muslims to pieces and yes will also want about radicalism file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, the bills that were introduced by the Christian right American Christians under the premise of religious freedom anti-gay sentiment has only grown stronger in the face of progressive change is going to continue to grow enough. I'm concerned with marking this just as an active Islamic terror on American soil.

This is an attack against the LGBT community should be viewed as such. Don't be filled by the rhetoric you will hear the meeting this week is people are going to definitely used to push their own agendas.

I that was the voice of Hassan piker. He's an entertaining political journalist known for his explainer videos on the Young Turks I'm sure you've seen them online. Their viral interest to provide detail analysis on the top mysteries of the day's up-and-coming pop culture news on the Young Turks entertainment channel pop trigger. Hassan is also a regular contributor on both feet and TMZ's too fab and I think Hassan and I got have some different perspectives but hopefully our interaction will be constructive.

Hey, thanks so much for it come onto one far Hassan. Nice to meet you on the air. Regular having. Sure thing hate beep before we discussed your comments about the Orlando massacre in your larger concerns with with people like me who have a conservative Christian position. I understand your your your fluent in Turkish. Obviously the bombing yesterday strikes close to home in your mind.

This is have anything to do with Israel and Turkey renewing relationships and perhaps an attack. For that reason, we are actually covered a lot of my end jobs require our group in Turkey and to elevate pain. I'm I am personally agnostic.

However I grew up among household and my parents still live in Turkey so I am very familiar with the attack number. My recall the other tech occurred on Turkish soil in the past six months for them specifically only one have been only one of them went back I cursed groups as well.

Now on that. What's going on in Turkey.

Yeah, like you said Turkey has a dramatic attitude shift in their foreign policy. As I missed the product of the new prime minister and there are a lot of economic and political factors that play into it and they are not Turkey apologizing to Russia. The conversation started after six years Turkey had basically amended it a position with Israel are trade agreements that are happening and but most poorly, this is presenting a map, the right to ISIS in the Middle East because Turkey is a massive military force, and up until this point Turkey had not viciously fought as much as other states have and I think now that's going to change and I were aware of it and that this was more of a retaliation or that appear on the Turkish public jotted guy I present an analysis I I just got back from Australia Monday night and just try to catch up on life in general. So I hadn't read is widely but as soon as soon as I saw the attack. I support it's if ISIS is behind it's gonna be related to the Israel situation if it can be planted quickly.

But thanks for the input on that right you you and I would have fundamental differences on many things in terms of worldview, etc. with a degree that that every human being is is worthy of protection we would agree that there every human you know that that murder and acts of violence. Under no circumstances are ever justifiable. And that any theology that a spouse that we would we would denounce but in your mind. There is a connection between what happened Orlando and conservative Christians opposing redefining of marriage, or did you said is that a connection, but there related issues to be addressed. I think I don't think it directly link back to what Christian sentiment, so I actually didn't know what I'm expecting. So I watched her Orlando coverage and not quite fair opened up the point that, and not out of you did a really good job denouncing the pastor that spoke on spoke about the shooter and praised him for doing what he did and now effectual because Arthur that they were deserving of death, and we agree on that. At that life is more important than anything else and but then you also follow that up with an interesting death, you have an ongoing with a former lesbian who found Christ, then God turned back into heterosexuality of marriage and happy and I'm really happy happy that you happy but the fundamental disagreement that you and I would have on that.

Probably that we think homosexuality is a choice rather than something you're born with, I happen to believe that it is not something that you choose to be got and get the menu bar now with reason why mention that is because the when you think about it. The choice and then you you think that this is infringing upon your religious freedom. Whenever work passing whenever were packing up, like you know about progressive moment like allowing gay marriage, legalizing gay marriage or bomb, you know, having the LGBT community covering the LGBT community extensively in the media. I feel like this there is this this backlash in the face of progress and it derived from our Christian the direction Christian. Christian values primarily coming from the conservative right so just to understand. Plainly, I don't believe that someone chooses to have homosexual desires. The majority in the majority of folks would as far as they can tell I look at Tami situations a little different of the gal that was interviewed on the air because she she identifies a heterosexual and then just with her involvement in the gay community again to identify as bisexual and really bought into the fact that she was lesbian and thought boy. Maybe this is how she was born.

But that's not the normal experience in all experiences as kids growing up Mr. to realize their different, they start to realize that they're not attracted to the opposite sex as their friends are many who were raised in faith homes go through deep crisis over this and agonize over it and it and they pray and they cry themselves to sleep wanted to change and he can't so I don't I don't believe there is reputable scientific evidence that anyone is born KM and it's still discussed but that to that.

It's not that they chose that it's very deeply ingrained inside of them. They can choose to act on it or not, but no ice or believe they they choose, they choose to be gay muscle associate let's let's just talk about this constructively that so it if if I believe that it's fundamentally wrong to redefine marriage for many reasons.

Yes, based on my religious beliefs but along with that for many societal reasons. That's okay it's it's wrong to redefine our song and oppose it in the courts. If I can again oppose it. You know a Democratic or and if you because all the land. Well, what am I going cloth again commit him half this no connection among the follower of Jesus on the differ respectably, but how if I then say hey look what I want to be protected. I want to be.

I want to have to do some just like I don't feel it's a gay T-shirt maker should have to make T-shirts that say homosexual practices sinful, I might think that should be imposed on them to say that the Baker has to cake bake the cake. I differ without someone to preserve religious liberties so can I differ with you if I can reverse this. I will be right now. It's it is what it is absent or creatures. My neighbor and my friend in the midst of our differences do have a problem with that because how we coexist right now is a big issue. Yeah, I think so.

Whatever strength there earlier. We now know that the yard the sugar was actually day most likely right. He was on the gate even on again you frequent nightclub for an and I'm assuming he had sort of mental disorder as well and I got up and approximating not operate the fact that all but like I think when you decide to pull the trigger and ended human life for one reason or the other. You must like to protect her family or let protect the country. There are different reason for why you made public. In this case. You obviously have some sort of mental depression that thought that led you to feel that this was the right choice so but if I from that.

The reason why mention the gay is because there is this anti-homosexual rhetoric of the narrative everywhere right and it is based off of religious doctrines are then then it may be some sort of like you mentioned some sort of social reason for why you think homosexuality probably not best practice but this sort of this sort of narrative makes it very difficult for people to accept them for people to be happy in their own and for people to be happy with the BIA to be happy with what they want to be like, they can't do it if were going to say that in actuality I got it because I believe impartiality is not a choice in your born that way. I don't believe it something you can change so when I see this sort of negative rhetoric around again, effectual.

I think that only further escalate people into making a rational choice of the rational decision and then paired up with out easily comfortable weapon garbage as I know something that we are also not going to agree on and then on top of that like with some sort of like mental deficiency. I think the sort of explosive crazy things happen to a life of grace. First, I'm not a member of the NRA so that I get the basic unpleasantness of a secondary couple questions for you when we come back right and what is what is so much junk tariffs kill Christians by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown accountable for toxic murderous homophobia entrance phobia that is continuously pumped into our culture and the main source. The wellspring about toxic homophobia entrance phobia is religion I that was the voice of Dan Savage I would. I would assume that my guesthouse on piker of the young Turks agreed with what Dan said so us on a couple questions, let me get these out and then you can respond freely. We got about eight minutes so I will you be as much time to respond. This is possible and Michael are having him is not to win a debate, but to have have honest discussion that's that's the gym yesterday, and hopefully we can continue with and in another setting okay but I get hate mail, death threats, death wishes constantly simply vice.

In this we love everyone. If if there was can be violence against gay or lesbian person. I was there and have to have to get past me, but nonetheless I believe could she have a mom and dad. Nonetheless, I don't agree with with two men marrying rich women marrying etc. so there's nothing I say that's going to lead to an active violence.

It's quite the contrary there and I've been so angry right but I hear rhetoric against our site constantly. So my first it would be for

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