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The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 5, 2016 4:30 pm

Dr. Alex McFarland Guest Hosts

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 5, 2016 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/05/16.

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Welcome to the line of fire mikes Dr. Alex McFarland started the line of fire, your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. The sacred fire of liberty has been entrusted to the American people in others were among George Washington's first official words upon his inauguration as our first president. And with that quote. The sacred fire of liberty has been entrusted to the American people. I welcome you to this edition of the line of fire Alex McFarland here very very honored to be sitting in guest testing for my brother colleague and friend Dr. Michael Brown you know Matt Corbin and I were talking before the show and I guess this is about the third or fourth December that I've been able to get status for Dr. Brown as we have got an amazing day planned for you and with me in the studio to share in our pursuit of truth, justice, godliness, and the American way. Dr. Jenny beam. He is one of the vice presidents of North Greenville University.

I am now in my sixth year of working with him at North Greenville University in the center for apologetics in Christian worldview is amazing. I'll tell you about his bio as we go along, but sitting in the Michael Brown studios with me. Dr. Tony Boehm Alex about you're going to introduce me as Superman there for second when you're doing truth justice and the need through an godliness in the American wise are said not with we migrated away from the Superman motive, but it's great to be with the upper stage invited me to come up well when I think of you when I think of Dr. Brown. I mean those are some of the superlatives that come to mind folks, I do want to give the number because will take your calls. Now listen to this, we have coming up in just a moment general Jerry Boykin Delta force Black Hawk down CIA served our country and the church of Jesus Christ in a myriad of ways of living legend general Jerry Boykin Boykin in just a moment, but the number Tovar nationwide 866-34-TRUTH 87884. That's 866-34-TRUTH 87884 will get your questions Dr. Jenny beam. I wanted the one of our listeners to meet Tony Boehm because Dr. beam seriously. Note no embellishment, no flattery here, but your you're probably the most politically savvy person on in the you real how did you you know everything about everything I did predict Donald Trump's ascendancy to power set on how smart I am.

But I miss that one when it comes to the races that districts the judges the issues the bills and you always seem to be up to speed, and I wanted to have you on because I wanted you to make the listeners aware of things that you see on the political and cultural horizon better in a really really important sure that It's a pleasure are presurgery raw.

Let me take a trip up here to Charlotte.

I did a couple hours of talk radio every morning right in the Greenville Spartanburg market is just a local show� Just thought a lot about politics is the Christian worldview would technically be just a local site Louisiana I've been in eastern North Carolina at the Outer Banks. People talk about your show I was last week in western North Carolina. In actual if if about 150 mile radius 550 mile radius is a local than I guess your local but don't sell yourself short well at present I enjoy what I do not love doing radio and it starts a lot of fun to be here with you, but there was a lot of things go a lot going on politically.

We obviously have a new sheriff in town and is going to be a much different political environment in Washington that I think we've seen in our lifetime. I don't think there will be. I don't think there's a modern there's 1/20 century really comparison to what I think probably the presidency of Donald Trump is going to be like the closest example might be Harry Truman.

You know Harry Truman was kind of a no-nonsense guy that was a habit � or it was a World War I served in World War I and then you know ended up being president of the United States and a very blunt and forth like got there they would get a break coming up with the back general Jerry Boykin and that's really great.

This is Alex McFarland subbing for Dr. Michael Brown on today's edition of five. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown will give a special shout out from India, Cold War torchbearers, you make the line of fire possible friends. We do our best to make every broadcast account addressing the issue stacking the controversy and by God's grace we are making an impact on many many lives and that reverberations are being felt around America and around the world. Thank you, our faithful supporters. Together we are making a difference.

Welcome back to the line of fire Alex McFarland sitting in for Dr. Michael Brown with me in the studio Dr. Jenny beam of North Greenville University and I'm so excited folks because of the person you're about here because when you talk about a true American hero. I mean that maybe thrown around a little bit but in the case of general Jerry Boykin. It is absolutely appropriate unit were talking about bronze Star, Purple Heart Delta force counterterrorism serving our country in a myriad of ways but the greatest appellation of all he's a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ as well. What an honor to have a true God and country patriot general Jerry Boykin on the line of fire today welcome general Boykin general Boykin okay did JJ and/or Matt do we have the final are you there yes on here hello, thank you sir and and thank you for being on the line of fire are you are you in our nation's capital today general. I am actually BellSouth our girl workout okay will literately say before we get down to business your Merry Christmas to you and your dear family and thank you for taking time to be with us and where you Alex is privileged available will thank you with me also is Dr. Jenny beam and in general where excited to say that you're going to be with us on March 22 on the campus of North Greenville University and Dr. beam and I know you and I wanted that happen for a long time have we absolutely we do welcome you and are glad that you can better make the trip to the Christian worldview. Rick and I can tell you the number one reaction that I've been getting from people when I tell them that you're gonna be coming to speak on campuses.

You're kidding me while general Boykin is so were were really excited about you, Jalal good to talk to you last. That's right values voters Summit together. Yes, I appreciate you are taking some time to be with us on air at that time as well. General I want to get your thoughts about just that the political landscape of America right now and you know with your background in serving our country defending our freedoms national descendents. I mean there's a lot of things we can talk about the let's talk about the ISIS in fighting terrorism. I mean how do you see the. The national and international defense landscape play out of the next months and years. Well I think that you're going to save substantial changes in the way we approach: I think, rather than just hoping to where little tactical bottles or skirmishers were actually going to have a sporadic global you that will take ice and salt wherever they are because they're probably could be in as much is 33, 34 countries. Now it is not just Syria and Iraq.

So I think that will go, sort of a tactical focus to more of a strategic focus underwriter Donald Trump who is general over the last eight years.

What are some of the things that you've seen that have been especially you know concerning to you things that have compromised national defense welded here. Let's just take the military services start on because you have no national defense unless you have a strong military and what we've seen in the Congress has been complicit as you say, not an incredible reduction in resources to a military which me that after 15 years of war they can replace the equipment that has been worn out. You've seen and heard the stories of having to rob museum pieces airplane to keep what we currently have flying and you've got the same problem with the ground portion tanks and artillery in the individual weapons we just can't replace all of them. So it's it's been devastating. And then you add to that the social experiments which are eaten up incredible training time time that should have been focused all the primary mission of our military, which is fighting and winning wars.

And with every social experiment goes a huge training program that all the members of the services have to go through and then finally you look at the assault on religious liberty in our military and this is a result of Obama's efforts to force the military to conform to his agenda which is fundamentally transform America and that has been that's been another devastating blow to our yeah to what degree has the constraints of religious expression and you know it was my privilege to speak to group at Fort Bragg earlier this year, and those that are Christians that are men and women often of of high-ranking dedicated service that they cannot regarding their Christian faith feel like they have to walk on egg shells general.

How is that affected morale. The impact on morale in the sector defense Eric Carter now about three weeks ago. These forming a speakers bureau.

I know I heard that much of what but what he would only say what the going to bring in some fairly well-known personalities could be sports figure directors or whatever and, and have them go around trying to encourage people to come into the military no wiser. Well, that's because we've got a lot of people in our military that are leaving the military prematurely and we got an awful lot of moms and dads across the country that are sand now. I dole my son or daughter to go into this military and that is the ultimate impact of the low morale that has been created by all of these things that have been done under the Obama ration I will tell you if you don't have good the best people you can find all the budget in the world is for naught, because we win wars with people not what hardware technology and you know lately just say this on a somewhat related note, it's been the same thing about young people going into law enforcement. I'm not going to name the state that I spoke to about 5000 people in a state and was talking to one of the leaders of the Highway Patrol in the state and he and dear Christian man. He told me he said, and ordinarily there would be 50 to 100 people a month applying to become a part of the Highway Patrol with the assassination of officers and really the White House not being very vocal and demonstrative in defending the precious lives of law enforcement officers. This person said. He said you know it's not very well known but his term in terms of the public patrolman out on the roadways of this particular state.

He said, and this was a quote from a skeleton crew because not 50 or 100 people a month replying but about seven people a month are applying now.

I believe that serving one's country in the military as you've done general or in law enforcement. I think that's a godly thing. I read Romans 13 and I think I'm service to keep order and to to the in law enforcement or national defense.

I think that's ultimately a means to serve the Lord. And so we we encourage young people to do things like that but some let me.

I want to bring Dr. Tony Beam to the Mike and them.

Dr. Beam anything that you want to ask the general maybe we can talk little bit about James Madison and his appointment. Sure, I'd like to do that but also would like to get Gen. Boykin's response to ash Carter's basically saying I think it was either yesterday or the day before, maybe as late as yesterday that he is recommending to the president that we leave forces in Iraq.

I'm not sure how many people realize that we have significant military forces back in a rack because of the problems with ISIS and that we begin been gradually building up military forces there and now the secretary of defense.

The current senator defensive look. This recommendation is that we can't walk away again were going to have to leave significant force in a rack going forward. What is your response to that.

Well remember we precipitously and against the advice of the motor leadership would pull out of a rack in 2011 we set a timeline and then we executed on a timeline now. We've been a gradual and incremental build up back in Iraq because he made a terrible decision Meritor to come out the way we did and it said what I'm not surprised by that.

And I think that it is a general, forgive me, was that a break would gotta take you come right back. Please don't play listeners mortgage and working at break and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hi Alex McFarland you're sitting in for Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown is going to be broadcasting from India on Wednesday and so you won't miss. That is, he gives a greeting from India to his listeners, working to get right back to the conversation with Gen. Jerry Boykin Abbott with me in the studio is that the man whose voice you just heard on the Billy Graham commercial Dr. Tony Boehm of North Grable. What was that recorded Dr. Beam it was back earlier this year I was in the fall when I spoke of the milligram evangelistic Association sure did. One of the morning devotions for midnight.

They called and asked if I could use that on the radio broadcast in the course.

I was honored to have them do it so will praise God. President Gen. Boykin, thank you so much for being on the line of fire and before we get back to the conversation at hand. How may people reach you out. You know, I neglected to mention in your illustrious bio the great work you do for the family research Council for FRC and Tony Perkinson. Did you have a website or how can people keep up with the work you do through FRC. I just go to yammer research we have daily update their bulletins as required and we have connections to quite a number of things are going on in the country. There you much better understanding of what's happening in our nation before the break you were making a point about where the need for us to rebuild their in Iraq and in the break came along.

I want to give you time to finish that point well we we do have several thousand servicemembers there today and they are in fact in harm's way when we talk about and we need to remember to pray for them because they are up against a real enemy there that that being nice is we also have some in Syria, which is a much lesser number, but we do have people in Syria and I think it the Obama administration now realizes the folly of the decision that they made but they can't say bad and I think what they're trying to do is make sure that as this is handed off to Donald from the variableness I know we we put military forces in Iraq, we continue the campaign against ISIS and I think this is about his legacy but I gotta tell you I'm I'm an old soldier 36 1/2 years in the Army, but I want to I want them to identify lower fight.

I want them to be very clear to every young man and woman that goes in the light while were fighting what we expect her to you because that's one of the computed day and answered we talked earlier. That's what's impacting morale as well today that they are not sure why they're fighting. They're not sure what your objectives are and when they see a friend, maimed or killed is much more difficult to accept that when you're not sure why you're fighting and mission ministration. That's no time and no effort trying to make them understand why it's important for us to be there. I think we should pick but I don't think we should've pulled out in 2011. The way we do it either, Gen. Boykin, I appreciate you saying that because I think it's scandalous the way this administration is behaving.

We had to go back because as you said our commander-in-chief made a very bad decision to pull out of a rack too soon against military all military advisors we've had to go back in and instead of being the commander of chief and chief and giving real leadership to our military personnel to give them a sense of understanding of why there making the sacrifice he doesn't talk about it because he doesn't want to admit that we've had to go back in because his liberal base would not like it very much and the press has been very willing to allow the president to get by with that where that, whereas if this were a conservative or Republican ministration, they would be talking about it constantly. So I do hope I I think this is going to change when our present electronic takes office. Let me ask you this. Do you think I Gen. Mattis has a reputation for being very strong. The military one. Understand military leaders love him. The rank-and-file respect him.

Do you think that even though present, like Trump's is said that he doesn't like a lot of this going into these other countries and he believes the war in Iraq was a mistake but you believe he will go along with a recommendation from genera from Gen. Mattis to to follow the advice of Ash Carter and and be effective in the way we handle things now in Iraq and Syria yeah think you will remember the calling Matt dogmatically coated crater to: Matt Doug Maddox because he is very calculating and willing to take all not only their political entities in our country by breaching all protocols of political correctness, but is also willing to take on the enemy and to do so in a way that he he wants to see the end result victory and Mattis is a warrior first and foremost Mel Madison I had a disagreement over the release of detainees from Gitmo about Barco. I I disagreed with that in your brief but that's the only issue that I have ever had with but I'll tell you. I'm excited. I think the years he's going to be a good start. Dispatch. But here's the most important thing that everybody needs understand the message that Donald Trump is sending to our military by appointing Jim Mattis is a sector defense is in the measurably positive message that is your mission is to win wars and will get back to the foundations of what you're all about winning wars. Yeah. And I agree Gen. remember Donald Trump during the campaign he said this and a lot of people mean there were people pro and con on this visit we need to win again. He said we don't win at anything anymore where Americans we want to win and have you know Obama's worldview and that of Hillary and and I want to say you know I can. I pray for Hillary Clinton. But I thank God that she did not win the election because the danger to our freedoms. The threat to the whole world I think was very real, but in the liberal worldview running. There's no right or wrong. There's no there should be no winners or losers. There's just this pipedream, this utopianism of everybody just coexisting together, but that's just not the way the world works is no it isn't and they live in a live in a parallel universe. That's why I think that not only choosing Jim Mattis Michael plan as the national security advisor is a very important step because both of those people see the world where it really is not how they like it could be not enough. You know through rose colored glasses pastry the world aware really years and as a result of think you're going to have a very positive influence on Donald Cropp and I don't think were going to send people all the war without a strategy to wind and be a clear understanding of how this impacts our national security interest is quickly asked this be running short on time here for the segment just just a quick question if if it was up to you. The first step of rebuilding the military, which were going to have to do what what what you think is the most important steps that we should take right out of the gate to get the United States military rebuilt the Archangel ear start with good effect. The fast that I cannot.

Thank you, Gen. God bless you for being on the program thinking how blessed Satan's Exelon fires back at this brief break go away.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back to the line of fire Alex McFarland hey and early in December, but very hard felt Merry Christmas to everyone listening to give the numbers out over nationwide 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

That's 866-34-TRUTH TRU TH Alex McFarland here, author Christian, patriot, and big fan of Dr. Michael Brown honored to sit in with me in the studio. 80% of the IQ points in the room are on that side of the desk Dr. Tony Beam from North Greenville University. Well, not true, but it's great to to be here with you Alex appreciate you let me tag along for today and always enjoy talking about North Greenwood University.

Look where you were talking were talking a few minutes ago. Have a Dr. rather general Boykin on everybody my world of doctors. I have to remember Jerry have been at Jerry's not a doctor, he's of these general but not William Boykin is coming to Jerry Boykin is coming to Northboro University for Christian worldview week March 22. I think his actual date. He's going to be his and Rita were looking for Zada were also can have Lauren Greene on our campus is and so that's a good thing and were looking at the possibility. In fact, that the plans are in the works right now to have an inaugural apologetic stamp it mostly will coming up this summer. We are so rootless about this because folks do you know I'm either biblically I could deftly tie this into Deuteronomy 6 and Exodus 13 the talks about really raising your kids in a godly way and Dr. Beeman I and I know Dr. Michael Brown shares this thought because we have talked about this at length, but up one of the greatest responsibilities. One of the greatest stewardship things that you will ever ponder is your kids and the worldview of your kids North Greenville University where Dr. Beam is the VP and I've been involved after six years as director the worldview and apologetic center out unapologetically we we say you ought to give your kids a Christian education sure what we talk about it this way. We talk about the fact that you know young people are having a platform constructed underneath them while they're in school run and the question is, is the platform it's being constructed for your young person is that being built by you as a being built built by the church as a being built by the world. If it's being built by the world.

It will fall. If it's being built by Christian values in a Christian worldview. If those are the. The underlying principles that are supporting the platform, then it will stand. So when when students come to Northboro University.

Those that don't have a Christian worldview.

We want to build a good platform underneath them.

Those that already have one were to be sure we don't mess with it. Want to tamper with it. We have a lot of students to come that already have a solid Christian worldview and we just simply want to add to it and make their faith that much stronger is aware honored to see people, who don't know the Lord.

We have the opportunity to lead them to Christ and we are honored to have students, who get a closer walk with the Lord because we have quite a faculty of godly men and women who bore themselves into the students every day that they really do they really do. It's not North Greenville University is a Christian school that Dr. be not put it this way.

I tell moms and dads this look you don't want four years of secular college to dismantle what a Christian parent has worked 18 years to instill x-ray and it can happen, you know, traveling is a speaker interfacing with people. I mean the landscape of this country is is littered with the broken faith and broken hearts of people that maybe grew up in church with the youth group they go away to school and they sit under relativism evolutionism secularism really a militant secularism and North Greenville is a kind of a school. World-class academics fully accredited dozens of majors I want to talk about this little bit but basically God and country are affirmed not denigrated all that's absolutely right, Alex, and where we're honored that you have a kind of program line of architect Michael Brown 1620 theme Alex McFarland here. Todd Starnes of Fox running up a great show.

Don't go away. This is Michael Brown.

When I first started preaching in 1973, the age of 18. I never dreamed that I be on national radio speaking to people across the nation on a daily basis. It's it's incredible to see what God's done and the doors the gods open for us to travel to the nations no more than 150 trips overseas.

God is opening up some even bigger doors than we've ever seen before. To reach the lost sheep of the house of Israel to touch the church around the world to touch the nation of America, but this is not a one-man show. Everything we do is in partnership together with you if we been of help to over the years to stand with us, go to the website.

Click on donate become one of our monthly supporters become a torch for her help us with your year-end one time gift. I am in India. Your support in the world to us together were making a different becoming a torchbearer make a one-time year-end tax donation go to the line if I like and click on donate file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and I love the month of December.

For one thing I love Xmas and you know December is the year winds down there so much to think about and you look look forward to some things reflect back on some things. By God's grace. I've been in about 20 through 24 states to speak this year some amazing opportunities I give God the glory saw the biggest altar call of my career at give God the glory that I was in Tennessee about two months ago and we saw hundred and 50 young people come to accept Christ on a Wednesday night and that was just amazing.

My website is Alex my name Alex got a couple of books that are currently out and one that's coming out in March, but either one of the great things about December is I generally get to sit sit in for Dr. Brown a time or two. This is one of those days with me is Dr. Tenney Boehm. I do want to say the beginning of our two were going to have Todd Starnes of Fox News is one of the great unit attorney we had Todd Starnes. It treats for new generation a couple times yes. He's gonna even if you puts me think here. If you puts it may be Cal Thomas Mark Twain and Billy Graham in a Canon shook him, but it probably will Andy Griffith and Meritor did get Todd Starnes would be adequate.

These guys are is a great guy's a very he has a very unique perspective on American culture. He travels around like you so much and talk to so many people that he has a very good it is given him opportunity to understand what what Americans think, particularly Americans that hold to a more traditional worldview and so it's I'm looking forward to having mom is always good to talk to Todd yeah exactly.

I want to get to a big story related to HDTV but before we do for those just tuning in for the break. We're talking a little bit about North Greenville and the folks listen.

Please, I beg of you, something were about share Tenney and I the world the center have talked about this for a couple of years 2017. What were doing it and that is a worldview apologetics camp for young people. Now folks mark this down on him to give you some numbers because we don't have a website out completely, but were getting there but July 23-28 beautiful one of the most beautiful parts of America is are the mountains of South Carolina July 23-28 were going to have the first-ever worldview and apologetics camp middle school, high school, the kids look thinking to stay in the dorms. They can eat in the cafeteria. You can enjoy the beauty of outdoor South Carolina. There's volleyball, there's activities, but the main thing is there's going to be 15 sessions 15 sessions were working to train these young people with passion and with a rocksolid foundation we can train these young people to defend their faith and Tenney. I'm so excited about this.I'm looking forward to it or it'll be great to have them on our campus there been people asking for a camp of this nature that doesn't require quite the commitment that some other camps require some some Christian worldview camps and apologetic camps go as long as two weeks working to pack everything into just under a week or five days. About five days. Organ included a field trip is part of this were going to try to get these young people familiar with the Billy Graham Museum and Library right here and Charlotte as part of their camp experience. But as you said, the most important thing 15 solid sessions with with you and me and our faculty at Northborough University who are as you said some of the best around. So it's can be very as we don't have the website out yet is Alex Edberg and this can be very reasonably priced and will be one price that includes your meals all your conference materials. The field trip.

Everything you know will be watching for that.

This can be information coming soon and infants listen to this I come to give you two things my email and a phone number that my email and it'll come right to me personally. right if you want to know about this.

He got a young person maybe you want to give.

This is a Christmas gift, or whatever the other is the number of Robin McCarter. She's our executive assistant there in the worldview sinner her number right. Listen to this.

864977, 200-886-4977 2008. The dates can be July 23-28. I will get to be talking about God.

How do we know God exist. How do we know that the Bible is true. How do we know Jesus is really that the Savior did he really rise in the grave.

And what about other religions. How do I stand up for my faith graciously but effectively in a hostile environment. One of the things that you being that I'm planning on talking about that. I lecture on all of the country is God and government, what was the worldview of the founders because I looked on the middle schoolers now that have been taught that our founding fathers were atheists secularist. So basically were talking about Christianity. Of course, but were also talking about just the citizenship I would say think Rick responded these words that mean there's discipleship there's churchmen ship but there's citizenship, right. Well, I, like I heard a preacher say this one time. He said you know if it will get lordship right all of our other ships will come in Roscoe having the lordship of Christ also speaks of being good citizens. We are members of two kingdoms we belong in the kingdom of God is his children. We live out our lives in the kingdom of this world and we happen to be living in a country that is a constitutional republic. We have an opportunity to shape the direction of the laws that we live under. It's a unique opportunity in world history, the opportunity for just every person within a country to be involved in the shaping of the direction of the country is rare yeah big and so it's an awesome responsibility and a great privilege okay 864977 2008. The worldview camp, but at folks here listening to the line of fire. Dr. Michael Brown Alex McFarlane sitting in for Dr. Brandt Tenney.

I want to ask your opinion on this chip and Joanna Gaines of H. G.

TVs fixer-upper, the LGBT activists sometimes essay the LGBT thought police are really targeting them because the not something they've said or done, but not because of the church they attend. That's right. What I attend a church that's a Bible believing conservative church pastor Stephen Sieber is the pay is the pastor there and he has preached consistently that homosexuality is sinful behavior. In fact, he links a lot of homosexuality. This is his opinion to abuse perhaps in childhood or something of that nature. But the point.

The main point is that he preaches God's word what the Bible says about the truth about homosexuality and because they attend church there and by speed, and I believe TMZ are a couple of media outlets that found out that this is where they go to church they found out what the pastor teaches and now they're wanting a statement from Chip and Joanna either distance themselves from their own pastor where they go to church or to make a statement in agreement with them and they've pretty much said you know if this is what Jim and Joanna will he sees me, Chip and Joanna believe then we think that if HDTV doesn't do anything about it that we ought to go after the sponsors of the shelter.

So this is this is similar to what they did with the Bena brothers. You know the Bennett brothers were set to have a program and then it surfaced that they had been vocal in their defense of traditional marriage and simply because they had been vocal in their defense. In the past they were given an opportunity to turn away from their previous support of traditional marriage and of course the Bena brothers not going to do that. David and Jason are godly men there and in their their amazing interfaith and they stood up and said look of it, you know, it's a TV show. This is the kingdom of God were talking about. This is our eternal relationship with Jesus were not going to sell out God to have a television program, and I think they're going out there trying here even though the Bena brothers never had the opportunity to have the show even though there were supposed to.

Now they're trying to paint Joanna and Chip in the same old as being people who believe the Bible, and therefore they can't have a program on HDTV but you know they responded in Christian Post a great story about it. They said and along with her pastor that the good thing about all this is it's drawn a lot of attention to the church and to the website and that thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people are now hearing the truth of God's word because they were driven there over this and if it took a controversy to make that happen. They say to God be the glory. Listen to this language from says they then cut uncovered something many fans want an explanation for sure. People are clamoring over pay the line of fire stating were back at the it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, oh what an honor. Alex McFarlane here and you know, I know we inundate you with information but you know knowledge is power and there. There's a lot related to Dr. Michael Brown, no Tenney Tenney being here is with me, of North University. Dr. Michael Brown is kind of a force of nature is he he really is an enemy say this request about the second something here but I you know I'm honored to be here as part of his program and in the subject that we been talking about is the LGBT agenda as it relates to Chip and Joanna Gaines note.

No one has done more to inform the church about the truth about the LGBT agenda than Dr. Michael Brown yeah if you haven't read his books on the subject. Let me encourage you to get them today.

Yeah, here's the reason he speaks the truth, but he really honestly does it and love with compassion.

He loves the LGBT community and his heart breaks over their rebellion and their sin. He wants to see them come to Christ and come to the truth. Yeah.

And that comes out in everything he says even though he addresses this issue very honestly and truthfully and from a scholarly scholarly perspective you're talking about somebody I was just looking at his library in here and you're talking about get out one wall of Hebrew and one wall of German you know I can't even imagine you talk about IQ points and it's it's incredible that you not I can speak English a little southern slang and not some pig Latin and I got a little bit of Greek in me and that's about it. Were talking about a guy that is a master of languages who speaks though with the heart of an evangelist, you just don't find a lot of guys like that anymore. Do you really don't.

And you know we could do a whole show on talking about what a blessing Dr. Michael Brown is really folks, it's been my privilege to know him about.

I guess I would say 11 years and really any world-class academic PhD from New York University, prolific author, but I mean we've done many events together.

We did a big event in July, just a few months ago. Not only an intellect that is world-class.

The guy has the sweetest most tender heart.

That citizen thing most and end with all due respect, most intellectuals do not look at the world from an evangelistic compassionate view they don't have that lens, so to speak, but Dr. Brown does know my sister was in the LGBT lifestyle. She was a lesbian child did not know that she did. She she was 25 years old when I was born is fascinating story.

We don't have time to get into, but I came along very late in my parents life, but she got wrapped up in the in the lesbian lifestyle I could say this, and since I'm on this program today. It's a not accept opportunity that will pass up. He helped me more than anybody just by reading his books and listening to him speak about this to be loving and compassionate and to know how to maintain the love relationship that I have of my sister and yet still be able to discuss with her why her lifestyle choice was wrong and I'll always be indebted to Dr. Brown about that. So those of you that listen to this program all the time you don't you don't, we'll have to tell you anything you're already in the to answer but just wanted to have that chance.

While we were here. Well there some videos it asked Dr. ask DR asked Dr. I did a video Matt Corbin, the wonderful producer here.

We did one on what is the origin of evil lies are evil and sin in the world. So there videos that I've created that are up there and then there are articles on the diversity police is a video without the denim brother since it is a lot and ask Dr. The website for this shows how the line of fire FI Re: the line of Tenney I wanted say this right now folks just here this were wrapping up our one, but I want to listen carefully where North Carolina today. My home state far as I can tell, we McFarlane's been here since 1812 or 13 so let's just say were invested in North Carolina got about, North Carolina, bore myself really born and raised in Ellen Burrell North Carolina Western North Carolina up near about 40 miles from Asheville PSO been in South Carolina since I was 18 years old, but a North Carolina native so I'm right there with you will. Thomas Jefferson said, a generation is about 18 years.

So we McFarlane's. We got about 10 or 11 generations below ground and you know 45 above ground. Still, of which I'm one, so we love North Carolina but here's the deal, Gov. Pat McCoury conceded today the election I would argue, and you correct me if I'm wrong but I think he probably lost a second term because of his defensive moral truth, I think you're right, Alex, and here's the here's the sad part about that, but this is true there are Christians who believe love Jesus, but also love the NCAA and their concerts in the NFL and the altar of American culture is the sports altar. And when you do something like Gov. Cory did so so so bravely stand for moral truth in a way that was inspiring to me, and still is, he's paying a political price because people can't. They can't get past the fact that Rocco have NCAA tournament. While PayPal's no bill somewhere else or someone you know moving out of state group Bruce Springsteen is not going to do a concert here, it will log. I would say thank God we dodged a bullet there. But listen to this before we get enough. It's a big if you listen back in the spring, Bruce Jenner, Caitlin Jenner.

I was doing a lot of research in Switzerland that shows that has been very homosexual friendly for decades since the late 70s right of those that have gender dysphoria and go for sexual reassignment surgery okay transgender sex change operation research out of Europe and Switzerland show that the people that have gender confusion are 80 times more likely to attempt suicide or read suicidal ideation than the general populace that mean do you know January 1, 2017, all state employees in North Carolina will have money taken from their check to go to state what healthcare that includes funding for sexual reassignment surgery well and and just Johns Hopkins University got out of the sex reassignment surgery business because of what you just said because it is the suicide rate you talk about rescuing people from suicide by allowing them to have the gender assignment they want. It turns out that people who have that surgery were much more likely to commit suicide in Johns Hopkins looked around and said, look, this is crazy were in the business of helping and healing, not in the business of hurting and that was hurting people so and end that Dr. Paul McCue who was long lauded as one of the premier mental health professionals in America, psychiatrist of of excellent credentials and for years was applauded and rightly so. When earlier this year. He said that to perform a sex change operation is really a form of abuse and those with gender confusion need therapy, not surgery.

He was castigated sure so here's my thing. Why the North Carolina state employees here in my home state that have convictions and believe in what Jefferson would've called natural law there being forces can be taken out of their check to cover sexual reassignment. Why would I if him and to love my neighbor want to do something that would be many times more likely to kill them than cigarette. Why would you want to be forced to do something with the cancer deeply held religious belief. The line of fire. Dr. Michael Brown stating were back at welcome to the line of fire. Mike's Dr. Alex McFarland's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back to the program Alex McFarlane so honored to be here.

It is the line of fire. Dr. Michael Brown and I'm here in the studios with Dr. Tenney being VP of North Greenville University, where he and I are both very honored to serve and were Christ makes the difference. North Gable is the schoolwork. Christ makes the difference. The website in school. NGU.ED you have folks you don't want to miss this next segment because were getting on the line. Todd Starnes from Fox news.

If you've ever gone we unsheathed seem on TV probably read his stuff. If you ever go to the Fox news website. About 99.9% of the time he's front and center right there and he writes on a lot of great things but Tony, as we get into this next hour and I believe we've got brother Todd there ready.

How important is it, let you queue this up.

Dr. B for us to attend to the life of the mind as a Christian it's an incredible journey. Life is an incredible journey of the mind and we should be dedicated as believers to lifelong learning, not only learning from the Holy Spirit and the deep things of the Scripture which, of course, for every born-again believer has to be the case but also learning just general knowledge that we expand our understanding of the world that we live in so that we can apply the wisdom of God to the things that we know there's a big difference between knowledge and wisdom knowledge are simply those that that we accumulate facts that we remember. But wisdom is the ability to rightly apply knowledge in every situation. Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. So the more knowledge we gain, the more we give available to the Holy Spirit in our life to be transformative to the people we come in contact with.

So it's it's all about lifelong learning and being sure that as Christians we engage the mind as well as the heart will said and apologetics is good clean fine is besides that it is this just a blast to be able to reinvest what our good friend Frank Turek you not think that such a good job at pointing out the absolute fun of how the truth works the one of my favorite things he talks about is the roadrunner tactic where he actually turns the arguments of people who don't believe in God around on them in a way that makes it makes it fun to get into an apologetics discussion. Well, that's great � hey folks, are you listening to the line of fire Alex McFarlane guest testing for Dr. Michael Brown we go straight to it here. Todd Starnes is a national treasure. I'm sure everyone listening is who he is. His website is Todd ST AR and ES. You can find II get them every day. Literally every day to Fox news that you know if you put note that the mind of the CS Lewis the wit of the of the Will Rogers and the heart of the Billy Graham in one good test start. Todd, are you there my brother. I am that I would. I would included Rodney Dangerfield in that list, but I wanted out� I told Alex before overthrowing all Andy Griffith to macro to get the sweet tea and shut my mouth whole thing down so that's good. All right, like I met the hour literally on the on the stage that night.

They trip Bellevue Baptist Church in were going to run through this for our big job of Fox radio Christmas so that were doing so I wear were knee-deep in Christmas right now what that is. You and I wanted you to tell everybody about that since this this is so wonderful Todd tell us everything about the Christmas show because this is become a bit of an annual tradition hasn't occurred. Annual show, and we we have had a partnership with Bellevue Baptist Church for number of years, and other wires so take Todd told us that we got a brief break. Just a quick quick break.

The way moreover, Todd Starnes, the big Christmas show coming up on the line if I don't go away. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, our time is limited, so we will get right back to our conversation with our very dear friend Todd Starnes.

Todd, thanks for holding. I know you're busy, you're doing a run through their tell us about the Todd Starnes All-American Christmas. Well, this is a two hour extravaganza and is going to be broadcast on Fox News radio network, as well as hundreds of Christian radio stations around the country and also on Fox you live a lot broadcast version. This show is basically a throwback to the old school Christmas programs of the 60s and 70s that you bring out a lot of the celebrities in so we use this as a chance to showcase the contemporary Christian artists and also southern gospel artist and so I showed this year includes Grammy winner Jason Crabb Meredith Andrews is a wonderful singer-songwriter works artist and the Mylan Hayes and then guys we also have a massive singing Christmas tree. 44 feet tall with 169 young people on that tree, along with a full orchestra, so it is going to be an incredible incredible show a lot of fun and we had been putting out a warning to liberals and to certain snowflake millennial's fast that this show might possibly cause micro-aggression cupcakes in there to the cupcake is good� Well, we believe that Jesus is the reason for the season and that's how we celebrate and� We met that we produced to show that in mind, so we don't make any apologies abounds about eight cents. I will give you website that's that's give me another went to Todd. It will actually blindside addresses Todd and go to the top of the website you will see a tab is Christmas show edit. Not only has information about the program and work were taking it tomorrow night in Memphis and so that there any blisters in the Memphis area and it got there would look really cannot be a part of the so it doesn't cost a penny. Admission is free, and that you'll have a chance to hear some great music and really get in the mood for the other Christmas trees. Todd I wanted to ask you this, and full disclosure okay. I was late to the to getting on the trunk train. In fact, that I probably still have 1 foot on the platform and and one on the train but I gotta say that since Donald J.

Trump has become the President-elect of the United States, the things that you talk about that. I hear you every day on my radio show because we play your your program every day during my show the things you talk about that, if made America great.

The values of the heart and soul of America. Don't you think there is been this collective sigh and people feel like we can get back to celebrating the reason for the season without having to hide under a bush somewhere in order to do it. Don't you get that feeling is your traveling around.

I know people feel like they can hear they can talk about things that maybe they didn't go comparable talking about over the past eight years taken be proud to be an American that were not yet have a president of the lighthouse at having to apologize for us might remember and I wrote about this in my book God God bless America that in the first Christmas in the White House and Pres. Obama actually wanted to reboot the activity see from the group so I think that really thought a lot about that Pres. be your first Christmas in the White House and you want to kick out the baby Jesus. Noah, I don't think Donald Trump is going to do that know when Armas me off. You know, it reminds me of Todd a little bit of what happened when Reagan was elected there was this you know this feeling that began to overtake. It's okay to be American. I guess it is it was a feeling of pride and and just thankfulness.

I think either Todd and that you whenever you need to pull away.

Just say because I know you're in the middle of getting ready for tomorrow night.

But first we want to encourage in the website. Todd he all year long. His commentaries are great. His books are great this Christmas show is phenomenal. If you're anywhere near Memphis, Tennessee walk Ron drives take an airplane get to Memphis. Todd people can get a ticket and come to this show tomorrow night.

It's free right ticket that we have a huge auditorium so tedious or discomfort. Another added bonus I have a new book coming out in February.going to get people to come to the show in advance. Southern ambulatory order the new book the name of the book dental and deplorable guide to making America great again, thank you. Awesome awesome. You know that's that's great at this this November 8.

Todd, the deplorable spoke didn't while they certainly did. And I think they quite frankly, I think I don't want to need a bigger basket ball those deplorable because there were a whole lot of and I write about that of the book I talked about how how the left and quite frankly how goes in public education to view those of us who go to church and hold on to traditional values who come again. I cling to our guns and religion. To borrow a phrase from Pres. Obama of these people that they hold in contempt and that despite so again this book is a celebration of who we are as a people and also it's a start. It's also a reminder of what could happen because Ronald Reagan brought morning to America. But the problem is that when he did that conservatives went into hibernation and before long you had the we went from no more taxes.

Read my lips to I having a community organizer in the white so it's not good, not that we collected our truck now we have to hold people accountable. You know it's interesting he said that it did not. When I hear somebody make a statement like that. Todd always think about the late great Jerry Falwell. His famous quote was in a Christian's robe, hard bunch to get involved in the culture when I when I quit, and when they lose, they quit and we just can't have any quit anise this time we have an opportunity to turn this country around and I'm praying that everybody's going to stand up and take that opportunity and see what can happen when people who are operating from a solid worldview by become in charge of things and you're actually right� Remember hollow Abby on the stager and have to battle but but but I think I think people are going to be encouraged by the new book project Oakley challenge because of a jury follows a light on the money with this comment, and we just can't hardly appreciate you so much Mary Chris and his brother got a solid job see on TV all right what I was Todd Starnes. Hey folks, if you a call in Dr. Kenny beam is in the house.

The number is 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

We do have some exciting stuff coming up on the show. But before we move on unit you're talking about just kind of the collective sigh of relief right. I believe that okay and I feel that the election was a month ago coming up on a month ago and you know my work for the worldview center at North Greenville. I travel I've been all five into Dallas have been to Memphis have been to Denver, Colorado.

I've been to Atlanta. I've been to Emerald Isle, North Carolina.

So if you places to speak in the last four weeks. There just seems to be mood of some wow America is a great country we need to appreciate it. At the end of their reserve and we need to we need to acknowledge this, we need to understand that Unocal Thomas was right when he said the kingdom of God is not going to be ushered in on the backs of elephants or donkeys right exactly right. Got it. So as believers we we need to have a consistent standard in every area of life and not to put too much confidence in the government or anybody else. Our confidence has to rest in our relationship with Jesus. But at the same time you know I'm in charge of Northborough University of how we respond to title IX for exec. For example, which means what well title IX is the way that the Department of Education office of civil rights instructs universities to operate when it comes to the quality in every area and of course back in May. On May 13, the Obama administration said there were going to have to embrace transgender activity and locker rooms, bathroom shower rooms and dorm room dorm rooms know people think that transgender is him is going to stop at the bathroom about in a university setting like ours were current with the Christian University were talking about dorm room, shower rooms, locker rooms, the whole thing so when that edict came out. There was just a sense of foreboding in a North River University along with other Christian universities got a religious exemption so we haven't had to deal with this yet, but we felt like that it was coming. Well, the best way I can describe it is with with the present electron, at least politically.

We feel like there's been a door of opportunity opened a reprieve from the pressure that we felt like we were all going to be under run almost immediately I not really believe Hillary Clinton have been elected president that come February March April within the first few months of her administration she would've aggressively pursued the LGBT agenda in the transgender agenda, in particular as it relates to our Christian schools because our resident present quality of all of us are sorry set the stage for sure sure this is the line 5 Dr. Michael Brown Alex McFarland F10 again guesses today serving at the mic back after this the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown were back.

I just few moments we can have Neil Robbins on who is a newspaper publisher.

An alternative to the secular media with me in the studio is Dr. Tony being the vice president of the University and that you never talk about the need for apologetics in this sigh of relief and look I've not met anybody that thinks Sheena Donald Trump is in is some sort of Messiah.

May we had two options before us with Hillary Clinton Donald Trump that I remember in June I was at a meeting the second time on that Donald Trump and I've only met him very, very briefly, but this is back in junior city and he was talk about the fact that nobody says Merry Christmas and end was the intimacy of either he's got some people giving him some really good talking points or this guy gets it and Donald Trump goes off as he does not Teleprompter any stock in there were like 700 people in a room and he goes he is has noticed him sitting in a room with David Jeremiah James Dobson you know Mike Huckabee. So yes, we've noticed it because any of you guys ever noticed nobody says Merry Christmas anymore. Everybody says happy holidays or this season because what we say Merry Christmas.

Is there something wrong with the word Christmas because when I was a kid we would say Merry Christmas and because I want everybody to say Merry Christmas now. Maybe somebody fed him some really good evangelical talking point but he said it was conviction like you meant it. Well I think of something Todd said I think is really important. We go back to that for second about right at the end before you had to jump off to work on the programs can be on tomorrow night filthy them to sell you Baptist Christmas program be on Fox radio Fox News Channel. Anyway, the thing he said was accountability and that we have to be vigilant and to hold our leaders accountable. I'm very encouraged by present electron ups. A lot of his cabinet appointments.

Having Jeff sessions is Atty. Gen. Jeff sessions is a hero of mine. I met him at a pack and was just having you know, was able to stand and talk to them a little bit what is a pack was the American Israel Public relations committee, but she's Republic affairs committee. People who support Israel like that are that really believe that our United States relationship with Israel should be very important. But anyway I you know when when we talked for probably 15 to 20 minutes at a reception and when he walked away and I walked aware of my wife out.

She said you're shaking and I said well I just talked to one of my heroes and I'm a little you know overwhelmed that I got to have that much of his time because of the heart that he has for America and the values that I know that he operates from so having him is Atty. Gen.'s a great thing, but on the other side, here's the caution and II just think I'm not trying to bring out the wet blanket brigade not in any shape form or fashion. I'm excited about the future but I also say that we do have to be vigilant because you know Donald Trump went wrapped himself in the gay flag the LGBT flag at one of the last rallies down in Florida before he was elected president. He said on 60 Minutes that whereas abortion, he would have a litmus test first Republican I've ever say that hurt say that about the United States Supreme Court.

He just came right out and unapologetically said, I will appoint a pro-life Supreme Court justice while within a few minutes later, they asked him about same-sex marriage, and he said well it's been settled by the court is a settled issue and I'm I'm fine with me. That was his comment so I'm just asking for all of us were believers in Jesus Christ to be vigilant to remain vigilant and to hold all of our elected officials accountable. Now the good news is, if present, electron, put some money off of his list, which he says he's going to and he's been talking about that recently on the Supreme Court.

That's gonna be a pro-life judge and David Barton.

A good friend of ours Alex he's right when he says if you're pro-life, then you're pretty much right on the other issues so putting a strong pro-life justice on the nicely Supreme Court would go a long way in the to saying that were going to change a little bit the league I'm I'm concerned about religious liberty. That's one of the top drawer issues for me and I just want to be sure that whoever gets on the court is somebody that's going to protect my right yes I accept that we now live in a world where same-sex marriage is the law of the land but don't ask me to approve of it because I can't, born-again believer, and I'm going to agree with Scripture over what the culture says a minute Seligman anyway just� Just wanted to say that talkative recycle it exactly. And you know maybe will unpack this more tomorrow. I'll be sitting in for Dr. Branigan tomorrow that it's an issue of natural law and really our declaration, Constitution, Bill of Rights only makes sense in a world where there are some moral absolutes.

Sure well what we, the genius of the Constitution is that it depends on a moral people because we have so much freedom. You know you can. You can either have you. You can have morality in the culture because it's forced on you. Another words you can you can have a culture where we lived together with a whole lot of restrictive laws, and a heavy-handed enforcement system and and then we can have on order or we can live in a free culture that has law and order because the people in that culture demanded that's what they want their worldview is righteousness get there there to live and do right are not going to steal, kill and destroy. Because are operating from a worldview that says we don't do those kind of things so it's it's very important that we understand either working to be governed by tyranny to hold us together are looking to hold ourselves together because were a moral people in the Constitution was designed for people of a deeply held understanding of morality so that we would live without the restrictions of an oppressive government not signed and that's where I want to live my life George Washington our first president said leader of the Continental Army. We on the George Washington's. He said quote of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are the indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim to be a patriot who should labor to subvert these great pillars, religion and morality, right and it was going to wash and is if you're promoting moral relativism.

If you're opposing.

There are moral absolutes.

Your you're not a patriot.

Well, you're actually undermining that which the United States has been built on which it he's absolutely right about that. I think it was Madison, was it not there. You said was it Madison or Adams maybe was Adams who said that our Constitution was made for moral people and it's completely inadequate to the governance of any other right and that's that's true because of the freedom that we have our freedoms cannot exist in a vacuum. They cannot exist without the moral underpinning that holds it together so we we got to be veg original about that vigilant letter about that and I'm look like I said I'm optimistic about the future well is a born-again believer. I know how it ends.

I'm a big fan of the book of Revelation. I just finished preaching through it, probably for the 20th time in my life alone is an interim pastor and I you know, I know what happens at the end.

And so I'm very optimistic, but in the time between now and then if you live in a world we can be optimistic about. We got to be strong and are holding on of Christian values our willingness to stand for them regardless of the price and loving our neighbor as yourself. And if will do those things. It could be a lot better work well as socio-we hear the phrase picture and you don't want it in the wrong set of history will you don't want to be on the wrong set of Scripture or eternity. Yeah, well said this is the line of fire. Dr. Michael Brown tend to be in Alliston for a estate to Neil Robbins Christian publisher will give a special shout out from India: torchbearers you make the line of fire possible friends when we do our best to make every broadcast count addressing the issue stacking the controversy and by God's grace we are making an impact on many many lives and that reverberations are being felt around America and around the world. Thank you, are faithful supporters. Together we are making a difference.

It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international sleep, and Dr. Michael Brown voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown Alex McFarland back on the program with Dr. Tony being very excited to be with you all day and folks some I wanted to say that there are videos there's audios is podcasting or the line of the line of and then asked Dr. I do want to say before bring our our guest up on Neil Robbins Timmy beam and I earlier in the program were talking about our apologetic summer camp for teenagers, folks, I hope you get this and if you're listening to Dr. Michael Brown, you probably are well up to speed on the fact that you know the cultural battles and just the struggles and people are scratching their head asking you what's happening in America with the battle of worldviews and you know I'm passionate I'm more passionate than ever in reaching young people.

Number one, helping young people know Christ personally as their Savior but also have the think and how to build a life and Tony I guess I've really in one form or another, been in youth ministry about 29 years, more than ever I'm committed to the young people and so that's what were doing the first ever North Greenville University worldview apologetics camp. It's gonna be July 23-25, 28, 23 to 28, five days and I need to say just right that date down and you have it in the back of your mind, put it on the back burner because we don't have enough information for you to put it on the front burner yet. It's going to happen, but we don't have a website, we don't have the price worked out. We have a lot to do between now and the first of the year as we really begin to roll out the promotion of this camp, but it is going to happen. It is going to be at North Greenville University and were excited about it. So just be listening, put that in your mind, so that when you hear the details you're ready to go and insolently says. Folks, it's going to be very very affordable. This can be 15 sessions were going to talk about God and country defending the faith and let me just say is a guy that speaks easily. 100 hundred and 50 nights a year. Kids love this I mean seriously, we because they feel empowered Tony that they say okay well I understand the Bible.

Well, while I I can be confident about what I believe that's why think we've had such a great response Alex to the life answers team from North Kramer University think we can tell me about that. Well, it's just a group of students who get scholarship money to come to North Greenville and there they become a member of the life answers team and we go out and talk about different topics and subjects and churches in different meetings from a different perspective, we do it in a group presentation mode where these young people get up and talk about the issues and then we take questions from the audience. It is been very well received, exactly, you know, the life answers team we go out a couple of dozen times a year starting in a September to May. The school year I go with them a lot in these kids. I mean I'll do a brief intro, but just imagine how inspiring it is to see 18, 19, 20-year-old college students and you know you might be jaded. You might think all these are spoiled, millennial's in their and they get up there and they know their stuff and they talk about some of these topics like Weiser evil in the world and what are the different worldviews Islam versus Christianity.

Then we take Q&A unit was really cool. Five years ago when Dr. Beeman, I started doing this, you and I were kind of the safety net we would never send them out without either you or I being with them because of the question and answer that's around.

I would sentiment in the environment and stay home. Listen, I want to be there because I want to see how they're going to handle it but we don't have to be there anymore and that is a great place these these young people's decisions. They love the Lord. I would at Yale or Harvard and D Q&A without a break and come back. Neil Robbins graciously on hold by Dr. Michael Brown Alex with. Stay tuned in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown okay we have got a great great final statement. Folks, this Neil Robbins is of the North State Journal, North Carolina's only statewide newspaper have a lot of great papers. Lotta historic periodicals, but this is a newspaper that covers all 100 counties, but also national events as well and is the highest number and

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