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The Torah and the Messiah

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 27, 2016 4:30 pm

The Torah and the Messiah

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 27, 2016 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/27/16.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Jews around the world this week. Start with a new cycle of reading through the toll the five books of Moses do they really point to Jesus the Messiah stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. What a joy to be with you on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown delighted to spend this time with you and were going to introduce a new feature beginning today on thoroughly Jewish Thursday gobbling feature that we will be holding to every week for this next year and it is going through the Torah portion of the week talking about it briefly, perhaps giving you messianic insights are an overview of it and then talking about the passage that is read in the profits that goes along with this chapter.

Now if you're not familiar with this. I'll explain how this works. The Jewish custom but I think I find really interesting to be a great time that we have on thoroughly Jewish Thursdays will will get into it at different times so it stuck and be less of the same time and every show on Thursday but if you miss anything. Member all of our shows are archived for free on the line of just click on listen and you got all of the past shows we archived shows in a few hours of the actual live broadcast. Also, please be in prayer for me. I have the opportunity to engage with more and more Jewish people, religious Jews and others who are seeking the truth about the Messiah. Obviously I can interact personally with everyone. We keep trying to produce more materials to help.

We keep trying produce more materials to get into the hands of seekers and to train and equip others but here and there I'm interacting directly. So pray that the Holy Spirit will open hearts and minds. We do our best to present the truth.

We do our best to reason. We do our best to debate issues that ultimately the Holy Spirit has to open hearts, open mind. So pray with me that that will see fruit, and that Jewish people will be coming to faith. We've got some really extraordinary open doors that the Lord has set before us for us to to reach Jewish people, especially in Israel. So pray for wisdom pray for anointing as we put things together. We we know God's heart for his people Israel know God's heart for the nations. My heart beats for both. We just completed our our missions conference earlier this week, our annual missions conference. This is our 17th it still moving and stirring to here with these men and women of God are doing around the world serving the neediest of the needy. Reaching out to the hurting making Jesus the Savior and Messiah and Lord known. My heart beats for that is God's heart beats my heart also beats my own people the lost sheep of the house of his remember Paulson Romans 11 writing to Gentile believers. If you though you are a wild from from a wild olive tree, you were cut off and are grafted into a cultivated olive tree, how much more will the cultivated branches. The natural branches be grafted back in to their own tree.

Unfortunately for most Jewish people that you're putting your faith in Jesus means putting their faith in a different God putting their faith in a different religion denying their heritage which of course is terribly tragic receipt open their eyes to the truth of the Messiah.

There many obstacles. This is God's heart. This is God is the source of pray with us, and today any Jewish related question you have any Jewish related question of any kind.

Hebrew related Jewish tradition related to the modern state of Israel. Jewish identity any of these things.

Please give me a call.

My joy to take your calls here in the line of fire and thoroughly Jewish Thursday 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 878846 and calls it all.

Explain this cycle of total reading and where this people around the world will be this Saturday where the be reading the text will focus on file in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hello Israel Republicans I'm Gov. Mike. It's a great honor for Donald Trump to stand together with you tonight in support of his and I'm deeply humbled to be speaking to you this historic time with all of you there special holy place of Jerusalem, the eternal home have the words of Gov. Mike pants. He was at a rally in support Donald Trump at that never told that David Hall in Jerusalem. Just yesterday yeah I I do believe, by the way that the Republican platform will self-evident Republican platform is much much stronger terms of pro-Israel than the Democratic platform and I do trust Donald Trump and Mike pence more than Hillary Clinton came to be true friends of Israel, but that's that we can focus on Sedona got a couple of the clips I think you find interesting. 86634. Truth is the number to call this is Michael Brown that is thoroughly Jewish Thursday so before I go to your calls. Let me just explain that in synagogues around the world. The tour is read a couple different times through the week but then on the Shabbat service on Saturday. An entire portion is read it's broken up was in the week but entire portion is read and you cycle through the whole tour. The five books of Moses, in the course of the 52 weeks of the year okay and and then each week you read a supplemental passage called the Hoff Taira. Many call it 1/2 Torah, but half terrace.

It's a supplemental passage and it's from the prophetic books now in the Hebrew Bible, the prophetic books you have, the earlier prophets and the later prophets. We have the same books in it in a Christian Bible Jewish Bible in terms of quote the Old Testament but they're divided up differently so you have the five books of Moses. That's the Taira then you have the prophetic books and you have the earlier prophets and the latter prophets okay. The earlier prophets are Joshua, Judges, first and second Samuel, first and second Kings signals historical exhibit there call the early prophets believe that Israel was written by a prophet, then you have the latter prophets. That's Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and the 12 Minor Prophets. Daniel is not part of that, then you have it's called the writings which is everything else. Psalms and Proverbs and Job and books like Ruth and Ecclesiastes and Esther and Daniel and and first and second Chronicles and Ezra and Nehemiah. That's what's all called the writings so the their readings that supplement the Torah they come from these quote prophetic books, meaning they will only come from Joshua, Judges, versus second Kings and then Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel 12 Minor Prophets and primarily that's where they're coming from those latter prophetic books so this Sabbath in the synagogue is partial gray sheet which is the that power shot means the. The section of write up our shows, just as a section so it is Genesis 113 Genesis 68 Genesis 11 to the creation account and then after the creation account. The fall of man and then the earliest genealogies, then the sinfulness of the human race.

The introduction of Noah, the sinfulness of the human race and the stop right before you get into the flood account and then that next one of that the account that follows begins then with Noah and the flood and the supplemental passage that's read before the half Torah is from Isaiah 42 now different Jewish communities have a slight different start stop but will use the one Isaiah 42 52 Isaiah 4310 civil why is that the supplemental passage. Why did they choose that which the rabbis specifically chose these passages. We don't know exactly when in history.

These were fixed were they fixed it all the time of Jesus was in the centuries afterwards. It seems the total reading was fixed in Babylon they would read through the whole tour of the year in the land of Israel degree through it in roughly a three year cycle. Ultimately, that the cycle from Babylon prevailed soldiers around the world. Read through the tour once a year. And of course their study other text at 10 night as well, but Isaiah 42 52 Isaiah 4310. That is the supplemental passage is okay why that what is that supplement of the creation passage and things like that will if you look at Isaiah 42, five.

It starts with this is what God Yahweh says who created the heavens and stretch them out, spread out the earth and what comes from it gives rest of the people on it in life to those who walk on it I Yahweh have called you for righteous purpose and I will hold you by your hand out keep you and the point you recover for the people, so it does deal.

There with Yahweh as the creator and then it goes up through 4310 you are my witnesses, this is the Lord's declaration my servant whom I've chosen so that you may know, believe me and understand. I'm he know God was for before me and will be not have to resorts, a declaration of God is the only true God, Yahweh is the only God in Israel as a witness to that will talk about this a little bit more in the broadcast.

But again, we want each week to look at what's being read in the synagogue and to to be part of that to stay up on that and to be part of that cycle. So you're aware, you may be praying.

Accordingly, perhaps even studying some of these things on your own and many messianic congregations will read from the Torah passage the read from the Hoff to Robert the passage from the prophets and then will also be to supplement from the New Testament. This way there is a complete holistic reading of the biblical text. All right, let's start with Charlie in Washington DC. Thank you for calling the line of fire.

I got my call, carton or question. That's great.

That's what the that's what we're for, so I was looking at Galatians 319 talks about the lobby ordained by an unaware that their class represented in the New Testament idea back under 53 Hebrews 220 can either and I know that each tradition computer. I'm pretty so my first question she didn't beat Angel actually get a lot of follow-up question, yes, just to read very quickly to Craig Keener in his the NIV cultural background study Bible on this section of this part is 319 a given through angels and entrusted to a mediator. Moses was metering of the law.

Jewish tradition claim that the law was given through angels will contrast this with the unmediated promise given by God himself. God is one.

New believers were central to Judaism than this. So that the simple answer is that this was something the Jewish tradition believed that there was angelic mediation because the idea of God himself actually speaking audibly or God himself actually coming down and speaking in that way there has to be some type of mediation. Jewish tradition believes Charlie.

Interestingly enough, although it seems in plain contradiction to the written text that when God spoke the 10 Commandments that he only spoke audibly the first two, and that the rest were spoken to Moses and given to the people. Now the text, the Hebrew text indicates that the gospel call the 10 Commandments and the people said don't speak anymore week we can't take this please and and after that God spoke to Moses, but Jewish tradition says he only spoke the first to the fact is though that Judaism does see aspects of angelic mediation and Paul obviously familiar with that believe there was some truth to it and speaks of it as is true. So it was believed in Jewish tradition in his day and Paul understood to be true as well that there was some level of angelic mediation and actually giving the law to Israel questionnaire for decorative tradition that directly out to share my reasoning question into an adult all in the context got elected to the general.

But in context and got all the angels, even though it not only created the act, but if it looked that if the case studies making a point tradition that buyer.

There are many documents that we outcome up putting New Testament that may cause us to question it.

Just like you know at the point of command want to die even a Jesuit mother. Without the body that will not work so I just see how that back I see that potentially being issued to the infallibility description. I'm sure that you pack a light yet short, I got a break coming up with just a short answer is scriptural and Jewish tradition also believes it because it was scriptural and that's why Paul taught it so the words what Paul taught was in harmony with the addition taught where they'll get it from the got a prescription how to get from Scripture. That's the other question so it's it's it's a great point, but I like that number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. So much for joining us on the line of fire 63487884 is the number to call if you have any Jewish related questions of any kind by all means give me a call to be my joy to speak with you. So Charlie there are things in Jewish tradition that have nothing to do with Scripture. In other words there just traditions developed by people filling in blanks. It might've been just some good preaching or illustration or something like that and then it became it. It became part of the sacred tradition and was was passed on as if it was was somehow real and there other things that are in Jewish tradition that are based on Scripture and even for example, we have Paul referring to Jonathan John Bray's and and as some of the sorceress who opposed Moses when we get there names will be gone from Jewish tradition because Paul quotes them. We assume that there actually accurate to those were some of the names passed on, or simply by using those names we know they were talking about. If Paul and Stephen talk about the law given through the mediation of angels does that go back to Exodus 3 when Angel appears to Moses and and begins to speak.

The angel of the Lord, does it refer to other things in the text and that the tradition deduce things from the text and that Paul and Stephen affirm that tradition as well. So if it's pure tradition and its mythological Charlie and is no truth to it, and the New Testament quoted as if it was accurate yet and that would speak to the issue of inspiration. But if the tradition is in harmony with truth. Maybe the trip may be the Scripture reference was somewhat clear, and the tradition said that Stephanie what it says and Paul and Stephen said that Stephanie what it says, then great, if it if their manufacturers have had a thin air, then it's a problem right right quote collect here pointedly about it… Be quick messaging is not.

This is useful okay to the point of like Exodus 3 when you talk about regarding English you know I don't know how you could've produced that are more how thinkers could deduce that it wasn't a dream and note that a that he could check that the same time you know it. It seems to be more like the angel of the Lord will live you know as you credit many of your of your work.

The visible manifestation of God in kind. They I mean it just seems to be a lot of ambiguity surrounding YOU will will that that's the thing though, and in other words, this is our this is a way of verifying something that if if we see a history of interpretation within the Bible you can. Scripture interprets Scripture right. Hosea tells us that in Jeremiah. Excuse me. In Genesis chapter 32 when Jacob wrestled with a man that was actually an angel so Hosea. This is telling us that. And then we might say, will that was the angel of the Lord, the divine presence. We can debate that that Hosea tells us was an angel headed Hosea know that we we don't know but we accepted Scripture because he's he's he's speaking as a prophet as an authority from the Lord. So a lot of things go like that. The reference itself might be obscure but then here. For example, when you read the Hebrews of Genesis 14, that he gave him 1/10 of all, it's completely ambiguous whether Abraham gave it to Melchizedek or market center, consider gave it to Abraham or Abram as he was known that, but it's been universally understood.

One way and and you've got it universally understood in Judaism and Christianity in the Old Testament, New Testament rabbinic literature so that is kind of a way that we settle things.

And again I if you giggle it like programmable liquid tradition. You know an intercontinental locality.

An example tradition that may have been derived Scripture, but just kind way, making effective power. It is you do have. That's the whole thing.

If the New Testament affirmed some of these bizarre traditions or some of these false teachings about Moses or Enoch or others, then we have a problem, then we could say whether I will yeah but it's just like when Paul can quote a pagan poet and say hey you know were all offspring of God, excluding a pagan poet, that there is truth in what he was saying and stress ahead of even they recognize that role created by the same God and drawn that of it and you'll find that that you may have something homiletical. For example, rabbinic tradition said that there was a literal rock that accompanied the children of Israel in the wilderness and Paul says the creek is that rock was the Messiah know. Did he believe that there was a literal rock or was he say hey you've heard about that rock. The rabbis talk, but let me tell you that really is just like Paul quoted from pagan poet that can be debatable, but the point were agreeing on as if something is stated as truth. Now we want to go and see what's the biblical support for that so I Yep hey, I appreciate the questions there. They're excellent and impersonal and laterally limit our ago I got it. Sorry I'm a college student can actually get a copy of one of your books.

I really enjoy your work so your poor college student to spend a lot of money on this than on money on junk food now not really are just examining of which which of my books would be of greatest interest to you back at one with that you talk about out.

Recommend recommended members Vioxx volume 2 of entry Jewish objections to Jesus. Yeah all right. Charlie, your fine questions and be a college student, a new book where you go to school go to GW all right, stay right there. Howard is going to get your mailing address Howard were sending him volume 2 of my series. That's all my team needs to know and our joy.

The Senate you will find a bunch of questions answered all right. We have other callers stay right there want to get your calls immediately. On the other side of the break and my reminder to all of you who lose me on your radio stations a minute and 1/2 from now. Fear not, because if you get a cell phone, tablet computer, just go to the line of the line of and just click listen live. You see it in red. Listen live being click on that you keep listening or you can you can catch the rest of the show later on my all right big news.

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We have something in common.

Good respect for human life. Thank you. Okay now I have two comments on my deep respect for human life. Take number one I'm opposed to the narrator of unborn babies being legal epitope I'm opposed to while wasting our military in the Middle East on behalf of Zionist Israel. Thank you. I will not let me just tell you that Israel is a very very important ally of the United States and we are going to protect up 100% 100% they been our most reliable. It's our true friend over there and we are to protect Israel. 100% as to number one we all will with you yet so that somebody in the audience asking Donald Trump a question at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire June 30 of this year and he's got negative stuff to say about Israel and chumps is now now know were friends with Israel like I don't like your questions are and we are friends with Israel. I appreciate that 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Arlington, Virginia David, welcome to the line of fire… Our hearts are doing very well thank you my court that they had a while back. Israel, where they got the Moslems Jews together the file trying to bring about unity and trying to basically bring about what looks like unification worshiping God in multivalued knowledge, one or more what your opinion was on that of the development of Daniel whether trying to marry a vision of bringing reconciliation outside of the file that's an interesting question you're talking about an event that Took Pl. in September. The cadet sheds. This is the sanctification and it was called a man a house of prayer for all believers. The festival from September 4 to the 23rd grade by the Jerusalem season of culture, artists, actors, musicians, media figures from around the world were expected to participate in this reading an article from from August, but the II look at it as it is, it is commendable human effort to really try to bring people together in the midst of the hostility those I think it's people doing what they can to try to bridge the gap. Yes, it's humanistic in a certain sense. I say it's commendable to bring people together and then say look, we have deep theological differences and ultimately our view of God is very different. But let us learn to work together as neighbors and friends rather than filling that ultimately it can only go so I cannot succeed without the size of thank you sir. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown so much going us on this note. Jesus said Jesus said that Jewish leaders of his day. If you believed in Moses we believe in me. If you believed in Moses, you would believe in me, because Moses wrote about me. How did Moses write about Yeshua what we know Peter preaching in acts three says that in Deuteronomy 18 when Moses is God will raise up a prophet like me from among you that the ultimate fulfillment of that is an issue. On the one hand, Deuteronomy 18 seems to refer to a prophet. Each generation or prophets that God would raise up to lead Israel so that they wouldn't go to the.

The pagan sorcerers and soothsayers and diviners and necromancers. They would go to the God of Israel and God would then lead them through these prophets, so a national leader, Joshua served in that function in his day in Isaiah and in his day. Men like Elijah and Jeremiah in their day. So on the one hand there is a succession of profits within Deuteronomy 34 says at the time of the writing of Deuteronomy 34 so after the death of Moses and sometime after that that no prophet like Moses has arisen no prophet like Moses has arisen and that's telling you that yeah there have been other prophets like Moses, but not really like Moses saw Peter saying the prophet like Moses that Yeshua in Israel needs to listen to him. So, that's only one place where Moses or the Torah spoke about the Messiah and then what about in John eight Jesus says that Abraham delighted he rejoiced to see my day and the Jewish menace of the unit 50 years old that you ceasing Abraham demon possessed a crazy week talking up so so the that the fact is that that there is debate when did Abraham quote see the Messiah. Some say it was in Genesis 22 when he was going to offer up Isaac and God intervened. Remember Abraham set so Abraham was ready to show his love for God by offering of his son. God's adult I see you really fear me, but of course this is now a prefiguring of God's love in the world that he offers up his son for us and notice God tell Abraham tells Isaac, God himself will provide the lamb. But what does God provide a Mount Moriah Genesis 22, a lamb, no or RAM. God provided a ram so many are said where is the lamb and the answer is Messiah is that lamb will give us more examples, 86634 let's go to Abbey just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire, I really appreciate your show great respect for your great I important not asking yes or no question that I have not been able to figure out any light at Island holiday where when I walked by one of our neighbors had a small rectangular box tape correct fixed filter Gartner to the doorframe and almost look like it has a menorah on it and another bowl. I don't know what it is not what you would be possibly the guy asked if I could ask it plainly things that Jewish family could have on the doorframe.

Yes, yes of course all traditional Jesus would have this on on the doorframe to be on the right side bent to roughly 2/3 of the way up the door to thirds and three quarters it'd be at an end and angle rightness lands in a certain way and then the image on it is the Hebrew letter shin which stands for Shaddai witches is God Almighty. So that's what you see on this not the image of a menorah, it's the image of of the Hebrew letter. Shin and it's it's called the mezuzah and it is put on the, the, the doorpost of the house and it's it's based on a literal interpretation of certain verses in the Torah of, for example, went when God saying this is how you are or to remember things in in future generations, when, for example, Israel came out of Egypt right and they they they put the blood on the doorpost of the house okay. I keep this command permanently. As a statue for your descendents of so they put the blood on the doorpost them, but that ultimately this can be some other kind of sign that was put there so if you look for example in in Deuteronomy chapter 6 God says to to the children of Israel these words on give me today are to be on your heart repeats into your children.

Talk them when you sit in your house and walk on the road behind them is a sign your hamlet to be assembling your four head to those of the prayer box is called phylacteries the religious truths meant Pilates day. First I write them on the doorpost of your house and on your gates, so originally from what we can tell, this would've been done by actually writing something on the doorpost but as tradition developed it with in that that the mezuzah that that little container that's on the wall with in that is a scroll containing these portions of Scripture. Some of them that I just read to you containing them and Hebrew knobs. You never open it and read it, but that's a reminder when you walk in you touch with your hand and you kiss your hand.

That's a reminder to keep the law of God in front of you at all times.

Great you are. You're very welcome. And by the way this this goes back many many years. An article on with lustrous website says that Josephus notes that the mezuzah was already in his time and ancient practice among the Jews, the Dead Sea scrolls discoveries have provided many samples of ancient result data back to a simple second Temple era, so the custom of actually doing this developed before the time of Jesus was interesting there was an idolatrous inscription from old northern Israel southern of Phoenicia were there thereabouts physical can tell it was rude some decades ago that was actually written on the doorpost of a house and it was to Yahweh and his Osher so to Yahweh and his female concert.

So in other words, it was eight and inscription attributing other deities to the Lord, making him one of of a number of deities.

It was polytheistic, idolatrous yet it may have been a reflection of the custom that you're supposed to write stuff on the door doorpost. Talk about a perversion of things right 866-34-TRUTH we go to Mark in Torrance, California. Welcome to the line of fire for critic Michael, you're welcome aboard. Thank you for the interview you did with David Irwin recently that the book about the book and reading it on Kindle. Very good. Excellent God of love excellent yeah very good I wanted to get your opinion of Dr. Michael Heiser's work. I read his book the unfeeling realm and I just started a complete eye-opener.

It was excellent and I wanted to find out looking for confirming voice as I get a yes or I've had Dr. Heiser on my show twice now if you will go when you have time or go to the line of my radio website. The line of and then just click on listen better get you to my radio archives and search for Heiser HEI SCR you'll find the two interviews there and one was. I think two hours, the other in our something like that so a lot of content. There, but of yet. Michael has a similar academic background to me.

We both have PhD's in the same field of Semitic languages though study the same types of ancient texts in grad school and and he's a biblical scholar as well. So what he wrote. You could say on a certain level was common knowledge to ancient near Eastern and Semitic scholars, and something we should have deduced from the biblical text itself know in Exodus 12 when it says it'll gobble triumph over the gods of Egypt.

Exodus 15 who is like you among the gods of Yahweh and then Paul writing in the New Testament that the so-called gods are just demons. In other words, there were these entities. There were these other entities. Entities and an Yahweh Ranges King of all here.

He's the only one who can rightly be called God because he's the creator of everything. Everything else is created, and therefore not not truly God, but to say that they are of the Elohim class of the spirit being class that's that's absolutely true. The Angels are of that class that the demons are of that class of these spirit beings and like Paul writes in Ephesians 6 that we don't wrestle with flesh and blood. The principalities and powers etc. and a convert.

Conversely, we we we recognize that in the Old Testament, the peoples of the ancient world recognize these beings as deities here and there.

I'm going to disagree with someplace Dr. Heiser makes but absolutely overall I find the work to be very important, very self stay right there in a couple of specific questions we can address the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown wealthy welcome to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown my joy to be with you today on thoroughly Jewish Thursday usually calls questions. You have my joy to take them.

Also, let's go back to Mark and Torrance.

Dr. Heiser agrees with some scholars who say that the Satan, the adversary of Job 1 and two is not the same as Satan the devil of the New Testament. I personally differ with that, but that's a debate among scholars here and there. There will be some some points where I would differ with Dr. Heiser but overall he's presenting again, I would say is common knowledge among ancient near Eastern scholars and Old Testament scholars anything in particular that got your attention and let you wondered if it was accurate or not. In his book well. We talked about the tribe. They were in the promised land.

When Joshua what he would come again to conquer and how they were devoted to distraction, I found that to be a great resolution to the idea that you know the genocide going on in that kind of thing.

This is just for our listeners how how do you remember him explaining that that God will because there was the God, the mixing of the front of God and human beings, however, that happened that they treat created the nipple of tribes that were in the land when when the bruiser Israelites recommended to take it over after the accident and lets another was what they were primarily wiping out would have been for their day that that the nifty lien that the descendents of these angelic human monstrosities. This mixed race, etc. now I've heard some people way out on the fringe argue for that.

But here's Dr. Heiser is a scholar arguing for exilic you got the riff I Eamon Anna came in there all Giants where this race of giants come from there.

They are related to the nifty lien which in Genesis 6 seems to say that happened before the flood and after the flood as well so that yet they were. They were wiping out a mixed breed out this answer all the questions that the selling was the answer is it a possible major answer could be. Could be a big merely the biggest was always how to reflect on the character of God you know and satisfying answer to me and reflect on the character got up to bring God's holiness is good and it is lovingkindness that doesn't affect any of those things where I heard other people argue again how it is that God would be allowed to know that the death of babies or he actually ordered the death of faith that kind of thing for me, the very you still have the issue of other instances where the children of Israel devoted people to destruction. And you can't say that they're all on a camera for EM this Aleem and you have a present. In first Samuel 15 with the destruction of Amalek, but does it doesn't provide further insight into the problem you what was so bad.

How did it. How did it, why, why would children kill Kevin we have it as if I assisted this would be up in arms and it was a guy commanded so we got arrested with that but the worst thing we can do is criminalize nobody dares that this God said it. Now that we got arrested with it a bit. Here's here's one thing of interest is so so Dr. Heiser is again a solid Old Testament Semitic scholar and you you you may agree with every conclusion. You may not agree with every conclusion but but he's a sound guy in taking you into this world and helping us realize the reality of the unseen realm hate.

Much appreciated. Thank you for the call Mark.

Thank you. All right if you want to find a specific interview on the line of fire of life It was October 6-7, 2016. So just three weeks ago today. We had special interview with Dr. Heiser and with Pastor David Harward so we trust those will be a blessing to you so it's it's really extraordinary.

There, there was an inscription that has been recently discovered that specifically speaks of Jerusalem about 700 years before the time of Jesus. And it's an ancient Hebrew text and ancient Jewish text, and yet and yet the United Nations has officially ruled that the Jewish people have no ancient connection to the Temple Mount. The Jewish people have no connection to this it's it's only the Muslims who have connection again is premised an attorney who said that's like saying the Egyptians have no connection to the to the pyramids and the Chinese have great no connection to the Great Wall of China and for that matter, and for that matter, there is there is no connection between the peanut butter and jelly to drive the point home, but this just further reveals the hostile spirit is ultimately an anti-God spirit in the UN barring massive divine intervention, the UN will continue to rise up and stand against the purposes of God. It will aggressively take the wrong side on sexuality on family agree it is to some extent, but it will increase, it will take the wrong side on Israel and the Middle East. You can expect it barring divine intervention and massive propensity UN, which is not prophesied in Scripture. So we have certainly no guarantee that it's going to happen. The nations will how will the nations unite against God. That's how against God.

All right, listen to calls for another hour if you'd like to get on the broadcast. Even if you can't be listening on the radio station. Give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

That's 866-34-TRUTH that is the number to call and again it out.

I was talking to Nancy about this right before radio I said honey is not a matter selling books this matter.

Saving lives never talk about really wanted to see our book it out breaking the stronghold of food how we we conquered food addictions and discovered a whole new way of life you love the way the books written, I'll be telling my story and the Nancy just jumps in and says will have a blur. Give my perspective, and sometimes it's funny and sometimes a site tall man I needed that drives the point home. Or maybe you're womanlike. Now I my my she's with fruity different than Mike Brown's injury Nancy. I can relate to that you read through the whole book is like I'm saying something that she interacts with discovered different fonts for we've got some before and after pictures that are astonishing all my care has embarrassing of the past as they are studying for the present, but is by God's grace and help. I just want to tell you I was the poster boy for unhealthy eating. Nothing a glutton but unhealthy eating all my application of Oreos for breakfast.

As a boy. Okay, I can live on chocolate and pizza. The rest of my life on a deserted island and been happy with my food. Yeah, and died quicker because of it. So thank God for intervention.

Get the book.

Only through a website before Christmas signed and preordered at the line of fire. The Lord breaking stronghold food a bottom line today is Jewish people around the world start a new cycle of reading of Torah.

Let's pray will be drawn to the side Jews around the world this week. Start with a new cycle of reading through the Torah, the five books of Moses do they really point to Jesus the Messiah. Time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the one fired. This is Michael Brown. I am absolutely delighted to be with you on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday so we come to the end of the season of high holy days in the biblical calendar than the traditional Jewish world these last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of activity of repentance of prayer of celebration of gathering together and now the cycle of reading through the Taurus been completed at the end of the of the cycle to something called simplest tort or of monarchy pronunciation somehow tore off the joy of the Torah and Jews will stay up all night studying Torah together and rejoicing and now there is a new cycle that begins the Shabbat this Saturday, so it is what's called a partial gray sheet so that the section beginning with gray sheets, which is the first word of Genesis 11, traditionally translated in the beginning or in Jewish tradition. When God began his Genesis 11268 so this will be chanted in traditional synagogues on this Saturday on the Shabbat and then also read with that will be Isaiah 42 530-4310 the little bit more about the background and the development of of that in the first hour of the broadcast. And what's really interesting is that a lot of Christians look at the Taurus, discussed some interesting stories.

But you know little boring and so was hard to understand, and all those laws and traditional juicer. This is the great grace gift cards of forgiveness. The Torah, and when you read Psalm 19 and Psalm 119 about what a gift to Tori is deaf to say, okay, are we missing something.

Now plaintiff Christians love all of the Bible and love reading the five books of Moses and find it to be foundational for everything else that falls and of course that's true, but we we want to rediscover the beauty and the wisdom of the word and out want to point out you that if you if you don't start here then many of the things that that are presupposed to the rest of the Bible.

We don't have it's it's no Abraham Lincoln was asked how tall he was and he said tall enough that when he stands up his feet touch the ground and and I would say that without the Torah, our feet are not touching the ground under me that we have to observe every law on the Torah today, but our feet are not touching the ground that that we are not built on the right foundation. All right, so everything everything that comes after is built on us starting with the most fundamental revelation of all that God is the only God and that he is the creator of everything that is during during my radio feed during the breaks. If you're listening to local radio station of your local ad to be a Christian car guy Eric you know it could be you know some other local ministry or or whatever, but I'm hearing a feed if you're listening align your hearing the same feed that comes from art from a satellite and sometimes on the RC scroll and are there's one clip where RC will say something like when people ask him proved to me there's a goddess.

I take off my shoe and I shall show is a show there must be a God's point is, if anything exists, there has to be a creator, but you cannot have a shoe that created itself reveals the created itself a rock that that there has to be greater. Genesis 1 gets us there and then the passage that's right here gets us to creation, the fall the early genealogies the birth of Noah and then the wickedness of the earth and them which begins the week after is the flood I wouldn't talk about Messiah told you to take your Jewish lady calls 866-34-TRUTH and error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I is how does the Torah bear witness to issue member Jesus tells Jewish leaders in John five believe Moses you believe me rafters resurrection Luke 24 he opens his disciples must understand so you can understand everything written law of Moses and the prophets in Psalms concerning him is the true that that Peter and Paul, mother Stephen preaching the book of acts point to the Torah and from there they they draw people to Jesus the Messiah. Isn't it interesting that in Luke 16, will you take this a parable or a little literal event of the rich man and Lazarus. When the rich man finds himself in in a place of suffering and and is saying look send Abraham send Lazarus who's in his good place if you send them to please tell my brothers and I got I got I got five brothers.

Send them to warn them so they will also come to this place of torment. Abraham says in Luke 16.

They have Moses and the prophets. They should listen to them no father Abraham he said about someone from the dead goes to them, they will repent and Abraham says if they don't listen to Moses and the prophets. They will not be persuaded if someone rises from the dead, so interestingly enough we have this consistent witness week at my throat clear.

There we have is consistent witness that Moses testifies of Jesus does Moses even testified Jesus in Genesis 1.

Well, some would suggest that the words in Genesis 1, not essay a domicile main acute retainer lent us make man in our image, according to our likeness, that those point clearly to God's try human nature.

In other words, that it is let us it is one God, saying, let us, let us make man, Don, in our likeness, according to our likeness and our image so why us well there. There are there are some who who say that's just what's called the plural of Majesty like to consider little status of this is the plural of deliberation.

Let's do it to say it's God together with the Angels in which cases human beings made image of the Angels as well.

So, some would argue that even there you have a hint of God's try unity, but say this you cannot prove it from the Hebrew but the Hebrew is in harmony with God's try human nature. So would say that but what about Genesis 315.

I'll put enmity between you and the woman so God speaking to the snake. I'll put enmity between you and the woman between your seed and her seed. He will bruise your head, you will bruise his heel.

Is is that is that a prophecy of the Messiah will in its most initial context. It's talk about human beings killing snakes and the hatred that human beings have toward snakes and that you stomp on it with your heel in the process to make it fit on your heel a canopy a prophecy ultimately of the Messiah. Some say well it speaks of the seed of a woman.

Women don't have see but it doesn't mean seed in terms of biological seated mean seed in terms of of offspring and in that sense, women do have offspring but could it be ultimately a prophecy that through the woman.

Is there something more happening there spiritually through the woman that her offspring would ultimately crush the serpent's head.

Yes, there could be that ultimate prophetic meeting hence Romans 16 sin, the God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.

Other words, there is a final spiritual crushing of Satan and that is through the work of the Messiah right we go to tangelo in Richmond, Virginia. Welcome to light a fire back around welcome locator church nearby and.

Different picture of Mac and UNIX playing on the book and why not widely and why would Apple you got it okay so let's let's just do one thing for spiritual etiquette and say that a messianic congregation would always want to be known as a messianic congregation rather than a messianic church.

So although I fully understand what you're saying they would they would be slightly offended by the terminology suggest just a little hat there because church always means like not Jewish, Gentile Christian, in a sense it's departed from being Jewish so they like those say were messianic congregation, but here's the the short answer to your question. What they would really give a longer answer.

There are actually five books of Maccabees okay 55 books of Maccabees. But what would you be hearing from would be first or second Maccabees okay now these were books.

The primary books that tell us what happened in the second century BC when when Antiochus the fourth rose to the throne as the leader of the Greek empire and he was very much anti-God anti-Israel anti-Torah and he defiled the temple he sacrificed a pig on the Temple altar and many Jews under the pressure of that the greatness of the Greek empire in the wisdom and the prosperity of you want to be Greek. Many Jews became very secular men even actually had un-circumcision operations, a painful, difficult procedure so that they could be like the other man in the these sporting events were come conducted in the nude.

In this way, if a Jew wanted to compete. He had a look like the other men crazy as that sounds so was a time of apostasy.

It was a time of of great challenge to the Jewish community. Jews were literally dying and keeping their faith and the. The Maccabees of these brothers arose up together and they revolted against Greece. It was a hopeless revolt in the natural but God gave grace and they triumphed and the celebration of the rededication of the Temple is celebrated every year. Within a few weeks of what we celebrate Christmas without the festival of Hanukkah and Hanukkah means dedication speaks of the rededication of the Temple.

Now, when when the Hebrew Bible was translated into Greek and what's called the Septuagint a couple hundred years before the time of Jesus. The these books of the Maccabees were included so you had books that were originally written in Hebrew, like the whole Old Testament. These were translated into Hebrew and then you have other books that were written in Greek, like first and second Maccabees and they were included as well, along with some other books so if you were a Jewish person in the Greek speaking world in the time of Jesus, and you picked up your Bible. It would have the whole of the Old Testament, and a number of these other books like first and second Maccabees and Tobit and Ecclesiasticus. That's called the Apocrypha that's part of the Catholic Bible to this day.

However we see in the New Testament that these books were not quoted as Scripture and traditional Judaism ultimately did not recognize them as Scripture. So we follow today will we understand were written read the same books that will recognize the Scripture by Jesus and the apostles and the ancient rabbis so the Old Testament and then we also recognize of course, the New Testament, but at the time of the Reformation. If you got a Bible, you would have the Old Testament.

Then, in the middle.

These apocryphal books including first and second Maccabees and then you have the New Testament so there was a distinction put in other words, these were not quite the Bible they want on the same level but they were considered sacred. They were considered of great importance. They were considered to be important history, but you were not to draw a doctrine from them or or treat them as Scripture. So I believe that we should read the Apocrypha and be familiar with the contents, it does give us some information of what happens between the old and New Testament and get some of the writings from the time, but we shouldn't read it on the level of Scripture, but in between a good book, and the Bible. That's why would place the Apocrypha okay great thank you you are you are very welcome. Sorry for the length of it that I wanted to cover our bases there. 866-348-7884 we come back want to go to more of your phone calls and also give you more examples of where we find the Messiah in the Torah, 866-348-7884 the number to call. Be sure to check out our latest articles and latest videos on the line of we will be right back. Hey friends, this is Michael I would encourage you to join our support team today become a torchbearer. One of our regular monthly support that enables us to broadcast a lot of fire in America and around the world and all.

Every month we many many different life. Join our team become a torturer asked Brown a SK ground on the condo.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the line of fire, 866-348-7884 in volume 3 of my series answering Jewish objections to Jesus. I focus on the issue of messianic prophecy. Messianic prophecy and there I deal with objections to Jesus being the Messiah.

So, volume 3, I deal with objections to Jesus being the Messiah based on messianic prophecy and the very first objection I deal with is if Jesus is really the Messiah, and if he is so important, why doesn't the Torah speak of him at all and I answer with you be surprised to see how many passages and concepts actually point to Jesus the Messiah. The Torah was interesting though is that the Torah does not speak of the Messiah itself.

In other words, the term, she dismissed the anointed one, and it's referred four times to the high priest. Leviticus 403 references there in Leviticus 6 hi Keohane, she okay the anointed, the anointed priest, the anointed high priest, but that's that's the only time that Michiana is a term occurs in the Torah, so it's obviously not referring to the Messiah.


So, in what ways is the Messiah prefigured in the Torah nodes. We agree that that this is important to Judaism. There is no argument that in Judaism of the cost of the Messiah is important to Torah's foundational we agree that Yeshua said that the Torah spoke about him questions where it didn't say the Messiah will come and do this and say that. So how was he prefer you to give you a couple examples, potentially, from Genesis 1, Genesis 3, Genesis 22 the binding of Isaac has many rich parallels Abraham proved his total dedication to God through sacrificial actions ready to give up his only son on the same way God demonstrates his love and commend to us by giving up his son Isaac is referred to as Abraham's only son. Yes he the same terminology costs abuse that God gave his only son for us. Isaac's willingness to be sacrificed illustrates the Messiah's obedience even to the point of death, the Messiah actually does not. Abraham was confident that even though he sacrifices on the mount. He somehow returned from the mountain with his son, Abraham says to his servants, Genesis 22 a stay here with the doc you will find the boy go over there will worship and then we will come back to you and in Hebrews Hebrews says that that Abraham thought he would receive them back from the dead he would receive the promises were about. The site was about to sacrifice his one and only son.

Even though God said to him is through Isaac that your office will be reckoned Abraham reason a guy could raise the dead, and figuratively speaking. He did receive Isaac back from the dead, but the Messiah really did come back from the dead and then Abraham says God will provide the lamb gobble provide the lamb for the burnt offering. Instead, Genesis 22 God provides a ram as the Messiah, than who comes as the Lamb there other examples other pre-free drinks of the Messiah in the Torah and all I'll come to those a little bit later in the broadcast. Let's go back to the phones we go to our friend Todd in Cedar Grove, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire like Dr. Brown translation equation is coming from chapter 38 of Ezekiel specifically first two big keeper raw is translated, the chief print out the check to Paul are quite the ambiguity. Jane translated the print of garage be check YouTube all and I want to get your input as to why there are two different ways of translating it that way yes sir yes sir. Let's let's recognize that in English if I talk about going to the bank I could be referring to the bank of a river or I could be referring to the bank to keep my money in and it would be contacts that would determine which word I'm speaking of that would that would be a homonym that you have words that are spelled one way, but pronounced differently depending on which word is like wind and wind right and people learning English it's it's a tough language to learn. For these reasons, so those words and I spelled the same pronounced differently based on a wind up that the motor okay you know say wind it up by voice. A blowing window sibling wine salon as a verb, was now there are two different words so the same thing can happen in Hebrew so the Hebrew word Roche means head right and simply, what it means right but it is it is the word from which we get principal or first part.

For example, the opening word of the Bible for a sheet that comes from the word Roche because the beginning is the top that the foremost part okay a word we shall not which which is first that comes from this as well. So the question is does it mean the, the chief prince okay so I'm just gonna read word by word in Hebrew than others on sentiments in Panetta L. Dog, set your face against gold, carrots, gold, and the land of Mark Michael of the sea flush is it the Prince of Roche, Mesha, and to evolve and prophesy against him or is it the chief prince so turn your face toward dog of the landmark Magog, the chief prince of Mesha into ball and prophesy against him. What's interesting is if you go all the way back to the earliest translation. The Septuagint, which is a couple hundred years before the time of Jesus. It translates with with understanding this as roast Greek has no show sound sources roast instead of Roche but it translates it as if it's set your face against Gog going to buy dog Roche Principe Scharf and Covell right so that's an early tradition there. The. The Aramaic tradition understands as chief print so that the target of the Aramaic translation I'm looking at understands.

It is chief prince. It's it is debatable, as I'm looking at different translations.

King James chief prince new King James prince of Roche CSB HCS B chief prince ESV chief prince NIV chief prince NET chief prince NLT the prince who rules over the nations of Mesha into ball of CJB chief prince new Jewish version chief prince so there's a reason the vast majority translations like that and that is certainly most likely chief prince but Roche could think chief could be a place called Roche just don't have a lot of evidence of this place called Roche so lean with chief. Thank you sir. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday. This is Michael Brown and it is my joy to be with you if you got any Jewish related question of any kind by all means give me a call. I want to give you some examples of how the Messiah is seen in the Torah, the five books of Moses, is this week.

This Shabbat the Saturday synagogues around the world.

Jews begin reading through the Torah again, starting with Genesis 11368 and in a passage from Isaiah 42 and 43. Speaking of Yahweh is the only God and Creator, so will do some of that will will take some of your calls and one just catch up with some news here. This was yesterday versus article from Republicans reduce intrusive rally for Donald Trump make America great again, hats, and blue Trump pen church were easily spotted American flags waved in the wind chance of La Krugman. Hillary echoed outside a mainstay of Donald Trump speeches and his rival Hillary Clinton. But the Jews had coverings covered Hebrew conversations is really flags gave this rally in support of Republican presidential candidate, a decidedly different flavor than the ones held in the USO but 250 people gathered there.

This was yesterday of the Trump rally featured Christian evangelicals remember, remember that you that you have all that you have Americans living in Israel who can vote right they can vote their and and therefore it makes sense to have a rally in its shows further solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people, and I believe the Trump's commitment to Israel is stronger than Hillary Clinton so sure that before in anyway just check that the platforms just-Republican Party platform Democrat party platform just a type that in and look at where they stand in Israel and the. The differences are quite pronounced Palestinian power. Watch how much the works of Palestinian media watch reports on October 19.

So last week, although the Palestinian national security forces coordinate with Israel on security issues against Hamas. This does not stop them from demonizing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli soldiers. I'm looking at a cartoon and Netanyahu has hands and feet. The stained with blood. A cartoon with the logo of the Palestinian security forces and posted on its official Facebook page presents Netanyahu with blood dripping from his hand, is shown holding a magnifying glass with the word Sharon that his walk in the footsteps of former Israeli premised or real Sharon to the Palestinian Authority likewise demonizes as a person who sought to kill Palestinians and to give you an idea of how much people are biased against Israel and and how ignorant they are to reality, a somebody posted someone posted on on the YouTube site earlier, it's clear that the Holocaust never happened. What is happening is that Jews want to wipe out Palestinians. I mean utterly remarkable that in this day and in this age that that this can be this kind of stuff can can be believed. But it is it is believed it is widely held to and that's why we have to keep getting the truth out. And as you support our ministry to help us you help us with thoroughly Jewish Thursday reaching Jewish people there Jewish listeners between them that do not yet know the Messiah. We sometimes interact with them off the air and we get to help and educate all of you who do believe in Jesus the Messiah. All where is that yeah here's another least 80% of the Jews that limit us with their successes of Ashkenazi converts Zionism's accrued fraud conjured up by the cursed sinus cabal another one. The ethnic Israel no longer exists. Hasn't since 70 A.D. the Holocaust is phony.

Antichrist is bringing the false use of the prospectus or this is one post after another on YouTube. Crazy stuff up. It set the record straight right here for. It's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

There was a Jewish kid I heard that to Chris gets fast some fast house on Aguila and I never knew it meant we'd sing it did know it meant that note meant to come. Let's rejoice and things like that so it's kind interesting as it learn Hebrew is all that's really were singing, of course, if I grew up in a traditional home. I would've known exactly what I was singing a habit out of this, this from Jerusalem Post today. Jews blame for Holocaust and UK event slam by Israeli Embassy. You got that right. Jews blamed for Holocaust. The gathering of the British Parliament's House of Lords marked the launch of the campaign for the UK to apologize over the 1917 Balfour declaration and invented the British Parliament's House of Lords on Tuesday nights at the stage of what the Israeli Embassy in London slanders racist tropes, including accusations of science power of the parliament and Jewish responsibility for the Holocaust. God of blogger David Collier who attended the meeting, identify the speakers and ultra-Orthodox member of the anti-Zionist victory cartogram so somebody makes a statement at this at this meeting and it is is someone from his ultra-Orthodox Jewish group who flatly and aggressively opposes the modern state of Israel and says accuse us of our sponsor for the Holocaust and here is a gift to Curry L posted on Twitter. Many say Jews. A man says Jews were responsible for the Holocaust panel think panel thanks man.

BDS will boycott the investment section of Israel is mentioned in general applause so that that was the atmosphere while interesting and although the Clinton foundation receives a ton of money for the Muslim world. Donald Trump said to give it back. Give that money back right this most bad connections. These are nations that that or are fundamentalist Muslim countries and kill gays and things of that you give that money back, according to a report in Jewish telegraph agency GTA of the top five donors to have recurrence campaign are all Jewish. So that's interesting, but no surprise because because Jews are primarily Democrats in their voting 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Robert in Portland Oregon welcomes the line of fire on your part. I plywood for four years.

The oral A. The Lord God didn't put that picture of the oral and not know the oral.

The author is 100% unrelated to that of the oral Torah is a concept in Judaism that when God gave Moses the written law. He also gave him oral explanations to the law and that he and then gave them rules of interpretation through which subsequent generations could deduce the meaning of the Torah and then the decisions of the rabbis got added in order of the Jewish leaders of the centuries got added end to that conglomeration, which we know is the oral Torah which is reflected reflected in a multivolume works like the Talmud and the show, Ruth. This had nothing whatsoever to do with Yeshua. That's that's Jewish tradition, the vast majority of it man-made and that that as all kinds of things excuse me.

This would be yeah there's a there's a greater conflicts or beat there's there's a great conflict between the traditions of man and the authority of the Messiah that happens to this that happens in our servers as well. When we show the tradition, Israel embodied that you made flesh and bills and no doubt now, but doesn't know the oral tradition is what he often opposes Mark seven. You have a fine way of setting aside the commandments for the sake of your traditions, so I am not on the following not following your point here.

The oral tradition is man-made is passed on through the generations developed in the Jewish community and considered sacred, and on the same level of authority, as is the written of the written law and and although here where there's some things that are new to certain things that are neutral that that we partake in that are part of the traditionally going to synagogue Jesus did that, but he often rejected the tradition sets were handsomely conflicts with the Pharisees, so why would you say hi bodies, the very traditions that he rejects will learn very embodiment through all tradition okay so want to say there is lateral what he said is a true oral tradition. That's what I'm missing one connection to ducts are connected with Judaism. One thing but why do you why you say there's a true oral tradition on the where you're getting that from who said there's a true oral tradition. Coordinate clutch this out that's on an oral tradition. He is he is the son of God in the flesh, and that what he teaches and lives out is not written down for us and becomes part of the word and we relate to him himself, so he's not in an oral tradition that I appreciate what you try to give to bridge a gap which is it just doesn't work.

The terminology doesn't work so you really term word of God and man. Term our peers must end very very factor to tell because concept different concepts one from below Jennifer one from below the other from above. Yeah so so you don't confuse that with and in fact there's there's a commentary to Jewish law called Robert Robert counter to Jewish law code that says let the truth arise from the earth, that meaning demonic meaning human beings are going to have to produce the law and and the interpretation and things like that. The better way to say it is. There were human oral traditions that is sincere as they may have been gotten the way of the truth of God's word was the Messiah truly makes God no.

That would be the better way to say the Messiah to the makes God known in contradiction to human traditions.

Hey thank you for the call. I appreciate 866-348-7884 the Skoda Pete in Archdale, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire.

McCall were studying Solomon's Temple at our church and there is some conversation that the Solomon's Temple will be rebuilt. Is that true or can you help me with that yet. Note when when you speak of it being rebuilt for Solomon's Temple was destroyed in the second Temple was built and that was destroyed so would be 1/3 tab ride with me. When called Solomon's Temple, but in your Bible study are you talk about will they be rebuilt before Jesus returns, or will it be rebuilt after he returns, what, what's this was for Jesus returns okay and is unaware will be built right there is a hot debate over this Pete and then he give you the fundamental issues you could say that prophecies in Matthew 24 before they reach their final fulfillment that there must be 1/3 temple because otherwise it can't play out for its finale without third temple and passages like second Thessalonians 2 that the antichrist will set himself up in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God if it's because of physical literal temple that would speak of it so the the. The question is how can that happen because the temple mount right now is probably the most disputed parcel of land anywhere in the world and in order to build. You have to build right where the all oxide mosque is so how how in the world is that can be done now. Joel Richardson has a theory in his Islamic antichrist book that an Islamic antichrist will barter with the Muslim world and solicit let's let them build there and this will bring peace in the Middle East and will seem like a Savior figure that that's about as plausible an exclamation. As I've heard is editing. Yeah, otherwise I don't know how it happened and elusive. If Israel tried to do it forcefully. It would bring about a massive to the death war with the surrounding Muslim world and will and one that we continue and continue and continue and that II don't see how that could happen so I don't know that the temple will be rebuilt. I think you can make a good case for it based on certain scriptures that seem to require a temple to come to pass and there is was called the Temple Mount faithful and institute where they have actually produced priestly garments with a produced or that the various things the altar and the end of the various elements of for the temple and they have classes where they they teach those who priestly descent how to serve in the temple, so there there waiting for it to happen, but it's going to take some type of supernatural intervention for it to take place.

So it looks like it will happen. How is a mystery but one thing I'm not looking for that of the temple's predicate rebuild trust anything that I'm looking for Jesus rather than temple. Thank you.

Important question you file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I love Israel and honor and respect the Jewish faith and tradition. And it's important that we have a president who feels the same way for me, respect and reverence for Judaism's personal my daughter Vaca my son-in-law Jared are raising their children in the Jewish faith. Always reminding me the important values and lessons we learn about leadership resolve and families in Jewish tradition. My administration will stand side-by-side with the Jewish people and Israel's leaders to continue strengthening the bridges that connect not only Jewish Americans and Israelis but also all Americans and Israelis together we will stand up to the enemies like a ran bent on destroying Israel and her people together we will make America and Israel safe again it whatever you think Donald Trump I hundred percent with him and stand against the Iran deal. The deal that Hillary Clinton supported and when you've got your grandkids growing up Jewish neurons are converted to Judaism that that does affect your outlook.

It does so that to me is a positive tie in my pants as a committed evangelical Christian being very strongly pro-Israel.

That's positive, but we shall see what we shall see what unfolds in the coming days and let's pray for God's will and God's best with the elections for God's purposes to be fulfilled through them 866-34-TRUTH 7884 pay a few other foreshadowing's of the Messiah in the Torah think of Joseph.

He's rejected by his own brothers. He then suffers because of false accusations and slander even though he himself is righteous. He's an exalted become to become the savior of Egypt and the world and during the time that Gentiles or be benefited from him. He's unknown to his own brothers who think he's as good as dead and then it's only the second time they see them that they recognize who he is fascinating. I think you can say foreshadowing's of the Messiah, a we know that the whole sacrificial system is pointed to life for life.

The innocent for the guilty. A sacrificial lamb or sacrificial animals, taking the place of the guilty party.

We see the intercessory ministry of the high priest and ultimately it is the death of the high priest that frees the Israelites from the city of refuge.

So there is a payment for blood guilt to the death of the high priest as the snake was lifted up in the wilderness and the Israelites looked to the stake and received healing so the symbol of their death, and pain became the symbol of healing of the same thing with the Messiah, just as Moses lifted up the snake in the deserts of the Son of Man must be lifted up, and some crucifixion that everyone believes in him may have eternal life of us are just some some interesting images here of Yeshua foreshadowed in the Torah, 86634878843 I have this to see here. Now that's this interesting article The Daily Beast American arrested in Tunisia for terrorism says he's the Islamic Messiah Angela Merkel suggest Christmas Carol Carlson food playing in the face of Islamic concern that this is it. Yeah, that was the article on Republicans in Jerusalem ready rally for Donald Trump that I read from earlier. Here's a looking for Donald Trump bullet Israel be itself Republican supporters rally in Jerusalem's old city and that is a Jewish news report. That's what Israelis believe Donald Trump bullet Israel be itself and make its own decisions.

That is Reuters reporting. I would go to Gainesville Texas Marilyn Wilkinson modifier don't bring down my back, but you gave my daughter right now and let your heart be Madigan and Mary Conley and Eric start here or matter that would not hurt their onion on you mattering not doing any bereavement on parent and grandparent Natalie. I'm not really came back in Iraq. My granddaughter Marilyn only only God can only God can answer the question of what would happen to your grandchildren. But in Jewish law they be considered Jewish the issue though is not whether there Jewish or not. The issue is whether they know Jesus if they know Jesus as Savior and Lord. No matter what they're called Marilyn if the call Jewish or Gentile. If the called Protestant or Baptist or nothing. If they know Jesus is Lord, then there his and the same with your daughter if she converted to Judaism and denied Jesus the need to be concerned for her soul if she converted to Judaism and denies Jesus as Lord. That's one thing if she simply married a Jewish man and continues to believe in Jesus and raises her kids to know him. That's all that matters. She converted to Judaism and in the process denied Jesus as Lord and said no.

I no longer believe in him a Jew and raises her kids that way yes than thin. They need to be saved because they're not being raised to know the Lord slits really pray that God would grant true repentance and faith that God would save your son-in-law as well.

See if you can get them to read my book the real kosher Jesus taken the title of the real kosher Jesus see if they be willing to read it and and if so, maybe the Lord will touch all of their hearts and bring them to himself really pray as a monogram on the goblet we get hold of them and we join you and asking for that hate. Thank you for the call friends. I'm out of time, but I mentioned earlier in the broadcast emails I'm getting from folks as they know that the book that's in I wrote breaking the stronghold of food how we overcame a few addictions and discover a whole new way of life that folks know the books coming out and were getting these desperate emails from friends and colleagues. I need the book.

I struggle with food. I'm terribly overweight. A developed type II diabetes because my eating.

I'm sick sick of being sick. That's what someone wrote is from another country.

Yes and sick of being sick.

I need the book of Ya want to get the book out because our lives have been dramatically changed and look if God is calling on your life and you die young.

What that does a calling in your life which are too sick and tired to fill. It was then if if you leave your family. Years earlier. Have your ministry life cut short within God's ways are ways of life and the things we can do a steward say were called to glorify God in our bodies. No and that includes the way we eat so I was the poster boy for unhealthy eating. The poster boy for on healthy eating my entire life until 2+ years ago to get your copies. You can get them in time for Christmas.

Signed and numbered website. The line of fire.

The Lord my bottom line. Today, ways of the total ways of life straight to the Prince of

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