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Sorting Through the Chaos and Confusion Concerning the President's Executive Order on Refugees

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 30, 2017 4:20 pm

Sorting Through the Chaos and Confusion Concerning the President's Executive Order on Refugees

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 30, 2017 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/30/17.


Man the whole nation is shaking and quaking over this. Donald trumps executive order on the refugees will sorted out today stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. So what are we to make of our president's executive order temporarily banning refugees from seven countries from entering America. A giving preference to Christian refugees who will be people of minority status in the Muslim countries in which they live. A firestorm of controversy over this.

We have guidelines from Scripture does the Torah tell us explicitly to care for the foreigners or does the Torah tell us to kill the hostile foreigners. How do we apply that to today, this is Michael Brown listening to the line of fire. All I've got a lot of thoughts on this have written about it. I want to talk with you about it 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Is this another example of media hysteria the media going crazy with political leaders calling for the president's impeachment people calling for his assassination protested airports in the streets of America is this driven by Muslim radicals trying to stir up more controversy in America is this driven by Americans being compassionate for those in need around the world. Is this just a reaction against Donald Trump. What is it and is it simply a matter of him doing what he said he would do except on a much lesser level. This is not this is not a Muslim, bad as much as the media is reporting it as such, it is not a Muslim band. It is a temporary halt in refugees coming from seven countries. There are many other Muslim majority countries in which refugees come in the same way and it's a stepping back from what some of what Donald Trump spoke about during his campaign when he did speak about a Muslim band refugees no this is actually a temporary halt. Refugees from seven countries so that more extreme vetting processes can be set in motion. I believe extreme vetting is good and helpful.

Keep the bad guys out and let the legitimate ones in need come in. Should we do that, don't we have the responsibility but either way with you. Like the order or not the way it was executed. There was a lot of confusion and it could have been executed better and that gave further fuel to the critics of this administration but a lot of hysteria, a lot of shaking, a lot of criticism, a lot of concern. Congressman Schumer talking about Statue of Liberty shedding tears even shedding tears himself in a news conference premise to credo in Canada say hey were going to let the refugees in here are our doors are open a talk with Saudi Arabia about safe spaces there refugees. This is one of the Trump strategies have safe spaces for refugees and other parts of the Muslim world will talk about all that. But what your take what your take 866-34-TRUTH of the protest around America. Is this a legitimate legitimate response from compassionate Americans who are concerned with an unchristian even anti-Christian move by the White House. Is it just the result of misreporting by the media. Is it just backlash against Donald Trump whatever he does.

People can flip out if he does anything he promised. People are gonna flip out how we sort this out as believers are some evangelicals who voted for Trump too quick to defend him no matter what.

These are questions we want to discuss on the broadcast today. I got a call from a pastor today and he was thanking me for the articles are right nieces like it when it came to political issues. He says you're not never Trump not always for Trump so hopefully we can sort this thing out today on the air without being partisan.

In other words, let's not look at this through the lens of being Democratic or Republican or white or black or Hispanic, or Asian, Christian or Muslim.

Let's look at this through saying clear thinking eyes the most unbiased way we can. Can we do that what your take 866-3423 glad the presidents done what he has done here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much for being part of the broadcast were talking about the president's executive order is he simply doing what he promised to do is simply setting things in motion as quickly as possible. Is this a way to provoke more terror attacks against the United States here and citizens abroad. Is this wise, is this the kind of thing that's going to make America stronger.

Does it go in the opposite direction of compassion or is there a place for compassion and wisdom. One of the same time 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You can read my article on this. About five things that are bothering me a concerning the response to the president's executive order on the refugees.

One of the biggest issues is the way it was implemented there was confusion.

People with green cards who had legitimate access to come back at her country were were momentarily lightning us in momentarily, meaning that for days but for hours prevented from coming into the country read one report about a newborn and an 18 month old who are citizens of America being stopped from coming in. They were detained at Chicago's O'Hare airport. The implementation caused further controversy but but the real issue is executive order itself. This is a righteous thing. Is this a good thing 866-34-TRUTH and all of the outrage over you mean to tell me that suddenly millions of Americans political leaders are are suddenly deeply concerned about the status of a Muslim refugee from Libya or Yemen is one thing if suddenly there were there was a ban on Hispanic immigrants or something like that and and you've got all of those that are coming from Mexico into our country and the family members can't get in and so wanted that that would be one Sumitomo muscles, which amount roughly 1% of the country, send it off zero compassion when their legitimate refugees SMI issue, but your talk about a tiny percentage of the nation and yet that the sudden outburst of sympathy support concern. Where was I concerned when hundreds of thousands of Christians were being slaughtered and exiled and sold into slavery and displaced over the last decade plus in the Middle East where where were the tears, then so a lot of this is bothering me in terms of the responses and here I mean you've got people posting that they want to see Donald Trump assassinated a gentleman is been a guest on the radio show here before. Listen, Christian professors had many many issues with top Donald Trump for many reasons. He posted I've seen enough my prayer tonight is that Donald Trump fails is impeached and thrown out of office. This man is an antichrist of another Christian leader bills himself as a formally fundamentalist, he says if you wondered if it were possible to follow Jesus in support Trump.

That question should be loudly answered for you by now New York Times Brenda trumps order cowardly and dangerous act of unrighteousness and on the flipside, right wing sites like have headlines declaring terror tide care. That's the Council on his American Islamic relations says that that care is promoting protests and lawsuits is Trump print protects the nation are causing chaos, promoting protests and lawsuits is to protect nation. In other words, that Muslim activists are using this to have an uprising against Trump and in support these protests and for the most part that's where there coming from on twitter. I asked the question is Trump's executive order on the refugees. Fundamentally unchristian was being misreported by the media or something else other third choice got 10% of those who said that the Executive Order is anti-Christian. Only 16% 74% said misreported by the media and then also within the last 24 hours. There is a mass shooting at a mosque in Québec and the suspects now involved or named as Alexandria Bissonnette and Mohammed Kadir with speculation that the first gentleman was a convert to Islam, and that this was a Muslim Muslim battle. In other words, that there was one group of Muslims attacking another group of Muslims as heretics parent. This is without Robert Spencer speculates and she hogwash, but sadly there was a a fake report on twitter a fake Reuters news account that said police said.

Two suspects were in custody after the attack. They were identified as white supremacists gives their name. This is not the first time the Mosca seven from a hate crime. In July a pig's head was left of the month is totally false. That is 100% false that that was a false newsfeed that The Daily Beast then picked up and thought was a true story and ran it saying that white supremacists attack the mosque as if this was now an offshoot of people standing with Donald Trump or white supremacists who gold north of the border or live north of the border and attack a mosque in in Québec.

This is 100% fake news. It was a fake twitter feed The Daily Beast mistakenly went for that can happen. These things can be deceiving, and and if you don't check your sources carefully. Given the posting something totally false. So how do we respond to this as believers of the phones momentarily, but I wrote about this last year are actually 2015 for reflections on the Syrian refugee crisis that there is a temporary halt put on Syrian refugees, but the president has noted that it's very hard for Christians to get into the country.

Christian refugees and according to the Executive Order. If you have a minority religious status and up are in the country are being persecuted will have preferences refugee that we give Christians preference that would give a group like he has CDs in Iraq that would give them preference. And rightly so, because they have less options they have less places to go, so II noted these four points back in November 2015 one.

The government should major in security.

The church should be drawn compassion. Let the government do it needs to do to secure borders with the church work with different organizations that art or helping sponsor refugees or get sponsors, refugees and led us to do our best to incorporate them into our communities and into our homes. There are faith-based organizations that we can work with the sponsor refugees. Second, I said priority should be given to Christian refugees, priority should be given to Christian refugees not explain why little bit later in the broadcast third Muslim nations must step up their sponsorship of Muslim refugees, for we must guard our hearts against un-Christlike attitudes and we want to love our enemies and pray for them all the same time standing strong with wisdom for security or under expand on those a minute tell you some of the things bothering me about the responses to the presidents Executive Order and the little I've read about the legality of it. It should be able to stand in the one thing was shot down temporally, but it should be able to stand all further phones. If you have an android phone, Apple coming very very soon, hopefully any day. If you have an android phone.

All right.

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Let's start with how in Boston. Welcome Sir to the line of fire by Dr. Brown. I really enjoyed your show. I wanted to watch as much that I much align with what you say and I don't think I think with what happened was I think catapulted out quickly. Should probably you know that some legal work on it a beat on those roadblocks or edits are but fundamentally this is something that needs to be done need to be able to apply a filter and find out know who could possibly cause damage to the United States know you can come here with their it is a privilege and you hope that all are coming here, you know, with good intentions, but sometimes that's not the case, then you need to be able to have your security all your borders protected. Other countries protect their borders and should be no reason why we protect our borders need to be able to do something. No, maybe you may be a modification in what was done and what appears to spare in this country and the spear of having uncontrolled situations like that happens to be really, you look we look out what's happening in Europe we look at what's happened in Germany and France, and Sweden and other countries. A circuit is gotta be a better way to approach this suggests that could have been better ways to roll this out and make sure that proper agencies were better prepared to avoid confusion, but is this an extreme anti-Christian measure was a simply governmental wisdom in an unusual time in history will be right back entirely on file.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown tweeted out were issued in a statement yesterday in response to the responses to his Executive Order quote America's a proud nation of immigrants. We will continue to show compassion to those fleeing oppression, but we will do so will protect their own citizens and border America has all been the land of the free and home of the brave. We will keep it free and keep it safe is the media knows but refuses to say my policy is similar to what Pres. Obama did in 2011 when he been visas for refugees from Iraq for six months, seven countries into the Executive Order, the same countries previously identified by the Obama administration sources of terror. To be clear, this is not Muslim bad as the media is false.

The reporting this is not about religion is about terror and keeping our country safe.

There are over 40 different countries worldwide that are majority Muslim that are not affected by this order will again be the issuing visas to all countries. Once we are sure we have reviewed and implemented the most secure policies over the next 90 days of tremendous feeling for the people involved in this terrific humanitarian crisis in Syria.

My first priority will always be to protect and serve our country, but as president always find ways to help all those who are suffering not that statement reads great to meet you may think lots not accurate. That's not true. You might say yeah that's that's will revert if Donald Trump.

Either way, we have to do is believers is be sure that we do not let our emotions get inflamed, that we do not just have anti-Muslim sentiments is if your Muslim debut for over 20 years of selling in front of law up your house on the other hand we don't want to be naïve and and disregard the, the reality that radical Islamic terrorism is spreading around the world and he can use easily radicalize others, which is what we need to combat the ideology and expose the wrongness of it. We need help from Muslim friends to do that. And as for helping Christian refugees were majority Christian nation. There are majority Muslim nations all over the world where the refugees the Muslim refugees have a better chance of making it.

You have the same religion, especially if it's a little east of the same language, Arabic your very similar cultures with the make sense for those countries to lead the way and sponsoring Muslim refugees and for Christian majority countries to lead the way and sponsoring Christian refugees.

What would make sense, and on the church and it's unchristian to do this and says in Galatians 6 we should do good to everyone, especially to those of the household of faith. Mother which you do take care of your family first are expected to do that when you go to work, get a paycheck. You pay for your family's groceries first relive your family starving and try to pay for the groceries of everyone else in the neighborhood that has need. These are these is the scriptural principles and common sense principles as well. So yes, we want to help everyone we want to help all legitimate refugees that were able to and that our nation has the ability to assimilate, absolutely, of course, regardless of their religion don't have a religion test.

But if you are an extreme minority in another country, adding to your persecution and making your refugee status all the more difficult, then by all means we should prioritize that 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Ralph in Staten Island next recall in the line of fire. Are generic yes I can Gregor bless you joy or sorrow, Gersten, and I either wonder. No wonder we become so most over think about a song that we didn't start the fire. I also think that they know we campers allow the article on chart and on the family manner. The American online that we walked in my opinion that the Christian man. They are the government.

Also take care of situations like the Mark Peña and other Christian you know my job to get on my knees on in prayer. Enter enter learn to understand that I have been trusting God who said anything about the Muslim sold that's that's what I don't get we have is not as far as the president said. Therefore, the majority Muslim countries where people can enter America without hindrance. Just go through the normal process and their seven that had previously been identified as as high breeding grounds of terrorism like Iraq and like Libyan like Yemen and there's just a temporary halt.

Put on that so that we can do better vetting of those coming in so I know that were becoming Muslim phobic might my feelings of Islam within the same for decades or recognize the many since your devoted his Muslims and I recognize that there radical Muslims who are terrorist sought another pain. I read an article or might argue that are over, all over it because our data mart of the law were becoming really expected to do in light of all the great things that have occurred because a minority or are terrorist or extremist as you call them and ask that they have perpetrated among us to start acting a bit of the effect of mammary it were overreacting against all Muslims yeah I don't see this Executive Order is doing that, but culturally I think that's true. I said I think that there is an overreaction.

In many ways look you live in Staten Island off you unless you remember this but right after 9/11 there was a Sikh so this is a man from India non-Muslim wearing a turban and some of you killed him thinking he was a Muslim think they're retaliating for 9/11. So yeah that that can happen and we can caricature all Muslims negatively and Anna. The problem is though when the media think this is false report and causes a Muslim man now. It further inflames emotions but you Ralph. I agree we have to be careful that we don't fall into that mentality and treat Muslim neighbors and friends that have been here for years and that love being an American. Appreciator freedoms treat them as if they're Osama bin Laden or something like that.

Hey thank you sir for weighing in.

Much appreciated.

866-34-TRUTH let's go to Lissette in Charlotte North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire around doing well thank you all. I do not like you know like I know or somebody not rob people or anybody not want, let our country wrong about whining.

I get to know though our country and for curing. I found our children yeah I like to comment careful recounting our country which I did not feel you have to look at action not think that the integration of people, it would've been more public limited to shame that it is that I'm sorry to cut you off, let's go across the border to Mexico just to make a trip to Percival's Academy just to make a short trip and see what you get asked can we do a better job of vetting. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown enemy.

Throughout this Christian perspective. Go back to a lot of people quote the words of Jesus for Matthew 25, 31 to 46 where he talks about on the day of judgment that the this on a national level, separating the sheep from the goats and José 21. I was naked in prison and and and you fed me and you clothed me, you cared for me and the said when did we do it for you.

He said when he did it for the least of these my brethren, you did for me and then to the others you didn't do this for me in this one did we do if you will get into it for the least of my brethren it into it for me. Those verses really shape the church. I was part of the late 70s early 80s where we all took Vietnamese refugees into a home and then help with Ethiopian refugees that were in a crisis and we open our homes and for years live with refugees and and sponsor them and cared for them. They become part of her families.

It was was a very important experience in our lives and and I believe made a great impact on those that were sponsored that were able to help many coming out of great great suffering, so those verses have played a role in my own life over the years as well, but if you think of it persecuted Christians in a country like Syria really do qualify as the least of these. They are a minority in their nation. They are surrounded by warring Islamic factions.

They are the one that doesn't really have solidarity with either side and even in refugee camps there often not safe so they are the least likely to get help and there's been a genocide of Christians in the Middle East. So based on that, should we prioritize Christian refugees and similarly where you might have a Muslim minority may be a Shiite minority in the Sunni country or Sunni minority and Shiite country. Should the other Muslim nations of like faith do their best to help sponsor those refugees does not make sense. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Heber right I wanted to go to Abraham and George at Georgetown, Massachusetts. Just because I thought that he might be of Muslim background with the bottom up on the phone said it didn't work right.

We go to Tim in Union City, New Jersey. Thanks her for calling the line of fire and anger, aggression directed at their equipment at black America, middle-aged guy how it will create a product and equipment at network were Donald Trump and neighbor of mine by Norma Geyer my entire life out for control power in your pocket all day about adequate UM a group of monks minority from every part of the world, the government at right II agree your chocolate machete doing the right thing. You want it. I am a Christian organoleptic computer.

I hated my entire life economical creek that would not 11 storekeeper excluded leaves look like a grown-up cabdriver… He did with the Moscow 9060 3rd Ave., Greg Nolan neighborhood became in their buyer.

Whatever have you and mumbling that you have a crap co-op. He stuck Thomas Saudi Arabia so I have no liquid community to local people will look in religion is a split list. Let's let's put Islam to the side is that a Christlike attitude that you have. I look quite dated human hated women out there everybody else got mediated so that the city he learned to hate the Romans that were murderous to the Haiti hundred dollars on just asking about people to mom asking about people did he did he hate the Romans did he hate the idol worshiping pagans to be hate those people that are less possessive difference that you can despise Islam, you can feel the need to protect yourself against someone dangerous.

If you have the attitude of Christ Jesus died. Jesus died for the salvation of those Muslims that you hate the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown walking back friends to the line of fire. 866487884. Well what you think of that we think of a caller saying that he's had bad experiences with Muslims. And since 9/11 seeing with Muslims of dominant coming into his community and setting up Moscow during birth prison. He hates them, thinks Jesus would hate them also had a response to that again to be categorically clear. Jesus laid down his life to save Muslims and our heart should be one of unconditional love for all people, including Muslims, many of whom are very devoted simply deeply deceived in their faith.

At the same time we use wisdom when it comes to security when it comes to anything else. You human. You may live in a neighborhood that's a bit of a dangerous neighborhood. You pray for your neighbors. If one of them have a need to try to meet that need, which keep the doors locked at night because you're using wisdom rehab double bolt lock ever security system is not lack of love that's wisdom and then to conflate all Muslims with the minority who are terrorists is to do them a disservice and fail to walk in Christlike love, 866-3487 84 it's one thing for us to be stupid, naïve something for us to be wise. Let's go to Lewis in New Haven, Connecticut. Welcome Sir to the line of fire tablet Dr. Brown how are your doing well thank you. Typical subject here, but I mean I'm going to try to go with her. Look at it biblically, you know, God is always started you know the love the greatest thing love the sinner, which at this point.

I mean, we understand that right Muslim faith is that it be great and into the beginning of time. God is always taught us that we are not to make with quizzing and doesn't isn't a man a God or pain religion because the mixture God is a jealous God and he doesn't allow other God before, but where I think the part typical part.

Because we all understand that a month and really didn't is a false religion is the true religion. So you had a great question is how to set hasn't worked since our nation is open to people of all faiths and non-faiths is at work in terms of refugee status and resistance.

The real issue simply you want to take refuge in our country and are you willing to uphold the laws and values of our country and Alexander requesting right right or that even even you know when a real wood when we went on the contrary, when they would take the other people and they would have to you know of report from whatever religion or whatever got the work had to convert. You know, serving the one and only Jehovah God, but basically I think that's where that right now you know the mother religion is going to have it kind after the rapture, but for now I think we have to do with taking as many Christian refugees as we can and try to bring them here because like you said this is where Christian religion is big Muslims that they feel threatened and they get convicted, go somewhere where they can feel like they're comfortable in their religion. But yeah, I think it I think is correct because we have to take in our current protect them in and here in America where it Christian Christian based and you know it's a justice where it just is where a majority Christian nation enough leaf department was from her roots are still a majority Christian nation, but by far, far, and most of the 1% of the population.

So if if genuinely DD refugee note some of it that needs to take refuge in another country needs to escape from the country that the rent because the respiratory will stay where they are. If if the country is not an up evil men who wants to leave their native country.

If the countries that are people it's it's on the minority of people that wanted to go somewhere else have to learn a new language and culture and everything else. For the most part it obviously America so much promise and people want to come to our country, but I'm just saying if all things were even equal. Rather stay where they are, but if there's a legitimate need and we can assimilate Muslims into our culture and their happy to live among us and and and they're not trying to undermine our culture establish their their own laws that would overturn ours all great but yes let us give priority to Christian refugees again for many reasons both biblical and practical.

It makes sense 86634 let us go to Sharon in Virginia, you are on the line of fire.

Thanks for calling. I love you good are you getting feedback like you.

That's good.

Okay okay well I am hungry and and Advair are evident currently 38 that have been singled out. My current wanted to know why why they are not others. Why were those chosen because the 15 though. 9/11 did come from any of those countries, and I would see how your army. Yes, Saudi Arabia, and an it's it's it's a problem so in terms of how the countries were repacked. Lydia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sue, Don, and in Yemen. These were initially identified within the CNN article on this as countries of concern under the Obama administration. So this is kind of following through on on concepts that were developed under the Obama administration but our relationship Saudi Arabia remains problematic in that terrorists came from Saudi Arabia for 9/11. Actually that air why all of the negative Mr. Trump and I have a hard time calling from, why, why all of it that it is he going to follow what the example that Pres. Obama for not following anything else you doing everything else that you don't know why that would be cut in those other country financial nonionizing so I think this is this is these are these the countries that run on the top of a number of people's lists and knows this is nothing new here. He's not trying to re-create the wheel here because this is this is a ready been in in place but like George Bush had had close relations with the Saudi royal family, you know, did that make it problematic for our security. Did we not look at things properly, it could well be idle.

I don't think that it has to do with financial interest. I think it has to do with security experts have identified these countries, they still agree knows you don't have to differ with everything that the previous administrations that there were things that President Bush did that Pres. Obama continued and others that he that he didn't. I think after wider questions, though in terms of our relationship to Saudi Arabia.

Although are from from all from what we are told what I've read he's in conversations with Saudi Arabia about setting up safe spaces for for Muslim refugees but hate share your questions. A perfectly legit I have no problem with you asking them at let's ask away. I've no problem with that well and are not things that station and in play. You know, there ban on destroying, though it is think about what you said the 99% if that was the case America when the American it's rather some of the more radical policies of Pres. Obama that were hotly oppose the whole way through.

Like the affordable care act so-called Obama care and the radical liberal direction.

The country was going those things are being opposed, but otherwise American life is concerns American life which I'm perfectly fine for Teresa questions, I'd appreciate it and understand your your your a very mixed feelings towards her present no no argument with you for raising the questions. Fair enough.

866-34-TRUTH let's go to Teresa in Virginia.

Welcome to the line of fire arm.

My original comment that I did want to comment on the gentleman all with hatred toward the Muslim yes think that I kind of thought I where you might really be coming from and help with anger and helpless anger.

I the worst anger people for my taking over town like they're taken over our country instead of just being a part of our country that where I live. I have no problem you know when I pay my loan mixed with my but it probably would affect me a lot differently. All the sudden they were Atmos in my town and I thought they were taking over my town I might really struggle more like that gentleman God even though he is wrong in his walk with God in that aspect, biblically, and I think all of us as Christian cream member already knew all this. He's got it because you just jump. It is like to thank you for being so honest about your feelings regarding the is determined that we were walking love towards everyone can use wisdom with our security has found for cleansing and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown question that.

How are Muslims taking over some neighborhoods in America will go plus a Dearborn, Michigan. We have a large large percentage of Muslims where you have enough Muslims in a certain city or area. Obviously the mosques will be very prominent.

The prayer call coming from the mosques will be heard far and wide. You may have sonorous restrictions, certain places, but otherwise that's that's going to be the case, you will have certain let's let's just say that if you came in with a Christian message in the midst of one of these gatherings you'd be less than welcome. Even though it's your perfect freedom of speech member to handout Christian flyers and some community event and there are parts of America where the there's a strong enough Muslim community that, in their own community till they'll use their own law, though you sharia law within their own community element to beheading people to beheading adulterers and things like that. Not look you can go to religious Jewish area and all the religious Jews will live together in a certain area and they'll have the rabbinical courts and will will do their best not go to the secular courts and and if you have some lady came walking on the street.

The bikini she hardly be welcome there. Of these things happen. The question is is is there is it more sinister.

If it's Muslim or is it just like religious Jewish take over an area is just questions to ask 866-34-TRUTH 87884 the Julio we will go to Julio will go to Canon Rockland, Massachusetts. Thanks for calling the line of fire at a technical you're very welcome to the program and not the last woman who was on their arch with seven questions on why some countries were on the list and others were not.

And so for not perspective but more information about how that or what is going on there. Another program and I listen to the ACL during the American Center for Law and Justice, and they will give you the legal aspects of what is actually going on one of constitutional and what is not constitutional, so they have a great an enormous amount of information that clarifies a lot of the questions that of UNESCO.

That prompted my call today because I was listening to the call so that will be the ACL and you can also see them on Facebook to know I enjoyed your program and I enjoy the program. On my way home from work so I can look back and forth so I happen to catch her.

So I just want to share that information. I appreciate that. Thank you tends very much… Let's separate fact from fiction. Let's this is one agree or disagree, let's just do it based on facts I've no problem with people say have.

I've issue with the Pres.'s Executive Order for XYZ reasons was instead with the orders about right agree with it for XYZ reasons again as long as they understand what it's actually about hey thank you for the call and for listing.

Of course Jay Sekulow ACL J a good friend of the Jewish believer in Jesus hate before I go to the phones.

Have you downloaded our absence. I lasted a half-hour great so I have a chance.

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So if you're running your phone is click on articles and you'll see my last 20 or 30 articles listed and if you wanted archives rest boom click on that'll take you to a website go there you see the last 2030 videos break that boom watch microphone one watch more. Just click and I'll take you to a page you are to our our related webpage modifiable redoing the Jewish outreach ministry one check out our resources to donate to the ministry when listen to the line of fire. Click on that one call Boehm just press the button to call all their right on your cell phone. So whether I'm on your radio station or not with you get the first half-hour of the whole two hours. You can always listen live anywhere in the country just running your cell phone or tablet. How cool is that asked Dr. Brown a ask Katie are Brown download the app today I we go back. Teresa is not there. Okay this gives me a couple more minutes. This gives me a couple more minutes to weigh in on a few things in my article, which you can read* I talk about five things bothering bit me about the response to trumps executive order on refugees.

Five things one is the less outrage it it it seems to be driven that outrage over this Executive Order, it seems to me to be driven more by hatred toward Tromp than by love for Muslim refugees in less suddenly all America over vast numbers of Americans around the country got concerned about Libyan and Yemeni refugees minimize and apply for split-second God for bid, but it's the sudden outrage seems suspicious to me and the second that this there's a hypocrisy. What about slaughter Christians in the Middle East. A crew that set a night where all the protests across America's millions of Christians overseas are being slaughtered and sold into slavery or exile. Why the outrage of the Executive Order, but virtually no outrage over the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East, genocide, genocide, and then three, there's nothing wrong with prioritizing out for Christian brethren, people object to a Christian subject to its wrong when gay pastor told and twitter it's tribalism.

No, it's as Christians. These are the ultimate least of these my brethren, Jesus spoke of in Matthew 25 Galatians 610 urges us to do good fraud, especially for those of the household of faith arrived at and then legally.

This is is not Islamic phobia that the jury the Executive Order says that we are to priority prioritize refugee claims made by individuals on the basis of religious-based persecution, persecution, provided that the religion of the individuals minority religion in the individual's country of nationality, so this could this could apply to groups like that yes Edie's in Iraq as well. The fourth there's there's no Muslim man is no mother is not a Muslim bandit as being misreported. There is no Muslim band okay and there there are that the way the media is reporting it to me is irresponsible to me could cause further problems because it is exacerbating the issue greatly okay and then fifth evangelicals need to stop defending everything Donald Trump does is if you have a sacred obligation to control different, maybe voted for Pres. Obama, but different was something he did you not to defendant if you're a black Christian you voted for Obama to be president.

You're proud to have a black leader in the in the White House. If you still can differ with him so maybe an evangelical voted for Tromp, not on the change. You should or shouldn't differ with him of the Executive Order, but for some who think automatically have to defend Tromp why based on what I remember Fidelity have asked Dr. Brown.Ward my bottom line today. This is a time civility and clarity in respect of interaction. Not a lot of hotheads man the whole nation is shaking and quaking over this. Donald trumps executive order on the refugees will sorted out today. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for being part of our broadcast today. This is Michael Brown, to let it through with you on broadcasting from Carrie North Carolina been here since Saturday night.

We had two great meetings of the Carrie Church of God yesterday Sunday morning and Sunday evening and I'm here this whole week Monday night Tuesday night Wednesday night Thursday nights all of you listening on 10:30 AM or 105.7 FM in the greater Raleigh area joined will be having some great services with the focus on revival and fresh life-changing encounters with God… He was great to meet a number of you last night we had a great time together 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 8784 we just had an hour of very lively conversation. Different perspectives on the president's executive order. We must sort out the truth from some media reporting. We also must sort out the poor implementation the initial implementation of the Executive Order from the actual contents of the executive order that something else that we need to do and we we must see separate the issue of a temporary band from a permanent ban and the question of extreme vetting is that a good thing or a bad thing is that a necessary think lots of things to talk through one of our callers last our cities grew up living your Donald Trump and feels like a lifelong friend of his that of course were trumped. It is right and you make there is a born-again Christian and he hates Muslims he hates Muslims and is in 9/11 and how they've taken over in certain communities and this and that that Christian to hate Muslims and how can we separate the temporary ban on Muslims from seven or or from citizens from seven countries for that. From the notion of a Muslim band which this is not not piercingly interesting to take a lock also 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Daniel Greenfield writing on the front page front page says has an article 3 questions to keep Muslim terrorists out of America how to screen Muslim immigrants from Muslim terror. And he points out that the 9/11 hijackers when they were getting nonimmigrant visas to our country. They are asked are you a member or representative of a terrorist organization.

They check the box that said no they were in the current incarnation of the formats the same perfunctory and generic question.

Actual terrorist is as likely to check the boxes is to finger rosary leading a ham sandwich and singing Haben Aguila's. In other words, Catholic Association eating habits Muslim doing singing a Jewish song, but he continues since 9/11, the terrorist threat is evolved from foreign cells penetrators country to domestic Islamic terrorist emerging out of Muslim settlements already occupying this country so we need to do a better job of vetting now. I'm sure there were more questions that were asked other than you remember representative of terrorist exist. Yes I am yes I'm here to destroy your country. Let me in the obviously there is more to it. There's more to it, however, can we do a better job.

Greenfield says our current screening methods are laughably crude immigrant visa form asked about engaging in funny terrorism does not, however, specify what a terrorist group is goes on and on. So he suggests three questions that would help us do a better job of it.

Have you ever had any associations with the Muslim brotherhood as its front face you commit to avoiding associations with brotherhood loss and other entities in the country you will you be supported to disavow the following versus the Chronicle of Provence against non-Muslims. Interesting question. The threat that we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown video we just posted on the watch it yet. One of my colleagues sent it to me and wanted get some discussion going on to be posted on the asked Dr. Brown Facebook page this is Michael Brown it's my joy to be with you online far as we sort through issues surrounding the president's executive order on refugees, but we have numerous family serving in the Middle East as missionaries serving in the Muslim world, serving in Israel and many have been there for years and have a great love for Middle Eastern people. Some speak Arabic.

Now great love for their Muslim neighbors and these are grads, grabbed his family, serving in the Middle East find people with a great heart for the Lord and on the video say this, it's the purpose and responsibility of the church to demonstrate God.

God's given us the privilege of demonstrating the love of Christ in the Middle East is giving you the exact same opportunity in your town.

If the only response of the Muslim people see here is from social media. It will be missed opportunity. Use this opportunity to love your Muslim neighbor. Let your discontentment with the sort of person you love your Muslim labor. Don't miss this opportunity to be Jesus to the families of the Middle East of is, of course, we absolutely love the heart of our missionaries in their heart to reach out to all with love does this does this does this Executive Order stand in the way of that what you think this is Executive Order stand in the way of loving your Muslim neighbor. Is this a greater opportunity to love your Muslim neighbor 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Do you think that we need a better vetting process again. Let's separate fact from fiction. This is not an order affecting Muslims worldwide. This is an order affecting refugees from seven Middle Eastern countries, including Libya, Iraq, see Don Somalia, Yemen. Those countries which the previous administration also identified as terror promoting countries or hotbeds of terrorist. So the president said, let's take 90 days to get our vetting process in better order to make sure that we do our best to keep people out because thus far with not done the best job now I don't have details on this but it is my understanding that we let quite a few radicals come into our country under the Obama administration with the purpose of tracking.

In other words, our whole purpose was to use them for Intel that if we thought that they could potentially be radicalized or radical in their thinking or given to terrorism that that will let them come in our country and we will follow them carefully and use them for intelligence purposes so that we can actually see okay how what are they doing, we could actually see who were they associating with what mosques are they going to what other groups are they working with what's there. Their chatter sound like so that if something is coming. We will find out about it right. Whether it's good strategy or not. Why strategy not that can be debated. I'm sure it's been done in different ways and other countries may do similar things that they know this person is a potential threat so they keep their eyes them and they use them for their old undercover purposes about the person knowing, but as I understand it, we let a number such people come in right off the top my head. I don't know the number sought to say a number with that number was Tanner or 5000. I'd I don't know of the top my head and again. I've been a member verify the details that have read enough reports that seem to be reliable in this and then part way through while they were here. The decision was made by administration that it was wrong to be tracking them separately lost sight of them was when try to find them, but we lost sight of them, which makes our policy that we had initially completely foolish so do we need to be careful to not send out a not send out the wrong message to the world. We have to be careful and in that sense I believe the media is doing us a real disservice III believe the media is doing us a terrible disservice. I believe that they are inflaming passions. I believe that their hostility towards Donald Trump is gotten the better of them and that they are not reporting accurately, let alone sympathetically and try to take the worst example of an abuse of this or a problem in its implementation and make this out to be some kind of Muslim band.

I I find that downright irresponsible at the same time we have to be careful as Americans that we do not develop sentiments and attitudes which are wrong and sinful, not limit, let me address a few things about Islam and let me reply to this.

Some comments posted for me by by our of folks our own radio team here when I study classical Arabic for three years in college and grad school, summer time I was studying side-by-side with Muslims devoted Muslims from America from Saddam from other countries. We have dear friends who have labored in the Muslim world for many many years and we have grads from our ministry school serving right at this moment in the Muslim world and one of our spiritual sons grad for ministry school was martyred by Al Qaeda terrorists a few years back.

We've never been allowed to get more details on what country it took place and how it happened because we still had people in that country and and there were other Christians reaching out there so we could not mention it, but but we buried one of our sons in his body. After great effort was shipped back to the states and we were there at the funeral to participate in his burial and and what have our missionaries done those that were part of the team where he was marble his wife came back to the states with her boys continued to have a great love for the Muslim world and and years later remarried which which was so glad to see Ann and her husband that was martyred would've been glad to see in fact they actually have a conversation because they knew they could be martyred. They have the conversation he brought up what if I was martyred, which you rerouted want you to remarry. I think of that. So what have our grads done. They've they've gone back to the Middle East. They gone back to reach Muslims there giving their lives to reach Muslims and they have many dear friends, find people, men and women who are Muslim that are caring.

In fact, after after our our missionary. There was martyred.

He was just there serving the community, teaching and serving in a way that was perfectly legal and then just getting to know people and then sharing the gospel with them. The day after he was martyred Muslims and is convinced many women wearing burqas muscle meant they marched down the streets protesting, saying, this is not as long saying Al Qaeda is not as long and they they marched down the streets, they had held the pictures of this young man date. They wore headbands.

That said, we love him with his name okay. I saw the video we sat and wept as as we watched out-of-state Islam for years and if I've had friends on the air who have worked with Muslims who lived in the Muslim world for decades to discuss these issues and that's why use the term radical Islam.

Radical Islam is a valid expression of Islam. It is the minority it represents maybe 10 to 15% of Muslims worldwide. But it is a legitimate expression of Islam based on chronic and and chronic sources and sources of hadith and in Islamic history with many Islamic clerics sanctioning it to this day, and it is murderous and it is destructive and it is violent and used to be called out. It's all doable is done I will sound the alarm about radical Islam and I will make clear that the vast majority of Muslims worldwide are not radical.

Not only so that if we go a little further.

Probably the majority of Muslims in America are are more nominal. They're not as religious. For example, a good way to judge the religiosity of your Muslim friends is asked of the men pray five times a day just ask a question. The men pray five times a day Tuesday at the at the appointed prayer times, wherever they are plot their permit and pray five times a day, sick me. I don't know, then they don't if you found another 10 feet and those of you around them and and and you don't know, then they don't because you would know you would know and that they be at the mosque for communal prayer and things like that that would just be given. Of course they fast the month of Ramadan. Note no food or liquid of any kind from from son sunrise to sunset every day than they be feasting at night. This would just be the norm. The norm for that the women would also be covered a certain level, this walking down the street wearing tight jeans and a low-cut shirt they're not very and they said a lot of their nominal is very different from the devoted most of the right number, and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Some attribute part of the broadcast, 866-3487 84 look I get criticized on both sides of this issue prison term radical Islam I get criticized by those who say it's not as long will it it is it is an expression of Islam member Mohammed was first religious leader that a political leader than a warrior right and there are enough instances from his life from the hadith that speak of violent acts that have been then the paradigm the template for Muslims and subsequent generations member.

Our our leader, our Savior was crucified lay down his life that the leader of the Muslim religion.

Mohammed is not considered God.

Of course, the leader of the Muslim religion was about warrior.

So again you have a different expression and mentality in the faith. When you have a Christian majority country Muslims are not suffering the way Muslims suffer in a excision of the way Christians suffered a Muslim majority country and less it's a very liberal Islamic country like Indonesia again.

You like to compare Indonesia say to Iran in terms of Islamic practice. There so I get I get criticized for calling it radical Islam since it's not Islamic at all and someone sign on the other side I get criticized by people who say no. All Islam is radical. Don't call it radicalism. All Islam is murderous all Islam is radical unless that simply not true has been true over the centuries and it's certainly not true today, but let's not minimize the reality of the massive amount of bloodshed that has taken place in the name of Islam seal what about the Crusades in a position these are complete operations in church history and and you don't hear from the time of Jesus into the Crusades as a thousand years. This is not the pattern of the church is expanded to go around killing people in the Crusades is as much as horrific things were done in the in the name of Christ. The Crusades still were were largely aimed at taking back territory that Islam had taken over the Middle East, etc. of course horrific things were done but but let's let's understand that this is not the norm. And you cannot be quoting the words of Jesus in support of Crusades, which is about the Crusades with the bill. The middle-age Crusades.

You can't because the words of Jesus to support those murderous acts were there were murderous but you can quote the Quran to support things like kill the infidel review fonts and what's the context that that of course is what's debated with the context has applied Google your calls in a moment, but think of the book of Joshua the book of Joshua called for the coming of the Canaanites right call for the killing of the Canaanites and you say will that we should kill our unsaved neighbors near my neighbor next door is is is into witchcraft and my other neighbor uses a Ouija board and consults with spiritual like an old know love them have them over for meal share the gospel with them so you say yeah but but the Israelites were cultic to kill the cats if this was a one time thing and in a specific situation for specific reasons because a specific wickedness not simply be repeated over and over and over again in the Quran. You do not have a clearly delineated that this was just for a certain time so you have certain verses that have a peaceful approach and others that have a warring approach which ones prevail, and in one rule is the later ones prevail within the later ones would be warring ones.

These are realities either way. Putting all of that aside, putting all of that aside, that the fact is that the executive order for the president was not a Muslim man did Anna Trump want to enact a Muslim banner was talked out of it. I don't know I wasn't there. Did he enact a Muslim bad no so feel free to differ with the Executive Order take issue just understand what it's about. All right, 866-34-TRUTH that we go to Diane.

I was giving her than in Charlotte. 866-348-7884 is the number to call if someone just sent me this article Rudy Giuliani gleefully admits Trump sought legal way to enact Muslim band Donald Trump is been pretty grumpy this executive order bar immigration from seven Muslim majority nations has been accurately called a Muslim band he so mad, but maybe threats of his anger at his own minister of cyber ring Rudy Giuliani gleefully let the muscle back cats slip out of the race is back this week and during an interview with Janine Pearl on Fox news quote. Also, the holster history of it when he first announced that he said Muslim band called me up and said put a commissioner together show the right way to do it legally. I put a commission together with judge McCoskey with with the Congressman McCall Peking, a whole group of other very experts on this law on this what we did was to be focused on instead of religion danger areas of the world to create dangerous which is a factual basis on a religious base is perfectly legal, perfectly sensible, and that's with the banner what was Donald Trump's in it intent was a Muslim band wasn't just that he said it unclearly. Don't know we got ready to always work either way, the Executive Order is not a bandit is a temporary halt. It does not affect over 40 other Muslim majority countries. It calls for 120 days while we can get our vetting processes in order and then it does want to give priority to religious minorities that are persecuted within a country so those would be the ultimate people needing refugee status so wherefore curse the Muslim bad again. I think a lot of the reaction to this is hatred towards Donald Trump more than concern about Libyan and Somali refugees. I honestly feel that way and it is one reason that I feel that way is because there was almost no outcry across our nation and has been no outcry is hundreds of thousands of Christians in the Middle East have been displaced have been executed have been sold into slavery have been tortured have been brutalized and yet this executive order is passed to this outrage across the country.

Something is not lining up here correctly now. Got a question for got a question for if you could just have write yourself. I'm holding my cell phone now and I'm clicking on on this clicking on the ask Dr. Brown app. What if you could have on your cell phone and I want to maybe listen I'm away from our radio and our arm out of my my normal airway can pick up his show is click on the life I listen to the 4 PM Eastern standard Time run: but just click the call number of how Mathis I haven't seen his articles late in looking for my friends articles okay. Just click on articles on the S. Dr. Brown app and there you have a list of movement. My last 20 or so women view more items just just click to see the rest, or else has he put out any new videos on the church right look at it there. They are full-color. Here's the video set up. Ralph Pres. Trump my most recent one. Jason Betty Robison talk with Dr. Brown to break the stronghold food. What is the blasphemy of the spirit. When Muslim feminists accused Trump of misogyny within the file name.

These raw's my latest videos to just get the app and write your phone. You see, the rest is just just click view more items and boom there ego that is not available on Apple phones yet but that will be any day now on all your android phones to break out a one minute break to cut yourself on to get tablet down will the ask Dr. Brown app KSK are brown.

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It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown asked someone who doesn't know me to set shame on you for voting for Donald Trump. So if with care and prayer.

Some reservations I voted for Donald Trump to be our president. Shame on me, maybe. Shame on people for not doing their research a little better before they put out their opinions. Hey, welcome to the line of fire Michael Brown delighted to be here with you. We have been talking for the last 90 minutes about the president's executive order trying to separate fact from fiction, trying to see what was poor implementation versus a poor executive order and talking about whether it was a good thing to do or not, what's your take 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Good thing or bad thing necessary or unnecessary will be Executive Order provoke Muslims in our country to become more radicalized and could it lead to more terrorism, rather than less, is that a possibility. What about this.

What if it's the media is reporting on the Executive Order that could lead to more terrorism and hostility right here in America. What if the media's misreporting is making things look even uglier than they might be therefore leading to some type of ugly response is that a possibility. I think that's certainly a concern I I see a lot of irresponsibility in the media is reporting which at times has bordered on across the line into hysteria.

Now here's another question to sort out. Let's look at the Torah. Let's look at the five books of Moses right. Let's look there and see all of the verses that talk about the stranger. The refugee when my friends call me today Jewish believing Freddie should bike their synagogue and their criticizing Donald Trump. You may be synagogue in this area there criticizing Donald Trump in the Executive Order saying that the Torah requires us to care for the refugees.

The Torah requires us to care for the alien okay I agree we should. The tar also required Israel to kill the hostile alien in other words, if you can use the Torah use it consistently that yes if someone wanted to take shelter under the wings of the people of Israel, the God of Israel like Ruth from Moabite want to be part of the community, then they would they would have to live by many of the laws that the Israelites would live by. Be part of our community you live by our laws and you and and you worship our God, and you can you can live among us. That's fine, but if they were going to bring idolatry into the nation. They would've been killed and if they were one of the surrounding nations that was considered a threat to Israel.

Israel would've been at war with them so I I absolutely believe we need to carefully heave the Torah ethic, and caring for refugees and it's a high and lofty ethic, and in many ways over the centuries of our nation's existence.

The 200+ years of our existence we have built our nation on immigrants coming in and becoming part of us and I think Americans do have open hearts to those that are in need around the world say hey if we can help one up on unethically often expresses as well as we could. But just think of all the money just just think of all the money that American Christians give to help people around the world to help dig wells and in certain places where there's no irrigation and people are are are dying of thirst and starvation. A tip to help to help with those needs.

We are giving people worldwide doesn't mean that we don't lose wisdom as potential terrorists. What you think 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much for being part of the line of fire broadcast 866-348-7884 is the number to call hate. Should the government's greatest emphasis be security or compassion or is maybe not an either or question. Should the government's greatest emphasis be security or compassion, or should security be the government's emphasis and compassion. The churches emphasis S this when a judge is sitting behind his bench and and he is going to decide on a case what you want from that judge. It's a murder case, it's a rape case, it's a it's a theft case it's an extortion case it's something elsewhere that the person is been convicted of crimes what you want that judge to do what what you looking for if you could sum it up in one word what are you looking for would justice be that word. I would hope so were looking for justice. We don't want the judge to overreact and do something frenzied and crazy and applied a gun and shoot the person look what you've done is a horror know God for bid on the other hand we don't want the judge to be moved primarily by compassion and not justice so that if someone has committed a serious crime, may be the date raped and murdered her an old woman or some horrific thing like that simply because they were trying to steal money for drugs and found the woman at home. You don't want to say, you know, I know you have a tough life and I understand that you were abused when you're a kid and an you just raised by several people call your parents for the really cared for you yet, though those are all issues and and those are all valid things to to talk about when you're evaluating someone's life and try to minister to them and help them with the judge needs to see is not okay. You had a hard life. So tell you what just don't do it again and have a nice day know that there's no justice that there there is no justice for that family that lost that person and there is no safety for the society with that person being out on the streets and might just go do it again, especially when the judges felt sorry for them. So what what you want what you want is justice from the judge what you want homeland security to do is make our borders secure Malachi, I travel into enough countries and and Eli going to England and I'm going to be ministering there. They want to ask all kinds of questions and I might be making any money in his purse them no worse than my okay where my doing that, you know, things like that and that's understandable.

They have a country to run and they don't want Americans coming in and taking British money out without accountability and just fine make sense when I go to Canada I had gravity and grilled going to Canada for a few days of ministry, we do it why in back in and that's their their job, they they make you uncomfortable. You go to border control is un-American going to Canada to preach for a few days and and come in and out of Mexico. I've been at border crossings a going into it to rest from it from El Paso and the border crossing. Sometimes go in. I mean you could wait for an hour or two hours to get through if you there at the wrong time of day, probably worse at other times I waited long times the Canadian border me this is just borders and for the most part is just people that live in each country going back and forth a regular basis so I've got no problem with us improving our vetting process from people from certain nations. I have no problem with that. I think it's wise that we do that, I have a problem with the hysterical reaction to the president's executive order as if it was in fact a ban of all Muslims coming into the country which to repeat its not as if it was in fact exclusively or primarily religious task which its not was implemented poorly was their lack of understanding of the implications of this are there still some ripples and and wrinkles to be worked out. It appears so. It appears so. But I want to say this again of city throughout the show.

I personally believe that a lot of the reaction against this executive order is a reaction primarily against Donald Trump and not primarily against the order itself that people voted for him based on the fact he said he was going to do these things. He's now implementing them and it's not as extreme as what he campaigned on. We talk about a ban of all Muslims that was extreme and in that we keep many fine people from entering our country that every reason to be here likely to make America better country in the years ahead.

So this is a step back from what he campaigned on and and something that makes sense. What I have done it if I was the president of the world knows how could you know we don't know all the information that you get is the president all the Intel and all the other stuff you get dealing with other nations. I don't know but the reaction goes way be on the order itself.

866-34-TRUTH 87884. He had to step talk talking about errors are here's here's a conservative website articles appear there as well there.

Here's Katie Pavlik and she's a regular writer. There and it is Katie's article here. No hang on hang on immediacy, but an article on Townhall sink how not to roll out executive for yourself. There are things that could've been done better, but yet it is fake news to call it a Muslim man is wise being repeated over and over. Why are Christians, repeat. It looked said before, say it again, you don't need to defend. You don't need to defend every single thing that the president does. If you voted for him. You might have profound differences with things he does, that's fine. Don't look I wrote an article on five things bothering me about the response to Donald Trump's executive order five things that are bothering me, and the last one. The first one was the, the level of outrage against this. I don't think it's all sincere that everybody's just concerned about Libby and and and and Somalian refugees think it's it's a reaction it's Trump than the hypocrisy of the outrage over this, but all the snow outrage over the literal genocide of Middle Eastern Christians and then three, there's nothing wrong with prioritizing help for Christian brethren, even the Christianization say we shouldn't do this event for there's no Muslim man that the meat is being restricted, irresponsible, five as evangelicals we need to stop blindly defending whatever Donald Trump says and does, and in other words, to be faithful to him. If you voted for them to be faithful to him. If you feel he does nothing wrong. Pray for him all the more, and then let it be known that you differ in. Write your representative or your communicator tweet out that you you differ, that's perfectly fine that is being loyal, not by standing with and sanctioning everything a person does.

Okay, that you may totally agree with this executive order. That's fine I'm saying is we we need to respond righteously with her head screwed on right not not based on the way the media is reporting everything. Fair enough I lets go to Andrea in Dallas, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire and everybody. Everybody I know courted outlet trumpet stealing and I think that they are not the majority of people and I went mentor Houck company and find out that I did 100 now that the majority of all life, and an art order that it does you left. If I get better at posting it in there and I get the squeaky wheel gets the grease. But the majority people I know are very am and what he thing it nice to have a friend and you actually doesn't care about our welfare and we apply that I did my dynamic yet anchor most of the calls I got in the first hour the broadcast said that as well and again.

It's the misreporting of the by the media is fueling fires and then I can verify this is having looked into the sources but reliable sources indicate that the Council of American Islamic relations care, which many consider to have terrorist ties that they have sponsored some of the some of the. The protest from from what I've read, it seems pretty accurate. Again, I just haven't been able to dig into it more deeply. So it's it's not all just spontaneously happening and once the thing starts to happen of course. A crowd draws a crowd excitement rose more excitement in the press and the media are covering it.

So I think if it was covered accurately.

If there is not just a gut level reaction to everything present, does and if we pulled out some of the Islamic sponsoring the process of fact that's accurate, then you have much much much much much much much much less outrage going on a thank you for calling in your voice certainly heard in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I just don't understand this look in an article, a broad coalition of Christian leaders and evangelical groups spoke out against Pres. Donald Trump's move to reign in immigration from certain majority Muslim nations and our credit risk undercutting the White House's case for an executive order deceit from protesters and Democrats and in the article is headed. Christian groups oppose Trump's preference for Christian refugees. I don't get that.

Of course, is a Christian majority nation if we can of Christian refugees.

We ought to. Especially because they can't go to other Muslim nations again have a harder time there and their suffering genocide in the Middle East. Why wouldn't we do that 866-34-TRUTH let's go to William in Greensboro, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire out there technical welcome. I agree with what you said earlier, I do believe that the outrage is really more towards trout than anything because of me.

Trump really is the PC police who worst nightmare because the DEA is actually trying to do things stand.

Stand up what expand in any drug, go for what I had to speak personally if you actually trying to craft an order that would protect from terrorist attacks from happening, especially when at least 9/10 of the last attack And claimed responsibility of a vice with their Islamic groups.

You know, I really don't see what the book of Gloria this morning. You really trying to protect people from having anything else happen to all, regardless of their religious background or anything of that nature. Yeah, I'm having looked at. Bottom line is the government is responsible for security and while we want to have compassion on those in need and taking refugees which we do by the tens of thousands every year of to to reevaluate our policy and to to look at what were doing and how were doing it to just take a timeout to do it yet.

The way things were were executed and rolled out that that further exacerbated the problem. But is this so extreme hot. I don't think so, but I do understand what people are concerned, especially because the way the media is reporting things only Donald Trump has handled himself, conduct himself in certain ways and instead it brings further hostility that IBM basically with what you say when yeah 866-34-TRUTH we go to Maria in Irving, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire and coloring recondite you how people out and I know many of the conservative Christian and one of my writing that you need parking people with green-unite people at any people shouldn't have a green card saying that the visa that was that the clarifications put on immediately. That's why the thing got was messed up the way it was put out there was lack of clarity that people with green card somewhere stop but that was incorrect. People with legitimate visas. I think I read about heaven check the accuracy but I read about a newborn in 18 months old that were stop babies that were stopped in the O'Hare airport in Chicago.

They were temporarily detained so they are fully fully understood fully understood temple you are a parent and I let it I not on that and what we can affect plaintiff wondering like my neglected boy have a lot of money, I would be very important hiding ^ what a protecting mind and oil.

Yeah that's that's that's a question that came up a little earlier in the broadcasted and I mention Saudi Arabia as as well.

Of course the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi's Osama bin Laden hails from Saudi Arabia of the family. There does and President Bush. President Bush had close ties with the Saudi royal family and satisfy things that you will having gone type look saved a Wahhabi Islam absolutely hails from there. It is a country.

For example, where adulterers will be headed or beheaded, where women are not allowed to drive under Islam there is a exact… It's your fault, is still there. There a lot of issues there and is it simply the oil money. Look, I don't know that Pres. Obama had close ties to the royal family but President Bush certainly had an and yet the policies for Saudi Arabia. American policies remain the same look. Our American troops there in Saudi Arabia have to be very careful with what they say and do.

Or you just you will bring a Bible into Saudi Arabia. There can be issues, so, and there is the penalty penalty for conversion from Islam is death, so yet is it simply the oil money is it that that they are not as hostile to Israel. I may look we arm them as well and the latest thing I've seen is that I haven't been able to assert right before radio have been able to research it further that there is discussion with our administration in Saudi Arabia on having safe spaces.

Therefore, refugees would consider open to. They claim that they took and as of November 2015 when I'd written about this. Saudi Arabia said they had taken 2.5 million Syrian refugees. There were other surrounding Muslim nations are probably taken in none but the I these are very fair concerns to raise about yes certainly is no question about Libya and Yemen. These countries being hotbeds for Terrace. No question but what about Saudi Arabia.

Do we treat them differently because of the oil we got asked the questions got asked one final point I want to make it that I do not think I think I have an appointment. Christian country I had about a family fund that was spent at the map area and can think about. I feel like it completely shut down with green card with me that it was not effectively gone and I was not yet again that we yet have just jumped again as a matter time rehab but again to to reiterate what I said is that everybody said like you not, it wasn't rolled out well.

It was not rolled out correctly and wisely, and because of that people with green cards were stopped and were Christian sent back envelope. Basically there's a halt.

A general halt in refugees from Syria.

But the there is it desire to prioritize those who are religious minority within their country and Donald Trump has said about the Syrian Christians being treated terribly sexually brought that up. Thankfully, thankfully he has actually brought that up that the Christians in the Middle East are suffering the worst of all, so it should be try to help them to simpler refugee status. Yes, let alone the current Christian excessive fat hey Maria, thank you for raising these points.

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