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Did God Sovereignly Raise Up Donald Trump? And an Interview with Jeremiah Johnson

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 9, 2016 4:30 pm

Did God Sovereignly Raise Up Donald Trump? And an Interview with Jeremiah Johnson

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 9, 2016 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/09/16.

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Pres. Donald Trump. Can you believe it is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and Owen sound, like a shot.

Go wrong that living inside the Beltway level. I was stunned by the that I will be president, and this is so important to me. Welcome welcome to the one a fire on this historic day people speaking of a revolution saying this is surreal.

This is unreal saying in the media. I can't believe it saying this is the greatest political upset in history's in the Donald Trump is the first man ever who either had no political experience or served in the military to be the president of the United States.

The polls were wrong. Mainstream media shocked even some Trump supporters shocked the political establishment shocked how that happened. One of the spiritual implications of all this will cover today on the line of fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you. I don't plan on taking calls for little while so sit tight I want to weigh in as best as I can get my own perspective shared just a bit about history and this in terms of where my views have been over the last what 15 months or so, and a word to all of those who were celebrating a Donald Trump victory. I voted for him, but in the fear of the Lord. I did vote for him.

I wanted to see him when last night I was emotionally preparing for Hillary Clinton. When thinking with that would mean spiritually about my responsibilities would be and what I would be sharing with the church but I really didn't know what was coming. I didn't know the whole time in the back of my head I been wondering is there a divine purpose has God raised Donald Trump but for a for divine purpose. Is it a good purpose. Is it a bad purpose. I've wondered about that for months when I was endorsing Sen. Cruz very critical Donald Trump during the Republican primaries. III prayed I asked God, am I missing something I said publicly perhaps my job is to give warnings and cautions and others is to say that God is raising up Donald Trump. We put that out there so I've wondered the whole time, but I wrote this last night as it look like he was going to win and I waited for confirmation from a few different major news outlets before I sent it out but it is an article that is going viral already. Donald Trump, president of the United States by the sovereign intervention of God. I believe that I firmly believe that I can explain why the other side of the break why I believe that the only logical rational explanation for Donald Trump's presidency is the sovereign intervention of God. I understand the populism I understand the national frustration I understand the frustration with the elites.

I understand the frustration of of we don't like the way America is going and on and on, but I believe there was too much against him for him to get in without specific divine intervention as opposed to God, to Central America, you vote and you get what you deserve. I believe something more is going on and and all the more reason and we need to pray for President-elect Trump but to all those Trump supporters who are celebrating celebrate yes yes close I don't mock those who are hurting and down today. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. The in line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and which Republican candidate has the best chance of winning the general election of the declared funds right now Donald Trump that was and Coulter on Gilmore 18 months ago yeah unreal on real is in it. I remember when I had endorsed Sen. Cruz and wanted to see him elected, but also felt it would have to be my God sovereign intervention for him to get in because he so strongly conservative. I was talking to Nancy one day and she was not a fan of Donald Trump for sure she had real concerns and she said to me, since I just got that feeling that Donald Trump's gonna win.

I was early on and I think she like Mike or Marco Rubio at that point more than than 70 crews and anyway I remember her saying that submits its reminder a few days this member.

I told her that just have that feeling that she get over the shift. I just think he's gonna look like I really didn't know. I didn't have a sense. In fact, the polls indicated months back that he would be the least likely candidate that could defeat Hillary Clinton among the Republicans when the Republican front runners. And yet here he was the one to defeat her that she may end up with a slight lead in the popular vote versus the electoral college, but that process happen. I think four times before but bear in mind that if it was a pure popular vote issue then that the candidates would campaign differently. Modes Donald Trump works okay. We had a put more time into this because we can flip the state and win if you spend more time in New York and more time in California because the population base is even a you will when the straight state try to get more people so that that's really secondary, and I don't know how much people are talking about the today I'm sure if you if you lost you feel bad if Donald Trump had the popular vote lost electoral college. I'd probably be saying well that some wrong with the system like other. So I understand people saying that today but let me give you a spiritual perspective. I think we understand a lot of the natural perspectives and by the way, yes, this was a vote against Hillary Clinton but not because she was a woman.

And yes, this was partly a vote against Barack Obama, but not because he's black eye. I have no doubt whatsoever. If there is a radical liberal male Democrat that was running instead.

Bernie Saunders or someone like Tim Kane is not as radical as a socialist like Bernie Sanders and we had a strong female Republican candidate Republicans would've gathered around or the conservatives would've gathered around her.

I also feel absolutely confident that if it was Dr. Ben Carson, who ended up with the the Republican nomination and it was Ben Carson against Hillary Clinton that there would've been an overwhelming turnout for Ben Carson so yeah I'm sure there are some people who are racist and sexist. I'm sure that it exists. But that was not what determined this vote, and if you say you have a just look at it demographically.

It was, you know, angry white males that were the largest single failure with that's what put it over. You might just say that they they are a large demographic in America in this room were mobilized to vote this time because they're upset with with the nation was going to turn into sexist and racist to me is only further. Further dividing the nation and it's what we've had for years. That being said, that being said, there's no question that much of the Trump campaign was not nuanced and much of the Trump campaign had had slogans with words or things in it that could be scary and that could be divisive and that no look. When the media is flipping out over this and will I tell my kids and mom leaving the country and you know people flipping out on the one hand, on the one hand candidate Trump did say things that were volatile and that were unwise part of his wrecking ball personality.

For better or worse. On the other hand, on the other hand, the media now fans that into frenzy and gets all worked up about things and now they're older you get what you created summons firestorm yourself not I want to get to this divine intervention subject and in a moment. If you don't have time to listen to the broadcast of you just in the car for minute stepping out at a run to appointment read my article on this very subject Donald Trump President of the United States by the sovereign intervention of God. Just go to the line of go to my regular website. The line of fire.Lord you can read it there to fill in more details there as well but but I want you to hear some of the things that are being said, oh, Taylor let let them eat give you one of the most volatile will start right here. Grab number 10.

This is Al Sharpton on morning Joe this is the type of commentary that has been going on through the years under Pres. Obama that has deepened, deepened racial divisions in America. By the way I'm I'm blaming the people who said certain things for what they've said I'm not putting this all Pres. Obama's feet nor am I saying that we would be a wonderful United nation without Pres. Obama recently that I can be a wonderful United nation under Donald Trump exhibits a divine intervention than a miracle to unite our nation, we understand it, but there are things that and there are issues that need to be addressed.

There are racial injustices that need to be addressed and other injustices that need to be addressed.

In America, and I will continue to be a voice for those issues, but it's comments like these that further inflame further insight and further play into the class warfare and color warfare. Listen to what Al Sharpton had to say.

I think that we are in a real moment.

Like Nixon, I mean if you look at that the backlash after the great Society and of a lot of the unrest that is what defeated you would Humphrey and brought in Richard Nixon. I was a kid, I remember that I was yesterday get assassinations of Kennedy King that cannot arrest people goal for extreme measures to respond Trump play to that and I said that he did all the dog was as this is not Bernie Sanders populism this is George Wallace populism that is knowledge and I think that many people it got to call it the way it is now the question is how will he govern right, but he cannot say he did not run a campaign that has created a lot of racial fears and a lot of divisiveness and he prayed to the crowd and he knew what he was plainly sure I know him here and he knew exactly what he is doing is playing to the worst element yet. That's the way out. Sharpton sees it, and then further inflames for short. Donald Trump said things that were troubling, but the way he was being portrayed in the way he was being represented added to it and worsened it and and made him out to be saying things that he was not saying and and now to compare them to George Wallace out how Sharpton knows exactly what he's doing. He says Donald Trump knows what he's doing. Al Sharpton knows exactly what he's doing.

Let us see how Donald Trump goes forward when he gave his acceptance speech last night. He seemed genuinely humble.

Did he not heat.

He seemed humbled by the moment and humbled by the responsibility that was put on him and he said would become a humble man but I mean he seemed humbled by that and obviously your first question is, is he going to be president going to be okay, step one. He was as eager to be tomorrow. I don't know. Maybe.

Maybe the gravity of the moment will sees him maybe the people around them will help him but let us see what he does. But these comments are Al Sharpton, to me are nothing better than race baiting.

Here's here's a similar comment will go to Van Jones.

This is on a CNN last night. Click number nine Van Jones well-known political commentator and a radical leftist himself, and much of his ideology and the things it is been involved with over the years and often very fair in his comments as well, but he can be quite radical as well as listen template number nine.

This was a white glass against a changing country. It was a white glass against a black president in part, and that's the part where the pain comes this was not a backlash against a black president.

In fact, presented Obama's overall popularity ratings were decently strong at the end and according to Chris Wallace with when they're that strong that that you normally will see that the personnel running in your parties in this case Hillary Clinton will win. This was not a backlash against a black president. If someone's bills are higher under under the healthcare act of the president, then I think he's black there's a command I don't like this plan, we gotta get.

We gotta get somebody else in office if if they don't like the way Americans perceived around the world that we seem weak or that were not doing enough against radical Islam special-interest groups are getting their way with it.

Radical activists in different ways or are setting the direction of the of America upset with the media elites and and and the control that they seem to have over the news nothing.

It was because that is black now thinking that these are race baiting comments. They are much interesting. I talked with time I talked to a ton of people out time of people strong conservatives. I wish they could've voted for the first black president that would've considered an honor that just couldn't vote for Obama and wanted to see someone replace not in his vein has nothing to do a skin color line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. People talk about a miracle I'm hearing about a nightmare.

It's hard to be a parent tonight for a lot of us are you tell your kids don't be a bully. You tell your kids don't be a big tell your kids do your homework and be prepared, and they have this outcome and you have people putting children to bed tonight and laid there afraid of breakfast there afraid a how do I explain this to my children will. The question Mr. Jones Van Jones is what were you telling your children. Children probably weren't savvy and always political developments on their own what you tell them and what was the media telling them yes Donald Trump's made enough mistakes to sink a ship through the campaign. Yes Donald Trump is knocking careful in his comments. Yes, Donald Trump, at times, as appealed to to base fears and anger and things like that but the people coming to his rallies are not just people who are mean-spirited, angry white supremacists and all the KKK talk all this nonsense. That's why the kids. One reason kids are so upset Huffington Post headline nightmare love that your media exposure you're going to be crying as a kid, and if you demonize a certain person to be crying as a kid and yet we could've done that to a certain extent with Hillary Clinton getting it in and what it what are people going to say you know conservatives can say and how are they going to respond to know you.

You say that Donald Trump is in league with Vladimir Putin and with the KKK and all this kind of stuff and that he's a racist 90s a bigot and that he's a he's a homophobe and he's a xenophobe and on and on and now people delegate were not. Are there things he said that played into that, yes, but there's this exaggerated, distorted picture. The media has put forth. So one more clip and I want to tell you why I believe there were supernatural divine intervention I listen to Cokie Roberts speaking on ABC News. Let's get her take on part of the reason Donald Trump one. There apparently is a strong sentiment matter that not having a woman president and that is something that was never had a moment president and was talked about the excitement among women to have a president that that this is always in these situations at least equal amounts of hostility to that kind change and the fact that women live there saying this, particularly on my non-college-educated white man is not surprising and I think some of it has to be attributed to the fact that Trump is running against the how about Trump is running against a woman who is seen as corrupt and dishonest by a large percentage of the population. How about the fact that Trump is running against a woman who is part of a political dynasty and powerful political machine that many Americans resent. How about the fact that Jeb Bush was expected to to be the Republican candidate running against Hillary Clinton he didn't get anywhere in one reason was he was perceived too much as a political insider and part of a political dynasty himself, certainly was not because he was a man or white. No no no no consult. Let me explain why I see unusual divine intervention in this election right one than the massive baggage of his past, including the release of the vulgar video with his tremendously offensive sexual comments with numerous women accusing him of sexual assault in a thorough lying fact they came to for the New York Times. He reported his number your times assessment can the media recover from the selection, maybe not. Maybe not.

Maybe at the secular mainstream unit with New Yorker magazine that covers printed the magazines out with an angry Donald Trump single loser. That's a sure they were in use.

We can to cover out with Mme. Pres. this is that they have an alternate one with Donald Trump at someone in the store say we got these in advance and is just hers anyway. So another thing that the campaigner is that he made and in the bed campaign strategy. The lack of strategy in different ways, like of ground game enough misstatements, inappropriate remarks to sink several candidates a very strong Republican field that he was against including governors like Bush, Christie, Casey, Huckabee and Walker senators like Cruz Rubio sent from outsiders like Carson, fearing he was also against the massive power of the Clinton political machine and he was against the overwhelming collusion of the mainstream media so I I see this clearly, it has to be God.

This just there is president Donald shall come. On the way and culture was laughed at her saying that he was the most likely candidate to win 18 months ago everybody was laughing at it till yesterday.

Not everybody but many a George Barna has a strong list of reasons why he was unlikely to be elected for leaders marked him as unworthy of leaving the country. National polls consistently show to lose the race, political analysts and pundits almost universally agreed. He was incapable of winning two out of three Americans believe is unqualified to serve as president is favorability score was the lowest of any presidential candidate since Poland began. He was abandoned by the Republican establishment.

He was he was none of them mistreated by the, the media, you made a strategy of calling them out for their lies and bias he was outspent by an estimated 2 to 1 ratio elect any political experience, and on and on and then look you can't get away from this, I do believe that God gives words and insights and dreams to this day we have the Bible, it is God's word. I believe the Holy Spirit different ways continue to speak and communicate in a way that is not God's word, but he gives us insight and speaks and there was a young pastor with 27 years old about at the time and he gets word last July in prayer that that God is going to use Donald Trump as as a trumpet and and quote Trump shall become a trumpet to the American people free possesses qualities that are even hard to find my people these days.

Trump does not fear manually allowed the deception was to go unnoticed. I'm going to used to expose darkness and perversion America like never before.

But you must understand that he is likable in the china closet when you want to scroll away because he will disturb the sense of peace and tranquility, but you must listen through the bantering to discover the truth that all speaks through him all his life that I've given to expose launch investigation searching for the truth. Just as I was up Cyrus to fulfill my purposes, and plans same was a pagan king, God raised up to bless Israel throughout the rest of Trump to fulfill my purposes, and plans prior to the 2016 election now that Jeremiah Johnson is young pastor spoke this last year never said that the Trump would be the president simply this was the insight that he got and then Lance worn out Christian speaker Mr. culture often thinks outside the box he he was at a meeting with trumpet. He said he felt God's interim read from Isaiah 45 and he thought was Isaiah 45 the biggest reasons about Cyrus God's using him even though he doesn't know the Lord God using he reads this to Trump and he hears in the spirit Trump give me the 45th president United States that lasted always guarantee the thought. This is something that the gods desiring to do what. So even when there's detail to lances written a whole book on Donald Trump called God's chaos candidate. I had him on the show with me for two whole hours answering critics and those who differed a couple weeks back. This got my attention. So even when I was critical of trumpet supporting Ted Cruz I I talked about on the air. I said I want to get Lance on I want you to hear this perspective, there could be something to it.

Now we go back and look at those essay what you know. Could it be if so, if in fact Donald trumps being raised up as divine wrecking ball. Hear me, then we must pray for divine restraint on him list to do much harm while he does good. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is what I read the Metro thus says the Lord's anointed desire is his right hand. I have no nations, I will go before you click a place to scrape. That was the voice of Dr. Lance wall now referring to reading Isaiah 45. He said he didn't know what was in Isaiah 45 he's meeting with Donald Trump and other Christian leaders, religious year and felt God prompting him read from Isaiah 45 to Donald Trump. He didn't know what was in the passage off the top of his head as he begins to read Eddie's Cyrus guy raising a Trump like a Cyrus, a pagan who didn't know the Lord why he says to him, he read those words even though you do not know me at ease and he felt Donald Trump to be 45th president United States. They said to have we had more presence and realize okay you don't count numbers if if you're in office for eight years so you 45th president. Now it has happened has happened. Now we have our assignments really pray because I'm not looking to Donald Trump. I'm looking to the Lord and I'm only expecting him to do with the president to do the church must do what it can do. But no, I want to revisit this first prophetic word that got a lot of circulation. Last year I got on here with me. Jeremiah Johnson, the pastor, who share this word in the first place.

Jeremiah, welcome to the line of fire.

Hello Dr. Brown thank you so much for having me on today. Sure thing Jeremiah, do you believe that if God speaks today that it is in any way equal to the Bible or challenging the authority of the Bible know know why.

I believe that anything that God would speak today would have to be confirmed lined up with the Bible so I believe that the Lord does speak today through dreams and visions. I myself had many of them, but I believe that those are not extra Revelation if you will, but are confirmed in governing. I I consider myself a prophetic person but my life is governed by the Bible by the word of God and anything that I think that I might receive from the Lord is going to have to be backed up by the word of God and Jeremiah when did you start having dreams were you thought God was speaking to through your dreams and in accordance with access to quality control to that God would speak in the latter days from the New Testament days until today through dreams and visions wanted to start having dreams about the time I was nine years old I would be when I could remember having dreams my my mother had a dream herself.

When I was in her womb to name me Jeremiah in the word of the Lord spoken to her was that I would have dreams so around nine years old I began to have dreams and I would wake up and you know sense that the Lord was speaking to me so I just practically began to get a tape recorder and a notepad by my bed and began to write down the things that the Lord began to speak to me at night, and it has been almost nightly are now for some years that the Lord comes to me and speaks to me and have you found these things to to be accurate or relevant as opposed to just reflections of what's on your mind when you can sleep. Yes, I believe you know there are many things that the Lord has revealed to me that I have made a public that have come to pass in. Not any credit to me but just simply as a messenger of of what the Lord is told me I probably given prophecies about the Middle East and Israel, Egypt, some other events in the body of Christ our hurricane Sandy comes to mind some things that the Lord showed me, so they sometimes they come maybe as a personal dream for someone maybe sometimes for the church here in Lakeland and then sometimes the Lord will give me dreams about nations or certain leaders. God I we come back. I want your might explain what happened last July to July 2015, when he receives this dream was playing and has a sense about Donald Trump and shared it. Donald Trump trumpet God when I heard it and I wondered if it could be true in the midst of all my concerns about Donald Trump that could be true for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I continue to believe Mr. frump will not be present.

And the reason is because I have a lot of faith in the murder victim and I think they recognize that been present as a serious job. It's not hosting a talkshow or reality show. It's not promotion, marketing the chart. Yet Pres. Obama spoke with many felt that Donald Trump is just not fit to be president and in the background to be president, and this is a weighty weighty responsibility in many ways become the most powerful person in the world. If we said two years ago yes can be Donald Trump right. Our younger daughter Megan mentioned to me earlier today that there's an old episode.

I don't know how old I'm on The Simpsons's show, which neither of us watch for it. She heard about it where there they're talking about is someone's going to come up and clean up the mess left by Pres. Trump and they use that they came up with that to think like you do the worst possible person to think of us as president and yeah the American people spoken so that's the man we want to be our president.

I'm speaking now with pastor Jeremiah Johnson from Lakeland, Florida.

Jeremiah when when you receive this this word about Donald Trump last July. What you know about him or actually Dr. Brown do very little love of my told people I maybe watched about a minute soundbite of him on television. One day, but outside of that, it never seen or heard of him before. I don't consider myself follow politics much or reality show. Donald was virtually unknown to what happened and what was the basic word that you received so I woke up one morning on July 15, 2015 and was in in a time of prayer in and received an open vision where I saw Donald Trump in the spirit of God began to speak to me very clearly and you know you'd mentioned it before but you know began to tell me that Donald Trump I would become a trumpet for to the American people and that he possessed qualities that that were even hard to find in God's people and he began to tell me that Trump does not fear man that he would not allow deception and lies to go unnoticed that he was going to expose darkness shine America that that he but that he would be like a bowl and a china closet. What I was getting in the vision was that it would would be very hard for people to understand, or almost to receive what he was saying in the Lord began to continue to speak to me and said, many will want to throw him away because he will will disturb their sense of peace and tranquility, but you must listen through the bantering to discover the truth that I will speak to him in the Lord began to speak to me about Cyrus and about how just as the Lord raised up Cyrus to fulfill his purposes that he would raise up Trump to fulfill his purposes. Prior to the 2016 election. Now it was a little while after that that you then posted that on the Christian website and it immediately went viral. Now I had known you a little light spoken at your church, maybe a little over a year before that and I so you at your very serious young man of God. So I took this seriously I thought okay this is odd, but I don't see it but it did register as a major? To me, but it went viral.

What kind of responses. Did you get to to the prophetic word well on unfortunately or fortunately, depending on the way that you look at it. I was basically a member that first five days that it was out. I remember documenting. I received over 1000 pieces of hate mail all from Christians who had accused me of either predicting Donald Trump was going to be the president or basically you know kind of accusing me of how could God use a man like Donald Trump and how dare you answer I was basically bombarded with hate mail and is even a few threats that indicated like this.

Something was going to be done to my life and so I was I was startled just because again prior. I really didn't even know who Donald Trump was an prophecy doesn't really have anything to do with our opinion you we just we received from the Lord and we speak it out regardless of what we think so.

I had just received this word to the encounter but was published and then I was bombarded and it was interesting to me while the body of Christ really came against me all the the cordial and encouraging emails were actually coming from unbelievers. I was reached out to bite by several well-known businessmen in America who wanted to congratulate and thank me for putting that word out there and they thought the same thing so IE I got a route bad response from the body of Christ. Some some people from the you know that the business world contacted me but then I remember Glenn back read that read the word on his television show and I was the laughingstock. I wish Hannity and Colmes wanted to fly me into New York and interviewed me and I literally over that next step several months.

I declined every television and radio interview that came my way to climb. I just, I guess my heart behind it is II never put the word out there for plump publicity shake I just was trying to be obedient to put out what the Lord had spoken to me during that time. And you know that July 15 that he was running against many others, so it was it was early on where it was just it was so obscene. I mean even if you if you type my name Jeremiah Johnson into the World Wide Web.

You'll have about 50 sites of false prophets in this and that so I just my heart behind putting that word out wasn't to get on television or radio, and I really didn't feel God telling me to defend the word. I didn't feel like I needed to go on in expounder defend what I believe the Lord is set up like the Lord said that he would vindicate me and the work right so this was early on it was modified by many others thought there's something to it.

What about that the end of this word, you must listen to the trumpet very closely free will sound the alarm. Many will be blessed because of his compassion and mercy. The minutes of the outward pride and arrogance. I've given the tender heart of a father who wants to lend a helping hand to the poor and needy to the foreigner and the stranger, Sosa, Jeremiah, that really sounds genuine, but when you make of this far in the stranger thing. It seems that Trump is against the foreigner and stranger. What's your understanding of that is if you look at things. Well I am still praying into those last few lines of that prophecy. I obviously am unaware as many others. His stance toward the foreigner in the stranger, but I know you know even the poor and the needy. Donald has has been recorded as come out over the race, he has been a blessing to us some in need and so I I believe part of this prophecy is a part of it it it was a now word part of it was a confirming but I believe this last part could be a new something that were going to see unfold during his presidency. That's the real sense that I get that he is going to become a helping hand to the poor and the needy, the foreigner stranger. So I think that something organist see play out over the next few years, and in the way I would judge things. This is parts one through five of something. I believe the Lord is saying come to pass dramatically in six and seven seem unlikely I'll hold him in late six and seven we got just about a minute and 1/2 but you had another dream recently about Donald Trump. What was that guy.

I had a dream on 11 516 so November 5, I received a dream where a baby with the face of Donald Trump was handed to a mother and a church nursery and the mother took Donald and began to rock him in the nursery and weep. So it was a baby at the face of Donald.

I know it sounds a little strange, but that's what I saw in the mother took Donald into the church nursery and she began to sing and rock over baby Donald and she began to sing over him in the dream she said this phrase for time she sang over Donald.

You have a crooked way in you, but through the intercession of the church, God will change you. And then again you have a crooked way in you, but through the intercession of the church, God will change you. And I woke up with this sense that God was going to give Donald Trump as a gift to the church. I believe that he won the election, primarily as a gift from God to the church and God is entrusting Donald Trump to the church that we must be faithful in prayer and intercession to pray for him now is not the time to fall asleep and all these different things and go back on our way now is the time phrase does have a way that is a baby Christian.

But he needs our prayers thought it Jeremiah loud and clear. Thank you so much for joining us today friends to read the whole word go to the line of fidelity. Read my latest article I file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks so much for being part of this historic day in the nation in the world. November 9, 2016 with a massive upset victory of Donald Trump 866-34-TRUTH 7884 if you want to weigh in on anything I've said or my guess to set over the last 50 minutes phone lines in our open 866-34-TRUTH 7884 again what got my attention with Donald Trump one. Some of these prophetic words you say but yet what even listen to these we know that the things prophecy actually the New Testament tells us to encourage these things and it says that we should earnestly seek prophecy gift of prophecy and an offer, but speaking in tongues. So something is genuinely test everything by the word prop prophecies are not universally binding. They are not the word of God. There's only one word of God, the Bible, but God speaks in many ways he may lead you about a job. Praying up non-affiliate do this a inmate you may feel a certain sovereign claimant certain move, serving a certain ministry. He directs us and leads us in many ways, you may have an internal sense is from the Holy Spirit you make of the word know that that the Lord's call you going serve in this particular country and things like that so yes, I believe the Holy Spirit continues to speak and sing about these words got my attention thought. Could it be that God is using a very unlikely vessel. Maybe put such an emphasis on character and integrity, and that's that we associate with Donald Trump and could be God using an unlikely vessel.

Pray Lord of my looking at things through certain spiritual laws that are missing what you're trying to do that. I'm not being spiritual enough of into spiritual so I wondered even more strongly opposing him and and then when when it was Trump versus Cruz in Indiana and in it was still a possibility of Cruz getting in and it could be close and Trump one.

Thank being I said I sums up some things up and in then for him to be helically and I felt for months now. The only way he wins is if it's the will of God, that he was a symbol. Everything is the will of God.

What we debate another time. Let's just say there are times when God's actions are more obvious than others and I said to myself. The only way he gets in, is if it is the sovereign will of God that God has specifically willed it at an end and please hear me if in fact this is true, what I believe in with these prophecies of said in a ready you seen this with Donald Trump.

The media has never looked worse. The mainstream media has never looked worse. Their biases have never been more obvious that that they lose you get somebody, Donald Trump, lose I hope is not vindictive but but I sure hope he does what's right and inconsistent continues to send the offensive about things that need to be exposed and revealed and just a lot of corruption that's out there and ended establishment politics and on and on. A lot of that really has come to the surface with the run of Donald Trump. We shall see what his presidency holds, but to me, we've got a really praying out just as urgently as I would've prayed of Hillary Clinton was elected.

In other words, if in fact there is a certain respite for religious liberty. If in fact there is a specific time. Where can we can get positive pro-life and pro-Constitution. Supreme Court justices and and and and maybe strengthen our security and and and improve our immigration process and so that we are fair and just and and and maybe help in other ways that are important issues and with family morality and things like that is not where we coast this is where we seize the moment we pay dearly in years to come. 8663 freight 7884. Let's go that Nancy in Queens New York. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown I can speak for the whole hour you want to show that I wanted to say that some African-American I was choking on the boat. Donald from, but the father spoke to me that this man is like medicament is dead and think about what the left by that man property is that they put people around him. That could be the rough equivalent of Daniel Michelle Hannon. I am active.

I have reviewed the quality of and good for you and I I I went to the pole with every trepidation because I am African-American but what Resounded in my heart is black lives matter from the boom to the tomb and everybody life matters, but African-American babies are the ones getting aborted for the amount parked and got God's agenda and if I follow his agenda. He will help me with my left attitudes that I have yeah hey bless you for your integrity in doing it and look what we make of Donald Trump himself. He got some savvy campaign people around him at the end that mapped out that strategy to win certain states, and to do well in other states. He selected Mike pence a committed Christian conservative I spoke with a friend of Mike pence yesterday and called and said had just prayed with him and and yet he's agrees. It is a godly man for everything.

Understand he's talked about having potentially a Rudy Giuliani's and Atty. Gen. and things like that that that he could well surround himself with wise people. That's a great insight. Nancy even if he himself had more the characteristics of Nebuchadnezzar the end of having wise, godly people, and of course got humbled. Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel, for let's go to Honolulu, Hawaii Elijah, welcome to the line of fire about a yes question is Jeremiah Johnson after the but in the Old Testament it gets wrong with the murder not murder, but you get the prophet how went back and are different in the New Testament.

Yeah a great question certain and great coming from someone named Elijah on top of it. Yes, in short, obviously just a death penalty. The question would be, would be excommunicates someone will be called in the false prophet here so I understand it in the Old Testament the prophet was leaving the nation. The prophet was the spokesman between God and man. The people were not all indwelt with the Holy Spirit. They did not have many people they could also hear from God the same way, so the prophet could terribly mislead the nation, and it also says in Hebrew. If he speaks presumptuously. So there's also sin in his heart, one way or another.

Is he speaking he then leads them astray by leading them into idolatry, or by speaking falsely. Yes, death penalty, as I see the New Testament because anyone can potentially prophesy of this was the prayer of Moses in Numbers 11 that that Paul writes in first. This loan is five not don't despise prophecies. Test everything and hold fast that which is good.

At the same time. Don't put out the spirits fire don't quench the Spirit. Then, at first with his 14 two or three prophets speak and the others then judge so I believe in the New Testament setting certain I got a be real concise because it's right at the end of the hour I I believe. I believe that in the New Testament setting because everyone can potentially prophesy and because the outpouring of the Spirit is on young and old, men and women in such a Broadway with a prophecy spoken and that has to be tested and if it is confirmed to be from the Lord.


If it is felt not to be for the Lord approves not to be than that person needs to to learn from that and grow accordingly. If they continue to speak falsely the Savior in your speaking falsely need to shut up and and if there's a word that's not accurate you learn from it and grow. But everything is submitted because it is not the Bible pay out of time.

My bottom line today. I believe God is raised up Donald Trump. Let us now pray for him like never before. Pres. Donald Trump. Can you believe it is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, no one saw it coming. I think I go wrong that the people I expected living inside the Beltway level. I was stunned by the from that the leg sounded presidential today. What for a guy who 70 years old and speaking, what, three, four, five times a day towards the end the elect in pretty good shape. Again, his life, his days are in God's hands, but it is so important friends.

If you are one of the ones who voted for Donald Trump.

Be glad that he got elected but don't look to him as if he's the Savior of America is going to fix everything.

Pray for him to do. Pray for him to do what he should do is the president and then pray for the church to do with the church must do. We must not look to him to be the reformer of the nation must look to him to be a wise president and to surround himself with wise leaders in the wise team and then we must take this moment if in fact there will be Supreme Court justices that will help us and expand or keep our religious liberties if in fact there were decisions that will be made that will be for the good of the church of America and therefore for the entire nation then we can't let up now because our nation still in it in a dire situation terribly divided and we believe we've got to dive in.

Now, in fact, if we do have a respite and Donald Trump said this, we will seek common ground, not hostility partnership, not conflict will get along with all other nations willing to get along with us will have great relationships. We expect to have great great relationships with total world community it while you always put America first, we will deal fairly with everyone. With everyone all people of all nations last night I was watching on Fox news. Actually I don't watch much news at all.

In fact, almost all the news I get I get from from reading this while for his pronounced names to be candid with you and I have a watch Fox much in a while because I thought Sean Hannity. Others were so rapidly in favor of Trump that it was almost as kind of like an apologetics thing for it for Trump. I watch the coverage last night Nancy was in another room watching on CNN and it was interesting Fox was saying yeah you know this look like the media has that much power because the media was so against comp and all of this and and then when John Podesta came out and said all right host I can address it. Once I go home, get some sleep so should be back in the morning and he was upbeat in a strong pretty face on and then there saying that Donald Trump should do the same. Even if it's announcing that he wins, you know it's to three in the morning. Let everybody get some sleep if the speech sweeter in the morning and then come and address the whole nation in the morning and they're all like yeah that's what he should do yet that's what is really doing any comes out is that we are wrong get II at that point upset or thinking you're gonna be wrong is not going to do it. You're expecting him to do because that's not how he got here. What a fascinating moment and some people are so upset. There is one college professor canceled class canceled class because students were so traumatized canceled classes to cope with anxiety and terror, Trump went to how much this professor has been feeding the fires of those fears for plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael is that is already in a car and air is over. That is the voice of Hillary Clinton. You know that I strongly opposed her, you know that I urged people to vote against her and said even if you can't vote for Donald Trump. Please do not vote for her for the radical policies that she held to an that being said, I can imagine the pain of disappointment she's experiencing today. Number one because the amount of year is that this is been planned for and this is when it's all going to happen was supposed to happen eight years ago and then were ushers upstaged by Barack Obama that a young senator but sex to be upstaged by Donald Trump. The reality TV star. The narcissist Playboy racist bigot in all the stuff coming against him in some valid, some not. Not him. I last I saw that the major polls gave Hillary about an 80% chance of winning and she loss image. It was close, but she ultimately lost handle night I did a survey on Twitter and II asked my my twitter followers.

What they predicted for the for the election and the I had Trump I landslide Trump I close vote and and Hillary by Lance life Hillary by a close vote and it ended up being that the highest prediction was Trump by" and that's ultimately what it was in a couple of states to be going either way, there were that close and they went to a Donald Trump and that made it that that made it the the overall victory for him.

I pipe tweeted something out right before radio. Yes, the vote was against Hillary, but not because she's a woman. Yes, it was probably just about not because he's black. Just saw a black gentleman sings this can be an article I literally just said this, we are in sync, sir. So we stand here today share this in the first hour I've written about it. I must see the hand of God in this in the sovereign way is no Legitimate Way, Donald Trump would be president of the United States to much against them too much of his own baggage from the past to many of his own mistakes today.

Too many things not doing that should've been done too many things done that shouldn't have been done too much powerful opposition from the Clinton political machine.

Yes I know I know she had a tremendous amount of baggage to but still Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton that that would've been a jewel in fact I play this earlier money grab it again. Clip number one and culture is on on Bill Martz's got a kind of abruptly jump in here but but listen, listen, this is 18 months ago. Listen to this and what Republican candidate has the best chance of winning the general election of the declared funds right now Donald Trump. Yeah, I mean that's that's the reaction, and when and Coulter rotenone Trump we trust in the typical bombast and things I real issues with much of what she was saying and and let me say this with every candidate. Someone voting for Barack Obama or someone voting for Mitt Romney. Some of the voting fairly.

Clinton are somewhat voting for Donald Trump.

You have people voting for good reasons and people voting for bad reasons know what I'm saying you have you have followers and voters who represent the best followers of Otis represent the worst, so I I don't doubt at all that there is an unhealthy nationalism that Donald Trump appeal to. Just like there was an unhealthy vision of America that Hillary Clinton appealed at the same time believe there's a healthy nationalism that Donald Trump appeal to just focus on him for the moment as our next president that that a lot of Americans were not happy with the direction of the country and be at the economy of the economic recovery, be it what happened with healthcare costs, be it concerns about immigration yes wanted to be fair and and and I do hope I do hope that we secure our borders and I do hope the Donald Trump will be open to to look for a better path for citizenship for those that have been here for years and have been law-abiding citizens once they been in the states as opposed you have to leave and come back. I would hope that that would be modified. Yes, there were things that that stirred up animosity and hatred that he said that a lot of what he said of appeal to frustrations of everyday working Americans of all color and of all background.

The just didn't like the direction of the country's again, there is a healthy populism and not healthy populism and I feel that even some Christians who supported Donald Trump supported him for wrong reasons but minimize the obvious concerns and faults minimize the damage that he could do minimize the lives that he would hurt to get where he was minimized his weaknesses in his transgressions and made them into some kind of savior I respected those who said hey I see all this clearly, but I believe God's hands him. I said that as I was opposing if you recognize the deposit was an issue I have with Jerry fold Junior that please don't make him into St. Donald Trump don't don't don't paint them in this picture even if he has helped out people in the behind the scenes and done things, even if the public persona that this does not line up with the private person in certain ways, but some may come into some kind of super St. let's recognize that the man, as as a wrecking ball but one that God could use that I could respect that that I I am sympathetic. So last night Nancy is the rumor.

She was and Chris were both off as many Americans were now that's nothing new for us to stay up late and then an identical sleep before the morning so this was just another night for me in that respect, although very tense one and I wrote an article about Donald Trump, president of the United States by that was X-Acto touchdown to present United States by the sovereign intervention of God, and you can read it by going to the line of it's it's going viral on a few different websites already and I don't think is a great article.

I no I just believe that them conveying something that a lot of people resonates with so I was writing up and I was waiting to send it out is like okay sky went… Wait until when I saw the website and I've also written for conservative websites when they announced President-elect Trump. I said of him putting out was a little bit before before Fox and CNN announced in Drudge Report announced it couple hours earlier this done deal to them, but so Donald Trump's giving of speech and Nancy says to me I hope I hope these crisis and I forget exact words but as I hope is conciliatory, you know, obviously that's not the time to come out – crooked Hillary or the time and you lash out at other people are no aunt and I thought okay I think he's got an attempt to be a gracious winner.

Some people gracious losers. Some people gracious winners. Some people are neither. I thought of Kathy. I think we'd like okay good.

He was himself.

He joked a little bit, but he was gracious. The audit Hillary Clinton, obviously the most honor. He's given to her in years as as he spoke of her and you know it's like two fighters, a trash talk each other before fight and then watch the fights over. They hug and say hey we just met the Celtic and swabs he was nuts when the election and I think he does think of. Anyway, she's been corrupt, but he was conciliatory he was mature in things that he said he just hope that will keep it up you can still be strong you still be a wrecking ball.

But we gotta pray God, if you have raised him up as a wrecking ball. Then give him restraint. One colleague of mine said to look at select Secretariat. This incredibly powerful horse had to learn to be controlled by this hundred pound jockey we need to pray for that in his life. JJ gripped number five Hillary Clinton, of course, was conciliatory and calling for an open mind and an open heart towards Donald Trump to give him a chance. Listen to what she said now is and always will and is and now the me know and are shy and sharing. Yeah so again she's obviously brokenhearted. I can imagine the devastation and II believe she is a serious liberal Christian village that her faith is important to her, but it's a counterfeit faith. Let's pray for her really encounter the Lord these days as well for a husband to really encounter the Lord, all things are possible with God and and then we want to do our best to hold president Trump's feet to the fire say hey you got a strong platform stand with it. Stanley this point is just as promised would help help the poor in the inner-city step by the things you said you do and if he over spoke anything rash… And was the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown yeah I just spotted this my twitter feed. I guess it's with proud liberals meme Donald Trump did win today hate one fear, one racism and sexism. One homophobia one prejudice one self interest. One second on the degree because America's what we thought it was within the fight begins. We won't give up hate. If Hillary was elected I would've said that we don't give up will be move forward. But I feel very confident that God has had mercy on us, but we must really pray nothing is guaranteed. Donald Trump can have a positive impact like Ronald Reagan. But still, there's so much that only the church to do with all Trump could be a mixed bag. It's easy to have these expectations that I have no question that is by God's sovereign will that he was raised up against all odds, but does that guarantee tomorrow. No. Therefore, we pray and we give ourselves to our task with urgency and faith, 866-348-7884 before go to the phones I president Obama his remarks on Donald Trump's election, he he said that yesterday before votes were tallied, I shot a video that some of you have seen Mason which is the American people regardless of which side you're on the election regardless of what your candidate won or lost the summit come up in the morning and that is one to the pregnant prognosticator that actually came true. The sun is up, he said not so secret that the President-elect and I have some pretty significant differences commemorate years ago. President Bush and I had some pretty significant differences.

President Bush's team could not of been more professional, more gracious in making sure we have a smooth transition that we can hit the ground running. That is certainly with Pres. Obama would be expected to do with with Donald Trump but he says this at the end of his speech. I've only read a few lines from it I said before I think of this job is been a relay runner. You take the baton you run your best race and hopefully by the time you handed off to look further ahead you made a little progress I can say that we've done that I want to make sure that handoff is well executed is ultimately were all on the same team. Now the problem of course for Donald for for Barack Obama he's got to be feeling this acutely legacy legacy legacy legacy.

His signature act. The affordable healthcare act, knows Obama care.

There is tremendous expectation that that will be repealed and replaced gone gone. If in fact Donald Trump appoints the justices to the Supreme Court that he promised you don't just have the perfect replacement for school yet. You could have replacements for Breyer and Ginsburg for Justice Ginsburg is 83 and she said she was moved to New Zealand. If you want. I think of a sitting justice playing in the presidential race.

I think you're allowed to do that recently expected protocol not to do it. What if he replaces the Supreme Court justices with say three strong constitutionalists what actually did that one failed true that Justice Kennedy was the swing vote on on that horrific redefinition of marriage both. He was appointed by Reagan so you don't know ultimately where people are going to go but what if they were in the image of of Scalia and he appointed a few like that with the help of the heritage foundation giving them guidance… Santa Cruz is been James Robison's hope that the trumpet citizen agreed to help me appoint justices to the Supreme Court. Give me some guidance suits work together bury the hatchet. Let's work together all yeah a whole lot of Pres. Obama's legacy would be undone and and of course SOM America operates in these fits and spurts in different directions and and one for the country's interest for the best in the other part of the country is mortified and vice versa. But right now right right now. Betsy seriously sought to be this happy searching on Internet regarding moving to Canada yet. Maybe.

Maybe I'll read that list real quick and I find it here.

Yeah, a celebrity, reactions of people that plan to to move out of the country. I'm either they're a bunch some of said where they're going on. I can read all this like twentysomething people where they're gonna move some haven't said really a move will see mostly at the probably people sodium until he claims likable, mostly people tend to like America too much to leave over this book.

But we shall see. Gathers word there is word that someone on our radio team is already Canada that this is an in-house joke yet so I mean here at Perez Hilton Black's gaze, Latinos, Muslims, women, and only second-class citizens in America when a bigger targets than ever. Not my president. This is the rhetoric. This can be flying around.

Let us see how president Trump governs and leads in and let's see if he works for good diversity versus the unhealthy diversity that we see where were a tiny minority can impose its waste to the detriment of the society to the redefinition of fundamental aspects of our society into the oppression of other parts of society. We shall see. But I just tweeted this out as well. The left is now falling victim to its own hysteria first demonizing Trump yellow reality and out terrified by the image they created art.

We've got a cover what's happening in North Carolina and with government McCrory and Atty. Gen. Roy Cooper. I will ensure bit of my own history of the articles I wrote where I stood on the stick to give a little perspective that might be helpful. There were the legalization of marijuana in California and Nevada Florida Arizona saying no more Zacatecas, we shall secretly grab one quick call and Raleigh-Durham area clay welcome to light a fire got what she wanted one day that we have been allowed to live in like to share that you know last week with being able to go to call to worship where your brother in Christ was there. You know I didn't get to hear the testimony from brother Walt. But I will tell you what that following Thursday after Warden gave an inspirational message telling people should would you vote for. If you will bring your life was being aborted in Charter One. That's very heartfelt.

The one thing that got my attention last night was Monica Crowley took a tweet from a black man in Philadelphia and he's always been Democratic users undertreated. I'm voting for truck. Now the thing is with the overall situation you heard it, searching just a bit last night, but a lot this morning the evangelical side of this whole situation. What was brought to light and you have people I was at the prayer walk at the Capitol Monday night over 1200 people praying for the situation.

God show like over all the whole picture to bring to fruition with that? Yeah, and the elements of this claim this report, and, of course, a well-known African-American leader and and strong pro-life leader in North Carolina appreciate his stand and let's recognize yes evangelicals did play a major role Tony Campolo who is a spiritual advisor to President Clinton and a left-wing evangelical if even an evangelical anymore.

He said the triumph of Donald Trump may signal the last hurrah of white male of the evangelicals in America or it may mean that their influence once again on the rise, will have to wait and see. There's more was comic but let me just say this. There are many who say that Donald Trump presidency is getting anti-women and anti-immigrants and an anti-Muslim. Let us pray that God will give him wisdom to be president of all the people in the heart and soul is it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown, is it utterly remarkable. The events of the last 24 hours have not only shaken America they shaken the world. I hear the words revolution in revolt being used in unbelievable insert real and unreal and historic and unprecedented, and it is exactly what it is being touted to be.

And the shock waves on both sides, positive, negative, being felt around America campus reform reports professors across the nation are canceling classes Wednesday to help students deal with your emotional distress as they come to grips with the shocking election of Donald Trump and some of the distresses because of who Donald Trump is been and what he said in part of the distresses where the professors painted things. What I understand is that the millennial's really didn't show up the way they needed to and the minorities didn't show up the way they needed to. Apparently they weren't that excited about Hillary Clinton, and it would seem. Aside from what God was doing in the midst of all this, just look at this completely in the natural slick at natural terms, it would seem that the people who were upset with the direction of America were much more committed than the people who wanted to see America continue in the same direction.

Hence the election of Donald Trump. What about North Carolina prison Obama had said a few days ago to the people of North Carolina that the fate of the world of the fate of the world is is in your hands, thinking that North Carolina could be the battleground state and ultimately was one of several key states that Donald Trump one and I presently live in North Carolina. I have your friends on the front lines of what are called the culture wars and and keep pastors and friends with in the state of North Carolina of course Charlotte North Carolina is the home of Billy Graham and the Billy Graham library and where were Franklin Graham's ministry with Billy Graham Association of adult Association is based soul. I was watching very carefully what happened that the of the stateside elections.

The strong conservative Republican base was maintained if there had been a mandate a statewide mandate against HB two the bill that said that you cannot require a school or a public facility to render its locker rooms and shower stalls and bathrooms, gender neutral, among other things in the bill that could have put gays and lesbians in a particular situation that would now end up bringing discrimination against Christians without a history of recent years of of heavy discrimination against gays and lesbians that we had a real problem to deal with. If there is discrimination and unfair treatment. Yes of course we need to address that. But HB two sought to undo what a radical Charlotte bill did earlier in the year and that's really where the trouble began. The NBA came against the state pulling out the All-Star game for 2017. The NCAA college athletics came against the state pulling out key championship games. PayPal said they're not moving offices and start a new business in Charlotte. Other businesses said they're not gonna work here a Bruce Springsteen and other celebrity said that I can do their concerts and appear here and one pole. I said that a red exit poll said that it was like almost almost are about to the one people against HB two of II don't know. I haven't read enough poles.

I want to know if it's accurate but bottom line is there is not some mandate statewide. Let's undo this because the state overwhelmingly white Republican. Now at this moment. At this moment. Atty. Gen. Roy Cooper who was a strong advocate of getting rid of HB two is in a slight lead a few thousand votes over Gov. McCrory. There are more votes to be counted absentee ballots and of the skull provisional to be counted to the 18th but interestingly I was following it and it was getting real close to the end and McCrory was up by 50,000 votes. I came back he was down by 3000 suddenly put 99000 Votes Were Ct. found which then went primarily Cooper interesting.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much written running us on the line.

A far-reaching six for truth. I wrote my first communication regarding Donald Trump August 27 of 2015, an open letter to Donald Trump. It was gracious it was honoring and it gave him friendly advice I gave him friendly advice and said hey it's free on top of it and then just said you know think these things through him if he ever sought anyone steamer so I and I know things are will more recently, I deftly get the attention of some folks on his team that I'm sure about. But in any case, that was my first communication and then over the months, I wrote over 30 articles regarding Donald Trump. Most recently, the woman I wrote last night and was published this morning on numerous websites.

Donald Trump President of the United States by the sovereign intervention of God that I want to hear some of these things are right is only totally candid with you. Never.

The 29th 2015 why evangelical Christian should not support Donald Trump. I'm just selecting things here know January 18 this year is Donald Trump a double minded man, Jerry.

26. An open letter to Jerry Falwell Junior I took issue with him generally 31st of had it with a lie but were not electing a pastor in chief is probably 26 Donald Trump vast later in chief and a waffling class all his own. March 3 at all this year. Mr. Trump if you're pro-life you don't play praise Planned Parenthood. March 7 an open letter to Pastor Robert Jefferson about Donald Trump.

March 10 is Donald Trump, a modern-day Cyrus is whether prophetic words and say he is he someone according to the prophet as a who didn't know the Lord. The no from ancient near Eastern inscriptions that he was an idol worshiper, but in other ways, honorable and in his policy was resettled the exiles back in their home countries. Let them build the temple and pray to their gods and be happy there and will tax them and what will get her income that will rather than brutally oppressing them so so go put that in his heart and raised him up to do that thing I said is he going to be a Cyrus is going to be a Nebuchadnezzar a Donald Trump anger and violence. March 13, April 21. Donald Trump is not your protector a warning to conservative Christians and then May 3 Donald Trump, the National Enquirer president. The divine judgment on America? That's when he won Indiana handily and that's when it was clear he is going to be the. The next president. He's going to be the Republican candidate and to me.

I thought more. Maybe God is in this regard really is raising up his whole time I raise that possibility I could be wrong. I prayed I looked I thought just slows you have other candidates. I don't see him as the man.

I can see him.

I got grave concerns sit on the air look there others who see it differently and I pray God, am I missing something, maybe I endorse Ted Cruz that that that that no cause me biased in my assessments.this can see it because all the faults and shortcomings in the blemishes and the problems and things associated with that. I will say this. Over the course of the campaign. He convinced me that he did hold certain values now that he was serious about some of the people he wanted to surround himself with his that he was making more more conservative choices and that he did respect Christians.

I saw that I said okay. I can't deny that, despite all my grave concern so in my article right.

I asked the question is, is he National Enquirer president divine judgment on America. I said look, I hope I'm wrong.

I said I hope I get to eat my words so that's been my stance that I would be thrilled to say I was wrong about Donald Trump and and I said early on. Maybe my job is to warn and raise the concerns and other sources are to support him and then I began to say okay let's look at God's sovereignty in this August 17 I wrote to him of the book of Proverbs in a winning strategy for candidate Trump again. Don't know if he ever sought but but said hey you know this is this is where you can win sir. I asked if he turned a new leaf. August 19, September 26 us to take Cruz to the admirable thing by endorsing Donald Trump October 9 the case is Mike King David could teach Donald Trump of October 13 seven things Donald Trump wrecking ball is exposed in our culture back in June.

June 30 I skipped over that why I'm actually rooting for Donald Trump July 9 said I'm not calling an empty space.

I had all my concerns we had other Republican candidates. Once he was and I said okay lets you begin to work together.

October 19 pointed out the glare, undeniable, glaring media bias to strong warnings against Hillary Clinton, then October 23 why I will vote for Donald Trump and then October 7. So Monday we did before elections. What happens if Hillary wins.

What happens if Trump wins and then of course today Donald Trump president United States by the sovereign intervention of God.

So I've sought to be honest and consistent and justice and candor. The extraordinarily rough edges of this divinely raised of wrecking ball so apparent to me that I failed to see initially the larger purposes for which God is raising them up but again with that, we must pray for divine restraint on this divine wrecking ball to go to the phones momentarily, but David French Christian attorney and almost 1/3 party candidate wrote this on a national review today dear America, this is important. Trump did not win because of racism and is pushing back against with Van Jones set on CNN that this is a white flash and this is a this is White's rising up against Blacks and against Barack Obama and in transit. If that's true, by all means, let's address it, but look at this Francis, would you believe that Mitt Romney won a greater percentage of the white vote, the Donald Trump mitt took 59% will Trump 158% which you believe that Trump improved the GOP's position with black and Hispanic voters. Obama won 93% of the black vote Hillary 188% Obama won 71% of Latino vote. Hillary, 165% critically millions of minority voters apparently stayed home. This is an all this happening is Democrats double down on their own identity politics. Yes, there are supporters of Trump who were racist, for sure. And there are things he said that that added fuel to the fire but I don't believe over all that he led a racially divisive campaign. I don't believe that overall, I believe that it was in certain ways, exacerbated by media reporting that gave those impressions and then the worst soundbites put in the worst of frames when the worst perspectives led to some of that but but from here from here. I will say this, let us see how he governs and leads right.

Let's go to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Russell welcomes the line of fire. Are you doing doing well thank you line innovative, fragrant, came down got you bet you better believe I remember you gave me two sizes of it correct yes or yeah and one of inside you better believe I believe it still have it please. I had gone ahead very good.

I want to explain African-American and I are voted Trump. I wrestled with this thing up until the very moment I mean microseconds I get the box I scroll down and look at other candidates. And really, there were no other candidates belladonna the accomplishment Hillary except for Trump, so I before the Lord. I pray while go to or don't let the fake item I wasn't really thinking too much on Clifton in the prophecy without Trump. I don't really really very productivity delete reach on the property about a person that so many that haven't haven't come about. Felt either way I thought Hillary was still in it and I just up brother and Diana and a person in Christ. I knew I live in Florida.

I have already been called someone at the sellout of moderate flat-footed. I made even though I wouldn't call this when I would, you know, `Hillary Clinton.

I would really third party.

After adjustment, but I logically have to make this decision and I stood with the actual fine with it because I believe God's divine will. Anyway, it's going to happen. Trump was supposed to be restricting the I know that there is fair if I said what I said forget my leg we have to hell that we were presented with and the labor to get through the self regardless of which one came with our trust fund, Lord, it doesn't matter who's going to be president. We have to realize that these topics are toilet into a state of man. Some of us and and where we are relying on grace and somehow work will like if you're black you can't support temperature of the grace and if you're if you're Mexican you Support Trump trumpet Rick reported her mother and and so I knew this going in voting that I was going to be with burden could I at least confessed on my Facebook I said look, guys, I know I was considering third-party, but I'm going to confess and be accountable to you. I voted Trump in this is why, because I need to be able to say that you through Lord if I'm not able to say that without going to Johnny I would go to jail for but I at least have more freedom of religion to get the gospel out now that I would whip Hillary and it's just unfortunate and so when I say this people still see place and so a lot of a lot of it's gonna cut you off right. A lot of it is because the narrative that's being put forth a lie.

It's an open right now and what is Donald Trump dental. I do believe he wants to help the inner cities let this play out little racist be exposed to whoever they are. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for joining us on want to fire each for 8788 a, please take the time to read my latest article about Donald Trump raised up to be president by God's sovereign hand that what are his purposes is a judgment. Is it blessing. I believe he wants to give us a respite. It seems evident in terms of a respite for religious liberties but will weed you sent we seize the moment I will be go back to our complacent compromise. Christianity will we go back to allowing the gaping holes in divisions in our nation. What will we do with the the time and opportunity that we have of that's urgent to me. And yes, it's evident that Donald Trump is being used as a divine wrecking ball and that look at how the mainstream media looks today just calm in one moment without looks today and who knows what's coming next and what new forms will be raised up but hey these these strongholds don't fall easily and to whatever extent the campaign from either side. Whoever's fault. Media's fault. Whatever has gotten us where we are to be this inflamed and this everybody on edge kids crying and was essential to leave the country and rise in certain cities and professors telling could stay home and to try out traumatizing thing the president Trump stay home. We as the church had to be peacemakers with the church have to say okay I can be reach out and then we have to really pray that God will give wisdom Donald Trump, supernatural wisdom, and if he doesn't have it that God will give attempt to people around him and he will listen to it 866348784 let's go to Marie in Raleigh, North Carolina welcome Salina fire area below. Thank you, I'm calling about Atty. Gen. Roy Cooper" by Pat McCrory and I just urge people to keep Pat McCrory in our prayer really really provisional about black illegally really rally around a man who is trying to develop.and try to protect our children and marriage and an object.

Despite our basic sexual identity that I African-American woman. I want to urge people to pay attention to their target market, your African African-American listener think he liked her chart port. I recently walked out of my church because I found out that they had Roy Cooper brought an end and I cannot tell you note about four they still have them present and I know that campaigns everything. A lot of people had, my grandmother told me that Hillary Clinton is bent Down to her to her church defeat will which black church we could go to that would have impact and I don't.

I know Chuck like a turkey that while that I need people to pay attention to what their pastors are working because if they're having people that are anti-biblical view in your chart you have to set everything up? One of my really learning here. I want people make sure that they know the issues they know part of it fell. Don't let it be that Alec, despite the fact that not at excellent black and a lot of we don't take kindly to regard the cow by the fact that they are celebrity that okay yeah I have begotten you gave me that I will not how they get urban youth yeah and he said this, I think church people and churches often just listening to a leader of the same respect leaders but but not doing the research for themselves were kids. Just be moved by celebrity semi that's across ethnicities and coloring things like that but I respect your integrity.

Marie in making the choices that you made and again when you have a radical pro-abortion candidate, a radical pro-homosexuality candidate like Hillary Clinton and some of the be lockstep with her and him and Roy Cooper in so many ways. That's not someone that's that's fit to speak behind the pulpit unless they're standing up to repent and yes I be concerned about any church that goes in that direction for sure for sure, that doesn't mean that Christians automatically become Republicans are right wing but conservative biblical values. Those little compromise.

Thank you for going and thanks for your integrity of just looking at some some posts here people are saying yeah 9/11 was the worst in American history have the second worst day is 11 nine AMI they are comparing their comparing Donald Trump being elected to the tragedy of 911. Let me say this, I was I was urging folks not to vote for Hillary Clinton and I would've grieved if she was elected but from from my mentality is the church still have to do we have to do, and it would've been tragic in many ways for us if she was elected and I do believe it would've seven negative course, especially with Supreme Court justices. That's not the only thing that it is something that I know you can never tell how will ultimately govern. It was many Republicans who who were on the Supreme Court in front of Roe V Wade, but they weren't all that conservative and in their ideology either. Most of them obviously that's where they went to where they went.

But I do believe this mercy, I do believe that and please take the time to read my latest article which speaks of Donald trumping president by divine intervention. Listen to some prophetic words. I will have time.

One of the planet. But but I don't have time for word from Lance wall, mouth, and in a warning. When he was on the air with me, but that you'll you'll find my interview with Lance one I'll just go to the line of the line of just click on the digital library. If you don't see it right on the homepage is click on the digital library and type in Lance's name wall out W AL L and a W you can listen to my whole interview with Lance wall. Now as a whole to our show. We talked about Donald Trump is God's chaos candidate Donald Trump raised up for such a time as this and and how he was God's chaos candidate and how God was using him, even in his ignorance even in his own renewed character that God was using him to me that's the only explanation we have for Donald Trump being the president elect so we pray for him and we pray for God's people to rise up as peacemakers and let me say this again I'm I'm all for those who were strong Trump supporters for months who were clearly voting for him long before I I came around and said I was going to vote for him by all means celebrate. I was very pleased to see him in because I felt there were prophetic purposes in it for the good of the nation and in obvious things that could be for the good of the nation, although was concerned about who she could be in and where we would go but then encouraged him close don't gloat. You would want people gloating. If you were the one that lost. Don't mock others of their crush today. They're upset but let's show some heart.

Let's be Christian in the midst of this, and then let's let's roll her sleeves up and get about the work because call us to the great commission revival repentance in our own lives helping those in the church. My bottom line today. I'm looking at Donald Trump to be the president looking for the church church

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